Gigaquit Town Parish Solicitation Letter for Fiesta 2012 by gigaquitonline

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									                            SAINT AUqJSTIIIE PARISH
                          GIGAOUIT, SI'RIGAO DEt NORTE

                                                                       ,June   2,   2012

Dear Sir/Madam:

Our heartfelt Greetings to you and your famlly.
Our parish, Saint Augustine in the municipality of Gigaquit, Surigao deI
Norte will again celebrate the annual patronal "fiesta" come 28, Augtust 2012.
We are planning to make this festive occasion truly express our love and
profound respect to Saint Augustine whose spiritual guidance and protection
strengthened our faith. At the same tj-me to thank God for the countless
blessings we received. At this early we are already making some pre-fiesta
preparations to insure that our fiesta cel-ebration this year wilL truly be
more meaningful and more spiritually memorable event than in the past
celebrations. But there are looming problems that seem so insurmountable if
we are left alone with our struggle. Namely the repair of our church altar
which was damaged by the recent earthquake. And the greatest concern that we
have is the re-roofing of our church. Rain or shine our Eucharistic
celebration is always destructed by the gaping holes above our heads. Over
the past years we strive to save some funds earmarked for the church roof
restoration but to date our savi-ng is still very much way down from the
actual estimated cost.
Our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Officers, Parish Financial Council (PFC),
recently held a meeting together with the BEC Formation Team. They
unanimously decided that to solve our problem we have to knock at your door
to solicit some help. We are encourage to do this act because most of us if
not all are familiar to your faith and love for God and of your eagerness to
support the needs of the Church. Our kind bishop Antonietto D. Cabajog, DD
and our municipal nayo.r who is very much involve with our parish apostolates
has given us their totil support for this project.
Thank you so much for giving us some of your precious time to consider this
humble letter. Your positive actj.on ind generous contribution for our church
will truly ease our burdens. Rest assured we will always gratefully remember
you and your family in our prayers.

                   B. K,Io, Dcs
X*.;ffilro                                       MRS. AI{ITA M.
                                                 PFC Chai-rman

                                                 DR. ELvr#A A
                                                 Project Chairman

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