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									                          Dean’s Scholarship Application
                         2012-13 Guidelines & Application
                   Application deadline: June 1, 2012 – 4:30 p.m.
Please read the following information before completing this application:
    Scholarships will be awarded for the fall, spring and summer terms.
    For the fall and spring terms there is a 6 credit hour minimum.
    For the summer term there is a 4 credit hour minimum.
    Incoming students will only be considered if the application for admission has also been
       received by the Admission App. /Financial Aid deadline.
    The Dean’s scholarship is available only to students who are pursuing the M.Div.,
       M.A.B.L., or the M.A.P.C. (w/ Ottawa) degree program.
    Applicant must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
    Applicant must apply for the FAFSA. Please use our
       school code: G34784.
    If you need a pin you may acquire one at
    Aid is awarded on the basis of financial need, which is determined from the Expected
       Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA report.
    For applications submitted electronically please type “Scholarship Application” in the
       subject line.
    Please be sure to complete and submit all pages of this application and keep a copy for
       your records.
    If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your application from the Financial Aid
       office, please contact Lynn Gordon at or 602-850-8000, ext. 138.
    M.A.P.C. applicants will be awarded for credit hours (min 6 or 4 in summer) taken at
       Phoenix Seminary only.
    Failure to submit all required forms will result in an incomplete application. Incomplete
       applications cannot be evaluated until all pieces are received.
    You will be notified via email regarding the Scholarship Committee’s decision.

                                PERSONAL INFORMATION

Last name: ___________________________ First name: ____________________________
Email address: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________
Academic Program: M.Div. ___ M.A.B.L. ___ M.A.P.C. w/Ottawa ___
How many credit hours are you planning to take? Fall ___ Spring ___ Summer ____
*Date FAFSA submitted __________________________
*Date required for eligibility for this scholarship.

                                   Dean’s Scholarship Application

                Financial Overview Worksheet
          Monthly Income                             Monthly living expenses
     Net mo. income (student)                                    Rent
     Net mo. income (spouse)                                1st mortgage
           Social Security                                 2nd mortgage
        Pension/Retirement                             Alimony/child support
             VA benefits                                   Auto insurance
     Soc Sec Disability benefits                               Auto gas
          Rental property                                  Cable/satellite
   Unemployment/food stamps                           Charitable contributions
       Alimony/child support                                  Child care
 Church support/tuition assistance                           Gas/electric
Gifts/support for tuition assistance                          Groceries
      Family, friends support                                 Dining out
Saving/checking account(s) interest                   Health/dental Insurance
       Investment dividends                           Homeowners/Condo fees
               Other                                     Renter's Insurance
       Total Monthly Income                               Internet Access
  Secured/Unsecured Debt (Mo.
             Payments)                                    Life & Disability Ins

               Rent                                  Memberships, (Health club…)
           1st Mortgage                                     Prescriptions
                                                     Property services (lawn care,
          2nd Mortgage                                     pool care, etc.)
            Land lease                                  Security service, alarm
        Auto Loans/leases                                   Subscriptions
Recreational Vehicles (Boat, ATV...)                      Phone (home, cell)
          Past due taxes                                        Water
          Personal loans                                         Misc
           Medical bills                                        Other
    Total Monthly Payments                             Total Monthly Expenses
                                                      Total Savings/Investment
                                                      accounts (IRA's, pensions,
   Total credit card(s) balances                       CD's, 401K, savings, etc.)

                                    Phoenix Seminary
                             Scholarship Terms and Conditions

1. Scholarship applications will not be considered complete until:
            This application has been signed and dated.
            All necessary additional requirements as outlined above have been received by
              the Financial Aid Office.

2. Applications that are complete by the stated deadline will be given higher priority by the
Scholarship Committee than those received after the deadline.

3. Eligible applications received after the deadline will be granted an award only if funds become

4. All applications and forms must be received by the Financial Aid office by 4:30 p.m. on the
deadline date. The applications may be mailed, emailed, or faxed. Mailed applications and
forms must arrive by the deadline. Postmarks reflecting the deadline date will be considered

5. Applicant may apply for more than one scholarship. If the student is awarded two
scholarships during the same semester, one of the scholarships will be reduced to cover only the
tuition. Phoenix Seminary’s policy is to award scholarships to cover tuition only.

6. If an applicant receives any external scholarships or grants to help defray their tuition costs,
the scholarship award(s) received from Phoenix Seminary will be applied after all other funding
has been applied. If the seminary’s award creates an overage on the student’s account, the award
will be reduced. Phoenix Seminary’s policy is to award scholarships to cover tuition only.

7. Scholarship awards will be reduced if the student decreases his/her credit hours prior to the
semester’s final refundable date. The student will forfeit the entire award if he/she drops below
the required credit hour minimum.

8. If credit hours are added after the award has been granted, the award amount will not be

I have carefully read, understand, and accept the application guidelines, terms, and conditions as
stated above.

Signature ________________________________               Date _______________________


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