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                                              WINTER 2009 NEWSLETTER

                                WASH AVE
               A Publication of The Washington Avenue-Prospect Heights Association

Wash Ave Wonderland                                                                   The Wash Ave Word 2
                                                                                      Wash Ave Welcome 2
No need to be harried at the holidays! Wash Ave
Wonderland brings a whole new concept to one-stop                                     Wash Ave How-To 2
shopping. On Thursdays December 10 and 17, from 6pm
to 9pm, find the perfect gift, get primped for the holidays     INSIDE                 Wash Ave on the Move 3
and enjoy tasty treats from our local restaurants and bars.          ...               Savings and Events 4
Visit Jamila’s at 461 Sterling Place and Awedacity at 806                              Become a Member 4
Washington Avenue for one-of-a-kind gifts and free beauty
consultations from ibeauty bar and Divine Connection Hair
Spa. Delicious appetizers will be provided by Abigail Cafe
& Wine Bar and Udom Thai Restaurant & Bar.

                                    Washington Avenue Then and Now
                                                      With Brooklyn Museum to the south and Atlantic Avenue to
                                                      the north, Brooklyn’s Washington Avenue is a vibrant street
                                                      with smooth nightlife selections, trendy boutiques and
                                                      restaurant flavors for every palate.
            1979                                      Haven’t visited the new Washington Avenue? Stroll the
                                                      corridor and take advantage of local deals. Take a look at
                                                      the many promotions at www.washington-avenue.org.


                                    MERCHANT SPOTLIGHT
           Mayday Hardware                                                 Washington Commons
                 755 Washington Avenue                                           748 Washington Avenue
         between St. Johns Place and Sterling Place                        between Sterling Place and Park Place

 Jerry Walsh, owner, and his
 staff certainly make hardware
 easy. Not only do they take the
 time to help you find exactly
 what you’re looking for but
 provide expert advice and tips
 that will save you time and
 money! You can even donate
 a toy to their official Toys for                                Since this bar opened last Spring, nightlife has never
 Tots drive throughout the                                       been the same! From the outdoor garden to weekday
 holiday season.                                                 happy hours, Washington Commons draws beer lovers
                                                                 both near and far. Join owners Kevin Mulbaney and
     Mon-Sat 9am-6pm;                                            Jacob Rabinowitz to mix and mingle all-year round.
      (718) 783-7171                                                               Daily 3pm-4am;
                                                                                   (718) 230-3666
                          ON WASHINGTON AVENUE
The Wash Ave Word                                                                      -To”
                                                                           Ave “How
  We’re excited for the holiday season, our busiest
  time of year. We’ve partnered with Heart of
                                                                  The Wash    for Les
                                                                                          a                  going
  Brooklyn and the Vanderbilt Avenue Merchants                              How To           arket i
                                                                                                     s under
                                                                                       uperm         take ad
  District for the holiday kick-off on December 5                              l NSA S
                                                                    Yo ur loca           ca n still
  featuring holiday coupon circulars, free hot                                r,but you                s this
                                                                     makeove               -wide b
  chocolate, and extended hours at our boutiques.                                 g store                       ck our
                                                                     of ongo
                                                                               in                      and che
                                                                                            Stop-in                   ts. Try
  Be on the lookout for The HOB Connection, a free                                  ason!                    gredien
                                                                      hol iday se          r favo   rite in               al
  shuttle traveling throughout the area on Brooklyn                              for you                         -- a re
                                                                      shelves                           recipe
  Museum’s Target First Saturdays (over 7,000                                              s easonal              ahea d!
                                                                                licious                  r days
                                                                       this de                 d winte
  visitors each month!). We also have Wash Ave                                  or   the col
                                                                       treat f                                  Smith
  Wonderland on Thursdays December 10 & 17 at                                           pples:         Granny
                                                                           St uffed A       4 large
  Jamila’s and Awedacity, two local clothing                                    •! 2 to
  boutiques with fantastic finds at great prices.                                     Apples                        butter
                                                                                           ble  spoon u         chopped
                                                                                 •! 1 ta               onion (
                                                                                           a ll red            ose mary or
  Don’t miss the next community meeting on                                       •! 1 sm              fresh r
  January 13 – another opportunity to connect with                                •! ¾ te        hopped  )                 or
                                                                                       sage (c                   raisins
  local   merchants  and    residents.      Check                                                      ns dark
  www.washington-avenue.org for the meeting                                        •! 2 ta        ranberr
                                                                                        dried c                    vinegar
  location and guest speakers. If you have any                                                   espoon  s cider          bs
                                                                                    •! 2 ta
                                                                                              bl                 ad crum
                                                                                                        esh bre
  questions or comments, please contact us at                                                 p of fr
                                                                                    •! ¼ cu         salt
  info@washington-avenue.org or (718) 638-7700.                                          and sea
                                now?                                                                              g on to
                    Did you k                                                                     the rec
                                                                                                          ipe, lo
                            “I Now Pron                                             For mor
                                                                                            e of         nue.org
             The comedy,                m Sandler, u
               and Larry”, starring Ada            St. Johns
  You Chuck                        cated at 489
                on, Ladder 132, lo                        t!
  the Fire Stati                         fire station se
                   external shots of the
    Place, for all

                                   WASH AVE WELCOME!
                                          Way Station
                                          Washington Avenue’s first
                                          steampunk bar and performance
                                          venue has finally arrived! We’ve
                                          been given a sneak peek of what’s
                                          to come with their one-day openers.
                                          Be on the lookout for the official
                                          Grand Opening this winter. Visit
                                          http://waystationbk.blogspot.com for
                                          upcoming events.
                                          683 Washington Ave.
Prospect Pond                             (bet. St. Marks Ave. & Prospect Pl.)
Replacing “The Manhattans”, this                                                    Glass Shop
new bar features local artwork and                                                  This coffee shop, located in a former
great, cheap beer on tap. They                                                      glass shop, has quickly gained a
even offer teachers $1 off any drink,                                               reputation for its delicious coffee, laid-
any day of the week. Stop-in for a                                                  back atmosphere and hospitable staff.
refresher and enjoy the comfy                                                       After one visit, you’re sure to become a
setting!                                                                            regular!
769 Washington Ave.                                                                 766 Classon Ave.
(bet. Sterling Pl. & Grand Ave.)                                                    (bet. Park Pl. & Sterling Pl.)
                          WASH AVE ON THE MOVE

              Welcome New Officers                                          Brooklyn Beer and Soda
                                                                                Filling Station
  Congratulations to all 2009–2010 WAPHA officers!                              648 Washington Avenue
Elections took place at our monthly meeting on Wednesday,                 between Bergen Street and Dean Street
October 14. Let’s welcome our new leaders: President –                               (718)622-8800
Rohon Williams, Owner, NOK Auto Repairs; Vice President –         Not only can you pick up your favorite beverages at
Bill Greenwood, Owner, Away We Go Postal; Treasurer –           refreshingly low prices, but enjoy their new state-of-
Daniella Fairbairn, Community Outreach Manager, Heart of        the-art tap system. This popular beverage wholesaler
Brooklyn.                                                       has added a whole new appeal with a selection of 8
                                                                draft beers including Brooklyn Brewery’s limited-edition
                                                                Blue Smoke beer. Be sure to stop in next chance you
                 Eki’s Famous Jewelry                           get and feel free to bring your own growler!
                Showcase at Awedacity
                                                                           Abigail Cafe and Wine Bar
                 806 Washington Avenue
         between St. Johns Place and Sterling Place
                                                                               at Brooklyn Eats
                                                                                  807 Classon Avenue
                       (718) 789-0838
                                                                        between St. Johns Place and Lincoln Place
                                                                                      (718) 399-3200

                                                                 On October 23, hundreds of Brooklynites sampled
                                                                 Abigail Café and Wine Bar’s mini meatballs with
                                                                 roasted squash and pomegranate glaze at the 12th
                                                                 Annual Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Brooklyn
 Awedacity boutique recently created a buzz as host of Eki’s     Eats event. Owners Abigail Hitchcock and Jason
 Famous’ Fall ’09 Preview Mixer. Fusing past inspirations and    Noble were among the forty selected restaurateurs at
 global fashion trends, designer Ekiuwa Asemota unveiled         Steiner Studios. Don’t wait until next year to savor
 fresh and exciting pieces throughout the evening. Visit         Abigail’s delicious dishes, Bon Appétit today!
 Awedacity to check out her amazing pieces for the holidays.
 You can also view her collection at www.ekisfamous.com.

                  Tom’s Restaurant
                                                                             Tax Season Special
            782 Washington Avenue (718) 399-8796                    Prepare Both Your Federal & State
                                                                          Taxes For Only $70*
 The renowned Tom’s Restaurant received a visit from
 Borough President Marty Markowitz to celebrate 70 years of
                                                                     Call Henry Moise Tax Services (718)230-3023
 amazing food, unbeatable friendly service, and the family-
                                                                          463 Sterling Pl., Brooklyn, NY 11238
 style dining. Since opening in the 1940s, this family-owned         National Association Of Tax Professionals member
 restaurant has managed to retain a unique and relaxed ‘at-       Our firm has the resources, experience and knowledge to
 home’ experience for its diners.       Let’s join Borough                      handle any of your tax needs.
 President Marty Markowitz in thanking the Vlahavas’ for this    *Offer valid only for NY, NJ, PA, CT returns. Excludes business and
 neighborhood gem!                                              self-employment returns; taxpayers with itemized deductions, stock &
                                                                                           bond transactions

NOK AUTO REPAIR, Inc. 325 St. Marks Ave. bet. Underhill Ave. and Washington Ave. (718) 398-0353
                       Coming Soon

                                                                                                          Not a member yet?
                                                                                                           It’s easy to join!
                                                                                                         Call (718) 638-7700 or
                                                                                                  visit www.washington-avenue.org
   Extraordinary Deals in the Heart of Brooklyn holiday                                           Directory:
 coupons are coming soon to your your favorite merchants,
                                                                                                  Washington Avenue
cultural institutions and online at www.heartofbrooklyn.org!                                      Between Lincoln Pl and St. Johns Pl
                                                                                                  789 – Heart of Brooklyn
                                                                                                  791 – Teddy’s Restaurant
                                                                                                  Between St. Johns Pl and Sterling Place
                                                                                                  755 - Mayday Hardware & Supply Co.
UPCOMING EVENTS: DECEMBER                                                                         759 - Thriftway Pharmacy
                                                                                                  790 - Away We Go Postal
      Dec. 5               Holiday Sip & Shop - free hot chocolate and extended                   806 - Awedacity
                                                                                                  Between Sterling Pl and Park Pl
                           hours at your favorite merchants!                                      729 - Divine Connection Hair Spa
                                                                                                  748 - Washington Commons
                                                                                                  764 - Grand Plaza Liquors
                                                                                                  766 - Kitchen for Hire
D E C . 1 1 & 12           Grand Plaza Liquors’ wine tasting 6-9pm. 764                           776 - Optical Options
                           Washington Avenue.                                                     Between Park Pl and Prospect Pl
                                                                                                  720 - NSA Supermarket
                                                                                                  Between Prospect Pl and St. Marks Ave
    DEC. 12                Join Jamila in celebrating 3 years of Jamila’s. 461                    661 - Udom Thai Restaurant & Bar
                           Sterling Place.                                                        677 - Idalias Salon Spa Boutique
                                                                                                  677 - ibeauty bar
    Dec. 19                Santa arrives at Mayday Hardware. 755 Washington                       687 - Diva Desires
                                                                                                  712 - Nu Wave Kultural Kreations
                           Avenue.                                                                Between Bergen St and Dean St
                                                                                                  615 - House of Hair Salon Suite & Spa
  December                 Toys for Tots Drive at Mayday Hardware. 755 Washington                 621 - Washington Bagel Café
                                                                                                  623 - International Car Services
                           Avenue.                                                                636 - Mario’s Auto Repair
                                                                                                  648 - Brooklyn Beer & Soda
  December                 $14 oil change at NOK Auto Repairs. 325 St. Marks
                           Avenue.                                                                St Marks Avenue
                                                                                                  Between Washington Ave and Underhill Ave
                                                                                                  325 - NOK Auto Repair, Inc.
  December                 50% off select cosmetic bags and 25% off select                        348 - Shambhala Yoga & Dance
                           handbags at Diva Desires. 687 Washington Avenue.
                                                                                                  Sterling Place
                                                                                                  Between Washington Ave and Classon Ave
                                                                                                  461 - Jamila’s
  December                 Happy Hour at Washington Commons: $2 off drinks from                   470 - Fanci Pooches & Purrs Spa Boutique
                           3-8pm. 748 Washington Avenue.                                          Classon Avenue
                                                                                                  Between Lincoln Pl and St. Johns Pl
                                                                                                  807 - Abigail Café & Wine Bar
                                                                                                  Between Sterling Pl and Park Pl
  December                 Shop Brooklyn Bonus: Free gift with a minimum purchase                 732 - Chavellas
                           of $50 at Awedacity. 806 Washington Avenue.

  WAPHA activities are supported in part by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, Heart of Brooklyn, New York City Council Member Letitia
  James, New York State Senator Eric Adams, New York City Department of Small Business Services, and TD Charitable Foundation.

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