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                           Dreaming of A New Home?
                           Perhaps An Investment
                           There’s never been a better time to choose your
                           new home or to take the plunge into the
                           investment property market.

                           Right now, you’ll enjoy the lowest
                           loan interest rates in about 45
                           years and can choose from a
                           wide selection of affordably
THIS ISSUE:                priced property across all
                           market sectors. For those
                           who are eligible, Federal
April 2009
                           Government First Home
Time For A New Home?       Owners’ Grants are also
                           bigger than ever. What are
From the CEO               you waiting for?
We’re Tops in Money!
                           ECU Australia is offering
Personal Loan Specials     competitive home loan interest
                           rates with a range of features to suit
How to Save ATM Fees
                           your needs – from redraw facilities to
Fast & Cheap Car Loans     mortgage offset accounts, 24-hour-a-
                           day access via the internet and telephone,
Your Deposits Guaranteed   no ongoing fees and the ability to make extra
Win an ipod Touch          payments.

                           Loan types also vary:
                             • Variable
                             • Fixed for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years
                             • Interest Only

CONTACT ECUA:                • Line of Credit

                           We can lend up to 95% of the contract price (with approval from the mortgage insurers), and
     General Enquiries     can offer conditional approval within just 24 hours!
       1800 every1
    Ph: 1800 383 791       Call ECU Australia’s lending team today on 1800 every1.
      Administration       * Terms, conditions, fees, charges & normal lending criteria apply
     Fax: 4046 8263
 Loan / Member Services
    Fax: 4046 8261
                           From                        We’re Tops In Money!
                           The CEO’s
                                                      Products offered by your Credit Union have
                           Office                     again been named among the best in
                                                      the financial industry.
                         Hello and welcome
                        to my first column as
                                                      Our Silver MasterCard and
                      CEO of ECU Australia.
                                                      Silver Low Rate MasterCard
                   I look forward to many
                                                      jointly won the Cheapest
                 years of working with and for
                                                      Balance Transfer Credit Card
              you, our Members. If you’ve got
                                                      section of the recent Money
         any feedback for me – good or bad –
                                                      Best of the Best 2009 Awards.
please drop me a line via your nearest branch.
                                                      The win was for our Silver Card offer of
I’d be happy to hear from you!
                                                      a 4.9% pa. transfer interest rate until the debt is repaid, a standard
                                                      rate of 19.49% pa. and a $35 annual fee. The Silver Low Rate card
One of the most topical issues this quarter is
                                                      offers the same terms with an even lower standard interest rate of
higher charges to use that great convenience
                                                      just 11.85% pa.
- an ATM. Essentially, as at March 3, changes
introduced by the RBA mean you will be
                                                      In the same awards, ECU Australia’s Term Deposits were also a
charged if you use the ATM of another financial
                                                      Finalist in the category of Best Term Deposit – Long Term.
organisation. This isn’t our charge and we don’t
get the money – it’s a fee imposed by the owner
                                                      Last but not least, 5-star ratings have been awarded to our Gold Low
of the ATM. We just have to collect it.
                                                      Rate MasterCard, Silver Low Rate MasterCard and Gold MasterCard-
                                                      BlueSky. The sought-after Canstar Cannex ratings are based on
We’ve prepared for the change by creating our
                                                      review of more than 270 cards – and only the top 5% in each
“bigger and better” ATM network called rediATM.
                                                      consumer profile achieved the top rating.
I urge you to find out where your nearest
rediATM is and use it. If there isn’t one close by,
let us know and we’ll arrange a “nominated”
ATM where you won’t pay fees ( within your free
                                                       Feeling The Credit Crunch?
transaction limits ).
                                                        Transfer your Credit Card Balance to a Lower
The good news is that you can actually reduce           Rate!
your bank fees through this new system but
you must use it properly. Check out our website         Did you know you can transfer your high interest credit or
for more information or contact your nearest            store card balances to a lower interest rate and save BIG
branch.                                                 $$$$$$$?

On a different note, our North Queensland               Call our loans department today on 4046 8229 to find out
expansion plan is moving along well with                how to beat the credit crunch.
the new Atherton branch due to open in
the Silo Central Shopping Centre early next             *Fees, charges, terms, conditions & lending criteria apply.

month. Following so soon after the opening
of the Mission Beach branch last year, we’re
delighted with the progress we’re making on
our expansion plan.

The Directors and Management team recently
held our annual strategic planning session
and I can report that your Credit Union is in
outstanding shape and looking forward to a
fantastic future ( and a busy one! ). I’m glad to
be a part of it – and I’m glad you are too.

Until next time …
 rediATMs Now Saving You Fees

Have you found your nearest rediATM?

                   By now, all Members should be aware of           we will add one to the list. This list will continue to grow
                   the changes introduced by the RBA last           constantly so keep watching it. Please be aware that when
                       month which mean you will be charged         you use a nominated ATM, the machine will automatically tell
                        if you use the ATM of another financial     you there is a charge but this will not be applied (assuming
                         institution. You should also know          the transaction is within your free limit).
                          about ECU Australia’s vastly improved
                          and expanded rediATM network which        You can also save fees by getting extra cash during an
                          replaced our old RediTellers and aim      EFTPOS transaction.
                          to save you money in this new fee
                          policy.                                   The full list of rediATMs can be found at www.rediATM.
                                                           and our nominated ATMs can be found
                          However, Members in some regional         at If you are in an area that’s
                          areas may have discovered there is no     not so far listed, call your nearest branch or email
                         rediATM in their area. Don’t be alarmed:
                       just give us a call or drop us an email.
                                                                    Above all, don’t worry if you don’t have a rediATM nearby. We
We also have a list of nominated ATMs that Members can              will fix it for you!
use free (within your free transaction limits) so we can check
that list. If there is not already a nominated ATM in your area,

 Fast … And Cheap!
   What more could you want in a car loan
   from ECU Australia?                                                      9.50% pa *
   What about these fantastic benefits:                                     9.58% pa
     •9.50% interest pa.*
      ( 9.58% pa. comparison rate )                                                              n rate
     •Fast approvals
     •Re-draw facility
     •No monthly account keeping fees
     •No penalties for early payout.

   Call your loan specialists today - ECU
   Australia on 1800 every1.

   * Rate   effective from 12/2/2009,
   rate subject to change. Based
   on a $50,000.00 unsecured
   car loan at 9.5% pa. over
   7-years. A comparison rate
   schedule is available at
   any ECU Australia branch.
   Warning: This Comparison
   Rate is true only for the
   example given and may
   not include all fees and
   charges. Different terms,
   fees or other loan amounts
   might result in a different
   comparison rate. Electricity
   Credit Union ABN 50 087
   650 986. AFSL 240719.
                                                                                                                    Win a Fantastic
                                                                                                                    32GB iPod Touch
                                                                                                                                                                              The ultimate travel
                                                                                                                                                                              companion could
                                                                                                                                                                              be yours in an
Global economic uncertainty                             Essentially your deposits will                                                                                        American Express
and high profile bank collapses                         be repaid in the extremely                                                                                            promotion        that
in America may have left                                unlikely   event    that    any                                                                                       starts next month.
some Members worried about                              Australian financial institution                                                                                      Simply make a
the security of their money                             faces stress. The guarantee                                                                                           foreign exchange
saved or invested with ECU                              only applies to amounts of up                                                                                         transaction        at
Australia.                                              to $1million but customers                                                                                            any ECU Australia
                                                        with more than $1million                                                                                              branch and you’ll
You can rest assured that your                          can also have their deposits                                                                                          automatically go
money is safe and secure –                              guaranteed, through payment                                                                                           in the draw to
and staying that way.                                   of a fee.                                                                                                             win a 32GB ipod
                                                                                                                                                                              Touch. See more
On October 12 last year, the                            The result is that your savings                                                                                            details in your
Prime Minister announced a                              with ECU Australia are now                                                                                                   local branch
system by which all deposits                            backed by the Credit Union’s                                                                                                 in May.
                                                                                                                                         Courtesy of Apple
held in Credit Unions, Building                         strong performance, Member
Societies and banks in Australia                        focus and more conservative
will be guaranteed for at least                         practises, and also by this
the next five years.                                    Government Guarantee.

                                                                       Are you Covered?
                                                                                  Will your property
                                                                                   weather the storm?

              Are you adequately insured? Now is the time to check your house, contents & car insurance.
              • ECU Australia offers high quality, competitive insurance through CGU Insurance.
              • CGU claims staff are trained (and well practised after Cyclone Larry) to handle major weather events
                  with minimal fuss & in the shortest possible time.
              • Monthly premiums at no extra cost.
              Call Doug Ryan at ECU Australia today on 4046 8224 for a no–obligation, free quote.
  Electricity Credit Union Limited ABN 50 087 650 986 (ECU Australia) acts pursuant to an agreement with CGU Insurance Limited ABN 27 004 478 371. (CGU). Home Insurance is issued by CGU. This
  is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (‘your personal circumstances’). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase this
  insurance policy, you should consider the appropriateness of it having regard to your personal circumstances. You should consider the PDS in deciding whether to buy or hold the product. You can get a
  Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the product from any office of ECU Australia.