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									Here I will describe briefly how GPRS Setting And MMSsecara manual. the following way.
• Enter the menu Service (the icon letter e), then go to Data Account select GPRS. And select edit.
Then enter it manually (account name - Telkomsel, APN = Telkomsel, User name = gprs, Password =
• Go to the WAP, and go to settings, and select Network Setup. Then press option, edit.
• Enter the parameters according to an informed
Suppose if we use the Vodacom simcard then:
- Homepage:
- Gateway IP address: 010,001,089,130
- Port number: 8000
- Connect type: HTTP
- APN: Telkomsel
- Username: gprs
- Password: gprs

If we are using Simcard IM3, then:
- Account name = m3-gprs
- APN =
- User name = m3-gprs
- Password = gprs

If all the values / parameters are entered and then save, and Activate. If all the steps - follow the
above steps correctly you can simply surfing the internet with your phone is china.

To be here this time my post on Setting GPRS and MMS HP China. May be useful and good luck.

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