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									                                        COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                              GENERAL SERVICES AGENCY-PURCHASING
                                                                  ADDENDUM No. 1
                                                                   RFP No. 900589
                  Public, Education & Government Access Channel Consultant
     Specification Clarification/Modification and Recap of the Networking/Bidders Conferences
                               Held on June 18, 2009 and June 19, 2009

                                                                   NOTICE TO BIDDERS


The following Sections have been modified to read as shown below. Changes made to the original
RFP document are in bold print and highlighted, and deletions made have a strike through.

Please note that there will be a non-mandatory bid walkthrough of current County equipment on July
24, 2009 at 2:00p.m. at:

1401 Lakeside Drive, Suite 907
Oakland, California 94612

The walk through should take about 30 minutes and no questions will be allowed at this time.

           A.         CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                        Event                                Date/Location
                        Request Issued                       June 4, 2009

                                      1401 LAKESIDE DRIVE, SUITE 907, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94612
                                             510 208 9600 FAX 510 208 9626
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

                Written Questions     BY 2:00 P.M. on June 17, 2009
                Networking/Bidders    JUNE 18, 2009 AT 10:00A.M. AT: GSA - Purchasing
                Conference/Site                                      1401 Lakeside Drive
                Visit #1                                             Room 1105, 11th Floor
                                                                     Oakland, CA 94612
                Networking/Bidders    JUNE 19, 2009 AT 2:00P.M.  AT: City of Pleasanton
                Conference/Site                                      200 Bernal Avenue
                Visit #2                                             City Council’s Conf. Room
                                                                     Pleasanton, CA 94588

                Addendum 1            June 26,2009 July 9, 2009
                Site walk through     July 24, 2009
                Response Due          July 14, 2009 August 10, 2009, BY 2:00 p.m.
                Evaluation Period     July 14 through July 24 2009 August 10 through August 28, 2009
                Vendor Interviews     July 20 through July 24, 2009 August 19 through August 21, 2009
                Board Letter Issued   August 21, 2009               September 11, 2009
                Board Award Date      September 8, 2009             September 29, 2009
                Contract Start Date   September 30, 2009            October 15, 2009

               Note: Award and start dates are approximate.

       B.      PRICING

               1.    Prices quoted shall be firm for the first twelve 180 days of any contract that may be
                     awarded pursuant to this RFP.

   Responses to Written Questions:

Q1)    Will contractors be able to utilize the services of Cal Works Work Experience clients at For-
       Profit, Non-Profit and/or Alameda County business sites?
A1)    The bidders are responsible for checking with Cal Works.

Q2)    Will a synopsis of the networking/bidders conference be available to bidders unable to
       attend the conferences?
A2)    Yes.

Q3)    Can the County of Alameda please describe services and programming in place today?
A3)    No programming is currently in place. The intent of the RFP is to assess the feasibility
       of implementing a PEG channel.
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

Q4)    Does the County have any existing partnerships today? If so, can the County describe these
A4)    The County has no existing partnerships in place, as there is no PEG channel in place.

Q5)    Can the County of Alameda please describe funding mechanisms currently in place?
A5)    Pursuant to Section 3.17.060 of the Public Utilities Code section 5860, “Any state franchise
       holder operating within the County shall pay to the County a state franchise fee equal to
       1% of gross revenues of it or any affiliate….” This fee is being collected from cable
       providers operating in Alameda County, and will be used as funding for a
       PEG channel if the decision is made to implement a channel in Alameda County.

Q6)    What methods of dissemination currently exist for PEG programming? (i.e. Analog and
       Digital TV, Video On-Demand, Internet, etc.)
A6)    Although no PEG channel is in existence for Alameda County, digital TV is now the
       only option for cable dissemination. Alameda County is also evaluating the possibility of
       webcasting through the internet.

Q7)    At what point will the County want to discuss the most effective methods of PEG channel
       promotion to potential viewers?
A7)    This can be discussed once the contract has been awarded.

Q8)    Is it a requirement of a firm to be local to submit a bid?
A8)    No.

Q9)    Is a non-local firm submitting a bid required to team with a local firm?
A9)    Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB) provisions apply to all contracts over $25,000.

Q10) Is there a small local emerging database that out of state bidders can use for partnering?
A10) Yes. Please the following website:

Q11) Since this is a service contract, is a Dunn and Bradstreet Supplier Evaluation Report
A11) Yes, please see RFP Exhibit M letter G.

Q12) Can a vendor obtain an insurance waiver for the term of the contract?
A12) No, a waiver is not possible.

   Responses to Verbal Questions:

Q13) Would a bidder be in compliance with the RFP if a bidder agreed to provide certificates of
     insurance from Exhibit C, upon acceptance of his/her bid?
A13) No. You must submit all insurance information with your bid.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

Q14) Does the County of Alameda tape any of the board meetings to date?
A14) No. The audio is on the internet, but there is no visual.

Q15) What is the approximate dollar amount that Comcast pays to the County of Alameda?
A15) Pursuant to Section 5860 of the California Public Utilities Code, “any state franchise
     holder operating within the county shall pay to the county a PEG fee equal to 1% of the
     gross revenues…” For FY 09/10, we anticipate receiving approximately $150K in PEG
     revenue from Comcast.

Q16) Can the County provide an idea of what is defined as the unincorporated areas of Alameda
A16) The unincorporated areas of Alameda County include Ashland, Castro Valley,
     Cherryland, Fairview, Sunol, San Lorenzo, Oakland Township, Alameda Township,
     Brooklyn Township, Eden Township, Washington Township, Murray Township.

Q17) Does the County want the station to go out on cable throughout the County of Alameda?
A17) The County believes that the signal would have to be broadcast throughout the

Q18) So is this going to be a 24/7 single station? Because typically before it was a state
     franchise there used to be multiple stations allocated.
A18) The consultant will provide assistance in this area.

Q19) Is the County looking to operate the channel 365 days a year 24/7?
A19) We will use the analysis conducted by the consultant, as well as direction from the
     Board of Supervisors, to make this determination.

Q20) Are in person meetings with the vendor required during the term of the contract?
A20) Yes. Please assume all meetings will be in person at the County offices.

Q21) Have you done any negotiations with Comcast or AT&T?
A21) There have been preliminary discussions. An agreement is not necessary because there is
     a general ordinance in place that governs cable franchises.

Q22) Has it been determined where the operations for the channel will take place?
A22) No.

Q23) Is there a station that Alameda County already has?
A23) The County does not have a studio. The Board chamber’s does has some existing
     equipment. However, the consultant would determine if the existing equipment could be
     used for the intended purpose.

Q24) Has there been any planning for a location in the Eden area at this point?
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

A24) Not at this point. But again the County would want to assess the probability of that.

Q25) Does the County have an agreement with AT&T or is that still being negotiated?
A25) The County has a general ordinance that governs all the activities for cable
     franchise within Alameda County.

Q26) So there are only two cable providers and those are AT&T and Comcast?
A26) Yes, and we don’t have to go out and get an agreement with each one of them because the
     County has a standard ordinance and anyone who operates as cable provider in Alameda
     County will have to abide by the ordinance.

Q27) So AT&T contributes to this fund as well as Comcast?
A27) Yes, the one percent.

Q28) Does it help to have the studio facilities already with equipment ready to go?
A28) No, this contract will be for consultation, not production, so a studio will not be of benefit
     to any bidder.

Q29) Is it a plus to have equipment and infrastructure, as well as programming ready to go in the bid
A29) What the County seeks is a thorough analysis of all of our options so that our Board
     of Supervisors and our County Administrator can select the best option.

Q30) In the previous and current references, can the organizations combine their experiences
     on those forms because there are three spots?
A30) No.

Q31) Can the organizations that are collaborating combine those references?
A31) No.

Q32) Once a contract is signed who will get the money directly from the County, will it be the SLEB
     or the prime contractor who submitted the bid?
A32) The prime contractor is the one who submits the bid, not the SLEB partner. The prime
     will be paid directly from the County and the SLEB will be paid from the prime who
     submitted the bid.

Q33) Does the County expect this channel to be broadcast 24 hours a day?
A33) It could definitely lead into that. The County wants to make it clear that this
     contract is for consulting services only.

Q34) The County could choose another prime contractor to implement this channel based on what the
     consultant offers through this bid and hire County staff to implement this channel?
A34) That is possible.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

Q35) So the analysis that is done could eventually be used to help somebody else actually
      implement the program?
A35) Yes, that is possible because this is a contract only for consulting services only. A contract
  for implementation could be issued as well.

Q36) Looking at the deliverables, how long of a contract?
A36) The contract will be written for one full year. However, we may need to extend the

Q37) Does the County know of other Counties that have a Public Access Channel?
A37) Yes, many other California counties have a Public Access Channel.

Q38) Does the County think it would be advantageous to show programming surrounding the
     various departments of Alameda County offices e. g. interviewing of the department heads?
A38) Alameda County will consider various programming options.

Q39) Will this be the panel in Pleasanton tomorrow?
A39) Yes.

Q40) Will the conference tomorrow be the same format at to days?
A40) Yes, the exact same format.

Q41) Will we see the questions and answers from tomorrow’s conference on the addendum?
A41) Yes.

Q42) Will you be including the bidders in attendance to the list so that we will know who was
     here today and tomorrow?
A42) Yes.

Q43) Why is the County setting up this channel?
A43) The Board of Supervisors would like to be transparent and accessible in their operations
     and this will be another avenue for them to reach the public.

Q44) So part of this vendor’s responsibility would be to say whether or not this is a good idea?
A44) Yes.

Q45) How do we know when the contract is complete?
A45) An award and non award letter will be sent to the vendor indicating the end of the
     bidding process.

Q46) If I understand that correctly it is when the Board accepts the findings?
A46) The award and non award letters will be sent out when the evaluation process is complete
  and a recommendation has been made to the Board. If the Board then approves the award,
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

   the Purchasing Agent is authorized to negotiate and sign a contract. The process is complete
   if and when the contract is signed by both parties.

Q47) With the channel you are intending, is it going to be government access only or will it be
     public access as well?
A47) It’s probably going to be mostly government access.

Q48) Has the channel been requested with Comcast?
A48) No channel has been issued, as we are not at the stage of implementation.

Q49) Does the County have to apply for PEG fees though the state?
A49) No, we have an ordinance which implements the state regulations so we receive the
     money automatically quarterly from the cable providers.

Q50) In terms of Comcast, has a channel been assigned?
A50) Not as of yet.

Q51) Will the location of the channel be in a County building?
A51) Based on what we know so far, 1221 Oak Street in Oakland is probably the location
     of where the studio may be.

Q52) Is that the secured building?
A52) Yes, but this is not where you would submit the bids.

Q53) Is there any other interest in funding this channel mostly through grants, or commercials ,
     infomercials time sales, is that all open gain?
A53) We will look at all funding sources.

Q54) What are the insurance requirements?
A54) Please see Exhibit C.
                        County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                   RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

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June 5, 2012

The following participants attended the Bidders’ Conferences:

          Company Name                     Representative                Contact Information
2nd Site Productions                 Fred Kaplan                 Phone: 818-648-1799
1138 Delaware Street                                             E-Mail:
Berkeley, CA 94702                                               Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Certified SLEB:
Human Red Productions                Josh Kahn                   Phone: 510-393-0140
361 40th Street                                                  E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94609                                      
                                                                 Prime Contractor: X
                                                                 Subcontractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: Yes
Computers & You                      Cheryl Dockey               Phone: 510-433-0194
5026 Melrose                                                     E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94601                                                Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Subcontractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: No
Computers & You                      Pamela Stearne              Phone: 510-433-0194/510-858-4444
5026 Melrose                                                     E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94601                                                Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Subcontractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: No
OURTV                                Leonard Stephens            Phone: 510-913-9569
10700 MacArthur Blvd.                                            E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94603                                                Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Subcontractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: Yes
OURTV                                Earl Roberson               Phone: 707-655-0970
10700 MacArthur Blvd.                                            E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94603                                                Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Subcontractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: Yes
William Dodge Productions            William Dodge               Phone: 510-793-6737
37750 Second Street                                              E-Mail:
Fremont, CA 94536                                                Prime Contractor: X
                                                                 Certified SLEB: No
                                                                 Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Certified SLEB:
                                                                 Prime Contractor:
                                                                 Certified SLEB:

                                                           RFP No. 900589, Addendum No. 1

The County of Alameda is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to furnish its requirements per the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the
above referenced RFP number. This Bid Acknowledgement must be completed, signed by a responsible officer or employee, dated and submitted with the
bid response. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.
1. Preparation of bids: (a) All prices and notations must be printed in ink or typewritten. No erasures permitted. Errors may be crossed out and
      corrections printed in ink or typewritten adjacent and must be initialed in ink by person signing bid. (b) Quote price as specified in RFP. No
      alterations or changes or any kind shall be permitted to Exhibit B, Bid Form. Responses that do not comply shall be subject to rejection in total.
2. Failure to bid: If you are not submitting a bid but want to remain on the mailing list and receive future bids, complete, sign and return this Bid
      Acknowledgement and state the reason you are not bidding.
3. Taxes and freight charges: (a) Unless otherwise required and specified in the RFP, the prices quoted herein do not include Sales, Use or other
      taxes. (b) No charge for delivery, drayage, express, parcel post packing, cartage, insurance, license fees, permits, costs of bonds, or for any
      other purpose, except taxes legally payable by County, will be paid by the County unless expressly included and itemized in the bid. (c)
      Amount paid for transportation of property to the County of Alameda is exempt from Federal Transportation Tax. An exemption certificate is
      not required where the shipping papers show the consignee as Alameda County, as such papers may be accepted by the carrier as proof of the
      exempt character of the shipment. (d) Articles sold to the County of Alameda are exempt from certain Federal excise taxes. The County will
      furnish an exemption certificate.
4. Award: (a) Unless otherwise specified by the bidder or the RFP gives notice of an all-or-none award, the County may accept any item or
      group of items of any bid. (b) Bids are subject to acceptance at any time within thirty (30) days of opening, unless otherwise specified in the
      RFP. (c) A valid, written purchase order mailed, or otherwise furnished, to the successful bidder within the time for acceptance specified
      results in a binding contract without further action by either party. The contract shall be interpreted, construed and given effect in all respects
      according to the laws of the State of California.
5. Patent indemnity: Vendors who do business with the County shall hold the County of Alameda, its officers, agents and employees, harmless
      from liability of an nature or kind, including cost and expenses, for infringement or use of any patent, copyright or other proprietary right, secret
      process, patented or unpatented invention, article or appliance furnished or used in connection with the contract or purchase order.
6. Samples: Samples of items, when required, shall be furnished free of expense to the County and if not destroyed by test may upon request
      (made when the sample is furnished), be returned at the bidder’s expense.
7. Rights and remedies of County for default: (a) In the event any item furnished by vendor in the performance of the contract or purchase
      order should fail to conform to the specifications therefore or to the sample submitted by vendor with its bid, the County may reject the same,
      and it shall thereupon become the duty of vendor to reclaim and remove the same forthwith, without expense to the County, and immediately to
      replace all such rejected items with others conforming to such specifications or samples; provided that should vendor fail, neglect or refuse so to
      do the County shall thereupon have the right purchase in the open market, in lieu thereof, a corresponding quantity of any such items and to
      deduct from any moneys due or that may there after come due to vendor the difference between the prices named in the contract or purchase
      order and the actual cost thereof to the County. In the event that vendor fails to make prompt delivery as specified for any item, the same
      conditions as to the rights of the County to purchase in the open market and to reimbursement set forth above shall apply, except when delivery
      is delayed by fire, strike, freight embargo, or Act of God or the government. (b)Cost of inspection or deliveries or offers for delivery, which do
      not meet specifications, will be borne by the vendor. (c) The rights and remedies of the County provided above shall not be exclusive and are
      in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under the contract.
8. Discounts: (a) Terms of less than ten (10) days for cash discount will considered as net. (b) In connection with any discount offered, time will
      be computed from date of complete, satisfactory delivery of the supplies, equipment or services specified in the RFP, or from date correct
      invoices are received by the County at the billing address specified, if the latter date is later than the date of delivery. Payment is deemed to be
      made, for the purpose of earning the discount, on the date of mailing the County warrant check.
9. California Government Code Section 4552: In submitting a bid to a public purchasing body, the bidder offers and agrees that if the bid is
      accepted, it will assign to the purchasing body all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the
      Clayton Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 15) or under the Cartwright Act (Chapter 2, commencing with Section 16700, of Part 2 of Division 7 of the
      Business and Professions Code), arising from purchases of goods, materials, or services by the bidder for sale to the purchasing body pursuant to
      the bid. Such assignment shall be made and become effective at the time the purchasing body tenders final payment to the bidder.
10. No guarantee or warranty: The County of Alameda makes no guarantee or warranty as to the condition, completeness or safety of any
      material or equipment that may be traded in on this order.

     THE undersigned acknowledges receipt of above referenced RFP and/or Addenda and offers and agrees to furnish the articles and/or services
     specified on behalf of the vendor indicated below, in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFP and Bid


          By:_______________ ________________________________________________ Date____________ Phone_____________________

          Printed Name Signed Above:_______________________________________________________________________________________

                                                               RFP No. 900589

                                                            EXHIBIT L
                                                       RFP VENDOR BID LIST

Below is the Vendor Bid List for this project consisting of vendors who have responded to RFI No.
900589, and/or been issued a copy of this RFP. This Vendor Bid List is being provided for
informational purposes to assist bidders in making contact with other businesses as needed to develop
local small and emerging business subcontracting relationships to meet the requirements of the Small
Local Emerging Business (SLEB) Program (described within this RFP). For additional information
regarding the SLEB Program, please visit our website at and/or contact
the Auditor- Controller’s Office of Contract Compliance (OCC) located at 1221 Oak St., Rm. 249,
Oakland, CA 94612 at Tel: (510) 891-5500, Fax: (510) 272-6502 or via E-mail at

Vendors who attended the Networking/Bidders Conferences have been added to the Vendor Bid List.
Please see the RFP sections entitled ‘Calendar of Events’ and ‘Networking/Bidders Conferences’ for
additional information. The Networking/Bidders Conferences scheduled for all current projects are
posted on the GSA Calendar of Events website at This RFP
Addendum is being issued to all vendors on the Vendor Bid List; the following revised vendor list
includes contact information for each vendor attendee at the Networking/Bidders Conferences.

      RFP No. 900589 - Public Education & Government Access Channel Consultant
Business Name                   Contact Name                          Address                          City        State   Email
Berkeley Community Media        David Jolliffe       (510) 848-2288   2239 M. L. K. Jr. Way            Berkeley    CA
Bob Gold & Associates           Bob Gold             (310) 784-1040   2780 Skypark Drive, Suite 295    Torrance    CA
Fred Michael Kaplan             Fred Kaplan          (818) 988-6468   6243 Blucher Ave.                Van Nuys    CA
Second Sight Productions        Brandy Cowan         (510) 527-4256   1138 Delaware St.                Berkeley    CA
Dynamic Digital Pictures, LLC   Dan Griggs           (714) 993-5300   3224 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. #175   Fullerton   CA
Gov-IT Solutions Group          Darryl D. Anderson   (901) 494-0902   7052 Crestridge Road             Memphis     TN
Human Red Productions           Josh Kaplan          (510) 393-0140   361 40th Street                  Oakland     CA
Computers & You                 Cheryl Dockey        (510) 433-0194   5026 Melrose Avenue              Oakland     CA
Computers & You                 Pamela Stearne       (510) 858-4444   5026 Melrose Avenue              Oakland     CA
OURTV                           Leonard Stephens     (510) 913-9569   10700 MacArthur Blvd.            Oakland     CA
OURTV                           Earl Roberson        (707) 655-0970   10700 MacArthur Blvd.            Oakland     CA
William Dodge Productions       William Dodge        (510) 793-6737   37750 Second Street              Fremont     CA

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