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					CORMAN GROUP Evaluation Analysis
In many ways the Evaluation Analysis is the most important investment in the
process of setting up a franchise. The twin goals of the analysis are to study the
business and its market, and identify what modifications may be required to
ensure its smooth transfer to a franchise concept.

The analysis will identify the operation's systems, corporate strengths and relevance
in other markets. There will be aspects that are vital to the success of the business
which should be built into the franchise concept, there will be elements that must be
removed or amended to ensure that the franchise relationship is fair and profitable,
and there will be elements that will not affect the franchise either way - the analysis
will recommend whether the latter be included or removed depending on the
competing costs involved.

When you commission CORMAN GROUP to conduct a pre-entry Evaluation
Analysis, we examine and report on up to 21 areas of your business. Having identified
the best way to proceed (there are normally three ways in which your business can be
franchised), we then outline the work programme and budget requirements. This
thorough process will allow you to reach a highly informed decision and identify the
most practical and profitable route for the benefit of your own company as well as
your future franchisee partners.

Normally, within two to three weeks we will provide a presentation which will help
you to crystallise your thinking in all of the essential areas that will be developed to
ensure that your franchise achieves your goals.
The CORMAN GROUP Franchise
Development Programme
CORMAN GROUP offers a one-stop shop for franchise development, offering a
full range of superior services including strategic partnerships with franchise
lawyers, accountants, bankers, map designers, statistical analysts, website
designers and manual writers.

The CORMAN GROUP Franchise Development Programme includes the following

• Writing the Franchise Action Plan, which timetables the various actions that need to
be taken to complete the development of the franchise?

• Securing corporate brand images and intellectual property rights.

• Ascertaining the true market value of the franchise package.

• Setting out a detailed franchise business plan.

• Adjusting and improving operational procedures.

• Writing operations manuals.

• Designing a map of exclusive territories to be offered.

• Developing an initial training programme capable of fully preparing a franchisee for
the launch of the business.

• Setting out ongoing support structures such as a franchisee telephone helpline,
intranet facility, marketing support (e.g. personalised internet sites), etc.

• Designing financial support packages to assist franchisees in meeting the investment
requirement, and tailoring insurance packages.

• Developing administrative systems to monitor franchisees' progress.

• Devising financial projections.

• Briefing a lawyer and writing the Franchise Agreement.
Achieve your franchisee recruitment
CORMAN GROUP publishes and maintains online a selection of prime
franchisee recruitment tools which will enable you to maximise the cost-
efficiency of your franchisee recruitment marketing.

The Franchise House Website

The Franchise House website is designed to produce quality leads from serious
candidates on a regular monthly basis. Initiatives through search engine marketing,
online advertising and valuable links attract a great deal of quality prospects and our
online search tools and quality content quickly help match franchise buyers with the
franchise opportunities that they are seeking.

Unlike other online recruitment tools, which produce a mass of unqualified leads that
take time and resources to filter, The Franchise House online is designed to turn
visitors into specific leads for specific franchisors? We filter out duplicate leads and
spam applicants, and you only receive leads that match your criteria. Our website-
based tools allow you to specifically determine the profile of your franchisee together
with investments levels, available territories and more. Whatsmore, your leads are
never shared or sold - should a visitor requires information on another brand, they
must specifically request that information.

No matter what the size of your advertising budget, we have a programme and a rate
schedule that is worthy of your serious consideration. Our rates start from as little as
€15 a month up to €399, and we also offer additional marketing opportunities that can
boost your exposure, such as featured areas and banners on our ezine newsletters.

The Franchise House online is the professional answer to online franchisee
recruitment campaigns.
Rethink and re-tool your franchise with
CORMAN GROUP assists established franchisors to improve operational
systems, increase franchisee motivation and develop their network to full

If you are looking to break through to the next level with your business, you can book
a brainstorm with CORMAN GROUP franchise consultants, who will bring to bear
our franchising experience to:

• Address issues holding your company back
• Improve your existing offer
• Evaluate your strategy
• Improve operating and training manuals
• Address infrastructure
• Devise a better recruitment strategy

A highly experienced CORMAN GROUP franchise consultant will:
• Study written and online materials to become familiar with your business and its

• Visit your head office for a full day brainstorm meeting with the heads of your

• Provide a Client Contact and Action Report detailing the recommendations made in
the meeting

CORMAN GROUP has a number of franchised regional offices throughout the
World. Our franchise consultants are acknowledged authorities at all levels of national
and international franchise development and are frequently called upon to advise
leading national and international franchise brands on their future strategies.

Whether your business needs some expert provided by an experienced outsider's eye,
or a rethink of the entire direction it is taking, a brainstorm with CORMAN GROUP
Franchise Consultant will provide invaluable input, ideas, analysis and
recommendations, which could transform the future of your company.
Achieve international expansion with
Franchising is not only a methodology that can help you expand your business
nationwide, but worldwide as well. There are a number of methods your
business can use to develop international operations and build a global brand,
and CORMAN GROUP has been assisting brands to do this for over few years.

Master, Regional, Area Development or Direct Franchising

A number of different structures have been developed to deal with the difficulties in
overseeing international franchise networks, the simplest being Master Franchising. In
this situation the franchisor awards a Master Franchise to a suitable indigenous
individual or organisation in the target country, often in return for a significant
investment. The Master Franchisee secures exclusive rights to develop that country
under the franchisor's brand, trading style and system either by establishing a sub-
franchised network, Master Franchisee-owned outlets or a mixture of the two.

In some countries (such as the USA) one Master Franchisee may not be able to
manage the entire territory. The Regional Franchising approach divides the target
country into regions, for example dividing the USA into states, which are treated as
mini Master Franchises. These Regional Franchisees must cooperate on national
initiatives such as marketing.

In some companies or industries where sub-franchising is not permitted and the
franchisee must own all new outlets opened, a whole country may not be the most
efficient size of license and the territory is divided, much like in Regional
Franchising. Where no sub-franchising is taking place, this practice is usually called
Area Development Franchising.

If the franchisor is capable of providing the support, it may opt to Direct Franchise a
country, taking direct responsibility for recruiting, training and supporting a franchise
network through long-distance control from the headquarters, a subsidiary office in
the target country or an appointed agent.