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					     Renewable Energy Companies are a Great Startup
             Opportunity in the Third World
Many organizations are working to develop natural resources. However, many of these
cannot truly be called renewable energy companies regardless of their positive image.
Many people rely on various types of fuels for power. Some strategies might focus on
the slow phase out of fossil fuels. On the other hand, small countries continue to remain
focused on fossil fuel development.

Some people consider this unfair. Take the Barapukuria power plant for instance.
Excavations connected with the project were supposed to produce one million tons
of coal a year. The plant itself should be producing 250 megawatts of electricity.
Regardless of whether or not these goals are met, this sort of facility probably produces
a significant amount of smoke. Nevertheless, some reports about the plant have been
rather positive.

People often talk about self-sufficiency and the way that developing countries can
produce power on their own. Energy security is an important concept. Few nations
would ever truly be happy as energy importers. That is why these projects are so

That should not mean that people ought to ignore renewable resources. While the
plant in question may have received public development money, Bangladesh has
allowed more private development in energy. Private money can easily be put towards
renewable projects. Rivers in these countries are often altered with dams. These dams
are a huge source of hydroelectric power.

Since some of the world's smallest nations are the least clean, conservationists
should take a serious look at these projects. Private residences need power in smaller
countries. Rural electrification is a major problem facing developing nations. Citizens of
smaller countries often lack the financial resources to provide for themselves. Energy
independence would bring jobs with it. By focusing on renewable alternatives in these
countries, industries can cut back on pollution before they even have a chance to
produce it.

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