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									                       Keeping a Bounce House Safe at a Party
When you rent a bounce house for your child’s birthday party, you should be sure that there are
some ground rules. Before anyone gets into the bounce house, you want to make sure that they
know what the rules are and they know how they are going to need to act to stay in the house.

Liability for the Bounce House
Finding a bounce house and setting it up in your home require a lot of time and attention. When
you go through that effort, you will also have to sign a contract with the company that will
release them of the liability that comes with the bounce house.

                                        More than likely, you will take on that liability and you
                                        should be sure that you are taking this very seriously. It
                                        may be beneficial to have every parent sign a waiver for
                                        the bounce house to ensure that the do not sue you if their
                                        child gets hurt while they are in the bounce house.

                                        When you are working on finding the best way to keep
                                        people safe, you should start by understanding the
                                        common injuries that occur in a bounce house. Many
                                        children are hurt because they rough house in the bounce
                                        house and end up hurting themselves or others.

Older VS Younger Children
First, you should make sure that there are not any older children that are trying to get into the
bounce house with a younger crowd. When there is one child that is larger and stronger than
others you will find that more accidents can happen that will result in injuries.

Set an age limit to ensure that you are going to be able to keep the older kids out. Everyone
should know who is and is not allowed inside of the bounce house and if you catch someone in
the bounce house that should not be there make sure that you ask them to get out.

What not to Wear
Second, when the children are inside of the bounce house it is important that they do not have
their shoes on. When they have their shoes or any other hard piece
of clothing on you may find that the other children around them are
at risk as they are playing in the bounce house.

Make a pile for everyone’s shoes to ensure that they take them off
before they hop into the bounce house. You want to make sure
that the children are going to put the shoes back on once they get
out of the bounce house so they can play safely during the party.
It is also important that there is an adult by the bounce house at all times. Taking time to
schedule an adult to watch the bounce house will ensure that any emergency situation or injury
that occurs is taken care of quickly and properly.

A bounce house can be a great attraction for a child’s birthday party. Taking time to set up the
bounce house properly and ensure that everyone is safe will keep the party running smoothly and
ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves.

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