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									Tankless Water Heater An Economical Choice

Atlanta, GA, 05-JUNE-2012 - The Georgia Plumber and Stephen Thompson are
pleased to remind consumers that a tankless water heater is a economical
and ecologically sound choice for homeowners and business owners in need
of abundant hot water sources. Standard water heaters are among the most
costly of any household utility charges. Having a tankless water heater
installed by an Atlanta plumber is a green action both individually and
for the planet.

A spokesman for the company has referred to some of the reasons for
choosing tankless in a recent interview, "With the rising cost of energy,
a significant savings can be enjoyed over the life of the product." There
are several ways in which this appliance can save money, but it has other
benefits as well.

Because the interior of a tank can deteriorate over time and collect
sediment, shower water can eventually contain some pretty nasty elements.
This won't happen with a tankless appliance. The water doesn't sit in a
tank for days and months. It is heated as it passes through the unit.

Household energy is not devoted to maintaining the temperature of a huge
tank of water hour after hour, day after day. Instead, the water is
available for washing clothes, dishes and people at the exact moment when
it is required.

Learn more about the ways in this a tankless water heater is better
economically and ecologically by visiting the website of the Atlanta
plumber at http://thegeorgiaplumber.com/tankless-water-heaters/ today.
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