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									  Honeybee Research
Mrs. Sherstad’s
3rd grade class
    Where do Honeybees live?

Honeybees live in hives made of wax for protection.
Some even live in man-made hives. Workers, a
queen, and some drones live in one hive.
By: Channon and Annika
       Where Do Honeybees Live?

Honeybees live everywhere except         Some honeybees live in colonies.
Antarctica. Southern Canada,             Each colony has from 30,000 to
Europe, Africa, Northern and Western     60,000 female worker bees.
Asia, South and North America are a
few locations in the world that have
                                By: Gabby and Jack
 The Life Cycle of a Honeybee

There are four stages of a honeybee’s
1. Queen lays eggs in the cells of the hive.
2. Three days later a small larva hatches
   from the
                    By: Jacob and Anthony
       What is the lifecycle of the
        honeybee? By: Tatiana and Ana

2. After 6 days the size of the larva grows 500
   times its size. The worker bees feed it a pollen
   and honey mixture called “bee bread.”
3. The cell is capped off and the pupa stage begins.
   The pupa will form into a silky cocoon around
   itself and changes begin to happen.
4. 21 days later a full grown worker bee emerges
   and begins its “busy as a bee” life.
 What Jobs Do Honeybees Have?
      Queen Bees               Drone Bees

• Lay eggs to populate   • Mate with queens
the colony               • Die after mating
• Mate with drones       • Live for several months
• Lay eggs to produce
more workers

                         By: William and Hannah
              Worker bees…
• pollinate flowers
• produce nectar &
   pollen for the hive
• produce honey & wax
 for themselves and for us
• build the hive
• feed the queen bee and
• guard the hive
• keep the hive cool
• Clean and repair the       By: Annemarie and Rene
How do honeybees depend on flowers?

Honeybees depend on the flowers because the
pollen from the flowers stick to the bee’s coat.
She combs the pollen into pollen baskets on her
hind outer legs. During the last 3 weeks of their
lives, worker bees fly out to collect pollen and
nectar for the larvae and beehive. (Fiona & Yasmine)
       How do honeybees depend on

•   Bees depend on flowers for nectar and pollen.
•   Nectar is a sweet liquid in flowers.
•   Bees eat pollen and drink nectar.
•   Bees have proboscis to drink nectar. Proboscis
    is a straw-like tongue used to suck nectar.
                         By: Kevin and Ben
      How Do Flowers Depend On Bees

Bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar. In the process they
  spread pollen . Pollen acts like a fertilizer that helps the flowers
  make fruit.
                          By: Ryan and Ramsey
 How Do Honeybees Make Honey?
              By: Jessica and Danielle

• Honey is produced by worker bees from the nectar of
• Bees transform nectar into honey .
• Bees drink nectar from flowers.
• The bees spit the nectar drop by drop.
• The nectar dries on the bees tongues and they fan
  their wings 200 times a second to help dry the nectar.
• Finally it will be thick and smooth to turn into honey.

The honey bees store honey in cells. Then, the bee puts
a cap of beeswax to cover the cell. Next, inside the
compartments the water evaporates from the nectar,
and it changes into honey.
                                  Omar and Adam

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