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									Healthy Foods for Brain
The brain is one of the main organ that controls the entire system in the human body.
Therefore, the brain has a very tough task. To support a very heavy task, the brain
needs food to work properly. In the childhood, the brain also needs to be supported by a
healthy food intake for children still learning about everything. Therefore, for a child's
brain is able to support children's learning interests and activities so they can digest all
the knowledge to good information, then the children need to eat healthy foods that
support the performance of their brains.

As for the types of healthy foods that are useful for the brain is like:
1.                                                                                 Protein.
Which is a healthy food for a brilliant brain are foods that contain protein. Protein
abundant in the Sea Fish such as salmon and tuna. Fish is a healthy food for the brain
because it also contains omega 3 fatty acids that smooth supply of oxygen to the
brain.Protein is also found in eggs, ham, sausage, and bacon. Eggs contain choline
which           enhance            brain        function           and        productivity.
2.                                                                            Vegetables.
Types of vegetables that are healthy foods for a brilliant brain is a vegetable that
contains vit.B12, B6, and folate. Of mostly vegetables contain these elements are
spinach, collards, kale, broccoli, and carrots. Folate is famous for its function in the
synthesis of nucleic acids that are important to the brain. And vegetables is important
for the brain because it contains vitamin K and iron that support the cognitive functions
of                                        the                                        brain.
3.                                                                                   Fruits.
Fruit is also a kind of healthy foods that are important to the performance of the brain.
However, not all types of fruits are healthy foods for the brain. Types of fruits are
healthy for the brain are fruits that contain lots of antioxidants such as berries
(strawberries,     blueberries,    blackberi),   grapes,      pomegranate,    kiwi,    and
avocado. Antioxidants are useful to counteract the free radicals and increase blood flow
to        the        brain        that       improve          brain     function         is.
4.                                                                                    Nuts.
Nuts are healthy foods for the brain because it contains vitamin E which helps the brain
to think, focus, and remember better. Foods that are included are walnuts, almonds,
cashews,       peanuts,     pistachios,    peanut     butter,     and   almond      butter.
5.                                                                                  Grains.
Grains are also healthy foods for the brain because it is believed to accelerate the flow
of healthy blood. When the brain receives healthy blood flow, then performance and
brain function would be more leverage. Types of grain is such as sunflower seeds,
pumpkin     seeds,      sesame      seeds,    flax    seeds,     and    wheat     germ.
6. Yoghurt.
Yogurt is important for the brain because it contains protein and vitamin B which helps
the                growth                  of                brain               tissue.

7. Brown.
Chocolate is not only can make us feel more calm, but chocolate can also be healthy
food for the brain. Because chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonols which can
increase blood flow to the brain. Enter the child's chocolate to your diet daily with a fair
amount                                      and                                       taste.

Arrange for your children's menu with a variety of healthy foods above to support the
performance and productivity of their brain in learning and memory.

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