Heart disease risks lowered by {five|5} lifestyle modifications {during|throughout} youth by nuriman751


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									Heart disease risks lowered by {five|5} lifestyle modifications {during|throughout} youth

(NaturalNews) Cardiovascular disease {is the|is that the} leading killer of adults in all Western cultures.
{many people|many of us|many folks} believe their fate has been sealed through the inheritance of 'bad'
genes, and no degree of healthy living {will|can} have any {effect|result|impact} on their risk of an untimely
and early demise. {more|additional|a lot of} {evidence|proof} that this thought {process|method} {could
not|couldn't} be {more|additional|a lot of} flawed is underscored by the work of researchers at the
Northwestern University Feinberg {school|faculty|college} {of medicine|of drugs|of medication} as
{published|revealed|printed} {in the|within the} journal Circulation.

Scientists have found that maintaining a healthy lifestyle from childhood and into your 40's and beyond
{can|will} have a profound {effect|result|impact} on reducing risk of developing cardiovascular disease as
you {grow older|get older|age}. Consuming a heart-healthy diet, regular physical activity, stress and blood
pressure reduction and maintaining {a normal|a traditional|a standard} body weight {combine|mix} to
dramatically lower heart disease risks compared to hereditary influences.

The lead study author, Dr. Kiang Liu observed "In this study, even {people|individuals|folks} with a family
history of heart {problems|issues} were {able to|ready to|able to} have {a low|a coffee|an occasional}
cardiovascular disease risk profile if they started living a healthy lifestyle {when they|once they|after they}
were young." {many people|many of us|many folks} {engage|interact|have interaction} in unhealthy and
{potentially|probably|doubtless} deadly lifestyle activities as they age that increasingly tip the scales
toward {the early|the first} development of heart disease.

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