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					Healthy oil

IF you’re {looking for|searching for|longing for|probing for|craving for|yearning for} an oil {that can|which
will|that may} be used for frying {as well|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in
addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} as for baking and in salads, why not {try|attempt|strive} the
NeuVida Omega-9 oil?

Omega {9|nine} {is a|may be a|could be a} healthful fatty acid that facilitates the absorption of
{certain|sure|bound} vitamins and minerals by our body, {which will|which can|which is able to} {lead
to|cause|result in} {better|higher} health and ultimately {a better|a far better|a much better|a higher|a
stronger|a more robust|an improved} immune system.

Omega-9 {will also|also will|will} {help|facilitate} maintain a healthy heart. {as it|because it} is heat stable,
NeuVida Omega-9 oil {can|will} {withstand|stand up to|face up to} high-temperature cooking, up to 250°C.

And if you’d {like to|wish to|prefer to} {check out|inspect|investigate|look
into|explore|examine|consider|check up on|cross-check|look at|verify|scrutinize} {the versatility|the
flexibility} of this cooking oil for yourself, why not register for the Cook Right, Eat Right demonstration.

Conducted by Chef Syam Shiamala, the demonstration {will be|are going to be|are} held at the Cooking
House in Desa Hartamas from 9am to 1pm on June {16|sixteen}.

Chef Syam, who is {passionate about|hooked in to|enthusiastic about|keen about|captivated
with|obsessed with|addicted to|addicted to|dependent on|obsessed on|smitten by} food and fitness, {is
the|is that the} founder {and the|and therefore the|and also the} chef/trainer of {colourful|vibrant} Appetite,
a {brand|complete|whole} that advocates healthy food {as the|because the} basis for {a long|an
extended|a protracted} and vibrant life.

She will prepare {three|3} heart-healthy dishes: Fun Peas and Bean Croquettes with Pineapple
Kachumbari, Mixed Grain Eggplant Pilaf, and Spiced Braised Mutton infused with Orange.

There {will|can} {also be|even be} food tasting {and each|and every} participant will get a goodie bag. To
register, {got to|need to|have to be compelled to|ought to}

■ Kuali is organising {various|numerous|varied} {other|different|alternative} activities, {as
well|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} {such as|like|like}
a workshop on {making|creating} {local|native} sweets, in collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of
Baking, and a cooking demonstration with Chef Daniel {green|inexperienced}. For details, {go
to|attend|move to|head to|visit}

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