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									Guarding guts

A panel of {experts|specialists|consultants} urge Malaysians {to improve|to enhance|to boost} their
digestive health in conjunction with World Digestive Health Day 2012.

ACCORDING to the Health Ministry’s Health Facts 2009, digestive system disorders are recognised {as
the|because the} sixth principal {cause of|explanation for|reason for|reason behind} death and seventh
principal {cause of|explanation for|reason for|reason behind} hospitalisation in government hospitals.

Colorectal cancer {is also|is additionally} the second {most common|commonest|most typical} cancer
among {both|each} men {and women|and ladies|and girls} (Malaysian Cancer Statistics 2007).

These alarming statistics {reflect|mirror|replicate} the prevalence of digestive diseases in Malaysia, {and
therefore|and thus|and so}, highlight the importance of {ensuring|making certain|guaranteeing}
{good|sensible|smart} digestive health.

Our digestive system is influenced by what {we|we have a tendency to|we tend to} eat, and closely linked
to our lifestyle habits. {unfortunately|sadly}, the health of our digestive system {is often|is usually|is
commonly} overlooked.

“Unhealthy diets and {bad|dangerous|unhealthy} eating habits {result in|end in|lead to} {many|several}
common digestive {problems|issues} like constipation, diarrhoea, gastritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
(IBS), and colorectal cancer. Equally harmful is sedentary lifestyles. {this is|this is often|this can be}
{reflected|mirrored} {in the|within the} rise of gastrointestinal disorders and diseases among Malaysians,”
noted Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, consultant gastroenterologist and chairman of the
Digestive Health Advisory Board (DHAB).

DHAB was {formed|shaped|fashioned} by the country’s leading {experts|specialists|consultants} in
gastroenterology and hepatology, with the objectives {of educating|of teaching|of training} Malaysians on
the rising prevalence and major risk factors of digestive health diseases, and {to highlight|to spotlight|to
focus on} {the fact|the very fact|the actual fact} that digestive diseases are largely preventable through
dietary and lifestyle changes.

The upcoming World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) 2012 on {may|might|could} {29|twenty nine},
{which|that} aims {to raise|to boost|to lift} awareness on digestive health, sees
{expert|professional|skilled|knowledgeable} collaborators {such as|like|like} DHAB, {together with|along
side|in conjunction with|beside|at the side of|along with} Nutrition Month Malaysia programmes, Positive
Parenting, and National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA), joining hands to disseminate
{knowledge|information|data} {and information|and knowledge|and data} to {the public|the general public}.

The programme is supported by the VITAGEN Healthy Digestion Programme, a long-term community
service vehicle initiated by Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd. This year’s theme, “From Heartburn to Constipation:
Common GI Symptoms {in the|within the} Community: Impact & Interpretation”, reflects the growing
{global|international|world} trend of {the increase|the rise} in gastrointestinal {problems|issues}, and aims
{to raise|to boost|to lift} awareness on these {issues|problems}.

In order {to create|to make|to form} a {more|additional|a lot of} {significant|vital|important} impact on the
community, this year’s WDHD celebration in Malaysia takes on a {more|additional|a lot of} proactive
approach by involving {the public|the general public} {to make|to form|to create} efforts {to improve|to
enhance|to boost} their digestive health, through a nationwide pledge {called|referred to as|known as}
“Guard Your Gut”.

The online pledge utilises social media, {such as|like|like} Facebook and Twitter, to involve
{more|additional|a lot of} Malaysians from all walks of life.

“Guard Your Gut {is a|may be a|could be a} nationwide pledge to urge all Malaysians {to make|to form|to
create} a commitment {to improve|to enhance|to boost} their digestive health. {the good|the great|the
nice} news is that digestive disorders {can be|are often|will be|is|may be} prevented {just|simply} by
{making|creating} {simple|straightforward|easy} changes to our daily diet and lifestyle. {this is|this is
often|this can be} {the purpose|the aim} of the pledge – not {only|solely} {to inform|to tell} and educate,
{but|however} {more|additional|a lot of} importantly, to urge Malaysians {to take|to require} their digestive
health {more|additional|a lot of} seriously,” explained Dr Radzi.

Apart from the pledge, members of {the public|the general public} {can also|also can|can even|may
also|may} learn {more|additional|a lot of} {about|concerning|regarding} their digestive system through the
“Healthy Digestive Journey”, a tunnel of interactive games {and information|and knowledge|and data} for
all ages.

Various {other|different|alternative} {educational|instructional|academic} activities and games {will
also|also will|will} be held {during|throughout} the WDHD Roadshow, from {may|might|could} {29|twenty
nine} to June {3|three}, at The Curve, Petaling Jaya.

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