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									Contents   Introduction .................................... 2
           In brief ............................................ 6
           Keys, doors and windows ............ 18
           Seats, restraints ........................... 30
           Storage ........................................ 51
           Instruments and controls ............. 56
           Lighting ........................................ 73
           Climate control ............................. 78
           Driving and operating ................... 87
           Vehicle care ............................... 109
           Service and maintenance .......... 139
           Technical data ........................... 143
           Customer information ................ 157
           Index .......................................... 158
2     Introduction

                                                                                                  Introduction               3

Vehicle specific data                     When this Owner's Manual refers to         ■ The Owner's Manual uses the
                                          a workshop visit, we recommend your          factory engine designations. The
Please enter your vehicle's data on       Opel Service Partner.                        corresponding sales designations
the previous page to keep it easily                                                    can be found in the section
accessible. This information is           All Opel Service Partners provide
                                          first-class service at reasonable            "Technical data".
available under the sections "Service
and maintenance" and "Technical           prices. Experienced mechanics              ■ Directional data, e.g. left or right, or
data" as well as on the identification    trained by Opel work according to            front or back, always relate to the
plate.                                    specific Opel instructions.                  direction of travel.
                                          The customer literature pack should        ■ The display may not support your
Introduction                              always be kept ready to hand in the          language.
                                          vehicle.                                   ■ Depending on the model variant,
Your vehicle is a designed
combination of advanced technology,                                                    country variant, integrated special
safety, environmental friendliness        Using this manual                            equipment and accessories, the
and economy.                              ■ The "In brief" section will give you       scope of equipment in the vehicle
                                            an initial overview.                       can differ from the items mentioned
This Owner's Manual provides you                                                       in this Owner's Manual.
with all the necessary information to     ■ The table of contents at the
enable you to drive your vehicle            beginning of this manual and within      ■ Display messages and interior
safely and efficiently.                     each section shows where the               labelling are written in bold letters.
Make sure your passengers are               information is located.
aware of the possible risk of accident    ■ The index will enable you to search
and injury which may result from            for specific information.
improper use of the vehicle.              ■ This Owner's Manual depicts left-
You must always comply with the             hand drive vehicles. Operation is
specific laws and regulations of the        similar for right-hand drive vehicles.
country that you are in. These laws
may differ from the information in this
Owner's Manual.
4         Introduction

Danger, Warnings and                   Symbols
Cautions                               Page references are indicated with
                                       3. 3 means "see page".
            9 Danger                   We wish you many hours of
                                       pleasurable driving.
Text marked 9 Danger provides          Adam Opel GmbH
information on risk of fatal injury.
Disregarding this information may
endanger life.

           9 Warning
Text marked 9 Warning provides
information on risk of accident or
injury. Disregarding this
information may lead to injury.

Text marked Caution provides
information on possible damage to
the vehicle. Disregarding this
information may lead to vehicle
Introduction   5
6      In brief

In brief                    Vehicle unlocking                         Unlocking with radio remote
                            Unlocking with key
Initial drive information

                                                                      Press button c, pull door handle.
                            Turn the key in the driver's door lock.   Radio remote control 3 18, Central
                            Open the doors by pulling the             locking system 3 20, Load
                            handles.                                  compartment 3 23.
                                                                                             In brief          7

Seat adjustment                       Seat backrests                        Seat height

Seat positioning

                                      Pull lever, adjust inclination and    Lift lever and adjust body weight on
                                      release lever. Allow the seat to      seat to raise or lower it.
Pull handle, slide seat, release      engage. Do not lean on backrest       Seat position 3 31, Seat adjustment
handle.                               when adjusting.                       3 32.
Seat position 3 31, Seat adjustment   Seat position 3 31, Seat adjustment
3 32.                                 3 32.

            9 Danger
 Do not sit nearer than 25 cm from
 the steering wheel, to permit safe
 airbag deployment.
8          In brief

Head restraint adjustment              Seat belt                                Mirror adjustment
                                                                                Interior mirror

Raise or lower head restraint to the   Pull out the seat belt and engage in
desired height.                        belt buckle. The seat belt must not be
Head restraints 3 30.                  twisted and must fit close against the   To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on
                                       body. The backrest must not be tilted    the underside of the mirror housing.
                                       back too far (maximum approx. 25°).
                                                                                Interior mirror 3 28.
                                       To release belt, press red button on
                                       belt buckle.
                                       Seat position 3 31, Seat belts
                                       3 37, Airbag system 3 40.
                                                                                                   In brief          9

Exterior mirrors                       Electric adjustment                       Steering wheel adjustment
Manual adjustment

                                       Select the relevant exterior mirror and   Unlock the lever, adjust the steering
                                       adjust it.                                wheel, then engage the lever and
Swivel mirror in required direction.   Convex exterior mirrors 3 26,             ensure it is fully locked.
Exterior mirrors 3 26.                 Electric adjustment 3 27, Folding         Do not adjust the steering wheel
                                       exterior mirrors 3 27, Heated             unless vehicle is stationary and the
                                       exterior mirrors 3 27.                    steering wheel lock has been
                                                                                 Airbag system 3 40, Ignition
                                                                                 positions 3 88.
10   In brief
                                                                                                                              In brief            11

Instrument panel overview                            9 Centre air vents ..................... 84         23 Power outlet .......................... 60
                                                     10 Triple-Info-Display ................. 69            Cigarette lighter ..................... 60
1   Ashtray .................................. 61
    Cupholders ........................... 51        11 Infotainment system .............. 10            24 Ignition switch with
    Fuse box ............................. 123          Tachograph ........................... 72           steering wheel lock ............... 88
2   Fixed air vents ....................... 85       12 AUX input .............................. 10      25 Steering wheel adjustment . . . 56
3   Side air vents ........................ 84       13 Front passenger airbag ......... 41              26 Remote control on
                                                                                                            steering wheel ...................... 56
4   Light switch .......................... 73       14 Storage tray ......................... 51           Cruise control ....................... 99
    Rear fog light ......................... 75      15 Coin tray ............................... 51
    Front fog lights ..................... 75                                                            27 Ultrasonic parking assist .... 102
                                                     16 Storage tray ......................... 51           Headlight range
    Exit lighting ............................ 77
    Turn and lane-change                             17 Glovebox .............................. 51          adjustment ........................... 74
    signals, sidelights,                                                                                    Electronic Stability
                                                     18 Utility hook ........................... 10
    headlight flash, low beam                                                                               Program ............................... 98
                                                     19 Climate control system .......... 78
    and high beam ..................... 75                                                               28 Auxiliary heater ..................... 80
                                                     20 Hazard warning flashers ....... 75
5   Instruments .......................... 61                                                            29 Bonnet release lever ........... 110
    Driver Information Centre ..... 69               21 Central locking system .......... 20
    Transmission display ............ 63                Heated exterior mirrors ......... 27
                                                        Heated rear window .............. 29
6   Horn ...................................... 57      Manual transmission
    Driver airbag ......................... 41          automated,
7   Steering column controls ...... 57                  Winter and Laden modes ...... 93
8   Windscreen wiper,                                   Cruise control and speed
    windscreen washer                                   limiter ................................... 99
    system .................................. 57     22 Gear lever, Manual
    Rear window wiper, rear                             transmission .......................... 91
    window washer system ........ 59                    Manual transmission
    Trip computer ....................... 71            automated ............................. 91
12        In brief

Exterior lighting                  Front and rear fog lights        Headlight flash, high beam and
                                                                    low beam

Turn light switch                  Turn light switch
7       = Off                      >     = Front fog lights         Pull lever.
0       = Sidelights               >r = Front and rear fog lights   High beam 3 74, Headlight flash
9P = Headlights                                                     3 74.
>       = Front fog lights
>r = Front and rear fog lights
Lighting 3 73, Headlight warning
device 3 70.
                                                                            In brief   13

Turn and lane-change signals     Hazard warning flashers         Horn

lever up   = right turn signal   Operated with the ¨ button.     Press j.
lever down = left turn signal    Hazard warning flashers 3 75.
Turn and lane-change signals
3 75.
14        In brief

Washer and wiper systems       Windscreen and headlight                  Rear window wiper and washer
                               washer systems                            system
Windscreen wiper

                               Pull lever.                               Turn lever.
K = timed interval wiping      short = wiper swipes once                 0 = off
1 = slow                       pull                                      e = wiper
2 = fast                       long     = wiper swipes for a few         f = washer
Windscreen wiper 3 57, Wiper   pull        strokes and washer fluid is
                                           sprayed onto the              Rear window wiper and washer
blade replacement 3 117.                                                 system 3 59, Wiper blade
                                                                         replacement 3 117, Washer fluid
                               Windscreen and headlight washer           3 115.
                               system 3 57, Wiper blade
                               replacement 3 117, Washer fluid
                               3 115.
                                                                                            In brief         15

Climate control                       Demisting and defrosting the         Transmission
Heated rear window, heated                                                 Manual transmission
exterior mirrors

                                      Air distribution to V.
                                      Set temperature control to warmest   Reverse: with the vehicle stationary,
Heating is operated by pressing the   level.                               wait 3 seconds after depressing
Ü button.                                                                  clutch pedal and then pull up the
                                      Set fan speed to highest level.      collar on the selector lever and
Heated exterior mirrors 3 27,         Cooling AC on.                       engage the gear.
Heated rear window 3 29.
                                      Climate control system 3 78.         If the gear does not engage, set the
                                                                           lever to neutral, release the clutch
                                                                           pedal and depress again; then repeat
                                                                           gear selection.
                                                                           Manual transmission 3 91.
16        In brief

Manual transmission automated      Starting off                            Starting the engine

                                   Check before starting off
                                   ■ Tyre pressure and condition
                                     3 125, 3 155.
                                   ■ Engine oil level and fluid levels
                                     3 111.
                                   ■ All windows, mirrors, exterior
                                     lighting and number plates are free
                                     from dirt, snow and ice and are
                                   ■ Proper position of mirrors, seats
                                     and seat belts 3 27, 3 31,
N     = neutral                      3 38.                                 ■ Turn key to position A
o     = drive                      ■ Brake function at low speed,          ■ move the steering wheel slightly to
+     = higher gear                  particularly if the brakes are wet.     release the steering wheel lock
-     = lower gear
A/M   = switch between automatic                                           ■ operate clutch and brake
        and manual mode                                                    ■ do not operate accelerator pedal
R     = reverse gear                                                       ■ diesel engines: turn the key to
                                                                             position M for preheating and wait
Manual transmission automated
3 91.                                                                        until control indicator !
                                                                             extinguishes in the Driver
                                                                             Information Centre.
                                                                           ■ turn key to position D and release.
                                                                           Starting the engine 3 88.
                                                                                     In brief   17

Parking                                     ■ Do not park the vehicle on an easily
                                              ignitable surface. The high
■ Always apply parking brake without          temperature of the exhaust system
  pushing the release button. Apply           could ignite the surface.
  as firmly as possible on a downhill
  or uphill slope. Depress foot brake       ■ Close the windows.
  at the same time to reduce                ■ The engine cooling fans may run
  operating force.                            after the engine has been switched
■ Switch off the engine. Turn the             off 3 110.
  ignition key to position St and           ■ After running at high engine speeds
  remove it. Turn the steering wheel          or with high engine loads, operate
  until the steering wheel lock is felt       the engine briefly at a low load or
  to engage.                                  run in neutral for approx.
■ If the vehicle is on a level surface or     30 seconds before switching off, in
  uphill slope, engage first gear             order to protect the turbocharger.
  before switching off the ignition. On     Keys, locks 3 18, Laying the vehicle
  an uphill slope, turn the front           up for a long period of time 3 109.
  wheels away from the kerb.
  If the vehicle is on a downhill slope,
  engage reverse gear before
  switching off the ignition. Turn the
  front wheels towards the kerb.
■ Lock the vehicle and activate the
  anti-theft alarm system 3 24 with
  button e on the radio remote
18             Keys, doors and windows

Keys, doors and                                        Keys, locks                            Radio remote control
windows                                                Keys
                                                       Replacement keys
Keys, locks ................................... 18     The key number is specified on the
Doors ........................................... 22   key or on a detachable tag.
Vehicle security ............................ 24       The key number must be quoted
                                                       when ordering replacement keys as it
Exterior mirrors ............................ 26       is a component of the immobiliser
Interior mirrors ............................. 28      system.
Windows ...................................... 28      Locks 3 136.

                                                       Car Pass                               Used to operate:
                                                       The Car Pass contains security         ■ Central locking system
                                                       related vehicle data and should        ■ Anti-theft locking system
                                                       therefore be kept in a safe place.     ■ Anti-theft alarm system
                                                       When the vehicle is taken to           Depending on model the vehicle may
                                                       a workshop, this vehicle data is       use a remote control with two or three
                                                       needed in order to perform certain     buttons (selective door locking).
                                                                                              The radio remote control has a range
                                                                                              of approx. 5 metres. This range can
                                                                                              be affected by outside influences.
                                                                                              The hazard warning flashers confirm
                                                                                  Keys, doors and windows                19

Handle with care, protect it from                                                    Replace the battery (battery type
moisture and high temperatures and                                                   CR 2016), paying attention to the
avoid unnecessary operation.                                                         installation position.
                                                                                     Reattach both halves of cover
Fault                                                                                ensuring it engages correctly.
If the central locking system cannot
be operated with the radio remote                                                    Selective door locking remote control
                                           Batteries do not belong in household
control, it may be due to the following:
                                           waste. They must be disposed of at
■ Range exceeded.                          an appropriate recycling collection
■ Battery voltage too low.                 point.
■ Frequent, repeated operation of the      Two function remote control
   radio remote control while not in
   range, which will require
   reprogramming by a workshop.
■ Interference from higher-power
   radio waves from other sources.
Unlocking 3 20.

Radio remote control battery
replacement                                                                          Remove screw and open battery
                                                                                     compartment by inserting a coin into
Replace the battery as soon as the                                                   the slot and twisting.
range reduces.
                                                                                     Replace the battery (battery type
                                                                                     CR 2016), paying attention to the
                                           Open battery compartment by               installation position.
                                           inserting a coin into the slot and        Reattach both halves of cover
                                           twisting.                                 ensuring it engages correctly.
20         Keys, doors and windows

Replace screw and tighten.               Central locking system with radio       Locking
                                         remote control                          Close doors, load compartment and
Central locking system                                                           fuel filler flap. If the doors are not
                                                                                 closed properly, the central locking
Unlocks and locks doors, load                                                    system will not work.
compartment and fuel filler flap.
With selective door locking, the                                                 Central locking system with key
passenger compartment and load                                                   activation
compartment are unlocked and                                                     Turn the key in the driver's door lock
locked separately.                                                               rearwards.
For safety reasons, the vehicle
                                                                                 Central locking system with radio
cannot be locked if the key is in the                                            remote control
ignition switch.

                                         Press button c.
Central locking system with key          On vehicles with selective door
activation                               locking only the passenger
Turn the key in the driver's door lock   compartment doors are unlocked.
to the front.                            If no door is opened within approx.
                                         30 seconds after the vehicle has been
                                         unlocked via the remote control the
                                         vehicle is re-locked automatically.

                                                                                 Press button e.
                                                                               Keys, doors and windows               21

On vehicles with selective door        Central locking button                     While the front doors are locked and
locking only the passenger             Locks or unlocks doors, the load           unlocked using the radio remote
compartment doors are locked.          compartment and fuel filler flap from      control, load compartment must be
                                       the passenger compartment.                 manually opened by turning the key in
Load compartment                                                                  the lock.
With two function remote control all
doors are locked or unlocked in
conjunction with each other.                                                      Automatic locking
                                                                                  This security feature can be
                                                                                  configured to automatically lock all
                                                                                  doors, load compartment and fuel
                                                                                  filler flap as soon as the vehicle is
                                                                                  To activate:
                                                                                  With the ignition switched on, press
                                                                                  e on the central locking button and
                                                                                  hold for approx. 5 seconds until an
                                       Press button.                              audible confirmation is heard.
                                       e = lock                                   To deactivate:
                                       y = unlock                                 With the ignition switched on, press
With selective door locking the load                                              y on the central locking button and
compartment is locked or unlocked      Slam door locks                            hold for approx. 5 seconds until an
independently.                         Certain models feature load                audible confirmation is heard.
                                       compartment locks which are isolated
Press button G.                        for added security.
22         Keys, doors and windows

Child locks                               cannot be opened from the inside. For
                                          deactivation, turn the child lock to the
                                          vertical position.
                                                                                     Sliding door

             9 Warning
 Use the child locks whenever                                                        Ensure the side door is fully closed
 children are occupying the rear                                                     and secure before driving the vehicle.
 seats.                                                                              The door can be locked from inside
                                                                                     the vehicle with the interior lock
The child safety lock for the sliding                                                switch.
door is located on its rearward facing
edge.                                                                                Rear doors
Using a key or suitable screwdriver,                                                 To open the left hand rear door pull
turn the child lock in the rear door to                                              the outside handle. The door is
the horizontal position. The door                                                    opened from inside the vehicle by
                                                                                     pulling the interior handle.
                                                                             Keys, doors and windows                23

                                                                                 Load compartment

The right hand rear door is released   The doors are retained in the 90º
using the lever.                       position by locking stays. To open the
                                       doors to 180º or further, pull the door
            9 Warning                  release handles and swing open to
                                       the desired position.
 The rear lights may be obscured if
 the rear doors are open and the                    9 Warning                    After unlocking with radio remote
 vehicle is parked on the roadside.                                              control, press tailgate button and lift
                                        Ensure extended opening doors            tailgate to fully open position.
 Make other road users aware of
 the vehicle, by using a warning        are secured when fully opened.           In very cold climates, the opening
 triangle or other equipment            Opened doors may slam closed             assistance provided by the tailgate
 specified in the road traffic          due to the force of the wind!            hydraulic struts may be reduced.
 regulations.                                                                    The tailgate can be also opened from
                                       Always close the right hand door          inside the vehicle by pushing down
                                       before the left hand door.                the tailgate interior release.
24         Keys, doors and windows

Close tailgate using the interior strap.
                                           Vehicle security                         Activating
Ensure tailgate is fully closed.           Anti-theft locking system
General hints for operating
tailgate                                               9 Warning
                                            Do not use the system if there are
             9 Warning                      people in the vehicle! The doors
                                            cannot be unlocked from the
 Do not drive with the tailgate open        inside.
 or ajar, e.g. when transporting
 bulky objects, since toxic exhaust        The system deadlocks all the doors.
 gases, could enter the vehicle.           All doors must be closed or the
                                           system cannot be activated.
                                                                                    Press e on the radio remote control
               Caution                     Unlocking the doors with the radio       twice within 10 seconds.
                                           remote control or the key disables the
 Ensure there is adequate                  mechanical anti-theft locking system.    - or -
 clearance both above (at least            Unlocking is not possible with the       Turn key in driver's door lock towards
 2.15 m) and behind when opening           central locking button.                  front of vehicle twice within
 tailgate.                                 When the hazard warning flashers or      10 seconds, turn it back to the vertical
                                           sidelights are switched on, the          position and remove.
                                           system cannot be activated.
                                                                                    Anti-theft alarm system
                                                                                    The anti-theft alarm system is
                                                                                    operated in conjunction with the
                                                                                    central locking system.
                                                                                  Keys, doors and windows               25

It monitors:                            Activation without monitoring of             Deactivation
■ Doors, tailgate, bonnet               passenger compartment                        Unlocking the vehicle deactivates the
■ Passenger compartment including                                                    anti-theft alarm system. Turn signal
   adjoining load compartment                                                        lights flash once upon deactivation.
■ Interruption of alarm siren power                                                  If the alarm has been triggered, the
   supply                                                                            hazard warning flashers will not flash
                                                                                     upon deactivation.
Activation                                                                           When unlocking the vehicle using the
                                                                                     key, the alarm siren will sound. To
                                                                                     stop the siren, switch on the ignition.

                                                                                     When triggered, the alarm sounds via
                                                                                     a separate battery-backed power
                                                                                     sounder, and the hazard warning
                                        Switch off monitoring of the
                                                                                     lights flash simultaneously. The
                                        passenger compartment when
                                                                                     number and duration of alarm signals
                                        people or animals are being left in the
                                                                                     are stipulated by legislation.
                                                                                     In the event of its power supply being
                                        Press and hold button e. An audible          disconnected or disconnection of the
                                        beep will sound to confirm that the          vehicle battery, the alarm siren will
All doors and the bonnet must be        function has been disabled.                  sound. If vehicle battery is to be
closed.                                 The status will remain until the anti-       disconnected, first deactivate the
Press button e.                         theft alarm system is deactivated or         anti-theft alarm system. To silence
                                        the doors are unlocked.                      the alarm siren if activated, reconnect
If the hazard warning flashers do not
flash upon activation, a door or the                                                 vehicle battery and unlock vehicle
bonnet is not fully closed.                                                          with radio remote control.
26         Keys, doors and windows

The siren is silenced and the anti-theft
alarm system is deactivated by
                                           The immobiliser does not lock the
                                                                                    Exterior mirrors
pressing button c or by switching on       doors. You should always lock the
the ignition.                              vehicle after leaving it and switch on
                                                                                    Convex shape
                                           the anti-theft alarm system 3 20,        The convex exterior mirror reduces
                                           3 24.                                    blind spots. The shape of the mirror
Immobiliser                                                                         makes objects appear smaller, which
The system is part of the ignition                                                  will affect the ability to estimate
switch and checks whether the                                                       distances.
vehicle is allowed to be started with
the key being used.
                                                                                    Manual adjustment
The immobiliser is activated
automatically after the key has been
removed from the ignition lock and
also if the key is left in the ignition
switch when the engine is turned off.
If the engine cannot be started, switch
off the ignition and remove key, wait
approx. 2 seconds and then repeat
the start attempt. If start attempt is
unsuccessful, attempt to start the
engine using the spare key and seek
the assistance of a workshop.

                                                                                    Adjust mirrors by swivelling in
                                                                                    required direction.
                                                                                    The lower mirrors are not adjustable.
                                                                                    Keys, doors and windows            27

Electric adjustment                        Folding                                     Heated

Select the relevant exterior mirror by     For pedestrian safety, the exterior         Operated by pressing the Ü button.
turning the control to left or right. In   mirrors will swing out of their normal      Heating functions with the engine
the central position no mirror is          mounting position if they are struck        running. It is switched off
selected.                                  with sufficient force. Reposition the       automatically after a short time.
Then swivel the control to adjust the      mirror by applying slight pressure to
                                           the mirror housing.                         Climate control system 3 78.
The lower mirrors are not adjustable.
28        Keys, doors and windows

Interior mirrors                        Windows
Manual anti-dazzle                      Manual windows
                                        The door windows can be opened or
                                        closed with the window winders.

                                        Power windows
                                                   9 Warning
                                         Take care when operating the
                                         power windows. Risk of injury,      Operate the control to open or close
                                         particularly to children.           the window.
                                         Keep a close watch on the           For vehicles with automatic feature
                                         windows when closing them.          pull or press the switch again to stop
To reduce dazzle, adjust the lever on    Ensure that nothing becomes         window movement.
the underside of the mirror housing.     trapped in them as they move.       In the event of closing difficulties due
                                                                             to frost or the like, operate the switch
                                        Power windows can be operated with   several times to close the window in
                                        the ignition on.                     stages.
                                                                                Keys, doors and windows   29

Rear windows                             Heated rear window
Sliding side windows

                                         Operated by pressing the Ü button.
                                         Heating functions with the engine
To open, pull up catch and slide open.   running and is switched off
To close, pull up catch and slide        automatically after a short time.
window until catch engages.              Climate control system 3 78.
 During window opening or closing,
 keep the catch raised to allow the
                                         Sun visors
 glass sufficient clearance.             The sun visors can be folded down or
                                         swivelled to the side to prevent
                                         If the sun visors have integral mirrors,
                                         the mirror covers should be closed
                                         when driving.
30             Seats, restraints

Seats, restraints                                     Head restraints                           Adjustment

Head restraints ............................ 30
Front seats ................................... 31                 9 Warning
Rear seats ................................... 34
                                                       Only drive with the head restraint
Seat belts ..................................... 37    set to the proper position.
Airbag system .............................. 40
Child restraints ............................. 44

                                                                                                Pull the head restraint upwards or
                                                                                                push the head restraint downwards.
                                                                                                 Approved accessories may only be
                                                                                                 attached to the front passenger seat
                                                                                                 head restraint if the seat is not in use.

                                                      The middle of the head restraint
                                                      should be at eye level. If this is not
                                                      possible for extremely tall people, set
                                                      to highest position, and set to lowest
                                                      position for small people.
                                                                                        Seats, restraints            31

Head restraint removal                  Front seats                               ■ Sit with shoulders as far back
                                                                                    against the backrest as possible.
                                                                                    Set the backrest rake so that it is
                                        Seat position                               possible to reach the steering
                                                                                    wheel with arms slightly bent.
                                                     9 Warning                      Maintain contact between
                                                                                    shoulders and the backrest when
                                         Only drive with the seat correctly         turning the steering wheel. Do not
                                         adjusted.                                  angle the backrest too far back. We
                                                                                    recommend a maximum rake of
                                                                                    approx. 25°.
                                                                                  ■ Adjust the steering wheel 3 56.
                                                                                  ■ Set seat height high enough to
                                                                                    have a clear field of vision on all
To remove the head restraints, pull
                                                                                    sides and of all display instruments.
lock tab and pull the restraint
                                                                                    There should be at least one hand
                                                                                    of clearance between head and the
Stow head restraints securely in load                                               roof frame. Thighs should rest
compartment. Do not drive with head                                                 lightly on the seat without pressing
restraints removed if the seat is                                                   into it.
                                                                                  ■ Adjust the head restraint 3 30.
                                        ■ Sit with buttocks as far back against   ■ Adjust the height of the seat belt
                                          the backrest as possible. Adjust the      3 38.
                                          distance between the seat and the       ■ Adjust the lumbar support so that it
                                          pedals so that legs are slightly          supports the natural shape of the
                                          angled when pressing the pedals.          spine 3 32.
                                          Slide the front passenger seat as
                                          far back as possible.
32        Seats, restraints

Seat adjustment                        Pull handle, slide seat, release       Seat height
             9 Danger                  Seat backrests
 Do not sit nearer than 25 cm from
 the steering wheel, to permit safe
 airbag deployment.

            9 Warning
 Never adjust seats while driving as
 they could move uncontrollably.

Seat positioning                                                              Lift lever and adjust body weight on
                                                                              seat to adjust height.
                                       Pull lever, adjust inclination and
                                       release lever. Allow the backrest to
                                       engage audibly.
                                       Do not lean on seat when adjusting.
                                                                                Seats, restraints            33

Lumbar support                     Armrest                                Heating

Adjust lumbar support using        Adjust armrest support to suit         Press the ß button for the respective
handwheel to suit personal         personal requirements.                 seat. Press the ß button again to
requirements.                                                             switch off.
                                   ■ Raise armrest in increments to
Rotate handwheel to increase and     desired height.                      Seat heating is thermostatically
decrease support.                                                         controlled and switches off
                                   ■ To reposition, fully raise armrest
                                     before lowering.                     automatically when seat temperature
                                                                          is sufficient.
                                                                          Control indicator in the button
                                                                          illuminates when the system is on, not
                                                                          just when heating is active.
                                                                          Prolonged use of the highest setting
                                                                          for people with sensitive skin is not
34        Seats, restraints

Seat heating is operational when the
engine is running.
                                       Rear seats
                                       Second row seats

                                                                              To enable long items to be stored
                                                                              under the seats the centre seat trim
                                                                              cover can be unclipped.

                                       When folding or removing the rear
                                       seat ensure the armrests are folded
                                       away in their most upright position.
                                       Also remove the lower seat trim side
                                       pocket by disconnecting it from the
                                                                                         Seats, restraints            35

Rear seat access                          Folding seats
                                                                                               9 Warning
                                          On some variants, the cargo area can
                                          be increased by folding up the rear       When folding the seat use caution
                                          seats.                                    - beware of moving parts. Ensure
                                                                                    the seat is secure when
                                                                                    completely folded.

To facilitate access to the rear seats,
fold the seat backrest forwards. If
necessary release the two-latch seat
belt from its buckles.                    Remove the head restraints 3 30. Pull
                                          the side handle to release the
             9 Warning                    backrest and fold forward onto the
                                          seat base, if necessary releasing the    To return the folding seat to the
 Ensure that the backrest returns to      two-latch seat belts from their          upright position, support the seat
 its correct position and the seat        buckles.                                 assembly and release the bar by
 belt buckles engage securely.                                                     pulling the bar directly towards you.
                                          Release both locking bars at the rear
                                          base of the seat by pulling rearwards.   Gradually lower the seat assembly,
Fitting seat belt 3 38.                                                            allowing the rear support legs to fold
                                          Lift and fold the seat assembly, until
                                                                                   down. Lower the seat completely,
                                          the seat frame rests in place.
                                                                                   ensuring the rear support legs are
                                                                                   located, and latched.
36         Seats, restraints

Raise the backrest, reinstall head                                                 With both catches raised, push the
restraints and connect the seat belts.                                             seat unit towards the rear and release
                                                                                   them from the floor anchor points.
            9 Warning                                                              The seat can then be lifted out.
                                                                                   The seats must be removed through
 When installing the seat, ensure                                                  the sliding door only.
 that the seat is properly located on
 the anchor points and that the                                                                9 Warning
 locking catches are fully engaged,
 the backrest is returned to the                                                    Removable seats are heavy! Do
 correct position and the seat belts                                                not attempt to remove without
 are engaged securely.                                                              assistance.
                                         Release the seats by pressing down         When installing the seats, ensure
Removable rear seats                     and sliding forward the locking catch      that the seats are properly located
On some variants, the cargo area can     located on the left and right hand seat    on the anchor points and that the
be increased by removing the rear        mountings.                                 locking catches are fully engaged.
                                                                                          Seats, restraints              37

           9 Warning                   Seat belts                                  Seat belts are only designed for use
                                                                                   by one person at a time. They are not
                                                                                   suitable for people younger than
When re-installing seats always                                                    12 years of age or smaller than
ensure that the row with the folding                                               150 cm.
access seat B is positioned
correctly in front of the fixed seat                                               Periodically check all parts of the belt
row A.                                                                             system for damage and proper
If the seats are incorrectly
positioned, access for passengers                                                  Have damaged components
is seriously impeded.                                                              replaced. After an accident, have the
                                                                                   belts and triggered belt tensioners
                                                                                   replaced by a workshop.
                                                                                    Make sure that the belts are not
                                                                                    damaged by shoes or sharp-edged
                                       The seat belts are locked during
                                                                                    objects or trapped. Prevent dirt from
                                       heavy acceleration or deceleration of
                                                                                    getting into the belt retractors.
                                       the vehicle holding the occupants in
                                       the sitting position. Thereby the risk of   Belt force limiters
                                       injury is considerably reduced.             On the front seats, stress on the body
                                                                                   is reduced by the gradual release of
                                                    9 Warning                      the belt during a collision.

                                        Fasten seat belt before each trip.         Belt tensioners
                                        In the event of an accident, people        In the event of a head-on or rear-end
                                        not wearing seat belts endanger            collision of a certain severity, the front
                                        their fellow occupants and                 seat belts are tightened.
38         Seats, restraints

             9 Warning                    Three-point seat belt
 Incorrect handling (e.g. removal or      Fitting
 fitting of belts) can trigger the belt
 tensioners with risk of injury.

Deployment of the belt tensioners is
indicated by continuous illumination
of control indicator v 3 65.
Triggered belt tensioners must be
replaced by a workshop. Belt
tensioners can only be triggered
once.                                                                              Loose or bulky clothing prevents the
                                                                                   belt from fitting snugly. Do not place
 Note                                                                              objects such as handbags or mobile
 Do not affix or install accessories or                                            phones between the belt and your
 other objects that may interfere with    Withdraw the belt from the retractor,    body.
 the operation of the belt tensioners.    guide it untwisted across the body
 Do not make any modifications to         and insert the latch plate into the                   9 Warning
 belt tensioner components as this        buckle. Tighten the lap belt regularly
 will invalidate the vehicle type         whilst driving by pulling the shoulder    The belt must not rest against hard
 approval.                                belt.                                     or fragile objects in the pockets of
                                                                                    your clothing.
                                                                                        Seats, restraints               39

Height adjustment                         Removing                               Seat belts on the rear seats
                                                                                 Two-latch belt

 1. Pull belt out slightly.               To release belt, press red button on
 2. Press button.                         belt buckle.
                                                                                 Before fitting the belt, first insert lower
 3. Slide adjuster up or down to                                                 latch plate into the buckle on the
    desired position.                                                            outside of the seat.
Adjust the height so that the belt lies                                          The belt can now be used in the same
across the shoulder. It must not lie                                             way as a standard seat belt.
across the throat or upper arm.
Do not adjust while driving.
40         Seats, restraints

             9 Warning
                                          Using the seat belt while             Airbag system
 The seat belt will not be effective                                            The airbag system consists of
 in the event of an accident if the                                             a number of individual systems
 lower latch is not correctly fitted.                                           depending on the scope of
 When releasing the seat belt,                                                  equipment.
 ensure that the central buckle is                                              When triggered the airbags inflate
 always released before the buckle                                              within milliseconds. They also deflate
 on the side of the seat.                                                       so quickly that it is often unnoticeable
 Always remove the lower latch                                                  during the collision.
 plate from the outside buckle
 before removing seats from the                                                              9 Warning
 vehicle or to facilitate access to the
 rear seats.                                                                     If handled improperly the airbag
                                                                                 systems can be triggered in an
Second row seats 3 34.                                9 Warning                  explosive manner.

                                           The lap belt must be positioned as
                                           low as possible across the pelvis
                                           to prevent pressure on the
                                                                                        Seats, restraints           41

 Note                                     Front airbag system                                 9 Warning
 The airbag systems and belt
 tensioner control electronics are        The front airbag system consists of
 located in the centre console area.      one airbag in the steering wheel and      Optimum protection is only
 Do not put any magnetic objects in       one in the instrument panel on the        provided when the seat is in the
 this area.                               front passenger side. These can be        proper position 3 31.
                                          identified by the word AIRBAG.            Keep the area in which the airbag
 Do not stick anything on the airbag
 covers and do not cover them with                                                  inflates clear of obstructions.
 other materials.                                                                   Fit the seat belt correctly and
 Each airbag is triggered only once.                                                engage securely. Only then the
 Have deployed airbags replaced by                                                  airbag is able to protect.
 a workshop.
 Do not make any modifications to                                                   Side airbag system
 the airbag system as this will
 invalidate the vehicle type approval.
 In the event of airbag deployment
 have the steering wheel, the
 instrument panel, all panelling parts,
 the door seals, the handles and the
                                          The front airbag system is triggered in
 seats removed by a workshop.
                                          the event of an accident of a certain
When the airbags inflate escaping hot     severity in the depicted area. The
gases may cause burns.                    ignition needs to be switched on.
Control indicator v for airbag systems    The inflated airbags cushion the
3 65.                                     impact, thereby reducing the risk of
                                          injury to the upper body and head of
                                          the front seat occupants
42         Seats, restraints

The side airbag system consists of an                                             Curtain airbag system
airbag in each front seat backrest.
This can be identified by the word

                                         The inflated airbags cushion the
                                         impact, thereby reducing the risk of
                                         injury to the upper body and pelvis in   The curtain airbag system consists of
                                         the event of a side-on collision         an airbag in the roof frame on each
                                         considerably.                            side. This can be identified by the
The side airbag system is triggered in                                            word AIRBAG on the headlining trim.
the event of an accident of a certain                9 Warning
severity in the depicted area. The
ignition needs to be switched on.         Keep the area in which the airbag
                                          inflates clear of obstructions.

                                          Only use protective seat covers that
                                          have been approved for the vehicle.
                                          Be careful not to cover the airbags.
                                                                                            Seats, restraints            43

                                           Airbag deactivation
                                           Front airbag and side airbag systems
                                           for the front passenger seat have to
                                           be deactivated if a child restraint
                                           system is to be fitted on this seat. The
                                           curtain airbag system, the belt
                                           tensioners and all driver airbag
                                           systems will remain active.

                                                                                      Front passenger airbag system can
The curtain airbag system is triggered                                                be deactivated via a switch located on
in the event of an accident of a certain                                              the front passenger door.
severity in the depicted area. The
ignition needs to be switched on.                                                     With the front passenger door open,
                                                                                      press switch in and rotate anti-
The inflated airbags cushion the                                                      clockwise to the OFF position.
impact, thereby reducing the risk of
injury to the head in the event of                                                    Front passenger seat airbags are
a side-on impact considerably.                                                        deactivated and will not inflate in the
                                                                                      event of a collision. Control indicator
                                           The airbag deactivation system is          W illuminates continuously in the
             9 Warning                     indicated by a label on the side of the    instrument cluster. A child restraint
                                           instrument panel, visible when the         system can be installed in
 Keep the area in which the airbag         front passenger door is open.
 inflates clear of obstructions.                                                      accordance with the installation
                                                                                      locations chart 3 46.
44         Seats, restraints

              9 Danger                     Child restraints                          deactivated; if not, the triggering of
                                                                                     the airbags poses a risk of fatal
 Risk of fatal injury for a child using    Child restraint systems                   injury to the child.
 a child restraint system together         We recommend the Opel child               This is especially the case if rear-
 with activated front passenger            restraint system which is tailored        facing child restraint systems are
 airbag.                                   specifically to the vehicle.              used on the front passenger seat.
 Risk of fatal injury for an adult         When a child restraint system is being
 person with deactivated front             used, pay attention to the following     Selecting the right system
 passenger airbag.                         usage and installation instructions      Children should travel in a rear-facing
                                           and also those supplied with the child   child restraint until as old as possible.
As long as control indicator W is not      restraint system.                        It is appropriate to change the system
illuminated, the airbag systems for                                                 when the child's head can no longer
                                           Always comply with local or national
the front passenger seat will inflate in                                            be properly supported at eye height.
                                           regulations. In some countries, the
the event of a collision.                                                           In the event of an accident, the child's
                                           use of child restraint systems is
Change status only when the vehicle        forbidden on certain seats.              backbone, which is still very weak, is
is stopped with the ignition off. Status                                            under less strain in the semi-prone
remains until the next change.                         9 Warning                    rearward position than when sitting
If control indicator W remains                                                      upright.
illuminated together with v, this           When using a child restraint            Children under 12 years or under
indicates a fault within the system.        system on the front passenger           150 cm tall should only travel in an
Seek the assistance of a workshop.          seat, the airbag systems for the        appropriate child restraint system.
Control indicator for airbag                front passenger seat must be            Since a proper position of the seat
deactivation 3 65.                                                                  belt is rarely possible with a child that
                                                                                    is smaller than 150 cm, we strongly
                                                                                    advise the use of an appropriate child
                                                                                Seats, restraints   45

restraint system, even though this         Note
might, due to the age of the child, no     Do not stick anything on the child
longer be legally binding.                 restraint systems and do not cover
Never hold a child whist travelling in     them with any other materials.
the vehicle. The child will become too     A child restraint system which has
heavy to be held in the event of           been subjected to stress in an
a collision.                               accident must be replaced.
When transporting children, use the
child restraint system suitable for the
child's weight.
Ensure that the child restraint system
to be installed is compatible with the
vehicle type.
Ensure that the mounting location of
the child restraint system within the
vehicle is correct.
Only allow children to enter and exit
the vehicle at the side facing away
from the traffic.
When the child restraint system is not
in use, secure the seat with a seat belt
or remove it from the vehicle.
46          Seats, restraints

Child restraint installation locations
Permissible options for fitting a child restraint system
Front seats - all variants
Weight and age class                       Single seat - front passenger1)             Bench seat - front passenger
                                           without airbag     with airbag              without airbag     with airbag
                                                                                       centre    outer    centre      outer
Group 0: up to 10 kg
or approx. 10 months
                                           U                  U2)                      X         U        X           U2)
Group 0+: up to 13 kg
or approx. 2 years
Group I: 9 to 18 kg                        U                  U2)                      UF        U        UF          U2)
or approx. 8 months to 4 years
Group II: 15 to 25 kg
or approx. 3 to 7 years
                                           U                  U2)                      UF        U        UF          U2)
Group III: 22 to 36 kg
or approx. 6 to 12 years

1)   If adjustable, ensure seat is in its rearmost position. Make sure vehicle seat belt is as straight as possible between
     shoulder and upper anchorage point.
2)   Ensure the front passenger airbag system is deactivated when installing a child restraint in this position.
                                                                                                  Seats, restraints            47

U  = Suitable for universal category restraint systems for use in this weight and age class, in conjunction with three-point
     seat belt.
UF = Suitable for universal category forward-facing restraint systems for use in this weight and age class, in conjunction
     with three-point seat belt.
X = Seat position not suitable for children of this weight and age class.
Combi - rear seats
Weight and age class                                    2nd row bench seat                   3rd row bench seat3)
                                                        Outer            Centre              Outer             Centre
Group 0: up to 10 kg
or approx. 10 months
                                                        U                U, <                X                 X
Group 0+: up to 13 kg
or approx. 2 years
Group I: 9 to 18 kg                                     U                U, <                X                 X
or approx. 8 months to 4 years
Group II: 15 to 25 kg
or approx. 3 to 7 years
                                                        U                U                   X                 X
Group III: 22 to 36 kg
or approx. 6 to 12 years

3)   It is permissible to install a universal child seat to the third seat row if the second row seats have been removed and the
     seat belts are of sufficient length for the child seat type. Similarly, on left hand drive models with a 2 seat bench in the
     second row, it is permissible to install a universal child restraint on the third seat row but only on the right hand outboard
     side, due to increased clearance in front of it.
48          Seats, restraints

U = Suitable for universal category restraint systems for use in this weight and age class, in conjunction with three-point
    seat belt.
< = Seat with ISOFIX mounting available. When mounting an ISOFIX child restraint system, only systems that have been
    approved for the vehicle may be used.
X = Seat position not suitable for children in this weight and age class.
Tour - rear seats
Weight and age class                                    2nd row bench seat                   3rd row bench seat3)
                                                        Outer            Centre              Outer             Centre
Group 0: up to 10 kg
or approx. 10 months
                                                        U                U, <                X                 X
Group 0+: up to 13 kg
or approx. 2 years
Group I: 9 to 18 kg                                     U                U, <                X                 X
or approx. 8 months to 4 years
Group II: 15 to 25 kg
or approx. 3 to 7 years
                                                        U                U                   X                 X
Group III: 22 to 36 kg
or approx. 6 to 12 years

3)   It is permissible to install a universal child seat to the third seat row if the second row seats have been removed and the
     seat belts are of sufficient length for the child seat type. Similarly, on left hand drive models with a 2 seat bench in the
     second row, it is permissible to install a universal child restraint on the third seat row but only on the right hand outboard
     side, due to increased clearance in front of it.
                                                                                           Seats, restraints            49

U = Suitable for universal category restraint systems for use in this weight and age class, in conjunction with three-point
    seat belt.
< = Seat with ISOFIX mounting available. When mounting an ISOFIX child restraint system, only systems that have been
    approved for the vehicle may be used.
X = Seat position not suitable for children in this weight and age class.
50        Seats, restraints

Isofix child restraint
Fasten vehicle-approved ISOFIX
child restraint systems to the ISOFIX
mounting brackets.
When using ISOFIX mounting
brackets for seat mounting,
universally approved child restraint
systems for ISOFIX may be used.
Permissible mounting location
positions for ISOFIX child restraint
systems are marked in the tables by
                                                                                                       Storage           51

Storage                                         Storage compartments                   Cupholders
                                                Instrument panel storage
Storage compartments ................ 51        Storage compartments, pockets and
                                                trays are located in the instrument
Load compartment ....................... 52     panel.
Roof rack system ......................... 54   A coin holder and a phone pocket are
Loading information ..................... 54    located on the top of the instrument


                                                                                       Cupholders are located at either end
                                                                                       of the instrument panel.
                                                                                       To use cupholders remove the
                                                                                       ashtray unit.

                                                                                       Front storage
                                                                                       Two coat hooks are located on the
                                                                                       cabin bulkhead.
                                                                                       The front door pockets contain bottle
                                                The glovebox features a pen holder.
                                                The glovebox should be closed whilst
52        Storage

Overcab storage                        Load compartment                         Load rails and hooks
                                       Load compartment cover
                                       Do not place any objects on the cover.


The total weight in this compartment                                            Load anchorage rails mounted in the
must not exceed 30 kg.                                                          load compartment provide adjustable
                                                                                anchorage points for securing cargo.
                                                                                ■ Release centre pin of the
                                                                                  anchorage point by pulling out
                                       Lift cover and disconnect from the         against spring tension,
                                       side guides.                             ■ slide the anchorage point to the
                                                                                  required position, directly over
                                                                                  a suitable locking hole,
                                                                                ■ release the centre pin of the
                                                                                  anchorage point, ensuring the pin is
                                                                                  located correctly and the
                                                                                  anchorage point is securely locked,
                                                                                                     Storage           53

■ cargo can then be secured in            The maximum force applied to the
  position using lashing straps           lashing eyes should not exceed
  attached to the anchorage point.        5000 N at 30°.
The maximum load of each
anchorage point is 75 kg. To prevent      Safety net
the possibility of exceeding this
maximum, the use of ratchet type          The safety net can be installed behind
lashing straps is to be avoided.          the front seats or the rear seats.
                                          Passengers must not be transported
                                          behind the safety net.
Lashing eyes
                                          Installing (front or rear position)
                                          Lift the covers to access the
                                          mountings, insert the load                Removal
                                          compartment net rod into the mounts       Tilt strap length adjuster upwards and
                                          and secure. Attach the straps to the      unhook strap.
                                          lashing eyes behind the front seats; or
                                          to the rings on the rear seat frame,      Warning triangle
                                          then tension the straps.
                                                                                    The warning triangle can be
                                                                                    accommodated in the space under
                                                                                    the front seats.

The lashing eyes are designed to
                                                                                    First aid kit
secure items against slippage, e.g.                                                 The first aid kit can be accommodated
using lashing straps or a luggage floor                                             in the space under the front seats.
54        Storage

Roof rack system                       Loading information                     ■ The payload is the difference
                                                                                 between the permitted gross
                                                                                 vehicle weight (see identification
Roof rack                              ■ Heavy objects in the load
                                                                                 plate 3 144) and the EC kerb
For safety reasons and to avoid          compartment should be evenly
damage to the roof, the vehicle          distributed and placed as far
                                         forward as possible. If objects can     To calculate the EC kerb weight,
approved roof rack system is                                                     enter the data for your vehicle in the
recommended.                             be stacked, the heavier objects
                                         should be placed at the bottom.         Weights table at the front of this
 Note                                                                            manual.
                                       ■ Secure objects with lashing straps
 The front roof rack fixing points                                               The EC kerb weight includes
                                         attached to lashing eyes.
 located above the cab area are for                                              weights for the driver (68 kg),
 installation of the full roof rack    ■ Secure loose objects in load
                                                                                 luggage (7 kg) and all fluids (tank
 system only and must not be used to     compartment to prevent sliding.
                                                                                 90 % full).
 attach roof bars.                     ■ Do not place any objects on the
                                                                                 Optional equipment and
Follow the installation instructions     load compartment cover or the
                                                                                 accessories increase the kerb
and remove the roof rack when not in     instrument panel.
use.                                   ■ The load must not obstruct the
                                                                               ■ Driving with a roof load increases
Further information 3 54.                operation of the pedals, parking
                                                                                 the sensitivity of the vehicle to
                                         brake and gear selector, or hinder
                                                                                 cross-winds and has a detrimental
                                         the freedom of movement of the
                                                                                 effect on vehicle handling due to
                                         driver. Do not place any unsecured
                                                                                 the vehicle’s higher centre of
                                         objects in the interior.
                                                                                 gravity. Distribute the load evenly
                                       ■ Do not drive with an open load          and secure it properly with retaining
                                         compartment. In addition, the           straps. Adjust the tyre pressure and
                                         number plate is only                    vehicle speed according to the load
                                         distinguishable and illuminated         conditions. Check and retighten the
                                         correctly if the doors are closed.      straps frequently.
                                        Storage   55

The permissible roof load (which
includes the weight of the roof rack)
is 280 kg for standard roof variants
and 210 kg for high roof variants
(excludes Platform cab
conversions). The roof load is the
combined weight of the roof rack
and the load.
The permissible roof load on the
approved full length roof rack
system is 210 kg for standard roof
variants and 140 kg for high roof
variants (excludes Platform cab
conversions). The roof load is the
combined weight of the roof rack
and the load.
56             Instruments and controls

Instruments and                                       Controls                               Steering wheel controls
controls                                              Steering wheel adjustment

Controls ....................................... 56
Warning lights, gauges and
indicators ..................................... 61
Information displays ..................... 69
Vehicle messages ........................ 69
Trip computer ............................... 71
Tachograph .................................. 72
                                                                                             The cruise control and speed limiter
                                                                                             can be operated via the controls on
                                                      Unlock lever, adjust steering wheel,   the steering wheel.
                                                      then engage lever and ensure it is     Cruise control and speed limiter
                                                      fully locked.                          3 99.
                                                      Do not adjust steering wheel unless
                                                      vehicle is stationary and steering
                                                      wheel lock has been released.
                                                                              Instruments and controls              57

Horn                                Steering column controls                     Windscreen wiper/washer
                                                                                 Windscreen wiper

Press j.                            The Infotainment system can be
The horn will sound regardless of   operated via the controls on the
ignition switch position.           steering column.                             K = timed interval wipe
                                    Further information is available in the      1 = slow
                                    Infotainment manual.                         2 = fast
                                                                                 Do not use if the windscreen is frozen.
                                                                                 Switch off in car washes.
58        Instruments and controls

Automatic wiping with rain sensor       Adjustable sensitivity of the rain      Windscreen washer
                                        Turn the adjuster wheel to adjust the
                                        low          = turn adjuster wheel
                                        sensitivity     downwards
                                        high         = turn adjuster wheel
                                        sensitivity     upwards

K = automatic wiping with rain                                                  Pull lever. Washer fluid is sprayed
    sensor                                                                      onto the windscreen.
The rain sensor detects the amount of                                           short pull = wiper swipes once
water on the windscreen and                                                     long pull = wiper swipes for a few
automatically regulates the frequency                                                         strokes
of the windscreen wipers.
Upon starting the engine, automatic
                                        Keep the sensor free from dust, dirt
wiping will need to be reselected.
                                        and ice.
                                                                                 Instruments and controls              59

Rear window wiper/washer               Outside temperature                                      9 Warning
                                                                                     The road surface may already be
                                                                                     icy even though the display
                                                                                     indicates a few degrees above
                                                                                     0 °C.


Turn:                                  A drop in temperature is indicated
0 = off                                immediately and a rise in temperature
e = wiper operation                    after a time delay.
f = washer fluid is sprayed onto the   If outside temperatures drop to 3 °C,
      rear window                      the °C flashes in the information
                                       display as a warning for icy road
                                       conditions. This will continue to flash
                                       until temperatures rise above 3 °C.          Depending on vehicle, hours and
                                                                                    minutes can be adjusted by pressing
                                                                                    the buttons alongside the display or
                                                                                    with the Infotainment system controls.
60         Instruments and controls

Power outlets                                                                                     Caution
                                                                                    Do not damage the outlet by using
                                                                                    unsuitable plugs.

                                                                                   Cigarette lighter

                                          Connecting electrical accessories
                                          while the engine is off will discharge
12 V power outlets are located in the     the battery. Do not exceed the
instrument panel and in the rear of the   maximum power consumption of
vehicle.                                  120 watts. Do not connect any
                                          current-delivering accessories, e.g.
                                          electrical charging devices or
                                                                                   The cigarette lighter is located in the
                                          Electrical accessories that are          instrument panel.
                                          connected must comply with the
                                          electromagnetic compatibility            Press in cigarette lighter. It switches
                                          requirements laid down in DIN VDE        off automatically once the element is
                                          40 839.                                  glowing. Pull out lighter.
                                          Do not connect any current-delivering
                                          accessories, e.g. electrical charging
                                          devices or batteries.
                                                                                Instruments and controls              61

Ashtrays                               Warning lights, gauges                       Note
                                                                                    Under certain conditions (e.g. steep
                                       and indicators                               inclines) the vehicle speed may
                                                                                    exceed the set limit.
 To be used only for ash and not for                                               Odometer
 combustible rubbish.

Portable ashtray

                                       Indicates vehicle speed.
                                                                                   Displays the recorded distance.
                                       Maximum speed may be restricted by
                                       a speed regulator. As a visible
                                       indication of this, a warning label is
                                                                                   Trip odometer
Ashtray container for mobile use in                                                The trip odometer appears below the
the vehicle. To use, open cover.       located on the instrument panel.
                                                                                   odometer and displays the distance
                                       A warning buzzer will sound for             travelled since the last reset.
                                       10 seconds if the vehicle briefly
                                       exceeds the set limit.                      To reset, with the trip odometer
                                                                                   displayed, press and hold the button
                                                                                   on the end of the wiper lever for a few
62         Instruments and controls

seconds with the ignition on. The       Fuel gauge                                  Engine oil level monitor
display will flash and the value will
reset to zero.                                                                      The engine oil level monitor is correct
                                                                                    only if the vehicle is parked on a level
                                                                                    surface with a cold engine.
Tachometer                                                                          If the minimum engine oil level is
                                                                                    reached, OIL is displayed for
                                                                                    30 seconds after the ignition is
                                                                                    switched on in the Driver Information
                                                                                    Centre. Check and top up engine oil
                                                                                    3 111.
                                                                                    If the engine oil level is correct when
                                                                                    the ignition is switched on OIL LEVEL
                                                                                    CORRECT appears briefly in the
                                        Displays the fuel level in the tank.        Driver Information Centre.
                                        Illumination of bars displays fuel level.   If the engine oil is above the minimum
                                                                                    level, press the trip computer button
                                        Control indicator Y illuminates in the
                                                                                    on the end of the wiper lever within
                                        instrument cluster if the level in the
Displays the engine speed.                                                          30 seconds of the ignition being
                                        tank is low. Refuel immediately
Drive in a low engine speed range for                                               switched on. OIL LEVEL is displayed
                                        3 105.
each gear as much as possible.                                                      in combination with the squares in the
                                        Never run the tank dry.                     Driver Information Centre to indicate
                                        Because of the fuel remaining in the        the oil level. As the oil level
               Caution                                                              diminishes, the squares in the display
                                        tank, the top-up quantity may be less
                                        than the specified tank capacity.           are replaced with dashes:
 If the needle is in the red warning
 zone, the maximum permitted                                                        ⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞⃞ = Maximum level
 engine speed is exceeded. Engine                                                   ⃞⃞⃞___ = Intermediate level
 at risk.                                                                           ______ = Minimum level.
                                                                                  Instruments and controls                 63

To exit the oil level monitor display,   Resetting the service display               R    =   Reverse gear
press the trip computer button.          Select the distance before service          N    =   Neutral
Trip computer 3 71.                      interval display in the trip computer.      A    =   Automatic mode
                                                                                     kg   =   Laden mode
                                         Press and hold the trip computer                 =   Winter mode
Service display                          button on the end of the wiper lever
                                                                                     T    =   Apply foot brake
                                         until the distance before service is             =   Transmission electronics
When the ignition is switched on, the                                                W
                                         displayed continuously.
remaining distance before the next
                                         Trip computer 3 71.                         Manual transmission automated
service is due may be shown briefly in
                                                                                     3 91.
the Driver Information Centre. Based
on driving conditions, the interval at   Transmission display
which a service will be indicated can                                                Control indicators
vary considerably.                                                                   The control indicators described are
When the remaining distance before                                                   not present in all vehicles. The
the next service is less than                                                        description applies to all instrument
3000 km or two months, SERVICE                                                       versions. When the ignition is
IN appears in the Driver Information                                                 switched on, most control indicators
Centre.                                                                              will illuminate briefly as a functionality
When the distance reaches 0 km or                                                    test.
the service date is due, control                                                     The control indicator colours mean:
indicator A and F illuminate in the                                                  red       = danger, important
instrument cluster and the Driver                                                                reminder
Information Centre respectively, and                                                 yellow = warning, information, fault
the corresponding message                                                            green = confirmation of activation
SERVICE DUE appears in the Driver        The mode or selected gear of the
                                                                                     blue      = confirmation of activation
Information Centre.                      manual transmission automated is
                                         shown in the Driver Information
The vehicle needs a service. Seek the    Centre.
assistance of a workshop.
64       Instruments and controls

Control indicators in the instrument cluster
                                                                                       Instruments and controls                65

Turn signal                                 whilst driving, there is a fault in the
                                                                                                        9 Danger
                                            belt tensioner or the airbag system.
O flashes green.                            The airbags and belt tensioners may
Flashes if a turn signal or the hazard      fail to trigger in the event of an             Risk of fatal injury for a child using
warning flashers are activated.             accident.                                      a child restraint system together
                                                                                           with activated front passenger
Rapid flashing: failure of a turn signal    Deployment of the belt tensioners or           airbag.
light or associated fuse.                   airbags is indicated by continuous
                                            illumination of v.                             Risk of fatal injury for an adult
An audible warning can be heard                                                            person with deactivated front
when the turn signals are on. When                                                         passenger airbag.
towing a trailer, the pitch of the                       9 Warning
audible warning changes.                                                                  Airbag system 3 40, belt tensioners
                                             Have the cause of the fault
Bulb replacement 3 118.                                                                   3 37, airbag deactivation 3 43.
                                             remedied immediately by
Fuses 3 122.                                 a workshop.
Turn signals 3 75.                                                                        Charging system
                                            Belt tensioners, airbag system 3 37,
                                                                                          p illuminates red.
                                            3 40.
Seat belt reminder                                                                        Illuminates when the ignition is
X illuminates in red.                                                                     switched on and goes out shortly after
                                            Airbag deactivation                           the engine starts.
May illuminate or flash until the seat
belt has been fastened.                     W illuminates yellow when the
                                            ignition is switched on and remains           Illuminates when the engine is
                                            illuminated when the front passenger          running
Airbag and belt tensioners                  airbag has been deactivated.                  Stop, switch off engine. Battery is not
v illuminates yellow.                       If control indicator W is illuminated in      charging. Engine cooling may be
                                            conjunction with v or A, seek the             interrupted. Power to the brake servo
When the ignition is switched on, the
                                            assistance of a workshop.                     unit may be cut. Seek the assistance
control indicator illuminates briefly. If
                                                                                          of a workshop.
it does not illuminate or illuminates
66         Instruments and controls

Malfunction indicator light              May illuminate in combination with         If the message BRAKING FAULT
                                         another control indicator or               appears in the Driver Information
Z illuminates or flashes yellow.         a message in the Driver Information        Centre there is a fault in the braking
Illuminates when the ignition is         Centre. Seek the assistance of             system. Seek the assistance of
switched on and goes out shortly after   a workshop immediately.                    a workshop immediately.
the engine starts.                                                                  Brake system 3 95.
Illuminates when the engine is           Stop engine
running                                  C illuminates in red.                      Antilock brake system
Fault in the emission control system.    Illuminates together with p, I, W or       (ABS)
The permitted emission limits may be     R; stop engine immediately and seek        u illuminates yellow.
exceeded. Seek the assistance of         the assistance of a workshop.
a workshop immediately.                                                             Illuminates briefly after the ignition is
                                                                                    switched on. The system is ready for
Flashes when the engine is               Brake system                               operation when u goes out.
running                                  R illuminates red.                         If control indicator u does not go out
Fault that could lead to catalytic       Illuminates when the parking brake is      after a few seconds, or if it illuminates
converter damage. Ease up on the         released if the brake fluid level is too   while driving, there is a fault in the
accelerator until the flashing stops.    low 3 115.                                 ABS. Control indicator A may also
Seek the immediate assistance of                                                    illuminate in the instrument cluster
a workshop.                                           9 Warning                     together with the messages CHECK
                                                                                    ABS and CHECK ESP in the Driver
                                          Stop. Do not continue your                Information Centre. The brake
Service vehicle soon                      journey. Consult a workshop.              system remains operational but
A illuminates in yellow.                                                            without ABS regulation.
Illuminates when the ignition is         Illuminates after the ignition is          If control indicators u, A, R and
switched on and goes out shortly after   switched on if the parking brake is        C illuminate, the ABS and ESP are
the engine starts.                       applied 3 96.                              deactivated and the message
                                                                                    BRAKING FAULT appears in the
                                                                                 Instruments and controls              67

Driver Information Centre. Seek the    ESP®Plus 3 98.                               Diesel particle filter
assistance of a workshop
immediately.                                                                        8 illuminates yellow.
                                       Engine coolant                               Illuminates when the diesel particle
Antilock brake system 3 96.
                                       temperature                                  filter requires cleaning 3 89.
                                       W illuminates red.
                                                                                    Engine oil pressure
k or j illuminates.                    Illuminates when the engine is
                                                                                    I illuminates red.
It is recommended to shift gear when   running
illuminated for economical reasons.    Stop, switch off engine.                     Illuminates when the ignition is
                                                                                    switched on and goes out shortly after
                                                      Caution                       the engine starts.
Electronic Stability
Program                                 Coolant temperature too high.               Illuminates when the engine is
v flashes or illuminates yellow.
                                       Check coolant level 3 114.
Illuminates for a few seconds when                                                                Caution
the ignition is switched on.           If there is sufficient coolant, consult
                                       a workshop.
                                                                                     Engine lubrication may be
Flashing during driving                                                              interrupted. This may result in
The system is actively engaged.        Preheating                                    damage to the engine and/or
Engine output may be reduced and                                                     locking of the drive wheels.
the vehicle may be braked              ! illuminates yellow.
automatically to a small degree.       Preheating is activated. Only                1. Depress clutch.
                                       activates when outside temperature
Illuminates while driving              is low.                                      2. Select neutral gear, set selector
                                                                                       lever to N.
The system is switched off. The
message ESP OFF will also appear in
the Driver Information Centre.
68         Instruments and controls

 3. Move out of the flow of traffic as   Exterior light                           m illuminates green when a certain
    quickly as possible without                                                   speed is stored.
    impeding other vehicles.             9 illuminates green.
                                                                                  U illuminates green when the system
 4. Switch off ignition.                 Illuminated when the exterior lights     is on.
                                         are on 3 73.
             9 Warning                                                            Speed limiter
                                         High beam                                U illuminates orange.
 When the engine is off,                                                          U illuminates orange when the
                                         P illuminates blue.
 considerably more force is needed                                                system is on.
 to brake and steer.                     Illuminated when high beam is on and
                                         during headlight flash 3 74.             Cruise control, Speed limiter 3 99.
 Do not remove key until vehicle is
 stationary, otherwise the steering
 wheel lock could engage                 Fog light                                Door open
 unexpectedly.                           > illuminates green.                     U illuminates red.
Check oil level before seeking           Illuminated when the front fog lights    May illuminate when a door is not fully
assistance of a workshop 3 111.          are on 3 75.                             closed.

Low fuel                                 Rear fog light
Y illuminates yellow.                    r illuminates yellow.
Illuminates when level in fuel tank is   Illuminated when the rear fog light is
too low.                                 on 3 75.
Catalytic converter 3 90.
Bleeding the diesel fuel system          Cruise control
3 117.                                   m, U illuminates green.
                                                                           Instruments and controls               69

Information displays                ■ Vehicle messages 3 69                   Vehicle messages
                                    ■ Trip computer 3 71
Driver Information Center                                                     Messages are shown in the Driver
The Driver Information Centre is    Triple-Info-Display                       Information Centre, in combination
located in the instrument cluster                                             with illumination of control indicator
                                    Displays time, outside temperature        A or C in the instrument cluster.
between speedometer and             and Infotainment system information.
                                                                              Information messages
                                                                              Information messages
                                                                              BATTERY MODE: ECONOMY

                                                                              ESP OFF

                                                                              AUTO LIGHTS DEACTIVATED

                                                                              OIL LEVEL CORRECT

                                                                              Fault messages
                                    ■ Outside temperature 3 59                Will be displayed in combination with
■   Odometer 3 61
                                    ■ Clock 3 59                              control indicator A. Drive with
■   Fuel gauge 3 62                                                           caution and seek the assistance of
■   Engine oil level monitor 3 62                                             a workshop.
■   Service display 3 63                                                      To remove fault message, press the
■   Transmission display 3 63                                                 button on the end of the wiper lever.
                                                                              After a few seconds the message
                                                                              may disappear automatically and A
70         Instruments and controls

remains illuminated. The fault will   Warning chimes                            Engine oil level
then be stored in the on board
system.                               When starting the engine or
Fault messages                        whilst driving
                                      ■ During operation of the turn and
CHECK ESP                               lane-change signals.
CHECK FUEL FILTER                     ■ If the low fuel control indicator
CHECK GEARBOX                         ■ If seat belt is not fastened.
                                      ■ If the vehicle has manual
CHECK AUTO LIGHTS                       transmission automated and the
                                        clutch temperature is too high.
Warning messages                      ■ If the vehicle speed briefly exceeds
                                        a set limit.                            The oil level display is correct only if
These appear with control indicator                                             the vehicle is parked on a level
C. Stop engine immediately and                                                  surface with a cold engine.
seek the assistance of a workshop.    When the vehicle is parked and
                                      the driver's door is opened               The oil level message will only reset if
Warning messages                      ■ With exterior lights on.                the ignition has been switched off for
                                                                                more than 2 minutes.
INJECTION FAULT                       ■ If the vehicle has manual
                                        transmission automated, and the         If OIL message appears in the display
ENGINE OVERHEATING                      parking brake is not applied, neutral   the oil level may need topping up. To
                                        not selected or foot brake not          gain a more accurate indication of the
GEARBOX OVERHEATING                     depressed.                              oil level, press and hold the reset
                                                                                button. Engine oil level monitor 3 62.
                                                                                 Instruments and controls              71

Trip computer                           ■ Range                                     Instantaneous consumption
                                        ■ Distance travelled                        The value is displayed after reaching
The trip computer provides              ■ Average speed                             a speed of 30 km/h.
information on driving data, which is   ■ Distance before service
continually recorded and evaluated                                                  Range
electronically.                         ■ Cruise control and speed limiter          The value is displayed after driving
                                          stored speed                              a distance of 400 metres.
                                        ■ Fault and information messages            The range is calculated from the
                                          shown in the Driver Information           current contents of the fuel tank and
                                          Centre                                    the average consumption since the
                                                                                    last reset.
                                        Fuel used                                   The range will not display if control
                                        Displays the amount of fuel                 indicator Y is illuminated in the
                                        consumed since the last reset.              instrument cluster 3 68.
                                        The measurement can be restarted at         The measurement can be restarted at
                                        any time by pressing and holding the        any time.
                                                                                    Distance travelled
                                        Average consumption                         Displays the distance driven since the
The functions can be selected by        The value is displayed after driving
pressing the button repeatedly on the                                               last reset.
                                        a distance of 400 metres.
end of the wiper lever.                                                             The measurement can be restarted at
                                        Average consumption is displayed,           any time.
Press the button to select one of the   taking into consideration the distance
functions:                              travelled and the fuel used since the       Average speed
■ Fuel used                             last reset.                                 The value is displayed after driving
■ Average consumption                   The measurement can be restarted at         a distance of 400 metres.
■ Instantaneous consumption             any time.
72         Instruments and controls

The average speed is displayed,
since the last reset.
                                         Interruption of power supply                Tachograph
                                         If the power supply has been
The measurement can be restarted at      interrupted or if the battery voltage
any time.                                has dropped too low, the values
Interruptions in the journey with the    stored in the trip computer will be lost.
ignition off are not included in the

Reset trip computer information
To reset the trip computer, select one
of its functions then press and hold
the button on the end of the wiper
The following trip computer
information will be reset:                                                           The tachograph is operated as
■ Fuel used                                                                          described in the operating
■ Average consumption                                                                instructions supplied. Observe
                                                                                     regulations regarding use.
■ Range
■ Distance travelled
■ Average speed
The trip computer will reset
automatically when the maximum
value of any of the parameters is
                                                                                                           Lighting          73

Lighting                                             Exterior lighting                     Automatic light control
                                                     Light switch
Exterior lighting ............................ 73
Interior lighting ............................. 76
Lighting features .......................... 77

                                                                                           When the engine is running,
                                                                                           headlights are switched on when
                                                     Turn light switch:                    external light conditions are poor.
                                                     7       = Off                         To activate:
                                                     0       = Sidelights                   1. Switch on the ignition.
                                                     9P = Headlights                        2. Turn light switch to 0 and return
                                                     High beam control indicator P 3 68.       to 7.
                                                     Low beam control indicator 9 3 68.     3. Repeat step 2 within approx.
                                                                                               5 seconds.
                                                                                            4. A double acoustic signal sounds
                                                                                               for confirmation.
                                                                                           Repeat the operation to deactivate.
74          Lighting

For reasons of safety, it is advisable    Headlight range                         Headlights when driving
to have the function activated.
During poor lighting conditions, e.g.
                                          adjustment                              abroad
fog or mist, manually switch on the                                               The asymmetrical headlight beam
                                          Manual headlight range                  extends visibility at the edge of the
                                          adjustment                              road at the passenger side.
                                                                                  However, when driving in countries
High beam                                                                         where traffic drives on the opposite
                                                                                  side of the road, adjust the headlights
                                                                                  to prevent dazzling.
                                                                                  Have the headlights adjusted by
                                                                                  a workshop.

                                                                                  Daytime running lights
                                                                                  Daytime running lights increase
                                                                                  visibility of the vehicle during daylight.
                                                                                  When the ignition is on, the headlights
                                          Adapt the headlight range to suit the   come on and instrument illumination
                                          vehicle load to prevent dazzling of     is subdued.
To change between low and high            oncoming traffic.                       The daytime running lights switch off
beam, pull lever until a click is felt.   Turn knurled wheel to required          when the ignition is switched off.
Headlight flash                           0 = No load
To activate the headlight flash, pull     4 = Loaded up to permissible
lever.                                          maximum weight
                                                                                          Lighting            75

Hazard warning flashers       Turn and lane-change                      If the lever is moved past the first stop,
                                                                        the indicator is switched on
                              signals                                   constantly. Switch the indicator off
                                                                        manually by moving the lever to its
                                                                        original position.

                                                                        Front fog lights

Operated with the ¨ button.
                              Lever up   = right turn signal
                              Lever down = left turn signal
                              When the steering wheel is turned
                              back, the lever automatically returns
                              to its original position and the          Turn inner switch to position >.
                              indicator is deactivated. This will not
                                                                        Front fog lights will only operate when
                              happen when making a minor
                                                                        the ignition and headlights are
                              steering manoeuvre such as lane
                                                                        switched on.
                              When lane changing, move lever part
                              way to first stop. When released,         Rear fog lights
                              lever will spring back.                   Turn inner switch to position >r.
76          Lighting

Rear fog light comes on in
conjunction with front fog lights and
                                            Interior lighting                         Load compartment lighting
will only operate when the ignition and                                               The lighting can be switched on when
headlights are switched on.
                                            Interior lights                           the load compartment is opened.

Reversing lights
The reversing lights come on when
the ignition is on and reverse gear is

Misted light covers
The inside of the light covers may mist
up briefly in poor, wet and cold
weather conditions, in heavy rain or
after washing. The mist disappears
quickly by itself; to help, switch on the   Operated by tilting the lens.             Operated by tilting the lens.
headlights.                                 With the lens in its central position,
                                            the light functions as a courtesy light
                                            and illuminates when the front doors
                                            are opened. Once the front doors are
                                            closed, the courtesy light goes out
                                            after approx. 15 seconds.
                                            The interior light extinguishes
                                            immediately when the ignition is
                                            switched on.
                                                                                                   Lighting          77

                                         Lighting features                        This action can be repeated up to four
                                                                                  times to a maximum period of
                                                                                  2 minutes.
                                         Exit lighting
                                                                                  The lighting is turned off immediately
                                                                                  by switching on the ignition or turning
                                                                                  the light switch.

Operated by tilting the lens to one of
3 positions:
■ On constantly
■ Controlled by the function of the
                                         Headlights come on for approx.
  interior light
                                         30 seconds after the vehicle is parked
■ Off constantly                         and the system is activated.

                                         1.   Switch off ignition.
                                         2.   Remove ignition key.
                                         3.   Open driver's door.
                                         4.   Pull turn signal lever towards
                                              steering wheel.
78             Climate control

Climate control                                        Climate control systems      Heating will not be fully effective until
                                                                                    the engine has reached normal
                                                                                    operating temperature.
                                                       Heating and ventilation
Climate control systems ............... 78             system                       Fan speed
Air vents ....................................... 84                                Adjust the air flow by switching the fan
                                                                                    to the desired speed.
Maintenance ................................ 85
                                                                                    Air distribution
                                                                                    M   to head area
                                                                                    L   to head area and foot well
                                                                                    K   to foot well
                                                                                    J   to windscreen, front door
                                                                                        windows and foot well
                                                                                    V = to windscreen and front door
                                                                                    Intermediate settings are possible.
                                                       Controls for:
                                                                                    Demisting and defrosting the
                                                       ■ Temperature
                                                       ■ Fan speed                  ■ Set temperature control to warmest
                                                       ■ Air distribution             level.
                                                       Heated rear window Ü 3 29.   ■ Set fan speed to highest level.
                                                                                    ■ Set air distribution control to V.
                                                                                    ■ Switch on heated rear window Ü.
                                                       red = warm
                                                       blue = cold
                                                                                           Climate control           79

■ Open side air vents as required and       Cooling (AC)                            Maximum cooling
  direct them towards door windows.         Operated with the AC button and         Briefly open the windows so that hot
■ For simultaneous warming of the           functional only when the engine and     air can disperse quickly.
  foot well, set air distribution control   fan are running.                        ■ Cooling AC on.
  to J.                                     The air conditioning system cools and   ■ Air recirculation system 4 on.
                                            dehumidifies (dries) the air when
                                                                                    ■ Set air distribution control to M.
Air conditioning system                     outside temperature is a little above
                                            the freezing point. Therefore           ■ Set temperature control to coldest
                                            condensation may form and drip from        level.
                                            under the vehicle.                      ■ Set fan speed to highest level.
                                            If no cooling or drying is required,    ■ Open all air vents.
                                            switch the cooling system off to save
                                                                                    Rear heating system
                                            Air recirculation system 4
                                            Operated with the 4 button.

                                                        9 Warning
                                             The exchange of fresh air is
Additional to the heating and                reduced in air recirculation mode.
ventilation system, the air                  In operation without cooling the air
conditioning system has:                     humidity increases, so the
AC = cooling                                 windows may mist up. The quality
4 = air recirculation                        of the passenger compartment air
                                             deteriorates, which may cause the
                                             vehicle occupants to feel drowsy.
80         Climate control

The rear passenger compartment             Rear air conditioning                    The rate of air flow is determined by
heating fan assists air flow to the rear                                            the fan.
passenger compartment via the rear         system                                   The fan has 3 speeds:
air vents.                                 The rear air conditioning system is
                                                                                    0 = off
 Note                                      actuated in conjunction with the front
                                                                                    3 = high speed
 Country-specific version: Heating         passenger compartment air
 will cease to operate if the vehicle      conditioning system.
 fuel level drops below 11 litres.                                                  Auxiliary heater
                                           Rear air conditioning fan switch
                                                                                    Coolant heater
                                                                                    The Eberspächer engine-
                                                                                    independent, fuel-powered coolant
                                                                                    heater provides rapid heating of the
                                                                                    engine coolant to enable heating of
                                                                                    the vehicle interior without the engine

                                                                                                 9 Warning
                                                                                     Do not operate the system when
                                                                                     refuelling, when dust or
The rate of air flow is determined by                                                combustible vapours are present
the fan. Air temperature is controlled     The rear air conditioning fan assists     or in enclosed spaces (e.g.
using the temperature control on the       air flow to the rear passenger            garage).
instrument panel.                          compartment via the rear air vents.
The fan has 3 speeds:                      Switch on the fan while the air          Before starting or programming the
                                           conditioning system is operating to      system to start, turn the vehicle's
0 = off                                    allow cooled and dehumidified (dried)    climate control system to heat and the
3 = high speed                             air to be distributed.                   air distribution to V.
                                                                                      Climate control             81

Switch off when not required. Heating    Timer                                4 r Next button = Selects
stops automatically after approx.                                                               functions in the
2 hours of continuous use, and will                                                             menu bar and
also cease to operate if the vehicle                                                            adjusts values
fuel level drops too low.                                                     5 OK button     = Confirms
During operation, power from the                                                                selection
vehicle battery is used. For short
                                                                              Remote control
journey times, check the battery
regularly and recharge if necessary.
To ensure efficient performance,
briefly operate the auxiliary heater
once a month.

Control units
                                         1X              = Switches the
The timer or remote control unit turns
                                         Activation button control unit on/
the system on and off, and is used to
                                                           off and
programme specific departure times.
                                         2 q Back button = Selects
                                                           functions in the   The control buttons operate
                                                           menu bar and       identically to the timer unit described
                                                           adjusts values     previously.
                                         3 Menu bar      = Displays the       To activate the remote control, press
                                                           selectable         activation button X and release it
                                                           functions Y, x,    when the menu bar appears in the
                                                           P, Ö and Y
82        Climate control

display. The signal indicator and                                                Dispose of old batteries in
SENd appear briefly in the display,                                              accordance with environmental
followed by the temperature.                                                     regulations.

            9 Warning
 When refuelling, switch off the
 remote control unit as well as the

To switch off, press and hold                                                    Batteries do not belong in household
activation button X to prevent                                                   waste. They must be disposed of at
inadvertent operation.                                                           an appropriate recycling collection
                                      In addition to the remote control unit,
The remote control has a maximum                                                 point.
                                      the heating can also be switched on
range of 600 metres. The range may    for 30 minutes, or off, using the button   Remote control fault displays
be reduced due to environmental       on the instrument panel.                   cobA   = Poor signal –
conditions and as the battery
                                      Battery replacement                                  adjust position
becomes weaker.
                                                                                 conP   = No signal – move closer
                                      Replace the battery when the range
                                                                                 bALo   = Battery low –
                                      of the remote control is reduced or
                                                                                           change battery
                                      when the battery charge symbol
                                                                                 Err    = System error –
                                                                                           consult workshop
                                      Open the cover using a coin and            Add,   = System in learning mode
                                      replace the battery (CR 2430 or            AddE
                                      equivalent), ensuring the new battery
                                      is correctly installed with the positive
                                      (<) side facing the positive terminals.
                                      Replace the cover securely.
                                                                                            Climate control            83

Teach remote control                      To temporarily adjust the heating         ■ Select Y or x and confirm
If the vehicle battery is reconnected,    duration, adjust with the q or r          ■ If necessary, adjust the runtime
the LED in the instrument panel           button and confirm. The value can be        duration prior to departure and
button illuminates and the system         set from 10 to 120 minutes.                 confirm
configures the remote control menu        To switch off, select Y in the menu bar   The next preset memory number to
automatically. If the LED flashes,        again and confirm.                        be activated is underlined and the
press OK button on remote control,
                                                                                    weekday is displayed. Repeat the
select Add or AddE and confirm.           Ventilation x
                                                                                    procedure to programme the other
Additional remote control units may       Select x in the menu bar and confirm.     preset memory numbers.
also be configured. Press the button      The ventilation duration can be           Pressing button X during the
until LED flashes, switch on the          accepted or adjusted. The duration
remote control, select Add and                                                      procedure will exit without storing
                                          shown is accepted without                 programme adjustments.
confirm.                                  confirmation.
AddE teaches the current remote                                                     To delete a preset departure time,
                                          To switch off, select x in the menu bar   follow the steps for programming until
control unit exclusively and blocks all   again and confirm.
previously configured units. Add                                                    heating symbol Y flashes. Press
teaches up to 4 remote control units,     Programming P                             button q or r until oFF appears in
but only one unit can operate the         Up to 3 preset departure times can be     the display and confirm.
system at any one time.                   programmed, either during one day or      Heating stops automatically
                                          over one week.                            5 minutes after the programmed
Operation                                 ■ Select P in the menu bar and            departure time.

Heating Y                                   confirm
Select Y in the menu bar and confirm.     ■ Select desired preset memory
The predetermined heating duration,         number 1, 2 or 3 and confirm
e.g. L 30, flashes in the display.        ■ Select day and confirm
                                          ■ Select hour and confirm
                                          ■ Select minutes and confirm
84         Climate control

 The remote control system features
                                           Select Y and confirm. ECO or HIGH
                                           flashes in the display. Adjust using
                                                                                  Air vents
 a temperature sensor which                the q or r button and confirm.
 calculates the runtime according to
                                                                                  Adjustable air vents
 the ambient temperature and the                                                  At least one air vent must be open
 desired heating level (ECO or                                                    while cooling is on in order to prevent
 HIGH). The system starts                                                         the evaporator from icing up due to
 automatically between 5 and                                                      lack of air movement.
 60 minutes prior to the programmed
 departure time.                                                                  Centre air vents
Set weekday, time and heating
duration Ö
If the vehicle battery is disconnected
or its voltage is too low, the unit will
need to be reset.
■ Select Ö and confirm
■ Select weekday and confirm
■ Change hours and confirm
■ Change minutes and confirm
■ Change the default heating
   duration and confirm
                                                                                  To open or close the vent, turn the
Heating level Y                                                                   adjuster wheel left or right.
The preferred heating level for                                                   Direct the flow of air by tilting and
programmed departure times can be                                                 swivelling the slats.
set to either ECO or HIGH.
                                                                                        Climate control            85

Side air vents                           Rear passenger compartment             Maintenance
                                         air vents
                                                                                Air intake
                                                                                The air intake in front of the
                                                                                windscreen in the engine
                                                                                compartment must be kept clear to
                                                                                allow air intake. Remove any leaves,
                                                                                dirt or snow.

                                                                                Pollen filter
                                                                                The pollen filter cleans dust, soot,
                                                                                pollen and spores from the air
                                                                                entering the vehicle through the air
To open or close the side air vents,                                            intake.
turn the adjuster wheel left or right.   The air flow is biased towards the
Direct the flow of air by tilting and    central and right hand air vents for
swivelling the slats.                    optimum distribution.                  Air conditioning regular
Depending upon the position of the                                              operation
temperature control, air will be                                                In order to ensure continuously
directed into the vehicle via the side                                          efficient performance, cooling must
air vents.                                                                      be operated for a few minutes once
                                                                                a month, irrespective of the weather
Fixed air vents                                                                 and time of year. Operation with
                                                                                cooling is not possible when outside
Additional air vents are located                                                temperature is too low.
beneath the windscreen and door
windows and in the foot wells.
86         Climate control

For optimal cooling performance, it is
recommended that the climate control
system be checked annually, starting
three years after initial vehicle
registration, including:
■ Functionality and pressure test
■ Heating functionality
■ Leakage check
■ Check of drive belts
■ Cleaning of condenser and
  evaporator drainage
■ Performance check
                                                                                                  Driving and operating              87

Driving and operating                                   Driving hints                             Starting and operating
                                                        Control of the vehicle                    New vehicle running-in
Driving hints ................................. 87                                                Do not brake unnecessarily hard for
                                                        Never coast with engine not               the first few journeys and after new
Starting and operating ................. 87             running                                   disc brake pads have been fitted.
Engine exhaust ............................ 89          Many systems will not function in this    During the first drive, smoke may
Manual transmission .................... 91             situation (e.g. brake servo unit, power   occur because of wax and oil
                                                        steering). Driving in this manner is      evaporating off the exhaust system.
Manual transmission
                                                        a danger to yourself and others.          Park the vehicle in the open for
automated .................................... 91
                                                                                                  a while after the first drive and avoid
Brakes .......................................... 95    Pedals                                    inhaling the fumes.
Ride control systems ................... 97             To ensure the pedal travel is
                                                        uninhibited, there must be no mats in     Fuel and engine oil consumption may
Cruise control ............................... 99                                                 be higher during the running-in
                                                        the area of the pedals.
Object detection systems ........... 102                                                          period.
Fuel ............................................ 104   Power steering
Towing ....................................... 107      Never leave the steering wheel on full
                                                        lock when the vehicle is stationary as
                                                        this may damage the power steering
88        Driving and operating

Ignition switch positions             Starting the engine                       The increased engine speed
                                                                                automatically returns to normal idling
                                                                                speed as the engine temperature
                                                                                Start attempts should not last longer
                                                                                than 15 seconds. If engine does not
                                                                                start, wait 15 seconds before
                                                                                repeating starting procedure. If
                                                                                necessary, depress accelerator
                                                                                before repeating starting procedure.
                                                                                Before restarting or to switch off the
                                                                                engine, turn key back to St.

St = Ignition off                     Manual transmission: operate clutch.      Overrun cut-off
A = Steering wheel lock released,     Manual transmission automated:            The fuel supply is automatically cut off
     ignition off                     operate brake; transmission               during overrun, i.e. when the vehicle
M = Ignition on, for diesel engine:   automatically shifts to N.                is driven with a gear engaged but
     preheating                                                                 accelerator is released.
D = Starting                          Do not accelerate.
                                      Diesel engines: turn the key to
                                      position M for preheating until control   Parking
                                      indicator ! extinguishes from the         ■ Do not park the vehicle on an easily
                                      Driver Information Centre.                  ignitable surface. The high
                                      Turn key to position D and release.         temperature of the exhaust system
                                                                                  could ignite the surface.
                                                                                ■ Always apply parking brake without
                                                                                  pressing release button. Apply as
                                                                                  firmly as possible on a downhill or
                                                                                        Driving and operating              89

  uphill slopes. Operate the foot
  brake at the same time to reduce
                                            Engine exhaust                              consumption may be higher during
                                                                                        this period. The emission of smells
  operating force.                                                                      and smoke during this process is
■ Switch off the engine and ignition.                     9 Danger                      normal.
  Turn the steering wheel until the
  steering wheel lock is felt to             Engine exhaust gases contain
  engage.                                    poisonous carbon monoxide,
■ If the vehicle is on a level surface or    which is colourless and odourless
  uphill slope, engage first gear            and could be fatal if inhaled.
  before switching off the ignition. On      If exhaust gases enter the interior
  an uphill slope, turn the front            of the vehicle, open the windows.
  wheels away from the kerb.                 Have the cause of the fault
  If the vehicle is on a downhill slope,     rectified by a workshop.
  engage reverse gear before                 Avoid driving with an open load
  switching off the ignition. Turn the       compartment, otherwise exhaust
  front wheels towards the kerb.             gases could enter the vehicle.
■ Lock the vehicle and activate the                                                     Under certain driving conditions, e.g.
  anti-theft locking and anti-theft         Diesel particle filter                      short distances, the system cannot
  alarm systems.                            The diesel particle filter system filters   clean itself automatically.
                                            harmful soot particles out of the           If control indicator 8 illuminates,
                                            exhaust gases. The system includes          continue driving, and as soon as the
                                            a self-cleaning function that runs          road and traffic situation permits it,
                                            automatically during driving. The filter    increase speed to more than
                                            is cleaned by burning off the soot          60 km/h and diesel particle filter
                                            particles at high temperature. This         cleaning will start.
                                            process takes place automatically
                                            under set driving conditions and may
                                            take up to 20 minutes. Fuel
90         Driving and operating

Stopping the journey or switching off                                            Malfunction indicator light 3 66
the engine during cleaning is not                     Caution
                                         Fuel grades other than those listed
                                         on pages 3 104, 3 146 could
                                         damage the catalytic converter or
 If the cleaning process is              electronic components.
 interrupted more than once, there       Unburnt petrol will overheat and
 is a great risk of provoking severe     damage the catalytic converter.
 engine damage.                          Therefore avoid excessive use of
                                         the starter, running the fuel tank
Cleaning takes place quickest at high    dry and starting the engine by
engine speeds and loads.                 pushing or towing.
The control indicator 8 extinguishes
                                        In the event of misfiring, uneven
as soon as the self-cleaning
                                        engine running, a reduction in engine
operation is complete.
                                        performance or other unusual
If control indicator 8 fails to         problems, have the cause of the fault
extinguish or 8 illuminates in          rectified by a workshop as soon as
conjunction with A, consult             possible. In an emergency, driving
a workshop to have the cause of the     can be continued for a short period,
fault remedied.                         keeping vehicle speed and engine
Control indicator A 3 66.               speed low.
                                        If control indicator Z flashes, the
Catalytic converter                     permitted emission limits may be
                                        exceeded. Lift your foot off the
The catalytic converter reduces the     accelerator until Z stops flashing and
amount of harmful substances in the     is steadily illuminated. Contact
exhaust gases.                          a workshop immediately.
                                                                                  Driving and operating            91

Manual transmission                                     Caution                   Manual transmission
                                           It is inadvisable to drive with hand
                                           resting on the selector lever.         The Easytronic transmission permits
                                                                                  manual (manual mode) or automatic
                                                                                  gear shifting (automatic mode), both
                                                                                  with automatic clutch control.

                                                                                  Transmission display

To engage reverse, with the vehicle
stationary depress the clutch pedal,
pull up the collar on the selector lever
and engage the gear against the
If the gear does not engage, set the
lever in neutral, release the clutch
pedal and depress again; then repeat
gear selection.                                                                   Shows the mode and current gear.
Do not grind the clutch unnecessarily.
When operating, depress the clutch
pedal completely. Do not use the
pedal as a foot rest.
92        Driving and operating

Starting the engine                     Always move the selector lever in the     start off quickly, release the foot brake
                                        appropriate direction as far as it will   and accelerate immediately after
Depress the foot brake when starting    go. Upon release, it automatically        engaging a gear.
the engine. If the foot brake is not    returns to the centre position.
depressed, T illuminates in the                                                   In automatic mode the transmission
transmission display and the engine     N     = Neutral.                          shifts to other gears automatically,
cannot be started.                      A/ = Switch between automatic             dependent on driving conditions.
                                        M        and manual mode.                 To engage manual mode, move the
When the foot brake is depressed, the
transmission automatically shifts to             The transmission display         selector lever towards A/M. The
N (neutral); "N" appears in the                  shows "A" when in automatic      current gear will appear in the
transmission display and the engine              mode.                            transmission display. To engage 1st
can be started. There may be a slight   R     = Reverse gear.                     gear, depress foot brake and move
delay.                                           Engage only when vehicle is      selector lever towards + or -. Shift to
                                                 stationary. The transmission     a higher or lower gear by moving
                                                 display shows "R" when           selector lever to + or -. Gears can be
Selector lever                                   reverse gear is engaged.         skipped by moving the selector lever
                                        +     = Shift to a higher gear.           repeatedly at short intervals.
                                        -     = Shift to a lower gear.
                                                                                  Stopping the vehicle
                                        Starting off                              In automatic or manual mode, first
                                        When the engine is started, the           gear is engaged and the clutch is
                                        transmission is in automatic mode.        released when the vehicle is stopped.
                                        Depress the foot brake and move the       In R, reverse gear remains engaged.
                                        selector lever towards + to engage 1st    When stopping on gradients, engage
                                        gear. If R is selected, reverse gear is   parking brake or depress the foot
                                        engaged. The vehicle starts to move       brake. To prevent overheating of the
                                        when the foot brake is released. To       clutch, an intermittent audible
                                                                                   Driving and operating              93

warning may sound as a signal to          Rocking the vehicle                      If engine speed is too low, the
depress the foot brake or apply the       Rocking the vehicle is only              transmission automatically shifts to
parking brake.                            permissible if the vehicle is stuck in   a lower gear.
Switch off engine if stopping for         sand, mud, snow or a hole. Move the      If engine speed is too high, the
a lengthy period, e.g. in traffic jams.   selector lever between R and A/M (or     transmission only switches to a higher
                                          between + and -) in a repeat pattern,    gear via kickdown.
Engine braking                            while applying light pressure to the
                                          accelerator pedal. Do not race the
Automatic mode                            engine and avoid sudden                  Electronic driving
When driving downhill, the manual         acceleration.                            programmes
transmission automated does not
shift into higher gears until a fairly    Parking                                  Winter mode V
high engine speed has been reached.       Apply the parking brake. The most
It shifts down in good time when          recently engaged gear (see
braking.                                  transmission display) remains
                                          engaged. With N, no gear is engaged.
Manual mode
To utilise the engine braking effect,     When the ignition is switched off, the
select a lower gear in good time when     transmission no longer responds to
driving downhill.                         movement of the selector lever.

                                          Manual mode
                                          If a higher gear is selected when the
                                          engine speed is too low, or a lower
                                          gear when the speed is too high, the
                                          shift is not executed. This prevents     Activate the Winter mode if you have
                                          the engine from running at too low or    problems starting off on a slippery
                                          too high an engine speed.                road surface.
94         Driving and operating

Activation                                Laden mode kg                             Deactivation
Press the V button. V is shown in the                                               The Laden mode is switched off by:
transmission display. The                                                           ■ pressing the kg button again,
transmission switches to automatic
mode and the vehicle starts off in                                                  ■ turning off the ignition.
a suitable gear.
The Winter mode is switched off by:
■ pressing the V button again,
■ turning off the ignition,
■ switching to manual mode.
In order to protect the transmission at
extremely high clutch temperatures,       It is possible to use the Laden mode
an intermittent audible warning may       in both manual and automatic modes.
sound. In such cases, depress the         In both cases, the gear shifting
foot brake, select "N" and apply the      patterns are adapted automatically
parking brake to allow the clutch to      for carrying an increased payload.
cool down.
                                          Activation                                If the accelerator pedal is pressed
                                          Press the kg button. kg is shown in the   past the pressure point, the
                                          transmission display. The                 transmission shifts to a lower gear
                                          transmission will then select             depending on engine speed. Full
                                          optimized gear shift patterns.            engine power is available for
                                                                                Driving and operating                95

If engine speed is too high the
transmission switches to a higher
                                          If neutral cannot be selected, the
                                          vehicle must only be towed with the
gear, even in manual mode. Without        drive wheels raised off the ground.
                                                                                The brake system comprises two
kickdown this automatic shift is not      Towing the vehicle 3 135.             independent brake circuits.
effected in manual mode.
                                                                                If a brake circuit fails, the vehicle can
                                                                                still be braked using the other brake
Fault                                                                           circuit. However, braking effect is
In the event of a fault, W is shown in                                          achieved only when you depress the
the transmission display. Continued                                             brake pedal firmly. You need to use
driving is possible provided the                                                considerably more force for this. The
vehicle is driven with care and                                                 braking distance is extended. Seek
anticipation.                                                                   the assistance of a workshop before
Have the cause of the fault remedied                                            continuing your journey.
by a workshop.                                                                  When the engine is not running, the
                                                                                support of the brake servo unit
                                                                                disappears once the brake pedal has
Interruption of power                                                           been depressed once or twice.
supply                                                                          Braking effect is not reduced, but
The clutch is not disengaged if there                                           braking requires significantly greater
is an interruption of the power supply                                          force. It is especially important to bear
when a gear is engaged. The vehicle                                             this in mind when being towed.
cannot move.                                                                    If control indicator R illuminates in
If the battery is discharged, start the                                         the instrument cluster while driving
vehicle using jump leads 3 132.                                                 and the message BRAKING FAULT
                                                                                appears in the Driver Information
If the cause of the fault is not                                                Centre there is a fault in the braking
a discharged battery, seek the                                                  system. Seek the assistance of
assistance of a workshop.                                                       a workshop immediately.
96         Driving and operating

Control indicator R 3 66.                 illuminate in the instrument cluster   Parking brake
Vehicle messages 3 69.                    together with the messages CHECK
                                          ABS and CHECK ESP in the Driver
                                          Information Centre. The brake
Antilock brake system                     system remains operational but
Antilock brake system (ABS)               without ABS regulation.
prevents the wheels from locking.
ABS starts to regulate brake pressure                 9 Warning
as soon as a wheel shows a tendency
to lock. The vehicle remains               If there is a fault in the ABS, the
steerable, even during hard braking.       wheels may be liable to lock due
                                           to braking that is heavier than
ABS control is made apparent               normal. The advantages of ABS
through a pulse in the brake pedal         are no longer available. During
and the noise of the regulation            hard braking, the vehicle can no
process.                                                                         Always apply parking brake firmly
                                           longer be steered and may             without operating the release button,
For optimum braking, keep the brake        swerve.                               and apply as firmly as possible on
pedal fully depressed throughout the                                             a downhill or uphill slope.
braking process, despite the fact that    If control indicators u, A, R and
the pedal is pulsating. Do not reduce     C illuminate, the ABS and ESP are      To release the parking brake, pull the
the pressure on the pedal.                deactivated and the message            lever up slightly, press the release
                                          BRAKING FAULT is shown in the          button and fully lower the lever.
Control indicator u 3 66.
                                          Driver Information Centre. Seek the    To reduce the operating forces of the
Fault                                     assistance of a workshop.              parking brake, depress the foot brake
If control indicator u does not go out    Have the cause of the fault remedied   at the same time.
a few seconds after the ignition is       by a workshop.                         Control indicator R 3 66.
switched on, or if it illuminates while   Vehicle messages 3 69.
driving, there is a fault in the ABS.
Control indicator A may also
                                                                                  Driving and operating             97

Brake assist                              Ride control systems                                9 Warning
If the brake pedal is depressed
quickly and forcefully, maximum           Traction Control system                  Do not let this special safety
brake force is automatically applied      The Traction Control system (TC) is      feature tempt you into taking risks
(full braking).                           a component part of the Electronic       when driving.
Maintain steady pressure on the           Stability Program (ESP®Plus) which       Adapt speed to the road
brake pedal for as long as full braking   improves driving stability when          conditions.
is required. Maximum brake force is       necessary, regardless of the type of
automatically reduced when the            road surface or tyre grip, by           Control indicator v 3 67.
brake pedal is released.                  preventing the drive wheels from
                                          spinning.                               Deactivation
                                          As soon as the drive wheels starts to
                                          spin, engine output is reduced and
                                          the wheel spinning the most is braked
                                          individually. This considerably
                                          improves the driving stability of the
                                          vehicle on slippery road surfaces.
                                          TC is operational as soon as the
                                          ignition is switched on and control
                                          indicator v extinguishes in the
                                          instrument cluster.
                                          When TC is active v flashes.

                                                                                  When spinning of the drive wheels is
                                                                                  required TC can be deactivated:
98         Driving and operating

Press the v button. Control indicator     Electronic stability                                     9 Warning
v illuminates in the instrument cluster
and the message ESP OFF appears           program
in the Driver Information Centre.         The Electronic Stability Program              Do not let this special safety
                                          (ESP®Plus) improves driving stability         feature tempt you into taking risks
TC is reactivated by pressing the v                                                     when driving.
button again. Control indicator v         when necessary, regardless of the
                                          type of road surface or tyre grip. It also    Adapt speed to the road
extinguishes in the instrument cluster.
                                          prevents the drive wheels from                conditions.
TC is also reactivated the next time
the ignition is switched on.              spinning.
                                          As soon as the vehicle starts to             Control indicator v 3 67.
When vehicle speed reaches
50 km/h the TC function will be           swerve (understeer/oversteer),
                                          engine output is reduced and the
restored automatically.
                                          wheels are braked individually. This
Fault                                     considerably improves the driving
If the system detects a fault, control    stability of the vehicle on slippery road
indicator A illuminates in the            surfaces.
instrument cluster 3 66 and the           ESP®Plus is operational as soon as
message CHECK ESP appears in the          the ignition is switched on and control
Driver Information Centre.                indicator v extinguishes in the
Have the cause of the fault remedied      instrument cluster.
by a workshop.                            When ESP®Plus comes into action v
Vehicle messages 3 69.                    flashes.

                                                                                       When spinning of the drive wheels is
                                                                                       required ESP®Plus can be
                                                                                       Driving and operating             99

Press the v button. Control indicator
v illuminates in the instrument cluster
                                          Cruise control                               Activation
and the message ESP OFF appears
                                          The cruise control can store and
in the Driver Information Centre.
                                          maintain speeds of 30 km/h and
ESP®Plus is reactivated by pressing       above. Deviations from the stored
the v button again. Control indicator     speeds may occur when driving uphill
v extinguishes in the instrument          or downhill.
cluster. ESP®Plus is also reactivated     For safety reasons the cruise control
the next time the ignition is switched    cannot be activated until the foot
on.                                       brake has been operated once.
When vehicle speed reaches                Do not use the cruise control if it is not
50 km/h the ESP®Plus function will be     advisable to maintain a constant
restored automatically.                   speed.
Fault                                     With manual transmission                     Press switch m, control indicator U
                                          automated, only activate cruise              illuminates green in the instrument
If the system detects a fault, control
                                          control in automatic mode.                   cluster.
indicator A illuminates in the
instrument cluster 3 66 and the           Control indicators m and U 3 68.             Cruise control is now in standby mode
message CHECK ESP appears in the                                                       and a corresponding message
Driver Information Centre.                                                             appears in the Driver Information
Have the cause of the fault remedied
by a workshop.
Vehicle messages 3 69.
100       Driving and operating

                                                                                Increase speed
                                                                                With cruise control active, the vehicle
                                                                                speed can be increased continuously
                                                                                or in small increments by holding
                                                                                down or tapping switch < repeatedly.
                                                                                When the switch is released the
                                                                                current speed is stored and
                                                                                Alternatively, accelerate to the
                                                                                desired speed and store by pressing
                                                                                switch <.
Accelerate to the desired speed and   Control indicator m illuminates green     Reduce speed
press switch < or ]. The current      in the instrument cluster together with   With cruise control active, the vehicle
speed is now stored and maintained    U and a corresponding message             speed can be decreased
and the accelerator pedal can be      appears in the Driver Information         continuously or in small increments
released.                             Centre.                                   by holding down or tapping switch ]
                                      Vehicle speed can be increased by         repeatedly.
                                      depressing the accelerator pedal.         When the switch is released the
                                      The stored speed flashes in the           current speed is stored and
                                      instrument cluster. When the              maintained.
                                      accelerator pedal is released, the
                                      previously stored speed is resumed.
                                      The speed is saved until the ignition
                                      is switched off.
                                                                            Driving and operating               101

Deactivation                         Resume stored speed                    Activation
                                     Press switch R at a speed above
                                     30 km/h.
                                     If the stored speed is much higher
                                     than the current speed, the vehicle
                                     will accelerate powerfully until the
                                     stored speed is obtained.

                                     Deleting the stored speed
                                     Press switch m: Green control
                                     indicators U and m extinguish in the
                                     instrument cluster.

                                     Cruise control speed limiter
Press switch §: cruise control is                                           Press switch U, control indicator U
                                     The speed limiter prevents the         illuminates orange in the instrument
deactivated and the green control    vehicle exceeding a preset maximum
indicator U extinguishes in the                                             cluster.
                                     speed above 30 km/h.
instrument cluster.                                                         Cruise control speed limiter function
Automatic deactivation:                                                     is now in standby mode and
                                                                            a corresponding message appears in
■ Vehicle speed drops below
                                                                            the Driver Information Centre.
  30 km/h,
                                                                            Accelerate to the desired speed and
■ The brake pedal is depressed,
                                                                            press switch < or ]. The current
■ The clutch pedal is depressed,                                            speed is recorded.
■ Selector lever in N.                                                      The vehicle can be driven normally
The speed is stored and                                                     but it will not be possible to exceed the
a corresponding message appears in                                          programmed speed limit except in an
the Driver Information Centre.                                              emergency.
102        Driving and operating

Where the limit speed cannot be
maintained, e.g. when driving on
                                           Press switch §: speed limiter is
                                                                                     Object detection
a steep decline, the limit speed will      deactivated and the vehicle can be        systems
flash in the Driver Information Centre.    driven normally.
                                           The limit speed is stored and
                                                                                     Parking assist
Increase limit speed
                                           a corresponding message appears in
The limit speed can be increased
                                           the Driver Information Centre.
continuously or in small increments
by holding down or tapping switch <        Reactivation
repeatedly.                                Press switch R. The speed limiter
Reduce limit speed                         function is reactivated.
The limit speed can be decreased           Deleting the limit speed
continuously or in small increments        Press switch U.
by holding down or tapping switch ]
repeatedly.                                Orange control indicator U
                                           extinguishes in the instrument cluster.
Exceeding the limit speed
In the event of an emergency it is                                                   The parking assist makes reverse
possible to exceed the limit speed by                                                parking easier by measuring the
depressing the accelerator pedal                                                     distance between the rear of the
firmly beyond the point of resistance.                                               vehicle and obstacles. It is the driver,
The limit speed will flash in the Driver                                             however, who bears full responsibility
Information Centre during this period.                                               for parking.
Release the accelerator pedal and                                                    The system consists of four ultrasonic
the speed limiter function is                                                        parking sensors in the rear bumper.
reactivated once a speed lower than
the limit speed is obtained.
                                                                                Driving and operating             103

 Note                                   Deactivation                            Permanent deactivation
 Attached parts in the detection area                                           Permanently deactivate the system
 cause system malfunction.                                                      by pressing and holding the E button
                                                                                on the instrument panel for approx.
                                                                                3 seconds with the ignition on and
When reverse gear is engaged, the                                               reverse gear engaged. The system is
system switches itself on                                                       deactivated and will not operate.
automatically. Readiness for                                                    When reverse gear is selected no
operation is indicated by a brief                                               acoustic signal will sound, indicating
acoustic alarm.                                                                 deactivation.
An obstacle is indicated by buzzers.                                            The function is reactivated by
The interval between the buzzers                                                pressing and holding button E for
becomes shorter as the vehicle gets
                                                                                approx. 3 seconds.
closer to the obstacle. When the
distance is less than 30 cm, the        It is possible to permanently or        Fault
buzzer is continuous.                   temporarily deactivate the system.      If the system detects an operating
                                                                                fault, a continuous acoustic alarm will
             9 Warning                  Temporary deactivation                  sound for approx. 5 seconds when
                                        Temporarily deactivate the system by    selecting reverse gear. Consult
 Under certain circumstances,           pressing the E button on the            a workshop to have the cause of the
 various reflective surfaces on         instrument panel with the ignition on   fault remedied.
 objects or clothing as well as         and reverse gear engaged. When
 external noise sources may cause       reverse gear is selected no acoustic
 the system to fail to detect           signal will sound, indicating
 obstacles.                             deactivation.
                                        The function is reactivated by
                                        pressing button E again or the next
                                        time the ignition is switched on.
104      Driving and operating

            Caution                  Fuel                                    a biodiesel (= FAME according to
                                                                             EN14214) content of max. 10% by
                                                                             volume (like DIN 51628 or equivalent
When reversing, the area should      Fuel for petrol engines                 standards) may be used.
be free from obstacles which could   Only use unleaded fuel that complies
impact on the underside of the                                               Do not use marine diesel oils, heating
                                     with DIN EN 228.                        oils or entirely plant-based diesel
                                     Fuels with ethanol content greater      fuels, such as rape seed oil or bio
Impact to the rear axle, which may   than 5 % may only be used if the        diesel, Aquazole and similar diesel-
not be visible, could lead to        vehicle has been specifically           water emulsions. Diesel fuels must
uncharacteristic changes in the      developed and approved for these        not be diluted with fuels for petrol
vehicle handling. In the event of    fuels.                                  engines.
such an impact, consult
                                     Use fuel with the recommended           The flow and filterability of diesel fuels
a workshop.
                                     octane rating 3 146. Use of fuel with   are temperature-dependent. When
                                     too low an octane rating can reduce     temperatures are low, refuel with
                                     engine power and torque and slightly    diesel fuel with guaranteed winter
                                     increases fuel consumption.             properties.

                                      Use of fuel with too low an octane
                                      rating could lead to uncontrolled
                                      combustion and engine damage.

                                     Fuel for diesel engines
                                     Only use diesel fuel that complies
                                     with DIN EN 590. The fuel must have
                                     low sulphur content (max. 50 ppm).
                                     Equivalent standardised fuels with
                                                                                     Driving and operating             105

Refuelling                                 The fuel filler flap can only be opened   Fault
                                           if the vehicle is unlocked.               Should an interruption to the power
              9 Danger                                                               supply occur, central locking will not
                                                                                     unlock the fuel filler flap. In such
 Before refuelling, switch off engine                                                cases release manually.
 and any external heaters with
 combustion chambers (identified
 by sticker on fuel filler flap). Switch
 off any mobile phones.
 Follow the operating and safety
 instructions of the filling station
 when refuelling.

              9 Danger
                                           To unlock and open the fuel filler cap,
 Fuel is flammable and explosive.          insert key and turn anticlockwise.
 No smoking. No naked flames or            When refuelling is complete, replace
 sparks.                                   the filler cap and turn key clockwise
                                           as far as it will go.
 If you can smell fuel in your
 vehicle, have the cause of this
 remedied immediately by
 a workshop.
                                            Wipe off any overflowing fuel
The fuel tank filler neck with bayonet
cap is located on the left hand side of
the vehicle.
106        Driving and operating

To open                                  If the cause of the interruption to the   higher fuel consumption and CO2
                                         power supply is not a discharged          emission levels and a lower maximum
                                         battery, consult a workshop.              speed.

                                         Fuel consumption - CO2-
                                         The determination of fuel
                                         consumption is regulated by
                                         European directive 80/1268/EEC
                                         (latest edition 2004/3/EC).
                                         The directive is oriented to actual
                                         driving practices: Urban driving is
■ Reposition left front seat to access   rated at approx. 1/3 and extra urban
  the release cover.                     driving with approx. 2/3. Cold starts
■ Remove the release cover and           and acceleration phases are also
  position the seat belt to one side.    taken into consideration.
■ Raise fuel filler release to unlock    The specification of CO2 emission is
  the fuel filler flap.                  also a constituent of the directive.
                                         Fuel consumption is dependent on
To close                                 personal driving style as well as road
■ Close the fuel filler flap and lower   and traffic conditions.
  fuel filler release to lock the fuel
                                         The calculation of fuel consumption
  filler flap.
                                         takes account of the vehicle’s kerb
■ Replace the release cover.             weight, ascertained in accordance
■ Reposition left front seat.            with the regulations. Optional
                                         equipment may result in slightly
                                                                                     Driving and operating              107

Towing                                   A maximum speed of 80 km/h must
                                         not be exceeded, even in countries
                                                                                     The permissible trailer loads are
                                                                                     specified in the vehicle documents. In
                                         where higher speeds are permitted.          general, they are valid for gradients
General information                                                                  up to max. 12 %.
                                         If the trailer starts snaking, drive more
Only use towing equipment that has       slowly, do not attempt to correct the       The permitted trailer load applies up
been approved for your vehicle.          steering and brake sharply if               to the specified incline and up to an
Entrust retrofitting of towing           necessary.                                  altitude of 1000 metres above sea
equipment to a workshop. It may be                                                   level. Since engine power decreases
necessary to make changes that           When driving downhill, drive in the
                                         same gear as if driving uphill and          as altitude increases due to the air
affect the cooling system, heat                                                      becoming thinner, therefore reducing
shields or other equipment.              drive at a similar speed.
                                                                                     climbing ability, the permissible gross
Installation dimensions of factory-      Adjust tyre pressure to the value           train weight also decreases by 10 %
fitted towing equipment 3 156.           specified for full load 3 155.              for every 1000 metres of additional
                                                                                     altitude. The gross train weight does
Driving characteristics and              Trailer towing                              not have to be reduced when driving
                                                                                     on roads with slight inclines (less than
towing tips                              Trailer loads                               8 %, e.g. motorways).
In the case of trailers with brakes,     The permissible trailer loads are           The permissible gross train weight
attach the breakaway stopping cable.     vehicle and engine-dependent                must not be exceeded. This weight is
Before attaching a trailer, lubricate    maximum values which must not be            specified on the identification plate
the coupling ball. However, do not do    exceeded. The actual trailer load is        3 144.
so if a stabiliser, which acts on the    the difference between the actual
coupling ball, is being used to reduce   gross weight of the trailer and the         Vertical coupling load
snaking movements. For trailers with     actual coupling socket load with the        The vertical coupling load is the load
low driving stability the use of         trailer coupled.                            exerted by the trailer on the coupling
a stabiliser is recommended.                                                         ball. It can be varied by changing the
                                                                                     weight distribution when loading the
108        Driving and operating

The maximum permissible vertical          Towing equipment audible
coupling load is specified on the         warning
towing equipment identification plate     For vehicles fitted with towing
and in the vehicle documents. Always      equipment, when connected to
aim for the maximum load, especially      a trailer the pitch of the audible
in the case of heavy trailers. The        warning changes upon operation of
vertical coupling load should never       the turn signals.
fall below 25 kg.
                                          The pitch of the audible warning will
In the case of trailer loads of 1200 kg   change if a turn signal light on the
or more, the vertical coupling load       trailer or the towing vehicle fails.
should not be less than 50 kg.

Rear axle load
When the trailer is coupled and the
towing vehicle fully loaded (including
all occupants), the permissible rear
axle load (see identification plate or
vehicle documents) must not be

Towing equipment
 When operating without a trailer,
 remove the coupling ball bar.
                                                                                                            Vehicle care            109

Vehicle care                                         General Information                       ■   Change engine oil.
                                                                                               ■   Drain washer fluid reservoir.
                                                     Accessories and vehicle                   ■   Check coolant antifreeze.
General Information ................... 109          modifications                             ■   Adjust tyre pressure to the value
                                                     We recommend the use of Genuine               specified for full load.
Vehicle checks ........................... 110
                                                     Parts and Accessories and factory         ■   Park vehicle in a dry, well ventilated
Bulb replacement ....................... 118                                                       place. Engage first or reverse gear.
                                                     approved parts specific for your
Electrical system ........................ 122       vehicle type. We cannot assess or             Prevent the vehicle from rolling.
Vehicle tools .............................. 124     guarantee reliability of other products   ■   Do not apply parking brake.
Wheels and tyres ....................... 125         - even if they have a regulatory or
                                                                                               ■   Open bonnet, close all doors and
                                                     otherwise granted approval.
Towing ....................................... 135                                                 lock the vehicle.
                                                     Do not make any modifications to the
Appearance care ....................... 136                                                    ■   Disconnect the clamp from the
                                                     electrical system, e.g. changes of
                                                                                                   negative terminal of the vehicle
                                                     electronic control units (chip tuning).
                                                                                                   battery. Beware that all systems are
                                                                                                   not functional, e.g. anti-theft alarm
                                                     Vehicle storage                               system.

                                                     Storage for a long period of time         Putting back into operation
                                                     The following tasks must be carried       The following tasks must be carried
                                                     out if the vehicle is to be stored for    out if the vehicle is being put back into
                                                     several months:                           operation:
                                                     ■ Wash and wax the vehicle.               ■ Connect the clamp to the negative
                                                     ■ Have the wax in the engine                terminal of the vehicle battery.
                                                       compartment and underbody                 Activate the electronics of the
                                                       checked.                                  power windows.
                                                     ■ Clean and preserve rubber seals.        ■ Check tyre pressure.
110          Vehicle care

■   Fill up the washer fluid reservoir.    Vehicle checks                            Bonnet
■   Check the engine oil level.
■   Check the coolant level.               Performing work                           Opening
■   Fit the number plate, if necessary.
                                                        9 Warning
End-of-life vehicle                         Only perform engine compartment
recovery                                    checks when the ignition is off.
Information on end-of-life vehicle          The cooling fan may start
recovery centres and the recycling of       operating even if the ignition is off.
end-of-life vehicles is available on our
website. Only entrust this work to an
authorised recycling centre.
                                                         9 Danger
                                            The ignition system generates
                                            extremely high voltages. Do not
                                            touch.                                   Pull the release lever and return it to
                                                                                     its original position.
                                           The caps for topping up the engine oil,
                                           the coolant, the washer fluid and the
                                           oil dipstick handle are yellow for ease
                                           of identification.
                                                                                            Vehicle care            111

                                     Closing                                                    Caution
                                     Before closing the bonnet, press the
                                     support into the holder.                     It is the owner's responsibility to
                                     Lower the bonnet and allow it to drop        maintain the proper level of an
                                     into the catch. Check that the bonnet        appropriate quality oil in the
                                     is engaged.                                  engine.

                                     Engine oil
                                     It is advisable to check the engine oil
                                     level manually before embarking on
                                     a long journey. Ensure that the
Pull the safety catch and open the   correct specification of oil is used.
bonnet.                              Recommended fluids and lubricants
                                     3 141.
                                     Check with the vehicle on a level
                                     surface. The engine must be at
                                     operating temperature and switched
                                     off for at least 10 minutes.
                                     Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean,       Different dipsticks are used
                                     insert it to the stop on the handle, pull   depending on engine variant. The
                                     out and read the engine oil level.          illustrations show checking and
                                                                                 replenishing the engine oil in the
                                                                                 petrol and diesel engines

Secure the bonnet support.
112        Vehicle care

                                      For M9R engines, rotate cap
                                      anticlockwise, remove the dipstick,
                                      wipe it clean and re-insert it as far as
                                      it will go.

On F9Q engines, the dipstick is                                                  We recommend the use of the same
mounted on the oil filler cap which                                              type of engine oil that was used at the
must be rotated anticlockwise to                                                 last change.
open.                                                                            The engine oil level must not exceed
                                      When the engine oil level has              the maximum mark B on the dipstick.
                                      dropped to the "add oil" mark A, top
                                      up engine oil.                                           Caution

                                                     Caution                      Overfilled engine oil must be
                                                                                  drained or suctioned out.
                                       Do not allow the engine oil level to
                                       drop below the minimum level!
                                                                                                  Vehicle care            113

                                                                                       Capacities 3 154, Engine oil level
                                                                                       monitor 3 62.
                                                                                       Fit the cap on straight and tighten it.

                                                                                       Engine air filter
                                                                                       Engine air flow indicator

To prevent spillage when                   Remove the caps and ensure funnel
replenishing the engine oil on F9Q         is securely located onto the filler pipe.
engines, use the funnel stored in the      Ensure the funnel is replaced
front of the engine compartment.           securely together with both end caps
To release the funnel, raise the plastic   fitted.
catch on the funnel and lift upwards.      A stabilization of the engine oil
                                           consumption will not take place until
                                           the vehicle has been driven several
                                           thousand kilometres. Only then can          On certain models, an indicator is
                                           the actual degree of consumption be         located in the engine induction
                                           established.                                system and indicates if the air-intake
                                                                                       to the engine is restricted.
                                           If consumption exceeds more than
                                           0.5 litres every 1000 km after this         Clear         = No restriction
                                           running-in period, consult                  Red tell-tale = Restricted
                                           a workshop.
114        Vehicle care

If the red tell-tale is displayed when                                               concentration checked and have the
the engine is running, consult                                                       cause of the coolant loss remedied by
a workshop.                                                                          a workshop.
                                                                                     If a substantial amount of coolant is
Engine coolant                                                                       required, it will be necessary to bleed
                                                                                     any trapped air from the cooling
The coolant provides freeze                                                          system. Seek the assistance of
protection down to approx. -28 °C.                                                   a workshop.
               Caution                                                               If the coolant temperature is too high,
                                                                                     control indicator W illuminates red in
 Only use approved antifreeze.                                                       the instrument cluster, together with
                                                                                     C 3 67. Consult a workshop if
                                         If the cooling system is cold, the          coolant level is sufficient.
Coolant level                            coolant level should be just above the
                                         MIN mark. Top up if the level is low.
               Caution                                                               Power steering fluid
                                                      9 Warning
 Too low a coolant level can cause
 engine damage.                           Allow the engine to cool before
                                          opening the cap. Carefully open
                                          the cap, relieving the pressure

                                         Top up with antifreeze. If no
                                         antifreeze is available, use clean tap
                                         water or distilled water. Install the cap
                                         tightly. Have the antifreeze
                                                                                               Vehicle care         115

If the fluid level in the reservoir falls   Brakes
below the MIN mark consult
a workshop.                                 A squealing noise indicates that the
                                            brake lining is at its minimum
                                            thickness. Continued driving is
Washer fluid                                possible but have the brake lining
                                            replaced as soon as possible.
                                            Once new brake linings are installed,
                                            do not brake unnecessarily hard for
                                            the first few journeys.

                                            Brake fluid
                                                                                    The brake fluid level must be between
                                                        9 Warning                   the MIN and MAX marks.
                                                                                    When topping up, ensure maximum
                                             Brake fluid is poisonous and           cleanliness as contamination of the
                                             corrosive. Avoid contact with eyes,    brake fluid can lead to brake system
                                             skin, fabrics and painted surfaces.    malfunctions. Have the cause of the
Fill with clean water mixed with                                                    loss of brake fluid remedied by
a suitable quantity of windscreen                                                   a workshop.
washer fluid which contains
                                                                                    Only use high-performance brake
                                                                                    fluid approved for your vehicle.
                                                                                    Brake and clutch fluid 3 141.

                                                                                    The vehicle battery is maintenance-
116       Vehicle care

Batteries do not belong in household   Replacing the battery                      Diesel fuel filter
waste. They must be disposed of at     When the battery is being replaced,
an appropriate recycling collection    please ensure that there are no open
point.                                 ventilation holes in the vicinity of the
Laying up the vehicle for more than    positive terminal. If a ventilation hole
4 weeks can lead to battery            is open in this area, it must be closed
discharge. Disconnect the clamp from   off with a dummy cap, and the
the negative terminal of the vehicle   ventilation in the vicinity of the
battery.                               negative terminal must be opened.
Ensure the ignition is switched off    We recommend that you have the
before connecting or disconnecting     battery replaced by a workshop.
the vehicle battery.
                                       Additional battery
Battery access                         Depending on the vehicle's auxiliary
The battery is located beneath the     equipment certain models may have          Drain diesel fuel filter of residual
front left hand seat floor panel       an additional battery located next to      water at every engine oil change.
3 132.                                 the vehicle battery.                       Place a container underneath the
                                                                                  filter housing. Loosen the knurled
Battery maintenance                                                               screws on the filter cover and on the
                                                                                  lower part of the filter by approx. one
            9 Danger                                                              turn, to drain off the water.
                                                                                  The filter is drained as soon as diesel
 Ensure adequate ventilation when                                                 fuel emerges from the knurled screw
 charging the battery. There is                                                   at the bottom. Retighten the two
 a risk of explosion if gases                                                     screws.
 generated during charging are
 allowed to accumulate!                                                           Check diesel fuel filter at shorter
                                                                                  intervals if the vehicle is subjected to
                                                                                  extreme operating conditions.
                                                                                                   Vehicle care          117

Diesel fuel system                           4. Manually operate the in-line            Wiper blade on the rear window
                                                supply pump slowly and steadily         Lift wiper arm, rotate wiper blade and
bleeding                                        until fuel discharging from the         detach.
                                                loosened vent screw is free of air
                                             5. Retighten the vent screw.
                                             6. Refit the protective cover to the in-
                                                line supply pump.

                                             Wiper blade replacement
                                             Wiper blades on the windscreen

If the fuel tank has been run dry, it will
be necessary to air vent or bleed the
diesel fuel system.
Fill the tank with fuel and proceed as
  1. Remove the protective cover from
     the in-line supply pump.
  2. Place a suitable container
     underneath the fuel filter vent
     screw to collect fuel.
                                             Lift wiper arm, press retaining clip
  3. Loosen the vent screw (arrowed)         towards wiper arm and detach wiper
     by one turn.                            blade.
118        Vehicle care

Bulb replacement                           1. Remove harness connector.               1. Remove bulb holder from reflector
                                                                                         housing by rotating through 90°.
                                           2. Remove rubber seal.
Switch off the ignition and turn off the   3. Release retaining clip and remove       2. Renew bulb.
relevant switch or close the doors.           bulb.                                   3. Install bulb holder in reflector
Only hold a new bulb at the base! Do       4. Renew bulb and install retaining           housing.
not touch the bulb glass with bare            clip ensuring that bulb is in correct
hands.                                        orientation.                            Fog lights
Use only the same bulb type for            5. Install rubber seal and harness         Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.
replacement.                                  connector.

                                           Sidelights                                 Front turn signal lights
Low beam and high beam
                                                                                              Vehicle care            119

1. Remove bulb holder from reflector                                               Side turn signal lights
   housing by rotating through 90°.
2. Renew bulb.
3. Install bulb holder in reflector

Tail lights
Rear brake, turn signal and tail

                                       3. Twist bulb holder to separate from
                                          lamp assembly.
                                       4. Renew bulb.                              1. Release clips from wing using
                                                                                      a flat blade screwdriver and lift out
                                       5. Push to install the bulb holder into
                                                                                      lamp assembly from aperture.
                                          the lamp assembly - then twist to
                                          secure.                                  2. Remove bulb holder from lamp
                                                                                      assembly by rotating through 90°
                                       6. Check that the wiring harness is
                                                                                      and renew bulb.
                                          located correctly.
                                                                                   3. Install bulb holder in lamp
                                       7. Replace lamp assembly into
                                                                                      assembly and install lamp
                                          original position, ensuring that it is
                                                                                      assembly into aperture.
                                          seated correctly.
1. Remove 3 screws (using the tool
                                       8. Fit lamp assembly onto retaining
                                          pins and replace 3 screws.               Centre high-mounted
2. Carefully pull lamp assembly from                                               brake light
   retaining pins on the outer side
   and remove.                                                                     Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.
120       Vehicle care

Reversing light                           Number plate light                 Fog tail light

1. Remove 2 screws (using the tool        1. Remove 2 screws (arrowed) and   1. Remove 2 screws (using the tool
   supplied) and remove lamp                 remove lens.                       supplied) and remove lamp
   assembly.                              2. Renew bulb.                        assembly.
2. Twist bulb housing to separate         3. Re-install lens and replace     2. Twist bulb housing to separate
   from lamp assembly.                       screws.                            from lamp assembly.
3. Renew bulb.                                                               3. Renew bulb.
4. Push to install the bulb holder into                                      4. Push to install the bulb holder into
   the lamp assembly - then twist to                                            the lamp assembly - then twist to
   secure.                                                                      secure.
5. Install lamp assembly with                                                5. Install lamp assembly with
   2 screws.                                                                    2 screws.
                                                                                      Vehicle care        121

Interior lights                     Load compartment light                  Instrument panel
Front courtesy light
                                                                            Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.

                                    1. Remove lamp assembly using
                                       a flat blade screwdriver.
1. Remove lens using a flat blade   2. Gain access to bulb by removing
   screwdriver.                        rear cover on lamp assembly.
2. Renew bulb.                      3. Renew bulb and install rear cover.
3. Reinstall lens assembly.         4. Reinstall lamp assembly.

                                    Rear courtesy lights
                                    Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.

                                    Glovebox light
                                    Have bulbs replaced by a workshop.
122       Vehicle care

Electrical system                                                                Fuse extractor

Data on the replacement fuse must
match the data on the defective fuse.
The fuse box is located on the left-
hand side of the instrument panel,
below the cupholder.
Before replacing a fuse, turn off the
respective switch and the ignition.

                                        A blown fuse can be recognised by its
                                        melted wire. Do not replace the fuse
                                        until the cause of the fault has been
                                        It is advisable to carry a full set of
                                        fuses. Provision is made in the fuse
                                        box for the storing of spare fuses.
                                        Some functions are protected by
                                        several fuses.
                                        Fuses may also be inserted without
                                        existence of a function.
                                                                                          Vehicle care            123

                                        Instrument panel fuse box              Some circuits may be protected by
                                                                               several fuses.
                                                                               Symbol Application
                                                                               Z        Air conditioning
                                                                               d        Heated exterior mirrors
                                                                               U        Heated front seats
                                                                               ,        Power windows
                                                                               L        Left-hand high beam
                                                                               N        Right-hand high beam
To help in replacing fuses, a fuse
extractor is located in the fuse box.                                          K        Windscreen wiper
                                        Located on the left-hand side of the
Place the fuse extractor on the         instrument panel, below the            Z        Radio/Infotainment system
various types of fuse from the top or   cupholder.
side, and withdraw fuse.                                                       )        Cigarette lighter
                                        Remove the ashtray from the left-
                                        hand cup holder and pull open the      Boiler   Rear passenger
                                        fuse box cover. Do not store any                compartment heater
                                        objects behind the cover.              j        Horn
                                                                               a        Left-hand low beam
                                                                               W        Right-hand low beam
                                                                               e        Instrument panel
124      Vehicle care

Symbol Application                      Symbol Application        Vehicle tools
       Heating                          >      Front fog lights
d      Interior lamp                    ?      Power outlet
u      Antilock brake system            T      Tachograph
Ü      Heated rear windows
+      Clock, interior lights, radio,
       Infotainment system
UCH    Fuel injection system
f      Rear window washer
e      Rear widow wiper
T      Left-hand sidelight                                        The jack, adapters, ratchet, torx key,
                                                                  hub cap hook, towing eye and spare
S      Right-hand sidelight                                       wheel security tool are contained in
                                                                  a unit, stowed under the driver’s seat.
U      Central locking
                                                                  Spare wheel 3 131.
:      Electrically adjustable
                                                                  Vehicles with a tyre repair kit: The
       exterior mirrors
                                                                  towing eye and torx key are stored
C      Stop control indicator,                                    within the tyre repair kit case, stowed
       daytime running lights                                     under the front seat.
r      Rear fog lights                                            Tyre repair kit 3 127.
                                                                                           Vehicle care           125

Wheels and tyres                         In accordance with country-specific
                                         regulations, a notice indicating the
                                                                                Tyre pressure
                                         maximum permissible speed for the      Check the pressure of cold tyres at
                                                                                least every 14 days and before any
Tyre condition, wheel condition          tyres must be affixed within the
                                         driver's field of vision.              long journey. Do not forget the spare
Drive over edges slowly and at right                                            wheel.
angles if possible. Driving over sharp
                                                                                Tyre pressures 3 155.
edges can cause tyre and wheel           Tyre designations
damage. Do not trap tyres on the kerb                                           The tyre pressure data refers to cold
when parking.                            E.g. 195/65 R 16 C 88 Q                tyres. It applies to summer and winter
Regularly check the wheels for           195 = Tyre width, mm                   tyres.
damage. Seek the assistance of           65 = Cross-section ratio (tyre         Always inflate the spare tyre to the
a workshop in the event of damage or             height to tyre width), %       pressure specified for full load.
unusual wear.                            R    = Belt type: Radial
                                         RF = Type: RunFlat                     Incorrect tyre pressures will impair
                                         16 = Wheel diameter, inches            safety, vehicle handling, comfort and
Tyres                                    C    = Cargo or commercial use         fuel economy and will increase tyre
                                         88 = Load index e.g. 88 is             wear.
Factory-fitted tyres are matched to
the chassis and offer optimum driving            equivalent to 567 kg
comfort and safety.                      Q    = Speed code letter                           9 Warning
                                         Speed code letter:                      If the pressure is too low, this can
Winter tyres                             Q = up to 160 km/h                      result in considerable tyre warm-
Winter tyres improve driving safety at   S = up to 180 km/h                      up and internal damage, leading to
temperatures below 7 °C and should       T = up to 190 km/h                      tread separation and even to tyre
therefore be fitted on all wheels.       H = up to 210 km/h                      blow-out at high speeds.
                                         V = up to 240 km/h
                                         W = up to 270 km/h                     Tread depth
                                                                                Check tread depth at regular
126        Vehicle care

Tyres should be replaced for safety       Tyres age, even if they are not used.       If the wheel covers and tyres used are
reasons at a tread depth of 2-3 mm        We recommend tyre replacement               not factory approved, the tyres must
(4 mm for winter tyres).                  every 6 years.                              not have a rim protection ridge.
                                                                                      Wheel covers must not impair brake
                                          Changing tyre and wheel                     cooling.
                                          size                                                    9 Warning
                                          If tyres of a different size than those
                                          fitted at the factory are used, it may be    Use of unsuitable tyres or wheel
                                          necessary to reprogramme the                 covers could lead to sudden
                                          speedometer and make other vehicle           pressure loss and thereby
                                          modifications.                               accidents.

                                                       9 Warning                      Tyre chains
                                           Use of unsuitable tyres or wheels
The legally permissible minimum            may lead to accidents and will
tread depth (1.6 mm) has been              invalidate the vehicle type
reached when the tread has worn            approval.
down as far as one of the tread wear
indicators (TWI). Their position is       Wheel covers
indicated by markings on the
sidewall.                                 Wheel covers and tyres that are
                                          factory approved for the respective
If there is more wear at the front than   vehicle and comply with all of the
the rear, swap round front wheels and     relevant wheel and tyre combination
rear wheels. Ensure that the direction    requirements must be used.
of rotation of the wheels is the same
as before.
                                                                                              Vehicle care         127

Tyre chains are only permitted on the     Tyre repair kit
front wheels.
                                          Minor damage to the tyre tread or
Always use fine mesh chains that add      sidewall can be repaired with the tyre
no more than 15 mm to the tyre tread      repair kit.
and the inboard sides (including chain
lock).                                    Do not remove foreign bodies from
                                          the tyres.
For tyre size 215/65 R16, consult
a workshop.                               Tyre damage exceeding 4 mm or that
                                          is at tyre sidewall near the rim cannot
             9 Warning                    be repaired with the tyre repair kit.

 Damage may lead to tyre blowout.                      9 Warning
                                                                                     1. Remove the compressor from the
Wheel covers on steel wheels may           Do not drive faster than 80 km/h.            tyre repair kit.
come into contact with parts of the        Do not use for a lengthy period.          2. Remove the electrical connection
chains. In such cases, remove the          Steering and handling may be                 cable and air hose from the
wheel covers.                              affected.                                    compartments on the underside
Tyre chains may only be used at                                                         of the compressor.
speeds up to 50 km/h and, when            If the vehicle has a flat tyre:
travelling on roads that are free of      Apply the parking brake and engage
snow, they may only be used for brief     first gear or reverse gear.
periods since they are subject to rapid
wear on a hard road and may snap.         The tyre repair kit is located under the
                                          front seat.
128      Vehicle care

3. Screw the compressor air hose to   6. Screw the filler hose to the tyre    9. Set the rocker switch on the
   the connection on the sealant         valve.                                  compressor to I. The tyre is filled
   bottle.                            7. The switch on the compressor            with sealant.
4. Fit the sealant bottle into the       must be set to O.                   10. The compressor pressure gauge
   retainer on the compressor.        8. Connect the compressor plug to          briefly indicates up to 6 bar
   Set the compressor near the tyre      the power outlet or cigarette           (600 kPa/87 psi). Then the
   in such a way that the sealant        lighter socket.                         pressure starts to drop.
   bottle is upright.                    To avoid discharging the battery,   11. All of the sealant is pumped into
5. Unscrew valve cap from defective      we recommend running the                the tyre. Then the tyre is inflated.
   tyre.                                 engine.
                                                                                                  Vehicle care           129

                                                damaged. Seek the assistance of
                                                a workshop.
                                                Drain excess tyre pressure with
                                                the button above the pressure
                                                Do not run the compressor for
                                                longer than 10 minutes.
                                            13. Detach the tyre repair kit. Screw
                                                the tyre inflation hose to the free
                                                connection on the sealant bottle.
                                                This prevents sealant from
                                                escaping. Stow tyre repair kit
12. The prescribed tyre pressure                under the front seat.                  16. Continue driving immediately so
    should be obtained within                                                              that the sealant is evenly
                                            14. Remove any excess sealant
    10 minutes. Tyre pressure                                                              distributed throughout the tyre.
                                                using a cloth.
    3 155. When the correct pressure                                                       After driving approx. 10 km, but no
    is obtained, switch off the             15. Take the label indicating                  more than 10 minutes, stop and
    compressor.                                 maximum permitted speed from               check tyre pressure using the
                                                the tyre repair kit and affix in the       compressor. Screw compressor
    If the prescribed tyre pressure is
                                                driver's field of view.                    air hose directly onto tyre valve
    not obtained within 10 minutes,
    remove the tyre repair kit. Move                                                       and compressor when doing this.
    the vehicle one tyre rotation                                                      17. If the tyre pressure is more than
    (approx. 2 metres). Reattach the                                                       3.1 bar (310 kPa/45 psi), set it to
    tyre repair kit and continue the                                                       the correct value. Repeat the
    filling procedure for 10 minutes. If                                                   procedure until there is no more
    the prescribed tyre pressure is still                                                  loss of pressure.
    not obtained, the tyre is too badly                                                    If the tyre pressure has fallen
                                                                                           below 3.1 bar (310 kPa/45 psi),
130         Vehicle care

    the vehicle must not be driven.        Note                                     Wheel changing
    Seek the assistance of                 The driving characteristics of the
    a workshop.                            repaired tyre is severely affected,      Some vehicles are equipped with
                                           therefore have this tyre replaced.       a tyre repair kit instead of a spare
18. Stow tyre repair kit under the front                                            wheel 3 127.
    seat.                                  If unusual noise is heard or the
                                           compressor becomes hot, turn             Make the following preparations and
             9 Warning                     compressor off for at least 30           observe the following information:
                                           minutes.                                 ■ Park the vehicle on a level, firm and
 Do not allow the sealant to contact       The built-in safety valve opens at         non-slippery surface. The front
 skin, eyes or clothing. If swallowed      a pressure of 7 bar.                       wheels must be in the straight-
 seek medical assistance                                                              ahead position.
                                           Note the expiry date of the kit. After
 immediately.                                                                       ■ Apply the parking brake and
                                           this date its sealing capability is no
                                           longer guaranteed. Pay attention to        engage first gear or reverse gear.
                                           storage information on sealant           ■ Remove the spare wheel 3 131.
                                           bottle.                                  ■ Never change more than one wheel
                                           Replace the used sealant bottle.           at a time.
                                           Dispose of the bottle as prescribed      ■ Use the jack only to change wheels
                                           by applicable laws.                        in case of puncture, not for
                                           The compressor and sealant can be          seasonal winter or summer tyre
                                           used from approx. -30 °C.                  change.
                                           The adapters supplied can be used        ■ If the ground on which the vehicle
                                           to pump up other items e.g.                is standing is soft, a solid board
                                           footballs, air mattresses, inflatable      (max. 1 cm thick) should be placed
                                           dinghies etc. They are located on the      under the jack.
                                           underside of the compressor. To          ■ No people or animals may be in the
                                           remove, screw on compressor air            vehicle when it is jacked-up.
                                           hose and withdraw adapter.
                                                                                            Vehicle care           131

■ Never crawl under a jacked-up                                                      Put wheel bolts somewhere
  vehicle.                                                                           where the threads will not be
■ Do not start the engine when the                                                   soiled.
  vehicle is raised on the jack.                                                  6. Change the wheel.
 1. Pull off the wheel cover 3 124.                                               7. Screw in the wheel bolts.
                                                                                  8. Lower vehicle.
                                                                                  9. Tighten each wheel bolt in
                                                                                     a crosswise sequence. Tightening
                                                                                     torque is 140 Nm.
                                                                                 10. Refit wheel cover
                                                                                 11. Change the wheel.
                                        3. Raise vehicle by placing lifting
                                           pad spigot of the jack under the      12. Stow the replaced wheel 3 131
                                           jacking hole located nearest the          and the vehicle tools 3 124.
                                           wheel concerned.                      13. Have the new wheel balanced on
                                           Ensure the jack is positioned             the vehicle. Check the tyre
                                           correctly. The jack base must be          pressure of the installed tyre
2. Loosen each of the wheel bolts by       on the ground directly below the          3 155 and also the wheel bolt
   half a turn using the ratchet and       jacking hole in a manner that             torque as soon as possible.
   adapter. The ratchet should turn        prevents it from slipping.            Have the defective tyre renewed or
   anticlockwise to loosen the bolts.                                            repaired.
   Invert the ratchet if necessary.     4. Install adapter onto the jack and
                                           raise the vehicle by turning the
                                           ratchet until the wheel is clear of   Spare wheel
                                           the ground.
                                                                                 Some vehicles are equipped with
                                        5. Unscrew wheel bolts completely        a tyre repair kit instead of a spare
                                           by turning anticlockwise and wipe     wheel 3 127.
                                           clean with a cloth.
132        Vehicle care

Use of a spare wheel that is smaller                                                      Summer and winter tyres
than the other wheels or together with                   9 Warning
                                                                                          If you use winter tyres, the spare
winter tyres could affect driveability.                                                   wheel may still be fitted with
Have the defective tyre replaced as        Due to the weight of the tyre
                                           assembly, exercise caution when                a summer tyre.
soon as possible.
                                           releasing the spare wheel carrier.             If you use the spare wheel when it is
                                           Do not fully remove bolt 1.                    fitted with a summer tyre the vehicle's
                                           Support the spare wheel with                   driveability may be affected,
                                           a suitable object to prevent the               especially on slippery road surfaces.
                                           wheel falling suddenly when
                                           loosening the carrier bolts - risk of          Directional tyres
                                           injury!                                        Fit directional tyres such that they roll
                                                                                          in the direction of travel. The rolling
                                          It may be necessary to jack the                 direction is indicated by a symbol
                                          vehicle up to gain access to the spare          (e.g. an arrow) on the sidewall.
                                          wheel on a fully loaded vehicle with            The following applies to tyres fitted
                                          a flat rear tyre.                               opposing the rolling direction:
                                          To release the spare wheel carrier,             ■ Driveability may be affected. Have
The spare wheel is mounted under          loosen bolt 1, ensuring it is not fully            the defective tyre renewed or
the rear underbody and may be             removed. Fully remove bolt 2, then                 repaired as soon as possible.
secured using a security bolt that can    pull the carrier to the left, until it clears   ■ Do not drive faster than 80 km/h.
only be removed using the tool            bolt 1, and lower the carrier assembly.
supplied.                                                                                 ■ Drive particularly carefully on wet
                                          When installing the wheel ensure that              and snow-covered road surfaces.
                                          the spare wheel carrier is correctly
                                          positioned before tightening the bolts.
                                                                                          Jump starting
                                                                                          Do not start with a quick charger.
                                                                                              Vehicle care            133

A vehicle with a discharged battery     ■ Use a booster battery with the          Battery access
can be started using jump leads and       same voltage (12 volts). Its capacity
the battery of another vehicle.           (Ah) must not be much less than
                                          that of the discharged battery.
            9 Warning                   ■ Use jump leads with insulated
                                          terminals and a cross section of at
 Be extremely careful when starting       least 16 mm2 (25 mm2 for diesel
 with jump leads. Any deviation           engines).
 from the following instructions can
                                        ■ Do not disconnect the discharged
 lead to injuries or damage caused
                                          battery from the vehicle.
 by battery explosion or damage to
 the electrical systems of both         ■ Switch off all unnecessary electrical
 vehicles.                                consumers.
                                        ■ Do not lean over the battery during
■ Never expose the battery to naked       jump starting.                          The battery is located beneath the
  flames or sparks.                     ■ Do not allow the terminals of one       front left hand seat floor panel. Lift the
■ A discharged battery can already        lead to touch those of the other        floor covering and use the tool
  freeze at a temperature of 0 °C.        lead.                                   supplied in the tool kit (or the tyre
  Defrost the frozen battery before                                               repair kit) to loosen the 4 screws.
                                        ■ The vehicles must not come into
  connecting jump leads.                  contact with each other during the      Note the position of the arrow facing
■ Avoid contact with eyes, skin,          jump starting process.                  forwards on the battery cover when
  fabrics and painted surfaces. The                                               replacing.
                                        ■ Apply the parking brake,
  fluid contains sulphuric acid which     transmission in neutral.
  can cause injuries and damage in
  the event of direct contact.
■ Wear eye protection and protective
  clothing when handling a battery.
134       Vehicle care

                                   Lead connection order:                     3. Allow both engines to idle for
                                    1. Connect the red lead to the               approx. 3 minutes with the leads
                                       positive terminal of the booster          connected.
                                       battery.                               4. Switch on electrical consumers
                                    2. Connect the other end of the red          (e.g. headlights, heated rear
                                       lead to the positive terminal of the      window) of the vehicle receiving
                                       discharged battery.                       the jump start.
                                    3. Connect the black lead to the          5. Reverse above sequence exactly
                                       negative terminal of the booster          when removing leads.
                                    4. Connect the other end of the black
Remove cover plate to access the       lead to a vehicle grounding point,
battery.                               such as the engine block or an
                                       engine mounting bolt. Connect as
Jump starting procedure                far away from the discharged
                                       battery as possible.
                                   Route the leads so that they cannot
                                   catch on rotating parts in the engine
                                   To start the engine:
                                    1. Start the engine of the vehicle
                                       providing the jump start.
                                    2. After 5 minutes, start the other
                                       engine. Start attempts should be
                                       made for no longer than
                                       15 seconds at an interval of
                                       1 minute.
                                                                                                Vehicle care         135

Towing                                      Switch on ignition to release steering
                                            wheel lock and to permit operation of
                                                                                     Towing another vehicle
                                            brake lights, horn and windscreen
Towing the vehicle                          wipers.
                                            Transmission in neutral.
                                            If neutral cannot be selected on
                                            vehicles with MTA transmission, the
                                            vehicle must only be towed with the
                                            drive wheels raised off the ground.

                                             Drive slowly. Do not drive jerkily.
                                             Excessive tractive force can
                                             damage the vehicle.                     The fixed towing eye is located under
                                                                                     the rear bumper.
The towing eye is stowed with the           When the engine is not running,
vehicle tools 3 124.                        considerably more force is needed to
Screw the towing eye fully into the         brake and steer.
front towing point.                         To prevent the entry of exhaust fumes
Attach a tow rope - or better still a tow   from the towing vehicle, switch on the
rod - to the towing eye, never to the       air recirculation system and close the
bumper or front suspension units.           windows.
Do not tow the vehicle from the rear.       Seek the assistance of a workshop.
The front towing eye must only be
used for towing and not recovering
a vehicle.
136         Vehicle care

Vehicles with a towing hitch have
a socket for the detachable towing
                                            Appearance care                           If using a vehicle wash, comply with
                                                                                      the vehicle wash manufacturer's
eye. Screw the towing eye, supplied                                                   instructions. The windscreen wipers
with the vehicle tools, fully into the
                                            Exterior care                             and rear window wiper must be
socket.                                                                               switched off. Remove antenna and
                                            Locks                                     external accessories such as roof
Attach a tow rope - or better still a tow   The locks are lubricated at the factory
rod - to the rear towing eye, never to                                                racks etc.
                                            using a high quality lock cylinder
the rear axle and suspension units.         grease. Use de-icing agent only when      If you wash your vehicle by hand,
The rear towing eye must only be            absolutely necessary, as this has         make sure that the insides of the
used for towing and not recovering          a degreasing effect and impairs lock      wheel housings are also thoroughly
a vehicle.                                  function. After using de-icing agent,     rinsed out.
                                            have the locks regreased by               Clean edges and folds on opened
               Caution                      a workshop.                               doors and the bonnet as well as the
                                                                                      areas they cover.
 Drive slowly. Do not drive jerkily.        Washing                                   Have the door hinges of all doors
 Excessive tractive force can               The paintwork of your vehicle is          greased by a workshop.
 damage the vehicle.                        exposed to environmental influences.
                                                                                      Do not clean the engine compartment
                                            Wash and wax your vehicle regularly.
                                                                                      with a steam-jet or high-pressure jet
                                            When using automatic vehicle
                                            washes, select a programme that
                                            includes waxing.                          Thoroughly rinse and leather-off the
                                                                                      vehicle. Rinse leather frequently. Use
                                            Bird droppings, dead insects, resin,
                                                                                      separate leathers for painted and
                                            pollen and the like should be cleaned
                                                                                      glass surfaces: remnants of wax on
                                            off immediately, as they contain
                                                                                      the windows will impair vision.
                                            aggressive constituents which can
                                            cause paint damage.                       Do not use hard objects to remove
                                                                                      spots of tar. Use tar removal spray on
                                                                                      painted surfaces.
                                                                                             Vehicle care          137

Exterior lights                            For mechanical removal of ice, use     After the underbody is washed, check
Headlight and other light covers are       a sharp-edged ice scraper. Press the   the underbody and have it waxed if
made of plastic. Do not use any            scraper firmly against the glass so    necessary.
abrasive or caustic agents, do not use     that no dirt can get under it and      Bitumen/rubber materials could
an ice scraper, and do not clean them      scratch the glass.                     damage the PVC coating. Have
dry.                                       Clean smearing wiper blades with       underbody work carried out by
                                           a soft cloth and window cleaner.       a workshop.
Polishing and waxing                                                              Before and after winter, wash the
Wax the vehicle regularly (at the          Wheels and tyres                       underbody and have the protective
latest when water no longer beads).        Do not use high-pressure jet           wax coating checked.
Otherwise, the paintwork will dry out.     cleaners.
Polishing is necessary only if the paint   Clean rims with a pH-neutral wheel     Engine compartment
has become dull or if solid deposits       cleaner.                               It is advisable to wash the engine
have become attached to it.                Rims are painted and can be treated    compartment before and after winter
Paintwork polish with silicone forms       with the same agents as the body.      and preserve it with wax. Protect the
a protective film, making waxing                                                  alternator and brake fluid reservoir
unnecessary.                               Paintwork damage                       with plastic sheets before washing
                                           Rectify minor paintwork damage with    the engine.
Plastic body parts must not be treated
with wax or polishing agents.              a touch-up pen before rust forms.      When washing the engine with
                                           Have more extensive damage or rust     a steam-jet cleaner, do not direct the
Windows and windscreen wiper               areas repaired by a workshop.          steam jet towards components of the
blades                                                                            antilock brake system, air
Use a soft lint-free cloth or chamois
                                           Underbody                              conditioning system or the belt drive
                                           Some areas of the vehicle underbody    and its components.
leather together with window cleaner
and insect remover.                        have a PVC undercoating while other    After an engine wash, have all engine
                                           critical areas have a durable          compartment components preserved
When cleaning the rear window,             protective wax coating.                thoroughly by a workshop using
make sure the heating element inside
                                                                                  protective wax.
is not damaged.
138        Vehicle care

Do not use high-pressure jet
cleaners.                                               Caution

Towing equipment                           Close Velcro fasteners as open
Do not clean the coupling ball bar with    Velcro fasteners on clothing could
a steam-jet or high-pressure jet           damage seat upholstery.
                                          Plastic and rubber parts
                                          Plastic and rubber parts can be
Interior care                             cleaned with the same cleaner as
                                          used to clean the body. Use interior
Interior and upholstery                   cleaner if necessary. Do not use any
Only clean the vehicle interior,          other agent. Avoid solvents and petrol
including the instrument panel fascia     in particular. Do not use high-
and panelling, with a dry cloth or        pressure jet cleaners.
interior cleaner.
The instrument panel should only be
cleaned using a soft damp cloth.
Clean fabric upholstery with
a vacuum cleaner and brush.
Remove stains with an upholstery
Clean seat belts with lukewarm water
or interior cleaner.
                                                                                                Service and maintenance               139

Service and                                          General information                           European service intervals -
                                                                                                   M9R 630 engine only
maintenance                                          Service information                           Maintenance of your vehicle is
                                                                                                   required every 40,000 km or after
                                                     In order to ensure economical and
                                                                                                   1 year, whichever occurs first, unless
                                                     safe vehicle operation and to
General information ................... 139                                                        otherwise indicated by the service
                                                     maintain the value of your vehicle, it
Recommended fluids, lubricants                       is of vital importance that all
and parts .................................... 141   maintenance work is carried out at the        The European service intervals are
                                                     proper intervals as specified.                valid for the following countries:
                                                     The detailed, up-to-date service              Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia,
                                                     schedule for the vehicle is available at      Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
                                                     the workshop.                                 Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
                                                                                                   Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel,
                                                     Service display 3 63.
                                                                                                   Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
                                                     Engine identification 3 144.                  Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway,
                                                                                                   Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia,
                                                     European service intervals -                  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United
                                                     except M9R 630 engine                         Kingdom.
                                                     Maintenance of your vehicle is
                                                     required every 30,000 km or after             International service intervals
                                                     1 year, whichever occurs first, unless        Romania, Bulgaria M9R and G9U
                                                     otherwise indicated by the service            engines:
                                                     display.                                      Maintenance of your vehicle is
                                                                                                   required every 20,000 km or after
                                                                                                   1 year, whichever occurs first, unless
                                                                                                   otherwise indicated by the service
140        Service and maintenance

Romania, Bulgaria F9Q engines,            Maintenance of your vehicle is            Confirmations
International petrol engines, Turkey,     required every 5,000 km or after          Confirmation of service is recorded in
Russia, Ukraine:                          1 year, whichever occurs first, unless    the Service and Warranty Booklet.
Maintenance of your vehicle is            otherwise indicated by the service        The date and mileage is completed
required every 15,000 km or after         display.                                  with the stamp and signature of the
1 year, whichever occurs first, unless    International++ petrol engines:           servicing workshop.
otherwise indicated by the service        Maintenance of your vehicle is            Make sure that the Service and
display.                                  required every 5,000 km or after          Warranty Booklet is completed
International diesel engines,             6 months, whichever occurs first,         correctly as continuous proof of
International+ petrol engines, Algeria,   unless otherwise indicated by the         service is essential if any warranty or
Morocco, Tunisia, U.A.E:                  service display.                          goodwill claims are to be met, and is
Maintenance of your vehicle is            The International service intervals are   also a benefit when selling the
required every 10,000 km or after         valid for: Albania, Australia, Bosnia-    vehicle.
1 year, whichever occurs first, unless    Herzegovina, Cyprus, Kosovo,
otherwise indicated by the service        Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, New         Service interval with remaining
display.                                  Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, South         engine oil life duration
International+ diesel engines:            Africa.                                   The service interval is based on
                                          The International+ service intervals      several parameters depending on
Maintenance of your vehicle is                                                      usage.
required every 8,000 km or after          are valid for: Belarus, Moldova.
1 year, whichever occurs first, unless    The International++ service intervals     The service display lets you know
otherwise indicated by the service        are valid for: Hong Kong,                 when to change the engine oil.
display.                                  Kazakhstan.                               Service display 3 63.
International++ diesel engines:
                                                                                     Service and maintenance                141

Recommended fluids,                       grade gives information on the oil's
                                          thickness over a temperature range.
                                                                                        Use of engine oil of only ACEA A1/B1
                                                                                        or only A5/B5 quality is prohibited,
lubricants and parts                      Dexos is the newest engine oil quality        since it can cause long-term engine
                                          that provides optimum protection for          damage under certain operating
Recommended fluids and                    petrol and diesel engines. If it is           conditions.
lubricants                                unavailable, engine oils of other listed
                                                                                        Additional engine oil additives
                                          qualities have to be used.
Only use products that have been                                                        The use of additional engine oil
tested and approved. Damage               Engine oil quality                            additives could cause damage and
resulting from the use of non-            dexos 2 = All petrol and diesel               invalidate the warranty.
approved materials will not be                        engines
covered by the warranty.                                                                Engine oil viscosity
                                          Alternative qualities if dexos is not         For diesel engines use SAE viscosity
             9 Warning                    available:                                    0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30 or 5W-40.
                                          GM-LL-A-025 = Petrol engines                  For petrol engines use SAE viscosity
 Operating materials are                  GM-LL-B-025 = Diesel engines                  0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-30, 5W-40 or
 hazardous and could be                                                                 10W-40.
 poisonous. Handle with care. Pay         Alternative qualities if GM-LL-A-025
 attention to information given on        or GM-LL-B-025 are not available:             The SAE viscosity grade defines the
 the containers.                          ACEA A3/B3 = Petrol engines                   ability of an oil to flow. When cold, oil
                                          ACEA A3/B4 = Diesel engines                   is more viscous than when hot.
Engine oil                                                   without DPF                Multigrade oil is indicated by two
Engine oil is identified by its quality   ACEA C3       = Diesel engines with           figures. The first figure, followed by
and its viscosity. Quality is more                           DPF                        a W, indicates the low temperature
important than viscosity when                                                           viscosity and the second figure the
selecting which engine oil to use.        Topping up engine oil                         high temperature viscosity.
                                          Engine oils of different manufacturers        Select the appropriate viscosity grade
The oil quality ensures engine            and brands can be mixed as long as
cleanliness, wear protection and oil                                                    depending on the minimum ambient
                                          they comply with the required engine          temperature.
aging control, whereas viscosity          oil quality and viscosity.
142        Service and maintenance

■ down to -25°C:                           Over time, brake fluid absorbs
  SAE 5W-30 or SAE 5W-40                   moisture which will reduce braking
                                           effectiveness. The brake fluid should
■ below -25°C:                             therefore be replaced at the specified
  SAE 0W-30 or SAE 0W-40                   interval.
                                           Brake fluid should be stored in
Coolant and antifreeze                     a sealed container to avoid water
Use only silicate-free long life coolant   absorption.
(LLC) antifreeze.
                                           Ensure brake fluid does not become
The system is factory filled with          contaminated.
coolant designed for excellent
corrosion protection and frost
protection down to approx. -28 °C.
This concentration should be
maintained all year round.
The use of additional coolant
additives that intend to give additional
corrosion protection or seal against
minor leaks can cause function
problems. Liability for consequences
resulting from the use of additional
coolant additives will be rejected.

Brake and clutch fluid
Only use DOT4 brake fluid.
                                                                                                  Technical data           143

Technical data                                     Vehicle identification
                                                   Vehicle Identification
Vehicle identification .................. 143      Number
Vehicle data ............................... 146

                                                                                          The VIN is also displayed behind
                                                                                          a removable plastic cover on the right
                                                                                          hand side door step.

                                                   The Vehicle Identification Number is
                                                   visible through the windscreen.
144         Technical data

Identification plate                                                                 The combined total of front and rear
                                                                                     axle loads must not exceed the
                                                                                     permissible gross vehicle weight. For
                                                                                     example, if the front axle is bearing its
                                                                                     maximum permissible load, the rear
                                                                                     axle can only bear a load that is equal
                                                                                     to the gross vehicle weight minus the
                                                                                     front axle load.
                                                                                     The technical data is determined in
                                                                                     accordance with European
                                                                                     Community standards. We reserve
                                                                                     the right to make modifications.
                                            Information on identification plate1):   Specifications in the vehicle
                                                                                     documents always have priority over
                                            1 = Manufacturer, type approval          those given in this manual.
The identification plate is located on            number
the right hand door pillar.                 2 = Vehicle Identification Number
                                            3 = Permissible gross vehicle
                                                  weight rating
                                            4 = Permissible gross combination
                                            5 = Maximum permissible front axle
                                            6 = Maximum permissible rear axle
                                            7 = Vehicle-specific or country
                                                  specific data

1)   The VIN plate on your vehicle may differ from the illustration shown.
                                         Technical data   145

Engine identification
It is possible, using the Vehicle
Identification Number (VIN), to
determine the engine type that is
installed in your vehicle. The seventh
digit denotes the engine type:
Digit           Engine
8, 9, P or S:   2.0 Diesel, M9R 630
L, N or W:      2.0 Petrol, F4R 820
C:              1.9 Diesel, F9Q 760
E, H, M or T: 2.0 Diesel, M9R 786
U:              2.0 Diesel, M9R 788
J, R or V:      2.5 Diesel, G9U 630

Engine identifier code and
engine number
Stamped on the lower rear of the
engine block on an identification
146         Technical data

Vehicle data
Engine data
Sales designation                                       2.0                1.9                 2.0
Engine identifier code                                  F4R 820            F9Q 760             M9R 6302)
Number of cylinders                                     4                  4                   4
Piston displacement   [cm3]                             1998               1870                1995
Engine power [kW]                                       86                 74                  66 / 84
at rpm                                                  4700               3500                3500
Torque [Nm]                                             186                240                 260 / 300
at rpm                                                  3750               1800                1500
Fuel type                                               Petrol             Diesel              Diesel
Octane rating RON
recommended                                             95
possible                                                98
possible                                                913)

2)   Low / High output.
3)   If no unleaded premium-grade fuels are available, 91 RON can be used, taking care to avoid severe engine loads and
     driving at full throttle.
                                                            Technical data   147

Sales designation             2.0            2.0              2.5
                              M9R    7864)   M9R    7865)
Engine identifier code                       M9R 788          G9U 6306)
Number of cylinders           4              4                4
Piston displacement   [cm3]   1995           1995             2464
Engine power [kW]             66             84               84 / 107
at rpm                        3500           3500             3500
Torque [Nm]                   290            310              290 / 310
at rpm                        1600           2100             1600 / 2100
Fuel type                     Diesel         Diesel           Diesel

4)   Low output.
5)   High output.
6)   Low / High output.
148         Technical data

Vehicle weight
Kerb weight, basic model
Model         Wheelbase             Roof              Payload Class              Engine        Kerb weight7)
Van           Short                 Standard          1000                       F4R           1660
                                                                                 F9Q           1660
                                                                                 M9R           1678
                                                                                 G9U           1736
                                    Standard          1200                       F4R           1660
                                                                                 F9Q           1669
                                                                                 M9R           1688
                                                                                 G9U           1737
                                    High              1200                       F4R           1695
                                                                                 F9Q           1713
                                                                                 M9R           1760
                                                                                 G9U           1810

7)   Kerb weight and gross vehicle weight increase on models fitted with bad road equipment package - refer to VIN plate.
                                                                                            Technical data          149

Model         Wheelbase             Roof              Payload Class              Engine        Kerb weight7)
Van           Long                  Standard          1200                       F4R           1660
                                                                                 F9Q           1676
                                                                                 M9R           1724
                                                                                 G9U           1772
                                    High              1200                       F4R           1745
                                                                                 F9Q           1761
                                                                                 M9R           1810
                                                                                 G9U           1860

7)   Kerb weight and gross vehicle weight increase on models fitted with bad road equipment package - refer to VIN plate.
150         Technical data

Model         Wheelbase             Roof              Payload Class              Engine        Kerb weight7)
Combi         Short                 Standard          1000                       F4R           1818
                                                                                 F9Q           1835
                                                                                 M9R           1883
                                                                                 G9U           1940
                                    Standard          1200                       F4R           1829
                                                                                 F9Q           1846
                                                                                 M9R           1893
                                                                                 G9U           1942
              Long                  Standard          1200                       F4R           1890
                                                                                 F9Q           1906
                                                                                 M9R           1954
                                                                                 G9U           2003

7)   Kerb weight and gross vehicle weight increase on models fitted with bad road equipment package - refer to VIN plate.
                                                                                             Technical data         151

Model                  Wheelbase           Roof            Payload Class            Engine        Kerb weight7)
Platform cab           Long                Standard        1200                     F4R           14498)
                                                                                    F9Q           14678)
                                                                                    M9R           15158)
                                                                                    G9U           15638)
Tour                   Short               Standard        900                      F4R           1879
                                                                                    F9Q           -
                                                                                    M9R           1944
                                                                                    G9U           2018

7)   Kerb weight and gross vehicle weight increase on models fitted with bad road equipment package - refer to VIN plate.
8)   Vehicle without body conversion.
152          Technical data

Vehicle dimensions
Type                                               Van            Combi/Tour9)    Platform cab
Wheelbase                                          Short   Long   Short    Long   Long
Length [mm]                                        4782    5182   4782     5182   5130
Width without exterior mirrors [mm]                1904    1904   1904     1904   1904
Width with two exterior mirrors [mm]               2232    2232   2232     2232   2232/243410)
Height - unladen (without antenna) [mm]11)
Standard roof                                      1968    1968   1968     1968   1981
High roof                                          2492    2492   -        -      -
Wheelbase [mm]                                     3098    3498   3098     3498   3498
Track width [mm]
Front                                              1615    1615   1615     1615   1615
Rear                                               1630    1630   1630     1630   1630

9)    Tour available with short wheel base only.
10)   With wide arm exterior mirrors.
11)   Vehicle height without body conversion.
                                                             Technical data          153

Loadspace dimensions
Wheelbase                                  Short              Long
Roof height                                Standard   High    Standard        High
Maximum rear door aperture height [mm]     1335       1818    1335            1818
Rear door aperture width (at floor) [mm]   1390       1390    1390            1390
Maximum load area height [mm]              1387       1913    1387            1913
Maximum load area width [mm]               1690       1690    1690            1690
Width between wheel arches [mm]            1268       1268    1268            1268
Maximum load floor length [mm]             2400       2400    2800            2800
Loading height unladen [mm]                543        547     542             548
Sliding side door aperture width [mm]      1000       1000    1000            1000
Sliding side door aperture height [mm]     1285       1285    1285            1285
154         Technical data

Engine oil
Engine                            F4R         F9Q              M9R               G9U
Engine oil including filter [l]   5.4         4.7              7.7               7.5
between MIN and MAX [l]           1.5 - 2.0   1.5 - 2.0        1.5 - 2.0         1.5 - 2.0

Fuel tank
Engine                                         F4R        F9Q              M9R         G9U
Fuel tank, nominal capacity [l]                90         90               90          90
                                                                                              Technical data   155

Tyre pressures
Tyre                                      Tyre pressure with full load12)
                                          Front                                   Rear
                                          [kPa/bar] (psi)                         [kPa/bar] (psi)
195/65 R16 C                              340/3.4 (49)                            370/3.7 (54)
195/75 R16 C                              380/3.8 (55)                            420/4.2 (61)
205/65 R16 C                              380/3.8 (55)                            420/4.2 (61)
215/65 R16 C                              310/3.1 (45)                            340/3.4 (49)

12)   The spare wheel should be set to the highest applicable pressure shown in the table.
156    Technical data

Towing hitch installation dimensions
                                                                                                  Customer information               157

Customer information                                  Vehicle data recording                      ■ with the consent of the vehicle
                                                                                                     owner or, if the vehicle is leased,
                                                      and privacy                                    with the consent of the lessee,
                                                                                                  ■ in response to an official request of
Vehicle data recording and                            Event data recorders                           police or similar government office,
privacy ....................................... 157   The vehicle has a number of                 ■ as part of the manufacturer’s
                                                      sophisticated systems that monitor             defense in case of legal
                                                      and control several vehicle data.              proceedings,
                                                      Some data may be stored during
                                                      regular operation to facilitate repair of   ■ as required by law.
                                                      detected malfunctions, other data is        In addition, the manufacturer may use
                                                      stored only in a crash or near crash        the collected or received data
                                                      event by systems commonly called            ■ for the manufacturer's research
                                                      event data recorders (EDR).                    needs,
                                                      The systems may record data about           ■ to make it available for research
                                                      the condition of the vehicle and how it        needs where appropriate
                                                      was operated (e.g. engine speed,               confidentiality is maintained and
                                                      brake application, seat belt usage).           need is shown,
                                                      To read this data special equipment
                                                                                                  ■ to share summary data which is not
                                                      and access to the vehicle is required.
                                                                                                     tied to a specific vehicle with other
                                                      This will take place when the vehicle
                                                                                                     organisations for research
                                                      is serviced in a workshop. Some data
                                                      is electronically fed into GM global
                                                      diagnostic systems. The
                                                      manufacturer will not access
                                                      information about a crash event or
                                                      share it with others except

Index   A
        Accessories and vehicle
                                                               Capacities .................................. 154
          modifications .......................... 109         Car Pass ...................................... 18
        Adjustable air vents ..................... 84          Catalytic converter ....................... 90
        Airbag and belt tensioners ........... 65              Central locking system ................ 20
        Airbag deactivation ................ 43, 65            Centre high-mounted brake
        Airbag system .............................. 40          light ......................................... 119
        Air conditioning regular operation 85                  Changing tyre and wheel size . . . 126
        Air conditioning system ................ 79            Charging system .......................... 65
        Air intake ...................................... 85   Child locks ................................... 22
        Antilock brake system .................. 96            Child restraint installation
        Antilock brake system (ABS) ....... 66                   locations ................................... 46
        Anti-theft alarm system ................ 24            Child restraint systems ................ 44
        Anti-theft locking system .............. 24            Cigarette lighter ........................... 60
        Armrest ........................................ 33    Climate control ............................. 15
        Ashtrays ....................................... 61    Clock ............................................ 59
        Automatic light control ................. 73           Control indicators.......................... 63
        Automatic locking ........................ 21          Control of the vehicle ................... 87
        Auxiliary heater............................. 80       Convex shape .............................. 26
                                                               Cruise control ........................ 68, 99
        B                                                      Cupholders .................................. 51
        Battery ....................................... 115    Curtain airbag system .................. 42
        Bonnet ....................................... 110
        Brake assist ................................. 97      D
        Brake fluid .................................. 115     Danger, Warnings and Cautions . . . 4
        Brakes ................................. 95, 115       Daytime running lights ................. 74
        Brake system ............................... 66        Diesel fuel filter .......................... 116
        Bulb replacement ....................... 118           Diesel fuel system bleeding ....... 117
                                                               Diesel particle filter................. 67, 89

Door open .................................... 68        Fog lights ................................... 118     Heating ........................................ 33
Driver Information Center............. 69                Fog tail light ............................... 120     Heating and ventilation system . . . 78
Driving characteristics and                              Folding ......................................... 27   High beam ............................. 68, 74
  towing tips .............................. 107         Front airbag system ..................... 41           Horn ....................................... 13, 57
                                                         Front fog lights ............................. 75
E                                                        Front storage................................ 51       I
Electric adjustment ...................... 27            Front turn signal lights ............... 118           Identification plate ..................... 144
Electronic driving programmes .... 93                    Fuel consumption - CO2-                                Ignition switch positions ............... 88
Electronic Stability Program . . 67, 98                    Emissions ............................... 106        Immobiliser .................................. 26
End-of-life vehicle recovery ....... 110                 Fuel for diesel engines .............. 104             Instrument panel fuse box ......... 123
Engine air filter............................ 113        Fuel for petrol engines ............... 104            Instrument panel illumination ..... 121
Engine coolant ........................... 114           Fuel gauge ................................... 62      Instrument panel overview ........... 11
Engine coolant temperature ........ 67                   Fuses ......................................... 122    Instrument panel storage.............. 51
Engine data ............................... 146                                                                 Interior care ............................... 138
Engine exhaust ............................ 89           G                                                      Interior lights ........................ 76, 121
Engine oil ................................... 111       General information ................... 107            Interruption of power supply ........ 95
Engine oil level ............................ 70         Glovebox ..................................... 51      Introduction .................................... 3
Engine oil level monitor................ 62                                                                     Isofix child restraint systems ........ 50
Engine oil pressure ...................... 67            H
Event data recorders.................. 157               Hand brake - see Parking brake... 96                   J
Exit lighting .................................. 77      Hazard warning flashers .............. 75              Jump starting ............................. 132
Exterior care .............................. 136         Headlight flash ............................. 74
                                                         Headlight range adjustment ........ 74                 K
Exterior light ................................. 68                                                             Keys ............................................. 18
Exterior lighting ............................ 12        Headlights .................................. 118
                                                         Headlights when driving abroad . . 74                  L
F                                                        Head restraint adjustment ............. 8              Lashing eyes ............................... 53
Fault ............................................. 95   Head restraints ............................ 30        Light switch .................................. 73
First aid kit ................................... 53     Heated ......................................... 27    Load compartment ....................... 23
Fixed air vents ............................. 85         Heated exterior mirrors................. 27            Load compartment cover ............. 52
Fog light ....................................... 68     Heated rear window ..................... 29

Load compartment lighting........... 76                 Parking brake .............................. 96        Seat position ................................ 31
Loading information ..................... 54            Performing work ........................ 110           Second row seats ........................ 34
Load rails and hooks ................... 52             Pollen filter ................................... 85   Selector lever ............................... 92
Low fuel ....................................... 68     Power outlets ............................... 60       Service ................................. 86, 139
                                                        Power steering fluid.................... 114           Service display ............................ 63
M                                                       Power windows ............................ 28          Service information .................... 139
Malfunction indicator light ............ 66             Preheating ................................... 67      Service vehicle soon .................... 66
Manual adjustment ...................... 26                                                                    Side airbag system ...................... 41
Manual anti-dazzle ...................... 28            R                                                      Side turn signal lights ................ 119
Manual mode ............................... 93          Radio remote control ................... 18            Sliding door .................................. 22
Manual transmission .................... 91             Rear air conditioning system ....... 80                Spare wheel ............................... 131
Manual transmission automated . 91                      Rear doors ................................... 22      Speedometer ............................... 61
Manual windows .......................... 28            Rear fog light ............................... 68      Starting off ................................... 16
Mirror adjustment ........................... 8         Rear fog lights ............................. 75       Starting the engine ................ 88, 92
Misted light covers ....................... 76          Rear heating system .................... 79            Steering column controls.............. 57
                                                        Rear windows .............................. 29         Steering wheel adjustment ...... 9, 56
N                                                       Rear window wiper/washer .......... 59
New vehicle running-in ................ 87                                                                     Steering wheel controls ............... 56
                                                        Recommended fluids and                                 Stop engine.................................. 66
Number plate light ..................... 120             lubricants ................................ 141       Sun visors .................................... 29
O                                                       Refuelling ................................... 105     Symbols ......................................... 4
Odometer ..................................... 61       Reversing light ........................... 120
Oil level......................................... 62   Reversing lights ........................... 76        T
Outside temperature .................... 59             Roof rack ..................................... 54     Tachograph.................................. 72
Overcab storage .......................... 52                                                                  Tachometer ................................. 62
                                                        S                                                      Tail lights ................................... 119
Overrun cut-off ............................. 88        Safety net .................................... 53     Three-point seat belt .................... 38
P                                                       Seat adjustment ....................... 7, 32          Tools .......................................... 124
Parking .................................. 17, 88       Seat belt ........................................ 8   Towing another vehicle ............. 135
Parking assist ............................ 102         Seat belt reminder ....................... 65          Towing equipment ..................... 108
                                                        Seat belts ..................................... 37

Towing hitch installation                              Vehicle unlocking ........................... 6
  dimensions ............................. 156         Vehicle weight ........................... 148
Towing the vehicle ..................... 135
Traction Control system ............... 97             W
Trailer towing ............................. 107       Warning chimes ........................... 70
Transmission ............................... 15        Warning triangle .......................... 53
Transmission display ............. 63, 91              Washer and wiper systems ......... 14
Tread depth ............................... 125        Washer fluid ............................... 115
Trip computer .............................. 71        Wheel changing ......................... 130
Triple-Info-Display ....................... 69         Wheel covers ............................. 126
Turn and lane-change signals ..... 75                  Wheels and tyres ....................... 125
Turn signal ................................... 65     Windscreen wiper/washer ........... 57
Tyre chains ................................ 126       Winter tyres ............................... 125
Tyre designations ...................... 125           Wiper blade replacement .......... 117
Tyre pressure ............................ 125
Tyre pressures ........................... 155
Tyre repair kit ............................. 127
Tyres .......................................... 125
Upshift.......................................... 67
Using this manual .......................... 3
Vehicle dimensions .................... 152
Vehicle Identification Number .... 143
Vehicle messages ....................... 69
Vehicle specific data ...................... 3
Vehicle storage........................... 109

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