Anwar Ibrahim's Press Statement on Hari Keamatan

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30 MAY 2012

Pesta Ka’amatan Address

‘Kopivosian Tadau Ka’amatan’

Kumaa montok tompinai ngawi, tulun momogun hinombo nopo, momason oku doh 'Kotobian Tadau
Kokotuan'. Iti noh tadau doh rumamai-ramai tokou ngawi, sampaganakan om sangkawalaian. Nga kada
lihuai, momusorou doh menubak om momogirot doh pisompuruan. Gisom doh sogigisom.

For this Pesta Ka’amatan (May 30-31) I would like to extend my greetings of a good “harvest” to all my
brothers and sisters in Sabah, especially the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut communities.

Though, substantial numbers of Kadazan, Dusun and Murut peoples remain in agriculture, many have
ventured to industries like shipping, oil and gas and the civil service, the value and symbol of Pesta
Ka’amatan remains the same. Bringing its peoples together to show appreciation of a bountiful “harvest”
in life and the continuation of culture.

Pesta Ka’amatan should be recognised and celebrated not only as a Sabah event — but a Malaysian

Sabah’s multiculturalism is central to the larger mission to not only protect diversity but to celebrate it.

Being Malaysia’s second largest state it is a crucial member of the Federation of Malaysia.

Strong and full of potential, resource-rich Sabah’s considerable wealth is denied to a majority of its

That must change, that will change. Change is what Pakatan Rakyat champions for Sabah.

We have spoken and fought for these policies: Resolve long-standing native land disputes; giving Sabah
20% of all oil and gas revenues; reinstituting territorial rights on Block L and M which has oil and gas
deposits; a Royal Commission of Inquiry into illegal immigrants and the Borneonisation of the state civil

We intend see them through when we assume federal power.

Pakatan Rakyat does not view Sabah as the fixed deposit for anyone; Sabah is more important than just
votes. It is made of people who matter, people who must be allowed to meet their destiny as a people.

Change is what Pakatan Rakyat champions for Sabah, to liberate Sabah.

Sabah for us is an equal partner in the Federation of Malaysia.

In our vision of the future, Sabah will shape their state while aiding the wider federation to become more
unified and strong.

This is the true spirit of federalism Malaysia espoused when it was formed in 1963.

State interest and future must be protected and guaranteed, as stipulated in our Constitution.

Sabah must cease to play second fiddle in Malaysian politics, especially in matters affecting them.

This is where we are heading, this is what we are promising..
I would like to conclude by wishing that all the Pesta Ka’amatan reunions all across Sabah are held in the
great spirit of rejoicing a proud and vibrant culture. That those travelling back after the holidays will have
safe journeys home, and everyone join us in Pakatan Rakyat in realising a Malaysia for all its peoples

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan.

Ka'amatan Address Video

Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim,
Leader of the Opposition

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