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									NOV/DEC 2007
                                 Rethinking Our Way to a Sustainable Campus

                                 The University of Manitoba Campus Sustainability E-Newsletter
                                 “The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates
                                 problems that we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we have created them. We
                                 shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humankind is to survive”
                                                                                                                - Albert Einstein

                                 Going the Green Mile
                                   The familiar hum of a           The University’s new PHEV,     PHEV battery is depleted,
                                 traditional motor isn’t al-     recently profiled at Canada’s    the vehicle works just like
                                 ways audible in the latest      first PHEV conference, is a      a normal hybrid. The vehi-
                                 vehicle purchased by the        hybrid car that has addi-        cle can travel for up to 50
                                 University of Mani-             tional battery capacity com-     km on battery only.
                                 toba. Not unless you get        pared to a conventional hy-         Michele Rogalsky, Man-
                                 really, close. And, even        brid and can be recharged        ager of General Services,
• Going the Green Mile
                                 then, it’s not what you         from an external electrical      says she’s excited about
• Go Local for the Holi-         would normally expect to        outlet. That innovative fea-     the latest addition to the
                                 hear. That’s because it’s a     ture allows the vehicle to       Physical Plant fleet. “It
   days                          Toyota Prius that has been      make short trips at moderate     will certainly save on fuel
                                 converted from a hybrid to      speed without the internal       costs and I’m looking for-
• Sustainable Holiday
                                 what is known as a Plug-In      combustion engine kicking in,    ward to hearing some of
   Gift Ideas                    Hybrid Electric Vehicle         which translates to signifi-     the results of the re-
                                 (PHEV).                         cant fuel savings. Once the      search”.

                                 Battery Recycling
                                 Did you know that work-         recycling program. To learn
                                 place, non-industrial bat-      how to recycle household
                                 teries are collected on         batteries visit the City of
Inside this issue:               campus for recycling? Call      Winnipeg’s Water and
                                 the Waste Prevention Of-        Waste website at:
Going the Green Mile         1
                                 fice at 474-9608 to obtain
Battery Recycling            1   a collection container* or      ndwaste/garbage/hhw.stm
                                 more information (*One
Recycling Update             2   container per department).      For rechargeable batteries
Making Climate Conscious     3                                   see
Choices                          Please note: Batteries          waterandwaste/recycle/
                                 from your household are         howToRecycle.stm#rbrc
News Resources from MB’s     3   not accepted in the campus
Eco-minded Youth

Go Local for the Holidays:   3
Take the Turkey Challenge
Sustainable Holiday Gift     4
Page 2                                                          RETHINK…
                                                                RETHINKING OUR WAY TO A SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS

                             Recycling Update
                             How are we doing?, you            Glass: 9.2
                             ask. How much material
                             have we diverted from the         Steel: 2.2
                             landfill? Well, here’s just
      Paper Recycling        a snapshot of all the good        Aluminum: 1.5
        on Campus            things that the Waste Pre-
                             vention Office and UMREG          PET: 3.7
-   office paper             are doing to save the
                             planet…                           Paper/Cardboard: 225
-   cardboard
-   boxboard                 Recycling Update in               NEW TO RETHINK:
-   newsprint                Metric Tonnes for April           Scrap Metal: 14.2
-   phone books              1st to Nov. 13th, 2007
-   calendars                                                  Organics: 3.9
-   magazines
-   coffee cups
-   transparencies
-   tissue/paper towels
                             Going the Green Mile (cont’d)
-   carbon paper               The research Rogalsky           main coordinators for the      nology for cars and light
-   non-paper waste
                             mentions is one of the main       PHEV 2007 conference, is       trucks that will allow us to
                             reasons for acquiring the         coordinating the research      displace most of the gaso-
                             vehicle. The PHEV was             by working with the            line that these vehi-
                             purchased through a part-         Emerging Energy Systems        cles currently consume
                             nership with the University       at Manitoba Hydro who          with renewable energy
                             of Manitoba, MB Hydro             have been testing a similar    produced here in Mani-
                             with Hymotion Inc. install-       vehicle. “Our focus is to      toba”.
                                                                                                 Maire McDermott, the
                                                                                              University’s Sustainability
                                                                                              Coordinator says it’s an
                                                                                              excellent example of how
                                                                                              the University can partner
                                                                                              with current research pro-
                                                                                              jects to produce a win-win
                                                                                              situation. “In this case,
                                                                                              the Physical Plant depart-
                                                                                              ment is reducing its emis-
                                                                                              sions and fuel costs while
                                                                                              research is being con-
                                                                                              ducted on the efficiency
                                                                                              of the vehicle”. McDer-
        Reality must take
                                                                                              mott says she is looking
        precedence over                                                                       forward to more of these
                             The University of Manitoba’s PHEV at the first Canadian
         public relations,   PHEV Conference: Where the Grid Meets the Road.                  types of partnerships and
         because nature                                                                       is anxiously looking for the
        cannot be fooled.    ing the additional battery.       transform transportation       next opportunity.
                               Eric Bibeau, the Mani-          that is based solely on fos-     The hybrid will be inte-
              -- Unknown     toba Hydro/NSERC spon-            sil fuels by maximizing the    grated into the Physical
                             sored chair for Alternative       amount of renewable en-        Plant fleet for commuting
                             Energy at the University          ergy that can be               on and off campus.
                             of Manitoba and one of the        used. PHEV is a key tech-
                                                                                             Page 3

Making Climate Conscious Choices!

What you can do!               Easy ways to find products     Recyclable - Look for recy-
Make smart choices – make      that help protect the envi-    clable products and ones
well-informed choices that     ronment:                       with recycled content.
contribute to the well-        Durable - Buy durable          Recycling reduces the
being of our communities       products, so you don’t need    amount of raw material
and natural environment.       to replace them as often.      needed for new products.
                                                              New technologies and de-
Always ask:                    Less - Buy only what you       signs enable the wide use
Do I need this product?        need means fewer re-           of recycled materials.
                               sources and less waste.
Where does the product                                        Packaging - Avoid products       Winter is the season in
come from? (How far has        Local - Buy food, products     with excess packaging. It       which people try to keep
it traveled to get to me?      and services that are          is best to buy products
                                                                                              the house as warm as it
Is there a locally produced    grown, or produced as          with no packaging, or re-
                                                                                             was in the summer, when
                               close to home as possible.                                      they complained about
equivalent?)                                                  turnable, reusable or recy-                     the heat.
How much energy goes into      Used - Buy used or reus-       clable packaging.
making this product?           able products. Often           Share - Share or trade                  ~Author Unknown
                               other people’s discard is      your products with others.
What will happen to this       just the treasure you were
product when I am fin-                                        Use the library, rent DVDs
                               looking for.                   and video games.
ished with it?

New Resource for Manitoba’s Eco-Minded Youth!
An online group called         environmentally-friendly       To become a member, visit
"GreenSpace for Environ-       youth in Manitoba. The
mental Youth" was formed       forum is a place to ex-        group/greenspaceyouth
on Google groups as a fol-     change ideas, share skills,    and click on the "Apply for
low-up to and Environ-         and collaborate on pro-        group membership" on the
mental Youth Forum that        jects. This group is affili-   right of the screen.
took place in mid-October.     ated with the Manitoba
The group is open to all       Eco-Network.

Go Local for the Holidays!
This Holiday Season the        Turkey is the centre-piece     local turkey on your table…
folks at Beyond Factory        of your holiday meal. Why      For a list of more reasons
Farming (BFF) are asking       not make a statement that      why to “buy local”, check
you to change one item on      you care about serving         out:
your Holiday menu—             good quality, fresh food to
Turkey. Instead of buying      your family, and support       Here’s how: Follow one of
a supermarket turkey, the      your local farmers and the     these links and our friends
group is challenging you to    environment while doing        will help you learn how to
buy a turkey that is locally   so? Taking the time to buy     buy local:
grown and sustainably-         locally produced food has
raised.                        positive impacts on your
Why take the turkey chal-      community. Join us this
                                                    ; and check out
lenge?                         December in featuring a        the BFF Food Directory.
    Sustainability Coordinator
    89 Freedman Cres.
    Phone: 204-474-8166

    Waste Prevention Coordinator
    89 Freedman Cres
    Phone: 204-474-9608

    UMREG—The University of Manitoba Recycling
    and Environmental Group
    157 Helen Glass
    Phone: 204-474-9118

         CHECK    US OUT ON THE     WEB...

     Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas!

1) Sustainable Gifts. Give    cards as gift tags.          which don't require an
a gift that won't cost the    5) Decorations. Decorate     envelope.
earth. Check: http://         your home with natural       9) Transportation. Why
www.resourceconservatio       and edible items. Try        not carpool to your desti-            pine cones, berries, or      nation or take the bus!
gifts05.html                  branches, fruit, candy or    This is also a great way
2) Local and Organic          decorated cookies.           to avoid the traffic and
Holiday Meal. The aver-       6) Lights. Choose energy-    parking problems associ-
age meal in N. America        efficient LED lights, and    ated with holiday shop-
travels roughly 2400 km       don't leave your lights on   ping. Why not bundle up
to reach your plate. Try      all night. Use an auto-      and take your family for            This we know... the
to create a holiday meal      matic timer.                 a walk as part of your         earth does not belong
from closer to home!                                       evening? Enjoying the            to man, man belongs
                              7) Christmas Trees.          snowy weather can be an
3) Vacation Locally! Va-      Decorate a living indoor                                    to earth. All things are
cation within MB and save                                  active, fun and sustain-
                              plant or tree, or create     able way to get to your
                                                                                           connected, like blood
both the environmental        and decorate a “tree”                                           which connects one
and financial costs.                                       local celebration.
                              using recycled and sal-                                        family. Whatever be-
4) Gift Wrap. Most wrap-      vaged materials. If you      10) S.N.U.B! Plastic
                                                                                             falls the earth befalls
ping paper can't be recy-     use a real tree, chip it     shopping bags use natural
                                                           resources and energy,
                                                                                                 the children of the
cled because it is often      when you’re finished with
                                                           create litter and use up             earth. Man did not
blended with other mate-      it, and use as mulch.
                                                           landfill space. So why        weave the web of life -
rials such as wax and         8) Entertaining. Purchase
metal. Make your own                                       not ‘Say No to Unwanted      he is merely a strand in
                              or make your invitations     Bags' and bring your own     it. Whatever he does to
wrapping paper or use         on recycled paper, and
materials that can be re-                                  re-usable shopping bags            the web, he does to
                              use postcard invitations     from home!
used. Use old holiday                                                                                       himself.

WRITE ME!                                                                                   Chief Seattle, 1854
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