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Allbaugh returns to the NTS Lightning kills


									Allbaugh returns to the NTS
by Nancy Tufano                                                        bill process, when a line
                                                                       item such as this one is
Joe Allbaugh, director                                                 inserted, it is usually
of the Federal                                                         passed.
Emergency Management

                                                                                                     June 2002
Agency (FEMA), revis-                                                  Allbaugh began his tour
ited the Nevada Test Site                                              by hearing a briefing at
(NTS) on April 24,                                                     the Hazardous Materials
2002, for a more exten-                                                Spill Center, which
sive tour of NTS facili-                                               allows for the releases of
ties, focusing on emer-                                                hazardous materials for
gency response capabili-                                               training purposes, field-

                                                                                                     Issue 80
ties. Allbaugh’s return                                                test detection, plume dis-
comes in light of a pro-                                               persion experimentation,
posed expansion of NTS                                                 and equipment and mate-
counterterrorism capa-                                                 rials testing. He later had
bilities.                                                              lunch with members of
                                                                       the Weapons of Mass
In May, the Senate                                                     Destruction program fol-
Armed Services                                photo by Mary Scodwell   lowed by an observation
Committee authorized         Joe Allbaugh, director of the Federal     of a Weapons of Mass
$40 million in Fiscal        Emergency Management Agency,              Destruction exercise at
Year 03 funding for NTS revisits the Nevada Test Site for a            Burma Road.
emergency responder          more extensive tour focusing on emer-
training. The training       gency response capabilities.               Upon his initial visit to

                                                                                                     A PUBLICATION FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE NNSA/NV FAMILY
will include simulated                                                  the NTS, Allbaugh com-
exercises involving                                                     mented that the facility
nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks.        was “on the right road” to becoming a nation-
The funding increase is five times that of cur- al center for combating terrorism. After
rent spending for NTS counterterrorism pro-       reviewing the facilities a second time,
grams and will cause an exponential increase      Allbaugh commented, “The assets that exist
in the number of responders trained (more         at the Nevada Test Site clearly are unique and
than 1,500 first responders received training     cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the
at the NTS since 1998). Although the com-         United States.”
mittee authorization is an early stage of the

Lightning kills
by Ed Baur                       United States, particularly      longer than you think you
                                 those outside in the summer.     need to. Move to a sturdy
For the past 40 years, light-                                     building or vehicle. Do not
ning is the second largest       With common sense, we can        take shelter in small sheds,
storm killer in the United       greatly reduce the number of     under isolated trees, or in
States, exceeded only by         lightning deaths. When thun-     convertible automobiles.
floods. Lightning is a dan-      derstorms threaten, get to a
gerous threat to people in the   safe place and stay there        continued on page 2

 Allbaugh visits NTS         1   Six Sigma update            8    Pollution Prevention        13
 Lightning kills             1   National Science Bowl       8    Milestones                  14
 Safety Focus                3   Neighbors helping                Partnering for Education    15
                                 neighbors                   9
 Corporate Challenge         4                                    Calendar                    16
                                 Beyond the Call             11
 Take your Child to Work
 Day                         5   Lessons Learned             12
June 2002                                             SiteLines                                                               2

Lightning kills
continued from page one                     first stroke is three miles away, the       cases where people are struck by light-
                                            next one could hit you.                     ning. However, with proper treatment,
Stay away from windows and doors                                                        including cardiopulmonary resuscita-
and avoid contact with anything that        The threat of lightning continues for       tion (CPR), most victims can survive a
conducts electricity. Remember that         much longer period than most people         lightning strike.
telephone lines and metal pipes can         realize. Wait at least 30 minutes after
easily conduct electricity.                 the last lightning flash before leaving     Lightning can reach inside and kill
                                            shelter. Sometimes a day with bright
Who gets injured?                           sunlight and a blue sky can fool the        If lightning hits a house, it can flow
                                            unsuspected. If you hear thunder, you       through the plumbing, electrical or
About one third of all injuries occur       are within striking distance. Seek safe     telephone wires. Lightning has killed
during work, another third of injuries      shelter immediately!                        people talking on telephones. It also
occur during recreational or sports                                                     has killed people in showers or bath-
activities. The last third occurs in        Outdoor Activities: Minimizing The          tubs.
diverse situations, including injuries to   Risk Of Being Struck
those inside buildings.                                                                 Unplug appliances not necessary for
                                                                                        obtaining weather information. Avoid
According to Storm Data, a National                                                     using the telephone or any electrical
Weather Service publication, the U.S.                                                   appliances. Use phones ONLY in an
averages 73 reported lightning fatali-                                                  emergency. Do not take a bath or
ties per year. Due to under reporting,                                                  shower. Turn off air conditioners.
the figures are more realistically about                                                Power surges from lightning can over-
100 deaths per year. Only about 10                                                      load the compressors.
percent of people who are struck are
killed, leaving 90 percent with various                                                 Cars offer lightning shelter
degrees of disability.
                                                                                        When lightning hits the car, current
Estimating Lightning’s Distance                                                         flows through the metal frame toward
                                                                                        the ground. Lightning jumps from the
The first stroke of lightning is just as                                                wheel to the ground, sometimes blow-
deadly as the last. If the sky looks        The greatest number of lightning            ing out the tires.
threatening, take shelter before hearing    deaths and injuries in the United States
thunder.                                    occurs during the summer months             If you are caught outdoors and no
                                            when the combination of lightning and       shelter is nearby
The time between seeing a lightning         outdoor summertime activities reaches
flash and hearing the thunder it pro-       a peak. During the summer, people           Go to higher ground, when flash
duces is a rough guide to how far           take advantage of the warm weather to       flooding or flooding is possible. Do
away the lightning was. Normally,           enjoy a multitude of outdoor recre-         not attempt to drive through flooded
thunder is heard up to 10 miles from        ational activities. Unfortunately,          areas. Abandon your vehicle if caught
the lightning that makes it. Lightning      those outdoor recreational activities       in a flash flood and go to higher
heats the air around it to as much as       can put them at greater risk of being       ground. Note: Most flash flood
60,000 degrees, producing sound             struck by lightning. Those involved in      deaths occur in automobiles.
waves by the quick expansion of the         activities such as boating, swimming,
heated air. Since light travels at          fishing, bicycling, golfing, jogging,       Find a low spot away from trees,
186,000 miles per second, you see the       walking, hiking, camping, or working        fences, and poles. Make sure the place
lightning the instant it flashes. Sound,    out of doors need to take the appropri-     you pick is not subject to flooding. If
including thunder, travels about a mile     ate actions in a timely manner when         you are in a wooded area, take shelter
in five seconds near the ground. If 15      thunderstorms approach.                     under the shorter trees. If you are
seconds elapse between seeing a light-                                                  boating or swimming, get to land and
ning bolt and hearing its thunder, the      If someone is struck, what do I do?         find shelter immediately.
lightning was about three miles away.
                                            In the unfortunate event that a person      If you feel your skin tingle or your
Lightning closer than three miles away      is struck by lightning, immediate med-      hair stands on end, squat low to the
is a warning to take shelter immediate-     ical care can save a person’s life.         ground on the balls of your feet. Place
ly. Successive lightning strikes are        Cardiac arrest and irregularities, burns,
often two to three miles apart. If the      and nerve damage are common in              continued on page 3
 June 2002                                            SiteLines                                                                   3

 Lightning kills                                      Odds of Becoming a Lightning Victim
 continued from page 2
                                                      US 2000 Census population                                    280,000,000
 your hands on your knees with your                   Odds of being struck by lightning in a given year
 head between them. Make yourself the                 (reported deaths + injuries)                                 1/700,000
 smallest target possible, and minimize
                                                      Odds of being struck by lightning in a given year
 your contact with the ground.                        (estimated total deaths + injuries)                          1/240,000
 If you encounter a lightning storm, fol-
 low the guidelines presented above.                  Odds of being struck in your lifetime (Est. 80 years)        1/3000
 Share this information with your fami-
 ly members and friends - especially                  Odds you will be affected by someone being struck.
 with your children or grandchildren.                 (Ten people affected for every one struck).                  1/300

                                                      In southern Nevada, the peak months for lightning strikes are July and

 Safety Focus
 This article highlights the various components that comprise Bechtel Nevada’s Construction Safety Program. Over the
 next several months, a new monthly article will address a different component of Bechtel Nevada’s unique Construction
 Safety Program.

                                                                                                              reference, usually
Pocket refer-                                                                                                 worn with their
ences aid                                                                                                     NNSA-issued security
                                                                                                              badge, and reference
BN’s con-                                                                                                     the ISM principles and
                                                                                                              functions. The con-
struction                                                                                                     cept grew and became
                                                                                                              a valuable tool within
safety                                                                                                        the construction
by Jennifer Morton and                                                                                        department. Other ref-
Rick Remington                                                                                                erence cards were soon
                                                                                                              developed, providing a
Bechtel Nevada’s                                                                                              pocket reference with
Construction Safety                                                                                           key elements from the
Program utilizes pocket                                                                                       Construction Safety
references as an integral                                                                                     Program. Such pocket
part of its overall safety                                                                                    references include,
program, which has                                                          artwork by Jennifer Morton        pre-job reviews, a list-
helped lead Bechtel          Laminated pocket references are an integral part of Bechtel Nevada’s             ing of company safety
Nevada in nearly 200         Construction Safety Program. Pocket references include, pre-job                  directives, construction
days without a record-       reviews, a listing of company safety directives, construction depart-            department operating
able injury.                 ment operating procedures, and the electrical safety/lockout tagout              procedures, and the
                             (LOTO) Lifeline.                                                                 electrical safety/lock-
Prior to June 1999, con-                                                                                      out tagout (LOTO)
struction department                                                                                          Lifeline.
workers had to remember and incorporate the seven princi-
ples and five core functions of Integrated Safety                All reference cards help to alleviate accidents, but a particu-
Management Systems (ISM) into daily routine, which posed         larly invaluable one is the electrical safety/LOTO Lifeline.
a difficult task until the idea of laminated pocket references   Lockout tagout is a method where an energy source is
was introduced at an ISM Day. The concept worked very            locked and tagged so that work is performed without the
well and a new way of injecting safety into daily tasks          presence of hazardous energy. Lockout in most cases is a
began in the construction department.                            physical lock applied at the energy source to ensure that it is

Workers could now look at their easily accessible pocket         continued on page 4
June 2002                                            SiteLines                                                                4

Pocket references aid BN’s construction safety
continued from page 2                      erence that includes document refer-        to May this employee did not use the
                                           ences and the names and phone num-          Lockout Tagout procedure which could
not re-energized. Tagout is a physical     bers of resources to answer questions.      have prevented the situation.
tag that is placed on the lock which       May also included definitions to help
informs everyone involved that the         determine if the LOTO is a single or        “Almost everyone has the laminated
system is locked and is only removed       multiple source and LOTO Lifelines or       pocket references now,” May said.
by the individual or individuals who       procedures to follow.
installed it. A single source lockout is                                               “I call these my fantastic plastic.
when only one energy source is locked      “It was hard to remember the LOTO           Whether it is LOTO, ISM, or company
out to de-energize a system. Multiple      Lifelines and do them in order,” said       safety procedures they allow me to
source lockout requires more than one      May, who prior to the laminated cards,      have a quick reference to use on a day-
source locked out to de-energize the       clipped a printout of the procedures to     to-day basis,” said Kevin Cooke, con-
system. There are different LOTO           his badge.                                  struction superintendent.
procedures for the various power
sources.                                   May developed the LOTO Lifeline             Although, reference cards are not a
                                           pocket reference in July 2001, not long     requirement for construction depart-
Jimmy May, a Bechtel Nevada con-           after an employee was struck with           ment workers, the use is certainly rec-
struction wireman foreman, sensed the      4,160 volts of electricity as a result of   ognized.
confusion and developed a pocket ref-      not following procedures. According

                                bocce ball. The events took      Gold: Chess, Shuffleboard,      swam competitively in col-
Teams score in                  place over a period of about     and Track and Field             lege.
the top six in                  two months in various loca-
                                tions around the city.
                                                                 Silver: Range Shooting,
                                                                 Walk Race, Bike Race, and       For others, this was their
the 2002                        Both team medals and indi-
                                                                 Bocce Ball
                                                                 Bronze: Fishing, and Tennis
                                                                                                 first year to participate.

Corporate                       vidual medals were award-
                                ed. The following medal          Wackenhut
                                                                                                 Gail Anderson, a newcom-
                                                                                                 er to Las Vegas, said, “I will
Challenge                       awards are for the four
                                teams:                           Gold: Range Shooting,
                                                                                                 definitely make this some-
                                                                                                 thing that I participate in for
by Jennifer Morton                                               Shuffleboard (Men)              years to come. I know I
                                Bechtel Nevada                   Silver: Grass Volleyball        made many new acquain-
Teams battled their way to                                       (Women)                         tances and I hope some new
the top six in this year’s      Gold: Horseshoes-Men,            Bronze: Archery, Bowling,       friends along the way.”
City of Las Vegas Corporate     Horseshoes-Women,                Trap Shoot                      Anderson not only met new
Challenge. Four teams from      Horseshoes (Overall),                                            friends, but she also
the National Nuclear            Shuffleboard (Coed),             Several employees received      received Corporate
Security Administration         Shuffleboard (Women),            individual medals in their      Challenge’s Volunteer of the
Nevada Operations               Shuffleboard (Overall)           events.                         Year award for her devoted
(NNSA/NV) complex               Silver: 5-K Run, Bowling,                                        time and energy.
placed in the top six:          Fishing, Swimming                Ginnia Bills, a Bechtel
Bechtel Nevada placed third     Bronze: Canoe Race,              Nevada employee, received       Bechtel Nevada team mem-
in the B-Division, IT placed    Horseshoes (Coed), Laser         three gold medals and a sil-    bers were interviewed by
fifth in the D-Division,        Tag, Track and Field             ver one in swimming, and a      Fox 5, May 19, along with
NNSA/NV placed second in                                         gold and a bronze medal in      competitors, Yucca
the D-Division, and             IT                               track and field. Bills has      Mountain (who placed first
Wackenhut placed sixth in                                        participated in Corporate       in the B-Division) and
the C- Division.                Silver: 5 K Run, and Bike        Challenge for the last four     Southwest Gas (who placed
                                Race                             years.                          second in the B-Division).
These teams, comprised of       Bronze: Table Tennis, and                                        Gail Anderson was also
all ages and professional       Darts                            “I enjoy the chance to com-     highlighted for receiving the
levels, competed against                                         pete against my peers and       Corporate Challenge’s
other corporate teams in Las    NNSA/NV                          the interaction with my         Volunteer of the Year award.
Vegas in events ranging                                          teammates,” said Bills, who
from track and field to
 June 2002                                          SiteLines                                                          5

Take Y our C hild t o W ork D ay
Bring Your Children to                                                               computer modeling of Nevada Test
                                                                                     Site geology. Each child received a
Work Day 2002                                                                        certificate and goody bag at the clos-
by Kirsten Kellogg                                                                   ing reception to commemorate their
                                                                                     day at NNSA/NV.
On April 25, 2002, more than 50
children of National Nuclear                                                        Many thanks to the following people
Security Administration Nevada                                                      for making Bring Your Children to
Operations Office (NNSA/NV) and                                                     Work Day a huge success: Darryl
contractor employees took part in                                                   Brock, SCI; Michael Brown, RAI ;
the annual Bring Your Children to                                                   Tamiko Brown, BN; Kathy
Work Day program. Aimed at get-                                                     Carlson, NNSA/NV; Tamara
ting children interested in science,    Don McIntosh, Bechtel Nevada para-           Collins-Culbertson, SCI; Sandy
the program offered many opportu-       medic, talks to Take Your Children to Work   Cross, NNSA/NV; Joyce Curlee,
nities for the children to see science  Day participants about paramedics’ roles     NRE; Terri Logan Cuttaia, SAIC ;
at work.                                                                             Vicky Davis, NNSA/NV; Heather
                                        the Nevada Test Site.
                                                                                     Emmons, IT; Charlotte Franky,
Parents were                                                                         SAIC; Angela Gilmer, DTRA; La
                                                                science experi-
given two                                                                          Tomya Glass, NNSA/NV; Sheril
                                                                ments and view
options when                                                                       Hamlin, WSI ; Nancy Harkess,
                                                                several displays.
registering for                                                                    NNSA/NV; Bruce Hurley,
                                                                They learned
the day: a tour                                                                    NNSA/NV; Brandon Jautaikis, SCI;
                                                                everything from
of the Nevada                                                                      Elaine Jimenez, NNSA/NV; Andrea
                                                                how to design
Test Site or the                                                                   Kato, NNSA/NV; Kirsten Kellogg,
                                                                their own T-
program at the                                                                     NNSA/NV; Sandy Marshall, WSI;
                                                                shirts, how static
North Las                                                                          Linda Middaugh, BN; John Mooney,
                                                                electricity works,
Vegas                                                                              SCI; Jennifer Morton, BN; Ross
                                                                pollution preven-
Complex.                                                                           Nelson, NNSA/NV; Yulonda Paige,
                                                                tion, and
                                                                                   NNSA/NV; Gary Pyles, NNSA/NV;
                                                                weapons of mass
The tour of the                                                                    Carolyn Roberts, NNSA/NV; Linda
Nevada Test                                 photo by Keith Kolb destruction. The   Schmith, NNSA/NV; Carol Shelton,
                                                                children also got
Site, sponsored    Don DeCaria, Bechtel Nevada, demon-                             NNSA/NV; Ken Small, NNSA/NV;
                                                                a chance to tour
by Bechtel         strates a new communications technique                          Blanca St. Clair, NNSA/NV; Helen
                                                                an ambulance
Nevada, was                                                                        Stolz, NRE; and Rae Yuhas, WSI.
                   called Phase Shift Keying, 31 Baud           and fire truck on
an all-day         (PSK31) to Take Your Children to Work        loan from the
event.                                                                             Thank you also to the Nevada Support
                   Day participants. PSK31 allows amateur       Mercury Fire
Highlights                                                                         Facility cafeteria and the Nevada
                   radio operators to communicate with the      Department and
included                                                                           Employees
                   use of computers and keyboards.              the Mobile
Frenchman                                                                          Association for their continued support
Flat, the                                                                                                   of the Bring
Hazardous Materials Spill Center,         Intruder
Control Point-1, the U1a Complex,                                                                           Your Children
Sedan Crater, the Mercury Fire Station,   Vehicle on loan                                                   to Work Day
and the Wackenhut Services, Inc.          from                                                              program.
(WSI) Training Center.                    Wackenhut
                                          Services, Inc.
Children who remained at the North
Las Vegas Complex also had a full day     Later in the day,
of activities planned for them. They      children were                                                     continued on
were welcomed in the morning by           able to tour the                                                  page 6
NNSA/NV Manager Kathy Carlson             Nevada Test
who asked them what they wanted to                                                   photo by Vince Stern
                                          Site History
be when they grow up. There were a        Center, view a      John Mooney, SCI, explains how a com-
lot of future doctors, lawyers, scien-    weather service     puter works to Anita Temple, SCI, and her
tists, and teachers in the audience.      demonstration,      grandson Stephan, at the Bring Your
Following the welcome, children were      and try their       Children to Work Day Program.
given the opportunity to do hands-on      luck at 3-D
June 2002                                             SiteLines                                                            6

Take Y our C hild t o W ork D ay
continued from page 5                        Las Vegas children and gave them an       Elizabeth Becerril, WSI; Corey
                                             assignment to answer three questions:     Bishop, BN; ST Brown, WSI;
                                             1) What is Bechtel Nevada’s first pri-    Tamiko Brown, BN (Chairperson);
Bechtel Nevada’s Take                        ority?; 2) What does PBSP stand for?;     Lorraine Capitanelli, BN; Brenda
                                             3) How long has the Nevada Test Site      Carter, BN; Dick Davis, WSI;
Your Child(ren) To Work                      been a part of National Security?         Deborah Foster, BN; Jeffrey
Day 2002                                                                               Gordon, BN; Frances Guinn, BN;
                                             The North Las Vegas program had a         Sheril Hamlin, WSI; Sandra Hayes,
by Tamiko Brown                              fire truck and ambulance from the         BN; Darlene Holseth, BN; Judith
                                             Mercury Fire Station. Dennis              Lacuadra, BN; Cheryl Landholm,
On April 25, 2002, 154 children of           Fulkerson provided the older children     NNSA/NV; Sandra Marshall, WSI;
Bechtel Nevada and Wackenhut                 with a counterintelligence briefing.      Samantha Messer, BN; Kelly
Services Inc. (WSI-NV) employees             The MIRV and Badger vehicles were         Meurrens, BN; Linda Middaugh,
participated in the annual Take Your         on location for the children to view      BN; Jennifer Morgan, BN; Jennifer
Child(ren) to Work Day program.              and WSI provided weapons safety           Morton, BN; Jodi Navarrette, WSI;
                                             training. Volunteers from the Nellis      John Nelson, BN; Cheryl Oar, BN;
Originally begun in 1992, Take Our           Remote Sensing Laboratory gave            Beth Shuffield, BN; William Skarda,
Daughters to Work® Day provides              demonstrations on satellite communi-      BN; Nancy Tufano, BN; Rae Yuhas,
girls with an understanding of possible      cations and photography and videogra-     WSI; the Mercury Cafeteria staff;
career opportunities by allowing them        phy. Both locations had a group photo     and USA Coach. The following indi-
to shadow their parent while at work.        taken to commemorate this year’s pro-     viduals and organizations donated
Beginning in 2003, the national organi-      gram.                                     items for the special prize drawings at
zation will expand their program to                                                    the North Las Vegas and Nevada Test
include boys. The program’s name             Children at North Las Vegas had the       Site programs: Kurt Arnold, BEAT,
will officially change to Take Our           opportunity to have lunch with their      Tamiko Brown, and the NTS
Daughters and Sons to Work® Day.             parent and later see where their office   Historical Foundation.
                                             was located. In a closing ceremony,
Locally, this year’s event included two      Brian Sheridan, Bechtel Nevada’s
structured programs – an NTS tour and        deputy general manager for national       RSL-Andrews celebrates
a North Las Vegas program. Children,         security response programs and opera-
ages eight to 18, attended the North         tions, asked the children to list three   Take Your Children to
Las Vegas program. Employees’ chil-          cool things that they had seen during     Work Day
dren aged 14 to 18 were able to tour         the day and to answer the three ques-
                                             tions that Fred Tarantino had asked       by Wendy Cable
the Nevada Test Site or participate in
the North Las Vegas activities.              earlier in the day. The children ended
                                             the day on a sweet note with an ice       On April 25, seven children spent the
                                             cream treat. All children received a      day at Andrews Remote Sensing
The day began at 6:15 a.m. with 35
                                             certificate of participation and will     Laboratory (RSL-A). Children partici-
children heading to the Nevada Test
                                             receive their group photos.               pated in interactive activities and
Site on a Coach USA bus with Dick
                                                                                       learned a little bit more about what
Davis, WSI, as the tour guide. The
                                             The following presenters and volun-       their parents do while at work.
children observed or participated in
hands-on fire fighting tactics and life      teers made this year’s program a suc-
                                             cess:                                     Rebecca Mariano and Wendy Cable
saving procedures. They also received
                                                                                       coordinated this event and provided the
a briefing on the capabilities of the Site
                                             Presenters - Brett Benson, BN;            guests of honor: Chris Cable,
Operations Center at Control Point-1.
                                             William Botos, BN; Mike Childers,         Nicholas Cable, Alexander Maurer,
The highlight of the tour was the WSI
                                             NNSA/NV; Don DeCaria, BN; Chuck           Jack Meade, Jenny Vojtech, Rich
Training Center. It was hard tearing
                                             Fauerbach, BN; Walter Foster, WSI;        Vojtech and Matt Walker, with a
them away from the Firearm Training
                                             Dennis Fulkerson, BN; Jon                 structured and informative itinerary.
Simulator (FATS). The children par-
ticipating on the NTS tour had lunch at      Gallardo, BN; John Gamby, BN;
                                             John Gerard, BN; Steve Goldman,           At 7:00 a.m. children arrived at RSL-A
the Mercury cafeteria, including a
                                             BN; Philip Gorka, BN; Christopher         and toured the building with their par-
desert. Cathi Tharin, Bechtel
                                             Hersh, BN; Keith Kolb, BN; James          ents. The parents were then released
Nevada’s construction manager, and
                                             Lawler, BN; Don McIntosh, BN;             and the activities began.
Mary Maier, WSI’s deputy general
manager, presented each participant          William Nixon, BN; Jimmy
                                             Pechacek, BN; Doug Rierson, BN;           The first activity was “Find the Hidden
with a certificate. The group had a
                                             Chris Swiger, BN; Ronald Wells,           Source,” a demonstration by Rick
photo taken to commemorate this
year’s program.                              BN; WSI Training instructors, and
                                             David Young, BN.
Fred Tarantino, Bechtel Nevada’s
                                             Volunteers - Kurt Arnold, BN;             continued on page 7
general manager welcomed, the North
 June 2002                                           SiteLines                                                              7

Take Y our C hild t o W ork D ay
continued from page 6                      from a solid to a liquid and back to a       Gummy Worms) Prize: Five $1
                                           solid. After this sticky situation the       McDonald’s Gift Certificates
Maurer and Peter Heimberg who              children were then returned to their         3rd Place: Hunter Peters - Burstin’
showed the group how special back-         parents to shadow them for the remain-       Berry Cobbler Prize: Three $1
packs and briefcases are used for          der of the day.                              McDonald’s Gift Certificates
detection. The children walked around
and listened for hidden simulated                                                       After lunch, the future adults visited
sources by use of earphones.
                                           Take Your Children to                        with Hank Wenzel, Louis Ruocco,
                                           Work Day at Livermore                        Larry MacNeil, Paul Parker and
A safety briefing was given to teach       Operations                                   Leisa Wyatt-Russell to learn how
the children how to exit the building in   By Jan Bisterfeldt                           Livermore Operations functions. They
case of an emergency. Outside they                                                      also designed entries for the Bechtel
viewed a fire truck and met Sparky,        Eight future adults attended Livermore       Nevada Environment, Safety and
RSL-A’s dalmatian mascot.                  Operations Take Your Children to             Health (ES&H) 2003 Calendar
                                           Work/Safety Day on April 25. The             Contest. At the end of the day, the stu-
At 10:00 a.m., Jim Walker and Salee        eight who attended were Kaylee               dents observed their parents complete
Wilson gave a demonstration with dig-      Ballstadt, Elizabeth Delash, Russell         one basic work- related task and
ital cameras. Children were able to        Jefferson, Hunter Peters, Kristen            watched an ergonomics checkup.
take pictures, download the images,        Ruocco, Jamie Thurman, Lindsay
and send them to friends/family via e-     Thurman and Chelsea Wyatt.
                                           The first part of the morning was
Next, Luc Murphy and Eric Moore            devoted to a “Post High School
demonstrated how liquid nitrogen can       Graduation Budgeting Project.”
change the physical properties and         The students chose a fictitious
phases of objects; he tested this on a     roommate, job, apartment, and
rose, banana, and a nail. The group        calculated the expected expens-
then made their own ice cream using        es. The future adults began to
liquid nitrogen and sampled their cre-     realize how difficult it was to
ation.                                     survive on $7.50 to $10 per hour
                                           in the San Francisco Bay area.                                photo by Ann Thurman
After lunch, the group was given an
aviation lesson and Dave Butler            During the second part of the         (From left) Lindsay Thurman (daughter of
showed children the interior of RSL-       morning, the students viewed an       Ann Thurman), Elizabeth Delash (daugh-
A’s B-200 aircraft.                        action-packed Earth Day/ Save         ter of Joseph Delash), Jamie Thurman
                                           the Planet presentation. After        (daughter of Ann Thurman), and Kaylee
                                                the presentation, everyone       Ballstadt (sponsored by Ann Thurman)
                                                participated in a lively dis-    work on their “Budgeting Project.”
                                                cussion on how the topic         Elizabeth Delash won top honors for the
                                                relates to them personally       closest and most realistic budget (she was
                                                now and in the future.           the youngest team member).
                                               For lunch the entire
                                               Livermore Operations Team was
                                               invited to a six-inch sub sandwich
                                               meal. During the lunch break a
                                               dessert bake-off was held. The
                                               judges, Hank Wenzel, Tim
                                               Sammons and Tom Sinagra had
                        photo by Rick Maurer   a tough time selecting the win-
 Luc Murphy and Eric Moore demonstrate         ners, but after “a lot of tastes,” the
 to the children how liquid nitrogen can       following were awarded:
 change the physical properties of objects.     1st Place: Kristen Ruocco -
                                                Fantastic Fresh Fruit Pizza (Tort)
                                                Prize: 10- $1 McDonald’s Gift
At 1:30 p.m. the group participated in     Certificates
a hands-on experiment using bubble         2nd Place: Chelsea Wyatt - Yummy
gum to explore phase changes.              “Worm in Dirt” (Chocolate Pie with
Children watched bubble gum turn
 June 2002                                             SiteLines                                                                    8

This Six Sigma feature focuses on the Process Improvement Projects (PIPs) at the National Nuclear Security Administration
Nevada Operations’ complex. Over the next six months, a different article will detail each PIP, the team associated with
the PIP, and the anticipated benefits and cost savings involved with implementing the recommendations of the PIP team.

                                                                                                    Wharton (site supervisor), col-
 Borehole                                                                                           lect data through team meetings
 Management PIP                                                                                     and interviews with key project
                                                                                                    personnel as well as through
 scheduled to speed                                                                                 field observations.

 up closures                                                                               The team then breaks down
                                                                                           each stage of the process to
 by Jennifer Morton                                                                        determine the required time and
                                                                                           resources. This enables the
 Borehole Management Program                                                               team to find areas that need
                                        The crew removes tubing from a recently
 workers anticipated 15 years to fill                                                      reworking. Once enough infor-
 the 1,300 unused boreholes and         cemented borehole in preparation for demobi-
                                                                                           mation is available, the data is
 wells on the Nevada Test Site, but     lization.                                          analyzed by statistical software.
 with the help of the Borehole                                                             The process map is also devel-
 Management Process Improvement            to support the U.S. Department of       oped to run a simulation model with
 Program (PIP) closure completion is       Energy’s weapons testing program.       the data collected using different vari-
 about to speed up.                                                                ables that affect the closure cycle time.
                                           The Borehole Management PIP team,
 In compliance with the state of           midway through the Six Sigma evalua- The PIP is scheduled for completion
 Nevada’s Department of Water              tion process, continues to monitor and  by October 15, 2002. At that time
 Resources drilling and licensing regu-    gather information on the Borehole      Ken Ortego, Bechtel Nevada’s
 lations, the National Nuclear Security    Management Program in order to iden- Borehole Management Program proj-
 Administration Nevada Operations ini- tify potential efficiencies for comple-     ect manager, will receive the control
 tiated the Borehole Management            tion of well and borehole closures.     plan detailing the recommended
 Program for plugging wells and bore-      Six Sigma’s target is to identify       changes.
 holes which are no longer used in pro- methodologies to reduce the average
 grams at the Nevada Test Site. The        cycle time and cost associated with the “The PIP is running on schedule and
 objective of well and borehole closure    closure of a borehole by 10 percent. If most of the data needs are being cap-
 is to prevent the migration of contami- the target rate is reached, the PIP team tured,” said Jerry Bonn. The imme-
 nants, contaminated groundwater, and      will save $404,000 per year.            diacy of closure completion depends
 to prevent surface contamination from                                             on NNSA funding. “If funding is
 entering the subsurface.                  The Borehole Management PIP team,       increased, then more resources are
                                           comprising Jerry Bonn (black belt),     assigned to the project. Part of the PIP
 Since the late 1950s, 4,000 wells and     Tom Fitzmaurice (yellow belt),          process is to look at the cost benefit of
 boreholes were constructed to support     Robert Green (health physics),          assigning additional resources,” added
 uses that range from water supply         Dennis Gustafson (project task man-     Bonn.
 wells to large diameter nuclear device    ager), Tom Mulkey (process champi-
 emplacements. The most recent con-        on), Ken Ortego (project                Sixty boreholes were closed this fiscal
 structed wells and boreholes were used manager/process owner), and Wilbert        year; ten ahead of schedule.

The Meadows School competes in Washington, D.C.
by Kirsten Kellogg                          Boulder High School of Boulder, Colorado,       competition runs in a round-robin format
                                            placed second, and Mission San Jose High        followed by a double- elimination final.
In May, the Meadows School represented      School of Fremont, California, placed third,    Questions are submitted by scientists at all
the Nevada region in the 12th Annual        each winning a one-week research trip to        of DOE’s facilities, as well as from other
National Science Bowl in Washington,        an Energy Department facility.                  federal agencies and universities.
D.C. Team members Heather Cringan,
Patrick Hummel, Alan Micev, and             The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE)           The Meadows School team was coached by
Matthew Swetnam battled wits against 63     National Science Bowl is a highly publi-        teacher John Milburn. They won the
high school teams from across the country   cized academic competition among teams          regional title by defeating four-time cham-
for the national title.                     of high school students who answer multi-       pions, Reno High School, and 31 other
                                            ple-choice and short-answer questions in        high school teams from California,
In the end, Thomas Jefferson High School    the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry,    Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The team
for Science and Technology from             physics, mathematics, computer science,         received $2,500 for their science and math
Alexandria, Virginia, won the competition   earth science, and general science. The         departments, matching team book bags, a
and a two-week trip to the International    teams consist of five students and a teacher,   first place trophy, and an all-expense paid
Youth Science Forum in London, England.     who serves as an advisor and coach. The         trip to the National competition.
June 2002                                              SiteLines                                                               9

Neighbors helping neighbors
by Kurt Arnold                                                                                          paint. Volunteer electri-
                                                                                                       cians rewired outlets that
The adage, “the third                                                                                  were not working and
time is a charm,” may                                                                                  began to rewire the
be a true statement,                                                                                   stove/oven outlet.
but the fifth time
proves that success is                                                                                 The following weekend
not always guaran-                                                                                     saw a dramatic change to
teed by numbers.                                                                                       Marie’s home. The ceil-
Bechtel Nevada vol-                                                                                    ings and walls in all the
unteers who partici-                                                                                   home’s rooms were given
pated in this year’s                                                                                   a fresh coat of paint.
fifth annual                                                                                           New vinyl floor tiles
Christmas in April                                                                                     were installed in the mas-
project learned that                                                           photo by Kurt Arnold ter bathroom and in the
success is the result                                                                                  kitchen and dining room.
                          The front of Marie Fields’ home before volunteers began any work.            New baseboards were
of hard work and
determination.                                                                                         placed around the living
                                            stick. The concrete was chipped away        room and kitchen walls. Electricians
This year’s project began the weekend and a new pad was poured. The two                 finished the electrical work for the
of April 5 with removal of an old stor-     old patio doors were removed and a          stove/oven and tested all the electrical
age shed located on the Marie Fields’       new one installed.                          outlets. New light fixtures were
back patio. The major project for this                                                  installed in the kitchen and dining
weekend was the removal of the              On April 12 and 13, volunteers primed room. A new stove hood was installed
home’s front concrete walkway.              and began painting the interior of          under the kitchen cabinet, which was
                                            Marie’s home. Her kitchen wall,             remounted onto the wall. The home’s
The old “front step”                                                                                     exterior trim and win-
was an obstacle for                                                                                      dow bars were primed.
Marie Fields’ electric
scooter to enter and                                                                                     On the final weekend,
exit the front door. A                                                                                   new carpeting and
few volunteers                                                                                           padding were installed
removed the front step                                                                                   in the living room, hall-
and later poured a new                                                                                   way, and master bed-
concrete ramp to allow                                                                                   room. New closet
Marie’s scooter to easi-                                                                                 doors, with a fresh coat
ly enter and exit her                                                                                    of paint, were installed
home. Other volun-                                                                                       in the bedrooms and in
teers patched the interi-                                                                                the hallway. New drap-
or walls, including the                                                                                  ery rods and mini
living room’s paneled                                                                                    blinds were hung in the
walls which were first                                                                                   bedrooms and the living
                                                                                 photo by Kurt Arnold room. The biggest
“roughed up” by using
handheld sanders.           The exterior of Marie’s home after it received a fresh coat of white         transformation was
Decorative faux bricks      paint and the trim a light blue coat.                                        made to the exterior of
were removed from the                                                                                    the home. The home’s
wall in front of the                                                                                     exterior received a
kitchen sink. Carpeting was removed         above the sink, was resurfaced. The         fresh coat of white paint and the trim a
from the living room, hallway, and          toilet in the hallway bathroom was          light blue coat. Several volunteers
Marie’s bedroom. Old tiles were             replaced with a new, handicap-accessi- raked the back yard, trimmed the trees,
removed from the kitchen, dining            ble model. A new vanity and sink            lay sod in the front yard, and planted
room, and master bathroom floors.           were installed in the master bathroom.      new flower beds. Fred Tarantino,
The concrete slab underneath the two        The home’s exterior walls were              Bechtel Nevada’s president and general
patio doors, off the kitchen, was crum-     patched and the outside trim was
bling and causing the doors to sag and      scraped in preparation of a new coat of continued on page 10
June 2002                                          SiteLines                                                          10

Neighbors helping neighbors
continued from page 9                     Gary Gardner and his wife Michelle;                   Irina; Biff Thompson;
                                          Robert Hill; Janet Hough-               Mike Thompson, Gary “Thor”
manager, visited the project site and     DiLorenzo; Brad Joseph; Lee Kapit;      Thormahlen; Cle Threats (House
met with Marie and members of her         Darrell “Duke” Killen; John Kitt        Captain) and his daughter Moneica;
family.                                   and his daughter Raina; Judith          Paul Toles; Nancy Tufano; Fred
                                          Lacuadra; Dan Loney and his wife        Watson; DL Whittington, and Sam
At the end of the final day, the number   Debby; Kenny Machynia; Kurt             Williams.
of days and
hours to com-                                                                                        Two high schools,
plete the job                                                                                        Mojave High
did not matter.                                                                                      School and
The dedicated                                                                                        Silverado High
volunteers                                                                                           School, offered
could see the                                                                                        volunteer students
results of their                                                                                     to join in partici-
hard work                                                                                            pating in this
reflected on the                                                                                     year’s project.
smiles of                                                                                            Students who gave
Marie and her                                                                                        up a Saturday
family’s faces                                                                                       included:
as they settled
back into their                                                                                      Mojave High
renewed home.                                                                                        School
                                                                                                     Kurt Cady,
The hard work                                                                                        Kristopher Dalton,
and determina-                                                                                       Brett Donaldson,
tion of the fol-                                                                                     Aaron Gentil,
lowing people                                                                                        Robert Hill,
enabled the                            photo by Von Moll                          photo by Von Moll Nicholas Kennedy,
success of this                                                                                      Ryan Raagan,
                 Marina Tharin (right, daughter of          Team work is an important aspect of
year’s project:                                                                                      Kevin Rafferty
                 Cathi and Lou Tharin) helps Jeanie         Christmas in April work. Dennis          (parent), Matt
                 Sexton (left, daughter of Ann Sexton)      Finney (left) lends a helping hand as
Kurt Arnold                                                                                          Rafferty, Ericka
                 trim branches on one of Marie Fields’      John Kitt installs a new security door Rockwood
(Team            front yard trees.                          on Marie Fields’ home.
Coordinator);                                                                                        (teacher and
Richard                                                                                              coach), James
Avina; Fred Beecher; John                Martinez; Gilbert Medina; Steve          Tuitama, and Neil Vogt.
Birkland; Vicky Birkland; Tamiko          Metta; John Millender; Any Moore;
Brown; Brenda Carter (Home                Tommy Joe Morrissey; Kelly              Silverado High School
Ambassador); Nelson Cochrane; JL          Murphy; William “Frenchy”               Steven Castiblanco, Xiera Desamero,
Ecker; Carla Ellis; James Faglier;        Nichols and his wife, Barbara; daugh-   Nicole Dupre, Miren Guenechea,
Dennis Finney and his wife Cheryl         ter Geneva, and son Luke; Cheryl        Johnson Kuo, and Marites Molina.
Rodriguez; Roger Flanagan; Don            Oar; John Pennington, Sr.; Phyllis
Foster;                                   Radack; Harry Saxton; Ann Sexton        A special thanks to Dr. Fisher, Home
                                          and her husband Charlie, and daughter   Depot, Nevada Linen Supply (Cheryl
continued on page 7                       Jeanie; Ralph Somers; Randy             Lydon), Nina Cleaners, and Port of
continued from page 6                     Summers; Cathi Tharin, Lou              Subs for their generous donations and
                                          Tharin, and daughters Marina and        discounts.

                   In the next issue of SiteLines ...
                   * Accelerated NTS cleanup
                   * Motorola Weblink Wireless dedication
                   * Six Sigma update
June 2002                                             SiteLines                                                               11

   Beyond                    the call
                                           of $250 from Bechtel Nevada.             individually on the patent. Any
  Bechtel Nevada                                                                    licensing fee or royalties received
  employee receives                        Inventors receiving awards for their
                                           patent applications included:
                                                                                    from the commercial development
                                                                                    of the technology are shared with
  CEM designation                          Curt Allen, Special Technologies
                                                                                    the patentees with a portion used to
                                                                                    reinvest back into research and
  by Jennifer Morton                       Laboratory in Santa Barbara, Calif.,     development activities and the
                                           for “Human Motion Detector,” a           remainder used to fund additional
  Congratulations to Bechtel Nevada        radar technology for locating people     patent work.
  employee, Michael Petullo who            buried in rubble.
  recently received the Certified                                                   This year marks the first time that
  Emergency Manager (CEM) desig-           John DiBenedetto and Kevin Kyle,         employees have received patent
  nation, the highest honor of profes-     Special Technologies Laboratory in       application awards. These awards
  sional achievement available from        Santa Barbara, Calif., for a forensic    were designed as an incentive to
  the International Association of         technology which visualizes dried        encourage other inventors in the
  Emergency Managers (IAEM).               blood.                                   company to submit their ideas for
                                                                                     patentable inventions.
  Petullo, a senior technician who              Intellectual Property
  works in emergency management,                                                    For additional information about
  joined 28 other selected candidates                                               Bechtel Nevada’s Technology
  completed an extensive credential        Intellectual property is the explosive   Transfer Program or assistance in
  package, a management essay in           growth area of the information age.      filling out the patent application
  response to a scenario the person        The term covers patents, copyrights      form, contact John Elliott, BN
  might face while fulfilling emer-        and trademarks and how businesses        (702-295-0256) or Cheryl Miller,
  gency management responsibilities,       can license and transfer these rights    BN (702-295-2978).
  and a written examination.               as if they were actual physical prop-
  Certification is effective for five      erty.
  years at which time professional
  development and commitment to
  the emergency management profes-
                                           Bechtel Nevada’s execution support       BN employee is
                                           group covers other aspects of tech-
  sion are required for recertification.
                                           nology transfer including coopera-       team leader at
  The IAEM is a nonprofit educa-           tive research and development
  tional organization dedicated to         agreements (CRADA); work for oth-        high school ethics
  promoting the goals of saving lives      ers (WFO); and non- disclosure
  and protecting property during           agreements.
  emergencies and disasters. In its                                                 by Jann Bisterfeldt
  membership, there are more than
  1,800 emergency managers repre-                                                    “Ethics,” a highly regarded training
  senting local, state, and federal gov-                                            topic within Bechtel Nevada, was
  ernment; private industry; and mili-     Robert Buckles and Boris Yen             the topic at a recent Livermore,
  tary emergency managers. The             (retired), Livermore Operations in       California high school workshop.
  emergency management certification       Livermore, Calif., for “Series           Allen Riddle, Livermore
  program was developed over the last      Transmissions Line Transformer,”         Operations’ mechanical engineer,
  several years by IAEM and is fund-       an impedance matching technology         served as one of the team leaders for
  ed by the Federal Emergency              for electronic circuits.                 this inaugural event.
  Management Agency.
                                           As part of management and operat-        This event, supported by the Tracy
                                           ing contract with the National           Unified School District’s program
  Inventors receive                        Nuclear Security Administration
                                           Nevada Operations, Bechtel Nevada
                                                                                    “Character Counts!” (a project of the
                                                                                    Josephson Institute of Ethics),
  monetary awards                          conducts technology transfer activi-
                                           ties for technologies invented in the
                                                                                    emphasizes six pillars of character:
                                                                                    trustworthiness, respect, responsibil-
  by John Elliott                          course of business. Under Bechtel        ity, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
                                           Nevada’s technology transfer pro-
  Five inventors, whose ideas were         gram, employees associated with
  turned into patent applications,         developing technology that has           continued on page 12
  received individual monetary awards      potential commercial use are listed
 June 2002                                                  SiteLines                                                                     12

    Beyond                       the call
   continued from page 11                        Finally, a karate club demonstrated
                                                 their skills and spoke to students on          Wackenhut Services, Inc. (WSI) rec-
                                                 their experiences of escaping drugs,           ognizes employees who go beyond
   As team leader, Riddle guided his             gangs, and building their self-confi-          the call of duty with a special award.
   group of eight students, ranging in           dence by enrolling in a school of              The award known as Above and
   age from 14 to18, through a discus-           karate and learning to promote a bal-          Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD)
   sion pertaining to the various issues         ance of the mind, body, and spirit.            has been awarded to the following
   brought up by keynote speakers.                                                              WSI employees:
   Some of those issues revolved                 “The entire event was very success-
   around the importance of character            ful and did a good job of helping              Hershel Parks was presented an
   development, the types of character-          students mentally bridge the gap               ABCD award for the outstanding job
   istics that tend to make some people          between high school, college, and/or           he did while serving as the supply
   more successful than others, and              the workplace,” Riddle said sum-               sergeant in the absence of the regu-
   what characteristics employers seek           ming up his experience at this year’s          larly scheduled individual.
   during the hiring process. The group          event.
   also formulated and presented appro-                                                         John Holliday performed the duties
   priate questions related to those             According to Linda Spaulding, char-            of the vehicle sergeant in an exem-
   issues.                                       acter education coordinator for Tracy          plary manner over the past three
                                                 Unified School District, Riddle was            months, which resulted in him
   The day included a financial activity         chosen because “he is an excellent             receiving an ABCD award.
   during which they chose a lifestyle           example for our students.”
   and were able to evaluate their cost                                                         An ABCD award was given to Leo
   of living. Upon completion, “they             “This all-day event, which judging             Price due to his outstanding support
   could begin to see that $8.00 per             from the enthusiasm generated, will            that he continually provides to all
   hour at the mall was not going to cut         become an annual event,” said                  customers, both internal and exter-
   it for the rest of their life,” expressed     Spaulding.                                     nal.
   Riddle. “The activity was particular-
   ly successful and opened the eyes of                                                         M. Keith Frandsen celebrated his
   more than one student. They were                                                             40th anniversary with WSI on May
   unaware of how much their parents
                                                 ABCD Award win-                                6, 2002.
   subsidized their lifestyle,” he added.
                                                 by Sharil Hamlin

                             Lessons Learned
                                                                                                 may explode if left in an enclosed vehicle
Summer, a season of                             The bright, reflective sun can also cause        during high temperatures. A normally sta-
                                                problems. A few years ago, a pedestrian          ble compound may become unstable at ele-
changing conditions                             was hit by a vehicle at Rocky Flats,             vated temperatures. Gas containers left in
by Dawn Starrett                                Colorado. The position of the sun in the         direct sunlight for long periods of time can
                                                driver’s face and a dirty windshield were        explode. Vehicle tires experience dry rot
                                                part of the causes. Visibility is extremely      from sun damage which creates the poten-
In most areas of the country, summer is         limited to the east during the morning and       tial for a blowout.
associated with enjoyable weather condi-        to the west in the evening hours. Drivers
tions. Summer in the desert consists of dry     can help decrease the hazard by wearing          Evaluate work scopes for potential heat-
winds, intense sun, and extreme heat.           sunglasses, keeping windshields clean, and       related hazards and other changing condi-
These changing conditions can result in         using their sun visors. Pedestrians need to      tions. To ensure worker safety, planning
unsafe situations when traveling to work,       remain alert to traffic conditions and ensure    documents should consider changing con-
while at work, or when leaving work.            that drivers have seen them before proceed-      ditions and incorporate lessons learned,
                                                ing in crosswalks or when crossing inter-        whether from here or from other facilities.
There are many hazards associated with the      sections.
wind. The wind can dehydrate workers at                                                          If you have a lesson learned related to
a faster rate, but it can also decrease visi-   Heat may increase the air pressure within a      changing conditions, contact Dawn
bility and create dry, dusty conditions that    sealed drum. It becomes a hazard to an           Starrett, site lessons learned coordinator
may require some type of dust suppression.      unsuspecting worker when preparing to            (702-295-4297).
Safety glasses are not designed to protect      open the drum. Aerosol cans, and other
against airborne dust and dirt particles.       containers with contents under pressure,
June 2002                                            SiteLines                                                                  13

Affirmative Procurement – Closing the recycle loop
by Al Karns                                facilities to purchase certain items          It is the responsibility of every
                                           made with recycled materials.                 employee who purchases an item to
In previous articles, they addressed                                                     find out whether that item is on the
how employees at federal facilities are    This law is governed by the                   designated list or not. If the item is, it
required by law to recycle. Making         Environmental Protection Agency               must contain recycled material.
sure our recyclable materials are          (EPA) which has published a list of           Purchasing an item on the EPA-
placed into the recycling containers is    items that, when purchased, must con-         Designated List containing virgin
the first step of the recycle loop.        tain recycled materials. The EPA-             materials requires one of the following
                                                Designated List contains the fol-        justifications:
                                                lowing 55 categories of products.
                                                When an item is purchased that               • Product is not available within a
                                                falls into one of these categories, it         reasonable period of time.
                                                must contain a minimum amount                • A product does not meet appro-
                                                of recycled or remanufactured                  priat performance standards.
                                                materials. A few examples                    • A product is only available at an
                                                include:                                       unreasonable price.
                                                                                             • There is not adequate competi-
                                               Landscaping Products                            tion.
                                                      Garden and soaker hoses
                                                      Hydraulic mulch                    Buyers, P-Card holders, and people
                                                  Paper-Based Hydraulic Mulch            issuing blanket releases must ensure
                                                  Wood-Based Hydraulic Mulch             that affirmative procurement proce-
                                                                                         dures are followed. By doing so, we
                                                                                         stimulate a market for these products
                                                                                         which brings down their price, making
                                                                                         them more competitive with similar
                                                                                         items made with virgin materials.

                                                                                         To view the categories, visit
                                                                                         additional information on affirmative
The second step of the recycle loop is                                                   procurement, contact Al Karns,
making new products out of the mate-                                                     Bechtel Nevada (702-295-5689).
rial. Items that have been placed into
recycling containers eventually make                                                     Buying green closes the recycle loop.
their way to a manufacturer. At the
manufacturing plant, these items are
melted or broken down and made into
new products. Aluminum cans are                Plastic lumber landscaping timbers
melted down and made into new alu-             and posts
minum cans or aluminum lawn furni-                 HDPE
ture. Plastic bottles are melted down              Mixed
and made into carpet, new bottles, and             plastics/Sawdust
our famous P2 T-shirts. Paper and                  HDPE/Fiberglass
cardboard are turned into pulp and                 Other mixed resins
made into new paper products. Even             Lawn and garden edg-
old tires are recycled into drip irriga-       ing
tion hose.                                         Plastic and/or
Most of us are familiar with these first       Compost made from
two steps, but what about the third            yard trimmings or food
step? The third step is called affirma-        waste
tive procurement, the process of buy-
ing goods that have been made with
recycled or remanufactured materials       Vehicular Products
(also known as buying green). Once             Engine coolants
again, federal law, the Resource               Re-refined lubricating
Conservation and Recovery Act                  oils
(RCRA), requires employees at federal          Retread tires
June 2002                                          SiteLines                                                      14

Bechtel Nevada                                       Lopez, Michael            20 years    John Watson
35 years    Las Vegas - Charles                      Simpson, Michael
            Mitton, Marv Wollins;                    Thompson; Special         15 years    Clay Cooper, Shellie
            Nevada Test Site - Bobby                 Technologies Laboratory               Dawson Dorothy
            Witt; Los Alamos                         - John Flournoy; Los                  Miller, Steve Mizell
            Operations - Albert                      Alamos Operations -       10 years    Travis Mcord, Susan
            Salazar                                  Joyce Towell                          Edwards, Winfrey
30 years    Las Vegas - Jacquelynn      New Hires Las Vegas - Paul Adams,
            Smith, Wilbur Tipton;                 Elizabeth Atkins, Teri       5 years     Barbara Jackson
            Los Alamos Operations -               Baca, Nicole Benavidez,
            John Echave                           Charles Carns, Carlos        IT Corp.
                                                  Figueroa, John Frasca,       10 years    Patricia Luke
25 years    Las Vegas - Edythe                    Mark Hedges, Gerald
            “Dee” Boyd, Gail Cohn;                McCormack, Jr., April        5 years     Candice Fillmore
            Nevada Test Site - James              McHenry, Erik Nielsen,
            Fisher, Jr., Donald Le                George Powell, Barrett       SCI
            Claire                                Shaw, Stephen                5 years     Anita Temple
                                                  Swanson, Daniel Ward;
20 years    Las Vegas - Kendall                   Nevada Test Site -           Lawrence Livermore National
            Braithwaite, Stanley                  LaTonya Carson, Jerry                    Laboratory
            Brewster, Linda                       Dugas, Kimberly Fry,         20 years    Donald Felske, Steven
            Hansen; Nevada Test Site              Brian Garrett, David                     Stark
            - Richard Olson; Los                  Lanier, William
            Alamos Operations -                   Tempelton, Ronald            Los Alamos National Laboratory
            Cenobio Gallegos,                     Warren; Special              20 years    Clifford Oliver
            Ronald Ramsey; RSL-                   Technologies Laboratory
            Andrews - Ardena Carr                 - Clare Kimblin, Brian       Ruchman Associates Incoporated
                                                  Maddux, David                5 years    Darlene Meissner
15 years    Las Vegas - James                     Piasecki; Los Alamos
            Scherr, Ray Tibbits, Jr.;             Operations - Craig           Wackenhut Services Inc.
            Nevada Test Site - Dawn               Kruschwitz, Heather          25 years    Las Vegas - Howard
            Fletcher; Los Alamos                  Leffler                                  Hoye; Nevada Test Site -
            Operations - Douglas                                                           Deloy Martinez
            Devore, Brent Frogget       National Nuclear Security
                                        Administration Nevada Operation        15 years    Las Vegas - Roxianna
10 years    Las Vegas - Carol Perry;    Office                                             Frehner, Vivian Valvo
            Nevada Test Site - John     20 years      Bruce Stolte
            Kozsan, Mark Krauss,                                               10 years    Nevada Test Site -
            Denise Sapariti; Special    15 years      Angela Harvey, Bruce                 Charles Stronach
            Technologies Laboratory                   Hurley, Mark
            - Howard Wong                             McCusker
                                                                               — Compiled by Tamiko Brown
5 years     Las Vegas - Ronald          10 years      Bobbie McClure
            Butters, Dallin Wrigley;
            Nevada Test Site - Frank    Desert Research Institute
June 2002                                            SiteLines                                                               15

          ring                                           for                           cati
  Par                                                                                       on

This new feature will highlight the programs and activities of the U.S. Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office and
Bechtel Nevada’s partnership with the Clark County School District’s Focus School Program.

 Space Day 2002                              After the mission is completed, the       The April winners for Kit Carson
 by Judith Lacuadra                          posters are returned to the schools for   Elementary School’s Accelerated
                                             display, along with an official NASA      Reading program are: Shalice Allen,
 Jim Bridger Junior High School was          certification verifying the signatures    Monick Anderson, Jose Barreto,
 one of 34 lucky Nevada schools              flew in space. A photo of the crew        Na’Stasha Bell, Naya Givens,
 selected to participate in Space Day’s      that took the signatures up into space    Channel Green, Keelan Harvey,
 “Student Signatures in Space.”              is also presented to each school.         Pa’Tina Horner, Tikimothy Jerkins,
 Limited space requirements aboard                                                     Curion Jones, Jarisse McCraney,
 each Space Shuttle make the signa-          Space Day is now in its sixth year and    Francine Mitchell, Troy Reyenosa,
 tures a very rare piece of cargo.           its goal is to advance science, math      Jajuan Shumate, Clifford Smith-
                                             and technology and to inspire young       Finks, Kasandra Thrower, and
 Space Day’s “Student Signatures in          people across the world to participate    Mayra Vargas-Juarez. The winners
 Space” is an opportunity for elemen-        and get enthused over the space pro-      will receive prizes given to the school
 tary and middle school students to          gram. Space Day 2001 marked the           by Bechtel Nevada.
 send their personal signatures into         mission with the two millionth signa-
 space on the U.S. Space Shuttle.            ture flown through space.                 Congratulations to all the readers.
 Sponsored by the National
 Aeronautical and Space                      John Glenn is co-chair of Space Day
 Administration (NASA) and Lockheed          2002. Glenn piloted the Mercury-
 Martin Corporation, 500 schools each        Atlas 6 “Friendship 7” spacecraft on
 year are chosen to participate in this      the first manned orbital mission of the   Field Day at
 exciting program. The goal is to            United States in 1962. Glenn’s return
 ensure that all 50 U.S. states are repre-   to space in 1998, at the age of 77, is    Quannah McCall
 sented in the program each year.            among the most remarkable achieve-        by Kirsten Kellogg
                                             ments in NASA’s history.
 There is no cost to the schools to par-                                               The school year is quickly winding
 ticipate in this program. All costs,        For additional information on Space       down, and students and teachers alike
 including all shipping costs, are gener-    Day Nevada, contact co-chair Mary         are working hard to prepare for the
 ously paid for by Lockheed Martin           Nichols, BSC (702- 295-1190) or co-       tests that will promote students to the
 Corporation.                                chair Dave Nichols, BN (702-295-          next grade level. In the midst of all
                                             2622) or visit          the studying, Quannah McCall
 Selected schools, including Jim                                                       Elementary School students got a
 Bridger Junior High School, were sent
 giant posters for their students to sign
                                             Accelerated                               chance to have some fun during the
                                                                                       school’s annual Field Day.
 for Space Day, held each May.
 Participants return the posters to
                                             Reading winners                           On April 25 and 26, more than 400
 Lockheed Martin where the posters
 are individually photographed and the
                                             for April                                 students in the first through fifth
                                                                                       grades let off some steam by running,
 negatives then sent to NASA. NASA           by Judith Lacuadra                        jumping, crawling, and climbing their
 packages the negatives and includes                                                   way through the Field Day activities.
 them in the manifest of a scheduled         Jim Bridger Junior High School has        Anticipating that the students could
 U.S. Space Shuttle mission this fall.       three winners for their Accelerated       use a snack after all of that exercise,
 The mission selected is always              Reading program for April: Alexis         the National Nuclear Security
 launched in the fall to ensure that         Fernandez, Zachary Marshel, and           Administration Nevada Operations
 most schools are in session and allows      Jasmine Williams. The three stu-
 the students to follow “their” mission.     dents will receive basketballs, provid-   continued on page 17
                                             ed by Bechtel Nevada, as their prize.
June 2002                                         SiteLines                                                        16

 June 11 (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)       July 24 (11:30 a.m., repeated at       Center, Nashville, Tenn. For addi-
 Energizers Toastmasters club meeting.    12:15 p.m.)                            tional information, visit American
 Amargosa Conference Room (C112),         NNSA/NV’s Brown Bag Film Series:       Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE)
 Nevada Support Facility. Contact         “ Buster - Jangle [Part I].” Great     web site
 Alice Shillock, BN (702-295-5581).       Basin Room (A-106), Nevada Support     (
                                          Facility. Contact Jeff Gordon, BN      t.html).
 June 19-20                               (702-295-1628) or Michael Brown,
 Annual Nevada Test Site                  RAI (702-295-0552).                    June 9-13
 Classification Symposium. Nevada                                                American Nuclear Society’s 2002
 Support Facility, North Las Vegas,       July 25                                Annual Meeting, “The Revival of the
 Nev. Contact Hilda Guerrero,             NTS Public Tour, open to interested    Nuclear Power Option.” The Westin
 NNSA/NV (702-295-0178).                  members of the public. CP-1, Sedan     Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, Fla. For
                                          Crater, Frenchman Flat, HAZMAT         additional information visit ANS’s
 June 20                                  Spill Center, Bilby Crater, Area 5     website (
 NTS Public Tour, open to interested      Low-level Radioactive Waste            al/).
 members of the public. CP-1, Sedan       Management Site, Apple II houses.
 Crater, Frenchman Flat, HAZMAT           Contact Brenda Carter, BN (702-        June 16-20
 Spill Center, Bilby Crater, Area 5       295-0944).                             Health Physics Society’s 47th Annual
 Low-level Radioactive Waste                                                     Meeting. Tampa Convention Center,
 Management Site, Apple II houses.        August 21                              Tampa, Fla. For additional informa-
 Contact Brenda Carter, BN (702-          NTS Public Tour, open to interested    tion visit HPS’ website
 295-0944).                               members of the public. CP-1, Sedan     (
                                          Crater, Frenchman Flat, HAZMAT         ferences.html).
 June 26 (11:30 a.m., repeated at         Spill Center, Bilby Crater, Area 5
 12:15 p.m.)                              Low-level Radioactive Waste
 NNSA/NV’s Brown Bag Film Series:         Management Site, Apple II houses.                 July is:
 “ Hardtack.” Great Basin Room (A-        Contact Brenda Carter, BN (702-
 106), Nevada Support Facility.           295-0944).
 Contact Jeff Gordon, BN (702-295-
 1628) or Michael Brown, RAI (702-        September 24
 295-0552).                               NTS Public Tour, open to interested
                                          members of the public. CP-1, Sedan             Phone
 June 25 (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)       Crater, Frenchman Flat, HAZMAT
 Energizers Toastmasters club meeting.
 Amargosa Conference Room (C112),
                                          Spill Center, Bilby Crater, Area 5
                                          Low-level Radioactive Waste
 Nevada Support Facility. Contact
 Alice Shillock, BN (702-295-5581).
                                          Management Site, Apple II houses.
                                          Contact Brenda Carter, BN (702-                Month
 July 4
 NNSA/NV and contractor offices           Declassified Film Showings
 closed in observance of Fourth of July   For information on declassified film
 holiday.                                 showings at NTS CP-1, contact
                                          Denise Langendorf (702- 295-4015).
 July 9                                   For information on declassified film          National
 Energizers Toastmasters club meeting.    showings at NTS Yucca Mountain,
 Amargosa Conference Room (C112),         contact Rod Rodriguez (702-295-
 Nevada Support Facility. Contact         5825).                                       Purposeful
 Alice Shillock, BN (702-295-5581).
                                          Upcoming conferences and trade               Parenting
 July 23                                  shows
 Energizers Toastmasters club meeting.
 Amargosa Conference Room (C112),
 Nevada Support Facility. Contact         June 9-12
 Alice Shillock, BN (702-295-5581).       Safety 2002 “Advancing the EH&S
                                          Profession.” Opryland Convention
June 2002                                         SiteLines                                                             17

Partnering for
continued from page 14

Office (NNSA/NV) provided special
treats to all of the participants and

A great time was had by all of the stu-
dents, teachers, and volunteers.
Everyone was a winner so congratula-
tions to all of the participants.

If you would like to volunteer for                                                photo by Elizabeth Donnelly
upcoming Quannah McCall activities,
contact Connie Barricks, NNSA/NV              A Quannah McCall student leaps through a tire obstacle as
(702-295-1280).                               part of the school’s Field Day activities.

                                                                                          photo by Elizabeth Donnelly
                                                    Three Quannah McCall students race toward the finish line
                                                    during one of the many activities at the school’s annual Field

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