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									                                                     Dubuque Museum of Art        701 Locust St          Oky Doky Food Marts         250 W 1st

             Dubuque, Iowa                           Econofoods                   3355 JFK Rd            One Flite Up                48 Main St
AMOCO                          1450 Loras Blvd       Family Beverage Center       3201 Central Ave       Panera Bread                3423 Kennedy Circle
AMOCO                          1200 Cedar Cross Rd   Family Videos                2013 Central Ave       Perkins                     3500 Dodge
AMOCO                          1215 E 16th           Finley Hospital              350 N Grandview        Phoenix Fitness             880 White St.
AMOCO                          3300 Asbury Rd        Five Point Sinclair Mart     405 Rhomberg Ave       Quizno’s                    4800 Asbury Rd.
                                                     Grand Harbor                 350 Bell St            Reality Check               1085 University Ave

AMOCO                          JFK Rd
Andaluz                        257 Main Street       Grape Harbor                 123 Main St            The Whiskey                 1064 University
Applebee’s                     1395 Associates Dr    HC & Company                 3392 Hillcrest Rd      Uncle Ike’s                 2300 JFK Rd
Arby’s Q-Mart                  10 Main St            Heartland Inn                4025 Dodge St          University of Dubuque       2000 University Ave
Athenian Grill                 1091 University Ave   Heartland Key West           2090 Southpark Ct.     West Locust Mart            408 W Locust St
Banzai                         2255 JFK Rd           Hennigers Hallmark           799 Main St.           YM/YWCA                     Booth St.
Big 10 Mart                    1875 JFK              Holiday Inn                  451 Main St                        Holy Cross, Iowa
Borders Books                  Kennedy Mall          House of China               JFK Rd                  Mid-Mart               Hwy 52
Budde’s Short Stop
Busted Lift
                               299 Main
                               10651 Key West Dr
                               180 Main St
                                                     Hy-Vee Gas Station
                                                                                  3500 Dodge
                                                                                  4800 Asbury Rd
                                                                                  2355 NW Arterial
                                                                                                          Noonan’s North

                                                                                                                                 917 Main Street
                                                                                                                     Sageville, Iowa
                                                                                                                                 11941 Hwy. 52 N
                                                                                                                                                                   at these

Cafe Mana Java                 269 Main St           IOCO Speede Shoppe           15080 RR Hwy 20 W
                                                                                                                     Epworth, Iowa
Capri                          375 Main St           Java Dreams                  1895 University Ave.
Carlos O’Kelly’s               1355 Associates Dr    Julien Inn                   200 Main St            Total Chaos             107 Main St
                                                     Jumpers Sports Bar & Grill   2600 Dodge St          Quik-n-Handi            206 S. Center Ave
Carnegie Stout Library         360 11 St
Casey’s                        5501 Asbury Rd        Kephart’s                    1157 Central                       Cascade, Iowa
Casey’s                        2699 Rockdale Rd      Kwik Stop                    2150 Twin Valley Dr    Dagwoods                231 1st Ave W
                                                     Kwik Stop Food Mart          2360 Central Ave
CD’s 4 Change                  3305 Asbury Rd                                                                           Peosta, Iowa
Century Nautilus Health Club   805 Century Drive     Kwik Stop Food Mart          2320 Gateway Dr
                                                                                                         AmericInn               100 Peosta St                      East Dubuque, Illinois                            Platteville, WI
Chamber of Commerce/                                 Kwik Stop Food Mart          2255 Kerper Blvd
                                                                                                         NICC                    Peosta                                                                   Benchwarmers            2nd St
Welcome Center                 3rd Main Street       Kwik Stop Food Mart          2355 University Ave                                                      Big 10 Mart                448 Sinsinawa Ave
                                                                                                         Peosta 66               185 Peosta St                                                            Country Kitchen         Hwy 151
Clarke College                 1550 Clarke Dr        Kwik Stop Food Mart          4039 Pennsylvania                                                        The Coliseum/Arena         136 Sinsinawa Ave
                                                                                                                     Galena, Illinois                                                                     Dick’s Supermarket      Water St
Cold Stone Creamery            Wacker Plaza          Loras College                1450 Alta Vista St                                                       Dino’s Backside            68 Sinsinawa Ave
                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Holiday             2nd St
Comfort Inn                    4055 Dodge            Mainstay Suites              1275 Associates Dr     Best Western/Quiet House   Hwy 20                 Family Beer and Liquor     20200 US Hwy 20 W
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jeff’s Ioco             Hwy 81
Country Kitchen                University Ave        Midway Hotel                 3100 Dodge             Cannova’s                  Main St                Mulgrew’s Liquor Store     244 Sinsinawa Ave   Kwik Trip               Water St
Creslanes                      255 S Main            Miguel’s Coffee Shop         Wacker Plaza           Chestnut Mountain          Black Jack Rd          Sinsinelli’s               79 Sinsinawa Ave    Orville T’s             2nd St
Culvers                        4800 Asbury Rd        Mississippi Mud Bistro       373 Bluff              Country Inn                Hwy 20                 Timmermans                 7777 Timmerman Dr   Park Inn                Hwy 151
Days Inn                       1111 Dodge St         Molly’s Pub                  395 W 9th              Desoto House               Main St                Vans                       470 Sinsinawa Ave   Pizzeria Uno            Hwy 151
                                                     Moondog Music                806 Wacker Plaza       Dick’s Supermarket         Hwy 20                                                                Platteville Shell       Hwy 151
Denny’s Lux Club               3050 Asbury Rd
Diamond Jo                     3rd St Ice Harbor     National River Museum        Port of Dubuque        Eagle Ridge                Territories                           Kieler, WI                      Stop & Go Platteville   Hwy 80
                                                     NICC - Dubuque               700 Main St            Hartig’s Galena            Hwy 20                                                                UW-Platteville          Pioneer Center
Dog House                      1646 Asbury Rd                                                                                                               BP Station              Hwy 151
                                                     Oky Doky                     Iowa St                Irish Cottage              Hwy 20
Doughtery’s                    8th Street                                                                JV Vinyl                   Main St
Dubuque Discount Gas           4110 Dodge St         Oky Doky Food Marts          535 Hill St
                                                                                                         McDonalds                  Hwy 20                               Cuba City, WI                               Hazel Green, WI

Dubuque Discount Gas II        2175 Central Ave      Oky Doky Food Marts          1050 University Ave                                                                                                     Gas and Moor            Hwy 35
                                                                                                         R&L Gas Mart               Hwy 20                  Kwik Trip               212 S. Main
Dubuque Discount Gas III       3270 Dodge St         Oky Doky Food Marts          2010 Kerper Blvd                                                                                                        Sandy Hook Tavern       3836 Shady Hook Rd.
                                                                                                         Stoney Creek Inn           Galena Sq
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Southwest Mart          3525 Percival

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