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					                                    SIMPLE SALMON                                                          M E LT AWAY H E A LT H

                                                    Eat more fat.                                They’re not chocolate. They’re not
                                                       When it comes to the omega-3              cream-filled. They’re not huge. So
                                                    fats in fish, nearly all experts agree       you wouldn’t expect Hickory Farms’
                                                    with that advice. Fish fats don’t just       Melt Away Mints to be worse than
                                                    lower cholesterol. They also help            any other sugary, artificially colored
                                                    prevent sudden death heart attacks           and flavored candy. Ditto for the simi-
                                                    by stabilizing the heart’s rhythm.           lar bulk-bin mints that seem to materi-
                                                       And when it comes to fatty fish,          alize in the supermarket every holiday
                                                    you can’t beat salmon. It’s got more         season.
                                                    omega-3 fats—and much less mer-                 You’d be wrong. Each serving (just
                                                    cury—than tuna (or most other fish).         seven mints) has 210 calories and 11
                       But you can’t always stop to buy fresh salmon on your way home.           grams of saturated fat—more than half
                       And many people simply refuse to deal with the skin and bones             a day’s worth. That’s worse than a
                       that come in most brands of canned salmon.                                standard Baby Ruth, Butterfinger,
                         Now you don’t have to.                                                  Heath, Hershey Bar, Milky Way, Nestlé Crunch, Snickers,
                         Chicken of the Sea packs its Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon            3Musketeers, or nearly any other candy bar.
                       in a pouch that’s as shelf-stable as a can. The fish, which doesn’t          The problem isn’t chocolate. It’s worse. After sugar, the sec-
                       need to be drained, is ready to eat. Mash in a little light mayo or       ond ingredient in the mints is partially hydrogenated palm kernel
                       non-fat plain yogurt and chopped dill and you’ve got salmon               oil. Even non-hydrogenated palm kernel oil is 80 percent satu-
                       salad (some people will think it’s tuna). Flake some on a green           rated. Hydrogenation adds both saturated and (if there’s any
                       salad, mix some into a pasta salad, or shape                                                     room left) maybe some trans fat. Fats don’t
                                                                                                                        get much worse than palm kernel.

                       some into salmon cakes.
                         Like most canned salmon, Chicken of the                                                           If you like mints, try a bag of York
                       Sea’s pouched salmon is caught wild in              O F T HE M ON T H                            Peppermint Patties. Three patties weigh
                       Alaska. That means it has less dioxin than          For quick acorn squash, cut in half          about 11/2 ounces—just like the seven Melt
Photos: Nick Waring.

                       fresh farmed salmon. (The pouch says                and scoop out the seeds. Place cut           Away Mints.       But the patties have only 160
                       “Product of Thailand” because the Alaska             ends face-down on a plate with a            calories and two grams of sat fat.
                       salmon is sometimes packaged there.)                   few tablespoons of water and                 At least the York mints won’t cost you a
                         Salmon doesn’t get any simpler.                    microwave on high for about 10              mint in health insurance.
                                                                           minutes (or until tender). Turn cut
                       Chicken of the Sea: (858) 558-9663.                 ends face-up, drizzle with a table-          Hickory Farms: (800) 222-4438.
                                                                            spoon or two of maple syrup, and
                                                                                    broil until browned.

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