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                     the SEA Agri-Food Team wishes you a
                     Joyous Holiday Season!
                     Hello Canadian Exporters

                     As 2009 draws to a close, the SE Asia Team brings you a special combined CAN-SEA Fall/Christmas edition
 agri-food update
                     highlighting new exporter successes into the Region, newly-available market research and a host of product Trade
                     Leads - do check these out as many represent areas of new product interest from SE Asia. Also please take a look at
 July - December
             2009    the Special Feature on Canadian soybeans into Malaysia – a Canadian success story that keeps growing and growing.
          Issue 13
                     2009 successes in market access include the resumption of Canadian UTM (Under Thirty Months) boneless beef into
                     Singapore (boneless beef represents 85 per cent of all beef imported into Singapore); new market access into Vietnam
                     of OTM (Over Thirty months) Canadian boneless beef: approval of a new export certificate for Canadian porcine semen
                     into Thailand; and, approval of two new Canadian rendering plants for exportation of SRM (Specified Risk Material)-
                     removed MBM (meat and bone meal) into Indonesia.

                     However, a number of countries have also recently introduced new import measures of great concern to Canada:
                     Indonesia - Regulation 27 concerning establishing maximum residue levels (MRLs) on fresh food of plant origin;
                     Vietnam – Decision 46 on establishing MRLs / testing on imported foods; Thailand - new Public Health Notification on
                     “Food Containing Pesticide Residues”; and, Malaysia - notification to impose inspection fees for meat plants in 2010.
                     (See also Agri-Food news). These developments are being closely tracked by members of the SEA Agri-Food team and
                     their representations continue - to maintain access for Canada.

                     Finally, now is the time to lock in your Food Hotel Asia (FHA) participation (April 20-23, 2010) as space in the Canadian
                     Pavilion is two-thirds sold out and space at the show generally is fast disappearing. This expo, held only every two
                     years, is the PREMIER food trade event in SE Asia – and not to be missed by Canadian food companies who have – or
                     want – business in this part of the world. Contact Ms. Michele Zichy, now and book your

                     The SEA Agri-Food Team thanks you for your support
                     and collaboration of the past year and wishes you a                        Gretchen Bozak
                     Joyous Holiday Season. May the pause that you take                         Regional Agri-Food Trade Commissioner
                     this Holiday Season renew your belief in “peace on                         South East Asia
                     earth” and “men of goodwill” - and those thoughts lead                     Team Leader
                     you into a strong and prosperous 2010.
                                                                               CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

                             of Canadian companies in the region    Trade Commissioners@Your Service
                                                                    REGIONAL         Gretchen Bozak
    PHILIPPINES   A growing supermarket chain has ordered an        REGIONAL         Susan Loke
    extensive product mix from one of Canada’s private label        BRUNEI           Nurul Salwani
                                                                    CAMBODIA         Tony Finch
    PHILIPPINES   A major fast food chain has made an initial              
                                                                    INDONESIA        Hermawan
    direct purchase of Canadian pork amounting to $250,000.
                                                                    MALAYSIA         John Nojey
    THAILAND The first lot of frozen semen was recently shipped            
                                                                    PHILIPPINES      Yvette Buendia
    into the market.
                                                                    SINGAPORE        Francis Chan
    THAILAND A second shipment of canola meal arrived into                 
    the market.                                                     THAILAND         Surin Thanalertkul
                                                                    VIETNAM          Thu Dang-Anh
    MALAYSIA A major Montreal biotechnology company                        
    signed a collaboration agreement with Malaysian                 OTTAWA           Chris Anderson
    Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd in mid 2009 called “A
    Collaboration to Create the Centre for Marker Development
    & Validation”. The company participated in the recently-
    concluded BioMalaysia 2009 in Kuala Lumpur. The goal
    is to create a national facility that will assist Malaysian
    breeding efforts (public and private). The technology to
    be employed is Marker-Assisted Breeding which uses
    DNA markers to accelerate conventional plant and animal
    breeding programs. The CMDV will be hosted at the
    Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
    (MARDI). The collaboration has the following goals:
    Development of DNA marker sets specific to Malaysian
    germ-plasm in rice, cucurbits (watermelon) and goat;
    Development of a plan and gap analysis to assist MARDI in
    the design and setup of a state-of-the-art DNA marker lab;
    in-Canada training for Malaysian scientists; QC to ensure the
    CMDV has the correct skill set to deliver service excellence;
    and Follow-up consulting and advisement for 5 years
    subsequent to the launch of the CMDV (expected in July

    SINGAPORE The first shipment of boneless Canadian beef
    has arrived in Singapore after the beef ban was lifted in
    October 2009.

                                                                                          CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

Trade Leads    in SE Asia
                                                                        PHILIPPINES A major catering service company is sourcing
                                                                        poultry products and pasteurized eggs with the
                                                                        following requirements:

                                                                        frozen whole chicken, neckless, 1.3 kg to 1.5 kg per piece;
                                                                        thigh fillet and chicken breast fillet - thigh and breast fillet
    VIETNAM Vietnamese companies interested in importing                size is 110 to 135 gms;
    frozen salmon head with details as follows :                        whole chicken, uses 15 tons a month during lean season and
    Frozen Salmon Head (Atlantic salmon - salmon salar)                 as much as 21 tons on peak months;
    Weight: 500g + /pc. Straight cut                                    frozen pasteurized whole eggs, consumes 52 tons a year
    Quantity: abt 4 x 40’FCL /monthly                                   or 4300 kgs a month.
    Price: CFR HCMC Port Vietnam                              
    SINGAPORE    A prominent meat processing facility in                Opportunities in Pig Farming Technology in Sarawak,
    Singapore is requesting supply of Canadian pork for its             Malaysia. The first phase of one of Sarawak’s modern pig
    production of ham, sausage and salami products. Average             farm projects is being developed with more than C$20 million
    requirements could be up to one 40’ FCL of frozen pork cuts         invested in the initial infrastructure works. It is expected that
    monthly.                                                            close to C$100 million will be invested to complete the final
                                                                        phases of this project. As of August 2009, the CEO of the                                    farm indicated that their immediate needs are for:

    THAILAND                                                            •   Equipment for cutting and packaging chilled pork;
                                                                        •   Irradiation technology;
    A local sourcing agent is looking for conventional lentils          •   Technical expertise in all facets of managing and growing a modern
    from Canada to supply to overseas clients.                              pig farm; and
                                                                        •   Swine Genetics.
    A small well-established importer of Canadian maple syrup
    is exploring the opportunity to bring in bottled canola oil
                                                                        Delicatessen Products/Fine Food : A new local entry to
    from Canada to supply to HRI.
                                                                        the non-halal food market is keen to source Canadian
    A well-established grass noodle manufacturer is looking for         delicatessen products/fine food like pork pepperoni,
    yellow peas/green peas from Canada. The required                    etc.
    quantity is approx. 2,500MT/year.
                                                                        A successful Malaysian food chain is keen to source low
    A food ingredient company is looking for Canadian
                                                                        fat free cheese, alternative cheese and “healthy
    manufacturers/suppliers of egg white powder (or
                                                                        cheese”, cream and pre-mixes. Premixes are either
    albumin powder) Hi-Gel type. The required quantity is
                                                                        cheese being reconstituted into powder form instead of
    approx. 300MT/year.
                                                                        fresh cheese. Another form of premixes could be muffin mix                              in powder form. The chain is looking at ways to improve
                                                                        the process in production and know-how transfer, hence,
    BRUNEI    Ag Technology: Brunei is anxious to achieve food          premixes are one of the options. Generally, if there is
    security, particularly in the rice sector. Canada can assist with   something unique or alternative to cheese, it is willing to
    agricultural technology and perhaps substitution with               explore it. It is also open to interested parties in Canada
    corn, wheat and other products. Brunei’s Agro Technology            who are keen to franchise their business, perhaps in
    Park, under the Brunei Government, is looking for                   confectionary and/or bread which is an extension of the
    consultants for the upcoming newly-established Halal Food           chain’s business.
    Science Centre.

                                                                 CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

                             The Fruit Spread Market in the Philippines
                             An Overview of the Food Franchise Sector in the Philippines
    NewMarketReports         THAILAND
              @ATS website   Characteristics of Thailand’s Market for Animal Feed
                             Characteristics of the Market for Bakery Ingredients in Thailand

                             Use this link to go to reports :

                                              Building blocks of Canadian
                                              Presence at the largest and
                                              most prestigious international
                                              food & hospitality event in
                                              Held only every two years, it draws maximum buyer/trade/
                                              channel participation.

                                              Since its debut in 1978, FHA has had a track record of
                                              80% of the exhibitors being international companies. In
                                              2008, it had 2,626 exhibitors from 70 countries and 53,137
                                              trade visitors (41% overseas). There was significant
                                              representation from China and India, two of the largest
                                              markets in the world.

Upcoming                                                                               CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

TradeEventsin SE Asia

    2        FEBRUARY
             International Animal Health Genetics and
             Nutrition Congress (INAGHEN). Date: 03-05
                                                                19th National Hog Convention and Trade Exhibits. The convention is organized
                                                                by the National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc (NFHFI) will be a gathering of

             February 2010                                      hog farmers, both commercial and backyard, from all over Luzon, Visayas and
                                                                Mindanao. Date: 08-10 April 2010. Venue: Bangko Central ng Pilipinas, Davao
             Set in the country˙s largest exhibition and        City, Philippines.
             convention center occupying almost 10,000

             square meters of SMX Convention Center, SM         The three-day event is open and free to the public and will also have a series of
             Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines.     seminars on such subjects as swine management, prevention and eradication of
             There will be live animal displays and trade       common swine diseases, swine genetics as well as a forum with participation by
             shows for latest trend in livestock and poultry    hog and corn farmers as well as feed millers and cold chain members.

             products, displays and innovations in latest
             equipments, information, and services that will
                                                                NFHFI is the largest hog farmers group with 48 affiliated hog farmers associations
             focus on animal health, genetics, and nutrition.
                                                                all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The convention and trade exhibition is part
             There will be plenary sessions, conference
                                                                of NFHFI’s mission to protect and promote the interest of hog farmers as well as
             and seminars on up-to-date research, latest
                                                                enhance the opportunities for growth, efficiency, equity and sustainability of the
             technologies, commercial findings, veterinary
                                                                P$150-billion hog industry.
             medications, and other interesting topics from
             top Filipino and foreign resource speakers.
                                                                NFHFI is the country’s leading organization of hog farmers, both large and small
             MARCH                                              scale. It has been holding its annual convention and trade exhibits in different
             FIAAP Asia 2010: Trade Show and Conference         parts of the Philippines to enable as many people as possible to join it.
             for Feed Ingredients, Feed Additives and
             Formulation, Date : 03-05 March, 2010,             MAY
             Bangkok, Thailand. Website :         International Food Expo (IFEX). 7th year in the running, the event offers an
                                                                International Hall that welcomes a variety of food culture and exciting trends from
             Philippine International Food & Beverage           different countries turning IFEX into a truly global marketplace of luscious dishes
             Expo. This event aims to bring together Food       and exciting food ideas from every corner of the world. Date: 06-08 May 2010.
             & Beverage industry players and professionals      Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM), Manila, Metropolitan Manila,
             from the Philippines and around the world          Philippines.
             to interact, transact and explore unlimited
             business opportunities. This is the 3rd edition    JUNE
             of the session and will be held between 04-06      Manila Food & Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) is the first food & beverage show
             March 2010. Venue: World Trade Center Metro        of Worldbex Services International exclusively dedicated to the suppliers,
             Manila (WTCMM), Manila, Metropolitan Manila,       distributors, manufacturers, retailers and small scale providers of food and
             Philippines                                        beverage products to meet the needs of the rising demands of the food service
                                                                and hospitality industry. Date: 16-20 June 2010. Venue: World Trade Center,
             Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2010. The 7th           Metro Manila (WTCMM), Manila, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines.
             International Exhibition for Equipment, Food,
             Beverages and Services to Support Indonesia’s      JULY
             Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Date :         INDO LIVESTOCK 2010, Expo and Forum. The 5th Indonesia’s No.1 Livestock
             11 - 13 March 2010. Venue : Bali International     and Feed Industry event. Date : 8 – 10 July, 2010. Venue: Jakarta Convention
             Convention Centre, Nusa Dua, Bali – Indonesia      Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia.

             The 3rd International Livestock, Dairy, Meat       AUGUST
             Processing, and Aquaculture Exposition,            World Food Expo brings together under one roof the many different types of food,
             Vietnam (ILDEX) will take place at The New         beverage, and other related products from around the globe. Together with its
             Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Ho      line-up of top-grade seminars and innovative approach to expositions, the event
             Chi Minh City from March 25 - 27, 2010. For        offers an excellent opportunity to see and be seen. Date: 04- 07 August 2010.
             more information about the event, please visit     Venue: World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM), Manila, Metropolitan Manila,
             its website at     Philippines.

    Progress Report
                                                                                                CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009
     activities & events into SE Asia
                                                                             A Delegation from the Directorate General Livestock Services (DGLS)
                                                                             visited Canada in July 2009 to visit rendering plants in Canada. After
                                                                             the visit, DGLS approved two rendering plants to export SRM-removed
                                                                             MBM to Indonesia.
On October 6th, Post has received official word from AVA on the              A Delegation from the Directorate General Livestock Services (DGLS)
lifting of import suspension on Canadian boneless beef of under              visited Canada in July 2009 to visit meat plants in Canada. The
thirty months. A total of eight slaughter facilities/processing plants       delegation visited more than 10 meat plants.
in Canada have been approved for export of boneless beef cuts to
Singapore. An agreement between CFIA and AVA also allows for CFIA            Mr. Brian Double of Canadian Food Inspection Agency visited the
to add new federally inspected plants to the eligible list, subject to the   Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency in July 2009 to discuss
establishments meeting specific conditions from AVA. This protocol           conditions for the exportation of seed potatoes from Canada to
would pave the way for additional plants to be added to the list of          Indonesia.
approved faculties for export of Canadian beef to Singapore.

AVA’s October 15 letter announcing that Singapore has lifted its             VIETNAM
suspension on Canadian boneless beef from animals under 30 months            Together with CFIA, post has succeeded in obtaining approval from the
is a significant achievement. While only partial access has been             Vietnamese government for:
granted, we share the same access conditions with the US, and it is a        •   the market access for boneless beef from cattle over thirty months of age
necessary first step before full beef access could be considered.                from Canada (July, 2009)
                                                                             •   the revised export certificate for fish feed from Canada (October, 2009)
As boneless beef consumption constitutes over 85% of the Singapore
beef market, the achieved market access also presents significant
opportunities for Canadian beef suppliers. This partial access result        BRUNEI
is the culmination of over four years of effort by CFIA, AAFC, DFAIT         A preliminary meeting with the Head of Livestock & Veterinary Services
and Post. We now look forward to working with AVA towards full beef          Division from Department of Agriculture, Brunei, was held to discuss
access.                                                                      Livestock Genetics. More information was requested about CLGA and
                                                                             its services. Post has requested the health policy from the Brunei Govt
THAILAND                                                                     for CLGA consideration. A technical presentation has been requested
In October, Ambassador Ron Hoffmann called on the Thai Minister of           by the Brunei Govt to understand more of the requirements.
Agriculture as well as the President of the Office of the Thailand Trade     A meeting was held with the Agricultural Department in October on its
Representative. The meetings provided Ambassador Hoffmann an                 Strategic Plan 2008-2013 to clarify upcoming projects and ventures.
opportunity to press for an end to H1N1 and ractopamine-related              Part of the Strategic Plan includes proceeding with a “Zero-Poverty”
technical barriers that prevent access for Canadian swine and pork           goal through agricultural programming and the following steps:
products. Ambassador Hoffmann also shared documents with both
Cabinet members that detailed Canada’s perspective with respect to           •   Engagement of a consultant for the Establishment of Plant and Animal
H1N1 and ractopamine and laid groundwork for forthcoming official-               Quarantine services and Facilities in BRUNEI Darussalam (CAB
level discussions on these barriers.                                             International)

While leading a business delegation to Bangkok in mid-November,              •   Preparation of a complete legally-documented “Pesticide Act”
the Hon. Stockwell Day, Canada’s Minister of International Trade
and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, held bilateral meetings           •   Consultancy Project of QA/QC to measure pesticides residues on
with the President of the Office of the Thailand Trade Representative            agricultural commodities (fruit and vegetable sampling)
and Thailand’s Minister of Commerce, in both cases raising H1N1
and ractopamine issues. Most importantly, the Minister of Commerce           •   Facilitation towards formulation of agricultural policy
agreed to discuss H1N1 and ractopamine with the Thai Minister of
Agriculture.                                                                 •   Study on the requirements for agriculture-related legal documentation
                                                                                 and system regularization
BNGKK worked closely with a Canadian-based animal feed trading unit
to clarify Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) requirements for canola meal       MALAYSIA
and Canadian firms can now export this product to Thailand without a         CFIA submitted a formal letter to DVS Malaysia about concerns with
PC.                                                                          Malaysia’s SPS notification of 14 Sept 2009 to impose fees effective 1
                                                                             January 2010 for inspection of foreign abattoirs and processing plants
Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development approved a new                which export meat and products of animal origin to Malaysia. DVS is
export certificate for Canadian porcine semen.                               reviewing and a decision is pending.

                                                                                                CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

    Upcoming                             Post/AAFC/CFIA will continue work to have Thailand lift the ban on H1N1 to pork products.
      IMPROVING                          Post/AAFC/CFIA will continue work on health certificate for bovine embryo.
     activities & events into SE Asia
                                         Post continues to work with government contacts and also with CLGA, with regards to the proposal of
                                         Livestock Genetics in Brunei. Health Policy from Ministry of Health Brunei has been requested by CLGA
                                         before further negotiation. Currently, Brunei does not have a ruminant semen and embryo health protocols
                                         with Canada at this point. Further meetings will be held with Ministry of Health and Ministry of Religious
                                         Affairs to look into the matter.

    Upcoming                                                                                                       Progress Report
       OVERCOMING                                                                                                    OVERCOMING
    TECHNICALBARRIERS                                                                                             TECHNICALBARRIERS
      activities & events into SE Asia                                                                                 activities & events into SE Asia

PHILIPPINES                                        PHILIPPINES
AO-16 – Accreditation by the Philippines           As previously agreed with Philippine authorities, they have recently reaffirmed that Canadian
of Canada’s Meat Inspection and Export             companies who wish to export soybeans to the Philippines are required to complete all
Certification Systems: Post continues to           Phytosanitary requirements/ certificates; as fumigation will not be allowed once the shipment
liaise between the CFIA and Philippine             reaches the country.
authorities about the detailed next steps in the
accreditation process.                             INDONESIA
                                                   The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture will be implementing regulation No. 27/
A0-06 – Accreditation by the Philippines of        Permentan/P.340/5/2009 concerning Food safety control over the import and the export of
Canada’s rendering plants: Post has started to     fresh food of plant origin. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has submitted the application
liaise between CFIA and Philippine authorities     for recognition of food safety control system to the Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency
about the accreditation requirements and           (IAQA). Discussions are on going.
INDONESIA                                          Post and the CFIA have been working with the Department of Agriculture (DoA) to improve
Post will be working on the recognition of         import conditions for seed potatoes. CFIA and the Embassy officials met with the Thais on July
Canadian food safety control system by IAQA.       17 and as a result the following import conditions were agreed by both parties:

THAILAND                                           •    use of post-harvest tuber testing for PVY and PLRV using PCR for this coming export season.
                                                   •    post-harvest sampling for PCN.
Post/CFIA will continue work with DoA to           •    visual inspection for skin spot and powdery scab at port of entry.
resolve the potato wart buffer zone and PVA
requirements for seed potatoes.                    BRUNEI
                                                   Post met with the Food Safety and Quality Control, Ministry of Health, division to discuss food
                                                   importation permits. Post has communicated with several Canadian food manufacturers to
                                                   inform them about the guidelines. Post will also brief Canadian companies during FHA 2010.

                                                                                              CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009
      activities & events into SE Asia

VIETNAM                                                                     SINGAPORE
                                                                            Post is working on two events to gradually introduce the availability of
CWB Seminar                                                                 Canadian boneless beef in the Singapore market.
November 27, 2009
The Canadian Wheat Board seminar on November 27, 2009 at the                Canadian Beef Magazine Shoot
New World hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. The seminar aimsd to provide           December 8, 2009
information on the new wheat crop in Canada and its potential               The first is a publicity photo shoot and gala dinner on December 8th
applications related to baking and noodle and other applications in         with Peak Magazine, a leading high society lifestyle publication. Post is
Vietnam. Participants from flour mills, bakers, noodle manufacturers        working with a local distributor who will be importing a trial shipment of
and others in the food processing in Vietnam are invited to the seminar.    Canadian beef cuts, and a Canadian Chef from Fairmont Singapore will
                                                                            prepare Alberta beef as the main course at the Peak Magazine dinner
Canadian Night of Ice-Wine, Spirits and Diamond                             event. A special article on the event will also be written in the Peak
December 10, 2009                                                           Magazine for their January 2010 issue.
Post will work with a local importer of Canadian Ice Wine & Spirits and
a famous jewellery chain that sells Canadian diamond to conduct a           Canadian Beef BBQ
reception at a luxury restaurant in Hanoi to introduce these products to    January 2010 – TBC
high-end customers in order to increase sales of these products in the      The second event is a Canadian beef BBQ which is being planned
market.                                                                     for January 2010 hosted at the High Commissioner’s residence. Post
                                                                            plans to invite key end users, importers, hotel general managers and
Canadian Beef and Pork Promotion                                            executive chefs to sample and showcase the quality of Canadian
January 2010 – TBC                                                          boneless beef, and to announce its availability in Singapore.
Post will partner with existing importers of Canadian beef to do a
promotion at a local restaurant in Hanoi. The project aims at raising the   INDONESIA
profile of Canadian beef and pork to the Hotel and Restaurant Industry.
                                                                            CWB Seminar
PHILIPPINES                                                                 November 23, 2009
                                                                            A seminar on Canadian Wheat by Canadian Wheat Board and
Oui, Canada!                                                                Canadian International Grain Institute to the members of the Indonesian
23 November – 6 December, 2009                                              Flour Millers Association (APTINDO) on November 23, 2009.
Oui, Canada! at Felix Restaurant and Florabel on 23 November – 06
December: Canadian Food Promotion featuring various Canadian food           THAILAND
ingredients as created by Chef Florabel Co.
                                                                            CWB Seminar
INAGHEN Congress                                                            November 26, 2009
3 – 5 February, 2010                                                        CWB New Wheat Crop Seminar – November 26
Participation in International Animal Health Genetics and
Nutrition Congress (INAGHEN) on 03-05 February 2009: Post to                MALAYSIA
set-up an information booth during the three-day event.
                                                                            Soybean Brand Canada Project
                                                                            Currently working with another major Malaysian soy bean drinks
                                                                            manufacturer who is very keen to be a Branding Canada partner.

      Progress Report
       BRANDING                                                                               CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

      activities & events into SE Asia

PHILIPPINES                                                                              THAILAND
CBEF VIP Beef Awareness Mission, June 2009                                               Postharvest
The week long activity brought eight meat importers from the Philippines to visit        Conference and
several plants and meet some of the CBEF member companies.                               Exhibition
                                                                                         July 15-17 Manitoba-
Minister of International Trade and Minister of Asia-Pacific Gateway Hon Stockwell       based Westeel co-
Day helped launch the Canadian Food Promotion in Manila, November                        exhibited with the
13, in Felix Restaurant. Mr. Day hosted a media launch to sample and enjoy the           local partner, CP
featured dishes of the promotion.                                                        Engineering, at the
                                                                                         Postharvest Exhibition
Canada Pork International (CPI) Seminar and Reception Makati City,                       in Bangkok to market
November 16: about a dozen Canadian pork exporters participated in the CPI’s             its turnkey grain
annual activity. The group conducted one-on-one business meetings, a seminar             storage equipment to
and an evening reception which was attended by over 100 Filipino pork importers.         rice mill and flour mill
                                                                                         industries. The event
Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) New Crop Seminar Makati City, November                        brought together over
20: The CWB held their annual New Crop Seminar to the major flour milling                6,000 technology experts,
companies in the Philippines.                                                            equipment suppliers and
                                                                                         service providers.
Yeo’s – Branding its Canadian-sourced soybeans since late 2007 has
provided Yeo’s with an enhanced image as a major provider of high quality food
grade soy bean drinks for the domestic and regional market. The soy bean drinks
market is expected to experience double digit growth in the immediate years

                                         THAILAND Agriculture Biotechnology International Conference
                                         (ABIC) September 23-25 ABIC 2009 got off to a very good start in Bangkok
                                         with Mr. Jerome Konecsni, Chairman of ABIC Foundation Inc. of Canada giving
                                         the welcome remarks and the ABIC report followed by opening remarks from Dr.
                                         Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, Thailand Minister of Science and Technology.
                                         Over 20 Canadians from government agencies, research institutes and industry
                                         enrolled to attend this conference to explore business opportunities and to promote
                                         Canadian agricultural and industrial biotechnology with key contacts in the Asian
                                         biotech marketplace. ABIC Foundation Inc. of
                                         Canada and Ag-West Bio took this opportunity to
                                         host a networking reception in order to develop
                                         contacts for speakers and attendees and to
                                         build support for ABIC 2010 (September in
                                         Saskatoon). Ambassador Ron Hoffmann gave
                                         the welcome remarks to the Canadian delegation
                                         and distinguished guests. Regional Agri-Food
                                         Trade Commissioner - SE Asia, Gretchen Bozak
                                         and Counsellor (Commercial), Greg Goldhawk
                                         engaged discussion with delegates to support their
                                         investigation for future business development/research collaboration in the Ag. Biotechnology area.

       Progress Report
       BRANDING                                                                                        CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

      activities & events into SE Asia

Canadian Fair @ NTUC Fairprice (October 15 – 28) : Post worked with NTUC
Fairprice who hosted the first ever Canadian Food Fair from October 15 - 28, 2009 at 32
of their stores islandwide. This event was made possible through a meeting our Senior
Trade Commissioner had with NTUC Fairprice, who expressed interest in exploring what
Canada has to offer.

Working through an established consolidator, over 50 quality Canadian food and beverage
products were imported for the two-week promotion, and the highlights included air-flown
chilled Alberta pork cuts, a variety of confectionery and cookies, exquisite ice wine, fruit
juices, hot chocolate beverages and maple sugar products.

An exclusive opening event was organised on the morning of October 15th
attended by our High Commissioner and the Managing Director of NTUC
Fairprice. A tour of the participating supermarket was conducted to allow
for sampling of the featured Canadian products at the store.

During the two-week event, food promoters were stationed at key NTUC
Fairprice stores to conduct sampling of Canadian pork and confectionery
products, and preliminary feedback indicated that many of the products
were well received. In particular, the air flown Canadian pork was very
                                                             popular, and
                                                                    NTUC Fairprice
                                                                          has already confirmed their intention to list
                                                                             Canadian pork in their key stores after the

                                                                                    Post will be meeting NTUC
                                                                                      Fairprice soon to conduct a
                                                                                       comprehensive evaluation of the
                                                                                       event, and this will help us to
                                                                                       focus on the product categories
                                                                                      that will have potential to succeed
                                                                                     in the competitive retail segment.
                                                                                   NTUC Fairprice has also expressed an interest to host another Canadian Fair
                                                                                in the following year if the feedback on the event is positive.

           SINGAPORE                     Post worked with AAFC, CIGI and the respective provinces to develop a comprehensive program of visits for
  Food Journalist Mission                the editor of Food Beverage Asia (FBA), a leading regional food technology publication. The trip which covered
                                         Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver, provided exposure in areas of Canadian capability that is relevant to ASEAN
 to Canada, October 2009                 and Singapore, including cutting edge food research organisations, soybeans, natural product ingredient
                                         processors, and companies showcasing latest packaging and processing technologies.

                                         Post met with the FBA editor upon his return, and his comments on the trip have been encouraging and
                                         positive. FBA has indicated itsr commitment to cover at least 80% of the interviews and facility tours featured in
                                         the itinerary and this will be published in their March-April 2010 issue.

                                         The publication will also be timed to be released just before Food & Hotel Asia 2010, and arrangements will be
                                         made to feature Canada prominently on the cover of FBA during the food show.

                                         In order to maximise the publicity and coverage, Post also intends to commit to a special reprint of the feature
                                         which will be widely distributed at FHA 2010 and through our Posts in ASEAN to their key local contacts.

                                                                                                  CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

SpecialFeature           Market Brief                                                               CANADIAN TRADE COMMISSIONER SERVICE CONTACT:
                                                                                                    John Nojey
                                                                                                    Trade Commissioner
                                                                                                    High Commission of Canada
                                                                                                    17th Floor Menara Tan & Tan
                                                                                                    207 Jalan Tun Razak
                                                                                                    50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                                                                                    Tel No. +6 03 2718 3358
                         SUSTAINED, QUALITY                                                         Fax No. +6 03 2718 3391
                                                                                                    Cell No. +6 012 327 0112 ( BlackBerry )
Canadian Soybean Exports to Malaysia / ASEAN                                                        Email

This set of statistics taken from the ATS website show that over the period from 2004 to            Current Market Access
2008, Malaysia has consistently been the biggest market for Canadian soybeans in ASEAN.             No market access issues as import tariffs were
                                                                                                    removed several years ago.
Total Canadian Soybean Exports HS120100 (C$)*
                             2004            2005         2006       2007         2008
                                                                                                    Major Importers of Canadian Soybeans
                                                                                                    Most of the local importers / wholesalers are
 Malaysia                    37,400,804      26,383,848   51,851,091 37,149,816   58,102,714        family-owned businesses with more than 20 years
 % share of ASEAN            74.97%          51.81%       73.69%     56.88%       67.31%            of commodity trading experience, with long-term
                                                                                                    relationships with their key Canadian suppliers.
 ASEAN Total                 49,886,940      50,919,539   70,360,400 65,310,684   86,316,170        Canada is perceived to be a supplier of high
                                                                                                    quality premium food grade soybeans, whether
Source : ATS Website (in Canadian Dollars)                                                          non-GMO or GMO, with a reliable and respected
                                                                                                    brand image.
*The alternatively increasing and decreasing import values by year probably reflect the
fluctuating prices due to supply and demand situation, especially in key markets like Japan         Post has recently contacted at least five Malaysian
and the Far East.                                                                                   importing agents / wholesalers, aware of two
                                                                                                    Singapore-based traders, and six major Malaysian
                                                                                                    processors. It expects to meet more in the coming

HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                          HIGHLIGHTS
Canadian Premium Quality Food Grade Soybeans                                                        Competition and General Imports
• Canada is the dominant supplier of food grade soybean to Malaysia, offering both GMO and          • Overall, based on statistics from the World Trade
   Non-GMO varieties. Main competitors in this segment are USA and Argentina.                          Atlas, Malaysia imported more than 500 thousand
• Canadian suppliers may want to position themselves as the preferred source for premium food          metric tons of soybeans in 2008, 47% of which
   grade non-GMO soybeans, with IP, and possibly, authenticated Canadian certificate of origin.        came from Argentina, 35% from USA, almost
Canadian Suppliers                                                                                     15% from Canada, and 1.7% from India. USA
• About a dozen or so Canadian exporters to this market, offering food grade soybeans to               is the main competitor in this segment, followed
   Malaysian importers, wholesalers, processors and end-users.                                         by Argentina. Canada has a reputation for the
• Some have a long history of exports with established buyers and end users.                           best food grade soy beans and dominates the
• Primary markets are Japan and the Far East, with Malaysian and ASEAN as a steady back-up             Malaysian food grade soybean market.
   market.                                                                                          Market Promotion & Business Development
Malaysian Demand and Market Trends                                                                  • Canadian soy bean industry stakeholders should
• Malaysia absorbs more than 50% of Canadian soybean exports to ASEAN.                                 consistently promote greater awareness of the
• A price sensitive market. Volumes dropped over the last couple of years as prices climbed and        premium quality of Canadian soybean in this
   buyers looked for alternatives.                                                                     market via seminars, contact maintenance and
• Increased demand for food grade GMO varieties, as a means to reduce costs.                           regular newsletters to importers.
• Steady growth forecast, with soy drinks experiencing potentially double digit growth.             • Canadian soybean industry stakeholders should
• With the ever increasing production of GMO beans and risk of cross-contamination, Malaysian          consider supporting a buyers’ delegation to
   customers seek more long term, reliable and ethical business relationships.                         Canada to educate them through site visits to
• With the Biosafety Act of 2007 which included a mandatory labelling provision for                    farms, soybean facilities, and experience the
   biotechnology-derived foods, Malaysia is now considering the issuance of an effective               quality assurance infrastructure already in place to
   implementation guideline. This should have a positive impact on Canadian premium food grade         ensure food safety and premium quality.
   Non-GMO soybeans.                                                                                • Continue to differentiate Canada/quality - greater
                                                                                                       awareness of the demonstrated benefits of the
                                                                                                       Branding Canada programme.

                                                                                                        CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

 Agri-FoodNews               in SE Asia

Canadian agency funds Vietnamese quality farm produce                               Vietnam Agro Material Imports See Sharp Fall Jan-Aug
production (Source : Asia Pulse, 25 November 2009)                                  (Source : Vietnam News, 26 August 2009)
The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Hanoi          Vietnam is estimated to have spent $3.51 billion on importing seven major
Peoples Committee will jointly carry out a good manufacturing practices model       agricultural materials in the first eight months of 2009, with sharp decreases in
for the city’s key farm produce--vegetables, pork and chicken.                      almost all products, the Government’s General Statistics Office (GSO) said.
An agreement to this effect signed on November 23 is part of a Canadian             Among them, imports of vegetable and animal oil, timber and wood products,
International Development Agency (CIDA)-funded project on farm produce              and milk and milk products decreased most, the GSO said.
quality control to be carried out in 15 cities and provinces and in Vietnam over
                                                                                    In the January to August period, imports of vegetable and animal oil decreased
five years.
                                                                                    31.8% to $349 million from a year ago, while imports of timber and wood
Under the agreement, the ministry and relevant ministries and branches will         products dropped 31.2% to only $539 million, and milk and milk products were
instruct units to implement a pilot manufacturing practices model while the         down 15.9% to $304 million.
committee will instruct relevant departments and branches to carry out the
                                                                                    The country also witnessed a decrease in pesticide imports by 14.3% against
plan and monitor the implementation of the project.
                                                                                    the same period last year to $309 million, and paper imports were down 8.3%
At present, the capital city’s farmers are annually providing almost 570,000        to $474 million.
tonnes of vegetables, more than 300,000 tonnes of pork, over 40 tonnes of
                                                                                    The GSO figures also report that imports of wheat increased 67% in volume to
seafood and more than 11,000 tonnes of milk to Hanoi and its neighbouring
                                                                                    861,000 tons but were down 2% in value to $217 million.
cities and provinces.
                                                                                    Imports of animal feed, however, slightly rose 0.9% in value to $1.32 billion,
Vietnam emerges as Southeast Asia’s 2nd biggest beer                                according to the GSO.
drinker (Source : Asia in focus, 17 September 2009)
A Vietnamese consumed an average of 22 litres of beer in 2008, standing just        Vietnam Seeks to Reduce Imports of Meat Animal Organs
behind the Thais in Southeast Asia, according to the Vietnam Association of         (Source : Vietnam News, 15 July 2009)
Beer, Alcohol and Beverages. The information was unveiled on September              The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Ministry of
15 by the Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Beer, Alcohol and             Health (MoH) are jointly setting up safety and hygiene standards for imported
Beverages, Nguyen Van Hung, who announced a festival of Vietnamese drinks           meats and internal organs, said Bui Quang Anh, the head of MARD’s Animal
2009 to take place in Hanoi from September 25-27.                                   Health Department.
In a report on Vietnam’s food and drink in the first quarter of the year, the       The move will serve as a technical barrier to limit imports of meats and animal
BUSINESS MONITOR INTERNATIONAL LTD. (BMI), a global business                        viscera, said Anh.
consultancy company, pointed out that in Vietnam beer sales will remain the         In the cities of HCM City, Hanoi and Haiphong, animal innards and meats were
primary driver for the drink industry as beer accounted for almost 97.9 per cent    being imported in massive quantities.
of alcoholic drinks sales in 2008.
                                                                                    Recently, the HCM City Department of Animal Health seized more than eight
The BMI forecast that beer sales are likely to experience the strongest             tons of rotten chicken wings, suspected of being mixed with toxic chemicals,
growth of 48.6 per cent during the 2008-2013 period due to the high levels of       belonging to Truc Den Co Ltd in district 8.
investment from local players and expansion-oriented multinationals.
                                                                                    The confiscated goods were among 13.5 tons of chicken wings belonging to
Vietnam will have to import fertilizer till 2020                                    the company that were reportedly contaminated with coliform bacteria, which
(Source : Vietnam News, 26 August 2009)                                             could cause acute diarrhea, according to health inspectors.
August 24, Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development said that in nearly       The department reported that the company had already sold five tons of
eight months Vietnam spent around US$1,3 billion to import fertilizer and           chicken wings from the contaminated batch.
pesticide while turnover from exporting agricultural products was only US$7
billion.                                                                            However, because there were no specific regulations on which or how many
                                                                                    chemicals could be used on imported meats and animal viscera, the relevant
From now to 2020, each year Vietnam will have to import 500.000 tons of             authorities lacked legal documents to punish the violators, said Anh.
urea , DAP, Kali . Imports will only end by 2020 when domestic fertilizer plants
supply enough domestic demand. At present, Vietnam need from 7.5-8 million          According to the new standards, processing methods, chemical quantities,
tons of all kinds of fertilizer but domestic plans can only cater to 50%, and 50%   hygiene standards and inspection procedures would all be regulated, said Anh.
must come from import of which DAP, Kali, SA import 100%, urea 50%                  Specific administrative punishments for violators will be regulated in the draft
                                                                                    law of Animal Health, which will be submitted to the Government by the end of
                                                                                    this year, said Anh.

                                                                                                         CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

 Agri-FoodNews                in SE Asia

Vietnam still an attractive investment                            Indonesia’s consumption of wheat flour is expected to rise 6 percent to
opportunity                                                       4.028 million tonnes in 2010, from an estimated 3.8 million tonnes in 2009, an industry
(Source : Vietnam News, June 28, Sai Gon giai phong -
June 29)                                                          official said on Friday.
Vietnam is still an attractive investment opportunity despite     (Source : Reuters, 20 November 2009)
the current global recession,” confirms website Research          “Consumer demand will pick up in line with economic growth. Demand from small and medium-
and Markets, the world’s leading source for international         scale industries will also grow,” Franciscus Welirang, chairman of the Indonesian Wheat Flour
market research and market data.                                  Producers Association, told reporters.
In its “Latest Vietnam Food and Drink Report” released on         He said consumption has been consistently rising 6-7 percent a year in recent few years despite
June 26, Research and Markets said that the Vietnamese            the global financial crisis and high wheat prices.
economy will not be immune to the current global recession
and the country’s outlook appears promising.                      Southeast Asia’s biggest economy is expected to expand 5.5 percent in 2010, up from 4.3
                                                                  percent this year.
There are forecasts of real GDP growth of 2.9 percent in
2009, a downward revision from previous forecast of 5             Indonesia, which is Asia’s second-largest wheat importer after Japan, relies entirely on wheat
percent, however, Vietnam is expected to outperform much          imports to produce flour.
of Asia in 2009-2010, returning to rapid growth by 2011,          Wheat purchases for next year are likely to grow 5 percent from 4.5 million tonnes estimated for
according to the report.                                          this year.
“Vietnam’s mass grocery retail sector has witnessed the           Indonesia buys wheat from Canada, the United States, Australia, countries in Eastern Europe,
most activity this quarter, it said, citing the intention of      Argentina and China. The association had expected Australia to regain its position as the
Japanese convenience retailer FamilyMart (announced               country’s biggest wheat supplier this year following better harvests.
on April 2009) to open its first Vietnamese outlet in Ho
Chi Minh City in September, in partnership with local             Australia, the world’s fourth-largest wheat exporter, produced 25.2 million tonnes in 2005/06, but
distribution company Phu Thai.                                    production fell to 10.6 million tonnes in 2006/07 as drought gripped the country, before recovering
                                                                  to 21.4 million tonnes in the last harvest.
Although the convenience retail sector is expected to be
the slowest-growing format in the country over the forecast       BRUNEI : Proposal of New Brunei Agro Technology Park
period, growth is still expected to be an impressive 81.7         (Source : Post in Brunei)
percent to 2013, and FamilyMart is hoping to establish            Under the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, the Agricultural Department has proposed
a strong foothold in the country before demand for the            a 263-hectare Agro-Technology Park, which is one of the government initiatives to diversify the
convenience format really takes off, said Research and            Brunei economy, to promote sectors other than Oil and Oil based activities.
                                                                  The park will foster for new research and innovative technologies, with particular focus on
This quarter has also seen Saigon Co-op announce                  science-based activities in agriculture, fisheries and forestry to support diversification.
plans to expand its supermarket chain from 35 stores to
approximately 50 by the end of the year. Supermarket               Brunei’s current capabilities in research and development will be co-ordinated in the areas
sales are forecast to increase by 97.4 percent to 2013 and        of analytical services and world-class technologies and expertise with through the combined
Saigon Co-op is hoping to take advantage of this, it added.       involvement of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Ministry of Health, Ministry of
                                                                  Education and University Brunei Darussalam.
The drinks industry saw Anglo-South African brewer
SABMiller buy out local partner Vietnam Dairy Products             The first phase of the Agro Technology Park will be a Halal science Centre, a research institute
Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) in March 2009, leaving the         designed to become one of the main global hubs of excellence in Halal-related activities. The
former free to pursue its own strategy.                           Halal Science Centre will be able to develop a world class Halal accreditation Science centre
                                                                  in Brunei and provide accreditation services for foods and non-food (Pharma and Cosmetic)
According to the website, Vietnam ‘s food-processing              products.
sector received confirmation from the Asian Development
Bank (ADB) that it would receive a loan of $95million USD         Early stages of the laboratory work at the Halal Science Centre will focus primarily on cooking oil,
in order to better equip its food industry to adhere to health,   preservative and other basic food ingredients. At a later stage, the centre will be able to analyse
safety and quality requirements needed to enable it to            non – food ingredients for the presence of non-Halal inputs (trace back).
integrate with international markets.                             The park will also be a venue for a Food Development Centre, to research agricultural products,
It reconfirms that the above-mentioned efforts will help to       innovate value added processing of products and provide an Agribusiness Incubator, which will
boost Vietnam ‘s image in the country’s all-important export      facilitate the set up of agribusiness companies to tap the available scientific and managerial
market and activity in this quarter underlines the fact that      resources and develop into viable commercial ventures.
Vietnam is still an attractive investment opportunity despite     A total investment of CAD$400 Million from the government and private sectors gives the park a
the current global recession.                                     total floor space of 324,000 square metres, with over 8000 jobs opportunities after completion.

                                                                                                            CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

 Agri-FoodNews                 in SE Asia

                      PHILIPPINES : Pork Shortage, Gov’t hard-pressed to ensure enough meat for the holidays
                                                             (Source : Business World, November 6, 2009)

LUZON FACES increasing prospects of a meat               “We did some rounds yesterday. [Poultry traders]             Mr. Escobillo noted that the pork shortage now
shortage this Christmas, as the government falls         are contemplating now for another 3,000 MT [poultry          facing Luzon was partly caused by the slaughter
short of target hog and poultry importations and         imports],” he said, adding that there is already a           of hogs in Luzon farms last year due to the
Central Mindanao, a key producer of hog meat,            recommendation to Agriculture Secretary Arthur C. Yap        Ebola Reston outbreak.
not having enough for the country’s northern             to approve the 3,000 MT special imports.
regions.                                                                                                              “Consumers should brace for higher pork prices
                                                         Under the special imports, poultry importers will not        in the next few weeks going into the [Yuletide]
                                                         have to pay extra tariffs for imports with landed price of   holidays,” he noted.
The government expects to have a total of 7,000
                                                         less than P94/kg, deemed to subject local producers to
metric tons (MT) of imported pork in stock by the                                                                     This developed as retail prices of pork meat
                                                         too much competition.
first week of December and 8,000 MT of poultry                                                                        in this city, the capital of Central Mindanao,
meat up to Christmas week, an Agriculture official       Not enough time                                              increased starting this week by a range of
said yesterday.                                                                                                       P10-P15/kg in the wet markets.
                                                         One meat industry official warned “the government
“In our latest report, pork in transit is about 5,000    is asking us to import [additional 3,000 MT]; but for        Farmgate prices of live pigs from farms in South
MT…it will arrive in the first week of December,”        imports to have an impact in the market, you will want       Cotabato that are shipped through the port of
Agriculture Assistant Secretary Salvador S.              it to arrive in the first half of December.”                 General Santos City now range from P93-P94/
Salacup told reporters yesterday.                                                                                     kg, against P110-P114/kg in Metro Manila, Mr.
                                                         The source said that if they will order the 3,000 MT
So far, about 2,000 MT of pork imports have                                                                           Escobillo noted.
                                                         now, it will arrive in January.
already arrived in the country, he added.                                                                             Mr. Escobillo projected that farmgate price of
                                                         Pork meat is now sold in Metro Manila wet markets at
However, the total is lower than the Agriculture                                                                      live hogs in General Santos and neighboring
                                                         P160-P170/kg, while chicken is sold at P125-P130/kg,
department’s estimated 20,000 MT supply                                                                               areas would soon breach P100/kg, due to
                                                         data from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics show.
shortfall for pork, caused by diseases that have hit                                                                  tightening of supplies.
the industry from the past two years and damage          To add to Luzon’s supply pressures, the leader of a
                                                                                                                      Tight supply of hogs in Central Mindanao
from the two storms that struck Luzon hard in            swine producers group in Central Mindanao admitted
                                                                                                                      markets became evident lately after backyard
September to October.                                    yesterday that his sector will find it hard to supply pork
                                                                                                                      buyers bought live pigs at P75/kg, from P72/kg
                                                         products to Luzon.
The situation for chicken is better, with 3,000 MT                                                                    in previous weeks. As a result, retail prices of
of imports now “in transit,” Mr. Salacup said.           Central Mindanao, also known as Region XII or                pork meat in wet markets rose P10-P15/kg from
                                                         Soccsksargen, is composed of South Cotabato,                 P110-P120/kg.
“I think that the 8,000 MT of chicken will be            Cotabato, Sultan Kuradrat, Sarangani and General
                                                                                                                      Mr. Escobillo said he doubted that the planned
available [before the holidays]. I still look at price   Santos City.
                                                                                                                      importation of pork meat would address the
level of P130/kg,” he said.                              This region accounts for almost a tenth of Philippine        situation, saying it will be expensive to buy from
The government approved last month additional            commercial hog production, data from the Bureau of           abroad.
5,000 MT poultry meat imports in a bid to plug a         Agricultural Statistics show.
                                                                                                                      Early this week, Albert Lim, Jr., president of the
supply gap of the same volume.                           “The demand of Luzon for pork cannot easily be met           National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc., said
However, a storm last week affected poultry              as far as we are concerned,” said Emilio V. Escobillo,       that getting pork supplies from Mindanao will
production, prompting the private sector to ask for      Jr., president of the South Cotabato Swine Producers         not be that cheap. Mr. Lim noted that shipping
another 3,000 MT of poultry imports. Specifically,       Association.                                                 companies slap a P15/kg fee on pork from
typhoon Santi (international codename: Mirinae)                                                                       Mindanao to Manila. -- Neil Jerome C. Morales
                                                         Hog production in the region has not expanded enough         in Manila and Romer S. Sarmiento in Koronadal
hit the poultry-producing provinces in Region IV-A       to meet the sudden tightening of pork meat supply in
(Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon and Rizal),                                                                         City.
                                                         Luzon in the wake of storms “Ondoy” (Ketsana) and
Mr. Salacup said.                                        “Pepeng” (Parma).

                                                                                         CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

 Agri-FoodNews           in SE Asia

PHILIPPINES : DA lifts import ban on US meat,             PHILIPPINES : Government extends zero tariff on food wheat,
bone meal (Source : Manila Bulletin, 19 November 2009)    cement  (Source : Business Mirror, 7 July 2009)  
The Department of Agriculture (DA) has lifted the         PRESIDENT Arroyo on Tuesday approved the six-month extension of the zero tariff
temporary ban on meat and bone meal imports from          on food wheat, cement and cement clinker, Trade Secretary Peter Favila said.
the United States following official confirmation from
global health authorities on the controlled-risk status   Favila said in an interview after a conference on social welfare and protection at the
of the mad cow disease in that country. DA Secretary      Palace Heroes’ Hall that government lawyers are checking whether the extension
Arthur Yap said in a memorandum that the World            could apply right after Executive Order 765, imposing a zero tariff for wheat
Animal Health Organization or the Office International    products, and Executive Order 766 for cement, expired on June 21, or would have to
des Epizooties (OIE) has adopted a resolution             take effect only that day.
recognizing the United States of America (USA) as
“Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) controlled        Favila said the zero-tariff extension applies only to food wheat and nonfeed wheat,
risk” based on the provisions of the OIE’s Terrestrial    since the Department of Agriculture expects higher corn yields.
Code. Controlled risk means there has been no case
of BSE or, if there has been a case, every case of BSE    “The expectation of the Department of Agriculture is that the corn harvest would be
has been demonstrated to have been imported and           higher, so that would take care of the needs of the food processors,” he said.
has been completely destroyed. BSE is also known
as the mad cow disease. He further noted that the         Favila said the zero-tariff extension on the concerned items is “subject to review by
US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) finalized         the secretary of trade at any given time.”
additional restrictions to its Feed Rule (USFDA-HHS
2008) with the implementation of the “cattle material     National Economic and Development Authority Deputy Director General Rolando
prohibited from animal feed” (CMPAF) to decrease          Tungpalan said the zero tariff on food wheat is estimated to cost the government
the risk of BSE in the US. The US rendering industry is   P240 million in forgone revenues.
regulated closely by state and federal agencies, which
routinely inspect rendering facilities for compliance     “Hopefully, the stimulated growth would compensate for the revenue reduction,”
with applicable regulations and finished product safety   Tungpalan said in an interview after a Palace news briefing.
tolerances, Yap said in his directive. Yap said the DA
has also confirmed that “meat and bone meal (MBM)         The Philippine Association of Flour Millers (Pafmil) had sought a six-month extension
and other animal protein products are regulated and       of the zero tariff on imported milling wheat to deter an increase in the price of bread
verified by the USFDA for compliance with BSE-related     and bread products.
regulations and chemical residue tolerances. “Moreover,
                                                          Pafmil had argued that its consumers “should be allowed continued access to high-
the US rendering industry uses internal controls to
                                                          quality, reasonably priced flour milled from wheat grains imported at zero duty.”
maintain biosecurity and ensures that its finished
products are safe and in compliance with all state and
                                                          Mrs. Arroyo issued Executive Order 765 on November 7, 2008, lifting the 3-percent
federal regulations and tolerances. The US currently
                                                          import duty on wheat until June 21, 2009, to help stabilize prices of bread and other
exports MBM to Indonesia, Canada, Europe, South
                                                          baked food products; and on feed wheat to “help lower the cost of feed ingredients
Africa, Malaysia, China, Mexico, Ecuador, Bangladesh,
                                                          and keep the prices of poultry and livestock products stable.”
Thailand, and Vietnam.
                                                          The tariff on wheat is 3 percent; the tariff on imported cement from Asean nations is
                                                          3 percent, while the tariff on cement from non-Asean countries is 5 percent.

                                                                                                      CANSEA agri-food update July-December 2009

 Agri-FoodNews                in SE Asia

AUSTRALIA : Bumper harvest                          HALAL certification head says NZ has a gold standard system
expected                                            (Source : New Zealand Press Association, 25 November 2009)
(Source : The Weekly Times, 25 November             Wellington, Nov 25 NZPA - The head of one of New Zealand’s two existing halal certification agencies
2009)                                               Mohamed Abdel-Al, says he is grateful for Government efforts to regain recognition of local certifiers in
VICTORIA’S 2009-10 canola crop is tipped to         Malaysia and Indonesia. ``We have developed a science-based halal certification in New Zealand during
hit the 450,000-tonne mark, up from 251,000         the past 30 years that other countries are trying to copy, from Britain to Turkey,’’ said Dr Abdel-Al, of the
tonnes the previous season.                         New Zealand Islamic Meat Management (NZIMM) company. ``Our systems are the gold standard.’’

South Australia is expected to reap 300,000         The Government has announced that its Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) is provide oversight for
tonnes, also up on last season’s 227,000-tonne      organisations which certify halal meat for export.
crop, according to the Australian Oilseeds
Federation.                                         Until now, there have only been two, with NZIMM mainly certifying meat, and the Federation of Islamic
                                                    Associations (FIA) covering dairy produce.
Western Australia and NSW are both expecting
smaller crops than last season with 825,000         But Indonesia has said it will no longer recognise either and Trade Minister Tim Groser has said Indonesia’s
tonnes and 220,000 tonnes respectively.             planned ban in 2010 on $100 million of NZ beef imports -- and potentially $450m worth of dairy exports --
                                                    requires a long term solution.
THE Australian Oilseeds Federation has a new
president.                                          The new NZFSA oversight to ``standardise’’ halal certification is initially aimed at meat exports but could be
                                                    extended to include dairy products, according to the authority’s market access director, Tony Zohrab.
South Australian Research and Development
Institute senior research scientist Trent Potter    Halal certification in New Zealand has not previously been directly regulated by government officials, but
was elected to the role for a three-year term.      NZFSA has added such certification for Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East to the list of additional
                                                    assurances it provides to importing countries.
AN arrangement between CLEAR Grain
Exchange and GrainCorp began last week.             Trade and food officials have been dragged into two big rows since 2005 with Malaysia and Indonesia, after
                                                    meat companies failed to solve the problems.
Any grain grower storing grain at one of
GrainCorp’s 250-plus sites will have an online      In both cases there has been speculation by New Zealand farmers that the countries are seeking to clip the
CLEAR account automatically created for them        ticket on other nations’ produce by insisting on their own standards.
to sell their grain.
                                                    The new rules for the halal trade announced by NZFSA ``to provide a greater level of commercial certainty
DR Tony Rathjen, a wheat breeder with the           for exporters and halal certifiers’’ will set standards of competence, which will be audited.
University of Adelaide, is this year’s recipient    And they will allow ``any approved halal organisations’’ to offer halal certification in the meat industry .
of the Birchip Cropping Group Harm van Rees         Mr Zohrab said Islamic authorities in the destination markets will determine which New Zealand bodies can
Award for significant contribution to agriculture   provide certification for their market.
in the Wimmera Mallee.
                                                    He gave no indication of whether new certification agencies backed by Indonesia or Malaysia were
GRAINCORP has completed the $757-million            expected to be set up here. The Indonesian Government has said it is considering whether it will recognise
acquisition of United Malt Holdings Limited.        the New Zealand certification companies or will require certification from an Indonesian source.

GrainCorp managing director Mark Irwin said         Dr Abdel-Al said his agency was grateful for government support in attempts to regain listing for both local
the purchase of the Canada Malting Company,         halal certifiers in Indonesia, and looked forward to an audit by a team from the Jakarta-based religious
Great Western Malting (US), Bairds Malt             authority.
(UK), and Barrett Burston Malting (Australia)
transformed GrainCorp from an eastern               Decision-making ``ambiguities’’ among different authorities had delayed a resumption of New Zealand meat
Australian storage and handling service provider    exports to Malaysia, he said.
into an international agribusiness.
                                                    But the situation in Malaysia was now clearer and he was optimistic that problems Malaysian authorities
                                                    had with meat certified in New Zealand as meeting halal standards could be sorted out. ``I’m now more
                                                    optimistic that we can discuss with them their technical compliance issues and get a favourable result,’’ Dr
                                                    Abdel-Al said.


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