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					                      What Overseas Jobs are Open for Americans?
So you’re an American wanting to live abroad for awhile – to work and to experience life in a
country so different from your own. You want to immerse yourself in other cultures and at the
same time earn your keep by working in a foreign land.

You will be glad to know that there are plenty of opportunities for Americans who want to work
in another country. Various positions are open for Americans and these cover a wide range of
fields of expertise.

International Jobs For Americans

What employment opportunities are open for those wishing to work as American Expats?

The internet is a good source of information regarding job openings abroad that specifically
want American applicants to try out for various positions.

You will find that several fields have job opportunities for Americans such as the IT industry,
education field, computer-related work, marketing and advertising consultancy work and jobs
in the medical field.

One of the most sought-after positions and actually, one of the easiest jobs that you can apply
for; is teaching the English language – American-style – to locals in countries where English is
not a common means of communication.

Some countries in Europe and most countries in Asia require American applicants to fill in this
position. For the most part, you will be teaching grammar and conversational English so if you
are adept in both areas; you have a very good chance of finally working in another country.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Before you agree to work in another country, there are several key areas that you seriously
need to check and consider.

First of all, is the pay commensurate to leaving your homeland to work abroad?

Even if you will finally be given the chance to live your dream of working in another country but
the pay is almost just the equivalent to what you are currently earning, will moving to another
country be worth it?

What about housing? Will you be provided with your own apartment at the expense of the
company or will you be paying for your own rent? If it is the latter, will you be able to afford it
and still have plenty left for your other monthly expenditures?
What is the duration of your contract and what are the stipulations included regarding contract
renewal and/or leaving the job before your contract expires?

Finally, will you be provided with medical insurance? You will never know if and when medical
emergencies will arise during your stay in a foreign country and medical bills can be pretty
steep so you also have to check if your contract includes an excellent medical insurance

Once you have checked everything and you find that all things are in order, you can now sign on
the dotted line and be on your way to becoming an American expatriate.

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Description: What are the most common international jobs for Americans? If your dream is to become one of those american expats who are living their dream of working in a foreign land, there are plenty of opportunities for you abroad. Teaching American English to locals in countries where English is not commonly used is one of the most common job opportunities for Americans. The IT industry, medical field and computer-related jobs are only some of the areas that you can check for employment opportunities abroad.