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					The Games
                                       Likely Learning
Name       How to Play                                   Props   Time

           When I say “Hey” you say
              “Hey What?”              Wake up, tone
Yes Lets   When I say “Lets” you say     setter, time    N/A     5 mins

              “Lets What?”               for fun
           “Lets… “ “Yes Lets!”
Points to cover: Source –
Lets stand in a circle
          Stand in circle. Left palm up.
             Right finger above            Non threatening
             neighbors left palm. On          wake up –
Gotchya      the word “please” try and        establish the   N/A   5 mins

             grab the finger of your          well formed
             neighbor while not allowing      circle
             yours to be caught.
Points to cover: I found it on
Benefits of the circle and setting a light tone.
              Say your name and give a
                 piece of information
                 about yourself that is
                 not obvious and then
                                         We all have
                 put your hand on your
                                           something in
                 hip. If someone else
Making                                     common, if we
                 has that in common with                    Handout   15 mins
Connections                                focus on these
                 you they place their
                                           we can make a
                 arm in yours, say their
                                           cohesive group
                 name and something
                 about themselves and
                 repeat. The idea is to
                 make a complete circle.
Points to cover: Source – The Empty Bag, Cavert & Hammond (see
What do we have in common?
                                            Likely Learning
Name        How to Play                                          Props     Time

            Thumbs up - I agree
            Thumbs horizontal – I am not
               sure but I am happy to       Put people at ease
               take one for the team.          – we all have     N/A       5 mins
            Thumbs down – I need to talk       an equal voice
               about this more as I do
               not currently agree.

Points to cover: Source - Trad in A teachable Moment Cain,
   Cummings & Stanchfield
How allowing everyone a level of input raises buy in and therefore work.
Challenge by choice.
Comfort Zones
          Inclusive Simon Says –
             instead of being out have
Simon        to say “Doh” and look at
                                          It is ok to make
   Says      your mistake from across                        N/A   10 mins
   Doh       the circle, when you cross
             the circle everyone else
Points to cover: Source - I saw Faith Evans do it at a conference
   may be in 101 of the best corporate…
Tone setting
            Pairs change places in as
Changes         many different ways as     Change can be fun   N/A     5 mins

                possible in 1 minute.

Points to cover: Source - I saw Faith Evans do it at a conference
A chance to describe changes that you would like to see in your students.
                                           Likely Learning
Name          How to Play                                      Props     Time

                                           How others see
                                              you & the
First                                         chance to        Raccoon
              See handout                                      Circle    10 mins
Impressions                                   meet 2 others    Handout

                                              & be

Points to cover: Source see handout
Now we have formulated ideas about people let’s try and find out the real
   them – let’s start with names.
            Say your name and throw the
               ball to someone else.
            Variation 1 Say your name
                                            The names of
               and then the person you
Ball Toss                                      others in the   Ball   15 mins
               are throwing it to.
            Var 2 say the name of the
               person it came from and
               the person it is going to.
Points to cover:
There are a number of different name games – this is a classic for a reason
   – it is quick and efficient
                                            Look at process,
Group       Same game-ish different            efficiency,       Balls
   Juggle      agenda                          refining          Handout


Points to cover:
Focus on how when a team works well, we each have a role and if we focus
   on perfecting our role everything else falls into place. Also focus on
   personal juggling in the written reflection and then why it is so important
   to separate students lives from the classroom. A 5 min game at the
   start of class could do that.
Roll         Find out!                            Toilet roll   10 mins


Points to cover: Source –
The power of enigma.
                                          Likely Learning
Name       How to Play                                         Props      Time
           Leader stands in the middle
                                          A chance to
              and asks “Have you
                                             disclose (or
              ever…?” (They must have
                                             not) raises
              done it themselves!) If the
                                             trust among
              answer is yes participants
Have you                                     the group         Places
              leave their place high 5 in                      (disc or   15 mins
   ever?                                     allows            seat)
              the middle and try and
                                             participants to
              find a new place. If you
                                             see what they
              are left without a place
                                             have in
              you are the next to ask
              “have you ever?”
Points to cover: Source Karl Rohnke (I cannot remember which
              Sit in a line. Person at the
                  front of the line comes
                  up to see a diagram.
                  Without saying anything
                  they draw the diagram      Review in small
                  on the back of the            groups. What
                  person at the back of         did you find
Backwriting       the line. They then           out about       5 mins

                  draw it on the person in      communication
                  front of them. The            with this
                  person at the front of        game.
                  the line draws it on a
                  piece of paper. No
                  talking, no redraws.
                  Compare diagrams.
Points to cover: source
             Without any practice or
                planning and against the
                                              This is a fun
                clock (say 2 minutes) the
Story           group is challenged to tell
Telling in      the story of the last                              5 mins
                                                 requiring a lot
Rounds          activity in rounds. Each
                person may say only one
                word (or punctuation mark)
                when it is their turn.
Points to cover: Source – Roger Greenaway
              Share one thing that you
I will take
                 will take with you into       10 mins
from this
                 your classes / labs / etc

Points to cover:
Closure is important – focus on the positive
Thanks for coming to play!

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