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					101620049                                                        Zohaib Jawaid

     A set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly,
especially as part of a ceremony is called ritual. Now in Islam, rituals are
supposed to be such false believes practiced regularly without thinking
them as wrong is called ritual. One of the false believes about which I
personally feel is that people call Hazrat Ali Hajveri Ganjbaksh as ‘data’,
means one who bless.

      Now people think that they will go to saint’s tomb and their need
will be fulfilled. They think that there is no need to ask help from Allah
and the easy way is to go tomb and offer some rice and feel free
whereas they don’t think that the main divine power is Allah. He is the
supreme Personality Who governs all things.

     Once I was on a visit with my family at that tomb and I openly
heard people were praying in open voice and asking saint to solve their
problem they don’t think that the personality Who bless is Allah
whereas saint is just a simple person of Allah who is blessed with good
deeds and he could be used as a source of connection between some
lower class people and Allah.

      One thing which I have seen is that they are so strong is their
believe and don’t even listen to others and don’t want reasoning with
anybody but following that believe blindly. So I don’t think there would
be any sort of solution to this but as it is Pakistan so people keep on
doing such things.

     Rituals can be of any type but the main thing is that at least
people should use their mind if they are doing right or wrong.

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