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					                                                                                                                                   mortgage rates at
FEBRUARY 2012 eN E W S                                                                                                                 historic lows.
                                                                                                                                              & save!

no BAlAncE
no AnnUAl FEE                                                                                 zero.
no cAsh
plUs EARn cU
REwARds poInts

                            transfer balances
                                                 and save.

It’s EAsY jUst cAll
                                                                                                as     3.95
                                                                                                pay off your credit cards faster!

800.368.0108                                                                                    Consolidate all of your credit cards into one
oR ApplY onlInE At                                                                              credit line with us. You’ll pay ZERO balance
sFonlInE.oRg                                                                                    transfer fees while lowering your monthly
                                                                                                payments and reducing interest – giving
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Certain restrictions may apply. Other rates and terms are
available. Please contact us for details. Your actual rate may vary based on your past and
present credit performance. Don’t forget Signal Financial FCU can refinance any vehicle
                                                                                                you the opportunity to save money while
loan you have financed by another financial institution and may save you money monthly
on your payments, it’s easy JUST ASK US.                                                        paying off your debts faster.

                                                                       800.368.0108   Federal Credit Union

Bring your vehicle financing to us and we’ll save you money.
We’ll lower your monthly payment and your interest rate, saving
you money monthly and over the life of the loan.

QUIck AppRovAls
Usually within 24 hours.
                                                                                    It’s EAsY jUst cAll
cAR locAtIng sERvIcE
Assistance locating the right                                                       oR ApplY onlInE At
vehicle at the best deal.                                                           sFonlInE.oRg
APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Certain restrictions may apply. Please contact us for details. Your actual rate may vary based on your past and present
credit performance. Refinance offer is only for vehicle loans NOT financed with Signal Financial FCU. Don’t forget to ask about GAP Insurance &
Mechanical Repair/Extended Warranties.

                                    WE’RE                          Only the quarterly newsletter will now be in print.
                                    GOING                          Online editions of all months will be available, as
                                    GREEN!                         always, at

                                                   800.368.0108                        Federal Credit Union
comIng thIs spRIng…

REloAdABlE cAsh convEnIEncE
& cARd sEcURItY In onE!

Signal Financial VISA ® ONE Card is the one card you
need to cover all your spending needs — without running
up credit charges. The VISA® ONE Card is a multiple-use,
reloadable card that works overtime for YOU. It’s the one
card you need for:

• Making purchases at all VISA® locations when traveling domestically
  or internationally
• 24/7 Cash Access
• POS transactions at hotels, gas pumps, car rentals and ATMs — anywhere!
• Safe and secure transactions; if you lose it, you cancel the card. If you need
  more cash, reload cash on the spot from your credit union checking or savings
  account via a secure website.
• Reloads are unlimited. Minimum $100; maximum $5000.

• FREE Travel enhancements, including Purchase Security (extended warranty).
• Travel & Emergency Assistance, and Lost Luggage Insurance.
• Affordable security and convenience: just $5.00 per card!

The VISA ® ONE Card is the one to have in your pocket! Available at all Signal
Financial branches beginning March 1, 2012. Please Note: This new product will
replace our American Express Travelers Cheques.

      FEDERAllY INSURED EqUAl hOUSING   800.368.0108   Federal Credit Union
      bY ThE NCUA.      lENDER.
collEgE                                                          Crunching numbers for college
BoUnd?                                                           financing, or just beginning
FIll tUItIon                                                     to complete your federal loan
gAps wIth                                                        applications for the 2012-13 school
A stUdEnt                                                        year? Whatever stage you’re in,
choIcE                                                           Signal Financial wants to be there for
loAn oR                                                          you every step of the way. We strive
scholARshIp.                                                     to make financing college easier so
                                                                 both you AND your student can focus
                                                                 on the more important stuff!

sEvERAl optIons ARE AvAIlABlE FoR stUdEnt loAn FUndIng
If you have a son or daughter getting ready to go off to school, or have a college student
already, encourage him or her to apply for our Les Dauphin/Al Brown scholarships.
Our scholarship program is open to high school seniors and current college students who
are members of Signal Financial FCU prior to the application deadline. One $1,500 Les
Dauphin Scholarship will be awarded to a 2012 graduating high school senior. One $1,500
Al Brown Scholarship will be awarded to a college sophomore, junior or senior.
More details can be found at by the end of February! Questions? Call
301-933-9100, ext. 298.

stUdEnt choIcE loAns
We can help fill gaps in funding with the Credit Union Student Choice loan program. Our
goal is to save you money by charging zero origination fees and lower interest rates. Plus,
you can also finance tuition and other costs associated with attending college, such as
books, room and board. Following are the details of this exciting program:

• Borrow up to $75,000
• Low Rates; No Fees
• Line-of-Credit: Apply once with multiple draws
• Deferred payments while in school

All loans subject to an evaluation of each applicant’s credit.
Membership eligibility required.

                            FEDERAllY INSURED EqUAl hOUSING   800.368.0108   Federal Credit Union
                            bY ThE NCUA.      lENDER.
Wrap Up Your Debt with a Signal Financial

Need cash to pay off bills? Getting ready to purchase a personal computer or upgrade your
appliances? What about an unexpected car repair or medical expense?

Sometimes you need some cash ....not a lot .....but just enough to get you over the hump.
Now we have the Anytime Loan — our answer to life’s financial speedbumps, with money
available any time you need it.

The Anytime Loan is the perfect alternative to slowly paying off high interest rate credit
cards and racking up more interest as you go. Why not wrap up all those bills into a fixed-
rate loan of 8.95% APR*? Qualified applicants can borrow up to $2,500 and repay the loan
up to 24 months. Now that’s the way to pay off debt -- Anytime!

Manageable Payment Plan -- Check it out!
Amount borrowed†                               Term              Mo. Payment
$2500                                          24 mo.            $114.15
$1000                                          24 mo.            $45.00
†Other amounts and terms available.

It’s EAsY jUst cAll                                                        oR jUst
800.368.0108                                                               vIsIt Us
oR ApplY onlInE At                                                         In-BRAnch!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. To access these rates you
must have active checking account with direct deposit. Rate 1%
higher without. Restrictions may apply.

                          FEDERAllY INSURED EqUAl hOUSING          800.368.0108   Federal Credit Union
                          bY ThE NCUA.      lENDER.
       BRINg IN ThIS
                       $200                                                                                                    FIRST TRUST

                                                                  800.368.0108                                          Federal Credit Union
                                                                                                                                                Federal Credit Union

dIREct FInAncIng
We’re a full service
                          We offer fixed, adjustable,                       we do everything
mortage provider.
oUtstAndIng sERvIcE
                          and jumbo mortgages.
                          And moRE...
We will provide you the   We also offer home equity
best quality of service   products including fixed                          It’s EAsY! cAll                                    oR ApplY onlInE At
available.                and variable lines of credit.                     301.933.9100 x257                                  sFonlInE.oRg

IntEREst RAtEs                             homE EQUItY lInEs oF cREdIt
ARE stIll low!                             Ready to do some home improvements this Winter? Make it happen
                                           by tapping the equity in your home to fund whatever project you
                                           choose: make home improvements, consolidate debt, pay for tuition,
It’s a GREAT time to refinance your        purchase an automobile ... the list is endless.
mortgage. Shave a few years off
                                           Home Equity Lines of Credit*
your loan and move to a 20- or
                                           Enjoy our low introductory rate with the ability to make multiple
15-year loan, or just get a BETTER         advances, whenever you need them.
rate. Either way, we’ve got a loan
                                           Introductory rate of 1.99% APR** for 6 months
for you!

   • 10-,15-, 20-, 25- and                 Fixed Second Trusts
     30-year fixed rates                   Enjoy a fixed-rate for the entire term of the loan.

   • Super-Conforming loans                5 years                   2.99% APR**
     ($417,001 to $729,750)                10 years                  4.99% APR**

   • 3/1, 5/1 & 7/1 ARMs                   15 years                  5.99% APR**

(Special low rates! See our                Please Note:
website for details.)                      APR=Annual Percentage Rate. *The floor rate is 4.50% APR and the ceiling rate is 18.00% APR. Following the six month introductory
                                           period, the rate will become Wall Street Journal Prime Rate - .25%.**Closing costs up to $500.00 will be rebated if loan is maintained
                                           for 2 years. Maximum loan-to-value (LTV) is 80.00%. Other restrictions may apply.
cAAB sERvIcEs oFFER                                                                                          5 stEps to sAvIng monEY.
FInAncIAl EdUcAtIon                                                                                          Make a Budget for 2012!
& AssIstAncE
                                                                                                             Make a commitment to financial fitness early in the year
Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) is now offering                                                           to get your financial ducks in a row. Print out our easy
FREE, unbiased money management information and
                                                                                                             Budget Worksheet on our website —
assistance, including:
                                                                                                             under Forms. Some tips to get you started:
• Financial Education Workshops are offered on a
variety of financial topics. Topics include College                                                          1. Gather your financial statements. Include bank
Savings, Investment Basics and Saving for Retirement.                                                        statements, investment accounts, utility bills and
• Taxpayer Education & Assistance -- CAAB supports                                                           anything else.
the DC Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) campaign,
                                                                                                             2. Record all sources of income. Include regular
which provides free tax pre paration assistance to
thousands of DC-area residents during the tax season.                                                        paychecks as well as outside sources, such as freelance
                                                                                                             income, alimony, child support, etc.
• Matched Savings Programs encourage individuals
to save regularly for investments in college education                                                       3. Create a list of monthly expenses. Write down (or
or job training; first-time home purchases; and small                                                        put in a computer spreadsheet) categories of expenses,
business development.                                                                                        such as: mortgage/rent, car payment(s), auto insurance,
For more information, please visit the CAAB website,                                                         groceries, utilities, entertainment, dry cleaning, retirement
call 202-419-1440, or email CAAB at: Financial                                                               or college savings and everything else you spend money
Education and coaching: or
                                                                                                             on. Starbucks every day? Write it down. Note fixed; Tax preparation: cbrazner@caab.
org; Matched savings program information:                                                                    and variable expenses, because you may need to cut the                                                                                                 variables to bring your budget in line.
                                                                                                             4. Total your monthly income and expenses. If the end
                                                                                                             result shows more income and expenses, you’re off to a
IndIvIdUAl REtIREmEnt                                                                                        great start. Now you can allocate extra towards savings
plAnnIng                                                                                                     or retirement, or paying down debt. If you are short on
• Can I afford to take early retirement?                                                                     funds, you’ll need to go back to your monthly expenses
• Will I need to supplement my income?                                                                       and see where you can cut – maybe entertainment,
• Should I do a rollover?                                                                                    dinners out, or credit card expenses.
• What will I do with my savings plan proceeds?
                                                                                                             5. Make adjustments to your expenses. This is where
• How will taxes affect me?
                                                                                                             the pain begins. Maybe a few dollars here or a few
• Should I elect the survivor benefit option?
                                                                                                             there will balance your budget. If it’s more complicated,
Call N. Thomas Turner III, CRPC
                                                                                                             perhaps we can help you out with some debt refinancing
Financial Advisor of the MEMBERS Financial                                                                   or point you in the direction of some professional
Services Program at Signal Financial FCU.
                                                                                                             counselors. (See CAAB article on the left.)
To set up a no-cost consultation, call:
                                                                                                             Whatever your budgeting needs, please include us
301.933.9100, ext. 289 or 273.
                                                                                                             in the loop! We can help you to lower your debt with
Tom has been serving the retirement needs of members at Signal Financial
                                                                                                             consolidation loans, refinancing your vehicle loans, or
for over eight years and has over 26 years of experience in the financial
services industry.                                                                                           even your mortgage loan. We are always happy to lend
                                                                                                             a hand in restructuring your financial plan or evaluating
Representatives are registered, securities are sold, and investment advisory services offered                your bills to best fit YOUR needs.
through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. (CBSI), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer
and investment advisor, 2000 Heritage Way, Waverly, Iowa 50677, toll-free (800) 369-2862.
Nondeposit investment and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk,
may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CBSI is under
contract with the financial institution, through the financial services program, to make securities
available to members. CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc., is a registered broker/dealer in all fifty
states of the United States of America. The Representative may also be a credit union employee
that accepts deposits on behalf of the financial institution.

                                                                                                   800.368.0108         Federal Credit Union
  need help with your taxes?
  As a Signal Financial member, you are now entitled to discounted tax preparation services through DeLeon & Stang,
  Certified Public Accountants! In addition to preparing your tax return, DeLeon & Stang will help you develop tax
  planning strategies, an important part of your overall financial plan.

    • Expert preparation by CPAs at a very reasonable cost                                                   • Prepay options available
    • No extra charge for electronic organizer or filing                                                     • Fixed rates
   To schedule an appointment, call DeLeon & Stang, CPAs and Advisors at
   301.948.9825 or email at

  tax prep starts with a                                                        getting a jump start on your taxes? Don’t forget that you
                                                                                still have until April 15, 2012 to contribute to your 2011
  signal Financial IRA!                                                         IRA. We offer several IRAs to meet your individual needs:

  • Traditional IRA        • Accumulation IRA
  • Roth IRA               • Coverdell ESA
  • Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)                                                                                              Extended Hours on Thursdays
  • Traditional & Roth IRA Share Certificates                                                                                           until 6 p.m. at Kensington,
                                                                                                                                        Reston, Cherokee and Largo.

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