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The Benefits Of Getting An iPhone With A Contract


The iPhone 4S is truly an amazing phone to have. It has a much faster processor, better camera, and a bevy of new and improved software than its predecessors

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									                The Advantages
    Buying A iPhone With A Plan

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The iPhone 4S is truly an amazing phone to have. It is 5 times
faster and has a better camera than the previous models, and it
comes with a number of new apps and features. To enjoy the best
of what this latest iPhone model has to offer, many recommend
getting it with a plan. Contrary to popular belief, postpaid is not
always more expensive than pay as you go plans. For one, text,
call, and data charges are lower for postpaid plans and you won’t
have to make a one off payment for the handset. They are also
eligible to more promos which further add value to their plans.

Plan phones also provide great convenience. Instead of buying
credits many times within the month to continue using the service,
                      you will only have to pay once each month
                         when you are on contract. You can also
                         automate payments by enrolling in your
                        bank's direct debit option.

                         Phones with plans also offer improved
                         coverage and protection. Should there be
                         any issues relating to the service, these
                         can be easily resolved with little or no
                         cost to you. With a prepaid phone, you
                         would have to shoulder the expenses
                         should any problem arise.

                         Consumers who are looking for plans for
                         iPhone 4s can choose from many telcos
                         in Australia. Some of the more popular
                         carriers include Vodafone, Telstra,
                        Optus, and Virgin Mobile The cheapest
plan you can get is from Virgin. If your budget is lean, get a plan
from Virgin Mobile. The included value for this package is about
$50 which provides you about a half hour's worth of calls, around
40 SMS and MMS, and 50 MB of data. Vodafone’s cheapest

2 | HTC One X Plans
iPhone 4S plan on the other hand costs around $47, but it already
has an included value of $180. In contrast to Virgin Mobile's Fair
Go Plan 19, Vodafone's plan has an inclusive value of $180. You
also get 200 MB for data, which enables you to access more than
a thousand web pages, read two hundred emails, and view more
than ten videos each month.

The cheapest Optus’ and Telstra’s iPhone 4S packages will cost
you $65. Both packages offer you 1.5 MB of data. The inclusive
value for call and text Optus’ plan is $650 but Telstra’s plan has
$550 inclusive value for talk and MMS, and limitless text

            If you make a lot of calls or rely on the iPhone's web
             browsing and email services, it may be more cost-
               effective to purchase an unlimited plan. At $79,
               Vodafone’s unlimited plan is also the most
                inexpensive in the group. The unlimited plans from
                 other networks cost upward of $90.

               For a comparison of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
               Nexus Plans, visit here.

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