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									                                                                                          5203 Ave. H
                                                                                          Austin, TX 78751
                                                                                          Phone 512.483.1583
Nick LaRoche                                                                    

PROFILE                                                      SKILLS
I am creative and innovative designer with excellent         Design Communication Skills
design communication and problem solving skills. I can       Sketching, Drawing, Rendering, Model Making,
think technically, creatively, and multidimensionally. I     Graphics, Product and Portrait Photography
work well individually or in teams to meet goals and
deadlines. Objective personality looking to work in a        Computer Skills
creative environment.                                        Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, Indesign CS3,
                                                             Dreamweaver CS3, Alias 10, Cobalt 4, Graphite 6, Flash
                                                             CS3, Director MX, Go Live CS2, HTML, Mac OS 9 –
                                                             10.6, Windows, Maintained a website since 1999

Austin Homebrew Supply                                       Apple Inc.
Graphic Designer / Marketing Advisor (2007 - Present)        Technical Support Representative (2004 - 2007)
Project managed and designed from the ground up a            Provided Tier 2 technical support and service to Apple
100+ page catalog that will be distributed nationally.       Customers, Educational institutions, and AppleCare
Designed an illustrated guide to homebrewing.                agents.
Redesigned the logo. Designed email advertisements and
maintained a database of 10,000 customers email              Kanga Fitness
addresses. Created and maintained signage throughout         Freelance Designer (2003)
the store front. Photographed and illustrated pictures for   Generated multiple concepts and sketches for children’s
products on the website.                                     exercise equipment.

2008 Allen Demling Campaign for City Council                 WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM
Graphic Designer / Photographer (2007 - 2008)                Producer and Talk Show Host (2001 - 2003)
Designed posters, yard signs, bumper stickers, print ads,    Publicity team member (1999- 2003)
and pamphlets. Helped implement and maintain the             Designed flyers, t-shirts, stickers, and produced promos.
website. Took head shots for to be used for websites and
newspapers.                                                  Under the Couch Music Venue
                                                             Minister of Propaganda (1999 - 2002)
Misprint Magazine                                            Designed flyers, t-shirts, stickers, ran live sound, and
Illustrator (2006 - 2008)                                    took many photographs of bands and live events.
Created illustrations for articles for this locally
distributed magazine.                                        Freelance Graphic Design
                                                             Designer and Photographer for bands
Redscout                                                     Ananke, Go Back to Europe, Pretty, Kiwis, Listless as if
Contracted Packaging Designer (2004)                         Functional.
Generated sketches and renderings of a confidential
product before it was presented to a focus group.

EDUCATION                                                    ACHIEVEMENTS
The Georgia Institute of Technology (1999- 2003)             Received the President's undergraduate research award
BS in Industrial Design - Highest Honors,                    in 2002 from Georgia Tech

Certifications                                               Published and Presented at the 2002 IDSA National
Alias Wavefront Level 2                                      Educators Conference for research in the educational
Mac OS X 10.4                                                critique process
Apple Desktop repair
                                                             Eagle Scout (1998)

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