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  • pg 1
Justin Garretson

E                                   A
So you want to go cut trees, but you know you can’t leave
            G                E
You best be safe, with homebrew
E                                 A
When your mouths getting dry it must be time to try
             G                E
Quench your thirst, with homebrew

       E            G                  A           E
       Homebrew,    homebrew, tap the keg of homebrew
       E            G                    A         E
       Homebrew,    homebrew, fill your mug with homebrew

E                                      A
If your thirsty don’t you think you’ll certainly need a drink
          G                 E
Fill your glass, with homebrew
E                                   A
As the clock approaches noon, it can’t come too soon
            G              E
Why even wait for homebrew

       E               A                  G                  E
       Pop the bottle, fill your mug, its time to start, its time to chug

E                         A
Barley and wheat; it’s a dinner that’s a treat
           G                E
Drink your meal with homebrew
E                                     A
So you want to learn to dance, with women in tight pants
          G                   E
You can’t party without homebrew


E                                      A
For months you’ve had to wait, but its never too late
           G             E
Pull up a bottle of homebrew
E                                    A
In the summer when its nice, and its time for the ice
         G                 E
Fill your cooler with homebrew


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