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					     Builder                   PROFILE                                                                                                                        BY WARD MEEKER

                                                                                                We started manufacturing pedals full-         others on the market?
                                                                                                time after showing at the Winter NAMM            We like to think that we are unique
                                                                                                show in 2003. Then it got really crazy!       in offering a well-built, reliable product
                                                                                                We couldn’t keep up – we’d work every         at a reasonable price. We don’t think
                                                                                                night and all weekend and we just were        someone should have to pay an arm and a
                                                                                                not getting them done fast enough.            leg for a true hand-built American-made
                                                                                                  So, as scary as it was, I quit my day job   product. All of our pedals use the best
                                                                                                and started building full-time. I tried to    components; we start with a blank metal
                                                                                                continue doing amp repair and mods            enclosure, then we drill, powdercoat,
                                                                                                part-time for a while, but soon had to        screenprint, load with parts, wire, and
                                                                                                give that up, as well.                        play test each one ourselves. We are also
                                                                                                  How many pedals were you building           very proud of our custom colors and
                                                                                                to start, and which ones were they?           fi nishes.
                                                                                                  The initial product line was three             Growing up, my dad was into hot rods
                                                                                                pedals, the Power Screamer Overdrive,         and classic cars. I guess that rubbed off
                                                                                                UFO-Fuzz/Octave, and the Germania             on me. I remember all the cool candy and
                                                                                                Treble Booster. We just passed the 1,000-     metalflake paint jobs on those cars and
                                                                                                unit mark on the Power Screamer!              have incorporated that look into some of
                                                                                                  Other than Charlie’s involvement            our finishes. We also finish some in tweed,
                                                                                                and the NAMM show, is there a point           checkerboard, and even have a color chart
                                                    HomeBrew Electronics, Inc.                  you can look back on as being when            on our website! Why have your favorite
                                                           Joel Weaver                          you really turned a corner?                   pedal finished in hammertone grey when
                                                         Glendale, Arizona                         As soon as we started shipping orders,     it can be Candy Purple!
                                                          (866) 790-2950                        we were getting feedback from dealers           When did you hire your first em-
                                                    www.homebrewelectronics.com                 and users, which really helped us improve     ployee?
                                                                                                and extend our product line. We’ve also          We’ve had several people help us along
                                                                                                had great reviews in Guitar Player, and VG    the way, but our fi rst real employee was
                                                                                                reviewed the Power Screamer and CPR.          Charlie. He’s now our sales manager,

                                                                                                And, our great endorsers and dealers have     partner, and good friend. In February,
                                                                                                given us great support.                       2004, we hired Terri Landreth, a longtime
                                                                                                   But I think the biggest and most           friend of the family who is now an integral
                                                                                                important factor is word of mouth, and        part of the business. Like Andrea and
                                                                                                that comes from the people who are            myself, she has learned to do just about

                                                                                                buying and using our pedals. In the end,      everything.
                                                                                                it does not matter what kind of hype            What are your hopes for the future
                                                                                                or advertising a product is surrounded        of the industry?
                                                                                                with. If the people you are trying to sell       We are very concerned with the way
                                                                                                your product to do not like the way it        things are going with music in the public
                                                                                                sounds or looks, they are not going to        school system. Many music programs
     HOMEBREW ELECTRONICS was                      right away, or just something you did        buy it, and they’re not going to tell their   are losing funding or being canceled
     founded in 2001, when Joel Weaver began       on the side?                                 friends about it.                             altogether. We think this is due to a lack
     building effects pedals for friends and         Jeff Weaver: It was part-time for a year     So, how many models are in the              of interest or desire on the part of the
     co-workers while working as an amp tech       or so while I worked at the music store.     current line?                                 students and their parents.
     at a music store in Phoenix, Arizona.         Things took a big step forward, though,        We recently added our tenth pedal,             Our goal is to help bring the awareness
        “My wife, Andrea, and myself were          in September, 2002, when I sent a couple     so the line now includes the Power            back that there are awesome musicians
     building pedals one at a                                                                                                                                 out there for kids to aspire
     time and giving them away                                                                                                                                to. If this isn’t done, there
     or selling them for next to                                                                                                                              will be no growth in our
     nothing, just to see what                                                                                                                                industry, or it may just die
     people thought of what                                                                                                                                   altogether.
     we were doing!” Weaver                                                                                                                                   What are your goals for
     says. “Pretty soon, we had                                                                                                                              HomeBrew?
     complete strangers asking                                                                                                                                   Our immediate goals
     if we would build a pedal                                                                                                                                 are to build a shop behind
     for them; ‘Can you do it                                                                                                                                  the house with a powder
     this color?’ ‘Can you mod it                                                                                                                              coat booth, office, and
     to do this?’ and so on.”                                                                                                                                  work benches, so we can
        Then one day, the shop’s                                                                                                                               move manufacturing out
     owner walked in with                                                                                                                                      of the house ! Hav ing
     Charlie Turner, a sales rep                                                                                                                               everything in the house
     for Upscale Marketing.                                                                                                                                    is very convenient, but
        “Charlie liked what he                                                                                                                                it starts to consume you
     saw, told me he’d see what he could do.”      of pedals to Charlie. He called a few days   Screamer, the UFO, the Germania, the          after a while. It becomes hard to get away
     The rest is happy HomeBrew history!           later and said he thought the pedals were    Tramp-Trem, the CPR compressor, the           from. We also want to keep expanding
     Today, business is rolling and the Weavers    “pretty cool” – that’s high praise from      Big D distortion/overdrive, the Ger-          the product line, and hope to soon have a
     have their eyes fi rmly on the future. We      Charlie – and he thought he could sell       macide multi-frequency booster, the Dos       phase shifter, flanger, and an analog delay.
     recently talked with Jeff about that future   them. He asked about backorder time,         Mos dual-mosfet preamp, the Uno Mos           We’re also thinking about an amp.
     might hold for HomeBrew.                      and we told him a week or two. He said,      single-channel mosfet preamp, and the           As for the long term, we just want to be
                                                   “That’s going to change!”                    new Medicine Bawl wah.                        able to keep building pedals and doing
       Vintage Guitar: Was HomeBrew a                 Charlie soon began sending us orders        What do you see as the difference           the best job we can while still having
     full-time venture for you and Andrea          from dealers, and the business took off.     between your effects and some of the          fun doing it!

     114          VINTAGE GUITAR JULY 2005                                                                                                                             vintageguitar.com

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