The Mattie from Cruel Girl has flap pocket and contrasting top by jennyyingdi


									The Mattie from Cruel Girl has a flap                Wrangler Cash jeans in Blue Blitz                Jina low-rise medium stonewashed
pocket and contrasting top stitching.           have flat seams and vented boot-cut hems.          jeans from Cruel Girl have slim hip and
 The low-rise, boot-cut jeans feature             Designed for horse women with input             thigh, straight leg, baked-in creases and
heavy hand sanding and destruction                  from the women of the American                 are hand sanded. September delivery.
        details. July delivery.                        Quarter Horse Association.                    

             eans were invented in 1873 by     rode horses saw how ideal the apparel was for      had their way with jean designs, and wear-
             a tailor named Jacob Davis.       them as well. Not much changed over the years      ers have adopted some questionable “styles”
             Davis bought bolts of cloth for   in terms of style—jeans were a practical com-      of their own. It’s not unusual today to see
             his operation from a German       modity, not a fashion statement.                   a young man with baggy jeans dragging on
             immigrant named Levi Strauss.        In the 1960s, jeans became a symbol of popu-    the ground because they are belted lower
             He had a customer who kept        lar American culture. Back then, most high         than any belt was made to be worn. Getting
             ripping out the pockets and       schools had a mantra: No jeans. Kids couldn’t      a glimpse of a pair of boxers through rips in
             seams in his pants. Davis had     wait to graduate and go off to college where       pockets and seats is not a rare occurrence,
             the idea that he should con-      jeans and T-shirts were a uniform that every       either, even though some may wish that it
 struct a new kind of trouser, using rivets    student wore. The styles then had nothing to do    was.
 where the pressure points were. He was        with remaining true to the Western genre that         Through it all, jean manufacturers in the
 so pleased with his invention, he decided     the clothing came from. It was all about being     equine trade industry have stayed true to
 that he should patent it, but lacked the      part of a generation that wanted to separate       their roots with many of their lines. After all,
 funds to do so. He approached Strauss,        itself from those that came before. It was that    jeans need to be functional more than styl-
 who saw the potential in the pants and        mindset that caused designers to take one of the   ish for those who live and work in the ranch,
 put up the money for the patent. The two      most basic kinds of apparel the world has ever     rodeo and farming community. That’s not
 men became partners and the rest, as they     known and turn it upside down. Bell bottoms        to say, however, that Western jean compa-
 say, is history.                              and hip huggers were born, (similar to today’s     nies aren’t having some fun and producing
    Jeans became a necessity for those         flared-leg and low-rise styles,) along with earth   several fashionable styles of their own. Fu-
 who worked ranches and farms in the           boots, chain belts and bleeding madras shirts.     eled by consumers’ recent passion for bling,
 American West, and eventually those who          Since then, mainstream apparel makers have                                Continued on page 6

                                                                                                             March 2009

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