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  A Curiosity
 Statistics (and numbers in
 general) can be
 manufactured to make
 any idea sound
 convincing. When used
 properly, statistics is a
 powerful tool for
 uncovering truth; when
 used improperly, it can be
 manipulated to prove
 almost anything.

~ "Hands-On Astrophysics"
          web site
We are bombarded with statistics every day of
our lives. Understanding this subject will allow
us to make informed judgments about the
statistics presented by others to persuade us.
For this project, you will learn how data is
collected by organizations like the Gallop
Organization. You will take what you have
learned to examine other types of data,
translate it into various graphing formats,
gather some of your own data and finally, you
will use your findings to predict future trends.
Project: Statistics                                               Start Date:

       MONDAY                  TUESDAY                 WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                  FRIDAY

                                                PROJECT WEEK ONE

Students will use Khan    Students will use Khan    Students will use Khan      Use my website and      Read articles provided,
Academy to study          Academy to study          Academy to study            review the              make comic strip
statistics.               statistics.               statistics.                 expectations.

                                               PROJECT WEEK TWO

Read articles provided,   Read articles provided,   Sources of bias poll        Watch videos and post   Watch videos and post
make comic strip          make comic strip          anywhere                    to wiki.                to wiki.
Project: Statistics                                           Start Date:

      MONDAY               TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY             FRIDAY

                                            PROJECT WEEK Three

Take Survey, create   Take Survey, create     Decide on question,           Work on project.   Work on project
graph.                graph.                  start working on poll.

                                            PROJECT WEEK FOUR

Work on subject       Wrap up project         presentations                 presentations      presentations
How can numbers be used          I.    HOW POLLS ARE
or abused, and how is data             CONDUCTED
collected by organizations
like the Gallop Poll
Organization? Read the two
articles to the right. Use the
following handout to help
you get the most
information out of the           II.   NUMBERS UP
articles. In the "Sources of
Bias" article, choose one of
the " *Sampling Bias"
activities, answer the
questions and complete the
remaining activity. We will
use Poll Everywhere during
class.                            *    SOURCES OF BIAS
As a class, you will take a    Snuppy the Clone
look at how the Gallop
Organization uses polls to
predict trends and inform
the public. Click on the
links to the right and watch   Honesty & Ethics
the 3 videos (about 2 mins.
each). After watching the
brief video, consider the
following questions: What
was your opinion after         55% of Americans Find
viewing each of these          Answers in Religion
informational videos? Did
the video information alter
your previous opinions?
Use the class wiki to post
your responses.
Take one of the following surveys:
1.) Spam Survey
2.) Internet Religion Survey
3.) Online Intellectual Property Survey

After completion, read through the "latest survey results“
page for your topic.

1.) Latest Spam Survey Results
2.) Internet Religious Survey Results
3.) Online Intellectual Property Survey Results

Using the following web site (CREATE A GRAPH), choose one
category of the latest survey results and show as a bar graph
and a pie graph. Make sure I see this before you continue.
For this assignment you will create a survey
on a topic of your choice. To prepare for this
assignment, read Designing Surveys page.
Create a question (refer to the assignment
benchmark sheet) for your survey. Twenty-five
different people should complete your survey.
Try to involve people from a variety of age
groups and settings.

Display your data in at least two different
graphing formats (bar, pie, histogram etc.). Use
Bar or Pie graphing site or another of your
choice). Save this information to include in
your final presentation.
Prepare a presentation for your class of your
data findings. You will be providing your
audience with a short overview of your findings.
Remember: your statements are based on your
survey findings, not your opinion.

Your presentation:
 Will be 5 minutes in length.
 Be communicated clearly and concisely .
 Employ the interest of your audience.
 Use PowerPoint for your presentation.
 Include Flip video if so desired.
A comprehensive site to go when
you need data sources.

  World Fact Book
An invaluable publication that provides
the essential elements of basic
intelligence on all areas of the world.

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