St Stanislaus Catholic School Uniform Policy by jennyyingdi


									                                          St. Stanislaus Catholic School
                                                   Uniform Policy
                      Students are expected to be in COMPLETE UNIFORM on the first day of school.
                     Uniforms should be clean and pressed with all buttons attached and hem intact.

Girls   K-3 Jumpers or Skorts
          K-8 Skirts or Skorts (skorts can be worn to Mass)
         K-8 Gray Twill Pants
         K-8 Long-sleeve or short-sleeve sport blouse
         K-8 White or Green knit long sleeve or short-sleeve polo shirt
         K-3 Butterfly blouse with Navy piping
        4-8 Button-down Oxford shirt in long or short-sleeve
                 *Polo and Oxford shirts must be tucked in.
        It is highly recommended that girls with long legs consider Junior Size Skirts and Skorts.
        Adult sizes are available upon request from Dennis Uniforms.

Boys    K-8 – Gray twill long pants or tailored shorts.
          K-8 - White or Hunter green Long or short sleeve polo shirt.
          K-8 – White Oxford shirt, short or long sleeve.
        6-8 – Must wear a tie and button-down shirt (in long or short sleeve) for Mass days and
               special occasions
          K-5 – Button-down shirts and ties are optional.
*Belts – Kindergarten thru 3rd grade belt is optional – 4 thru 8 must wear a solid color black, brown,
          blue or hunter green belt.

Shirttails should be tucked in while the student is on campus unless the uniform style shirt includes an elastic waist band. 4
-8 - Belts must be worn at all times when a shirt is tucked into pants or shorts with belt loops.

Sweaters (Boys and Girls)
One of these options must be worn for Masses and special occasions – green cardigan, long-sleeve V-neck cardigan or
sleeveless V-neck cardigan with Parish logo. The eighth grade students will design their own sweatshirt or jacket, which
may be worn on Mass days. Dennis Uniform offers a green fleece school jacket as an optional purchase. These jackets
can be worn in class. Student Council may have a Navy blue sleeveless sweater vest with the Parish logo and
Student Council on it.

Jackets & Sweatshirts
Students may wear a winter coat/jacket during recess on cold days. This jacket may not be worn in the classroom. The
fleece jacket from Dennis Uniforms may be worn in the classroom. All other outerwear must be a part of the St. Stanislaus
uniform with the school logo on it.
Sweatshirts cannot be worn on Mass days or special occasions. The 8 th grade will be designing their own jacket and they
will be able to wear it on Mass days.
*New hoodie pullover sweatshirts are being designed and will be offered for purchase. Sweatshirts of other sources
such as colleges, sports teams, high schools can only be worn on Free Dress Days or designated days.

Socks (Boys and Girls)
Knee socks in white, blue or green are mandatory for girls – no short socks may be worn
Tights in white, blue, or green are optional (Larger size knee socks and tights may be found at Lands End)
White or Black sports/crew socks for boys. Socks must cover the ankle.

Shoes (Boys and Girls)
Dress leather shoes in brown, black or blue. Athletic and Canvas shoes in white, black, brown or blue as the primary
color. A solid color shoe is preferred, but white, blue, black or gray markings are permissible (such as piping or the Nike
sign) Van style canvas shoes are permissible if they follow the shoe color requirements.
No boots of any kind are permissible, this includes rain boots.
Students are not allowed to wear sandals, boots or “heelies” at school. For safety reasons, all children must have
closed shoes; heels and toes must be covered.
Jewelry & Hair Accessories
Girls may wear any of the hair accessories sold by Dennis or supply their own in green, white, brown, black or Navy only.
Girls (6-8) may wear the school tie, but must wear it with a button-down shirt.
Minimal jewelry is allowed: only one religious necklace, one bracelet, one ring etc. Girl may wear small, stud earrings or
hoops with a diameter smaller than their finger. There may not be multiple earrings in one ear.
Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Hair (Boys and Girls) – Hair should be neat and trimmed. Boy’s hair should be above and not touch the shirt collar and
trimmed around the ears. No hair dye is allowed.

Other: No cosmetics, lip gloss, colored Chapstick, nail polish or artificial nails may be worn. No visible tattoos of any kind.
No hologram contact lenses. No body piercings, except pierced ears. Watches with a beeping device should be
disconnected during the school day. Watches that beep will be taken away and available for parents to pick up at the
end of the school day.

Graduation, Special Performances and Confirmation Attire:
Appropriate attire should be worn for all of these special occasions.
Boys – dress shirt and dress pants with nice shoes.
Girls – modest dress attire, shoulders must be covered and dress length respectable.

Brownie/Scout Uniforms – Students may wear the scout uniforms on meeting days.

P.E. Clothes (Boys and Girls) 5th – 8th Grades
Green mesh basketball shorts and white T-shirt with Parish logo


Uniform components (pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, blouses, shirts, vests, and sweaters) may be purchased through Dennis
Uniform. Or order online at www.dennisuniformcom (School Code: UFSSPS)

                                                      Dennis Uniform
                                                  130 Doolittle Drive, Unit 1
                                                  San Leandro, CA 94577
                                                      (510) 569-3811

All students must be in uniform every day. There will be out-of-uniform days, which will be announced during the course
of the school year. If there is a time when the prescribed uniform cannot for some legitimate reason be worn, a note
from the parent/guardian must be written to the Principal. Students who are out of uniform without this excuse will be sent
to the office and the parent will be called to bring the proper clothing. There is a special uniform for Physical
Education classes, also to be purchased through Dennis Uniform for grades 5 through 8.

One of the things that makes a Catholic school different and unique is a uniform policy. Uniform really means all the
same. In past years, the uniform policy has not been enforced with regularity or enforcement was difficult. Changes
have been made, and during the year the school will study and look at other suppliers for uniforms. However, this year
the uniform policy will be enforced for all students.

                                                Uniform Enforcement Policy

One of the things that make a Catholic School different and unique is a uniform policy. Uniform means all the same. In
past years the uniform policy has not been enforced or enforcement was difficult. Changes have been made, and
during the year the school will study and look at other suppliers for uniforms. However, this year the uniform policy will be
enforced for all students. We are asking parents to monitor their children uniform dress and support the uniform policy.
Please note:

       Students out of uniform will have to call home and parents will have to come to school to provide uniform
       If parents cannot be contacted students will be provided a uniform from the uniform closet.
       Students wearing outerwear not in uniform will have that taken away. They can pick up items at the end of the
        day and parents will be notified. A second violation will have the outerwear kept by the classroom teacher for
        parent pickup at the end of the school day.

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