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									GlobalLogic Named Premier Training Partner for Appcelerator

Software R&D Services Leader to Train India-based Developers to Become Titanium-Certified Mobile Developers

SAN JOSE, CA –May 23, 2012 - GlobalLogic Inc., a leader in software R&D services, today announced that it
has been named the premier training partner for Appcelerator, a leading mobile platform company,for India.
The training willequip developers with the knowledge needed to design, develop and implement best-of-
breed mobile applications using the Titanium Platform. With the ability to standardize development across
Android, iOS, and other operating systems and devices, the Titanium Platform enables developers to quickly
create and deploy applications.

"Appcelerator is breaking barriers in the development world. Before, you needed native mobile developers
across multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android and so on. Now, a web developer with expertise in
JavaScript canlearn to develop native mobile applications across all of these platforms," commented Sunil K.
Singh, GlobalLogic Managing Director, India. "This is crucial as it can be difficult to find mobile development
talent. By providing developers with a step by step introduction to mobile application creation, the training
will deepen the global talent pool and accelerate the rate at which mobile apps can be deployed across the

Starting June 4th, GlobalLogic will conduct four-day training courses every month in New Delhi, Bangalore
and Hyderabad. The classes will train current mobile and web developers how to usethe Titanium Platform.
At the end of thecourse, developers will have the opportunity to enhance their portfolio by becoming a
qualified Titanium Certified Mobile Developer.

In addition to receiving the certification acknowledging their expertise in mobile app development,
developers will also gain access to Appcelerator's global development community. This includes access to
"meet ups" where developers gather to learn more about the Titanium Platform's capabilities and to network
with other developers and designers.

"Today´s mobile market is growing explosively and more companies are extending their enterprise
applications to mobile devices," shared Sandeep Johri, Appcelerator chief operating officer. "Training more
application developers to efficiently migrate applications to a wide range of devices and operating systems
while allowing them to deliver an engaging experience leveraging rich, native mobile phone features through
our 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs – only available on Appcelerator's Titanium Platform –
will further accelerate these efforts."
Today´ news follows last month's partnership announcement from GlobalLogic and Appcelerator in which the
two companies announced plans to deliver a new suite of mobile offerings for the enterprise. As part of this
partnership, GlobalLogic announced it will use Appcelerator Titanium as its platform of choice for creating
mobile applications for their 1,000 customers.

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About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic employs more than 6,000 people and delivers product R&D services to leading technology-
enabled organizations. Since 2001, the company has been delivering innovative products, services and
experiences. GlobalLogic works with both start-ups and technology giants, including over 80 percent of the
top global technology brands, to design and build innovative products that provide a competitive edge. With
innovation hubs and design studios around the world, GlobalLogic delivers the broad range of technology
design and engineering skills needed to help its clients stay ahead. The company is connected globally by its
award-winning "Velocity" innovation platform, and its teams thrive on Agile collaboration. Backed by Sequoia
Capital, Goldman Sachs, NEA, Draper Atlantic/New Atlantic Ventures, and WestBridge Capital, GlobalLogic is
headquartered in the U.S. and has global offices in Argentina, Chile, China, Germany, India, Israel, Ukraine and
the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

About Appcelerator

Appcelerator's Titanium is the leading mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies seizing the
mobile opportunity. With more than 40,000 applications deployed on 50 million devices, Appcelerator's
award-winning Titanium Platform leverages over 5,000 mobile device and operating system APIs to create
native iOS, Android, Blackberry and HTML5 mobile web apps. Customers who standardize on the Titanium
Platform get to market 70% faster and can quickly optimize business results with analytics-driven insights
into user behavior and app performance. Open and fully extensible, Titanium makes it easy to integrate data,
content and services from a variety of sources into mobile applications to leverage best-of-breed capabilities.
Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) provides instant social, location, communication and content features for
user-centric mobility. Appcelerator's worldwide ecosystem includes 300,000 mobile developers and
hundreds of ISVs and integration partners. Please visit
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