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									                                                                                                                        The Barn & Fields
                                                                                                                                                  At Evergreen Memorial Park

                                                                                                   The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park is a spectacular venue with something for everyone. Arrive at the
                   Please see the rental contract for a complete listing                           historic Barn Chapel in a horse and carriage, and sweep across native flagstone floors in to this spacious and
                                                                                                   charming old log building. Look out through the stained glass windows and view the reservoir and the high
                            of all rental related information.
                                                                                                   mountain meadow where buffalo, fallow deer and elk make their home. This historic assembly of 5 old barns, a
                                                                                                   church and a resort make a unique venue for your next event. It has a main floor, parlor, loft and a walk out
EMPRA reserves the right to make changes at any time regarding pricing, procedures and policies.
                                                                                                   basement that provides splendid rustic character. The Barn will make a lasting impression.

                                                                                                   Outdoor Field Areas can accommodate large or small weddings, ceremonies or parties and you can
                                            RENTAL RATES & SERVICES                                customize our scenic field grounds to your liking. With a reservoir, lake, wildlife and
                                                  Rates Effective May 1, 2012                      grass all about, it truly makes for a lovely and special outdoor event.

                            Evergreen Memorial Park & Recreation Association                                Evergreen Memorial Park & Recreation Association
                                 26624 N. Turkey Creek Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439                                  26624 N. Turkey Creek Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439
                                    Ph.: 303-674-7750 ~ Fax: 303-674-9052                                           Ph.: 303-674-7750 ~ Fax: 303-674-9052
                                                                                                            To begin the rental process, please complete form below and fax or email
             The Barn           @    Evergreen Memorial Park
                                                                                                                             The Barn & Fields @ Evergreen Memorial Park
                                 More Information on time blocks listed below.

              Time Block of     6 Hours                8 Hours                   10 Hours   12 Hours                                         INFORMATION
                                                                                                                              GENERAL RENTAL INFORMATION SHEET
        Week Day’s (M-F)                        $150.00/hour 8-4pm 3 hr. min.
                                                                                                        Name:                                                          Event Type:
       Evening’s (M-Thru)                       $200.00/hour 5-11pm 3 hr. min.
                                                                                                        Event Date:                            Day of the Week:                               Time of Event:
             Friday Evening   $2390.00               $2790.00                    $3190.00   $3690.00
                                                                                                        Main Contact for Arrangements:                                                     Phone:
           Saturday Evening   $3190.00               $3590.00                    $4090.00   $4590.00
                                                                                                        Responsible Party:
            Sunday Evening    $2390.00               $2790.00                    $3190.00     n/a
                                                                                                        Address:                                                           Main Phone:
           Holiday Evening    $3290.00               $3790.00                    $4290.00   $4690.00
                                                                                                        City, State, Zip:                                                                     Email:
                     The Barn can accommodate up to 225 for dining on 3 levels.
                                                                                                        Time Block Hours:          (hours include setup and cleanup)       # of People Expected:
                                                                                                        Catered?             Dancing?                          Music?                Alcohol?              (subject to meeting requirements)
                   Set-    Clean-
Time Block Hours – Set-Up, Clean-Up and Event Times
                                                                                                        How did you hear about The Barn?
     Evening Event Start Times are based on block hours. Example A 10 hour block would start at
     2:30pm Alcohol service must end by 10:45pm with event ending and guests departed by                                        The Barn & Fields @ Evergreen Memorial Park
     11:30pm, and building clean and vacant by 12:30am.                                                                                  WEDDING INFORMATION

The Barn                                                                                                Event Date:                              Day of Week: ___________ Time: ___________
     The Barn's rental rates include the use of the # of tables and chairs specified for your group,    Bride: ____________________________ Groom: ___________________________
     use of minimal kitchen facilities, trash supplies, use of The Field’s for your service (must be
     during time block hours) and a building supervisor during your event.                              Primary Contact Number for Bride & Groom: _________________________________
     Table Cloths are NOT included in the rental fee.                                                   Primary E-mail contact for Bride & Groom: __________________________________
     Table & Chair Placement: Basic floor set up is included in the rental rate. EMP staff will
     provide minimal initial set-up before the preparation time. Any furniture required, or moving of   Event Type: ____Reception & Ceremony                           ____Ceremony only        ____Reception only
     chairs, tables, etc. from the original set-up is the Renter's responsibility.                      Ceremony Location:       ____ The Barn ____ The Fields                           ____ Off Property
     floor plan. Fire Department Exit Codes will be strictly enforced.                                  Number of Expected Guests: ___________
                                                                                                        Wedding or Day of Event Coordinator:

                                                                                                                                                              non-denominational facility.
                                                                                                                                 Evergreen Memorial Park is a non-denominational facility.
                                          How to Reserve your Date                                                                                               The Field’s @ The Barn
Security Deposit                                                         $600.00
                            (acts as reservation, damage and cancellation fee)                                                   Up To 15 Guests       16-35 Guests         36-50 Guests         51-75 Guests          76-100 Guests*
The receipt of your Rental Contract, General Information Sheet and payment of the Security                                          $ 390.00             $ 440.00             $ 490.00             $ 540.00               $ 690.00
Deposit will reserve and confirm your date.                                                                                                   *AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF $1.25 PER GUEST FOR EVENTS OVER 100 IN THE FIELDS.

Final Payment                                                                                                                  The Field’s
Payment in full of all rental fees and any additional charges/services must be received 30 days prior                              The Field’s rates are for 3 hour time blocks.
to the event date. Failure to pay by the due date will result in automatic cancellation of the rental                              The Field’s Rental Rates include the use of and initial setting of the # of tables and chairs specified for
agreement.                                                                                                                         your group.
                                                                                                                                   Power can be run to the Field for an additional fee.
Cancellation / Refund Policy                                                                                                       Rental of The Field’s for a service only DOES NOT include usage of the barn.
   Renter may cancel the reservation in writing 6 months or more before the event date and receive
   ½ of what was paid for the security deposit.
   Deposits are not refundable should the event be canceled within the period of six months prior                                    GENERAL RENTAL INFORMATION FOR THE BARN & FIELD’S
   to the event date.
   Cancellations less than 30 days but more than 20 days will forfeit the full amount paid for the
                              days,                                                                                            Alcohol
   security deposit plus ½ of the rental fee.                                                                                  A client hosted non-cash bar may be arranged ONLY by hiring an approved insured bartender service.
   Cancellations less than 20 days or No Show Events will forfeit all monies previously paid to and                            All alcohol must be dispensed by said bartender(s), and no money may be exchanged for alcohol by
   received by EMP&RA.                                                                                                         the guests at the event. Each wedding party should consider the legal implications involved in serving
                                                                                                                               any type of alcoholic beverage to any who will be driving a car from the event. Evergreen Memorial
      Any security deposit due minus any assessed fees will be refunded within 3 weeks of your event.
                                                                                                                               Park & Recreation Association does not dispense any alcoholic beverages. Violation of our alcohol
                                                                                                                               policy will be cause forfeiture of your Security Deposit.
Additional Services & Fees Available
                                                                                                                                       ALCOHOL SERVICE MUST END 45 MINUTES BEFORE CLEAN-UP HOUR.
    Special Décor Modifications…$ 50.00/hr. (1 hour minimum)                                                                           KEGS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN LEAK PROOF CONTAINERS AND CANNOT BE IN THE PARLOR.
                                                                                                                                                                     PROOF                CANNOT
    Additional Cleaning…$75.00/hr. (1 hour minimum)                                                                                    KEGS WITHOUT BARTENDER SUPERVISION ARE NOT PERMITTED INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE
                                                                                                                                                                 SUPERVISION       PERMITTED            OUTSIDE
    Removal Fee for EMP Rental Items…$ 25.00/ hour + $1.50/each item                                                                   BUILDING.
    Removal Fee for Outside Rental Equipment…$250.00 + $1.50/ per each item
    Fee for trash not removed by renter… $5.00/bag                                                                                             SERVING
                                                                                                                                           THE SERVING OF ALCOHOL AND/OR CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL TO/BY
                                                                                                                                                   PERSONS UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE IS NOT PERMITTED
Parking Attendants                                                                               2 attendants $150.00(2Hrs.)
        Parking attendants are required for any event over 75 guests at any location
                                                                                                                               General Liability Insurance
Memorial Services, Receptions                                         3 Hour Service/Reception                 $399.00         Proof of personal homeowner’s insurance or a renter’s insurance rider for general liability IS REQUIRED by
        EMP staff to assist with service                                                                       $75.00          renter and must be on file 30 days before event.
        Additional hour(s) for services/receptions                                                             $150.00/hr.
        *Please see the USAGE FOR CELEBRATION OF LIFE SERVICES rental contract for complete details.
The Barn Recommends
A list of recommended caterers and other outside service professionals is available to help you plan the
perfect event.                                                                                                  Outside Source Rentals
                                                                                                                You are welcome to rent chairs, tables, or any other equipment from an outside source. The renter is
Web Casting of your wedding                                                     starting at….. $240.00          responsible for the set up and takes down of the tables and chairs, and the delivery and haul away of such
We now offer web casting or video taping of your service. Please check with our staff for more information.     items within 24 hours of the event or a rental removal fee of $250.00 + $1.50 per each item will be
Park Chaplain
The Park Chaplain is available for your service if needed. There is a $150.00 honorarium and                    Clean & Exiting Policy’s for The Barn & Fields
administrative service fee for services at Evergreen Memorial Park & Recreation Association that are                                                                Barn
                                                                                                                    Renter is required to leave the premises (The Barn or The Field’s) in the exact condition in which it
performed by the park chaplain for all ceremonies. You are welcome to provide your own chaplain.   .                was upon arrival. This includes taking down of tables and chairs, food spills and debris removed
                                                                                                                    from floors, walls and chairs; floors swept and mopped and all trash cans emptied/removed.
Décor                                                                                                               Fee for trash not removed by renter ($5/bag)
Interior decor – all items currently in The Barn are secured. You may add any items you would like for              Any additional clean up after the event that is deemed necessary by EMP&RA staff will be assessed
the decor. Outside decor must be weighted/secured to prevent flyaway or landing in the water. Please                a fee of $75.00/hr.
contact us if you are unsure of what's acceptable and what's not.                                                   If wedding party does not take down EMP tables and chairs, a tear down fee of $25.00 + $1.50 per
                                                                                                                    chair/table will be assessed.
                        FOLLOWING                                           BARN                                    Renter MUST check out of building with EMPRA staff before leaving the property.
Cardboard chafing dishes or oil lamps, open flame, candles, sparklers, fireworks, luminaries, tiki torches ,        Please read your rental contract for additional information for you event.
rice or birdseed, confetti or glitter helium balloons with strings or silly string. For a complete listing of
items not permitted, please see the rental contract.                                                            EMP Equipment Rental Rates:                       (Items                                         the
                                                                                                                                                                  (Items below are not included in the rental of the barn)

Additional Rental Information                                                                                                CD/ Tape Player $10.00                   Coffee Pot(s)       $10.00/each
    Barbecue grills and gas-cooking devices may only be used in approved areas outside the facility and
                        gas-                                                                                       Laptop Computer (for video) $40.00                 Table Cloths        $5.00/each
    are not permitted on decks or grass
                                  grass.                                                                                   DJ/Band Hook Up $20.00                   Extension Cord        $10.00/each
                                                                                                                  A/V Package (portable sound           $165.00       Risers/Stage        $50.00/each
    Ice Carvings must be completely contained to prevent damage to tables and floors and must be
                                                                                                                  system, video projector and screen)
    disposed of in an appropriate manner.                                                                              Outside Power Hookup $25.00
    Renter understands that there is no alternate power source available at the EMP&RA facility and
    that EMPRA is not responsible for any loss of power to the building at any time due to
    circumstances beyond our control.
    Only existing wall plugs may be used - no rewiring for any reason.

**Set-                           time blocks.
**Set-up time is included in the time blocks.
  Set                                                                  You may purchase 1 additional
hour for $125.00 if more time is needed.
                                     Wedding Limousine Service                                        THE BARN RECOMMENDS...                    Bartending Services
                                                                                                                                                (Required if alcohol is served at function)
                                                                                                                                                                                              Musicians ~ Live
                                     303-462-3200                                                                                                                                               Clear Creek Cowboys
                                                                      There are many fine and reputable            Bartenders & More                           Leo Everett & Big Sky
                                                                                                       people in the event industry. Listed         303-733-6996                                303-428-0841
                                 Horse & Carriage                                                      are the company’s that we and      
                                                                                                       previous renters feel will provide the                                                   Narrow Gauge
                                    Box Elder
                                                                                                       best service to you.                         “Hey Bartender”                             719-382-8674
                                     Collier Carriage Company                                         Catering Services                   
                                                                                                                                                                                                The Promise Band
                                     303-621-2486                                                       Aspen Specialty
Officiants                                                                                                                                                                                      Bruce & Lisa Cole
                                                                     303-838-6388                            Liquor Stores
    Rev. Ron Lewis                                                                                                                                                                              303-697-3258
                                                                    Emergency Bridal & Formal Wear               Biggie Wine & Liquor
    Evergreen Memorial Park          Cowboy Metal                                                                                                                                     
                                                                       Al's Formal Wear                                                           303-816-9013
    303-674-7777                     303-778-0851                                                       Cabin Creek Smokehouse BBQ
                                                                       303- 972-0544
                                                                                                        303-838-0375                               Conifer Village Liquor                     Pianist/Organist
   Rev. Donald Bossart                                        
                                 Local Lodging                                                          303-785-4227                               303-838-6086                                  Pamela Weng
   303-757-3366                      Alpen Way Chalet                   Amanda’s Bridal Wear                                                                                                     303-674-4460 (home)
                                                                                                        Cartedor Catering & Events                 Evergreen Discount Liquors
   Rev. Forrest Whitman              303-674-7467                       303-422-4007                                                                                                             303-888-8423 (cell)
                                                                                                        303-755-2100                               303-674-9170

   Rev. Martin Hunckler              Bear Creek Cabins                                                  Dip-n Delights Chocolate Fountain                                                       Carole Tillotson
                                                                    Specialty Services                  720-949-0022
   303-333-3612                      303-674-3442                                                                                                                                               303-670-0420
                                                                        Weddings on Wheels
   Dal Gordon                                                           720-224-2484
                                                                       Famous Dave’s                                                                         Violinist
   303-975-6774                      Bears Inn Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Julie Evans
                                     303-670-1205                                                       Bar-B-Que Catering
Photography & Video                       Event Planner                       303-861-2937 ext. 22
                                                                        Kathleen Kennec                                 Florists
   Candid Wedding                    Crystal Lake Resort                                                                                          Holly Berry                                 Flute & Guitar
   303-425-7222                                                         720-629-7585
                                     303-838-5253(lake)                                                 Footers Catering                          303-674-4821                                    Silverwood
    LaGrange Photography                                             303-762-1410                                               303-651-2499
                                                                    Dove Releases
    303-674-5054                                                       White Birds Unlimited  
                                     Highland Haven Creekside Inn                                                                                  Stem’s a Flower Shop                       Classical Cellist
    Mike Artz Photography            303-674-3577                      303-424-3322                     Hog Heaven Bar-B-Que                       303-674-4995                                   Teera Price
    & Video                             303-838-8814                                            303-818-6554
                                     Quality Suites                 PHOTO BOOTHS
                                                                                                        Life Styles Catering                    Music ~ DJ’s                                  Bagpiper
    Scott T Photography              @ Evergreen Parkway               Summit Photo Booth
                                                                                                        303-232-7932                             A Beggar’s Tunes                                BR’N The Bagpiper
    720-297-5098                     303-526-2000                      720.432-6684                                                              303-674-4067                                    303-733-6890
    Wakefield Photography                                                                                                              
    303-838-3542                                                                                        Mountain Cuisine Catering                                                             Harpist
                                 Rental Companies                   Classic Cars                        303-503-9765                               D.J. Rex Buchanan
                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Wedding Strings”
    Altitude Media Productions       Colorado Party Rentals             Chauffer Driven                                                            720-933-7383
    Jim Floyd 303-838-1185           303-781-1111                       1936 4 door convertible                                                                 Denny Gorkin                    Rocky Mountain Hog Roasters                                                               “Musical Moments”
                                                                        303-368-4157                    303-432-0666                               M & M Music                                    303-777-0459
                                     Evergreen Rentals, Inc.
Limousine, Shuttle,                                                                                                          Mike Coleman DJ
& Taxi Service                                                      Wedding Fun Packages                                                           303-674-7725                               Square Dance Callers
                                                                                                        Specialty Catering
   Sunset Limousines                 Party Time Rental, Inc.           Fun Productions, Inc.                                                                                                     Bob Gaunt
                                                                                                        303-674-5563                               Quality Mobile Sound
    303-426-9668                     303-935-4545                      Themed wedding events                                                                                                     303-503-0095
                                                                                                             303-682-5242                303-344-8899
                                                                                                                                                              Square Dance Etc.
                                                                            Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering
    Taxi, Limo & Delivery                                                                                                                                                                         Bob Riggs
    303-333-8294                                                                                                                                                                                  303-808-7837
                                                   The Barn Floorplan
                                                                                       Lower Level
    Storage            DECK                     Main Level
                                   RESTROOM                                            Ground Level Deck
                                                                             Storage                                          Storage
                                   MEN'S R.R.

Parlor Room

                                                                     Bridal Room

                     FIRE LANE

                                                                                                           Moveable Buffet

                                                 Upper Level – Loft
                                                                                           Table Availability
                                                                     Organ                 12 - 5' rounds
                    Barn Door                                                              13 - 6' rectangle tables
                                                      Open to Main
                                                          Level                            7 - 8' rectangle tables
                  OUTSIDE AWNING                                                           2 - 4' rectangle tables

                                                       FIRE LANE                           Main floor seats 150 max for services
                                                                                           Parlor seats 24 max
              6                                                                            Mezzanine seats 50 max
                                                                                           Lower Level seats 80 max
              8                                                                            *Tables, serving lines, and dance floor space
                                                                                           may reduce maxium seating capacity.
                                    Main Level                   Sample seating for 150 guests on all 3 levels.

                                                                                                                          Lower Level
      Storage                               DECK
                                                           RESTROOM                                                       Ground Level Deck
                                                                                                                Storage                                         Storage
                                                           MEN'S R.R.

                                                                                                                           8                    8
  Parlor Room

                                                                                                       Bridal Room
                                                                                                                           8                    8

                                                                                                                            8                    8

                                         FIRE LANE                          Upper Level – Loft
                                                                        Seats 48 w/ 6- 6' rectangle tables in
                                                                                      the loft                                      Seats 32 w/ 6- 8'
                                                                                                                                    tables in lower



                                                                                    Open to Main                                Table Availability
                                                                        6               Level                                   12 - 5' rounds
                                                                                                          6                     13 - 6' rectangle tables
                                        Barn Door
Seats 80 w/ 8 round and 2- 8'
                                                                                                                                7 - 8' rectangle tables
    tables on main level              OUTSIDE AWNING                                   FIRE LANE                                2 - 4' rectangle tables

                                                                                                                                Main floor seats 150 max for services
                                                                                                                                Parlor seats 24 max



                                                                                                                                Mezzanine seats 50 max
                                                                                                                                Lower Level seats 80 max
                                                                                                                                *Tables, serving lines, and dance floor space
                                                                                                                                may reduce maxium seating capacity.

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