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VOLUME XVII                OVTIHJ? I 9 6 8                         NUMBER 97

Feminism in Virginia Woolf J. B. BATCHELOR
Edmund Blunden's 'Joy' Poems MICHAEL T H O R P E
A C^ase for Comparative Literature H. G. W I D D O W S O N

POEMS. Geoffrey Holloway, Margaret Stanley-Wrench,
 Gilbert Thomas, Christopher Wiseman

REVIEWS. R. A. Foakes, Derek Hudson, Timothy Rogers,
 and others
Poetry and Song on Record
Poetry Review              Recent Reading

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                *The Poems of Arthur Hugh Clough                                            Edited by
                A. L P. Norrington
                This selection of Clough's poetry, for which the editor has prepared new notes and written
                a new Introduction, is based on the Oxford English Texts edition. The text presents the
                latest manuscript available for each poem. 340pp 21s net
                Oxford Standard Authors
                Swift: Poetical Works                            Edited by Herbert Davis
                This convenient, one-volume edition of Swift's poetry is based on that edited by Harold
                Williams. Swift's final corrections have been incorporated in the text and the poems rearranged
                in order of composition. Frontispiece 728 pp 35s net
                Oxford Standard Authors
                Pope: Poetical Works                            Edited by Herbert Davis
                The volume incorporates Pope's own latest considered revisions and follows his final
                typographical instructions and. as far as is practicable, his own preferred arrangement of the
                poems, 776 pp. frontispiece 2 facsimile title-pages 3bsnet
                Oxford Standard Authors
                Milton: Poetical Works                              Edited by Douglas Bush
                The poems are printed in chronological order and modernized in spelling and punctuation. The
                translations of the Latin. Greek, and Italian poems are new Introductions and notes provide all
                the information needed for intelligent reading. 616pp. Opiates 30snet
                Oxford Standard Authors
                Blake: Complete Writings                                Edited by Geoffrey
                This text, first published in 1957 is reprinted in an improved form with corrections and additions.
                It contains almost al! Blake's substantive variants. 960pp, 25 text illustrations 30snet
                Oxford S randard Authors
                Traherne: Poems, Centuries and Three
                Thanksgivings Edited by Anne Ridler
                Based on the Oxford English Texts collection, this edition includes al! the poems from the
                Bodleian Library manuscripts, with additional poems from the British Museum manuscript. The
                prose Centuries of Meditations are included in entirety, and three of the Thanksgivings, which
                are ecstatic prose-poems. 484pp 30s net
                Oxford Standard Authors

PRESS           * Just published
                 The Magazine of the English Association
                        INDEX OF VOLUME XVI
                         (Nos. gi-96: Spring ig66-Autumn ig6?)
Annand, J. K.: Poem, 247.                            Association Notes, 83, 206.
Annual General Meetings: 83, 206.                    Atwood, Margaret: Poem, 142.
Armstrong, William A.: Reviews, 23, 62, n o , 148,   Baynes, Simon: Poem, 204.
  187.                                               Bercovitch, Sacvan: Article, 11.
                                                     Brett, R. L.: Article, 94.
ARTICLES:                                            Brooks, Harold F.: Article, 89.
  Aspects of Rhythm and Rhyme in Eliot's Early Brown, George Mackay: Poem, 207.
     Poems, by John Chalker, 84.                     Bullough, Geoffrey: Review, 19.
  Between The Waste Land and the first Ariel Butter, Peter: Article, 218.
     poems: 'The Hollow Men', by Harold F. Campbell, Ian M.: Review, 236.
     Brooks, 89.                                     Chalker, John: Article, 84.
  'Captive and the Free, The': Artist, Child, and Chanda, S. M.: Article, 142.
     Society in the World of Joyce Cary, by Ken- Classroom, For the, 39, 79, 123, 164, 204, 247.
     neth Watson, 49.                                Cook, R. L.: Poems, 29, 249.
  Edwin Muir: The Journey Back, by Peter Butter, Correspondence, 118, 159.
     218.                                            Craigie, James: Review, 235.
  Eliot the Poet-Playwright, as seen in The Family Dederick, Robert: Poem, 10.
     Reunion, by Jennifer I. Isaacs, 100.            Dick, Pewilla: Poem, 192.
  Emphasis on Meaning, An, by John Skull, 55.        Fagg, Martin: Poem, 118.
  'Everyman': A Diamond Jubilee, by M. W., 43. Foakes, R. A.: Reviews, 18, 64, 185.
  Farmer's Boy, The: Robert Bloomfield, 1766- Fulton, Robin: Poem, 233; Article, 224.
     1823, by A. J. Sambrook, 167.                   Garioch, Robert: Poem, 238.
  Henry James: An Unfinished Masterpiece, by Gill, Frances: Poem, 158.
     S. Gorley Putt, 45.                             Goodridge, Frank: Poem, 93.
  'Holiness of the Heart's Affections, The': Aspects Gooneratne, Yasmine: Article, 133; Poem, 131.
     of the Poetry of Anne Ridler, by Kathleen E. Gramophone Records of Scottish Literature, by
     Morgan, 2.                                        George More, 240.
   Hugh MacDiarmid and the Scottish Renaissance, Green, F. Pratt: Poems, 48, 99.
     by W. A. S. Keir, 230.                          Griffiths, Bryn: Poem, 177.
   In Search of a Tradition: The Creative Writer in Haldane, Joan: Poem, 196.
     Ceylon, by Yasmine Gooneratne, 133.             Hamburger, Michael: Poem, 83.
  James VI and Renaissance Poetic Theory, by Hidden, Norman: Article, 178.
     Ronald D. S. Jack, 208.                          Holloway, Geoffrey: Poem, 124.
   Literature for the Teacher, by Norman Page, 7. Hudson, Derek: Reviews, 108, 149, 189.
   Lucy and Light: An Interpretation of Words- Isaacs, Jennifer I.: Article, 100.
     worth's Lucy Poems, by Sacvan Bercovitch, 11. Jack, Ronald D. S.: Article, 208; Review, 234.
   Moonlit Door, The; The Child Image in the Johnson, Geoffrey: Poem, 17.
     Poems of Randall Jarrell, by Norman Hidden, Johnson, Louis: Poem, 139.
      178.                                            Keir, W. A. S.: Article, 230.
   Mysticism and Incarnation in Four Quartets, by Kinsley, James: Article, 213.
     R. L. Brett, 94.                                 Lambert, Cecily: Poem, 33.
   Nigerians and English Literature: An Aspect of Lawrence, Ralph: Recent Reading, 26, 72, 115,
     Tutor Training, by Kenneth Watson, 140.            155. '96.
   Note on Tarn 0' Shanter, A, by James Kinsley, 213. Low, D. M.: Review, 65.
   Relevance of Trollope, The, by Kathleen E. MacCaig, Norman: Poem, 229.
     Morgan, 173.                                     MacDiarmid, Hugh: Poem, 212.
   Scottish Poetry Today: I. Poetry, by Robin Ful- Macdonald, Alastair: Poem, 171.
     ton, 224.                                        Mackie, Alastair: Poem, 223.
   Scottish Poetry Today: II. The Novel and the Mole, John: Poem, 165.
     Drama, by Edwin Morgan, 225.                     More, George: Gramophone Records of Scottish
   Some West Indian Problems of Audience, by            Literature, 240.
      Mervyn Morris, 127.                             Morgan, Edwin: Article, 225.
   What do Indian Students Read? by S. M. Morgan, Kathleen E.: Articles, 2, 173.
     Chanda, 142.                                     Morris, Mervyn: Article, 127.
                                  INDEX OF VOLUME XVI
M. W.: Obituaries, i, 44, 206; Articles, 43, 207.   Waiting, by Alastair Mackie, 223.
Norris, Leslie: Poem, 88.                           Walking in Winter, by F. Pratt Green, 99.
Nugent, Mary: Poem, 122.                            War, A, by Robin Fulton, 233.
                                                    World as a Perpetual Fire, The, by Sydney
OBITUARIES :                                           Tremayne, 217.
  Somerset Maugham, 1874-1965, 1; Guy Boas, Poetry, Drama, and Prose on Record, by Margaret
     1896-1966, 44; Sir Ernest Gowers, 1880-1966,   Willy, 13, 58, 145, 182.
     81; V. H. Collins, 1873-1966, 81; Sir George Poetry Review, by Howard Sergeant, 30, 192.
     Rostrevor Hamilton, 1888—1967, 206.          Putt, S. Gorley: Article, 45.
Page, Norman: Article, 7.                         Recent Reading, by Ralph Lawrence, 26, 72, 115,
Peschmann, Hermann: Reviews, 20, 67, m .            155. '96-
Pinto, V. de S.: Poem, 181.                       Reprints, New Editions, Books of Reference, and
                                                    Recent Periodicals, 34, 76, 119, 159, 200, 241.
  Age, by Margaret Stanley-Wrench, 12.               REVIEWS :
  Archimedes on Iago, by John Mole, 165.               About the House, by W. H. Auden: Howard Ser-
  Auld Sodger, by J. K. Annand, 247.                     geant, 113.
  Back Garden, by Alastair Macdonald, 171.             Aesthetic and Myth in the Poetry of Keats, by Walter
  Backstreet of the Welfare State, A, by Louis           H. Evert: Gilbert Thomas, 107.
    Johnson, 139.                                      AfricanjEnglish Literature, edited by Anne Tibbie:
  Collector, The, by Mary Nugent, 122.                   Howard Sergeant, 70.
  Coming, The, by Yasmine Gooneratne, 131.             Allegorical Imagery: Some Mediaeval Books and Their
  Cows on the Road, by Simon Baynes, 204.               Posterity, by Rosemond Tuve: R. M. Wilson,
  Date Stamp, The, by Robert Dederick, 10.               106.
  Dreams, by Elizabeth Williams, 26.                   American Poetry, edited by John Russell Brown,
  English Conversation Piece, by Margaret Stanley-      Bernard Harris, and Irvin Ehrenpreis: Howard
    Wrench, 114.                                         Sergeant, 113.
  Evening by the Lake, An, by Leslie Norris, 89.       Art of Marvell's Poetry, The, by J. B. Leishman:
  Father and Daughter, by Elizabeth Williams,            William A. Armstrong, 148.
     '99-                                              Before Jane Austen: The Shaping of the English Novel
  For My Daughter, by Vivian Smith, 144.                 in the Eighteenth Century, by Harrison R. Steeves:
  House is Sold, The, by Cecily Lambert, 33.             Derek Hudson, 149.
  How I Met Mr. Swinburne, the Atheist, by V.          Birds of Shakespeare, The, by James Harting: R. A.
    de S. Pinto, 181.                                    Foakes, 18.
  Kites, by Bryn Griffiths, 177.                       Blake's Contrary States: The Songs of Innocence and of
  Late April: Hobart, by Vivian Smith, 105.              Experience as Dramatic Poems, by D. G. Gillham:
  Let's Talk about the Weather, by James Sim-            Gilbert Thomas, 188.
    mons, 154.                                         Cave and the Mountain, The: A Study of E. M. For-
  Lying 111, by Iain Crichton Smith, 240.                ster, by Wilfred Stone: Gilbert Thomas, 151.
  Melville, by Pewilla Dick, 192.                      Character and the Novel, by W. J. Harvey: Derek
  Miss Lily, by Martin Fagg, 118.                        Hudson, 108.
  Night Drivers, by Sydney Tremayne, 54.               Character in English Literature, by Christopher
  Nightmare Oaks, The, by F. Pratt Green, 48.            Gillie: Derek Hudson, 108.
  On the River, by Joan Warburg, 60.                   Chaucer and Chauccrians: Critical Studies in Middle
  Orkney Crofter, by George Mackay Brown, 207.           English Literature, edited by D. S. Brewer: R. M.
  Orpheus, by Joan Haldane, 196.                         Wilson, 106.
  Poetry and Science, by Hugh MacDiarmid, 212.         Christian Rite and Christian Drama in the Middle
  Portrait of a Teacher, by Margaret Shipley, 185.       Ages, by O. B. Hardison: William A. Arm-
  Prayer to the Virgin, A, by Jon Stallworthy, 6.        strong, 62.
  Raw Side, The, by Frank Goodridge, 93.               Coleridge's Philosophy of Literature, by J. A. Apple-
  Red Well, Harris, The, by Norman MacCaig, 229.         yard: Gilbert Thomas, 107.
  Revenant, The, by Robert Garioch, 238.               Commonwealth Literature, edited by John Press:
  Rhyme from Roehampton, A, by G. Belasyse               Howard Sergeant, 70.
    Smith, 71.
  Seascape, by Frances Gill, 158.                      Conspirators and Poets, by D. J. Enright: Timothy
  Sonnet: For an Unwritten Poem, by R. L. Cook,          Rogers, 190.
    249-                                               Creative Sceptics, by Margaret L. Wiley: Derek
                                                         Hudson, 189.
  Storm in the Valley, by Geoffrey Johnson, 17.        Cultivated Stance, The, by W. H. Van Voris: Wil-
  Sunrise, by R. L. Cook, 29.                            liam A. Armstrong, 62.
  Thaw, by Geoffrey Holloway, 124.
  This is a Photograph of Me, by Margaret Atwood,     Dickens: The Dreamer's Stance, by Taylor Stoehr:
    142.                                                 Gilbert Thomas, 66.
  This Mortal, by Anthony Woodhouse, 163.              Drama in the Sixties, by Laurence Kitchin: Wil-
  'Three Men Make a Revolution', by Sydney               liam A. Armstrong, n o .
    Goodsir Smith, 239.                                Dramatic Experience, The, by J. L. Styan: William
  T. S. Eliot, by Michael Hamburger, 83.                 A. Armstrong, 23.
                                  INDEX OF VOLUME XVI
Dryderis Heroic Drama, by A. C. Kirsch: Geoffrey        Leslie Mitchell: Lewis Grassic Gibbon, by Ian S.
   Bullough, 19.                                           Munro: Ian M. Campbell, 236.
Dryderis Major Plays, by Bruce King: William A.         Life of Dylan Thomas, The, by Constantine Fitz-
   Armstrong, 187.                                         gibbon: Hermann Peschmann, m .
Dualities in Shakespeare, by Marion Bodwell Smith:      Measure for Measure as Royal Entertainment, by
   R. A. Foakes, 185.                                     Josephine Waters Bennett: R. A. Foakes, 185.
Elizabethan Dumb Show, The, by Dieter Mehl:             Medieval and Linguistic Studies in Honour of Francis
   William A. Armstrong, 62.                               Peabody Magoun, Jr., edited by Jess B. Bessin-
Emily Dickinson: The Mind of the Poet, by Albert J.        ger, Jr., and Robert P. Creed: R. M. Wilson,
   Gelpi: Timothy Rogers, 25.
Encore Reader, The, edited by Charles Marowitz:         Microcosmos, by Thomas B. Stroup: William A.
   William A. Armstrong, 23.                               Armstrong, 62.
English Dramatic Form, by M. C. Bradbrook: Wil-         Mid-Victorian Studies, by Geoffrey and Kathleen
   liam A. Armstrong, 23.                                  Tillotson: Gilbert Thomas, 66.
English History Play in the Age of Shakespeare, The,    Milton and Others, by George Williamson: Geoffrey
   by Irving Ribner: R. A. Foakes, 64.                     Bullough, 19.
Essay on Criticism, An, by Graham Hough:                Milton's Brief Epic, by Barbara Lewalski: Wil-
   Howard Sergeant, 191.                                   liam A. Armstrong, 148.
Essays on Shakespeare, edited by Bhabatosh              Mirror of Chaucer's World, A, by Roger Sherman
   Chatterjee: R. A. Foakes, 18.                           Loomis: Margaret Willy, 61.
Essays on Shakespeare, edited by Gerald W, Chap-        Modern Tragedy, by Raymond Williams: William
   man: R. A. Foakes, 64.                                 A. Armstrong, 187.
Forked Flame, The: a Study of D. H. Lawrence,           Mrs. Gaskell: Novelist and Biographer, by Arthur
   by H. M. Daleski: Timothy Rogers, 109.                  Pollard: Gilbert Thomas, 66.
From Sensibility to Romanticism: Essays Presented to    Mrs. Gaskell: The Basis for Reassessment, by Edgar
   Frederick A, Pottle, edited by Frederick W.            Wright: Gilbert Thomas, 22.
   Hilles and Harold Bloom: Hermann Pesch-              Novelist as Innovator, The, by Walter Allen: Derek
   mann, 20.                                               Hudson, 149.
Further Explorations, by L. C. Knights: R. A.           Osier Cage, The: Rhetorical Devices in Romeo and
   Foakes, 18.                                            Juliet, by Robert O. Evans: R. A. Foakes, 185.
Grotesque in English Literature, The, by Arthur Clay-   Oxford Book of Scottish Verse, The, chosen by J o h n
   borough : Gilbert Thomas, 66.                           MacQueen and Tom Scott: James Craigie (the
Harriet Beecher Stowe: The Known and the Unknown,          earlier half), David Rintoul (the latter half),
   by Edgar Wagenknecht: Gilbert Thomas,                   235-
  22.                                                   Piers Plowman: The Evidence for Authorship, by
Here Comes Everybody, by Anthony Burgess: Her-             George Kane: R. M. Wilson, 17.
   mann Peschmann, 111.                                 Poem of the Mind, The, by Louis L. Martz:
Heroic Image in Five Shakespearean Tragedies, The, by     Howard Sergeant, 150.
   Matthew N. Proser: R. A. Foakes, 64.                 Poetic Art of W. H. Auden, The, by J o h n G. Blair:
Honoured Guest, An: New Essays on W. B. Yeats,            Howard Sergeant, 113.
   edited by Denis Donoghue and J . R. Mulryne:         Poetry and Politics, igoo-ig6o, by C. M. Bowra:
   Hermann Peschmann, 67.                                 Howard Sergeant, 150.
Ideas in the Drama, edited by John Gassner: Wil-        Poets of Reality: Six Twentieth-Century Writers, by
   liam A. Armstrong, 23.                                 J . Hillis Miller: Timothy Rogers, 152.
In Defence of Lady Gregory, Playwright, by Ann          Preoccupations in Australian Poetry, by Judith
   Saddlemyer: Hermann Peschmann, 67.                     Wright: Howard Sergeant, 70.
Internal Evidence and Elizabethan Dramatic Author-      Primal Curse, The, by Honor Matthews:
   ship, by S. Schoenbaum: R. A. Foakes, 185.             William A. Armstrong, 187.
Jane Austen and her Predecessors, by Frank W. Brad-     Purpose and Place: Essays on American Writers, by
   brook: Derek Hudson, 108.                              Douglas Grant: Timothy Rogers, 25.
Jane Austen: A Study of her Artistic Development, by    Reader's Guide to Henry James, A, by S. Gorley
   A. Walton Litz: Gilbert Thomas, 22.                    Putt: Derek Hudson, 189.
Jane Austen: The Six Novels, by W. A. Craik: Gil-       Reading of 'Paradise Lost', A, by Helen Gardner:
   bert Thomas, 22.                                       William A. Armstrong, 148.
John Gower: Moral Philosopher and Friend of             Reason's Double Agents, by Carol Johnson: Howard
   Chaucer, by John H. Fisher: R. M. Wilson, 17.          Sergeant, 150.
Johnson, Boswell and their Circle. Essays presented     Reign of Wonder, The: Naivety and Reality in Ameri-
   to Lawrence Fitzroy Powell in Honour of his            can Literature, by Tony Tanner: Timothy
   Eighty-fourth Birthday: D. M. Low, 65.                 Rogers, 25.
'King Lear' in Our Time, by Maynard Mack: Wil-          Religious Humanism and the Victorian Novel, by
   liam A. Armstrong, n o .                               U . C. Knoepflmacher: Gilbert Thomas, 66.
Landscape of Memory, The: A Study of Wordsworth's       Rhetorical World of Augustan Humanism, The: Ethics
   Poetry, by Christopher Salvesen: Hermann               and Imagery from Swift to Burke, by Paul Fussell:
   Peschmann, 20.                                         D. M. Low, 65.
Language of Criticism, The, by John Casey: Howard       Robert Henryson: A Study of the Narrative Poems, by
   Sergeant, 191.                                         John MacQueen: Ronald D. S. Jack, 234.
                               INDEX OF VOLUME XV
Scottish Poetry, i and 2, edited by George Bruce,       into Modern English, by Margaret Stanley-
   Maurice Lindsay, and Edwin Morgan:                   Wrench: R. M. Wilson, 17.
  Albert D. Mackie, 238.                              Twelve and a Tilly: Essays on the Occasion of the
Seventeenth Century, The: Studies in the History ofEng- Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Finnegans Wake, by
  lish Thought and Literature from Bacon to Pope, by Jack P. Dalton and Clive Hart: Hermann
  Richard Foster Jones and Others Writing in            Peschmann, 111.
  his Honour: Geoffrey Bullough, 19.                  Utmost Art, by Mary Ellen Rickey: William A.
Shakespeare: a book of homage, edited by T. Sen. Armstrong, 148.
  Jadavpur: R. A. Foakes, 18.                         Varieties of Parable, by Louis MacNeice: Timothy
Shakespeare and Society, by Terence Eagleton: R. A.     Rogers, 69.
  Foakes, 185.                                        Virginia Woolf and Her Works, by Jean Guiget,
Shakespeare and the Reason, by Terence Hawkes:          translated from the French by Jean Stewart:
  R. A. Foakes, 18.                                     Timothy Rogers, 109.
Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art, by Martin Vision of Reality, A: A Study of Liberalism in Twen-
  Lings: R. A. Foakes, 185.                             tieth-Century Verse, by Frederick Grubb:
Shakespeare's Early Comedies, by E. M. W. Tillyard: Timothy Rogers, 152.
  R. A. Foakes, 18.                                   Wallace Stevens: An Anatomy of Figuration, by
Shakespeare's Occasional Plays, b y j . M. Nosworthy: Eugene Paul Nassar: Howard Sergeant, 113.
  R. A. Foakes, 64.                                   W. B. Teats: A Critical Introduction, by B. Rajan:
Shakespeare Survey, 18, edited by Allardyce Nicoll:     Hermann Peschmann, 67.
  R. A. Foakes, 18.                                   W. B. Teats and the Theatre of Desolate Reality, by
Shaping Vision, The: Imagination in the English         David R. Clark: Hermann Peschmann, 67.
  Novel from Defoe to Dickens, by Robert Alan         William Wordsworth: A Biography: The Later Tears,
  Donovan: Derek Hudson, 149.                           1803-1853, by Mary Moorman: Hermann
Shaw in his Time, by Ivor Brown: William A. Arm-        Peschmann, 20.
  strong, 110.                                        Wine of Absurdity, The, by Paul West: Timothy
Shelley's 'Prometheus Unbound', by Earl R. Wasser- Rogers, 190.
  man: Gilbert Thomas, 107.                           Words in the Mind, by Charles Davy: Howard
Sidney's Poetry: Contexts and Interpretations, by David Sergeant, 150.
  Kalstone: R. A. Foakes, 64.                         Wordsworth and the Artist's Vision, by Alec King:
Siegfried Sassoon: A Critical Study, by Michael         Gilbert Thomas, 107.
  Thorpe: Gilbert Thomas, 188.                        Wordsworth: A Philosophical Approach, by Melvin
Skelton's 'Magnyfycence' and the Cardinal Virtue Rader: Gilbert Thomas, 188.
   Tradition, by William O. Harris: William A.        World of W. B. Teats, The: Essays in Perspective,
  Armstrong, 62.                                        edited by Robin Skelton and Ann Saddlemyer:
Stability of Shakespeare's Text, The, by E. A. J.       Hermann Peschmann, 67.
   Honigmann: R. A. Foakes. 18.                       Writer by Trade: A View of Arnold Bennett, by
Stratford-upon-Avon Studies 6: Restoration Theatre, Dudley Barker: Gilbert Thomas, 151.
   edited by J. R. Brown and Bernard Harris:          Writers and Politics, by Conor Cruise O'Brien:
   Geoffrey Bullough, ig.                               Howard Sergeant, 70.
Strings are False, The: An Unfinished Autobiography,Rintoul, David: Review, 235.
   by Louis MacNeice: Timothy Rogers, 69.           Rogers, Timothy: Reviews, 25, 69, 109, 152, 190.
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, by  Sambrook, A. J.: Article, 167.
   C. S. Lewis: R. M. Wilson, 106.                  Scottish Number of English, 207.
Study of Cyril Toumeur, A, by Peter B. Murray: Selected Recent Books, 40, 80, 124, 165.
   William A. Armstrong, 62.                        Sergeant, Howard: Reviews, 70, 1:3, 150, 191;
Study of the Illuminated Books of William Blake: Poetry Review, 30, 192.
   Poet, Printer, Prophet, by Geoffrey Keynes: Mar- Shipley, Margaret: Poem, 185.
   garet Willy, 22.                                 Simmons, James: Poem, 154.
Swan and Shadow: Teats's Dialogue with History, by  Skull, John: Article, 55.
   Thomas R. Whitaker: Timothy Rogers, 152.         Smith, G. Belasyse: Poem, 71.
Their Proper Sphere: A Study of the Bronte Sisters Smith, Iain Crichton: Poem, 240.
  Early-Victorian Female Novelists, by Inga-Stina   Smith, Sydney Goodsir: Poem, 239.
   Ewbank: Derek Hudson, 108.                       Smith, Vivian: Poems, 105, 144.
Themes and Conventions in the Comedy of Manners,Stallworthy, Jon: Poem, 6.
   R. C. Sharma: William A. Armstrong, 62.          Stanley-Wrench, Margaret: Poems, 12, 114.
Thomas Hardy: The Will and the Way, by Roy Thomas, Gilbert: Reviews, 22, 66, 107, 151, :88.
   Morrell: Gilbert Thomas, 151.                    Tremayne, Sydney: Poems, 54, 217.
Three Temptations, The: Medieval Man in Search oftheWarburg, Joan: Poem, 60.
  World, by Donald R. Howard: R. M. Wilson, 106. Watson, Kenneth: Articles, 49, 140.
                                                    Williams, Elizabeth: Poems, 26, 199.
To Criticize the Critic, and other Writings, by T. S.
   Eliot: Timothy Rogers, 69.                       Willy, Margaret: Poetry, Drama, and Prose on
To Mevill Coghill from Friends, collected by John        Record, 13, 58, 145, 182; Reviews, 22, 61.
   Lawlor and W. H. Auden: R. A. Foakes, 185. Wilson, R. M.: Reviews, 17, 106.
Troilus and Criseyde by Geoffrey Chaucer, translatedWoodhouse, Anthony: Poem, 163.
General Editors: Elizabeth Salter and Derek Pearsall
To be published March
Edited by D. S. Brewer                         Boards 25s. net approx. Paper 12s. 6d. net approx.
There is little need specially to commend The Morte Darthur. It has been known for centuries as
a superb story of adventure and love, honour and betrayal. The Introduction summarizes what
one must know about the Arthurian story and Arthurian scholarship in order to understand and
appreciate Malory's work; but the main emphasis is on the writing itself, which still deserves
more literary study. The sections on Style, Structure and The Tragedy of the Honourable Society
are original contributions to the criticism of The Morte Darthur,

A Study of Coleridge's Poetry
Patricia Adair                                                                        42s. net
The author believes that the minor poems often throw unexpected light upon the great poems,
and considers that the early notebooks, contemporaneous with his best poetry, bring the reader
closer than anything else to an understanding of Coleridge's creative genius.

General Editors: .Tohn Russell Brown and Bernard Harris

Edited by Nigel Alexander                                                                 42s. net
This is an anthology of longer poems published in English between 1560 and 1610. It is an old
spelling edition although the merely typographical features of that spelling have been modernized
to prevent unnecessary difficulty in reading the texts. It has a critical introduction and textual
and explanatory notes.

Selected Prose Writings
Edited by E. D. Pendry                                                                    50s. net
This volume contains a major part of Dekker's prose writing. He is a stylist, essentially a writer
of artifice: his command of convention and the sheer variation of style and form in his work
make it highly entertaining. The texts have been carefully presented in the clearest manner. For
each piece the editor has aimed at a mean between clumsy hyperconservatism and brash over-

General Editors: John Russell Brown and Bernard Harris

This volume presents American achievement to readers on both sides of the Atlantic. Ten critics
and scholars have collaborated for this study of American theatre. The aim is to provide not one
view but several, to use different approaches, to concentrate attention on individual writers, on
influences, on ideological and social conditions, on theatrical idioms and on theatrical history.

                               EDWARD ARNOLD
                               41 Maddox Street, London, W. 1
                                                                                            [i front]
    Brian Vickers
    The first detailed stud/ of the use of prose in the plays, and a work of real originality in
    Shakespearian studies. Dr. Vickers carefully defines the differentiation which Shakespeare
    made between prose and verse. He then proceeds—by means of analysis of imagery, and
    linguistic and rhetorical structure—to show the development of Shakespeare's use of
    prose.                                                                                   75s

    W. H. Clemen
    Professor Clemen has composed a model commentary to Richard III which serves as a
    general introduction to Shakespeare's early dramatic art and as an object lesson in the
    methodology of criticism.                                                           55s

    G. Wilson Knight
    The essays printed here include all those from The Burning Oracle except two on Shake-
    speare and Pope, which are now available in other volumes. The book also includes Pro-
    fessor Knight's study of Milton's politics, 'Chariot of Wrath', and his Byron foundation
    lecture, 'Byron's Dramatic Prose'. It thus forms an absorbing study of the narrative, or
    'action' poets, Spenser, Milton, Swift and Byron.                                    50s

    R. M. Wilson
    First published in 1939, this excellent book remains the introduction to the subject.
    Professor Wilson gives an immense amount of information on the literary background and
    makes detailed analyses of The Ancrene Riwle and The Owl and the Nightingale. The book has
    been brought completely up to date.           March 14th. 35s University Paperback Ms

    M. M. Mahood
    An outstanding pioneering study of Shakespeare's punning.
    'Professor Mahood's sensitive ingenuity . . . enormously enlightening.' The Times Literary
    Supplement                        April 11th. University Paperback 10s f>d Hardback 25s

    F. A. C. Wilson
    First published in 1958, this is one of the key books on Yeats. Professor Wilson examines
    the late plays and various related lyrics and sets them firmly in the context of Yeats's
    personal philosophy.                                                University Paperback 16s


English for Maturity                        John Keats
English in the Secondary School             Robert Gittings
Second Edition                              The most comprehensive life of Keats
DAVID HOLBROOK                              ever written, this should prove to be the
                                            standard biography for many years to
David Holbrook's powerful plea for a        come. Contains much that has not ap-
fresh approach to English in secondary      peared before on such matters as Keats's
schools, reprinted three times since        family background, his apprenticeship
publication in 1961, has been reset         to medicine, the probabilities of his
and brought up to date.                     experience of venereal disease, his finan-
Comments on the first edition:              cial settlement with his brother George,
'Among ordinary English textbooks           and his often-disputed relationship with
                                            Fanny Brawne. Every poem is set, dated,
with their listless exercises and           and interpreted in the light of the day-
anaemic conventions it is a swan            to-day events of Keats's life and ex-
among hens.' Guardian                       perience, fully gathered together for
'It should prove an inspiration to all      the first time.                   63s net
teachers of English.'
          Times Educational Supplement
   Cloth 35s. net; paperback 17s. 6d. net   English Proverbs Explained
                                            Ronald Ridout and
Shakespeare                                 Clifford Witting
                                            A fascinating collection of hundreds
Survey 20                                   of English proverbial expressions. The
                                            compilers not only pithily define and
An Annual Survey of Shakespearian           illustrate the proverbs but also trace
Study and Production                        them back to their origins where pos-
Edited by                                   sible.                          25s net
Fifteen papers on a                         Contemporary Playwrights
wide range of topics,                       Series
including 'Shake-
speare and other                            RONALD HAYMAN
Tragedy', studies of                        Succinct paperback studies of four
particular aspects of                       leading dramatists of our time, each
the plays, scene                            with illustrations of well-known pro-
design, sources,                            ductions, in which development, endur-
accounts of perform-                        ing characteristics and total achievement
ances in other coun-                        are critically assessed.
tries, particularly                         1   John Arden
Brazil. There are                           2   Samuel Beckett
twelve plates and the
usual survey of the                         3   John Osborne
year's contribution                         4   Harold Pinter
to Shakespeare study.                                                    65 each net
               455. net j

                                            Educational Books
PRESS                                       48 CHARLES STREET LONDON Wl

FEMINISM IN VIRGINIA WOOLF                                .                                          .       J. B. Batchelor    i
   Dracula              .     .       .           .           .        .                      . Christopher Wiseman             8
EDMUND BLUNDEN'S 'JOY* POEMS                                                                             Michael Thorpe        9
   Spring?   she says         .           .           .                .                             Geoffrey Holloway         15
A CASE FOR COMPARATIVE LITERATURE                                                                    H. G. Widdowson           15
    Driving to Holy Island                                                                   Margaret Stanley-Wrench           19
POETRY AND SONG ON RECORD                             .                                              . Margaret Willy          ig
    'Twelfth Night' and Shakespearian Comedy, by Clifford Leech; The Dream of
      Prospero, by D. G. James; Conceptions of Shakespeare, by Alfred Harbage;
      Thomas Kyd: Facts and Problems, by Arthur Freeman; The Achievement of
      Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure', by David Lloyd Stevenson; George Chap-
      man, by Millar MacLure; The English Lyric from Wyatt to Donne, by Douglas L.
      Peterson; Sidney's Poetic Development, by Neil L. Rudenstine; A Tradition of
      Poetry, by John Buxton; Medieval and Renaissance Studies, edited by O. B.
      Hardison, Jr.; Shakespeare Survey, 19, edited by Kenneth Muir   R. A. Foakes 23
   The Comic Art of Laurence Sterne, by John M. Stedmond; The Tradition of
     Smollett, by Robert Giddings; Aspects of the Eighteenth Century, edited by
     Earl R. Wasserman .         .   .    .    .   .     .   .      Derek Hudson                                               25
   Keats and the Mirror of Art, by Ian Jack; John Keats, by Robin Mayhead; Keats's
     Metaphors for the Poetic Imagination, by Mario L. D'Avanzo . Gilbert Thomas                                               26
   The Sense of an Ending, by Frank Kermode; The Modern Confessional Novel, by
     Peter M. Axthelm; William Golding, by Mark Kinkead-Weekes and Ian Gregor
                                                                   Timothy Rogers                                              27
POETRY REVIEW                                                     Howard Sergeant                                              28
RECENT READING                                                                                           Ralph Lawrence        31
    At a Solemn Music                                                                                        Gilbert Thomas 34
REPRINTS,     N E W EDITIONS, BOOKS O F REFERENCE,                                 AND R E C E N T       PERIODICALS       .   35

FOR T H E CLASSROOM               .           .       .            .       .   .   .     .      .        .      .     .        38

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