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					LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
2004 Annual Report
Partners in Success

Celebrating Our Partners

In creating a 2004 LightHouse retrospective, we felt compelled to reflect upon
important contributors to the achievements of the LightHouse. Being the largest
service provider to Northern California’s blind and visually impaired is no easy task.
Simply put, part of our secret to success is founded in community partnerships.
These collaborative “partners in success” are champions of the LightHouse’s
mission to enrich the lives of the clients we serve.

Each year, the LightHouse Annual Report identifies a minimum of 30
partner agencies we work with to improve the conditions of the blind
and visually impaired community. This year, the LightHouse salutes
eight powerful partnerships whose joint efforts with the LightHouse
have resulted in widening our reach and enhancing the quality of the
services we offer.

The LightHouse is privileged to have numerous partners and
collaborators. Working together enables us to provide richer and more
accessible services than we could offer alone. These kinds of
relationships have been a part of the LightHouse since we opened in
1902, when free use of space from the San Francisco Public Library
made it possible for a group of volunteers to begin a weekly reading
program for individuals who were blind.

In the 1920s, a partnership headed by the Cowell Family provided a
building for the LightHouse, which we used until 1989 when it was
damaged in the Loma Preita earthquake.

In the 1970s, a collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology of
the Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center established experimental
services for people with low vision, leading to the development of
comprehensive services for both blind and visually impaired

Today, the LightHouse is a partner in a continuum of programs and
services that come together to provide individuals who are blind and
visually impaired with solutions for living with vision loss. This year’s
annual report describes some of those partnerships.
Anita Shafer Aaron
Executive Director
LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired


Antenna Audio

32 artists participated in Insights 2004.

Antenna Audio is the world leader in audio and audio-visual
interpretation in the global cultural arena. Each day, more that 50,000
people enjoy Antenna Audio tours in hundreds of museums,
archaeological sites and visitor destinations around the world.

Since 1989, Insights art exhibition, a project of the LightHouse, has
built bridges between the visually impaired and sighted communities
by creating an exhibition venue for artists who are blind or visually

While Insights has always been an accessible art event, 2004 brought
the 15th anniversary juried exhibition to a new level. Antenna Audio –
the creator of audio interpretations for prestigious venues like the
Louvre and Alcatraz – provided a pro-bono audio descriptive tour for
Insights 2004 using their award winning audio player. The Antenna
Audio X-plorer player was designed in conjunction with special access
experts to ensure that visitors with low vision could operate the player.
Visually impaired and sighted art appreciators alike enjoyed the vivid
audio descriptions, which eloquently conveyed visual details as well as
emotional context.

Insights 2004 was funded in part by the Community Arts and
Education Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, the
Fleishhacker Foundation and the Ethel Louise Armstrong (ELA)

Hearing Society for the Bay Area

750 seniors, service providers and community partners in San
Francisco were impacted through the LightHouse and Hearing Society’s
collaboration to address dual-sensory loss.
Through a rich, ten-year partnership, the LightHouse and Hearing
Society for the Bay Area have paved the way for educational training
and support opportunities for visually impaired, hearing impaired and
dual-sensory impaired adults. Addressing increasing numbers of
seniors with dual-sensory loss, the agencies deepened their
collaboration to educate senior service providers and consumers about
vision and hearing loss.

In 2003-04, funding from the Department of Aging and Adult Services
expanded an existing joint project to meet this goal. As a result, older
adults at 11 San Francisco senior centers now have increased access
to services addressing vision and/or hearing loss. Additionally,
outreach and education efforts have improved the effectiveness of
senior centers in making programs and activities fully accessible to
participants with sensory loss.

Hearing Society for the Bay Area enhances the quality of life and
equality of opportunity for hard-of-hearing and deaf people. Founded
in 1915, the Hearing Society offers collaboration, education, advocacy,
counseling and support, promoting full inclusion in all aspects of
community life.

Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

In 2004, 268 clients benefited from the LightHouse and Peninsula
Center for the Blind partnership.

Diagnosed with a detached retina, Daly City resident Zenobia Jackson
attended LightHouse Living with Vision Loss workshops to learn
adaptive daily living skills. Since emotional well-being is also an
important consideration in adjusting to vision loss, Zenobia was
referred to a vision loss support group run by Peninsula Center for the
Blind and Visually Impaired (PCBVI).

This referral was enabled through a four-year partnership between the
LightHouse and PCBVI, initiated to meet the needs of African-
American, Pacific Islander and Spanish speaking individuals
experiencing vision loss in San Francisco and San Mateo counties.
Funded by a Title VII grant from the California State Department of
Rehabilitation, LightHouse and PCBVI’s service areas are bridged
through a bilingual Low Vision Specialist who works with clients at both
The Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (PCBVI) was
founded on the conviction that sight loss need never be a barrier to
self-reliance, self-esteem or qualify of life. Founded in 1936, PCBVI is
the primary resource in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties for those
with severe loss of vision.

Project Insight

64 pre-teens, teens and young adults enjoyed Youth Program services
during 2004.

Activities like indoor rock climbing, hiking and the arts foster
intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being in youth and
adults with vision loss. Since 1989, the LightHouse and Project Insight,
a program of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, have
teamed up to make these activities a reality.

2004 proved to be a “year of youth” as the LightHouse’s Youth
Program grew in leaps and bounds. A significant area of expansion
consists of ongoing, year-round operations for youth in the San
Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to funding from the Private Industry
Council, the first San Francisco-based Summer Day Camp was held for
teens unable to attend Enchanted Hills Camp. This 20-day program
enriched the summer break by exposing visually impaired youth to
diverse activities and exciting events.

Through Project Insight, the San Francisco Recreation and Park
Department strives to provide a wide variety of quality recreation,
outdoor adventure and cultural activities for people with disabilities in
the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sensory Access Foundation

“My lighthouse orientation and mobility instructor’s professional and
compassionate training opened up a whole new city for me. Little did I
realize that the daily travel experience would benifit me as much as
the first rate computer training from SAF.”
Karen Parsegian, LightHouse & SAF Client

Karen Parsegian of Sacramento began losing her vision two years ago
to a rare eye disorder. An active woman, Karen joined a PC Power
course offered by Sensory Access Foundation (SAF) at the LightHouse
to regain her computer competency. Traveling safely to her many
destinations still proved to be a challenge, so Karen also received
orientation and mobility instruction through the LightHouse.

These diverse services are available to Karen under one roof thanks to
a partnership between the LightHouse and SAF. SAF’s specialization in
employment issues complements the LightHouse’s focus on
rehabilitation and mobility training. The LightHouse provides space at
its San Francisco location for SAF employees, which increases the
breadth of unduplicated services available in one central location and
generates cross-referrals.

Sensory Access Foundation assists people who are blind or visually
impaired to obtain or retain competitive employment by providing the
highest quality access technology assessment, computer training, job
placement and accommodation services.


Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin

During 2004, 74 people were served through the LightHouse in
conjunction with BVIM.

When LightHouse of Marin opened its doors in July of 2000, connecting
with Marin residents experiencing vision loss was its main priority.
Committed to outreach, the LightHouse partnered with Blind and Vision
Impaired of Marin, Inc. (BVIM), which had already forged strong
relationships with Marin seniors during its more than 25 years of
hosting luncheons and other social functions.

Since then, LightHouse of Marin and BVIM have worked together to
offer peer support groups funded by a LightHouse Department of
Rehabilitation Title VII grant. These seven support groups – one in
Spanish –meet throughout Marin County, making vision loss services
and support more accessible to seniors and Spanish speaking residents
in underserved areas.

BVIM offers support for adults and seniors experiencing vision loss in
Marin County. BVIM provides support groups, social and cultural
community-building activities, referrals for financial assistance and
other support as needed, including paid taxi aid for medical

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency

“Working with the lighthouse on shared concerns maximizes the
potential for ongoing and future services for deaf-blind individuals.”
Robert I. roth, chief executive officer
deaf counseling, advocacy and referral agency

For six years, the LightHouse has worked closely with Deaf Counseling,
Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA), headquartered in San
Leandro, to improve the lives of Deaf-Blind individuals. Three years
ago, this partnership ventured northward when LightHouse of the
North Coast moved its operations into a suite at DCARA’s Eureka
Outreach office to better assist mutual clients with hearing and vision
loss. Dual drop-in services, cross-referrals and consultation between
the LightHouse and Eureka DCARA enable Deaf-Blind clients to receive
multiple services under one roof.

Eureka DCARA and LightHouse staff also work together to make
captions accessible to Deaf-Blind persons through refreshable braille,
provided through CaptionsOnline, DCARA’s online captioning service –
yet another example of partnerships meeting the need.

DCARA is a nonprofit, community-based social service agency serving
the deaf community. Established in 1962 as one of the first deaf-run
agencies in the country, DCARA provides a comprehensive range of
services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing people of the San Francisco
Bay Area.

Reading Service of the Redwoods

RSR reaches approximately 40,000 homes in Humboldt and Del Norte
counties via television broadcast and cable TV systems.

For years, Joan Sikken volunteered her time as a reader for low vision
support groups in McKinleyville, California. She soon learned of the
limited access Humboldt and Del Norte Counties’ blind and visually
impaired community had to local newspapers. In 1998, Joan founded
Reading Service of the Redwoods (RSR), a volunteer-run organization
that broadcasts local newspapers, announcements, features and
community calendars over Humboldt County’s airwaves, making news
and information accessible to the blind and visually impaired.
In 2004, the LightHouse and RSR embarked on a six-month
collaboration funded by the LightHouse. In addition to providing
financial support for RSR, the partnership expanded RSR’s
programming to include monthly segments highlighting the
LightHouse, during which time program updates, vision loss
information, cane tips and upcoming events are announced.

The Reading Service of the Redwoods provides on-air reading of
printed materials for the benefit of people in Humboldt County who are
visually impaired or find it difficult to read printed information.


Recognizing that vision loss is a personal experience and affects
individuals in different ways, the LightHouse has developed a diverse
and comprehensive breadth of services to meet this challenge. All 57
staff members provide the community with accessible and professional
services that in turn enhance clients’ quality of life.

Rehabilitation Services

Independent Living Skills courses offer adaptive options to assist blind,
Deaf-Blind and visually impaired individuals to live independently.

Rehabilitation Training teaches daily living skills and ensures
accessibility in clients’ homes to accommodate a recent loss of vision.

Orientation and Mobility Training teaches white cane skills, access to
public transportation, and orientation outside the home.

Living with Vision Loss is a unique 12-week course that develops
clients’ competence in key life skills, such as financial management
and homemaker abilities. This course is offered to individuals who have
experienced a recent total or partial loss of vision.

Information and Referral, Client Intake and Orientation, and Support
Groups are designed to ensure clients’ awareness of services in the
community and to assist them in adjusting to their vision loss.

Deaf-Blind Services, provided in conjunction with the Hearing Society,
assists with the specific needs of individuals with hearing and vision

Braille Instruction is available on an individual basis.
Technology Training helps clients develop skills for independence.
Instruction is offered in assistive computer technology through
individual instruction, open-lab, and equipment loan and evaluation.

Community Services

Education and Recreation programs offer educational and recreational
opportunities for individuals with vision loss of all ages and

The Adult Program, which serves blind and visually impaired working-
age adults and seniors, is designed to foster intellectual, social and
physical well-being through educational and recreational activities.

The Youth Program, serving blind and visually impaired youth between
the ages of 13 and 19, provides career development, educational and
rehabilitative services.

Enchanted Hills Camp is a 311-acre camp in Napa that provides blind,
visually impaired, Deaf-Blind and multi-disabled children, adults and
seniors with a traditional summer camp experience in a supportive

Volunteer Services trains volunteers to read on AIS Radio, support
LightHouse administration and become specialized Personal Services
Volunteers who assist clients with home tasks and provide

The Taxi Voucher Program, coordinated with the San Francisco
Department of Public Health, provides transportation to and from
medical appointments.

Information Services

Access to Information Services (AIS) enables individuals to access the
world independently by providing access to print information.

The Lantern is a client newsletter that reports on LightHouse programs
and news of interest to the blind and visually impaired community. It is
published monthly and available in print and alternative formats.
The LightHouse Website ( offers comprehensive
information on LightHouse programs and an online Adaptations store

Resources and Information are provided to clients so that they are able
to live more independently with vision loss.

InFocus, the LightHouse quarterly newsletter, updates our supporters
and friends on LightHouse programs and events. Like all LightHouse
publications, Infocus is available in alternative formats.

AIS Radio is a reading service that allows listeners to hear daily news,
as well as literature and special programs. It is broadcast over the
second audio program (SAP) signal of KTVU-Channel 2, and can be
heard streaming live at

Alternative Formats provides braille and recording services to
individuals, businesses and other nonprofits.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Consulting provides the business
community with braille signage and meets other braille needs.

Advocacy on behalf of the blind and visually impaired is coordinated
with all other agency programs.

Business Services

Adaptations, the LightHouse Store, is located in both San Francisco
and San Rafael and sells rehabilitative aids and equipment. Products
may also be purchased through mail order and can be viewed online at

LightHouse Industries provides employment opportunities in light
manufacturing, shipping and receiving, and customer service for
individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

In partnership with the Sensory Access Foundation (SAF) our clients
receive job readiness training.

Marketing & Outreach

Through a variety of outreach programs, we educate the community
about the resources available at the LightHouse.
Publications, from the monthly Lantern to the quarterly InFocus
newsletter, keep the client community and the community at large
informed about the activities of the LightHouse.

Presentations to corporations, nonprofits, potential donors and
potential volunteer groups widen the circle of citizens who are
knowledgeable about the programs and activities of the LightHouse.

Through consistent website updates, both clients and community
members can keep abreast of new developments at the LightHouse,
upcoming activities to attend and new ways to support and assist the
LightHouse to fulfill our mission.


LightHouse streamlines its name and connects with its past. In an
effort to increase visibility among the Northern California communities
it serves, the agency returned to the name it bore from 1958 to 1993,
officially becoming LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Title VII funding is renewed for three more years. Title VII
funding is federal money set aside for the senior blind and visually
impaired population. These funds, which were awarded in two grants,
enable the LightHouse to serve seniors in San Mateo, Marin, Humboldt
and Del Norte counties.

Youth services expanded in 2004 with the addition of a full-time
Youth Services Coordinator and a year-round program. A multi-year
grant from the Private Industry Council/Workforce Investment Act
allows the LightHouse to offer career opportunities to blind and visually
impaired youth, as well as recreational and educational programs.

Insights, the LightHouse blind artist exhibition, turns 15. This
annual art event continued to attract a large audience at the San
Francisco Art Commission Gallery in San Francisco City Hall. This year,
a unique exhibition of works by three outstanding artists was displayed
along-side the regular exhibition. Congratulations to Alison Ulman,
Pete Eckert and Michael LeVell!

The LightHouse launched special events for young
professionals, including two dance party fundraisers at 111 Minna
Gallery. Over 300 young professionals enjoyed cocktails and
networked to the music of some of San Francisco’s premier DJs.
Streaming audio brings Access to Information Services to a
new audience. New technology on makes it
possible to bring our popular broadcasting services directly to your
computer, thanks to funding from the Community Technology

Enchanted Hills Camp continues to improve with the addition of a
new telephone system and upgrade of the boys’ camp cabins, the
sensory area and the tree house – all funded by the LightHouse Plant
Fund. A special grant from the Bothin Foundation has made it possible
to upgrade the girls’ camp cabins, while Morris Stulsaft Foundation
funding will add an accessible restroom to the Hogan Arts and Craft

LightHouse Mission
The LightHouse promotes independence, equality, and self-reliance of
blind and visually impaired individuals through rehabilitation training
and access to employment, education, government, information,
recreation, transportation, and the environment.

Who We Are
Founded in 1902, the LightHouse has expanded it geographic reach
and services to become the most comprehensive organization serving
the blind and visually impaired in Northern California. The LightHouse
is a private, nonprofit organization and tax-exempt under Section
501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax identification
number is 94-1415317.

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Adaptations, the LightHouse Store
214 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone 415-431-1481
TTY 415-431-4572
FAX 415-863-7568

LightHouse of Marin
Adaptations, the LightHouse Store
1137 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone 415-258-8496
Para Español 800-592-9053
TTY 415-258-8499
FAX 415-258-8501

LightHouse of the North Coast
2127 Harrison Avenue
Suite #3
Eureka, CA 95501
Phone 707-268-5646
Para Español 800-592-9053
FAX 707-268-5647

Enchanted Hills Camp
3410 Mt. Veeder Road
Napa, CA 94558
Phone 707-224-4023
FAX 707-224-5435

LightHouse Industries
2207 Poplar Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Phone 510-444-6422
FAX 510-444-6425

Adaptations Order Line: Phone 888-400-8933


Through rehabilitation services, access to information, recreation and
education opportunities, technology training and access to adaptive
aids, the LightHouse has provided solutions to living with vision loss for
over 100 years. Each year, we touch the lives of nearly 3,000 blind
and visually impaired individuals and their families. The LightHouse
relies heavily on the support of our donors and volunteers. We are
enriched by their generosity of time, resources, and support. If you are
interested in supporting us through monetary donations, in-kind
donations, or by volunteering, call us at 415-431-1481 or visit our
website at

Rowan Clara Donor Group                 Italo N. Amerio
                                        Otto E. Anderson
Goldie Abers                            John J. and Lucy A. Apffel
Joseph R. and Loretta Agliolo           James B. Arbios
Paul J. Akrop                           R. Kirklin and Mrs. Ashley
Max H. and Mary June Allen              Leonard and Lillian J. Austria
Ian Back                          Ralph Countryman
John W. Bacon                     John W. Craig
Jim J. Baie                       Bernard Damele
Annabelle Baley                   Lance and Billie S. Darin
Peter E. Bank                     Mrs. Richard Date
Doris E. and Edward C. Bassett    Carol Davis
Alexis J. Batmale                 James M. Davis
Verna E. and Roy Bawden           Jordan F. Davis
Theodore F. Bayer                 Paul Delucchi
Robert C. andJane D. Bennett      John G. Dempsey
Arthur H. Bernstein               Clarence F. Desch
Ellen and Arel Berrier            Charles G. Dondero
Joan and Burton Berry             Benjamin and Edith L. Dorfman
Bernhard H. Bittner               Winifred Downing
Denise J. Blaisdell               Richard R. Dresel
Eva G. Block                      Harold J. and Joyce M. Dubay
Martin S. and Karen J. Bogetz     Layton M. Duffy
Betty B. Bosc                     Michael R. and Joan M. Dunn
Margot E. Braun                   Olga B. Dunn
Henry J. and Mary Jo Broderick    Frances W. Dyer
Elizabeth Brown                   Veronica M. Dynan
J. Allan Brown                    Joseph Ehrman III
Jack Brown                        John E. and Paula Ellingsen
Frederic Buckley                  Doris A. Elmore
James L. Buhler                   Minoru Endo
John and Gale Bunnell             Melcon and Elpida P. Enitcheyan
Phyllis J. Burkey                 Richard W. Ennes
Nancy B. and Franklin L. Burton   Peder B. Eriksen
J. B. Calhoun                     Neil E. and Barbara P. Falconer
Albert B. Capron                  Gilbert S. Farfel
Emma and Joseph Carlomagno        Lewis J. Feldman
Jack A. Carver and                Robert C. and Gwenn Fess
Roland E. Casassa                 Olivia I. Fiel
Park Chamberlain                  Alice Fitzhugh
Hedy Chin                         Linda A. Follette
William S. and Polly L. Clark     Gene K. and Joyce L. Fong
Walter H. and Margaret D.         Helen W. Ford
Clemens                           Mary M. Foudy
Frederick W. and Ruth H. Coe      John Freitas
Dorothy E. Cohen                  William A. Galeno
Ann Coleman                       Cecelia E. Gervais
James T. Concannon                Yonda Gin
Barbara and Michael Conheim       Walter H. Girdlestone
Manuel C. Conte                   Ernest J. Goldman
Walter J. and Corinne J.           James H. and Irma Keeffe
Goldman                            Elizabeth D. and Stanley L.
Andrew J. and Lorretta P.          Kelker
Gutierrez                          Mary A. Kelly
Jeanne C. Hallburg                 Max C. Kirkeberg
R.R. and Mrs. Hanko                Sallie Koenigsberg
June Harman                        Lotte Krug
Alma A. Harris                     Louis R. Laeremans
Stanley M. and Eleanor P. Harris   Herman Landson
Nancy C. Hayes                     Marianne J. Larimore
Eugenia H. Haynie                  Paul R. and Vivien H. Larson
Bunnie B. Haynor                   Paula and James Latusky
Pamela M. Haywood                  Claire M. Laughton
Frances M. Heffernan               Donald V. and Barbara J.
Helen J. Henke                     Lawson
Ione E. Hergert                    Annetta Lazio
Mary R. Herleman and Lexie A.      Lieselotte Le Baron
Fry                                Virginia Leach
Wayne W. and JoAnne Herman         Peter L. Ledee
Charlotte A. Hicks                 Gerald S. Levinson
Beulah M. Higgins                  Donald M. Linn
John W. Higson                     Roy C. Lopaus
Ruth and Harland Hoffman           John L. Love
Blossom H. Hofmann                 Jean L. Lynch
Irene Holden                       David N. and Mary L. Maas
Angela S. Homme                    Richard A. Magliano
Kurt and Dorothy Horn              A. Russell and Claudia J.
Jonathan B. Horrell                Magnusson
John D. Hourihan                   Susanne and John E. Mahoney
Ralph E. and Annette D. Howitt     Ottilia Malattia
S. E. and Frances P. Hymes         Justine F. Marcelli and John F.
Donald C. Innes                    Baron
Frederick J. Isaac                 Ernest and Mrs. Marx
Dwight Johnson                     Fredrika D. May
Ellen Johnson                      Louise G. McClain
Bobby E. Jones                     Lorene McKee
Marny and Jean K. Jones            Robert J. McKee
Alfred C. Kaeppel                  Teresa M. McLean
Raymond and Betty Jane Kaliski     Richard L. Merritt
Rosemary G. and Daniel E.          Hans A. and Edith Merten
Kaplan                             Joseph G. and Anna Meyer
Selna Kaplan                       Charles J. and Susan A. Michel
Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B.      Steven S. and Judith Mitchell
Snyder                             Marion Monismith
Mary A. Montgomery                 Carl E. and Helen E.
Robert Moore                       Schlichtmann
Helen K. Morton                    Laurette Schorcht
Thomas A. and Vivian Mullaney      James F. Schremp
Robert M. Munro                    James H. Schwabacher
Gerald F. Murphy, Jr.              John S. and Katharine S.
Maxwell A. Myers                   Schwarz
Robert D. and Lynne S. Myers       Gene Schweikert
Irving Myerson                     Sarah L. Searing
Diane B. and Robert M. Neuhaus     Sylvia Serrahn
Arthur C. Neumann                  Hugo and Hanna Shane
Robert E. and Marian C.            Francis M. and Geraldine
O’Donnell                          Shannon
Yvonne M. O’Gorman                 Stephen L. and Joanne Shapiro
Helge B. and Birgitta B. Olsen     Marion L. Sheehan
Clarence E. Olson                  Gladys Shegoian
Vicki S. and Laurence S.           Kenneth L. and Jean J. Shelley
Oppenheim                          David Simmons
Cecil F. and Lillyan F. Ormond     Thomas F. Smegal
Gladys M. and James A. Palrang     Ethel A. Smith
Elizabeth R. Pansegrau             Marthe E. Smith
Alexander Pappas                   Harry B. Smith, Jr.
Florence M. Paraventi              William G. and Gail Snetsinger
Richard W. Patterson               Elisabeth Sonntag
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Claire and Jack H. Polly           Frances L. Stein
Nancy S. Potash                    Robert L. Stein
Dorothy G. Powell                  Charles T. Stewart
G. K. Provo                        Margaret A. and Clyde A. Stone
Chester S. Psuik                   George and Helene E. Strauss
Kjell H. Qvale                     Andrea and Brian Suska
Aspasia Radoumis                   Walter Swan
Vera Reininger                     Catherine Taiariol
Beverly and Louis H. Reyff         Thelma K. Tenenberg
William A. Robles                  George and Nola K. Theobald
Barbara S. Rogers                  Clifford G. Thornell
Dennis E. and Renee R. Ross        Jean C. Tollini
William L. and Rosita Rothschild   Bernice D. Tretten
Richard H. Salz                    Janet E. and H.T. Tupper
Constantine Sarlas                 Michael Turan
Robert A. Scalapino                Ray F. Valdez
                                   Carl A. Valentine
William H. Vederman              Fred G. Nowell
Richard A. Vignolo               Norma Ring
Lidia M. and Joseph Vinal        Richard M. and Barbara C.
Mary J. Voelker                  Rosenberg
Henry and Gloria Wachs           Richard H. Salz
May Walch                        James A. Scalise
Joseph P. and Margaret A. Ward   Andrea and Brian Suska
Sisi and Harry Weaver            Marco A. Vidal
Donald E. and Barbara Weber      Stephen K. Whittemore
David L. and Regula A. Weill
Arthur G. and Alice Weiner       Special Acknowledgment is
Joseph and Betty Jean Weiss      given to the individual members
Ruth B. Wenaas                   of the Peninsula Auxiliary
June Whitesides                  Lighthouse for the Blind
Stephen K. Whittemore
Enid Williams                    Individual Donors
Katalin K. Winegard
Mildred E. Wittman               Marcia and Bill Abend
H. E. and Priscilla W. Wolfram   Goldie Abers
Bennett J. Woll                  Catherine E. Adams
Paul H. and Mae K. Wong          Judith and Douglas Adams
Parker F. and Eleanor J. Wood    Anne Agugliaro
Robert A. Zlodi                  Rudolph and Marjorie Alholm
                                 Max and Mary June Allen
Quinan California Donor          Italo Amerio
Group                            Erika and John Ammirati
                                 Jerry Amundson
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W. Beaton                        Marian M. Anderson
Douglas Bergman                  Otto E. Anderson
Park Chamberlain                 William and Julia Anderson
Mark S. Chester                  Emily T. Andrews
Philip C. Chin                   Glorietta Ang-Fonte and Samuel
John W. Craig                    Fonte
Howard and Julia Eastman         Leonard D. Anspach
Richard W. Ennes                 Jane Antonacci
Nancy and Joe Foss               Raymond N. Applebaum
Robert R. Foster                 Roberto Aranda
Yonda Gin                        James B. Arbios
Walter H. Girdlestone            Kevin Arndt
Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B.    Jack and Ann Arnold
Snyder                           Sharlee and Jerry Asher
May Long                         Mrs. R. K. Ashley
Helen K. Morton                  Susanna Atwell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Austria      Donald and Barbara Bouchet
Dr. Debra A. Babcock and Dr.      William E. Bowen
Mark Rosekind                     Robin Boyce-Trubitt
Ian Back                          Edith B. Brassey
Norma J. Bagala                   Margot E. Braun
Jim J. Baie                       Laura J. Bredemeier
Drs. Cedric and Dorothy Bainton   Ian Bremner
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Jeanne-Marie and Ernest Baker     Henry and Mary Jo Broderick
Annabelle Baley                   Susan and Earl Broidy
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John and Joan Barkan              Dorothy F. Brown
William Barker                    Elizabeth Brown
Robert Baron                      Gaudencia Brown
Richard B. Barrick, M.D.          Lonnie Brown
Fred A. Barsuglia                 Margaret and Timothy Brown
Miriam C. Bartlett                Richard and Alice Brown
The Bassan Family                 Barbara A. Browne
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Verna E. Bawden                   James L. Buhler
Donna and David Becht             Mrs. and Mr. Bundgaard
Mayetta Behringer                 John and Gale Bunnell
Peyman Behvand                    Charles Bureker
Rex Bell                          Doug Burgess
John and Dianna Bellamy           Agnes Burson
Don Belonax                       Nancy and Franklin Burton
Eva Beltrame                      Anselmo and Alma Caballero
Douglas E. Bergman                Allison J. Cabral
Ruth Bernhard                     Eugene Cahoon
Arlene Bernstein                  J. Bryant Calhoun, M.D.
Arthur H. Bernstein               Barbara and Brent Callaghan
Per and Ole Berthelsen            Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Callahan
Bernhard and Ruth Bittner         Sadie Cameron
Stephenie E. Blakemore            Charles and Glenna Campbell
Leonor Blanco                     Anthony Candela and Cathy
Karl and Selma Blick              Kudlick
Eva G. Block                      Connie and Frank Cannino
Mildred Bloom                     Brad D. Cantos
Ronald Bloom                      Mary and Tom Cao
Hazel and Armand Bolino           Julian and Helen Caplan
William P. Carle                    Lois Cottrell
Emma and Joseph Carlomagno          Ralph Countryman
Gea Carr                            Amy and Jeffrey Crowe
David Casey                         James and Esther Cruz
Louis and Frances Cassayre          Larry and Stepanie Cruz
Warren Cassidy                      Bernard Damele
William J. Cavallero                Lance and Billie Darin
Marian Cavanagh                     Emily B. Date
John Charles                        Nino and Dolores Davi
Mark S. Chester                     Jean and Duncan Davidson
Yvonne and Jeffrey Chester          Daniel Davies
Frank and Georgia Chiappellone      Carol Davis
Hedy and Andrew Chin                James Davis
Gertrude and Anton and Louis        W. Kenneth Davis
Christ                              Margaret A. Deal
Barbara Christensen                 Margaret E. Deeths
Edward Chu                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. DeGear
Susan J. Church                     Victoria Degoff and Richard
Stanley S. Cichocki                 Sherman
George Clark                        Carla DeLuca
William and Polly Clark             John G. Dempsey
Frances Codispoti and Kenneth       Mr. and Mrs. David L. Derus
Schroeder                           Gina di Grazia
Dr. Vicki L. Coe and Dr. R. Scott   Richard M. Diamond
Mitchell                            William and Patricia Dick
Judith Cofod                        Constance M. Diernisse
Dorothy E. Cohen                    Gay P. Diers
Paul Cohen and Robert               Olga Diora
Gutterman                           Louis and Dorothy Dito
Nancy Cohrs                         Lua and Robert Dodds
Norman and Susan Colb               Charles G. Dondero
Ann Coleman                         John Donovan
Eunice Coleman                      Benjamin and Edith Dorfman
James H. Collins                    Charles Dorris
James Concannon                     Leslie K. Doughty
Barbara Conheim                     Daudee Douglas
Karyn Connolly                      Susan A. Dovi
Manuel C. Conte                     Mervyn R. Dowd, Jr.
Judge and Mrs. John S. Cooper       Diane Dowling
Marjorie Cope                       Winifred Downing
Linda and Craig Corey               Dennis P. Drake
Geraldine and Al Corvi              Richard and Patricia Dresel
Connie and Dave Costa               Edith Duarte
Shirley A. Costarella               Harold and Joyce Dubay
Layton M. Duffy                  Jennie Fong
Dianna T. Dunn                   Nancy and Joe Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Dunn     Phillip R. Foster, Jr.
C.D. and Pete Dunnebeck          Mary M. Foudy
Margaret Dutton                  Richard P. Fowler
Veronica M. Dynan                Alan K. Franck
Richard Edinger                  Gretchen and Matthew Frank
David Edmunds                    Denise Freinkel
Joseph Ehrman, III               John Freitas
Alice Einhorn                    Goldie Friedman
Ronald R. Eisner, M.D.           Don and Peggy Fromm
Richard T. Ellebrecht            Jim Fruchterman
John and Paula Ellingsen         Walter and Kiku Funabiki
David Elliott                    Dr. Lilian Furst
Margaret L. Elliott              M. Vicki Gafner
Thomas G. Ellis                  Matthias Gafni and Katherine
Doris A. Elmore                  Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton H. Englar   Lupe Galindo
Peder B. Eriksen                 Amey Garber and Richard
Anne P. Evensen                  Lesnick
Cathy Fachin                     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Garcia
Neil and Barbara Falconer        Jean Gardiner
Gilbert S. Farfel                Glen and Michaele Gerard
Darren Farnelli                  William B. Gerard
Pearl Farrell                    Robert and Kathleen Gerberding
Carmela and Louis Fazio          Monalisa German
Gail and Gino Fazio              Eleanor S. Gerould
Lewis J. Feldman                 Herbert and Annette Gershen
Lois S. Feldman                  Janet M. Gersonde
Richard and Eileen Feldman       Lisa Gessow
Olivia I. Fiel                   F.E. Giari
Lauren and Michael Field         Frank and Irene Gibson
Louise and Keliti Finau          Richard and Mildred Giesberg
David and Marianne Finrow        Nancy and Stephen Gill
Eric and Rosemary Fischer        Yonda Gin
Mary Fisher                      Denise S. Gindoy
Sara and Robert Fitch            Donald Ginn
Alice Fitzhugh                   Jane Ginsburg
Josephine Flannery               Walter H. Girdlestone
David Fleishhacker               Stanton and Marsha Glantz
Paul B. Florence                 Robert and Nohemy Glaser
Jeremy Fogel and Kathleen        Jean R. Gleason
Wilcox                           Paul and Teresa Goehner
Linda A. Follette                Dr. Allan P. Gold
D. Goldman                      Debbie Hayward-Tinch and
Ernest J. Goldman               Patrick Tinch
Walter and Corinne Goldman      Frances M. Heffernan
Jeannette Goldner               Jill and Claude Heifetz
Judith and Mark Golod           Jacqueline M. Hendren
R. P. Gonzalez                  Helen J. Henke
George C. Goodman               Annie L. Henry
Nettie and Jay Goodman          Mary Herleman and Lexie Fry
Michael Gordon                  Wayne and JoAnne Herman
Harold and Shirley Gow          Norma Herndon
Ronald Granucci                 John and Anne Hetland
Barbara L. Gray                 Steven R. Hibshman
Betsy J. Green                  Leonarda O. Hidalgo
Herbert and Martha Greenhood    Beulah M. Higgins
Irene and Barry Grenier         John W. Higson, Jr.
Herbert and Lenore Griffin      Kenneth Hillier
Albert D. Grossman              Elaine Hilp
Leslie R. Guggenheim            Barry E. Hinman
Patricia and Greg Gump          Mr. and Mrs. Harvey D. Hinman
George and Dolly Gurrola        Kit and Linda Hinrichs
Isac and Minette Gutfreund      Robert D. Hite
David Gutierrez                 Ruth and Harland Hoffman
Alvin and Maria Haas            Blossom H. Hofmann
Aram Hadjian                    Irene H. Holden
Katherine Haimson               Elmer and Vernice Holmes
Milo and Frances Hall           Kurt and Dorothy Horn
Jeanne C. Hallburg              Larry Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Hammer   Ellen and Howard Horner
Rebecca Handler                 Jonathan B. Horrell, M.D.
Frances and Thomas Haney        Carolee Houser
Luree S. Hansen                 Ralph and Annette Howitt
June Harman                     Irvin and Carolyn Howlett
Alma A. Harris                  Judith Hoyt-Smith
Ralph C. Harrison               T.F. and Nancy Humiston
David and Lori Hart             Dwayne Hunn
Donna and Earl Hart             Marlene Hunn
Irene and Cal Hart              Lois Huntington
Janet Hass                      S. Ellis and Frances Hymes
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D.         Andrew and Coral Hynes
Hastings                        H. Ige
Nancy C. Hayes                  Dorothy M. Ilg
Nancy K. Hayes                  Dr. James H. Inglis
Eugenia H. Haynie               Gary W. Ireland
                                Frederick J. Isaac
Grace and Luther Izmirian       Miss Loa Kingston
Jack D. Jackson                 Max C. Kirkeberg
Anne K. Jahnsen                 Charles and Eleanor Kitto
Carol James                     Charles and Kathleen Klauber
Linda and Ruben Jaquez          Jane and Conrad Kloh
Elizabeth and Mike Jessen       Kathleen Knapp
Gustavo Jimenez                 Beryl Knighton
Shawn Jimenez                   Sidney and Vivian Konigsberg
Betty Johannessen               Wendy P. Kramer
Paula and Robert Johanson       Kerry and Maureen Kravitz
Claire Johnson                  Stanley and Betty June Krieger
Dwight Johnson                  Maxine Kronrod
Gil and Beverely Johnson        Marcia and Mark Krueger
Meredith and John Johnson       Dorothy V. Kucich
Richard and Kathleen Johnson    Francis P. Kuhlman
Robert and Anna Johnson         Lelia Kuhn
Bobby E. Jones                  Agnes Labadie
Ralph and Dorris Jones          Louis R. Laeremans
Marcus A. Jung                  Marion and Ernest Lambert
Alfred Kaeppel                  Marianne J. Larimore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Kahn     Vernel Larner
Yasmine Kalil                   Janet Larson
Raymond Kaliski                 Paul and Vivien Larson
Evelyn and Peter Kamas          Arron and Miriam Latt
Robert M. Kane                  John and Mary Lavezzo
Joseph Kanon                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lazenby
Rosemary and Daniel Kaplan      Lieselotte Le Baron
Dr. Selna Kaplan                Elinor G. Lea
Ellen Kastius                   Robert H. Leamy, Jr.
Ilene and Gary Katz             Peter L. Ledee
Susan Katz-Snyder and Alan B.   Wolfgang and Alexandra Lederer
Snyder                          Joseph Ledoux
Julian L. Kaufman               Ann-Helen Leff
Julie Kaufman                   Annette L. Legallet
Scott Keck                      Sheila and Michael Leonard
James H. Keeffe                 Norma Lerer
Mary A. Kelly                   Wallis Leslie
Richard Kelly                   Frank Lester
Joseph and Jane Kennelly        Luna Lester
Jacques and Sandy Kerrest       Harry and Gene Lewin
Gulshad Khan                    Susan Lewis
Edward Kinchley                 Evelyn M. Light
J. L. King                      Marilyn L. Lindsey, Ph.D
Patricia King                   Malcolm Lipson
Jeannik Littlefield               Richard L. Merritt
John L. Love                      Hans and Edith Merten
James Lovejoy                     Charles and Susan Michel
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Ludwig         Betty M. Mignacco
James M. Lundy                    Kris J. Mignani
Janet M. Lyman                    Mona Milam
David and Mary Maas               Virginia and Ralph Miller
K. A. Mackenzie                   John L. Mintzer
Bridget and Brian Madigan         Lyla M. Mitchell
Peter F. Maffie                   Steven and Judith Mitchell
Gregory Maged                     Tomio J. Miyoshi
Elvera Magno                      Janet Mohr
Susanne and John Mahoney          Michele T. Mojabi
Angelita and Thor Malacaman       Mary A. Montgomery
Gayle P. Manfre                   Ada Morales
Thomas L. Manheim                 Michael T. Morlin
Ethel and Robert Mann             Cynthia J. Morris
Nanette and Monte Manson          Malcolm and Neva Morris
Samuel Mantione                   Walter J. Morris
Harry G. Mar                      Bert and Ruth Morrison
Justine Marcelli and John Baron   Carol and Jerry Muchin
James and Lee Marchetti           Thomas and Vivian Mullaney
Allan S. Marks, M.D.              Carolyn F. Mulliken
Charlotte Marra                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald Munakata
Joseph and Inge Marrino           Kenneth R. Murgatroyd
Helen L. Marsh                    J. R. Murphy
Grace Martin                      Maxwell A. Myers
Ernest Marx                       Robert and Lynne Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Marx       Mary Nance
Julia Mason                       Laura Napier
La Rue O. Matney                  Leila Naslund
Vernon A. Maxham                  Jean Neely
Boris S. Maximoff                 Christine Neer and Howard
Marilyn E. McDonagh               Jones
Frances McDonald                  William and Joan Neff
Maureen McGettigan                James J. Neidel
Harriet P. McGrath                Diane and Robert Neuhaus
Robert J. McKee                   Virginia L. Neuman
Thelma McKinney                   Dorothy P. Nicholls
Grace Meinhardt                   Ingeborg Nienhold
Howard and Nancy Mel              Takeo and Daisy Nonaka
Suzanne S. Melchior               John H. Norcop
Richard Mendribil                 Varda and Robert Novick
Kim and Allen Meredith            Lorraine L. Oback
Juan Ocampo Gomez                 G. K. Provo
Robert and Marian O’Donnell       Arthur Psaltis
Barbara Ogarrio                   Mr. and Mrs. Chester S. Psuik
Doni Ogarrio                      Barbara Pugliese
Yvonne M. O’Gorman                Kjell H. Qvale
Kumi and Hatsuko Okamoto          Lillian Radivoj
David and Joyce Oliphant          T. J. Rafael
Joann and John O’Loughlin         Flora Raggio
T.C. Olsson                       Sacha Rahi
Vicki and Laurence Oppenheim      Jeff Raleigh
Wenda and James O’Reilly          Alicia and Edward Ramirez
Elizabeth Orr and Paul Gralen     Charles and Patricia Raven
Edward Ort                        Donald and Pat Ravitch
Anne O’Shea                       Robert and Jeanne Regello
Kazu Oshima                       Joe Rehfeld
Kevin P. Owens                    Ray H. Reinecke
Thomas and Patricia Padden        Alice Reutlinger
Gladys and James Palrang          Beverly and Louis Reyff
Akiko Paltanavich                 Karla M. Reyff
Gregory J. Pantages               Arlene and Nicholas Riasanovsky
Florence M. Paraventi             Josephine A. Ribero
Ellen and Michael Parker          Margaret and Timothy Rice
Jim E. Parker                     Dean and Clary Riskas
Paul J. Parsons                   Anmarie B. Roache
Dorothy B. Pathman                Jane Robb
Deslar K. Patten                  William and Sue Rochester
Richard and Marjorie Patterson    Lesley and Roberto Rodriguez
Alexander Perez                   Joseph and Donna Rollins
Rosie Perez                       Marie Rosasco
Jimo Perini                       Madeleine S. Rose
Maja Jean Peters                  Herbert and Ilse Rosenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Petersen   Mr. and Mrs. Barr Rosenberg
Eugene and Barbara Peterson       Richard M. and Barbara C.
Jack and Shirley Petrak           Rosenberg
Rory N. Phoenix                   Paul Rosenstein and Bonnie
Teri Picante                      Lynn
Anne and Nathan Plotkin           Karen Rosmarin
Claire and Jack Polly             Irving Rosow and Corinne
Katherine A. Popich               Nydegger
Gerald and Audrey Poppers         Lottie Rothschild
Ira and Simone Poretsky           William and Rosita Rothschild
Jagdip and Robin Powar            Edward M. Rubenstein
Dorothy G. Powell                 Todd Rubenstein
R. L. Prichard                    Esther Rubin
George and Olivia Ruge             Ann Shaughnessy
Florence M. Rusk                   Florence and Melvin Shaw
Lorelei and Lawrence Russell       Marion L. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Octavio Saez de       Gladys and Ardson Shegoian
Ibarra                             Richard Sheldrick
Margaret T. Saito                  Kenneth and Jean Shelley
Richard H. Salz                    Nancy Sherbino
Buzz Sapien                        Leonid and Alla Shikhman
Constantine Sarlas                 Alexandra Shumelda
Mark and Marge Sato                Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan and
Ilse Sauerwald                     Neil Sullivan
Greta Savage                       Sue J. Siegel
Dorothy A. Saxon                   Delrose Silvas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Sayer       Katherine and Henry Simpson
Patricia A. Scarboro               Hope Sinclair
Donald and Polly Scheuch           Bud and Betty Sindlinger
Lisa and Mark Schiavenza           Henry H. Small
Gerald and Cathy Schimcek          Thomas F. Smegal, Jr.
Heidi Schimmel                     Dolores Smith
Gary and Carolyn Schlaefer         Joan H. Smith
Carl and Helen Schlichtmann        Susan L. Smith
Anna R. Schmitz                    Sigrid and James Snider
Gary Schnitzer and Sandra          Patricia Snyder
Wilder                             Elisabeth Sonntag
Tanya and Robert Schoen            Kathy and Charlie Sosa
Jacqueline S. Schonewald           John P. Souza
Dorcas Jane Schoppe                Sara Spang and Uzi Bar-Gadda
Laurette Schorcht                  John A. Sproul
Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Schrupp          Bala K. Srinivas
Irving and Naomi Schulman          Mae Stadler
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Schultz     William C. Stafford
Gene and Barbara Schweikert        Kathy and Richard Stamm
Janna A. Scopel                    Gerald G. Stangl
Arlene and Houston Scott           David Stein
Gerald H. Scott                    Norma Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. L. Scroggie   Patrick Stephens
Harold M. Seip                     Peter C. Stephens, M.A.
Fred Seronick                      Judie and David Stepner
Sylvia Serrahn                     Marjorie Stern
Karolyn and Chris Sewell           Walter H. Stern, M.D.
Vartan Shahijanian                 Richard W. Stevens
Hugo and Hanna Shane               Charles T. Stewart
Stephen and Joanne Shapiro         Frances J. Stewart
Jane Sharp                         Gary E. Stokes
Bernard and Mary Stone          Janet and H.T. Tupper
Edgar N. Stone                  Donna Turchie
Margaret and Clyde Stone        Maria Turner
Virginia and Forrest Straight   Pei Lei Turner
Peter G. Straus                 Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Ullman
George and Helene Strauss       Michael A. Ullman
Lucy Streett                    Paul S. Ullman
Nita N. Stuber                  Richard Ullman and Lorene
Nancy and Thomas Suiter         Delany-Ullman
Charles Sullivan                Kathy Valcour
Andrea and Brian Suska          Francine Valdez
Harry and Elizabeth Sutcliffe   Ray F. Valdez
Elizabeth H. Sutro              Michael K. Valenza
Gay Sutton                      Cornelis Van Schie
Xerlan H. Swaffar               Jean J. Vanden
Walter Swan, Jr.                Lewis Vandenberg
Joan M. Swendsen                Prindle and Henry Vaux
Gail and Winson Tam             William H. Vederman
Warren and Gail Tang            Elva I. Vergari
Ted Tawshunsky                  Marco A. Vidal
Glenhall and Patricia Taylor    Richard A. Vignolo
Danuta Tempel                   Maria T. Villanueva
Cath Tendler-Valencia           Lidia and Joseph Vinal
Clara A. Tennis                 Mary J. Voelker
Dr. Carol Tereszkiewicz-        Alois and Sally Von Atzigen
Zimmerman and Dr. Zachary       H.G. and Barbara Von Dallwitz
Zimmerman                       William Von Poellnitz
William Thele, Jr.              Athena D. Vutiritsas
George and Nola Theobald        Henry and Gloria Wachs
Robert B. Thompson              Gladys Wagman
Clifford Thornell               June D. Waite
Mary P. Thornton                William Wakefield
Teri Tico                       Dorothy M. Walker
Edward and Marian Tiedemann     Joseph and Margaret Ward
James O. Tingle                 Alice Warren
Michael Tobin                   Hedi E. Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. John Tolla         John and Carmen Washington
Jean C. Tollini                 Irmgard Wassermann
Teresa T. C. Tom                Sisi Weaver
Aurora Tomadoni                 Donald and Barbara Weber
Karen and Timothy Tomasello     Julian and Pauline Weidler
Lester and Marilyn Tompkins     David and Regula Weill
Virginia Tong                   Arthur and Alice Weiner
W. Jeanne Tucker                Gary and Yaffa Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Weiss       Park Chamberlain Heritage
Joseph and Betty Jean Weiss     Society Members
Peggie Weiss
Robert and Marian Weiss         Benno M. Abraham
Estelle and Aaron Weissman      Ruth Abrahamson
Jordana Welles                  Juliette F. Alexander
Sandra Wentzel and James        Audrey M. Anderson
Harding                         Katherine Andros
Dorothy H. Wesley               Robert Anino
Bruce and Donna Whitson         Philip Anspacher
Stephen K. Whittemore           Frank Back
Ed and Paula Wildanger          Catherine Bagnasco
Michael and Patricia Williams   Julia Baker
Edward C. Wilson                Bankhead Family
Verne R. Wilson                 Shena Baring-Gould
Katalin K. Winegard             Margarete Barsam
Estelle and Joseph Wineroth     Beatrice M. Beattie
U. Winmala                      Irma Becker
Patricia Winsor                 August Beeler
William Wipprecht               John L. Bernhard
Anthony and Beatrice Wirth      Elvera Berven
Jerry Witt                      Marguerite Billy
Susan and David Witte           Katharine E. Blanche
Beverly and Bernard Wolfe       May Bloom
Richard and Sandra Wolfe        Louis and Leonore Blumenthal
Wallace C. Wong                 Anna Bohner
Parker and Eleanor Wood         Louise Bonne
Helen and Thomas Wu             Christine Breon
Berdell and Ina Wurzburger      William Henry Brown
May Wyatt                       Harold L. Buechner
Gavin M. Yamey, M.D.            Henry Cailleaud
Arthur and Marie Yawman         Gioavani and Margret Camajani
Paul M. Ybarbo                  Eleanor E. Cameron
Dr. and Mrs. Jerold J. Yecies   Jacques Canes
Laura and Steven Yecies         Marcelin E. Cannon
Leetha Yee                      Stanley Carlow
Audrey York                     Dorothy Carlson
Lawrence and Joan Yorn          John H. Casenave
Betty G. Young                  Myrene Cassel
Steven Young                    Victor A. Celotti
Rebecca and Richard Zeren       Miriam Chaban
Robert A. Zlodi                 Park Chamberlain
Emily Zoller                    Laura Ciolek
                                Mabel Clifford
Bernice K. Cochran               Genevieve D. Guppy
Fannie A. Cooper                 Lois Riley Haight
Ethel L. Cross                   Rita Hanlon
Irene Crow                       Carl J. Hansen
Alfreda S. Cullinan              Vera Hardy
Belle Curtin                     Dorothy Harren
Marianne M. Davidson             Ferris W. Hartman
Ora K. Dennett                   Sophie E. Haut
George Dettner                   Eldon S. Heckman
Robert Devereaux                 K. Henderson
Olga Diora                       May I. Henriod
Clarence Dobie                   Shirley Hicklin
Teresa Drake                     Beulah M. Higgins
Mae Dudley                       Madeline Hilburn
Marie L. Duggan                  Judson Holland
Olga B. Dunn                     Gloria Ann Hollis
Thomas Dutra                     Allan Hovden
Julia Eastman                    Gloria Hubner
Yvette G. Eastman                Miriam Huggins
Marie Edenburg                   Ethel K. Hughes
Ethel L. Ehrhardt                Lucia Huneke
Ilse Elias                       Enid Hobson Hurd
Russell H. Ellis                 Felicia Hyman
Grace Eng                        Evelyn Hymans
Marion E. Evans                  Charles J. Isaacs
Marguerite E. Fein               Sophie Jacobs
James Fenton                     Ebba I. Jorgensen
Lillian R. Fitzgerald            James Mayfield Kaye
Rose Flacks                      Vryra Fortin Kerr
Nelly Forassieppi                Ethel May King
Jack Fox                         Gertrude L. King
Sophie Fulton                    Rochelle Kingsland
Nora P. Garwick                  Fanny Klang
Gisella Gellert                  Babette Klee
Jean Getz                        Bertha Klein
George Giannini                  Carol Knowles
Elinor Gilheaney                 Josephine K. Knowles
Jack Gille                       Barbara H. Kurtz
Gladstone/Sassoon Family Trust   Laine Family
Benjamin Gold                    Genevieve E. Landon
Melba J. Grayson                 Louise Lang
T.B. Greenhouse                  Virginia Larsen
Leonard Greenwell                James V. Lawry
Chester B. Guppy                 Allan and Marilyn Lee
Ruth D. Leon              Ronald T. Rolph
Sara G. Levin             George Rosenquist
Louis Levitas             Edna Rosner
Elizabeth Lippitt         Robert Ross
Genevieve C. Louderback   Patricia J. Rourke
Mary Lai Yi Louie         Annie Rummelsburg
Josephine Ludwig          Frank Rusalem
Alice E. Luscombe         Schaefer Charitable
Jean A. MacAllum          Erna Schleu
MayBelle Madden           Ann V. Schmoll
Della F. Maiden           Walter Schroeder
Mercedes Major            Maud van Courtlandt-Hill Schroll
Barbara Ann Mallory       Flora Ludwigs Scott
Marie R. Malough          Rosita Scott
Steven S. Marcu           Richard Sheldrick
Marie Brauninger Martin   Hazel L. Shepard
Ann McCarthy              Otto and Sophie Shulmann
Mack E. Mickelson         Mildred Simmen
Betty M. Mignacco         Constance M. Simpson
Francis S. Miller         Marie Simpson
Florence Millikin         Arnold J. Smoller
Elizabeth Mitchell        Ann Elizabeth Snow
Augusta Moyer             Don Speakman
Anna Belle Neal           Alma W. Spencer
Gertrud Neufeld           Margaret Stephens
Judith A. Neumann         Helen S. Stewart
Rosina Olivieri           E.B. Storrow
Edith Palmedo             Ludmila Suglian
Ruth Pels                 Stuart F. and H. Marguerite
Ellen Peterson            Svedeman
R.R. Pew                  Lillian Tassi
Seymour Phillips          Joseph S. Thompson
Paul G. Pinsky            Todd Thorn
Cora Pissis               Ivy Throop
Gabriel Poutous           Lillian and Lewis Tilin
Richard A. Rath           Joseph M. Torrano
Fred F. Renner            Alice Frances Tracy
Viola Rhone               Emma G. Trebilcot
Guinilda Rianda           John Thomas Trixler
Henry M. Rist             Irene Tsecklinskaya
Dohma L. Roberts          John Henry Turner
Helen M. Robinson         Billie Vier
Mario Rocca               Wilhelmina Waldeck
Jean Roddan Zerman        Gwendolyn F. Walkup
Marvin Walton                       Dodge & Cox Investment
Frances Isabel Weed                 Managers
Margaret E. White                   Ethel Louise Armstrong (ELA)
Agnes Whitelock                     Foundation
Tova Wiley                          Electronic Scrip Incorporated
Gladys H. William                   San Francisco Arts Commission
Lillie Wissman                      South San Francisco Elks Lodge
William W. Witney                   #2091
Madeline E. Woodall                 Far Eastern Society of San
Roma Zederman                       Francisco, Inc.
George Zimmerman                    Firefly Sales and Trading
Stephen Zlodi                       Company LLC
Virginia Lee Zwick                  Five Bridges Foundation
                                    Fleishhacker Foundation
Institutional Donors                Flora Family Foundation
                                    Friends of Five Creeks
The Winifred and Harry B. Allen     The Peter A. and Vernice H.
Foundation                          Gasser Foundation
Eleonore Austerer Gallery           Golden Gate Guards
Bank of America Foundation          The Grey Family Foundation
Bay Area Rapid Transit District     Hall Realty
Bellini Foundation                  Heller, Ehrman, White and
Blythedale Rebekah Lodge #305       McAuliffe
Bothin Foundation                   Herbst Foundation, Inc.
California Council for the Blind-   Humboldt Senior Resource
San Francisco Chapter               Center
California Foundation for           IBM Retiree Charitable
Independent Living Centers,         Campaign
Inc.                                IDEO San Francisco
California State Automobile         Izmirian Roofing and Sheet
Association                         Metal
California State Department of      Jewish Community Endowment
Rehabilitation                      Fund
Center for Volunteer and            Jewish Family and Children’s
Nonprofit Leadership                Services
Charmed I’m Sure                    KGO Television, Inc.
ChevronTexaco “People Making        Kiwanis Club of Napa
a Difference” Campaign              Law Offices of Michael Train
Conyes Foundation                   Caldwell
CSAA-GTC Elk Grove                  Lily’s Care Home
Edward Joseph Daly Foundation,      West San Jose-Campbell Lions
in memory of Mrs. June Daly         Club
Department of Elections             Park Presidio Lions Club, Inc.
                                    Local Independent Charities
Lundy and Mishanetz               SFT Endowment for Technology,
Bertha Russ Lytel Foundation      Education & the Arts
Marin Community Foundation        Sisters of Mercy-Marian Convent
Marin County Department of        May and Stanley Smith
Health and Human Services         Charitable Trust
Mendelson, Long & Co.             Soroptimist International of St.
Morris Stulsaft Foundation        Helena
Naughton Realty, Inc.             The State Farm Companies
North Coast Cooperative, Inc.     Foundation
Northern California Association   Alice Phelan Sullivan
of the Deaf-Blind                 Corporation
Northern California Grantmakers   Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirk Swingle
Pacific Union Community Fund      Foundation
Pendulum                          The Pasha Group
Peninsula Community               United Way - California Capital
Foundation                        Region
The Pfund Family Foundation       United Way of the Bay Area
PG & E Corporation, Campaign      United Way of Tri-State
for the Community                 United Way Silicon Valley
Private Industry Council/         Vallejo Grandmoms Club
Workforce Investment Act          Viet Huong Fish Sauce Company
San Francisco Department of       VISA International
Aging and Adult Services          WellPoint Associate Giving
San Francisco Department of       Campaign
Elections                         Wells Fargo Community Support
San Francisco Department of       Campaign
Public Health
The San Francisco Foundation      Inkind, Tangible Property
San Francisco Friends School      and Car Donations
San Francisco Humanities, Inc.
San Francisco Lodge #3            A Clean Well Lighted Place for
B.P.O.E.                          Books
San Francisco Soroptimist         Patricia Adler
Foundation                        Adler Fels Winery
San Jose Visionary Lions Club     Akiko’s Restaurant
The George H. Sandy               All inPlay
Foundation                        American Multi-Cinema, Inc.
The Annunziata Sanguinetti        Donna Andrews
Foundation                        Muriel and Robert Angle
SBC Employee Giving/United        Antenna Audio
Way Campaign                      Aquarium of the Bay
The Schwab Fund for Charitable    Ed Bautista
Giving                            Beach Chalet Brewery and
SFO Employees                     Restaurant
John Beebe                       Bill Hendrickson
William Blattner                 Richard A. Hess
Blockbuster, Inc.                Hornblower Cruises and Events
Blue & Gold Fleet                Nicholas Howard
Philomena Ann Brady              Angelica Jensen
Paul Brown                       Gil and Beverely Johnson
Bryan’s                          Judi’s Place
Alicia Bunnell                   Arthur Kolatch
Kathy Burgardt                   Charles and Doreen Korn
Byington Winery and Vineyard     Gerry Kuller
Cafe Riggio                      La Mediterranee
California Academy of Sciences   Humphrey Lam
California State Automobile      Landmark Theatres
Association – Elk Grove          Jim and Judy Lee
Robert Cheney                    Shirley Ligons
Cheese Board Pizza               L’Occitane
Circuit City Stores, Inc.        John and Judy Longshore
Clear Channel Entertainment      MacArthur Place
Leon Cohen                       Barbara Mack
Paula Colombini-Jackson and      Geraldine L. Meeker
David Jackson                    Libby Mikles
Costco                           Kristin Nelson
Crunch                           Marie Nola
Bienestar Davis                  Oakland Athletics
Elisa Dumesnil                   Robert Olszewski
Steven Dunsky                    Oriental Trading Company
Margaret Dutton                  Vicki Ozaki and Duncan McNeal
Margaret Elder                   Susie Pacheco
Bonnie Emerson                   Patricia Packard
Evangeline’s Costumes            Carolyn Pankow
Lillian Filby                    Paramount’s Great America
Fior D’Italia Ristorante         Pasta Pomodoro
John Fleige                      Peet’s Coffee and Tea
Joseph Foley                     Stephen Max Perr
The GAP Foundation               Robert Perry
William B. Gerard                James Pharris
Desmond Glavin                   Renvy Pittman
Michael Glazer                   Daiva Pleskyte
Kathy Graddy                     Jason Ramil
R. Grant                         Dr. Rose Resnick
Roger Greenwald, M.D.            Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Conor Hallinan                   Museum
Daniel Handler                   Rosenblum Cellars
Gary Heikel                      Sonya Ruehl
Safeway, Inc.                          Sugar Bowl Ski Resort
San Francisco 49ers                    Dr. Carol Tereszkiewicz-
San Francisco Symphony                 Zimmerman and Dr. Zachary
The San Francisco Zoological           Zimmerman
Society                                Elaina Thompson
San Jose Sharks                        Danny Tieu
Danielle Sapien                        Tomo’s Restaurant and Deli
Tracy Schaefer                         Trader Joe’s
Joseph Schmidt Confections             Dale Ungalan
See’s Candies                          Michelle U’ren
Robert Shafer and Anita Shafer         Venture Frogs Restaurant
Nicholas and Heidi Shaylor             Emmaline Warner
Stuart Shayne                          David Weldy
Samuel Smith, III                      Sandra Wentzel and James
Special T Messenger Inc                Harding
Starbucks Coffee Company               Sharon Wyrostek
Gloria Steele                          Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Mary K. Stegner                        Bonnie and David Young
Stelline Restaurant                    Vera Young
John Stender                           Matthew Zajac
Erica Stevens                          Thomas Ziegler
Diana Stine

Board of Directors

Barbara J. Lassen
Rehabilitation Counselor, Orientation Center for the Blind

Gil Johnson
Vice President
National Employment Director, American Foundation for the Blind

Max Perr
Vice President
Retired, Vice President, Charles Schwab

Ed Zaik
Vice President

Douglas Bergman
President, Bergman Investment Management
Winifred Downing
Retired Teacher, Hadley School for the Blind

Peter Cantisani
Assistive Technology Manager, RL & Associates

Mike Cole
Executive Director, Orientation Center for the Blind

William Gerard
Investments Manager, Charles Schwab

Carl Janson
Treasurer, Venture Builders

Malcolm Lipson
Manager, Health & Safety, ChevronTexaco

Harry Mar
Contracts Analyst, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Gary Schnitzer
Vice President, Schnitzer Steel

Todd Stevenot
Investments Manager, Barclays Global

Jordana Welles
Executive Creative Director, Lewis & Partners Advertising

LightHouse Honorary Board

Theodore F. Bayer
Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors
Attorney at Law
Pinnacle Law Group, LLP

Alan H. Berger
Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors

Jon Carroll
San Francisco Chronicle

John P. Coghlan
Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors

Nancy R. Foss
Past President, LightHouse Board of Directors

Daniel F. Goodman, M. D.

Mike May
Sendero Group, Ltd.

Honorable Gavin Newsom

Dr. Rose Resnick
LightHouse Director Emeritus

Catherine Skivers
Past President
California Council of the Blind


Anita S. Aaron
Executive Director/CEO

Kathy Abrahamson
Director of Rehabilitation Services

Byron Albertson
LightHouse Industries Production Assistant

Donna Amburn
Volunteer Coordinator

Kathleen Anderson
Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Liwayway Atienza-Bunn
Adaptations Manager
David Baioni
Rehabilitation Teacher

Beth Berenson

Victoria A. Carlisle
Grant Writer

Jeffrey W. Carlson
Social Worker

Sook Hee Choi
Deaf-Blind Employment Access Coordinator

George L. Clark
Chief Development Officer

Meghan Connolly
Senior Development Manager

Rebecca DeGeorge
Braille Teacher

Anabella Denisoff
Information & Outreach Specialist

Mary Edwards
Support Service Provider

Iris Feng
General Ledger Accountant

Katherine W. Field
Programs Marketing Coordinator

Anthony L. Fletcher
Director of Community Services

Divina M. Fontanilla
Rehabilitation Services Program Assistant

Phillip R. (Skip) Foster, Jr.
LightHouse Industries Manager

Charles E. Godwin
Executive Secretary

Lisa Han
Program Assistant

Brian Huang
Adaptations Associate

R. Dean Hudson
Information Services Coordinator

Vi Huynh
Youth Services Coordinator

Michael J. Irish
LightHouse Industries Assistant

Molly Irish
Adult Education & Recreation Coordinator

Cindy Johnson
Support Service Provider

Donna Kazanjian
Rehabilitation Services Coordinator

J. Gregory Kehret
Information Services Coordinator

Alison O. Lee
Vision Loss Services Coordinator

Dawn M. Leeflang
Orientation & Mobility Specialist and Rehabilitation Teacher

Maryellen Lentz
Support Service Provider

Frank Lester
Support Service Provider
Lin Sang Leung
LightHouse Industries Machine Operator

F. Howard Maull
Chief Financial Officer

Julie E. McCarthy
Human Resources/Office Manager

Davina Mendez

Sarah Millett

Elizabeth A. Newnam
Social Services Coordinator

Andrea U. Ogarrio
Development Assistant

Phillip R. Ortega, Jr.
LightHouse Industries Production Assistant

Anoush Papazian
Support Service Provider

Laura Peters
Adaptations Associate

Patty Quiñonez
Vision Loss Specialist

Paul Quon
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Samuel Rodriguez
LightHouse Industries Maintenance/Mechanic

Douglas D. Rose
Information & Outreach Specialist

Patti Rose
Office Assistant

Keyatta Shade
Program Assistant

William E. Simpson
EHC Nurse

Tammy Thienes
Packet Sorter/Rework

Cory Tschogl
Adaptations Associate

Sandra Wentzel
Vision Loss Specialist

Krista L. Wissing
Publications Designer

Teresa Wolff
Adaptations Associate

Ning Xiao
Accounting Manager


Shelly Bennett
Antenna Audio

Tony Capitan
Cap’s Painting Company

Cynthia and John Diggs
Site Director & Cook
Enchanted Hills Camp

Kathy Graddy
Graddy Graphic Design

Katherine Hales
Antenna Audio
Chris Hauswirth
Wetherby Asset Management

Rupert Jenkins
Gallery Director
San Francisco Arts Commission

Lorene Miller
Blind & Vision Impaired of Marin

Ben Oude Kampuis
Project Insight

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Dave Sayer
Westridge Builders Inc.


American Foundation for the Blind
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Bay View Senior Center
Blind Babies Foundation
California Council of the Blind
California State Department of Rehabilitation
California State Independent Living Council
Canon Kip Senior Center
Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE)
Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disaster (CARD)
Commission on Aging and Adult Services
Community Alliance of Disability Advocates (CADA)
Curry Senior Center
Del Norte Senior Center
Department of Public Health
Department of Special Education
Development Executives Roundtable (DER)
Earle Baum Center of the Blind
Eureka Senior Resource Center
Fortuna Community Services
Healy Senior Center
Mayor’s Office on Disability, San Francisco
McKinleyville Senior Center
The National Council on Aging
National Federation of the Blind of California
Project Open Hand
San Francisco Community College
San Francisco Elks Lodge #3
San Francisco Partnership for Community-Based Care & Support
San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department
San Francisco State University
San Pablo Senior Center
Sierra Club
Soroptimist International of San Francisco
University of San Francisco Nursing Program
Veteran’s Administration
Willow Creek Community Resources
YMCA – Embarcadero


Antenna Audio
Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin, Inc.
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency
Hearing Society for the Bay Area, Inc.
Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Project Insight
Reading Service of the Redwoods
Sensory Access Foundation


Adult Day Healthcare Network, San Francisco

Adaptive Technology Services

Bay Area Communication Access

Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin, Inc.

Marsha Beard
Senior Consultant
R.V. Kuhns and Associates, Inc.

Alec Bennett
Tom Chalmers
Kaiser Hospice

Community TechKnowlege, Inc.

Joan Dove
Vice President
A.J. Gallagher

Erik Dryburgh
Attorney at Law
Silk, Adler & Colvin

Sean Ennis
Ennis Web Design

Greg Barrow Construction

Kathleen Grogan
Hood & Strong LLP

Hearing Society for the Bay Area, Inc.

Nick Harris
Stream Guys

Katrine Hughes
Psychological Consultant

International Association of Access to Information Services (IAAIS)

Susan Jahromi
Benefit Consultant

Richard Lesnick
RL & Associates

Eileen Lynette
Aging & Associates

Melen McBride
Stanford Geriatric Education Center

Brian McNitt

Medsam Transportation

Kari Orvik
Insights Coordinator

Charles Pao
Smart Printing

Michael Parker, MSME
Access Ingenuity

Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Ricardo Perez
Postal Systems, Inc.

David Perry
David Perry & Associates

Chary Podesta
Spanish Interpreter

San Francisco State University
Disabled Student Services

Gerald Scott
Scotty’s Janitorial

Scott Seamands
Lindquist van Husen and Joyce, CPAs

Rick Smith
Management Consultant
United Camps, Conferences and Retreats
EHC Facility Management

Vicki Valentine
Graphic Design
San Francisco Art Department

Diana Gates Waterman
Vice President
Benefits Access

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