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					Building Teams
Using Strengths
Connie Plowman, PMP
PMI-Portland Chapter
May 18, 2011
         Today’s Objective

• Become familiar with StrengthsFinder 2.0

• Identify the 34 Talent Themes

• Examine the 4 Domains of Leadership

• Provide suggestions for using in our project teams

• Q&A
                 Strengths Definition

                                                   Talent: naturally
                                                   recurring patterns of
    Strengths:                                     thought, feeling or
    Intersection of all            Talent          behavior that can be
    three                                          productively applied

                          Skills            Knowledge     Knowledge:
Skills: Steps                                             Facts and
to an activity                                            lessons
               34 Talent Themes

Achiever            Context             Input
Activator           Deliberative        Intellection
Adaptability        Developer           Learner
Analytical          Discipline          Maximizer
Arranger            Empathy             Positivity
Belief              Focus               Relator
Command             Futuristic          Responsibility
Communication       Harmony             Restorative
Competition         Ideation            Self-Assurance
Connectedness       Includer            Significance
Consistency         Individualization   Strategic
                                        Woo (Winning Others Over)
 Strength Formula

Talent       Natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving

Investment   Time spent practicing, developing your skills,
             and building your knowledge base

STRENGTH     The ability to consistently provide near-

             perfect performance
                   My Investment

Corporate Leader
  Cadence Management Corporation        Volunteer Leader

        Spent 12 years with IBM in

        employee, customer &
                                             Member – 1998
        executive education                  PMP – 2002
    •   Started project management
        career with Cadence in 1988     VP Certification                      (3 years)
    •   Named Chief Operating Officer   President-Elect                       (1 year)
        in 2006
                                        Chapter President                     (1 year)
    •   Retired for 6 weeks in 2011     Past President                        (1 year)
                                        Component Mentor                      (2 years)
                                        Leadership Institute Advisory Group   (2 years)
Education Leader
  Portland Community College            PMI Professional Awards Program
   •    Interim Executive Director,     Member Advisory Group                 (Current)
        CLIMB Center for
         4 Domain of Leadership
• Executing
  – Knows how to make things happen

• Influencing
  – Helps the team reach a much broader audience

• Relationship Building
  – Has the essential glue that holds a team together

• Strategic Thinking
  – Keeps us focused on what “could be”
                 Leadership Strengths

Executing          Influencing      Relationship        Strategic Thinker
Achiever           Activator        Adaptability        Analytical
Arranger           Command          Developer           Context
Belief             Communication    Connectedness       Futuristic
Consistency        Competition      Empathy             Ideation
Deliberative       Maximizer        Harmony             Input
Discipline         Self-Assurance   Includer            Intellection
Focus              Significance     Individualization   Learner
Responsibility     Woo              Positivity          Strategic
Restorative                         Relator
         Suggested Team Exercise #1
• Each team member takes the online assessment
• Each makes a presentation to the team on your top
  5 strengths
• Include your challenges, pet peeves, gotcha’s, etc.

• Outcome: Provides a great opportunity to get really
  clear on how to best work together
        Suggested Team Exercise #2
• Create a team for your organization based on the
  34 themes and the 4 leadership domains
• Describe what project you have
• Describe why and what talents you need

• Outcome: Provides an opportunity to examine why
  and how you would use these skill sets/talents for
  creating a high-performance team
         Your Turn
• With your learning partner, create a team exercise
  using the 34 Talent Themes and/or 4 Leadership

• Have at least 3 steps/activities and 1 outcome

• Time to share!
         Today’s Objective

• Become familiar with StrengthsFinder 2.0

• Identify the 34 Talent Themes

• Examine the 4 Domains of Leadership

• Provide suggestions for using in our project teams

• Q&A
          Questions? Contact me -

Cell phone: 503-784-1461

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 Thank you for your time!

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