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									Stonington High School’s

     Bear                                                                                     March 2010

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599-2180 (Guidance)                                Essentials
                                           Citizens’ Forum
    All Members of the Stonington community are urged to attend an important Citizens’ Forum on
Tuesday, March 9th at 7p.m. in the SHS Auditorium. At that time, representatives from the Southeastern
Regional Action Council will present the results of Stonington’s 2009 Youth Survey Report, which was
conducted in partnership with the Board of Education, Stonington Human Services and the Stonington
Prevention Council. This report was “designed to ascertain prevalence, attitudes and behaviors related to
use of substances (alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs), including the reasoning of youth who do or do
not use substances.” It is important to note that 55% of Stonington youth in grades 7-10 in Mystic Middle
School, Pawcatuck Middle School, and Stonington High School participated in this survey.
    As recent events have shown, Stonington is not immune to issues concerning alcohol, tobacco and
other drugs. Parents are encouraged to bring their middle school and high school students to this presen-
tation; as it will surely provide a wealth of information and the opportunity to extend conversation at
home. Residents who don’t have children in the schools are also invited to attend; as the responsibility for
protecting the well-being of our children belongs to us all.

                Garden Club                                        SHS’ Electronic Policy
                                      by   Elisa Whitman       Stonington High School would like to remind
    Two years ago local farmer and entrepreneur,           parents and students about our electronic policy. It
Peg Moran, and I implemented a program in Envi-            has been slightly changed due to some inconsisten-
ronmental Science classes that we call Grow Your           cies in our current policy. Please review this policy
Own Lunch. The program was embedded into                   with your son/daughter. Students will also be
the agricultural unit of the course and provided           reviewing this policy in their home base. Students
students with the opportunity to practice the skills       who fail to abide by this policy will be asked to
that are part of learning to grow their food. With         give the electronic device to the teacher who will
the objective of introducing students to the local         send it to the office. In most cases, students will be
business world, Peg compiled a list of individuals         able to pick up the device at 2 p.m. However, stu-
whom we felt students would benefit from meet-             dents who continually violate this rule will lose the
ing. The focus of the speakers is on local farmers         privilege of having the item(s) in school and a par-
and other agricultural entrepreneurs who could             ent/guardian will be asked to pick up the item(s).
share their stories about the type, origin and per-        If students fail to give the electronic device to the
sonal experiences of their businesses. Since these         teacher upon request, then a discipline referral
professionals would be contributing their own time         will be made to the office. Stonington High School
we felt it would be appropriate to offer each of           appreciates the support of parents in enforcing this
them a stipend.                                            policy so that electronic devices do not cause a dis-
    In January I approached the Stonington Garden          traction to the educational process. Thank you!
Club to ask for $300 to compensate six speakers                Cell phones, iPods, radios, cassettes/CD play-
and today I graciously received notification that the      ers or Walkman type devices are not allowed out
Garden Club will indeed fund our speaker pro-              during the school day other than X-Block. All
gram. As their representative Kathryn Burchenal            electronic devices (including headphones and ear
stated, “The Garden Club felt that, indeed, your           buds) must NOT be visible between 7:30 a.m. and
lecture series meets the mission of the Club and           2:00 p.m. other than X-Block. IPods may be allowed
will be well worth supporting.” She also noted that        at the discretion of the classroom teacher for use
she has recently drafted a letter to First Selectman       in that classroom with that teacher only. Violations
Ed Haberek pointing out how critical our agricul-          will be cause for a no iPod rule. Students who
tural heritage is to this area. Her message to us,         abuse this rule will have their items confiscated
“As you point out, our local agriculture has deep          and/or lose the privilege of having the item(s)
and viable roots. I am so happy to learn about what        in school. The school strongly recommends that
you are doing!”                                            iPods not be brought to school due to their value.
    Laurie-Annya Linfoot is schedulted to lead off              Cell phones that are visible during class time
our speakers’ line-up. Future speakers are current-        or in the hallways
ly being arranged and anyone interested in sharing         (except during X-Block)
his/her entrepreneurial experiences in agriculture         will be confiscated and
is welcome to contact me at ewhitman@stonington-           brought to the office for                                               pick up at the end of
    On behalf of Stonington High School stu-               the school day. Students
dents, I would like to thank the members for the           who violate the cell
Stonington Garden Club for their very generous             phone policy may lose
contribution and for their willingness to promote          the privilege to have it in
local agriculture and entrepreneurism in education.        school.
SHS Announces New                                            Pawmystonian
   Poet Laureate                                         2011 Yearbook Editors
    Each year, the Arts Café Mys-         Yearbook advisor Mrs. Rustici is pleased to announce the selec-
tic (a group that holds poetry        tion of the editors-in-chief for the 2011 edition. Emilie Burgess and
readings in downtown Mystic)          Mikaela Gillick will lead the Pawmystonian staff as co-editors next
invites area schools to choose        year. Mikaela was a member of the Publications class as a sophomore,
a student poet whose work is          and has been involved with production since she was a freshman.
“deserving of distinction.” The       Though Emilie’s first year in the course was her junior year, she was
poet chosen this year is Senior,      quick to pick up the programs and showed herself to be a dedicated
Chandler Fowles.                      staff member. Look for another great edition in 2011 under their
    Chandler will be given a $100     leadership!
scholarship, a chance to work
with a published poet and other
area Poet Laureates, and the
                                                 Class of 2010 Graduation Party
                                         Please join us at the next planning meet-
opportunity to read in front of a     ing on Wednesday March 3rd in the SHS LMC
live audience at the March 12th       Classroom at 7 p.m. We welcome your help
evening of poetry in Mystic. In       and input on fundraising ideas and plans for
addition to the honors bestowed       graduation night. Future meetings are April 7,
by the Arts Café Mystic, Chan-        May 5, and June 2.
dler will also have a featured           It’s not too late to send in your $75 donation!
section in this years SHS literary    Make checks payable to SHS Grad Party and send in to school office ATTN:
magazine, Sojourn, and the op-        Grad Party.
portunity to read at various SHS
activities, including graduation.     Side-Splitting Fun Evening w/Jim Spinnato
    The competition for Poet Lau-        Mark your calendars for Friday, February 26th from 7 p.m. to 8:30
reate this year was quite intense. the Stonington High School Auditorium. Hypnotist Jim Spin-
Six strong candidates submit-         nato will host a performance as select students become stars of the
ted three poems each during           show! Watch as volunteers dance, sing and “sleep” on command!
January. These poems—without          Tickets are $10 each. Please contact Laurie Giordano (860) 536-0213 or
the students’ names or identify-      Carole Nossek (860) 535-2446 for ticket availability. Tickets will also
ing information--were read by         be sold at the door.
members of the English Depart-        Crazy About Cookies
ment for style, originality, voice,      Reminder, the cookie dough sale runs until March 8th. All forms
and other poetic elements. All        were sent out via mail to senior parents. Your support is needed to
six candidates had strong poems,      reach our goal for the Senior 2010 Graduation Party. All cookie dough
but Chandler’s rose to the top        forms are due back to the office by March 8th. If you have questins,
for their voice and strength of       contact Lynda Boucher at 860-599-3076 or, or Lisa
language.                             Balestracci at 860-857-2956.
    The other five candidates
were: Seniors—Daniel LaRosa,
                                      Stonington High’s 9th Annual BrainQuest
                                          Form a team for a fun night of trivia! Students, parents, teachers,
Anastasia Taylor; Juniors—
                                      clubs or sports teams are welcome to participate by forming a six-
                 Sydney Porter,
                                      member team. (Please note the lower price for students). Entry forms
                 Mary Shawyer,
                                      are available in the SHS office.
                 Angela Ferrara;
                                          The event will be held in the SHS Commons Area on Friday,
                                      March 19, 2010. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the game starts at 7
                 cia Calprit.
                                      p.m. The entry fee is $25.00 per adult, $10 per student. (Adult team -
                     Here is one of
                                      $150. Student team - $60)
                 the poems Chan-
                                          Entry forms will be available in the office. If you have questions,
                 dler submitted:
                                      call Cindy or Tom Moore at 599-0431 or email
   Sharks Create Silence              Spring Fling Student Dance
                                          A Spring Fling student dance will be held on Saturday, March 27, 2010,
Baby there’s a shark in the water     in the SHS Commons. The $10 tickets will be available in the cafeteria dur-
teeth white victims reflected         ing X-Block prior to the dance.
sharp unprovoked kill                 Palm Sunday Breakfast
baby she’s ready,                         The annual Palm Sunday Breakfast will take place on March 28, 2010,
again.                                9 a.m. to noon in the SHS Commons. Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 children
                                      6-12, kids 5 & under - free.
It attracts you with skin of glass        Join us for breakfast, and a book, DVD, jewelry, and spring-flowering
coats her, calmly swims               plant sale! Save your gently-used books & DVDs and bring them to the box
cold baby coming,                                         in the SHS main office, MMS, DMS or WVSS lobbies to
for your flesh                                            donate to the book sale.
famished for fervor.
                                                         Recycled/Reusable Grocery Bags w/ SHS
So baby watch out,                                       logo
this shark is rehearsed                                      Purchase SHS paw print, reusable grocery bags
to feast your body,                                      for $3.50 each or 3 for $10. Questions? Call or
leaving a shred in time                                  email Laurie Giordano lgiordano@tieronedevel-
as silence.                                     (860) 536-0213 or Carole Nossek
                                                (860) 535-2446
                                        Scholar Athletes
   Congratulations to Kevin Duignan and Kelly Grills who were recently named CAS Scholar Athletes.

Kevin Duignan                                          Kelly Grills
    I am honored to receive the                            It is truly an honor to be named
CIAC Scholar Athlete award for                         the 2010 CIAC Scholar Athlete
Stonington High School. In my high                     award winner from Stonington
school career I have participated in                   High School. Throughout my high
Cross Country, Indoor Track, and                       school career, athletics have been
Outdoor Track; and I have competed                     a big part of my life. I have played
as a varsity-level athlete in each of                  four years on the varsity high school
them. In 2008 the Cross Country team was the ECC       field hockey team, where I have been a part of
Medium Division Champion, and this past season         three ECC championship seasons, and an inspiring
in 2009 we placed second. I qualified for the state-   state semi-final finish in 2008. I was also named
level meet in four events: the 1000 meter run, the     the New London Day Player of the Year in 2008,
600 meter run, the Sprint Medley Relay, and the 4      and in the 2009 season I was selected as an All
x 400 meter relay. At the ECC meet on January 30, I    State 2nd Team Athlete. I have also participated in
placed 6th in the 1000 meter run, our Sprint Med-      softball at Stonington High School, where, for the
ley Relay team placed third, and our 4 x 400 team      past three seasons, I have been the team’s starting
won the ECC title. I am very excited for the Out-      varsity shortstop. In my sophomore and junior
door Track spring season. In addition to athletics,    year seasons, I was selected as an ECC Second
throughout high school I have taken pride in main-     Team Athlete, and was named team captain in
taining a strong GPA, and I am currently in the        2009. In the past three years, the team has won
top 10% of my class. I am also involved in Student     two ECC Medium Division Championship Titles,
Government, on which I serve the position of Cor-      and played in an exciting game against Waterford
responding Secretary of the Executive Board, and I     in the ECC Tournament, where we placed second
am the Vice President of the senior class and I have   out of the teams in our local area. Along with my
been elected to that position all four years of high   involvement in athletics, I take great pride in my
school. Outside of school, I am proud to say that I    academic achievements, and my work within our
have earned the rank of Eagle Scout; I completed       school community. I have kept a solid GPA through
my project building bookshelves for the St. Michael    a rigorous high school schedule, and am currently
School library in Pawcatuck, and I officially earned   in the top 5% of my class. I also am the President
my rank on May 28, 2009. My Court of Honor was         of the “Bear Buddies” Program at Stonington
held on July 14, 2009, and it was declared Kevin       High School, where I spend a lot of time working
Duignan Day both in the Town of Stonington and         with the students in the TLC Room, attempting
the State of Connecticut by First Selectman Ed         to develop a more diverse and accepting school
Haberek and Governor Jodi Rell, respectively. I also   community. Overall, I find that balance was the key
hold a job at the Pawcatuck Dairy Queen. I take        to being successful in my high school career, and I
great pride in my accomplishments, but I could not     would like to take the time to thank my family, my
have completed them alone. I would like to thank       supportive coaches and teachers, and my deter-
my family, my incredible coaches, and my com-          mined teammates for helping me to become the
mitted teammates for helping me to earn CIAC           CIAC Scholar Athlete for 2010.
Scholar Athlete for 2010.

                                    CAS Fine Arts Award
   Congratulations to Michelle Ammirrati and Alex Nazzarro who earned the CAS Fine Arts Award

Alex Nazzaro                                           Michelle Ammirati
    It is truly an honor to receive this                   Michelle Ammirati is extremely
nomination. Since I was a little kid,                  honored to receive this recogni-
I have loved to create. Everything                     tion. Over the past four years at
my imagination could muster, I put                     Stonington High School she has been
down on paper. Inspiration came                        actively involved in the music and
from all things big and small, but                     drama programs. As a freshman she
the great outdoors made my imagination set fire.       auditioned for and was accepted into the Honors
Nature has always played a huge role in my art.        Chamber Choir which she has been a part of for all
Today, I am still that young boy whose imagination     four years. She has been cast in Ensemble roles in
cannot stop to rest. After years of just "Art Class"   the musicals “How to Succeed in Business Without
in elementary and middle school, I was thrilled at     Really Trying” and “The Music Man,” as well as
the wide variety of art classes hear at SHS! Over      the Witch in “Into the Woods” and the Sour Kanga-
the past four years with the help of Mrs. DeVore,      roo in “Seussical the Musical.” She has also played
I have won numerous art awards including the           Mrs. Howett in “The Green Archer” and Mrs.
cartooning, animation and graphic design award,        Myrtle Webb in “Our Town.” Michelle has also had
studio art, and studio art II award. I would like to   the honor of participating in the All New England,
thank my parents and my art teachers, Mrs.             Connecticut Eastern Region, Connecticut All State,
DeVore and Ms. Bonillo, for their support, espe-       and the All East Coast National Music Educators
cially Ms. Bonillo who pushed me to go places          honors choirs. Michelle is also a three-year member
with my art I had not gone before. Thank you           of the Keynotes Girl’s Choir and a member of the
Stonington High School for all you have done for       Tri-M National Music Honor Society. She intends to
me. I hope to make the school proud in a career in     continue her involvement in music and theatre in
graphic design.                                        college.
                                  Music Department Notes
     On February 6th, SHS hosted its first Coffeehouse, which was a great success. Congratulations to all
participating students and thank you to our sponsor, Mystic Market. The event raised $700, which Music
Boosters will use to purchase new speakers and microphone cables for next year.
     On March 13th, the Block 7 Jazz band will compete at the Berklee Jazz Festival in Boston. This is the na-
tion’s oldest and largest high school jazz festival.
     On March 21st, the SHS Band will perform in the 1:00 Mystic St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
     March 23rd is the Stonington-Ledyard Spring Exchange concert. The 7:30 p.m. concert will be held at
Ledyard High School and is free of charge. SHS and LHS jazz bands and wind ensembles will perform
separately. The finale will be combined LHS-SHS bands performing Jupiter from Gustav Holst’s The Plan-
     A Choral Concert will take place in the SHS auditorium on March 30th at 7:00 p.m.
     Many SHS music students auditioned for and were accepted into the following music festivals this
winter. Eastern Region Chorus members were Michelle Ammirati, Justine Nixon, Jordan Estabrooks,
Pat Kelly, Stephanie Albert, Sarah Gosselin, Audrey Jones, Kate McCann, Ellen
Petersen, Dana Shroyer, TJ White, and Avery Dodd. Eastern Region Jazz Band
members were Molly Rathbun and Ryan Kalinowski. Eastern Region Band mem-
bers were Erika Towne, Tad Spencer, Stephanie Gray, Colin Larkin, Amanda Roy,
Geoff Roy, Alex Fernandes, and Eric Welcome. Eastern Region Orchestra musicians
were Jack Wostrel, Russell Towne, and John Skogerboe. Of those students, the
following musicians also were accepted into the All-State Music Festival: Justine
Nixon, Michelle Ammirati, Kate McCann, Sarah Gosselin for chorus, Russell
Towne for orchestra, and Molly Rathbun and Tad Spencer for band. The following
students were also accepted into the All-New England Chorus: Michelle Ammi-
rati, Justine Nixon, Jordan Estabrooks, Pat Kelly, Ellery Avalone, Sarah Gosselin,
Audrey Jones, Kate McCann, Ellen Petersen, Isaiah Perkins, TJ White, Stephen Guthrie, Julia Burgos,
Geoff Roy, Austin Almeida, Emily Hutter, Lily Clift, Sienna Conti, and Jordan Slocum. Congratula-
tions to all of these talented students for representing Stonington so well across the state and across New

                                Stonington Human Services
AAA Driver’s Education
    Provided by AAA/Briarwood Driving Academy, you must be 16 years of age prior to the start of class.
    The Teen 38-Hour Program runs April 27, 29; May 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27; June 1, 3, 8, 10, 15 on
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at SHS, Room 122. The fee is $550 for 30 hours of classroom
activities, including study materials and the required four hours of Drug & Alcohol Awareness training.
Provided as well are eight hours of private, individual on the road instruction in one of our specially
equipped training vehicles. Please note that a parent or legal guardian must attend the first two-hour
class. Graduates receive a free one-year associate AAA membership if the parent is also a member. Over
97% of graduates would recommend the AAA Driving School to their peers!
    The Eight-Hour Safe Driving and Drug and Alcohol Program runs April 6, 8, 13 and 15 on Tuesdays
& Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at Stonington High School, Room 122. The fee is $250 for this eight-hour
program, which fulfills the requirements of the State of Connecticut for license applicants under 18 years
of age who choose a Home Training Program. Included in this curriculum is the required four hours of
Drug & Alcohol Awareness training. Please note that a parent or legal guardian must attend the first two-
hour class. A certificate will be awarded to those students successfully completing the course.
    Call Stonington Human Services at (860) 535-5015 for registration information.
Boating and Personal Water Craft Safety
    This course will be offered on Saturday, April 24th from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at Stonington High School
for people ages 12 and older. The fee is $75, and the instructor will be Jerry Desmond. You must have a
boater’s license to operate a powerboat, personal water craft or sailboat 19.5 feet or longer by yourself
in the state of Connecticut. This one-day workshop will provide you with all the information needed to
take & pass the licensing test. The exam will be offered at this workshop and upon completion you will be
awarded a certificate to be issued to DEP with an administrative fee to receive your license.
Bryan Bessette Memorial Scholarship
   This $500.00 scholarship is given to an outstanding high school senior residing in Stonington who
will continue his or her education at a trade or technical school. Applications are available through the
Stonington High School Guidance Office. Scholarships donations are ac-
cepted year-round at Stonington Human Services.
One Stop Prom Shop
   Stonington residents in Grades 9-12 may stop by the shop, Monday-
Friday between 9:00 a.m-4:00 p.m., to check out our new selection of
dresses! Better yet, bring that dress in your closet that you wore once
and forgot about and leave with a “new-to-you” dress for the next semi-
formal or formal dance. Dresses are available at no cost to all Stonington
students with a school ID. Tax-deductible dress donations are accepted
year-round. Please make sure they are no more than five years old, in
good repair (no stains, tears or broken zippers/straps), clean and are a
teen-friendly style.
Where Are They Now

                                 ?              Keelin Linehan ‘02
    After graduating from Stonington High in 2002 I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and
graduated with a degree in Communications Design: Advertising Art Direction. I’ve been living in Wil-
liamsburg, Brooklyn, the hipster capital of the world, for about eight years and while it’s a far cry from
the conservative streets of Stonington, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for some excitement!
    After working briefly for Quinn & Gellar Marketing in New London, and traveling back to my apart-
ment in New York on the weekends, I got myself in gear and took freelancing gigs in New York for a
small publishing company and then designing the packaging for Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2008 the internet
                                        came calling and I took a position working with Gawker Media as a
                                        designer. ( and http://advertising.gawker.
                                        com/) New media and the world of online advertising is a shock to
                                        the system after looking at boxes and bags covered in snowflakes for
                                        months on end. A welcome challenge!
                                           As of January 2010, I hold the position of Creative Director for a
                                        network of web sites with over 16 million visitors a year. Being with
                                        Gawker Media, a company of young, intelligent individuals in a rap-
                                        idly growing market, has been an invaluable experience and one that
                                        I’m thankful for every day. Being passionate about your job is the only
Keelin (right) pictured with the ad Ops way you’ll ever be good at it. It rarely
manager On the gawKer media rOOftOp in feels like work!
sOhO during a party thrOwn fOr the his-    It’s been eight years since I left
tOry channel shOw, “expeditiOn africa”.
                                        Stonington and going home to a com-
munity of warm, generous and eclectic people is something we should
all recognize as being great. Stonington High School prepared me for the
real world in ways far beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. From the
art program with Mrs. DeVore to tennis with Mr. Crouse, and an endless
number of devoted mentors, being surrounded by impassioned indi-
                                                                                 Keelin (left) with a sales manager at a
viduals taught me to approach life with the same zeal they do. For that, gawKer artists Opening On the rOOftOp.
I am eternally grateful and enthusiastic for what’s to come.                     Photo by Nick McGlynn •

v                  News
                                      by the ShS Guidance department
Tom BousqueT • AngelA CApAlBo • lilliAn Desimone • Allison VAn eTTen

Naviance for Juniors
    As junior students begin to            agencies. The program is specifi-          determine their ideal learning
engage in the college search               cally geared to help Stonington            preferences. Some preferences
process they are strongly encour-          students have a pleasurable and            that are reviewed include: noise
aged to utilize the Naviance               more organized college search              level, motivation factors, teacher
system. Naviance is a program              experience. This program was               involvement, and learning types
that allows students to determine          reviewed with juniors at recent            (i.e. visual, kinesthetic, auditory).
their personality types, take a            college workshops and was                  The Game Plan survey allows
learning style inventory, review           introduced to parents at the               students set basic parameters to
potential careers, develop a plan          College Information Night for Ju-          their college search by setting
for their college search, research         niors. Students and parents were           career goals, potential majors,
and track potential colleges, view         given user names and passwords             school size preference, location,
acceptance statistics for various          for this program.                          and opportunities available.
schools, and search scholarships.              Junior students should start           Students should be aware that
Stonington High School students            completing the “Do What You                they are required to complete
have been utilizing Naviance               Are” Personality Profile, Learn-           these three surveys prior to hav-
for the past couple of years with          ing Style Inventory, and Game              ing a college meeting with their
favorable results. In order for            Plan Survey. “Do What You Are”             counselor.
students to get the most out of            gives students an overview of                  Other surveys and use-
Naviance, they need to take the            how they view the world. By                ful tools that students will use
time to adequately get acquaint-           taking this survey, students will          include the Beyond Graduation
ed with program features and               gain insights into their educa-            Survey, Resume Builder, and
begin taking surveys and devel-            tional, career, and relationship           Scholarship Viewer. If students
oping college lists.                       needs. Individual strengths and            or parents are having difficulties
    Naviance is a user-friendly            weaknesses are reviewed and                logging on to Naviance, please
system that is accessible to stu-          recommendations are made. Spe-             contact the guidance department.
dents, parents, and the guidance           cific job qualities and potential
department. Student informa-               careers of interest are given to
tion on Naviance is not shared             students. The Learning Style
with any colleges or outside               Inventory allows students to
                                     Inside the Bear’s Den
                                                        b a           y   manda   CoffEy, studEnt GovErnmEnt prEsidEnt

    With the recent, devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Student Government felt it needed to do some-
thing to help, and quickly. As the government of the school, it is our duty to make a difference not just in
our school, but throughout the world in which we live. Seeing and hearing about the suffering of all the
people in Haiti the entire government felt obligated to do all that we could to help. We have saved money
from the past years, and we realized there would be no better time to spend this money than in the crisis
at hand. This is why our government voted to donate five hundred dollars to UNICEF and five hundred
dollars to the Red Cross. This amount of money is just a small drop in the bucket for relieving the condi-
tions in Haiti, but we wanted to do all we could. Along with Student Government’s donation, many other
organizations throughout the school have organized drives and made donations as well. It is truly inspir-
ing to see how the students here at Stonington High School are so ready to help others.
    Student Government members are:
    Seniors: Amanda Coffey, Emily Col-
lette, Jeff Moore, Michelle Ammirati,
Kevin Duignan, Sarah Schmitz, Jackie
Ingham, Tommy Manning, Christopher                Palm Sunday Breakfast
Regan, Pat Kelly.
    Juniors: ,Olivia Barth ,Jennifer Brant,               Sunday, March 28
Claire Chambers, Mary Kate Connelly,
Tim Cusack, Mikaela Gillick, Scott Hal-                    9 a.m.-12 noon
lamore, Thea O’Lari, Elizabeth Stouch,                          SHS Cafe/Commons
Faye Zelepos, Meghan Pettini                               $7 Adults, $5 children 6-12
    Sophomores: Jacqueline Albert, Clark                          kids 5 & under - free
Chapman, Melanie Floyd, Elias Gharios,
Morgan Hackney, Reka Keller, Jordanna
McCallen, Hope Rezendes, Maria Silvia,
Ryan Soscia, Devin White
    Freshmen: Emily Buxton, Courtney
Dumais, Lauren Eisenbeis, Joni Moody,
Jaclyn Paride, Andrew Rathbun, Lucy
Schlink, John Skogerboe.

           CAPT testing                               ~Spring flowering plants from Pequot Plant Farms
    On CAPT testing                                      ~Jewelry Sale (Great Mother’s Day gifts!)
days in March, home-        3/1 • 10:20 a.m.                   ~Gently used books/DVDs Sale
base will start at the      3/2 • 10:05 a.m.                    Proceeds benefit the Class of 2010
following times.                                                 All-Night Drug-free & Alcohol-free
    Juniors and seniors     3/3 • 10:10 a.m.                              Graduation Party
not involved in testing     3/4 • 10:35 a.m.                  Thanks for your support!
must be sure to arrive
by these times.             3/8 • 9:40 a.m.

                Broad Street Bears Present Seussical Performance

        Stonington High School auditorium

                          March 5th, 6th and 7th

                7 p.m. Friday and Saturday
                2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

            Tickets: $10 for students & seniors
                       $13 for adults
               Tickets available at the door
              or at SHS office, (860) 599-5781
                Second Quarter Honor Roll • January 2010
                           Highest Honors
Grade 12                  Grade 11:                Grade 10:                  Grade 9:
  Daniela Alzate*           Jake Berkowitz*          Victoria Cross*            Kimberly Armstrong*
  Michelle Ammirati*        Thomas Bovino*           Melanie Floyd*             Clare Bornstein*
  Patrick Balch*            Jennifer Brant*          Andrew Han*                Emily Buxton*
  Sarah Banker*             Mary Kate Connelly*      Robert Lynch*              Emily Calobrisi*
  Skylar Bareford*          Mikaela Gillick*         Amy Manning*               Amy Dugger*
  Jade Brody*               Scott Hallamore*         Kelly McMillan*            Lauren Eisenbeis*
  Amanda Coffey*            Elizabeth Luketich*      Brendan McNeil*            Eric Fast*
  Emily Colby*              Colin Melford*           Jennifer Murphy*           Daniel Fields
  Emily Collette*           Eli Miner*               Katharine Murphy*          Lindsay Gimple*
  Kevin Duignan*            Marisa Moody*            Christian Rogerson*        Zachary Goldberg*
  Stephanie Grey*           Rebecca Moore*           Casey Sartor*              Sarah Gosselin*
  Kelly Grills*             Ellen Petersen*          Alexander Schroeder*       Destiny Hartmann*
  Edward Hobaica*           Emily Pinko*             Erika Towne*               Audrey Jones*
  Charlotte Kading*         Erin Skeens*             Devin White*               Mollie Kam*
  Ryan Kalinowski*          Mary Kate Tobin*                                    Sophie Kornacki*
  Patrick Kelly*            Lia Vann*                                           Jessica Lee*
  Shang Lin Lee*            Ashley Wheeler*                                     Jessica Lloyd*
  Thomas Manning*           John Wostrel*                                       Joni Moody*
  Jeffrey Moore*            Aki Yamamoto*                                       Nicole Murphy*
  Daniel Nordness*                                                              Carly Paulauskis*
  Heather Planchon*                                                             Andrew Rathbun*
  Molly Rathbun*                                                                Theresa Reynolds*
  Christopher Regan*                                                            Daniel Riordan*
  Sarah Riley*                                                                  Amanda Roy*
  Jessica Sammataro*                                                            Renee Sajedian*
  Joseph Sartor*                                                                Lucy Schlink*
  Sarah Schmitz*                                                                Sarah Shea*
  Nicole Vanasse                                                                John Skogerboe*
  Kelsey Woodworth*                                                             Chloe Slater*

                                       High Honors
Grade 12:                 Grade 11:                Grade 10:                  Grade 9:
  Lauren Blanda*            Ross Aiello*             Jacqueline Albert*         Reanna Banker
  Christian Brown           Mitchel Apatow*          MacKenzie Angus*           Christopher Bovino
  Julia Burgos*             Rachel Banker            Alexis Baker*              Annika Burgess*
  Catherine Buxton*         Olivia Barth*            Christopher Blanchard*     Cory Candelet*
  Anthony Cerino            Dawn Bridgham*           Dominic Blanchet*          Ian Capozzoli
  Henry Chmielinski         Andrea Buck*             Edward Bockowski*          Christopher Chapman*
  Amy Clark*                Jon Capozzoli            James Cerino               Andrea Chiaradio*
  Carlita Cross             Claire Chambers*         Robert Cornell             Patrick Coan*
  Janna DeFanti*            Megan Rose Chapman*      Jared DeFanti*             Melanie Coffey*
  Connor Downie             James Connelly*          Rilee Drake                Tessa Colby*
  Sarah Edelman*            Brittany Cordeiro        Morgan Eck*                Mackensie Crowley*
  Jordan Estabrooks*        Kathryn DaSilva*         Katherine Edelman*         Matthew DeCarlo
  Mohamad Yasser Faraj*     Spencer Dodd*            Casey Fiola*               Avery Dodd*
  Alexis Giordano*          Kaitlyn Donch*           Kourtnie Fritscher*        Douglas Domnarski
  Caroline Gosselin*        Quentin Doyonnas*        Victoria Georgetti*        Sarah Downie*
  Abrielle Gouvin*          Mohaad Faraj*            Elias Gharios*             Samantha Duignan*
  Nicholas Hartley*         Jillian Fergione*        Peter Guzzo*               Courtney Dumais*
  Dienne Hodge*             Emily Hutter*            Elizabeth Hobaica*         Brenden Gayowski
  Jacqueline Ingham*        Rachel Inzana            Emma Holman                Kade Gerlach*
  Stacey Lau*               Elizabeth Johnstone*     Peter Hoops*               Ian Grosso*
  Sonia Leandro*            Drew Lyon*               Bri-Ana Johnson            Katharine Headley*
  Aleksa Liaugaudas         Benjamin Mazzarese*      Alexandra Konicki*         Nicholas Herrman*
  Erik Lorch                Marcus McCarthy*         Jennifer LaValley*         Danielle Jacobs*
  Benjamin Macko            Andrew Melia*            Marie Mattano*             Forrest Joss*
  Sean McCaffery            Chelsea Miceli*          Jennifer McMillan*         Mitchell Kezer
  Katherine McCann*         Lindsey Michaels*        Evelina Mineikyte*         John Klewin
  Keith McGrath             Briana Minicucci*        Edward Moran*              Collin Larkin*
  Brendan Murphy*           Eva Nelson*              Veronica Pacheco*          Hannah McMillan*
  Alexander Nazzaro*        Laura Nickerson*         Ryanne Paige*              Megan McNeil*
  Justine Nixon*            Thea O’Lari*             Alexandra Pelt             Sophie Moore*
  Shanna O’Connell          Courtney Onorato         Hope Rezendes*             Evelyn Morgera*
  Ethan Palmer*             Meghan Pettini*          Brooke Rixon*              Kaitlyn Morin*
  Lauren Petrie             Jennie Poirier*          Kyle Roseman*              Allison Murphy*
  Amanda Pope               William Romeo*           Thaddeus Spencer*          Jay Nieuwenhuis*
High Honors (continued)

Grade 12:               Grade 11:                   Grade 10:                    Grade 9:
  Hayden Riley*              Geoffrey Roy*            Colin Taylor*              Amelia Palmer*
  Angel Rodriguez            Matthew Sanford*         Lauren Valenti             Jaclyn Paride*
  Kara Salovitz*             Sara Santos*             Abigail Volk*              Edward Peglow*
  Crystal Shaw*              James Shroyer            Gabrielle Zelepos*         Kiera Petersen*
  Nichole Shortman*          Jacob Steinhoff*                                    Jacob Radack*
  Kathleen Smith*            Emma Sugar*                                         Connor Schrempf*
  Maxine Smith*              Elena Vail*                                         Stephanie Stearns*
  Sarah Stamm*               Alexandra Wickman                                   Samuel Stiger*
  Anastasia Taylor*          Lawrence Wilson                                     Haley Thompson*
  Luke Tedeschi              Jia Jian Wu*                                        Michael Toole*
  Haley Thibdeau                                                                 Adam Tran*
  Russell Towne*                                                                 Victoria Tsang*
  Kirstyn Tracey*                                                                Aaron Williams*
  Hillary Ann Wheeler                                                            Nathan Williams*
  Michael Willner
  Nicholas Woviotis*

Grade 12:               Grade 11:                   Grade 10:                  Grade 9:
  Rachel Allen               Daniel Banker*           Austin Almeida*            Travis Adams
  Christina Boucher          Madison Bavasso*         Morgan Arnold*             Jeremy Anunciado
  Kelly Campbell             Duncan Brown             Isabelle Calmar*           Emily Apatow*
  Sienna Conti*              Ethan Burke              Catherine Cavaliere        Jeffrey Ball
  Lucas Cruz*                Justin Butler            Morgan Conlin*             Nicole Banker
  Allison Desbonnet*         Kimberly Chambers        Jennifer Conradi*          Monica Brooks
  Colton George              Stephanie Collins        Nicole Costa*              Jessica Butler
  Michelle Harrison*         Jessica Costa            Kaylee Donovan*            Falecia Cabral*
  Cara Koons                 Joseph DeCarlo*          Aya Faraj                  Christopher Chevalier*
  Madalyn LaBella            Samuel Dipollino*        Sean Finneran              Christina Connor*
  Michael Macione            Sarah Dipollino*         Ross Giserman              Alexandra Curioso*
  Paige Nossek*              Alexander Fernandes*     Jonathan Hayes*            Meghan Fabianski
  Ubaldino Ortiz-Martinez    Elizabeth Hutchins*      Amy Homand*                Colton Faria*
  Richard Roberts            Sarah Johnson*           Madeline Kornacki          Seth Fiola
  Keaton Sanborn*            Andrew Kawabata          Allison Lynch              Jared Gray*
  Erica Scarpa*              Victoria LaVista*        Thomas Mathews*            Keegan Gray*
  Ryan Staigers              Eric LeClair*            Uma Mistry*                Andrew Janz*
  Lindsey Sutton*            Jessica Magro*           Kyle Mola                  Tyler Kelly*
  Randy Tomlinson            Sarah Morin              Jacob Nolan*               Jennifer Leandro*
  Susana Ughetti             Randi Parrilla           Aubrey O’Neill*            Shawn Lenihan
  Victoria Walters           Sarah Point              Allissa Porter             Cameron Lyon*
  Brendan Wilkins            Sydney Porter*           Emily Rubin*               Tristan Maiorano*
                             Grace Rezendes*          Jacob Schlais              Jonathan Mathews
                             Thomas Riordan*          Peter Sieczkiewicz         Nicole Mitchell
                             Victoria Rodriguez       Tyler Singletary           Patrick Murphy
                             Mary Shawyer*            Matthew Smith              Alexander Nolan*
                             Nina Sheffield*          Hannah Staley              Monica Peterson*
                             Amy Souza                Brittany Tassias*          Hannah Robinson*
                             Elizabeth Stouch*        Jerimy Taylor*             Nicholas Silvia
                             James Swenarton*         Kelsey Thomas*             James Smith*
                             Tori Thomas              Collin Williams*           Nathan Sollenberger*
                             Victoria Turner*                                    Zane Steele*
                             Michael Vacca                                       Madison Sutton
                             Faye Zelepos*                                       Andrea Tirrell*
                                                                                 Kenneth Tracey
                                                                                 Joseph Walsh*
                                                                                 Mary Wassef
                                                                                 Kyle Woodworth*
                                                                                 Elena Wostrel*
                                                                                 Zachary Woviotis*
                                                                                 Jia Wu

                            *Denotes enrollment in an AP and/or Honors class

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