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Movies - Hans-Georg Michna.xls


									                                                        Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 1

Titel                                 Title                                  Comment                                         Year Type Grade
10 Dinge, die ich an dir hasse        10 Things I Hate About You             Teen comedy. Extremely flat. Stopped            1999 F    D
                                                                             watching after 2 min.
10 Kanus, 150 Speere und 3 Frauen     Ten Canoes                             Australia. Unusual movie. Too slow.             2006 F    C
                                                                             Minimalistic story. However, it offers a rare
                                                                             and honest insight into the aboriginal culture.

11:14                                 11:14                                  Car accident. Disgusting, idiotic, and totally   2003 T      D
                                                                             uninteresting story. Stopped watching.

12 Monkeys                            Twelve Monkeys                         Brad Pitt. Bruce Willis.                         1995   SF   B
13 Semester                           13 Semester                            D. Boring. Stopped watching.                     2009   F    D
1492 - Die Eroberung des Paradieses   1492 - Conquest Of Paradise            Columbus.                                        1992   HR   B
15 Minuten Ruhm                       15 Minutes                             Robert de Niro. Brutality. Murder. Movie gets    2001   T    B
                                                                             better towards the end.
16 Blocks                             16 Blocks                              Bruce Willis. Excellent action movie.            2006 T      A
187 - eine tödliche Zahl              One Eight Seven                        Teacher student conflict.                        1997 F      C
2 Mio. $ Trinkgeld                    It Could Happen To You                 Nicolas Cage. Bridget Fonda. Very nice,          1994 F      A
                                                                             occasionally exaggerated, romantic comedy.
                                                                             Excellent acting.
2 Tage Paris                          2 Days In Paris                        Very amateurish. Stopped watching after          2007 F      D
                                                                             checking a few minutes.
2001 - Odyssee im Weltraum            2001 - A Space Odyssey                 Stanley Kubrick.                                 1968 SF     B
2010 - Das Jahr, in dem wir Kontakt   2010                                   Unbearably slow and boring. Stopped              1984 SF     D
aufnehmen                                                                    watching.
2012                                  2012                                   Director: Roland Emmerich. Another               2009 T      B
                                                                             catastrophe movie. Great computer-
                                                                             generated imagery. Entertaining.
2030 - Der Aufstand der Jungen        2030 - Revolt of the Young             Thriller documentary. D. TV. Sequel to "2030     2010 SF     B
                                                                             - Der Aufstand der Alten" (2007). Shows a
                                                                             gloomy, but believable future scenario.

2046                                  2046                                   HK. Impressionistic. Very slow. Stopped   2002 SF            D
21                                    21                                     Kevin Spacey. MIT students crack the game 2008 R             B
                                                                             of Blackjack and make millions.
21 Gramm                              21 Grams                               Too slow and confusing. Stopped watching. 2003 F             D

23 - Nichts ist so wie es scheint     23                                     Hacking. Historically interesting.               1998 R      B
24 Stunden Angst                      Trapped                                Charlize Theron. Somewhat exaggerated            2002 T      B
                                                                             story of a child kidnapping. Entertaining.
25 Stunden                            The 25th Hour                          Extremely slow and boring.                       2002 T      C
27 Dresses                            27 Dresses                             Romantic comedy. Katherine Heigl. Light          2008 F      B
28 Days Later                         28 Days Later                          Gruesome horror.                                 2002 SF     C
28 Tage                               28 Days                                Sandra Bullock. Weak story. Not too bad          2000 F      C
3:10 to Yuma                          3:10 To Yuma                           Western. Christian Bale. Russell Crowe.          2007 T      C
                                                                             Remake of the 50-years-earlier movie with
                                                                             the same title. Weird, overdone, extremely
                                                                             bloody story, in which many people are shot,
                                                                             often entirely senselessly.

30 über Nacht                         13 Going On 30                         Teen comedy. Jennifer Garner. Mark            2004 F         C
                                                                             Ruffalo. Very good acting, partly good story.

300                                   300                                    Gerard Butler. Lena Headey. Battle of            2006 HR     C
                                                                             Thermopylae. After a comic strip. Very
35 Rum                                35 Rum                                 Too slow. Nothing happens. Stopped               2008 F      D
4 Monate, 3 Wochen und 2 Tage         4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile          Romania. Woman helps her friend to get an        2007 F      A
                                                                             abortion in 1980's Romania. Very realistic
                                                                             and intense.
40 Quadratmeter Deutschland           40 Quadratmeter Deutschland            Unbearably slow.                                 1986 F      D
50 First Dates                        50 First Dates                         Romantic comedy. Adam Sandler. Drew              2004 F      B
                                                                             Barrymore. How to love a person with nightly
                                                                             memory loss.
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Titel                                        Title                                   Comment                                           Year Type Grade
500 Days of Summer                           (500) Days of Summer                    Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Zooey Deschanel.            2009 F    B
                                                                                     The story of a love that works out in
                                                                                     unexpected ways, told with lots of forward
                                                                                     and backward time skips.
8 Frauen                                     8 Femmes                                                                           2002 F             C
8 Mile                                       8 Mile                                  Good insight in the Detroit rap scene, but 2002 F             C
                                                                                     mostly somewhere between depressing and
8½                                           8½                                      Not DVD German. Fellini.                   1963 F
96 Hours                                     Taken                                   Liam Neeson. Story: Luc Besson and Robert 2008 T              B
                                                                                     Mark Kamen. Very good action thriller with
                                                                                     few shortcomings. Speedy, well made,
                                                                                     entertaining. Some brutality.
A Beautiful Mind - Genie und Wahnsinn        A Beautiful Mind                                                                   2001 R             B
A Chinese Ghost Story                        Sien nui yau wan (A Chinese Ghost                                                  1987 F
A Chinese Ghost Story II                     Sien nui yau wan II yan gaan do (A                                                        1990 F
                                             Chinese Ghost Story II)
A History of Violence                        A History Of Violence                   Viggo Mortensen. Maria Bello. Ed Harris.     2005 T           B
                                                                                     Director: David Cronenberg. Interesting
                                                                                     story, well told. Revolving, however, around
                                                                                     organized crime.
A.I. - Künstliche Intelligenz                A.I. Artificial Intelligence            Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams..     2001 SF          A
Abbitte                                      Atonement                               Keira Knightley. James McAvoy. Vanessa       2007 F           C
                                                                                     Redgrave. Somewhat boring romantic story.

Abenteuer in Kenia                           Cheetah                                 Children's movie. Walt Disney. Lots of            1989 F      D
                                                                                     nonsense, but not too bad for children.
About A Boy                                  About A Boy (Der Tag der toten Ente)    Comedy. Light, pleasant entertainment.            2002 F      B
About Schmidt                                About Schmidt                           Jack Nicholson.                                   2002 F      C
Absolute Power                               Absolute Power                          Director and main role: Clint Eastwood.           1997 T      B
                                                                                     Gene Hackman. Partly slow.
Abwärts in die Zukunft                       The 13th Floor                          Simulation..                                      1999 SF     B
Adel verpflichtet                            Kind Hearts And Coronets                Alec Guinness. Immer noch unterhaltsam.           1949 T      C
Æon Flux                                     Æon Flux                                Charlize Theron. More symbolism than story,       2005 SF     B
                                                                                     but excellent acting, directing, and camera.

Afghanisches Alphabet                        Afghan's Alphabet                       Not DVD. Mohsen Makhmalbaf..                      2001 F      B
African Quest - Expedition in die Dunkelheit Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search   Very recommended as a history lesson.             1997 HR     B
                                             For Livingstone
After The Sunset                             After The Sunset                        Pierce Brosnan. Salma Hayek.                      2004   T    C
Agatha Christies Tod auf dem Nil             Death On The Nile                                                                         1977   T    B
Air Force One                                Air Force One                           Harrison Ford. Entertaining..                     1997   T    C
Airborne - Flügel aus Stahl                  Fire Birds                              Nicolas Cage. Nice helicopter scenes,             1990   T    C
                                                                                     otherwise very stupid.
Akeelah ist die Größte                       Akeelah And The Bee                     Children's movie. Very well made. Very good       2006 F      B
                                                                                     acting. Entertaining.
Akte X - Der Film                            The X Files                             Closing the TV series. Poor story.                1998 SF     C
Aladdin                                      Aladdin                                 Walt Disney.                                      1992 AF     B
Alamo - Der Traum, das Schicksal, die        The Alamo                               Realistische Schilderung der Belagerung der       2004 HR     B
Legende                                                                              Alamo-Mission in San Antonio, Texas.
                                                                                     Historisch interessant.
Alarmstufe: Rot                              Under Siege                             Rather unlikely story.                            1992 T      C
Alaska                                       Alaska                                  Chrildrens' movie. Charlton Heston. Artificial,   1996 F      D
                                                                                     unrealistic story. Stopped watching.

Albert Schweitzer - Ein Leben für Afrika     Albert Schweitzer                       Well-told story.                             2009 R           B
Alexandra                                    Александра (Aleksandra)                 Russia. Elderly woman visits her grandson at 2007 F           D
                                                                                     an army camp inside Chechnya. Extremely
                                                                                     slow and boring. Stopped watching.

Alien                                        Alien                                   Horror. Sigourney Weaver.                     1979       SF   C
Alien - Die Wiedergeburt                     Alien: Resurrection                     Sigourney Weaver. Winona Ryder.               1997       SF   C
Alien vs. Predator                           AVP: Alien Vs. Predator                                                               2004       SF   B
Alien³                                       Alien³                                  Horror. David Fincher. Sigourney Weaver.      1992       SF   C
Aliens                                       Aliens                                  Horror. Sigourney Weaver..                    1986       SF   B
Alisa, das Meermädchen                       Русалка (Rusalka)                       Fantasy. Russia. Incredibly slow, unpleasant, 2007       F    D
                                                                                     and meaningless.
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Titel                                     Title                                 Comment                                        Year Type Grade
All die schönen Pferde                    All The Pretty Horses                 Matt Damon. Penélope Cruz. Sentimental,        2000 F    B
                                                                                somewhat depressing story.
Alle Kinder dieser Welt                   All the Invisible Children            7 short episodes. Good intention, destroyed 2005 F       D
                                                                                by poor, very slow stories and poor directing.
                                                                                Dilettante. Stopped watching.

Alle lieben Lucy                          I'm With Lucy                         Romantic comedy. Flat, primitive humor.         2002 F    D
                                                                                Stopped watching.
Alle lieben Oscar                         Tadpole                               Sigourney Weaver. Slow, strange. 15-year-       2002 F    D
                                                                                old boy falls in love with his stepmother.
                                                                                Stopped watching.
Allein                                    Allein                                D. TV. Interesting, realistic depiction of a    2004 F    C
                                                                                romantic, but problematic episode in the life
                                                                                of a borderline syndrome woman.
                                                                                Depressing. Story ends arbitrarily.
Allein gegen das Verbrechen               When The Sky Falls                    Female journalist fights organized crime in     2000 R    B
Allen geht's gut                          Everybody's Fine                      Not DVD.                                        1990 F
Alles Routine                             Office Space                          Comedy. Occasionally funny. Weak story.         1999 F    C

Alles über Adam                           About Adam                            UK. US. Ireland. Romantic comedy. Initially 2000 F        D
                                                                                good, but deteriorating story.
Alles über Elly                           Darbareye Elly                        Iran. France. No story progress after 15 min. 2009 F      D
                                                                                Stopped watching.
Alles über Eva                            All About Eve                                                                       1950 F
Almost Famous - Fast berühmt              Almost Famous                                                                       2000 F      C
Als das Meer verschwand                   In My Father's Den                    UK. NZ. Disgusting story about a rotten       2004 F      D
                                                                                family. Why would anybody want to see this?

Als das Morden begann                     Sometimes in April                    Very slow, very poor script. Stopped            2005 R    D
Als sie mich fand                         Then She Found Me                     Comedy. Helen Hunt. Colin Firth. Bette          2007 F    C
                                                                                Midler. Director: Helen Hunt. Somewhat
                                                                                boring story, only moderately funny.
Am Anfang war das Feuer                   Quest For Fire (La Guerre du feu)     Stone age life.                                 1981 HF   B
Amadeus                                   Amadeus                               Forman.                                         1984 HR   C
Amelia                                    Amelia                                Hilary Swank. Richard Gere. Ewan                2006 R    B
                                                                                McGregor. True story of an outstanding
                                                                                female pilot. Highly recommended to
                                                                                everybody with an interest in the history of
American Beauty                           American Beauty                                                                       1999 F    C
American Gangster                         American Gangster                     Denzel Washington. Russell Crowe. Story of      2007 R    A
                                                                                a New York drug baron.
American History X                        American History X                    Extreme brutality including rape.               1998 F    C
American Princess                         Chasing Liberty                       Mandy Moore. Teen daughter of the U.S.          2004 F    B
                                                                                president tries to get away from her
                                                                                bodyguards in Europe, then unwittingly falls
                                                                                in love with one of them.
American Splendor                         American Splendor                     Biography of a comic strip author. Nicely       2002 R    C
                                                                                done, but not really interesting.
American Werewolf                         American Werewolf In London, An                                                       1981 T    C
Amistad - Das Sklavenschiff               Amistad                               Steven Spielberg. Morgan Freeman. Music:        1997 HR   B
                                                                                John Williams. Historically interesting. Very
                                                                                good, but occasionally slow and overdrawn.

Amores Perros - Von Hunden und            Amores Perros                         Mexico. Too brutal, ugly, and depressing.       2000 F    D
Menschen                                                                        Stopped watching.
Amy und die Wildgänse                     Fly Away Home                         Children's movie. The story initially unfolds   1996 R    A
                                                                                slowly, but the movie was ahead of its time
                                                                                in every other respect and is still a
An deiner Schulter                        The Upside Of Anger                   Kevin Costner. Joan Allen. Somewhat             2005 F    C
                                                                                entertaining, but mostly dull.
An einem klaren Tag                       On A Clear Day                        Too slow and boring. Stopped watching.          2005 F    D
Anchorman - Die Legende von Ron           Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron          Comedy. Extremely flat and slow. Stopped        2004 F    D
Burgundy                                  Burgundy                              watching.
Andreas Hofer - Die Freiheit des Adlers   1809 - Die Freiheit des Adlers        TV. Historically interesting.                   2002 HR   A
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 4

Titel                                       Title                                   Comment                                      Year Type     Grade
Angel-A                                     Angel-A                                 F. Fantasy. Director and writer: Luc Besson. 2005 F        B
                                                                                    Black & white. Nice, unusual story. Good
Anna und der König                          Anna And The King                                                                    1999 HR       A
Annie Hall                                  Annie Hall                              Comedy. Woody Allen. Diane Keaton.           1977 F        D
                                                                                    Stopped watching.
Annies Männer                               Bull Durham                             Kevin Costner. Susan Sarandon.               1987 F        D
Antarctica - Gefangen im Eis                Eight Below                             Walt Disney. Very artificial and unrealistic 1999 F        D
                                                                                    family movie about sled dogs.
Antonias Welt                               Antonia's Line                          Oscar for best foreign movie. Nice, but not  1995 F        C
                                                                                    interesting enough and slow.
Apocalypse Now                              Apocalypse Now                          Vietnam war. Coppola. Grotesque story.       1979 F        C
Apocalypto                                  Apocalypto                              Director: Mel Gibson. Very bloody. Very      2006 HF       A
                                                                                    good story, acting, directing.
Apokalypse Eis - Der Tag, an dem die Welt P.I.: Post Impact                                                                      2002 SF       C
Apollo 13                                 Apollo 13                                 The failed moon mission. Very realistic..      1995 R      A
Appleseed: Ex Machina                     Ekusu makina                              Entirely computer-generated. Quite well        2007 SF     C
                                                                                    made, but somewhat simplistic story.
Arahan                                      Arahan jangpung daejakjeon              South Korea. Comedy. Martial arts. Childish    2004 F      D
                                                                                    nonsense story.
Arakawa Under The Bridge                    荒川アンダー ザ ブリッジ (Arakawa                  J. TV series. Some odd people live by the      2010 AF     D
                                            Andā za Burijji?)                       river.
Arielle, die Meerjungfrau 2: Sehnsucht nach The Little Mermaid 2 - Return to the    Children's movie.                              2000 AF     C
dem Meer                                    Sea
Arizona Junior                              Raising Arizona                         Comedy. Nicolas Cage. Verleihshop.             1987 F
Arlington Road                              Arlington Road                          Thought-provoking thriller where the bad       1999 T      B
                                                                                    guys win.
Armageddon - Das jüngste Gericht            Armageddon                              ..                                             1998   SF   C
Armee der Finsternis                        Army Of Darkness                        Necromantic comedy.                            1992   F    C
Armitage III                                Armitage III                            Science-Fiction.                               1994   AF
Arsen und Spitzenhäubchen                   Arsenic And Old Lace                    Comedy.                                        1942   T    A
Artemisia - Schule der Sinnlichkeit         Artemisia                               The youth of Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-      1997   HR   B
                                                                                    1653), the first well-known female painter.
Aschenputtels Geheimnis                     Confessions of an ugly Stepsister                                                      2001 F      C
Ashes of Time - Redux                       Dung che sai duk                        Hong Kong. Taiwan. Weird, impressionistic      1994 F      D
                                                                                    nonsense. No intelligible story. Stopped
Asphalt Cowboy                              Midnight Cowboy                                                                        1968 F
Asterix und Obelix: Mission Cleopatra       Astérix et Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre    Children's movie. Comedy.                      2002 HF     C
Astronaut Farmer                            The Astronaut Farmer                    Naive story of a private spacefarer. A bit     2006 SF     C
At Five In The Afternoon                    Panj é asr (At Five In The Afternoon)   Not DVD. Samira Makhmalbaf.                    2003 D
Atanarjuat                                  The Fast Runner                         Inuit. Some impressions, but extremely slow    2001 F      D
                                                                                    story. Nothing of interest happened during
                                                                                    the first 10 minutes. Stopped watching.

Atlantis - Das Geheimnis der verlorenen     Atlantis: The Lost Empire               Science-Fiction. Walt Disney. Tab Murphy.      2001 AF     B
Auf der anderen Seite                       The Edge Of Heaven                      D. Director: Fatih Akim. Weak, unpleasant,     2007 F      C
                                                                                    incomplete story. Mostly too slow.

Auf der Flucht                              The Fugitive                            Harrison Ford..                                1993   T    A
Auf der Jagd                                U.S. Marshals                           Tommy Lee Jones. Wesley Snipes.                1998   T    B
Auf der Jagd nach dem grünen Diamanten      Romancing the Stone                     Robert Zemeckis.                               1984   F    C
Auf immer und ewig                          Ever After                              A Cinderella Story..                           1998   HF   B
Auf Messers Schneide - Rivalen am           The Edge                                Many factual errors.                           1997   F    C
Auf Wiedersehen                             Tot Ziens                               NL. Slow. Skipped forward. Not particularly    1995 F      B
                                                                                    thrilling story, but good directing and good
Auf Wiedersehen, Kinder                     Au revoir les enfants                   Not DVD German.                                1987 F      D
Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Fluss          A River Runs Through It                 Director: Robert Redford. Slow.                1992 F      C
Aus Liebe zum Spiel                         For Love Of The Game                    Kevin Costner. Romantic baseball story.        1999 F      C
                                                                                    Slow and sentimental, but still OK.
Aus Mangel an Beweisen                      Presumed Innocent                       Harrison Ford..                                1990 T      A
Ausnahmesituation                           Extraordinary Measures                  Harrison Ford. A medicament is developed       2009 R      B
                                                                                    to heal a hitherto incurable disease.
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 5

Titel                                     Title                                    Comment                                        Year Type Grade
Ausnahmezustand                           The Siege                                Denzel Washington. Annette Bening. Bruce       1998 T    B
                                                                                   Willis. A clairvoyant movie that foresaw
                                                                                   many details, including torture, of the
                                                                                   terrorist attack that would happen three
                                                                                   years later, on 11-Sep-2001.
Außer Atem                                Breathless                               Unpleasant story.                              1959 T      D
Australia                                 Australia                                Australia. Nicole Kidman. Hugh Jackman.        2008 F      B
Avalon                                    Avalon                                   Simulation. Weird, unresolved story.           2001 SF     C
Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora            Avatar                                   Director: James Cameron. Extended              2009 SF     A
                                                                                   Collector's Cut, 2:58 h. Magnificent. Sets a
                                                                                   new standard for science-fiction movies.
Avatar: The Last Airbender                Avatar: The Last Airbender               Fantasy. TV series. Japanese animé style.      2005 AF     D
                                                                                   Poor, childish story.
Ayla und der Clan des Bären               The Clan Of The Cave Bear                After the Book by Jean Auel..                  1985 HF     B
Babel                                     Babel                                    Brad Pitt. Cate Blanchett.                     2006 F      B
Baby entführt! - Drama am                 Stolen Miracle                           Canada. About an exceptional police            2001 R      B
Weihnachtsabend                                                                    woman.
Backbeat                                  Backbeat                                 The early years of The Beatles. Too slow       1993 R      C
                                                                                   and concentrating too much on a relatively
                                                                                   unimportant sideshow. Still historically
                                                                                   intesting and good for viewers with a
                                                                                   particular interest in The Beatles.
Balzac und die kleine chinesische         Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise   Moving story from China..                      2002 R      B
Bandidas                                  Bandidas                                 Comedy. Penélope Cruz. Salma Hayek.            2006 F      B
                                                                                   Ultra-light entertainment with pleasant
Banditen!                                 Bandits                                  Comedy. Bruce Willis. Cate Blanchett. Partly   2001 T      B
                                                                                   childish. Partly good story.
Bandits                                   Bandits                                  D. Four young women form a rock band and       1996 T      A
                                                                                   escape from prison..
Bang Boom Bang                            Bang Boom Bang                           Comedy. Germany.                               1999   F    B
Bang, Bang, Du bist tot                   Bang, Bang, You're Dead                  TV Movie. School violence..                    2002   F    A
Baran                                     Baran                                    Iran. Strange love story.                      2001   F    C
Barfuss                                   Barefoot                                 Comedy. Til Schweiger. Johanna Wokalek.        2005   F    B
                                                                                   Slow beginning. Amusing.
Barfuß bis zum Hals                       Barfuß bis zum Hals                      D. Nudist club in the former East Germany is   2009 F      B
                                                                                   taken over by a conservative Bavarian
                                                                                   businessman and his daughter. Funny.

Barry Lyndon                              Barry Lyndon                             Frustrating, unpleasant story.                 1975   HF   C
Basic Instinct                            Basic Instinct                                                                          1992   T    C
Basquiat                                  Basquiat                                 David Bowie.                                   1996   R    C
Batman Begins                             Batman Begins                            Liam Neeson. Music: Hans Zimmer. Best          2005   F    B
                                                                                   film version of a comic. Very entertaining.
                                                                                   Excellent computer animations. Excellent
                                                                                   surround sound.
Battle of Kingdoms - Festung der Helden   Mo gong (Battle Of Kingdoms)             Warrior epos. Well made, but unrealistic    2006 HF        C
                                                                                   dialogs and acting.
Beautiful Girls                           Beautiful Girls                          Matt Dillon. Natalie Portman. Uma Thurman. 1996 F          C
                                                                                   High school reunion. Relationships. Lots of
                                                                                   talk, hardly any action. Some nice story
                                                                                   points, but very slow and boring.

Before Sunrise                            Before Sunrise                           Young man meets young woman in Vienna.. 1995 F             B

Before Sunset                             Before Sunset                            They meet again, 9 years later..               2004 F      B
Begierde                                  The Hunger                               Catherine Deneuve. Susan Sarandon.             1983 F      D
                                                                                   Vampires. Impressive actors,
                                                                                   impressionistic, strange, extremely slow,
                                                                                   boring. Stopped watching.
Beim ersten Mal                           Knocked Up                               Romantic comedy. Katherine Heigl. Vulgar.      2007 F      D
                                                                                   Poor, partially unrealistic story.
Beim Sterben ist jeder der Erste          Deliverance                                                                             1971   F    C
Being John Malkovich                      Being John Malkovich                                                                    1999   SF   C
Bella Martha                              Bella Martha                             A bit slow.                                    2001   F    B
Ben Hur                                   Ben Hur                                  Big old Hollywood movie..                      1959   HF   A
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 6

Titel                                      Title                                   Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Ben X                                      Ben X                                   B. NL. Young Asperger-autistic man picks up       2007 F    B
                                                                                   his savior woman in an online multi-player
                                                                                   role-playing game. Gripping.
Beowulf & Grendel                          Beowulf & Grendel                       Iceland. CDN. UK. Very slow. Poor directing.      2005 HF   D
                                                                                   Overly simple story.
Berlin is in Germany                       Berlin Is In Germany                    Germany. Slow, incomplete story.                  2001 F    C
Besessen                                   Possession                              Gwyneth Paltrow. Beautiful pictures,              2002 F    B
                                                                                   beautiful movie. Nice story idea, well carried
Besser geht's nicht                        As Good As It Gets                      Jack Nicholson. Helen Hunt. Music: Hans           1997 F    C
Beste Zeit                                 Beste Zeit                              D. TV. Stupid people doing stupid things.         2007 F    D
                                                                                   Boring. Unrealistic. Stopped watching.
Betty und ihre Schwestern                  Little Women                            Winona Ryder. Kirsten Dunst. Claire Danes.        1994 HF   B
                                                                                   Eric Stoltz. Susan Sarandon. Feel-good
                                                                                   story about the life of a family from an 1868
                                                                                   novel. Historically interesting. Excellent
                                                                                   acting and directing.
Between us                                 Between Us                              10 min.                                           2004 F    B
Bicycle Thieves                            Ladri di biciclette (USA: The Bicycle   Black & white. Not DVD. Vittorio De Sica.         1948 F    AX
Big                                        Big                                     Comedy. Tom Hanks. Entertaining.                  1987 F    B
Big Blue                                   The Big Blue                            Luc Besson.                                       1988 F    D
Big Fish                                   Big Fish                                Ewan McGregor. Jessica Lange. Slow                2003 F    B
                                                                                   movie. Questionable story.
Big Trouble in Little China                Big Trouble In Little China             Nonsense. Stopped watching.                       1986 T    D
Billy Elliot - I will dance                Billy Elliot                            UK. Jamie Bell. Boy goes to ballet..              2000 F    A
Billy Madison - Ein Trottel drückt die     Billy Madison                           Comedy. Unbearable.                               1995 F    D
Bin-Jip - Der Schattenmann                 Bin-Jip                                 South Korea. Entertaining. A bit slow.       2004 F         B
Birdwatchers - Das Land der roten          BirdWatchers - La terra degli uomini    Culture conflict between the Guarani Indians 2008 F         D
Menschen                                   rossi                                   in Brazil and "modern civilization". Poor
                                                                                   story, apart from the first 5 min. Slow.

Birthday Girl - Braut auf Bestellung       Birthday Girl                           Comedy. Nicole Kidman. Russian mail-order         2001 T    C
                                                                                   bride. Good story idea, but poorly made in
                                                                                   every respect.
Bis nichts mehr bleibt                     Bis nichts mehr bleibt                  Very realistic story about Scientology.           2010 R    A
Black Book                                 Zwartboek                               NL. Jewish singer infiltrates Dutch Nazi          2006 T    A
                                                                                   headquarters. Story and dialogs appear
                                                                                   simplistic at first, but the long movie
                                                                                   becomes better and better.
Black Hawk Down                            Black Hawk Down                         Realistisch. Music: Hans Zimmer.                  2001 R    A
Black Rain                                 Black Rain                              Michael Douglas. Music: Hans Zimmer.              1989 T    C
                                                                                   Entertaining, but unrealistic, bloody story.
Black River                                Black River                             Thin story.                                       2001 SF   C
Black Swan                                 Black Swan                              Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis. Vincent Cassel.      2010 F    C
                                                                                   Some impressive images, but the story
                                                                                   about a psychotic ballet dancer is weird,
                                                                                   continuously unnerving, varies from
                                                                                   unpleasant to totally disgusting, is needlessly
                                                                                   bloody, and is anyway completely unrealistic.

Blade Runner                               Blade Runner                            Harrison Ford. Sean Young..                       1982 SF   A
Blind Horizon                              Blind Horizon                           Val Kilmer. Neve Campbell. Amy Smart.             2002 T    D
                                                                                   Nonsense story.
Blind Side - Die große Chance              The Blind Side                          Sandra Bullock. Good, realistic movie with        2009 R    B
                                                                                   an astounding story.
Blind Wedding - Hilfe, sie hat ja gesagt   The Pleasure Of Your Company            Romantic comedy. Extremely stupid and             2006 F    D
                                                                                   childish. Stopped watching.
Blinkende Lichter                          Blinkende lygter (Flickering Lights)    Denmark Sweden. Unusual and very nice             2000 F    B
                                                                                   gangster comedy.
Blondes Gift                               Flaxy Martin                            Black & white. Good entertainment.                1949 F    B
Blondinen bevorzugt                        Gentlemen Prefer Blondes                                                                  1953 F
Blood and Flowers - Der Wächter des        Ssang-hwa-jeom (A Frozen Flower)        South Korea. Drama. Strange story.                2008 HF   C
Blood Diamond                              Blood Diamond                           Leonardo DiCaprio. Overstretched story,           2006 T    B
                                                                                   sometimes frustrating and unbelievable.
                                                               Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 7

Titel                                       Title                                   Comment                                    Year Type Grade
Blow                                        Blow                                    Johnny Depp. Penelope Cruz. The true story 2001 R    B
                                                                                    of the biggest cocaine dealer in America.

Blue Steel                                  Blue Steel                              Kathryn Bigelow. Jamie Lee Curtis.              1988 T      B
                                                                                    Entertaining. Somewhat bloody.
Blue Velvet                                 Blue Velvet                             David Lynch.                                    1986   T    C
Blueprint                                   Blueprint                               Franka Potente.                                 2003   SF   B
Blues Brothers                              Blues Brothers, The                     Comedy.                                         1980   F    D
Blutige Hände                               The Killer Is Loose                     Black & white.                                  1955   T    C
Bonnie und Clyde                            Bonnie And Clyde                                                                        1967   T    C
Borat: Kulturelle Lernung von Amerika, um   Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America    Comedy.                                         2006   D
Benefiz für glorreiche Nation von           For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of
Kasachstan zu machen                        Kazakhstan
Bordertown                                  Bordertown                              Antonio Banderas. Jennifer Lopez. Series of     2006 R      B
                                                                                    murders of young female workers in Juárez,
                                                                                    Mexico. Excellent, except for script
Borgia                                      Borgia                                  F. D. TV Series. Well made and historically     2011 HR     B
                                                                                    interesting, though not always historically
Boulevard der Dämmerung                     Sunset Boulevard                        Not DVD German.                                 1950 T
Bound - Gefesselt                           Bound                                   Andy Wachowski. Larry Wachowski. Bloody,        1996 T      B
                                                                                    but entertaining.
Boy A                                       Boy A                                   UK. Drama. A bit slow. A bit too many           2007 F      B
                                                                                    clichés. Still convincing.
Braveheart                                  Braveheart                                                                              1995 HR     A
Brazil                                      Brazil                                                                                  1985 SF     C
Breakdown                                   Breakdown                               Kurt Russell. Kathleen Quinlan. Wife gets       1997 T      C
                                                                                    kidnapped, husband fights down the whole
                                                                                    gang. Not bad, but not exceptional either.
Breakfast Club                              The Breakfast Club                      Teens. Good dialogs, but showing age.           1984 F      C
Brick                                       Brick                                   Partly unrealistic. Unpleasant and brutal.      2005 F      C
Bridget Jones - Schokolade zum Frühstück    Bridget Jones's Diary                   Comedy.                                         2001 F      C

Brokeback Mountain                          Brokeback Mountain                                                                      2005 F      B
Brokedown Palace - Die Hoffnung stirbt      Brokedown Palace                        Claire Danes. Kate Beckinsale. Bill Pullman.    1999 F      A
zuletzt                                                                             Two young women travel to Thailand and run
                                                                                    into a huge problem.
Broken Flowers - Blumen für die Ex          Broken Flowers                          Jessica Lange. Sharon Stone. Bill Murray.       2005 F      C
                                                                                    Very slow, partly boring.
Brot & Tulpen                               Pane e tulipani (Bread And Tulips)      Comedy.                                         2000 F      B
Brothers                                    Brothers                                Natalie Portman. Jake Gyllenhaal. Tobey         2009 F      B
                                                                                    Maguire. Good, but depressing war movie.
Brubaker                                    Brubaker                                Robert Redford. Prison.                         1980 R      B
Brücke nach Terabithia                      Bridge To Terabithia                    First half good, but slow. Then a total         2007 F      C
                                                                                    letdown. A feel-bad movie.
Brüder Grimm                                The Brothers Grimm                      Matt Damon. Heath Ledger. Monica Bellucci.      2005 F      D
                                                                                    No story.
Brüderchen und Schwesterchen                Brüderchen und Schwesterchen            Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.      2008 HF     D
                                                                                    German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                    Poor acting.
Brügge sehen … und sterben!                 Brügge sehen … und sterben!             Colin Farrell. Ralph Fiennes. Abstruse story.   2008 T      D
                                                                                    Senseless brutality.
Bube, Dame, König, Gras                     Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels     UK. Comedy. Vulgar. Poor picture. Poor          1998 F      D
                                                                                    camera handling. Not funny. Stopped
Buena Vista Social Club                     Buena Vista Social Club                 Boring. Thin story. Little good music.          1998 D      C
                                                                                    Impressions of Havanna.
Buffalo '66                                 Buffalo '66                             Dilettante. Far too slow. Stopped watching.     1997 F      D

Bullitt                                     Bullitt                                 Story difficult to understand.                  1968 T      C
Bulworth                                    Bulworth                                Comedy. Warren Beatty. Halle Berry. Larry       1999 F      B
                                                                                    King. Nice political twist.
Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid              Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid                                                      1969 F

Butterfly Effect                            Butterfly Effect                        Jump back in time and change your fate.         2004   SF   B
Bye Child                                   Bye-Child                               UK. Short 15 min. Haunting.                     2003   F    B
Cabaret                                     Cabaret                                 Not DVD German..                                1971   F    A
Calendar Girls                              Calendar Girls                                                                          2003   R    B
                                                                Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 8

Titel                                          Title                                 Comment                                           Year   Type   Grade
Camille Claudel                                Camille Claudel                                                                         1988   R
Can't Buy Me Love                              Can't Buy Me Love                     Childish teens.                                   1987   F      C
Capote                                         Capote                                See "In Cold Blood" first.                        2005   R      AX
Caramel                                        Sukkar banat                          Lebanon. F. Slow and thin story, but still        2007   F      C
                                                                                     good to watch if you want experience life in
                                                                                     Beirut through the eyes of five women.
Carmen                                         Carmen                                                                                  1983 F
Car-Napping - bestellt - geklaut - geliefert   Car-Napping - bestellt - geklaut -    Comedy. Not DVD.                                  1979 F        B
Carriers                                       Carriers                              Depressing drama, arbitrarily cut off at the      2009 SF       C
Casablanca                                     Casablanca                            Black & white.                                    1943 T        A
Casanova                                       Casanova                              No meaningful story. Stopped watching.            2005 HF       D
Casino                                         Casino                                Robert de Niro. Sharon Stone. Abhorrent,          1995 T        C
                                                                                     depressing, bloody. A feel-bad movie.
Casshern                                       Casshern                              J. Comic. Very strange and unpleasant.            2004 T        D
                                                                                     Stopped watching.
Cast Away - Verschollen                        Cast Away                             Tom Hanks. Helen Hunt.                            2000   F      B
Cat Ballou                                     Cat Ballou                            Comedy.                                           1965   F      B
Catch Me If You Can                            Catch Me If You Can                   Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.           2002   T      A
Cats & Dogs                                    Cats & Dogs                           Partly animated animals.                          2002   F      D
Cave of Forgotten Dreams                       Cave Of Forgotten Dreams              Director: Werner Herzog. If you have any          2010   D      B
                                                                                     interest in prehistoric art or archaeology, you
                                                                                     must see this movie about 32,000 year-old
                                                                                     paintings in the Chauvet cave, discovered in
                                                                                     1994 and containing the oldest known
                                                                                     paintings in the world.
Caveman's Valentine - Tod eines Engels         The Caveman's Valentine               Samuel L. Jackson. Strange, boring story.         2001 F        C
Caves of Forgotten Dreams                      Cave Of Forgotten Dreams              Director: Werner Herzog. Paintings in the         2010 D
                                                                                     Chauvet caves in southern France.
Center Stage: Turn It Up                       Center Stage: Turn It Up              Rachele Brooke Smith. Kenny Wormald.              2008 F        B
                                                                                     Ballet dancing. Always the same story, but
                                                                                     still good.
Central Station                                Central do Brasil                     Brasil. Partly a road movie.                      1998 F        B
Chakde! - Ein unschlagbares Team               Chakde! India                         Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan. Female                 2007 F        B
                                                                                     hockey team is lead to success by a hockey
                                                                                     player who had fallen in disgrace.
Chaos                                          Chaos                                 Jason Statham. Wesley Snipes. Justine             2005 T        C
                                                                                     Waddell. Bank robbery story with many
                                                                                     unrealistic details. Poor script. Poor
Charlie Chaplin - Moderne Zeiten               Modern Times                          Timeless comedy..                                 1936   SF     A
Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik              Charlie And The Chocolate Factory     Johnny Depp.                                      2005   F      D
Chicago                                        Chicago                               Musical.                                          2002   R      C
Chicken Run - Hennen Rennen                    Chicken Run                                                                             2000   AF     B
Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland                  Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no      Hayao Miyazaki..                                  2001   AF     B
Children of Men                                Children Of Men                       After many years of global infertility the first 2006 SF        B
                                                                                     child is born into a disintegrating civilization.
                                                                                     Depressing story, almost unbearable to
Chinatown                                      Chinatown                             Roman Polanski.                                   1974 T        B
Chocolat                                       Chocolat                                                                                2000 F        B
Cinema Paradiso                                Nuovo cinema Paradiso                 Extremely slow and boring - stopped               1989 F        D
Cisco Pike                                     Cisco Pike                            Not DVD.                                          1972 F
Citizen Kane                                   Citizen Kane                                                                            1941 HF       A
Citizen X                                      Citizen X                             Max von Sydow.                                    1996 R        B
City of Ghosts                                 City Of Ghosts                        Matt Dillon. Natascha McElhone. Very thin, 2002 F               D
                                                                                     questionable story. Stopped watching.

City of God                                    City Of God (Cidade de Deus)          Brazil. Gang war story of limited interest..      2002 R        B
Cleopatra                                      Cleopatra                             4 hours.                                          1963 HR       B
Cliffhanger - Nur die Starken überleben        Cliffhanger                           Sylvester Stallone. Mountain rescue. Very         1993 T        D
                                                                                     artificial and unrealistic story. Stopped
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                               Seite 9

Titel                                       Title                                 Comment                                               Year Type Grade
Closing the Ring - Geheimnis der            Closing The Ring                      UK. USA. CDN. Shirley MacLaine. Neve                  2007 F    C
Vergangenheit                                                                     Campbell. Director: Richard Attenborough.
                                                                                  Very sentimental, simple story, presented in
                                                                                  a complex way, jumping in time (50 years)
                                                                                  and space (America to Ireland).
Cloverfield                                 Cloverfield                           Very poor nonsense story. Very bad hand               2008 SF     D
                                                                                  camera. Worse than amateurish.
Club der Cäsaren                            The Emperor's Club                    Kevin Kline. Somewhat childish and slow               2002 F      C
                                                                                  story about a teacher. Sentimental.
Clueless - Was sonst!                       Clueless                              Stopped watching. Childish teen movie.                1995 F      D
Coco & Igor                                 Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky         F. Some beautiful images and dresses. A               2009 R      C
                                                                                  typical problem of French movies is that
                                                                                  people speak a lot, but don't do anything. In
                                                                                  this movie they don't even speak.
Coco Chanel                                 Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before        Audrey Toutou. The early life of Gabrielle            2009 R      B
                                            Chanel)                               "Coco" Chanel.
Code 46                                     Code 46                               Tim Robbins. Weird story. Very slow.                  2003 SF     C
Codename: Nina                              Point Of No Return (The Assassin; The Bridget Fonda. Remake of "Nikita". Music:             1993 T      B
                                            Specialist; Girl No. 5)               Hans Zimmer. I liked it, others didn't.

Cold Comfort Farm                           Cold Comfort Farm                       TV. Comedy. Childish, but somewhat funny.           1995 F      D
                                                                                    Stopped watching.
Collateral                                  Collateral                              Tom Cruise. Taxi driver saves last planned          2004 T      B
                                                                                    victim from killer.
Collateral Damage - Tag der Vergeltung      Collateral Damage                       Good action, bad story. Arnold                      2002 T      B
Color of Magic - Die Reise des Zauberers    The Colour Of Magic                     Children's movie. Stupid.                           2008 F      D
Coma                                        Coma                                    Michael Douglas. Predictable, poor,                 1978 T      C
                                                                                    unrealistic story. Showing age.
Con Air                                     Con Air                                 Nicolas Cage. John Cusack. John                     1997 T      B
                                                                                    Malkovich. Far exaggerated story. Light
Contact                                     Contact                                 First contact with alien civilization..             1997 SF     B
Control - Du sollst nicht töten             Control                                 Very good acting, but questionable story.           2004 SF     C
Copykill                                    Copykill                                Sigourney Weaver. Holly Hunter. Very                1995 T      D
                                                                                    unrealistic. Stopped watching.
Couchgeflüster - Die erste therapeutische   Prime                                   Comedy. Meryl Streep. Mother unwittingly            2005 F      C
Liebeskomödie                                                                       encourages friend to have sex with her son.

Cowboys & Aliens                            Cowboys & Aliens                        Daniel Craig. Harrison Ford. Olivia Wilde.          2011 SF     B
                                                                                    Ana de la Reguera. Abigail Spencer. Crude
                                                                                    story, but well made and entertaining.

Coyote Ugly                                 Coyote Ugly                             Partly childish-naive, partly OK..                  2000 F      C
Crazy Heart                                 Crazy Heart                             Jeff Bridges. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Colin              2009 F      B
                                                                                    Farrell. Nice movie, but thin story with an
                                                                                    unfulfilled end.
Crimson Tide - In tiefster Gefahr           Crimson Tide                            Simple, overstretched, unrealistic story.           1995 T      C
                                                                                    Music: Hans Zimmer.
Critical Assignment                         Critical Assignment                                                                         2002   T
Crocodile Dundee                            Crocodile Dundee                        Comedy.                                             1986   F    B
Crying Freeman                              Crying Freeman                          Not DVD German.                                     1995   T    B
Cube                                        Cube                                    Canada. Unbearably disgusting.                      1997   T    D
Cutter's Way - Keine Gnade                  Cutter's Way                                                                                1980   T    C
Cyborg 2                                    Cyborg 2                                Angelina Jolie. She could not save this             1993   SF   C
Cyrano von Bergerac                         Cyrano de Bergerac                      Not DVD German. Most speach is in rhymes            1990 HR     D
                                                                                    - stopped watching.
D.A.R.Y.L. - Der Außergewöhnliche           D.A.R.Y.L.                              Artificial intelligence boy. Showing age.           1985 SF     D
D.O.A. - Bei Anruf Mord                     D.O.A.                                  Meg Ryan. Dennis Quaid. Confusing, far-             1988 T      C
                                                                                    fetched story.
Dan - Mitten im Leben!                      Dan In Real Life                        Romantic comedy. Steve Carell. Juliette             2007 F      D
                                                                                    Binoche. Childish, artificial, frustrating story.

Dancer In The Dark                          Dancer In The Dark                                                                          2000 F
Dandelion - Eine Liebe in Idaho             Dandelion                               Depressing, boring story.                           2004 F      D
Dangerous Beauty - Die Kurtisane von        Dangerous Beauty                        Catherine McCormack. Jacqueline Bisset..            1997 HR     A
                                                       Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                             Seite 10

Titel                                Title                                        Comment                                       Year Type Grade
Dangerous Connection - Im Netz der   The Proposal                                                                               2000 T    B
Dangerous Minds                      Dangerous Minds                              Michelle Pfeiffer. A woman, former marine,    1995 F        A
                                                                                  turned teacher, goes into a problem school.

Dante's Peak                         Dante's Peak                                 Pierce Brosnan. Somewhat entertaining.        1997     F    B
Darf ich bitten?                     Shall We Dance                               Richard Gere. Light entertainment.            2004     F    B
Dark Angel                           Dark Angel                                   Boring nonsense. Stopped watching.            1989     SF   D
Dark Angel                           Dark Angel                                   Cameron. TV.                                  2000     SF
Dark City                            Dark City                                    Simulation.                                   1998     SF   C
Dark Star                            Dark Star                                    Not DVD German.                               1974     SF
Darwins Alptraum                     Darwin's Nightmare                           Mwanza. Lake Victoria. Nile Perch. Tilapia.   2004     D    C

Das andere Ufer                      Gagma napiri (The Other Bank)                Georgia. Nearly every person either looks  2009 F           D
                                                                                  ugly or has an ugly character. Thoroughly
                                                                                  unpleasant and too slow. Stopped watching.

Das Appartement                      The Apartment                                Black & white.                                1960     F    C
Das Arche Noah Prinzip               Das Arche Noah Prinzip                       Not DVD English.                              1983     SF
Das Auge                             Mortelle randonnée                           F. Too boring. Stopped watching.              1983     T    D
Das Baumhaus                         The War                                      Kevon Costner. Elijah Wood. Pathetic.         1994     F    D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
Das Beste kommt zum Schluss          The Bucket List                              Comedy. Morgan Freeman. Jack Nicholson.       2007 F        C
                                                                                  Light entertainment.
Das blaue Licht                      Das blaue Licht                              Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.    2010 HF       B
                                                                                  German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                  Well made.
Das Boot                             Das Boot                                                                                     1981   F    A
Das Bourne Ultimatum                 The Bourne Ultimatum                         Matt Damon..                                    2007   T    A
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari         The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari                  Silent. Black & white.                          1920   F
Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt      The Thing                                    Horror. Too much nonsense.                      1982   SF   D
Das dreckige Dutzend                 The Dirty Dozen                                                                              1967   T    B
Das Ende einer Affäre                The End Of The Affair                        Julianne Moore.                                 1999   F    D
Das Experiment                       The Experiment                                                                               2000   T    B
Das Fenster zum Hof                  Rear Window                                  Alfred Hitchcock. Extremely slow and boring. 1954      T    D
                                                                                  Stopped watching after 20 min.
Das Fest                             The Celebration                                                                              1998   F
Das fünfte Element                   The Fifth Element                            Luc Besson.                                     1997   SF   C
Das geheime Leben der Worte          The Secret Life Of Words                     E. Director: Isabel Coixet. Sarah Polley.       2005   F    B
                                                                                  Woman spends her forced vacation as a
                                                                                  nurse on an offshore oil drilling platform and
                                                                                  meets her soul-mate.
Das Geheimnis der Alibrandis         Looking For Alibrandi                        Australia. Slow and a bit boring.               1999   F    C
Das Geheimnis der drei Wünsche       Three Wishes                                 Good acting and directing, but sentimental      1995   F    C
                                                                                  and boring. Showing age.
Das Geheimnis der falschen Braut     Mississippi Mermaid                                                                          1969   F
Das Geheimnis der Lady Adelon        The Inheritance (Louisa May Alcott's         Very naive and exaggerated romantic story, 1996        HF   C
                                     The Inheritance)                             but looks nice..
Das Geheimnis der Mondprinzessin     The Secret Of Moonacre                       Children's movie. Ioan Gruffudd. Dakota         2008   F    B
                                                                                  Blue Richards. Tim Curry. Nice fairy tale.
Das Geheimnis der Villa Sabrini      Das Geheimnis der Villa Sabrini              D. TV. Romantic thriller after the novel, "Die 2012    F    B
                                                                                  Gärten der Villa Sabrini" by Cristina Camera.
Das Geheimnis des Meisters           Bichunmoo (Flying Warriors; Out Live)        Drama. South Korea. Martial arts. Heroes        2000   HF   C
                                                                                  die. With a slightly better story it could be a
                                                                                  good movie.
Das Geheimnis von Green Lake         Holes                                        Comedy. Nonsense movie. Stopped                 2003   F    D
Das gelbe Segel                      The Yellow Handkerchief                      Road movie. William Hurt. Maria Bello.          2008   F    B
                                                                                  Kristen Stewart. Eddie Redmayne. Nice road
                                                                                  movie with good actors.
Das Gesetz der Ehre                  Pride And Glory                              Corruption in the New York Police               2008   T    B
                                                                                  Department. Very well and realistically done.

Das Glückprinzip                     Pay It Forward                               Sentimental. Haley Joel Osment. Kevin         2000 F        A
                                                                                  Spacey. Helen Hunt.
Das große Fressen                    Grande bouffe, La                                                                          1973 F        D
Das große Rennen von Belleville      Les Triplettes de Belleville (The Triplets                                                 2004 AF       C
                                     of Belleville)
                                                         Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 11

Titel                                   Title                                 Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Das Halsband der Königin                The Affair Of The Necklace            F. Hilary Swank. Good rendition of a true        2001 HR   A
                                                                              story that helped trigger the French
Das Haus am See                         The Lake House                        Sandra Bullock. Keanu Reeves..                   2006   F    B
Das Haus aus Sand und Nebel             House Of Sand And Fog                                                                  2003   F    B
Das Haus der Spiele                     House Of Games                                                                         1987   T    B
Das Haus in Montevideo                  The House In Montevideo               Not DVD. Older version 1951.                     1963   F
Das Hochzeitsbankett                    Hsi Yen (The Wedding Banquet)                                                          1993   F    B
Das kalte Herz                          Das kalte Herz                        Children's movie. Fairy tale. DEFA.              1950   F    C
Das Kartell                             Clear And Present Danger              Harrison Ford.                                   1994   T    B
Das Königreich der Katzen               Neko no ongaeshi                      A girl saves a cat and ends up in the            2002   AF   B
                                                                              kingdom of cats.
Das Konzert                             Концерт (Le concert)                  Comedy. The erstwhile conductor of the           2009 F      B
                                                                              Bolshoi orchestra reassembles his
                                                                              musicians for a concert in Paris.
Das Kovak Labyrinth                     The Kovak Box                         Weird story.                                     2006 SF     C
Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische           Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische         D. TV. Stupid people doing stupid things.        2005 F      D
Das Lazarus Projekt                     The Lazarus Project                   Not bad, but a thinly spread story, not overly   2008 SF     C
Das Leben der Anderen                   The Lives Of Others                   Stasi. Historically fairly accurate and          2006 T      A
Das Leben des Brian                     Life Of Brian                                                                         1979    F
Das Leben des David Gale                The Life Of David Gale                Kate Winslet. Kevin Spacey. Very good           2003    T    B
                                                                              acting, particularly by Kate Winslet, but story
                                                                              is difficult to believe.
Das Leben ist schön                     Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella)                                                   1997    F    A
Das letzte Einhorn                      The Last Unicorn                      Very beautiful pictures, slow story.            1982    AF   B
Das Lied der Sperlinge                  Avaze gonjeshk-ha                     Iran. Very slow and rather boring story.        2008    F    C
                                                                              Some impressions from Iran.
Das Lied der treuen Chunhyang           Chunhyang                             South Korea. Original with subtitles. From a 2000       HF   B
                                                                              theater play.
Das Mädchen aus dem Wasser              Lady In The Water                     Fantasy. Absurd story. Slow. Poorly and very 2006       F    D
                                                                              cheaply made. Still a little bit entertaining.

Das Mädchen aus der Streichholzfabrik   Tulitikkutehtaan tyttö (The Match     Finland. Sweden. Writer, director: Aki           1990 F      C
                                        Factory Girl)                         Kaurismäki. Depressing story without any
                                                                              positive characters. No smiles, no laughing.
                                                                              Too slow. Showing age.
Das Mädchen Irma la Douce               Irma la Douce                         Comedy.                                          1962   T    BX
Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring       Girl With A Pearl Earring             Slow, but beautiful.                             2003   HR   B
Das Mädchen Rosemarie                   The Girl Rosemarie; Rosemary                                                           1958   F
Das Mädchen und der Kommissar           Max et les ferrailleurs               Romy Schneider. Slow, unrealistic story.         1970   T    C
Das Mercury Puzzle                      Mercury Rising                        Bruce Willis. Well made, but unrealistic         1998   T    C
Das Netz                                The Net                               About Theodore Kaczynsky, the Unabomber. 2003           D    C
                                                                              Some interesting information, stretched into
                                                                              a very slow documentary.
Das Philadelphia Experiment             The Philadelphia Experiment                                                         1984      SF   B
Das Piano                               The Piano                             Husband cuts finger off his pianist wife with 1993      F    C
                                                                              an axe.
Das Reich der Sonne                     Empire Of The Sun                     Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams..      1987      F    A
Das Relikt                              The Relic                             Horror.                                       1996      T    C
Das Schloss im Spinnwebwald             Kumonosu jô                           J. Black & white. Akira Kurosawa.             1957      F    D
Das Schweigen                           Tystnaden; The Silence                Ingmar Bergman.                               1963      T    D
Das Schweigen der Lämmer                The Silence Of The Lambs              Very brutal. Jodie Foster.                    1990      T    C
Das Streben nach Glück                  The Pursuit Of Happiness              Will Smith. Thandy Newton. From homeless 2006           R    B
                                                                              to millionaire. Somewhat exaggerated, but
                                                                              still nice.
Das süße Jenseits                       The Sweet Hereafter                                                                 1997      F    C
Das Tal der letzten Krieger             Last Of The Dogmen                    Tab Murphy..                                  1995      F    A
Das tödliche Wespennest                 Nid de guêpes                         F. No discernible story or significant action 2002      T    D
                                                                              after 17 minutes. Stopped watching.

Das ultimative Geschenk                 The Ultimate Gift                     Nice story. 12 tasks before inheritance.         2006 F      B
Das Urteil - Jeder ist käuflich         Runaway Jury                          John Cusack. Gene Hackman. Dustin                2003 T      B
                                                                              Hoffman. Rachel Weisz. Well made. A little
                                                                              far-fetched story.
                                                        Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 12

Titel                                  Title                                 Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Das verborgene Schwert                 Kakushi ken oni no tsume              J. The end of the Samurai era. Historically      2004 HF   B
Das verborgene Schwert                 Kakushi ken oni no tsume              J. The samurai era ends. Historically            2004 HF     B
Das verflixte 7. Jahr                  The Seven Year Itch                   Marilyn Monroe.                                  1955 F      B
Das Verlangen                          The Longing                           Not Verleihshop.                                 2002 F
Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter       National Treasure                     Adventure. Walt Disney. Light entertainment.     2004 T      B
                                                                             Sequel: "National Treasure: Book Of
                                                                             Secrets" (2007).
Das Vermächtnis des geheimen Buches    National Treasure: Book Of Secrets    Adventure. Walt Disney. Light entertainment.     2007 T      B
                                                                             Sequel to: "National Treasure" (2004).

Das Versprechen                        The Pledge                            Jack Nicholson. Music: Hans Zimmer.              2001 F      C
                                                                             Beautiful, but slow movie with a most
                                                                             frustrating ending.
Das wandelnde Schloss                  Hauru no ugoku shiro (Howl's Moving   Hayao Miyazaki..                                 2004 AF     B
Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche         Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche        Black & white. Strange, slow, and boring.        2009 F      D
Kindergeschichte                       Kindergeschichte                      Stopped watching.
Das Wunder in der 8. Straße            * batteries not included              Steven Spielberg.                                1987 SF     C
Das Wunder von Berlin                  Das Wunder von Berlin                 TV. Veronica Ferres.                             2008 F      B
Das Wunderkind Tate                    Little Man Tate                       Depicts problems of gifted children wrongly.     1991 F      D

Date Night - Gangster für eine Nacht   Date Night                            Comedy. Steve Carell. Tina Fey. Mark             2010 T      D
                                                                             Wahlberg. Stupid, boring nonsense and
                                                                             primitive humor. Stopped watching.
Dave                                   Dave                                  Comedy. Kevin Klein. Sigourney Weaver.           1993 F      C
                                                                             President in coma, a double jumps in.
David Balfour - Freiheit oder Tod      Kidnapped                             TV. 4 : 3. 2:53. Nice, entertaining movie, but   1995 HF     C
                                                                             simplistic and showing age.
David Kelly - Der Waffeninspekteur     The Government Inspector              UK. Weapons inspection in Iraq. Historically     2005 R      B
                                                                             very interesting. Very loose and slow story.

Dawn Of The Dead                       Dawn Of The Dead                      Well made, but rather strange, unlikely story.   2004 SF     C
                                                                             Very bloody.
Daybreakers                            Daybreakers                           Ethan Hawke. Willem Dafoe. Claudia               2009 SF     C
                                                                             Karvan. Isabel Lucas. Vampires took over in
                                                                             2019. Well made, but rather unrealistic.
Dead Man                               Dead Man                              Not DVD German.                                  1996   F
Death Note (1)                         Desu nôto                             J. Fantasy. Good story.                          2006   T    B
Death Note (2): The Last Name          Desu nôto: The last name              J. Fantasy. Good story.                          2006   T    B
Death Note (TV)                        Desu nôto                             J. TV series, 37 episodes. Fantasy. Good         2006   AF   B
Death of a Princess                    Death Of A Princess                   Probably unavailable everywhere.                 1980   R    AX
Deep End                               Deep End                              Disgusting movie.                                1971   F    D
Deep Impact                            Deep Impact                           Meteorite collides with earth..                  1998   SF   B
Déjà Vu - Wettlauf gegen die Zeit      Deja Vu                               Denzel Washington. Paula Patton.                 2006   SF   A
                                                                             Interesting time travel story. Very impressive
                                                                             directing, camera, and scenery.

Delicatessen                           Delicatessen                          Black humor.                                     1990 F      B
Dem Himmel so nah                      A Walk In The Clouds                  Keanu Reeves. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.              1995 F      C
                                                                             Anthony Quinn. Showing age. Nice, but
                                                                             artificial and predictable story.
Demolition Man                         Demolition Man                        Comedy. Thriller. Sylvester Stallone. Sandra     1993 SF     C
                                                                             Bullock. Very light entertainment,
                                                                             occasionally somewhat funny.
Denn meine Liebe ist unsterblich       Mohabbatein                           India. Shah Rukh Khan. Childish and              2000 F      D
                                                                             extremely melodramatic.
Denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun     Rebel Without A Cause                                                              1955 F
Denn zum Küssen sind sie da            Kiss The Girls                        Morgan Freeman. Ashley Judd. Exaggerated 1997 T              C
                                                                             detective story.
Der 13te Krieger                       The 13th Warrior                      Antonio Banderas. Omar Sharif. Director:     1999 F          C
                                                                             Michael Crichton. Well made, but poor story.

Der 200-Jahre-Mann                     Bicentennial Man                      Story: Isaac Asimov. Robin Williams. Very        1999 SF     C
                                                                             slow and boring.
Der älteste Schüler der Welt           The First Grader                      Naomie Harris. Oliver Litondo. Nice and          2010 R      B
                                                                             fairly realistic movie.
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 13

Titel                                      Title                                  Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Der Anschlag                               The Sum Of All Fears                   Ben Affleck. Morgan Freeman. Far-fetched          2002 T    B
                                                                                  terrorist story. Light entertainment.

Der Apfel                                  The Apple                              Not DVD. Moghden Makhmalbaf.                      1998 D
Der Beweis                                 Proof                                  Gwyneth Paltrow. Anthony Hopkins. Jake            2005 F      C
                                                                                  Gyllenhaal. Stretches the bad and
                                                                                  abbreviates the nice things.
Der Blaue Engel                            Der Blaue Engel                                                                   1930 F
Der bunte Schleier                         The Painted Veil                       Edward Norton. Naomi Watts. Bacteriologist 2006 F             B
                                                                                  goes to cholera epidemic in China to heal
                                                                                  people and his own marriage.

Der Chinese                                Kinesen (The Chinese Man)              D. S. A. Intense, far-flung, but also far-        2011 T      C
                                                                                  fetched story of brutality and revenge. Very
Der Clou                                   The Sting                              Witty.                                            1973 T      A
Der Club Der Toten Dichter                 Dead Poets Society                     Story about a good teacher..                      1989 F      A
Der Dieb                                   Вор (The Thief)                        Russia. Absolutely excellent, only the story is   1997 F      B
                                                                                  extremely depressing and cruel..
Der Dieb von Monte Carlo                   The Good Thief                         Nick Nolte. Nutsa Kukhianidze. Complex            2002 T      C
                                                                                  casino robberies. Slightly funny. Marginally
Der Doktor und das liebe Vieh              All Creatures Great And Small          UK. Naive, straight story.                        1974   F    C
Der dritte Mann                            The Third Man                                                                            1949   T    A
Der Duft der Frauen                        Scent Of A Woman                       Al Pacino.                                        1992   F    B
Der Duft der grünen Papaya                 The Scent Of Green Papaya              F. Vietnam. Very slow. Almost no story.           1993   F    C
Der Dummschwätzer                          Liar, Liar                             Comedy.                                           1997   F    B
Der Einsatz                                The Recruit                            Al Pacino. Colin Farrell. Bridget Moynahan.       2003   T    C
                                                                                  Moderately entertaining.
Der einzige Zeuge                          Witness                                Harrison Ford.                                    1985   T    A
Der eiskalte Engel                         Le Samouraï                            Alain Delon.                                      1967   T    C
Der Eissturm                               The Ice Storm                                                                            1997   F    D
Der Elefantenmensch                        The Elephant Man                       Black & white. David Lynch. Anthony               1980   HR   B
                                                                                  Hopkins. Unique, remarkable movie that one
                                                                                  cannot forget.
Der Elfengarten                            Photographing Fairies                  Weird fantasy story. Very slow.             1997 F            C
Der Engländer, der auf einen Hügel stieg   The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill      Comedy. Hugh Grant. Nice, subtle story.     1995 F            B
und von einem Berg herunterkam             But Came Down A Mountain               Light entertainment.
Der englische Patient                      The English Patient                                                                1996 F            B
Der erste Ritter                           First Knight                           Richard Gere. Julia Ormond. Sean Connery. 1995 HF             C
                                                                                  Overly simple story of King Arthus and
                                                                                  Lancelot. Showing age.
Der erste Tag                              Der erste Tag                          A. TV. Nuclear power accident. Extremely    2008 SF           D
                                                                                  slow. Very thin story.
Der ewige Gärtner                          The Constant Gardener                  Ralph Fiennes. Africa. Kenya.               2005 T            B
Der Exorzismus von Emily Rose              The Exorcism Of Emily Rose             Laura Linney. Tom Wilkinson. Movie makes 2005 R               D
                                                                                  it seem as if demons exist. Only of slight
                                                                                  historic interest.
Der fliegende Händler der Provence         Le fils de l'épicier                   F. Romance. Nicolas Cazalé. Clotilde        2007 F            C
                                                                                  Hesme. Nice, but has a slow, somewhat
                                                                                  weak, unfinished story.
Der Fluch der zwei Schwestern              The Uninvited                          Horror. Psycho-thriller. Designed to be     2009 T            C
                                                                                  watched twice.
Der Flug des Phoenix                       The Flight Of The Phoenix                                                          1965 F            B
Der Flug des Phoenix                       The Flight Of The Phoenix                                                          2004 F            A
Der Flug des roten Ballons                 Le voyage du ballon rouge              F. Too slow. Very little happens.           2007 F            D
                                                                                  Uninteresting. Stopped watching.
Der fremde Sohn                            Changeling                             Director: Clint Eastwood. Music: Clint      2008 R            B
                                                                                  Eastwood. Mother fights for her disappeared
Der gebuchte Mann                          Picture Perfect                        Comedy. Romance. Very light entertainment. 1997 F             C
                                                                                  Partly weak story.
Der Geheime Garten                         The Secret Garden                      Very unrealistic story involving insane     1993 F            D
                                                                                  people. Stopped watching.
Der Geist und die Dunkelheit               The Ghost and the Darkness             Railway building and the Lions in Tsavo.    1996 HR           C
Der gezähmte Widerspenstige                Il bisbetico domato                    Comedy. Adriano Celentano. Ornella Muti.    1980 F            D
                                                                                  Somewhat funny, but very unrealistic.
Der Gigant aus dem All                     The Iron Giant                         Science-Fiction. Children's movie..         2000 AF           A
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 14

Titel                                       Title                                  Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Der goldene Kompass                         The Golden Compass                     Fantasy. Dakota Blue Richards. Nicole            2007 F    C
                                                                                   Kidman. Good computer graphics. Poor,
                                                                                   very unrealistic story.
Der Graf von Monte Christo                  The Count Of Monte Cristo              Chamberlain.                                     1975 HR    B
Der Graf von Monte Christo                  The Count Of Monte Cristo              Depardieux.                                      1996 HR    A
Der Grenzer und das Mädchen                 Der Grenzer und das Mädchen            D. TV. Good acting. Poor feel-bad story.         2005 F     C
                                                                                   German idiot meets Ukrainian girl.
Der große Atlantik                          The Cruel Sea                          War.                                             1952 F     C
Der große Buck Howard                       The Great Buck Howard                  Colin Hanks. John Malkovich. Tom Hanks.          2008 F     C
                                                                                   Emily Blunt. Thin story. Light entertainment.

Der große Diktator                          The Great Dictator                     Comedy. Charlie Chaplin. Too old and flat.       1940 F     D
                                                                                   Only of historic interest. Stopped watching.

Der große Eisenbahnraub                     The First Great Train Robbery          Well told..                                 1978 HR         B
Der große Frust                             The Big Chill                                                                      1983 F
Der gute Hirte                              The Good Shepherd                      Matt Damon. Angelina Jolie. Robert De Niro. 2006 R          D
                                                                                   Slow, unrealistic, boring, unpleasant.
                                                                                   Stopped watching.
Der Herr der Ringe                          The Lord Of The Rings                                                              1977 AF         C
Der Herr der Ringe - (1) Die Gefährten      The Lord Of The Rings - The                                                        2001 F          A
                                            Fellowship Of The Ring
Der Herr der Ringe - (2) Die zwei Türme     The Lord Of The Rings - The Two                                                         2002 F     A
Der Herr der Ringe - (3) Die Rückkehr des   The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of                                                   2003 F     A
Königs                                      The King
Der Hexenclub                               The Craft                             Teen witches. Bad story, poorly done.             1996 F     D
Der Himmel über Berlin                      Der Himmel über Berlin                D. F. Director: Wim Wenders. Unbearably           1987 F     D
                                                                                  slow and boring nonsense story.
Der Husar auf dem Dach                      Le Hussard sur le toit                F. Somewhat strange and unrealistic love          1995 HF    C
Der Illusionist                             The Illusionist                       Edward Norton. Jessica Biel. Nice and             2006 F     B
Der Japaner und die Göttin                  The Goddess of 1967                   Very strange, artificial story with many          2000 F     C
                                                                                  depressing and a few nice scenes.
Der Ja-Sager                                Yes Man                               Comedy. Nice. Jim Carrey.                         2008 F     B
Der Kaiser und sein Attentäter              Jin ke zi qin wang (The Emperor And   Gong Li. Strange acting. Partly unintelligible    1999 HF    D
                                            The Assassin; The Assassin)           story. Cruel and bloody.
Der Kaufhaus Cop                            Paul Blart: Mall Cop                  Comedy. Somewhat entertaining, but rather         2009 F     C
                                                                                  stupid story.
Der Klang des Herzens                       August Rush                           Keri Russell. Robin Williams. Sentimental,        2007 F     A
                                                                                  moving. Interesting music.
Der kleine Horrorladen                      Little Shop Of Horrors                                                                  1986   F
Der kleine Leopard                          The Leopard Son                       Hugo van Lawick.                                  1996   D   B
Der kleine Lord                             Little Lord Fountleroy                UK. Children's movie. Alec Guinness.              1980   F   B
Der Klient                                  The Client                            Susan Sarandon. Novel: John Grisham. Very         1994   F   B
                                                                                  artificial story, but somewhat entertaining.

Der König der Masken                        Biàn Liǎn                              HK. An artist saves a child slave, then the      1997 F     B
                                                                                   child saves him.
Der Kontrakt des Zeichners                  The Draughtsman's Contract                                                              1982   F   C
Der Kreis                                   Dayereh                                Iran. Unbearably slow.                           2000   F   D
Der Krieg des Charlie Wilson                Charlie Wilson's War                   Comedy. Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts.                2007   R   BX
Der Krieg des Charlie Wilson                Charlie Wilson's War                   Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts. True story.            2007   R   A
                                                                                   Historically interesting and entertaining.
Der Krieger - Shaka Zulu                    Shaka Zulu                             Very rare type of movie, very interesting, but   1983 HR    B
                                                                                   historically apologetic and inaccurate.
Der Leopard                                 Il Gattopardo                          Burt Lancaster. Claudia Cardinale. Alain         1963 HF    B
Der letzte Kaiser                           The Last Emperor                                                                   1987 R          A
Der letzte Kuss                             The Last Kiss                          Couples with problems. Unnerving and        2006 F          C
                                                                                   boring story.
Der letzte Mohikaner                        The Last Of The Mohicans               Very good story, screenplay, directing,     1992 HF         A
                                                                                   acting, camera, and an Oscar for the music.

Der letzte Tango in Paris                   Last Tango In Paris                                                                     1972 F     D
Der Liebhaber                               L'amant                                Poor story. Feel-bad movie. Very poor            1992 F     C
                                                                                   dialogs. Uninteresting.
Der Löwe im Winter                          The Lion in Winter                     Katharine Hepburn.                               1968 HF    C
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 15

Titel                                    Title                                 Comment                                         Year   Type   Grade
Der Malteserfalke                        The Maltese Falcon                                                                    1941   HF     B
Der Mameluck                             Mamluqi                               Not DVD. Made in Georgia.                       1958   F      AX
Der Mann aus London                      A Londoni férfi (The Man From London) Black & white. Stopped watching after 2 min,    2007   F      D
                                                                               because nothing happened.
Der Mann im weißen Anzug                 Man In The White Suit                 Alex Guinness.                                  1951 SF       C
Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske          The Man In The Iron Mask              Leonardo DiCaprio.                              1997 HF       B
Der Mann ohne Vergangenheit              Mies vailla menneisyyttä              Director: Aki Kaurismäki. Slow, boring          2002 F        D
                                                                               nonsense story. Stopped watching.
Der Mann, der die Frauen liebte          Le Homme Qui Amait Les Femmes                                                         1977 F
Der Mann, der Gott verklagte             The Man Who Sued God                  Australia. Comedy. Billy Connolly. Judy         2001 F        C
                                                                               Davis. Funny, but the story becomes weaker
                                                                               towards the end.
Der Mann, der Liberty Valance erschoss   The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance      Black & white. Western.                         1961 F        B
Der Mann, der niemals lebte              Body Of Lies                          Fuzzy, exaggerated, depressing story. The       2008 T        C
                                                                               movie ends abruptly before the story ends.

Der Mann, der vom Himmel fiel            The Man Who Fell To Earth              David Bowie.                                1976 SF          D
Der Mann, der zuviel wusste              The Man Who Knew Too Much              Alfred Hitchcock. James Stewart. Doris Day. 1956 T           C

Der Marathon Mann                        Marathon Man                           Dustin Hoffman. Crazy and brutal psycho        1976 T        C
Der Maschinist                           The Machinist                          Christian Bale. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Weird    2004 F        D
                                                                                story. Too depressing. Too slow. Stopped
Der Meisterdieb                          Der Meisterdieb                        Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.     2010 HF       C
                                                                                German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                Weak story. Poor speech.
Der Meisterdieb von Dublin               The General                            About Martin Cahill.                           1998   R      B
Der mit dem Wolf tanzt                   Dances with Wolves                     American Indians..                             1990   HF     A
Der Name der Rose                        The Name Of The Rose                                                                  1986   HF     A
Der Obrist und die Tänzerin              The Dancer Upstairs                    Extremely slow and boring. Stopped             2001   F      D
Der Ötztalmann und seine Welt            Der Ötztalmann und seine Welt                                                         1999   HF     B
Der Pate (I)                             The Godfather (I)                      Coppola.                                       1972   F      B
Der Pate II                              The Godfather II                       Coppola.                                       1974   F      B
Der Pate III                             The Godfather III                      Coppola.                                       1990   F      B
Der Patriot                              The Patriot                            Mel Gibson. Music: John Williams.              2000   HF     A
Der Pferdeflüsterer                      The Horse Whisperer                    Robert Redford.                                1998   F      A
Der Pianist                              The Pianist                                                                           2002   R      A
Der Postmann                             Il Postino                                                                            1994   F
Der Preis der Macht                      True Colors                            John Cusack. James Spader. Imogen              1990   F      D
                                                                                Stubbs. Showing age. Not worth seeing. Too
                                                                                slow and boring. Strange story.
Der Preis für den Frieden                Le prix de la paix                     Congo.                                         2004 D        A
Der Prinz & ich                          The Prince & Me                        Comedy. Julia Stiles. Childish, poor script,   2004 F        C
                                                                                otherwise nicely made.
Der Prinz von Ägypten                    The Prince Of Egypt                    Music: Hans Zimmer. Story about Moses          1998 AF       C
                                                                                from the Old Testament.
Der Profi                                Le Professionel (The Professional)     Jean-Paul Belmondo..                           1981   T      B
Der Prozess                              Le Proces                              Black & white. Stopped watching.               1962   F      D
Der Regenmacher                          The Rainmaker                          Lawyers. Story: John Grisham.                  1997   F      C
Der Rosenkrieg                           The War Of The Roses                   Michael Douglas. Kathleen Turner. Ugly,        1989   F      D
                                                                                repulsive story. Stopped watching.
Der rote Korsar                          The Crimson Pirate                     Burt Lancaster. Too old.                       1952 F        D
Der Ruf des Kaisers                      Ye yan                                 China. Story resembles "Hamlet". Concocted     2006 T        C
                                                                                drama story in which everybody dies.
                                                                                Impressive acting.
Der Salzprinz                            Sol nad zlato                          Children's movie.                              1982   F      B
Der Sandmann                             Der Sandmann                           Götz George.                                   1995   T      B
Der Schakal                              The Day Of The Jackal                  Bad remake was made in 1997.                   1973   T      B
Der Schatzplanet                         Treasure Planet                        Science-Fiction. Walt Disney. A lot of         2002   AF     B
                                                                                beautiful nonsense.
Der schmale Grat                         The Thin Red Line                      War. Music: Hans Zimmer.                       1998 F        B
Der Schneider von Panama                 The Taylor Of Panama                                                                  2000 T        D
Der schönste Irrtum der Geschichte       Der schönste Irrtum der Geschichte     Documentation about the fall of the Berlin     2009 D        B
Der Schuh des Manitou                    Der Schuh des Manitou                  Comedy.                                        2001 F        D
Der schwarze Falke                       The Seachers                           Western.                                       1956 HF       B
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                             Seite 16

Titel                                        Title                                    Comment                                            Year Type Grade
Der seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button        The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button      Fantasy. Director: David Fincher. Strange          2008 F    B
                                                                                      story of a man who grows younger instead of
                                                                                      older. Sentimental, but well made and
Der Smaragdwald                              The Emerald Forest                       Brazilian indians.                                 1985   F   A
Der Sohn der Braut                           El hijo de la novia (Son Of The Bride)   Argentina. Poor story.                             2001   F   C
Der Soldat James Ryan                        Saving Private Ryan                      Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.            1998   F   A
Der Spitzel - 50 Dead Men Walking            Fifty Dead Men Walking                   Ben Kingsley. Jim Sturgess. Natalie Press.         2008   R   A
                                                                                      Rose McGowan. True story, honestly told.

Der Staatsfeind Nr. 1                        Enemy Of The State                       Will Smith. Gene Hackman. Somewhat                 1998 T     B
                                                                                      artificial, exaggerated story, but witty and
                                                                                      delightfully fast-paced.
Der Stadtneurotiker                          Annie Hall                               Woody Allen. Comedy.                               1977 F     D
Der Sternwanderer                            Stardust                                 Fantasy. Charlie Cox. Claire Danes. Kate           2007 F     B
                                                                                      Magowan. Michelle Pfeiffer. Not quite
                                                                                      serious, but still very entertaining.
Der stille Amerikaner                        The Quiet American                       Phillip Noyce.                                     2002 F     B
Der Stoff, aus dem die Helden sind           The Right Stuff                          Parody on the US space programme.                  1983 R     D
Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand (1951)   The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)     Black & white.                                     1951 SF    B

Der Tag, an dem die Erde stillstand (2008)   The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)     Reasonably good remake with strengths and          2008 SF    B
                                                                                      weaknesses. Entertaining.
Der Teufel trägt Prada                       The Devil Wears Prada                    Comedy. Meryl Streep. Anne Hathaway.               2006 F     B
                                                                                      Amusing and exaggerated in a nice way.
Der Texaner                                  The Outlaw Josey Wales                   Clint Eastwood. Somewhat entertaining.             1975 F     C
                                                                                      Unrealistic story.
Der Tiger und der Schnee                     La Tigre e la neve                       I. Unrealistic nonsense. Stopped watching.         2005 F     D

Der Tiger von New York                       Killer's Kiss                            Stanley Kubrick.                                   1955 F
Der Tod ist ihr Geschäft                     Betrayal                                                                                    2003 T     C
Der Tod steht ihr gut                        Death Becomes Her                        Comedy. Meryl Streep. Bruce Willis. Goldie         1992 F     D
                                                                                      Hawn. Nonsense story. Stopped watching.

Der Tod steht Modell / Exposure -            Naked Terror                             D. NZ. Susan Pari. Ron Silver. Strange      2000 T            D
Gefährliche Enthüllung                                                                nonsense story. Stopped watching.
Der Tote aus Nordermoor                      Mýrin                                    Slow, boring, depressing. Stopped watching. 2006 T            D

Der Totmacher                                Der Totmacher                                                                               1995 F
Der Tunnel                                   The Tunnel                               D. Escape tunnel under the Berlin Wall.            2001 R     B
                                                                                      Partly exaggerated, but still thrilling and
Der Unbeugsame                               Cool Hand Luke                           Paul Newman. Extremely slow and boring.            1967 F     D
                                                                                      Stopped watching.
Der unsichtbare Dritte                       North By Northwest                       Alfred Hitchcock.                                  1959   T   B
Der Untergang                                Downfall                                                                                    2004   R   A
Der Verdacht                                 Der Verdacht                             D. 15 min.                                         2004   T   B
Der Volltreffer                              The Sure Thing                           Teen comedy. John Cusack. Daphne                   1985   F   C
                                                                                      Zuniga. Childish.
Der Vorleser                                 The Reader                               Kate Winslet. Ralph Fiennes. Overstretched, 2008 F            B
                                                                                      in parts very unrealistic story. Too slow.
                                                                                      Otherwise very well acted and made.

Der Weiße Hai                                Jaws                                                                                        1975 T     C
Der Wind und der Löwe                        The Wind And The Lion                    Sean Connery. Candice Bergen.                      1974 F     B
Der Zauber von Malèna                        Malèna                                   Monica Bellucci.                                   2000 F     C
Des Hauses Hüterin                           Half Broken Things                       UK. Grotesque, unrealistic story, designed to      2007 F     D
                                                                                      go wrong.
Des Kaisers neue Kleider                     Des Kaisers neue Kleider                 Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.         2010 HF    C
                                                                                      German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                      Weak story. Partly poor acting.
Des Teufels General                          The Devil's General                      Curd Jürgens..                                     1955 F     B
Desi's Brief an den Himmel                   Mermaid                                  Poor and artificial story and script. Very slow.   1999 R     D

Desmundo                                     Desmundo                                 Brazil. Old Portuguese with subtitles.             2002 HR    B
                                                                                      Historically interesting and precise.
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 17

Titel                                         Title                                     Comment                                      Year Type Grade
Diane Arbus - Eine besondere                  Fur: An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane       Nicole Kidman. Story of a famous             2006 R    B
Liebesgeschichte                              Arbus                                     photographer, beginning 1958. Unusual
Die 12 Geschworenen                           12 Angry Men                                                                           1957   F     A
Die Abenteuer des Odysseus                    The Odyssey                               TV. 2 parts.                                 1997   F     C
Die Akte                                      The Pelican Brief                         Julia Roberts. Entertaining.                 1993   T     B
Die Alleinseglerin                            Die Alleinseglerin                        DDR.                                         1987   F     C
Die amerikanische Nacht                       La nuit américaine                        Truffaut. "Day For Night".                   1973   F     C
Die Auferstehung                              Resurrezione                              I. After a novel by Lew Tolstoi. Story       2001   HF    C
                                                                                        designed to be depressive.
Die Bartholomäusnacht                         La Reine Margot                                                                        1994 F
Die Besucher                                  Communion                                 Christopher Walken. Lindsay Crouse. Very     1988 SF      D
                                                                                        poor, very thin story.
Die Borgias                                   Los Borgia                                Very good acting. Good, true story.          2006 HR      B
                                                                                        Historically interesting.
Die Bounty                                    The Bounty                                                                             1983   HR    A
Die Bourne Identität                          The Bourne Identity                       Matt Damon. Franka Potente..                 2002   T     B
Die Bourne Verschwörung                       The Bourne Supremacy                      Matt Damon..                                 2004   T     B
Die Braut des Prinzen (Die Brautprinzessin)   The Princess Bride                        Not DVD German.                              1987   HF    D

Die Braut, die sich nicht traut               Runaway Bride                             Julia Roberts. Richard Gere. Light, feel-good 1999 F      B
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten                    Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten                Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales. 2009 HF        D
                                                                                        German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".

Die Brücke                                    Die Brücke                                Black & white. 2nd World War..               1959   F     A
Die Brücke am Kwai                            The Bridge On The River Kwai                                                           1957   F     A
Die Brücken am Fluss                          The Bridges of Madison County             Clint Eastwood..                             1995   F     B
Die Chroniken von Narnia - Der König von      The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the   Walt Disney. Children's movie.               2005   F     C
Narnia                                        Witch and the Wardrobe
Die Commitments                               The Commitments                           Music band.                                  1991 F       C
Die Diebin & der General                      Die Diebin & der General                  D. Katja Riemann. Weak and incomplete        2005 F       B
                                                                                        ending, but otherwise fairly good.
Die Dinge des Lebens                          Les choses de la vie                      Romy Schneider.                              1970 F       C
Die Dolmetscherin                             The Interpreter                           Nicole Kidman. Director: Sydney Pollack.     2005 T       B
                                                                                        Somewhat artificial story, otherwise very
Die Drachenjäger                              Chasseurs de dragons                      F. D. LUX. Fantasy. Neat and entertaining,   2008 AF      D
                                                                                        but incredibly nonsensical story.

Die drei Begräbnisse des Melquiades           The Three Burials of Melquiades           Western. Disgusting, slow story. Stopped     2007 T       D
Estrada                                       Estrada                                   watching.
Die dritte Gewalt                             The Third Wave                            SWE. Interesting, thrilling story about      2003 T       B
                                                                                        organized crime.
Die durch die Hölle gehen                     The Deer Hunter                           Vietnam war..                                1978 T       A
Die Ermordung des Jesse James durch den       The Assassination of Jesse James by                                                    2007 HR      AX
Feigling Robert Ford                          the coward Robert Ford
Die Ewoks - Kampf um Endor                    Ewoks: The Battle For Endor               George Lucas. Childish story. Stopped        1985 SF      D
Die Ewoks - Karawane der Tapferen             The Ewok Adventure                        George Lucas.                                   1984 SF   C
Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie                Amelie                                                                                    2001 F    B
Die fabelhaften Baker Boys                    The Fabulous Baker Boys                   Beau Bridges. Jeff Bridges. Michelle Pfeiffer. 1989 F     D
                                                                                        Begins nicely, then the story deteriorates into
                                                                                        disgusting, depressing idiocy.

Die Fälscher                                  The Counterfeiters                                                                     2007 R       BX
Die Fälscher                                  The Counterfeiters                        D. TV. Largest bank note counterfeiting in   2007 R       C
                                                                                        history. Historically interesting and very
                                                                                        realistic, but still not a good movie.
Die Falschspielerin                           The Lady Eve                              Black & white. Comedy. Still entertaining.   1941 F       B
                                                                                        Henry Fonda. Barbara Stanwyck.
Die Familie Stone - Verloben verboten!        The Family Stone                          Comedy. Extremely unrealistic, artificial    2005 F       C
Die fantastischen Vier                        Fantastic Four                            After an old comic.                          2005 SF      D
Die Fastnachtsbeichte                         Die Fastnachtsbeichte                     Hans Söhnker. Götz George. Showing age.      1960 T       C

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei                  The Edukators                             D. Nice story, but very slow. Two versions   2004 T       B
                                                                                        with different endings exist.
Die Feuerzangenbowle                          The Fire Tongue Bowl                                                                   1944 F       B
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 18

Titel                                      Title                                  Comment                                           Year   Type   Grade
Die Firma                                  The Firm                                                                                 1993   F      B
Die Fliege                                 The Fly                                Not DVD German.                                   1958   SF     A
Die Fliege                                 The Fly                                Not DVD German.                                   1986   SF     A
Die Flucht                                 Die Flucht                             D. TV. 2 parts. Historically interesting.         2007   R      B
                                                                                  Shows the flight of people from East Prussia
                                                                                  from the advancing Red Army during the
                                                                                  winter 1944 to 1945.
Die Frau auf der Brücke                    La fille sur le pont                   Black & white. Comedy. Knife thrower needs        1999 F        B
                                                                                  suicidal woman as target.
Die Frau des Leuchtturmwärters             L'Équipier                             F. Slow. Boring.                                  2004   F      C
Die Frau des Zeitreisenden                 The Time Traveler's Wife               Romantic drama.                                   2009   SF     B
Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie            Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie        TV. 2 parts.                                      2007   R      B
Die Frauen von Stepford                    The Stepford Wives                     Nicole Kidman. Weak story.                        2004   SF     B
Die Fremde in dir                          The Brave One                          Jodie Foster. Revenge.                            2007   T      B
Die Gänsemagd                              Die Gänsemagd                          Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.        2009   F      C
                                                                                  German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                  Poor directing and acting.
Die Geheimnisse der Spiderwicks            The Spiderwick Chronicles              Fantasy. Family movie. A children's horror        2008 F        B
                                                                                  movie. Good acting. Well made.
Die geheimnisvolle Minusch                 Minoes (Undercover Kitty)              Children's movie.                                 2001 F        B
Die Geisha                                 Memoirs Of A Geisha                    3 Oscars. Music: John Williams. Very              2005 F        B
                                                                                  impressive. Hollywood recipe movie.
                                                                                  Frustrating, artificial story. Not authentic.
Die Geliebte des französischen Leutnants   The French Lieutenant's Woman          UK. Interesting idea of comparing modern          1981 F        C
                                                                                  and ancient time, but not well enough done.

Die Geschichte der Adèle H.                L'historie d'Adèle H.                  Adèle Hugo was the second daughter of             1975 HR       B
                                                                                  Victor Hugo.
Die Geschichte der Dorothy Dandridge       Introducing Dorothy Dandridge          Halle Berry. Klaus Maria Brandauer.               1999 R        B
                                                                                  Biography of the first black actress to be
                                                                                  nominated for an Oscar.
Die Geschichte vom Spitfire Grill          The Spitfire Grill                     Partly very good, but largely poor story.         1996 F        C
Die glorreichen Sieben                     The Magnificent Seven                  Wild west. Showing age. Modified story of         1960 HF       C
                                                                                  the seven samurai.
Die Glücksritter                           Trading Places                         Comedy. Eddie Murphy..                            1983   F      B
Die Herzogin                               The Duchess                            Keira Knightley. Ralph Fiennes.                   2008   HR     B
Die Hexe und der Zauberer                  The Sword In The Stone                 Walt Disney. Children's movie.                    1963   AF     C
Die Hochzeit meines besten Freundes        My Best Friend's Wedding               Comedy. Julia Roberts. Cameron Diaz.              1997   F      B
Die Hochzeits-Crasher                      Wedding Crashers                       Vulgar, flat comedy. Stopped watching.            2005 F        D
Die Hochzeitsfalle                         Buying The Cow                         Primitive. Vulgar. Flat humor. Marginally         2002 F        D
                                                                                  funny. Poor story.
Die Höhle des gelben Hundes                Die Höhle des gelben Hundes            Mongolia.                                         2005 D        C
Die Höhle des gelben Hundes                The Cave Of The Yellow Dog             Mongolia. Incredibly slow. Stopped watching.      2005 F        D

Die Höllenfahrt der Poseidon               The Poseidon Adventure                 Gene Hackman. Ship keels over.                    1972 T        C
Die Hure des Königs                        La putain du roi (The King's Whore)    I. F. UK. AT. In the 17th century the             1990 HF       C
                                                                                  youngest (16) of three impoverished sisters
                                                                                  is the only one to avoid life as a nun. She
                                                                                  marries a nobleman, but the king falls in love
                                                                                  with her. She resists for too long. Fabricated
                                                                                  story, poor ending.
Die Insel                                  The Island                             Ewan McGregor. Scarlett Johansson. Some           2005 SF       B
                                                                                  very good ideas and scenes, but also lots of
Die Insel der Abenteuer                    Nim's Island                           Fantasy. Jodie Foster. Abigail Breslin.           2008 F        B
                                                                                  Entertaining and well acted.
Die Jagd zum magischen Berg                Race To Witch Mountain                 Walt Disney. Children's movie. Science-           2009 SF       B
                                                                                  Fiction. Depending on your age this is either
                                                                                  a sci-fi thriller or a sci-fi comedy. Pleasant,
                                                                                  funny, and entertaining.
Die Journalistin                           The Veronica Guerin Story              Cate Blanchett. Colin Farrell. Gripping.          2003 R        B
Die Journalistin                           The Veronica Guerin Story              EIR. Cate Blanchett. Gripping story, highly       2002 R        A
Die Jugger - Kampf der Besten              The Blood Of Heroes (Salute Of The     Rutger Hauer. Brutality. Simple, boring story.    1989 SF       C
Die junge Katharina                        Young Catherine                        TV. 2 parts. Childishly exaggerated dialogs.      1991 HR       D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
                                                         Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 19

Titel                                   Title                                  Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Die Jury                                A Time To Kill                         Matthew McConaughey. Sandra Bullock.              1996 F    C
                                                                               Kevin Spacey. Novel by John Grisham.
                                                                               Overly sentimental.
Die Kameliendame                        Camille                                Greta Garbo. Robert Taylor.                       1936 HF     B
Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach      Cat On A Hot Tin Roof                                                                    1958 T      B
Die Kinder der Seidenstraße             The Children Of Huang Shi              True story, well and honestly told.               2008 R      B
                                                                               Particularly worth seeing if you are interested
                                                                               in the history of China.
Die Klapperschlange                     Escape From New York                   Interesting idea, but poor story.               1981     SF   C
Die Klotzköpfe                          Blockheads                                                                             1938     F
Die kluge Bauerntochter                 Die kluge Bauerntochter                Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales. 2009          HF   C
                                                                               German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                               Poor acting.
Die Kreuzritter - The Crusaders         The Crusaders                          1096 A.D.                                       2001     HF   B
Die Legende der Wächter                 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of   Strange story around gregarious, diurnal
                                        Ga'Hoole                               owls that make noise when flying and
                                                                               befriend snakes.
Die Legende des Zorro                   The Legend Of Zorro                    Antonio Banderas. Catherine Zeta-Jones.         2005     HF   C
Die Legende vom Ozeanpianisten          The Legend Of 1900 (La leggenda del    Nice story.                                     1998     F    B
                                        pianista sull'oceano)
Die Legende von Bagger Vance            The Legend Of Bagger Vance             Director: Robert Redford. Will Smith. Matt        2000 F      B
                                                                               Damon. Charlize Theron. Golfspieler.
Die letzte Festung                      The Last Castle                        Robert Redford.                                   2001 T      C
Die letzte Kriegerin                    Once Were Warriors                     New Zealand. Maori.                               1994 F      B
Die letzte Legion                       The Last Legion                        Fantasy. Colin Firth. Ben Kingsley.               2007 HF     B
                                                                               Aishwarya Rai. Lightly entertaining.
Die letzte Versuchung Christi           The Last Temptation Of Christ                                                            1988 HF     D
Die letzten Amerikaner                  Southern Comfort                       Unrealistic, exaggerated story.                   1981 T      C
Die Letzten beißen die Hunde            Thunderbolt And Lightfoot              Clint Eastwood. Jeff Bridges. Michael             1973 T      D
Die letzten Tage in Kenia               White Mischief                                                                           1987 F      C
Die Liebe der Charlotte Gray            Charlotte Gray                         UK. Cate Blanchett. Young English woman           2001 F      A
                                                                               goes to France during World War 2 to help
                                                                               the resistance and find her friend, a pilot who
                                                                               was shot down.
Die Liebe der Kinder                    Die Liebe der Kinder                   D. TV. Unnerving. Frustrating. Slow.              2009 F      D
Die Liebe in den Zeiten der Cholera     Love in the Time of Cholera            Drama. Depressing and boring story.               2007 HF     D
                                                                               Stopped watching.
Die Löwin                               Die Löwin                              TV. Poor story about a lion park in South         2011 F      D
                                                                               Africa, poorly filmed. Stopped watching.
Die Lüge                                Die Lüge                               D. TV. Natalia Wörner. A swapped identities       2008 T      B
                                                                               thriller. Not bad at all for a German TV
Die Magier - Nichts als fauler Zauber   Magicians                              UK. Very poor movie. Stopped watching.            2007 F      D
Die Mandantin                           Die Mandantin                          TV. Psycho thriller.                              2005 T      B
Die Mandela-Verschwörung                Endgame                                UK. The covert discussions that brought           2009 R      B
                                                                               down the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
                                                                               Historically and politically interesting.

Die Maske                               The Mask                               Fantasy. Jim Carrey. Cameron Diaz.                1994 F      C
                                                                               Somewhat entertaining with good dance
Die Maske des Zorro                     The Mask Of Zorro                      Antonio Banderas. Catherine Zeta-Jones.           1998 HF     B
Die Mothman Prophezeiungen              The Mothman Prophecies                 Richard Gere. Laura Linney. Much mystery,         2001 SF     D
                                                                               little facts or action.
Die Möve Jonathan                       Jonathan Livingston Seagull            Not DVD.                                          1973   F
Die Nacht des Jägers                    The Night Of The Hunter                Black & white.                                    1955   F    B
Die Nacht vor der Hochzeit              The Philadelphia Story                 Katharine Hepburn. Cary Grant.                    1940   F    C
Die neunte Kompanie                     9 rota                                 Russia. Coming to terms with the                  2005   R    C
                                                                               Afghanistan war. Brutal. Realistic. Hard to
Die Päpstin                             Pope Joan                              D. UK. I. Spain. Great story, very well played    2009 HF     A
Die Passion Christi                     The Passion Of Christ                  Mel Gibson. Monica Bellucci. Extremely            2004 HF     D
                                                                               brutal and bloody.
Die Pianistin                           La Pianiste                                                                              2001 F      D
Die Piratenkönigin                      Anne Of The Indies                                                                       1951 HF     C
Die Playboys                            The Playboys                           USA. Ireland. Aidan Quinn. Uninteresting          1992 F      D
                                                                               story. Stopped watching.
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 20

Titel                                       Title                                   Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Die Prinzessin am Nil                       La reine soleil                         F. Director: Philippe Leclerc. Sound: 2.0         2007 AF   C
                                                                                    German/deutsch. A French animé.
                                                                                    Moderately entertaining.
Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse                Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse            Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.        2010 HF     B
                                                                                    German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse                The Princess And The Pea                Children's movie. Very poorly made. Far too       2002 AF     D
                                                                                    childish. Stopped watching.
Die Prinzessin und der Marine-Soldat        The Princess And The Marine             Marisol Nichols. Impressive true story.           2001   R    B
Die Profi-Killer                            The Hit                                 UK. Slow. Story peters out.                       1984   T    C
Die Promoterin (The Promoter)               Against The Ropes                       Meg Ryan.                                         2004   F    C
Die purpurnen Flüsse                        Les rivières pourpres (The Crimson      Jean Reno.                                        2000   T    B
Die Rache der Wanderhure                    Die Rache der Wanderhure                D. TV. Alexandra Neldel. Sequel to: "Die     2012 HF          B
                                                                                    Wanderhure". Almost entirely good directing,
                                                                                    acting, camera, scenery. Story has too many
                                                                                    highly unlikely coincidences.

Die Rechnung ging nicht auf                 The Killing                             Stanley Kubrick.                                  1956 F
Die Reifeprüfung                            The Graduate                            Comedy. Dustin Hoffman.                           1967 F      B
Die Reise der Pinguine                      La marche de l'empereur (March Of       Very good, except for some wrongly                2005 D      B
                                            The Penguins)                           anthropomorphising dialogs.
Die Reise ins Ich                           Innerspace                              Meg Ryan.                                         1987 SF     C
Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde          Journey to the Center of the Earth      TV. Adventure. Brendan Fraser. Anita Briem.       2008 F      C
                                                                                    Childish. Mostly poor story. Occasionally
                                                                                    funny or entertaining.
Die Reisen des Windes                       Los viajes del viento                   Colombia. D. Argentina. NL. Far too slow          2009 F      D
                                                                                    and boring.
Die rote Laterne                            Da Hong Deng Long Gao Gao Gua           China. Gong Li. Artificial, depressing story.     1991 HF     C
                                            (Raise The Red Lantern)
Die rote Verschwörung                       Archangel                               UK. Daniel Craig. Well-made political thriller 2006      T    B
                                                                                    with a story around Stalin's legacy.
                                                                                    Atmospheric. Mainly interesting for those
                                                                                    with a relation to or an interest in Russia.
Die rote Violine                            Le violon rouge                                                                        1998      F    C
Die Rückkehr                                Возвращение                             Russia.                                        2003      F    C
Die Säulen der Erde                         The Pillars Of The Earth                CDN. D. TV. 4 parts. After the book by Ken 2010          HF   A
                                                                                    Follett. The movie shows the building of a
                                                                                    cathedral and the life of the builder and his
                                                                                    son in the 12th century in England. Excellent.

Die Schlachten von Shaker Heights           The Battle Of Shaker Heights            Teen movie. Shia LaBeouf. Amy Smart. Shiri        2003 F      C
                                                                                    Appleby. Nice little story, but too aimless and
Die Schneekönigin                           Snow Queen                              Bridget Fonda. After the fairy tale by Hans       2002 F      C
                                                                                    Christian Andersen. TV. 2 parts. Weak,
                                                                                    incomplete story with many arbitrary,
                                                                                    unintelligible details.
Die Schöne und das Biest                    Beauty And The Beast                    Children's movie.                                 1986   F    D
Die Schöne und das Biest                    Beauty And The Beast                    Children's movie.                                 1991   AF   B
Die Sensationsreporterin                    Absence Of Malice                       Paul Newman. Sally Field. Showing age.            1981   F    B
Die sieben Samurai                          Seven Samurai                           Director: Akira Kurosawa.                         1954   HF   AX
Die Spiele der Frauen                       Head In The Clouds                      Charlize Theron. Penelope Cruz. Good,             2004   F    B
                                                                                    intense story.
Die Spur des Windes                         A Far Off Place                         Walt Disney. Children's movie. Reese              1993 T      C
                                                                                    Witherspoon. Maximilian Schell.
Die Stadt der Blinden                       Blindness                               Julianne Moore.                                   2008 SF
Die Stevens schlagen zurück                 The Even Stevens Movie                  TV. Teen movie. Stupid nonsense. Stopped          2003 F      D
Die Stimme ihres Lebens                     Little Voice                            Very poor script.                                 1998 F      C
Die Stunde der Patrioten                    Patriot Games                           Harrison Ford.                                    1992 T      B
Die Super-Ex                                My Super Ex-Girlfriend                  Fantasy. Comedy. Uma Thurman. Very light          2006 F      C
                                                                                    entertainment. Childish. Somewhat funny.

Die süße Haut                               La Peau Douce                           Black & white.                                  1964 F        B
Die syrische Braut                          The Syrian Bride                        Interesting and very authentic insight, but far 2004 F        D
                                                                                    too slow. Stopped watching.
Die tollkühnen Männer in ihren fliegenden   Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying                                                   1965 F        C
Kisten                                      Machines
                                                                 Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                     Seite 21

Titel                                          Title                                  Comment                                         Year Type Grade
Die Truman Show                                The Truman Show                                                                        1998 T    A
Die Tür der Versuchung                         The Door In The Floor                  Kim Basinger. Jeff Bridges. Very slow.          2004 F    D
                                                                                      Strange story. Stopped watching.
Die Überraschung                               Die Überraschung                       D. Short 10 min. Comedy.                        2004 F    B
Die üblichen Verdächtigen                      The Usual Suspects                                                                     1995 T    B
Die unbarmherzigen Schwestern                  The Magdalene Sisters                    Extreme cruelty in Irish catholic women       2002 F    B
                                                                                        asylums around 1960. Based on historic
Die Unberührbare                               No Place To Go                           D. Black & white. Stopped watching after 2 2000 F       D
Die Unbestechlichen                            All The President's Men                  Robert Redford. Dustin Hoffman. Historically 1976 R     B
Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins       Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins                                              1987 F

Die unglaubliche Entführung der verrückten Ruthless People                            Comedy. Strange. Stopped watching after         1986 F    D
Mrs. Stone                                                                            the first few minutes.
Die unglaubliche Reise in einem verrückten Airplane!                                  Comedy.                                         1980 F    C
Die Unglaublichen                          The Incredibles                            Science-Fiction. Excellent animation            2004 AF   C
                                                                                      technology. Very poor story.
Die unsichtbare Falle                          The Spanish Prisoner                   Poor, unbelievable Story.                       1997 F    C
Die vergessene Welt                            The Lost World                         After the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.       2001 SF   B
Die Vergessenen                                The Forgotten                          Julianne Moore. Somewhat foggy and              2004 SF   C
                                                                                      strange story. Otherwise well made.
Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum          The Lost Honor Of Katharina Blum                                                       1975 F    B
Die Verurteilten                               The Shawshank Redemption                                                               1994 T    A
Die vier Federn                                The Four Feathers                      Very well made, except for the weak story.      2002 HF   C

Die Vögel                                      The Birds                              Alfred Hitchcock.                           1963 T        A
Die Wanderhure                                 Die Wanderhure                         D. TV. See also: "Die Rache der             2008 HF       B
                                                                                      Wanderhure". Long, gripping tale of a young
                                                                                      woman in Germany in the year 1414. After a
                                                                                      novel. Excellent for a TV movie.

Die weiße Massai                               The White Massai                       D. Very good and realistic.                     2005 R    A
Die Wiederkehr des Martin Guerre               Le Retour de Martin Guerre             Historically very interesting.                  1981 HR   B
Die Witwe von Saint Pierre                     La veuve de Saint Pierre               F. Juliette Binoche. Strange story.             2000 HR   C
                                                                                      Questionable authenticity.
Die Wüstensöhne                                Sons of the Desert                     Black & white. Comedy. Laurel & Hardy.          1933 F    B
Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place                 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie    Comedy. TV. A family of witches.                2009 F    C
Die zauberhafte Welt der Beatrix Potter        Miss Potter                            Renée Zellweger. Ewan McGregor. Very            2006 R    B
                                                                                      realistic biography of a children's book
                                                                                      author and painter.
Die Zeit ohne Grace                            Grace Is Gone                          John Cusack. Upon hearing his soldier wife      2007 F    B
                                                                                      was killed in war, a father takes his two
                                                                                      daughters on a road trip.
Die Zeitmaschine                               The Time Machine                       Showing age.                                    1960 SF   C
Die zweigeteilte Frau                          La fille coupée en deux                F. Typically French movie - mostly              2007 F    D
                                                                                      meaningless talking. Stopped watching.
Die zweite Frau                                Die zweite Frau                        D. A man living with his mother finds himself   2008 F    B
                                                                                      a Romanian wife. Realistic.
Die Zwillinge                                  De tweeling (Twin Sisters)             NL. Yet another World War 2 designer story.     2002 F    C
                                                                                      One sister goes with a jew, the other with an
                                                                                      SS man.
Dinner Rush - Killer zum Dessert               Dinner Rush                            Too slow. Stopped watching.                     2000 T    D
Disneys Lilo und Stitch 2 - Völlig abgedreht   Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch   Walt Disney. Children's movie. Science-         2005 AF   C
                                                                                      Fiction. Part 3.
Disneys Mulan - Auf geheimer Mission           Mulan II                               Very slow and inane. Stopped watching.          2004 AF   D
Disneys Stitch & Co. - Der Film                Stitch! The Movie                      Walt Disney. Children's movie. Science-         2003 AF   C
                                                                                      Fiction. Part 2.
District 9                                     District 9                             Good idea; questionable, but intense story.     2009 SF   A

Divine Weapon - Die letzte Schlacht der        Shin ge jeon (Divine Weapon)           South Korea. The invention of military        2008 HR     B
Ming-Dynastie                                                                         rockets. Entertaining. Occasionally childish.
                                                                                      Historically interesting.
Django                                         Django                                 Western. Very unrealistic, partly nonsensical 1966 F      C
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 22

Titel                                        Title                                  Comment                                        Year Type Grade
Doc Hollywood                                Doc Hollywood                          Comedy. Michael J Fox. Julie Warner.           1991 F    C
                                                                                    Bridget Fonda. Weak, slow, childish story.
                                                                                    Somewhat funny.
Dogville                                     Dogville                               Nicole Kidman. Strange, extremely              2003 F      C
                                                                                    unrealistic, meaningless story.
Doktor Schiwago                              Doctor Zhivago                                                                       1965    F    B
Dolls                                        Dolls                                                                                2002    F
Dolores                                      Dolores Claiborne                      Taylor Hackford.                              1995    F    D
Domino - Live Fast, Die Young                Domino                                 Keira Knightley. Apparently intentionally bad 2005    R    C
                                                                                    movie by being unclear in many respects,
                                                                                    like story, directing, cutting, camera,
                                                                                    sharpness, contrast, color. Looks like a
                                                                                    failed beginner's experiment.
Don Juan De Marco                            Don Juan De Marco                                                                    1995    F    C
Donna Leon Beweise, dass es böse ist         "Donna Leon" Beweise, dass es böse     TV Series. Donna Leon.                        2005    F    C
Donna Leon Endstation Venedig                "Donna Leon" Endstation Venedig        TV Series. Donna Leon.                         2006 F      C
Donnie Darko                                 Donnie Darko                                                                          2001 F      C
Don't Look Back - Schatten der               Ne te retourne pas                     Mystery. Sophie Marceau. Monica Bellucci.      2009 F      C
Vergangenheit                                                                       Wonderful actresses. Strange, more or less
                                                                                    unintelligible story.
Doppelgängerin                               Doppelgängerin                         D. TV. Weak, unlikely story.                   2012 F      C
Doppelmord                                   Double Jeopardy                        Reasonably good story. Entertaining.           1999 T      B
Dornröschen                                  Dornröschen                            Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.     2008 HF     C
                                                                                    German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                    Poor acting.
Dornröschen erwacht                          Dornröschen erwacht                    D. TV. Nadja Uhl. Good story idea, but the     2006 T      C
                                                                                    story peters out.
Dot the I                                    Dot The I                              Romantic story with a twist. Somewhat          2003 F      C
                                                                                    entertaining, but also weird.
Down With Love - Zum Teufel mit der Liebe Down With Love                            Renée Zellweger. Very stupid story, very       2003 F      D
                                                                                    poorly done. Stopped watching.
Dr. Jekyll und Ms. Hyde                      Dr. Jekyll And Ms. Hyde                Comedy. Sean Young. Very light                 1995 SF     C
                                                                                    entertainment. Often silly.
Dr. Seltsam oder wie ich lernte, die Bombe   Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To   Comedy. Parody. Stanley Kubrick.               1964 F      C
zu lieben                                    Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb
Drachenläufer                                The Kite Runner                        The story of two friends who grew up in        2007 F      B
Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht                 How To Tame Your Dragon                Viking boy clandestinely catches a dragon      2010 AF     A
                                                                                    and learns that dragons are not like
                                                                                    everybody else believes.
Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht                 How To Train Your Dragon               Fantasy. Very entertaining.                    2010 AF     A
Dragonheart                                  Dragonheart                            The last dragon..                              1996 F      C
Dreamer - Ein Traum wird wahr                Dreamer                                Children's movie. Family movie. Slow.          2005 R      C
                                                                                    Stopped watching.
Dreamgirls                                   Dreamgirls                             Weak, childish story. Stopped watching.        2006 F      D
Drei Engel für Charlie                       Charlie's Angels                       Comedy. Thriller. Cameron Diaz. Drew           2000 T      C
                                                                                    Barrymore. Lucy Liu. Nice ladies, but only
                                                                                    very light entertainment.
Drei Farben: Blau                            Trois couleurs: Bleu                   Extremely slow. Lots of nonsense. Stopped      1993 F      D
Drei Farben: Rot                             Trois couleurs: Rouge                  Unbearably slow - stopped watching after 15    1994 F      D
                                                                                    minutes of no significant action.
Drei Farben: Weiß                            Trzy kolory: Bialy (Trois couleurs:    Slow.                                          1994 F      C
Dreizehn                                     Thirteen                               Intense, realistic, lower middle-class story      2003 F   C
                                                                                    about a girl sliding down into asociality, theft,
                                                                                    drugs. Good directing and acting.
                                                                                    Relentlessly depressing though.
Dresden                                      Dresden                                D. TV. English bomber pilot gets shot down 2006 T          A
                                                                                    in Germany in 1945 and tries to find his way.
                                                                                    Very impressive for a German TV movie.

Drive                                        Drive                                  Ryan Gosling. Carey Mulligan. Criminals        2011 T      C
                                                                                    among themselves. Bloody. Boring. Poorly
Drowning By Numbers                          Drowning By Numbers                    Not DVD.                                       1991 F
Druids                                       Druids                                 44 BC. Historically interesting.               2000 HF     C
Dschungelbuch, Das                           Jungle Book, The                                                                      1966 AF     B
                                                       Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 23

Titel                                  Title                                  Comment                                        Year Type Grade
Du bist tot                            U Be Dead                              UK. TV. Cinema quality production. Good,       2009 R    B
                                                                              honest rendition of an interesting, true case.

Du gehst nicht allein                  Temple Grandin                         Biography. Claire Danes. Julia Ormond.         2010 R      A
                                                                              David Strathairn. Excellent and very
                                                                              interesting movie about a famous autistic
Duell                                  Duel                                   Steven Spielberg. Movie-historically           1971 T      B
Duell - Enemy At The Gates             Enemy At The Gates                     Stalingrad Snipers. Very bloody.               2001   R    A
Duell der Degen                        Le Bossu                               Philippe de Broca.                             1997   HF   D
Dune                                   Dune                                                                                  1984   SF   D
Durchgeknallt                          Girl, Interrupted                      Winona Ryder. Angelina Jolie.                  2000   T    B
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial            E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial            Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.        1982   SF   A
Eagle Eye - Außer Kontrolle            Eagle Eye                              Shia LaBeouf. Basically a very interesting     2008   SF   B
                                                                              story, somewhat poorly told with overdone
Earthsea - Die Saga von Erdsee         Earthsea                               TV. Fantasy. Children's movie. Nice scenery    2004 F      D
                                                                              and dresses. Poor directing. Confused,
                                                                              incoherent story.
Eat Pray Love                          Eat Pray Love                          Julia Roberts. Not much of a story, but        2010 F      C
                                                                              mostly pleasant to watch for people from age
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman                 Yin Shi Nan Nu                         Taiwan.                                        1994 F      B
Echo Of The Elephants (1)              Echo Of The Elephants (1)              Cynthia Moss. Amboseli.                        1991 D
Echo Of The Elephants (2): The Next    Echo Of The Elephants (2): The Next    Cynthia Moss. Amboseli.                        1995 D
Generation                             Generation
Echo Of The Elephants (3): The Final   Echo Of The Elephants (3): The Final   Cynthia Moss. Narrator: David Attenborough.    2003 D      A
Chapter?                               Chapter?                               Amboseli..
Echte Frauen haben Kurven              Real Women Have Curves                 Stopped watching after 10 seconds (a           2002 F      D
Eclipse                                Eclipse                                Next part of The Twilight Saga. Kristen        2010 F      B
                                                                              Stewart. Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner.
                                                                              Not too bad for a vampire movie.
EDtv                                   EDtv                                   Comedy.                                        1998 F      B
Edward mit den Scherenhänden           Edward Scissorhands                    Children's movie. Very childish. Johnny        1990 SF     C
                                                                              Depp. Winona Ryder. Director: Tim Burton.

Eifersüchtig - Verrat einer Freundin   Friends 'Til The End                   Shannen Doherty. Jennifer Blanc.             1996 F        D
                                                                              Reasonably good teen-psycho story, but the
                                                                              ending is very disappointing and incomplete.

Ein amerikanischer Quilt               How To Make An American Quilt          Winona Ryder. Showing age. Too boring.         1995 F      D
                                                                              Stopped watching.
Ein Chef zum Verlieben                 Two Weeks Notice                       Comedy. Sandra Bullock. Hugh Grant.            2002 F      B
Ein einfacher Plan                     A Simple Plan                          Stupid people doing stupid things. Grotesque   1998 T      C
Ein Engel an meiner Tafel              An Angel At My Table                   Not DVD German.                                1990 R
Ein Feld im Morgengrauen               Before Dawn                            Hungary. 15 min. Far too slow, particularly    2005 F      C
                                                                              for a short movie.
Ein Fisch namens Wanda                 A Fish Named Wanda                     Comedy.                                        1988 T      C
Ein ganz besonderer Weihnachtswunsch   The Christmas Wish                     TV. A sentimental, slow feel-good movie.       1998 F      C
                                                                              Debbie Reynolds. Naomi Watts.
Ein Geheimnis                          Un secret                              Highly questionable story. Unrealistic.        2007 F      D
                                                                              Boring. Feel-bad movie.
Ein Goldfisch unter Haien              Ein Goldfisch unter Haien              Romantic comedy. Germany. TV. Amusing,         2004 F      C
                                                                              but partly too unrealistic.
Ein gutes Jahr                         A Good Year                            Russell Crowe. Marion Cotillard. Archie        2006 F      C
                                                                              Panjabi. Abbie Cornish. Light entertainment.

Ein Hauch von Sonnenschein             Sunshine (A Napfény íze)               Ungarn.                                        1999   R    B
Ein Jahr in der Hölle                  The Year Of Living Dangerously         Mel Gibson. Sigourney Weaver. Realistic.       1982   F    B
Ein Königreich für ein Lama            The Emperor's New Groove               Walt Disney. Children's movie.                 2000   AF   C
Ein Mädchen namens Dinky               Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael          Winona Ryder. Wonderfully acted, but the       1989   F    C
                                                                              story is weak and very slow.
Ein Mann - ein Mord                    Grosse Pointe Blank                    Comedy. John Cusack. Flat. Slightly            1997 T      C
                                                                              entertaining. Somewhat funny.
                                                        Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 24

Titel                               Title                                    Comment                                         Year Type Grade
Ein Mann für geheime Stunden        The Man From Elysian Fields              Andy Garcia. Mick Jagger. Julianna              2001 F    B
                                                                             Margulies. Olivia Williams. A bit slow, but
                                                                             still an entertaining story.
Ein Mann, drei Leben - Mr. Nobody   Mr. Nobody                               Total nonsense. Stopped watching after 25       2009 SF    D
Ein Millionär zum Frühstück         Romance au fil de l'eau                  D. TV. Romantic comedy. Entertaining.           2001 F     B
                                                                             Sophie Schütt at her best.
Ein Mörder nach Maß                 Un coupable idéal                        Very detailed and long-winded.               2001 D        B
Ein Offizier und Gentleman          An Officer And A Gentleman                                                            1982 F        A
Ein perfekter Mord                  A Perfect Murder                         Gwyneth Paltrow. Michael Douglas. Remake 1998 T            B
                                                                             of "Dial M For Murder".
Ein richtig gutes Leben             Tesko je biti fin                        Bosnia. Not bad, but mediocre and            2007 F        C
Ein russischer Sommer               The Last Station                         Leo Tolstoy's last years. Well made, but not 2009 HR       C
                                                                             really interesting.
Ein Schweinchen namens Babe         Ein Schweinchen namens Babe              Children's movie.                            1995 F        B
Ein Tag mit meinem Bruder           Tru Confessions                          Walt Disney. TV. Recommended if you are 2002 F             C
                                                                             interested in mentally handicapped children.

Ein Ticket für zwei                 Planes, Trains And Automobiles           Comedy. Steve Martin.                           1981 F     C
Ein Trauzeuge zum Verlieben         The Best Man                             Romantic Comedy. Stuart Townsend. Amy           2005 F     B
                                                                             Smart. Amusing and entertaining. Good
Ein ungezähmtes Leben               An Unfinished Life                       Robert Redford. Jennifer Lopez. Morgan          2005 F     B
                                                                             Freeman. Director: Lasse Hallström. Slow
                                                                             feel-good movie.
Ein unmöglicher Härtefall           Intolerable Cruelty                      Catherine Zeta-Jones. George Clooney.           2003 F     C
Ein Vater kämpft um seine Kinder    Evelyn                                   Pierce Brosnan. Not bad, but not very           2002 R     C
                                                                             interesting today. Exaggerated and overly
Ein Vogel auf dem Drahtseil         Bird On A Wire                           Comedy. Mel Gibson. Goldie Hawn. Music:         1989 T     C
                                                                             Hans Zimmer. Flat humor.
Ein wahres Verbrechen               True Crime                               Clint Eastwood. Isaiah Washington. Lisa         1999 T     B
                                                                             Gay Hamilton. Director: Clint Eastwood.
                                                                             Showing age. Unrealistically overdesigned
                                                                             story, but still thrilling and well played.
Ein Werk Gottes                     Something The Lord Made                  Racial discrimination - an overworked topic.    2004 R     D
                                                                             Stopped watching.
Ein Winter in Michigan              Winter Passing                           Extremely slow nonsense movie. Stopped          2005 F     D
Ein Zwilling kommt selten allein    The Parent Trap                          Children's movie. Walt Disney. Lindsay          1998 F     B
                                                                             Lohan. Dennis Quaid. Identical twins, who
                                                                             didn't know of each other, meet by
Eine Frage der Ehre                 A Few Good Men                                                                           1992 F     B
Eine Hochzeit zum Verlieben         The Wedding Singer                       Romantic comedy. Adam Sandler. Drew             1997 F     C
                                                                             Barrymore. Somewhat slow and boring.
Eine Liebe für die Unendlichkeit    Infinity                                 Richard Feynman, biography of his early life.   1995 R     B
                                                                             Apparently too honest to compete with
                                                                             typical Hollywood scripts.
Eine Schwalbe macht den Sommer      Une hirondelle a fait le printemps       F. Mathilde Seigner. Nice, but very slow,       2001 F     C
                                                                             meager story of a 30-year-old female
                                                                             computer specialist who breaks out and buys
                                                                             a remote farm in the mountains.
Eine verhängnisvolle Affäre         Fatal Attraction                         Michael Douglas. Psycho thriller. Strange       1987 T     C
                                                                             story, so overstretched that it almost
                                                                             becomes a comedy.
Eine wie keine                      She's All That                           Teen comedy. Simple, predictable story,         1999 F     C
                                                                             partly flat humor. Somewhat entertaining.
Eine zweite Chance                  Hope Floats                              Sandra Bullock.                                 1998   F   C
Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest                                                          1975   T   B
Einmal Millionär sein               The Lavender Hill Mob                    Comedy. Alec Guinness.                          1951   F   C
Eins, Zwei, Drei                    One, Two, Three                          Comedy. Very funny. Black & white.              1961   F   B
Einsame Entscheidung                Executive Decision                       Kurt Russell. Halle Berry. Steven Seagal.       1996   T   C
                                                                             Unrealistic, exaggerated story. Boeing 747 is
                                                                             entered in the air. Student pilot lands it.
                                                                             Somewhat entertaining.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 25

Titel                                   Title                                    Comment                                    Year Type Grade
Einsteins große Idee                    E=mc²                                    USA. F. D. UK. TV. Docudrama. Shows the 2005 R       B
                                                                                 scientists who prepared the ground for
                                                                                 Einstein's discovery and also shows
                                                                                 Einstein's life.
Eiskalte Engel                          Cruel Intentions                         Flat teen comedy and drama. Sarah Michelle 1998 F    C
                                                                                 Gellar. Reese Witherspoon. Ryan Philippe.
                                                                                 Selma Blair. Vulgar. Modern remake of "Les
                                                                                 Liaisons Dangereuses".

Eiskalte Leidenschaft                   Final Analysis                           Richard Gere. Kim Basinger. Uma Thurman.       1991 T      C
                                                                                 Exaggerated, artificial story.
Election                                Election                                 Comedy. Matthew Broderick. Reese               1998 F      C
                                                                                 Witherspoon. Somewhat entertaining.
Elegy oder die Kunst zu lieben          Elegy                                    Penélope Cruz. Ben Kingsley. A love affair     2008 F      B
                                                                                 with 30 years age difference. Somewhat
                                                                                 frustrating story, but still good.
Elementarteilchen                       Elementary Particles                     D. Slow. Depressing. Unbearable. Stopped       2006 F      D
Elizabeth                               Elizabeth                                UK. Confusing, partly unintelligible, partly   1998 HR     C
                                                                                 unrealistic story.
Elizabeth I.                            Elizabeth I.                             UK. TV. 2 parts. Partly slow.                  2005 HR     B
Elizabethtown                           Elizabethtown                            Orlando Bloom. Kirsten Dunst. Susan            2005 F      B
                                                                                 Sarandon. Jessica Biel. Feel-good movie.
                                                                                 Occasionally a bit slow and impressionistic.

Ella - Verflixt & zauberhaft            Ella Enchanted                           Children's movie. Comedy. Cinderella           2004 F      B
                                                                                 adaptation. Not too bad for children.
Elsa und Fred                           Elsa y Fred                              Stupid. Unrealistic. Boring. Stopped           2005 F      D
E-Mail für dich                         You've Got Mail                          Meg Ryan. Nora Ephron.                         1998 F      B
Empire Falls - Schicksal einer Stadt    Empire Falls                             TV. 2 parts. Emmy award. Not Verleihshop.      2005 F      BX

En Garde                                En Garde                                 D. TV. Somewhere between unpleasant and 2004          F    D
Enemy Mine - Geliebter Feind            Enemy Mine                                                                             1985    SF
Engel und Insekten                      Angel And Insects                        UK. Partly bizarre story and poor, boring     1995    HF   C
                                                                                 dialogs. Otherwise nice.
Enigma - Das Geheimnis                  Enigma                                   Historically interesting. Realistic setting.  2001    T    A
Entgleist                               Derailed                                 Clive Owen. Jennifer Aniston. Thrilling story 2005    T    B
                                                                                 with several surprises. Good entertainment.

Equilibrium                             Equilibrium                              ..                                          2002 SF        B
Er steht einfach nicht auf dich         He's Just Not That Into You              Comedy. Scarlett Johansson. Jennifer        2009 F         B
                                                                                 Aniston. Ben Affleck. Entertaining. Good
                                                                                 directing and acting.
Eraser                                  Eraser                                   Arnold Schwarzenegger. Exaggerated action 1996 SF          C
                                                                                 movie. Some minor science-fiction elements.

Erbarmungslos                           Unforgiven                               Clint Eastwood. Gene Hackman. Morgan           1992 F      B
                                                                                 Freeman. Interesting, unusual western.
Erin Brockovich                         Erin Brockovich                          Julia Roberts..                                2000 R      A
Erkan und Stefan                        Erkan und Stefan                         Comedy.                                        2000 F      D
Ernst sein ist alles                    The Importance Of Being Earnest          Comedy. Very stupid dialogs, not much else.    2002 F      D
                                                                                 Stopped watching.
Erster auf dem Mars                     Race To Mars                             Slow and boring story. Stopped watching.       2006 SF     D
Es begann im September                  Autumn In New York                       Richard Gere. Winona Ryder.                    2000 F      B
Es beginnt heute                        Ça commence aujourd'hui (It all starts   F. Vacillates between depressing and boring.   1999 F      D
                                        today)                                   Stopped watching.
Es geschah am hellichten Tag            It Happened In Broad Daylight            Not DVD. Gerd Fröbe. Heinz Rühmann.            1958   T
Es geschah am hellichten Tag            It Happened In Broad Daylight            Remake.                                        1996   T
Es lebt!                                Habitat                                                                                 1997   SF   D
Es war einmal in Amerika                Once Upon A Time In America              Robert de Niro. Very slow. Uninteresting       1984   F    C
                                                                                 story. Brutality.
Esmas Geheimnis                         Grbavica                                 Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia. Austria.        2006 F    D
                                                                                 Germany. Sadly, the movie is not up to its
                                                                                 difficult task of making the war aftermath felt.
                                                                                 Meager story. Far too slow.
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone     Evangerion shin gekijôban: Jo            J. Animé. Science-fiction. Childish.             2007 AF   D
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance   Evangerion shin gekijôban: Ha            J. Animé. Science-fiction. Childish.             2009 AF   D
                                                          Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 26

Titel                                    Title                                 Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Eve und der letzte Gentleman             Blast from the Past                   Romantic comedy. Brendan Fraser. Alicia           1999 SF   B
                                                                               Silverstone. Christopher Walken. Thoroughly
                                                                               amusing story about a couple raising a child
                                                                               in an air raid shelter without any connection
                                                                               to the outside world, then letting him out as a
                                                                               young adult.
Event Horizon - Am Rande des Universums Event Horizon                          UK. Horror. Dark nonsense story. Stopped          1997 SF     D
Evolution                                Evolution                             Julianne Moore. Starts out well, but gets         2001 SF     C
                                                                               incredibly bad in the end. See only the first
                                                                               45 minutes.
Excalibur                                Excalibur                             Extremely unrealistic story. Stopped              1981 HF     D
eXistenZ                                 eXistenZ                              Simulation.                                       1999 SF     C
Expreß in die Hölle                      Runaway Train                         Boring. Very unrealistic. Stopped watching.       1985 T      D

Eyes Wide Shut                           Eyes Wide Shut                        Stanley Kubrick..                                 1999 F      C
Fahrenheit 451                           Fahrenheit 451                                                                          1966 SF     A
Falling Down - Ein ganz normaler Tag     Falling Down                          F. Director: Joel Schumacher. Michael             1993 F      B
                                                                               Douglas. Robert Duvall.
Falling Skies                            Falling Skies                         TV series. Some weak spots in the story.          2011   SF   B
Fantasia                                 Fantasia                              Walt Disney.                                      1940   AF   A
Fargo - Blutiger Schnee                  Fargo                                                                                   1995   R    C
Farscape - seasons 1 to 4                Farscape - seasons 1 to 4             TV series.                                        1999   SF   C
Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars          Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars       Closing movie to the TV series.                   2004   SF   C
Fear - Wenn Liebe Angst macht            Fear                                  Reese Witherspoon. Mark Wahlberg.                 1996   T    C
                                                                               Psycho-thriller. Good actors, but only
                                                                               meager entertainment.
Fearless - Jenseits der Angst            Fearless                              Very slow. Interesting, partly impressive, but 1993 F         C
                                                                               questionable story about the psychology of
                                                                               aircraft accident survivors.
Feld der Träume                          Field Of Dreams                                                                      1988 F
Female Agents - Geheimkommando           Les femmes de l'ombre                 Sophie Marceau. Interesting, true story        2008 T         B
Phoenix                                                                        about a group of women from England
                                                                               operating for the French resistance in 1944.

Ferien wie noch nie                      Last Holiday                          Comedy. Alec Guinness. Stupid, frustrating        1950 F      B
                                                                               end of otherwise good story.
Ferris macht blau                        Ferris Bueller's Day Off              Slow and boring. Stopped watching.                1986 F      D
Fight Club                               Fight Club                            David Fincher.                                    1999 T      C
Final Call - Wenn er auflegt, muss sie   Final Call                            Kim Basinger. Fast, thrilling, but                2004 T      B
sterben                                                                        exaggerated hostage story. Good
Final Days - Die letzten Tage der        Final Days of Planet Earth            TV. Daryl Hannah. Somewhat entertaining           2006 SF     C
Menschheit                                                                     sci-fi horror thriller.
Findet Nemo                              Finding Nemo                          Children's movie.                                 2003   AF   B
Firefly - season 1                       Firefly - season 1                    TV Series. 4 DVDs. See also, "Serenity".          2002   SF   B
Firewall - Ein todsicheres Programm      Firewall                              Harrison Ford. Moderately entertaining.           2006   T    B
Fireworks Wednesday                      Chaharshanbe-soori                    Iran. Too slow. Boring story. Stopped             2006   F    D
First Orbit                              First Orbit                           First manned space flight (1961, Yuri             2011 D      D
                                                                               Gagarin) recreated from ISS material with a
                                                                               few original movie scenes and some radio
                                                                               communications. Far too long and too
Fish Tank                                Fish Tank                             UK. This episode from the life of a 15-year-      2009 F      D
                                                                               old English girl depicts an almost unbearable
                                                                               chain of hate, violence, deception, abuse,
                                                                               and continuous disappointment. To make
                                                                               matters worse, story progress is extremely
                                                                               slow, and camera handling is amateurish.

Fist of Legend                           Fist of Legend                        HK. Comedy. Jet Li. Poor story.                   1994 T      C
Fitzcarraldo                             Fitzcarraldo                          Director: Werner Herzog. Klaus Kinski.            1982 F      D
                                                                               Unbearably slow.
Flags of our Fathers                     Flags Of Our Fathers                  Ryan Philippe. Director: Clint Eastwood. An       2006 R      B
                                                                               unusual war movie.
Flawless - Ein tadelloses Verbrechen     Flawless                              Demi Moore. Michael Caine. Meager, slow           2007 T      C
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 27

Titel                                         Title                                Comment                                         Year Type Grade
Fletchers Visionen                            Conspiracy Theory                                                                    1997 T    A
Flightplan - Ohne jede Spur                   Flightplan                           Jodie Foster. Far-fetched story, but good       2005 T    B
Flirting with Disaster - Ein Unheil kommt     Flirting With Disaster               Comedy. Ben Stiller. Patricia Arquette. Téa     1996 F      C
selten allein                                                                      Leoni. Moderately funny.
Fluch der Karibik                             Pirates Of The Caribbean (1): The    Johnny Depp. Keira Knightley. Orlando           2002 HF     C
                                              Curse Of The Black Pearl             Bloom. Partly beautiful pictures, but
                                                                                   confused, boring story.
Fluch der Karibik 2                           Pirates Of The Carribean (2): Dead   Johnny Depp. Keira Knightley. Orlando           2006 HF     D
                                              Man's Chest                          Bloom. Music: Hans Zimmer. Total
Fluch der Karibik 3 - Am Ende der Welt        Pirates Of The Caribbean (3): At     Johnny Depp. Keira Knightley. Orlando           2007 HF     B
                                              World's End                          Bloom. Music: Hans Zimmer. Very good
                                                                                   pictures, acting, effects. Poor story.
Flucht ins 23. Jahrhundert                    Logan's Run                          Not DVD.                                        1976 SF     A
Flucht vom Planet der Affen                   Escape From The Planet Of The Apes                                                   1971 SF     C

Flucht von Alcatraz                           Escape From Alcatraz                 Clint Eastwood. Slow.                           1979 R      C
Flucht vor der Vergangenheit                  Forgotten                            UK. Psycho thriller. Somewhat depressive.       2000 T      B

Fluchtpunkt Nizza                             Anthony Zimmer                       F. Sophie Marceau. Good actors, but slow,       2005 T      C
                                                                                   uninteresting story.
Flug 93                                       United 93                            True story of the hijacked plane on 2001-09-    2006 R      A
                                                                                   11, well and honestly told.
Flutsch und weg                               Flushed Away                         Comedy. Poor nonsense story. Stopped            2006 AF     D
Foolproof - Ausgetrickst                      Foolproof                            CDN. Amusing thriller about a trio that plans   2003 T      B
                                                                                   foolproof heists for fun, but their last plan
                                                                                   gets stolen and carried out.
Fools Rush In - Herz über Kopf                Fools Rush In                        Salma Hayek. Nice romantic comedy. Very         1997 F      B
Forbidden Planet (Alarm im Weltall)           Forbidden Planet                     Not DVD German.                                 1956   SF   B
Forever Young                                 Forever Young                        Mel Gibson. Elijah Wood.                        1992   SF   B
Formicula                                     Them!                                                                                1954   SF
Forrest Gump                                  Forrest Gump                                                                         1994   F    C
Forrester - Gefunden!                         Finding Forrester                    Sean Connery.                                   2000   F    B
Fortress - Die Festung                        Fortress                             Brutal and gloomy.                              1992   SF   C
Fracture - Das perfekte Verbrechen            Fracture                             Anthony Hopkins. Well made, but slow,           2007   T    C
                                                                                   meager story.
Frankenstein                                  Frankenstein                         James Whale. Black & white.                     1931   SF   B
Frankenstein Junior                           Young Frankenstein                   Comedy.                                         1974   F    C
Frankensteins Braut                           Bride Of Frankenstein, The                                                           1935   F    B
Franklyn                                      Franklyn                             Fantasy. Ryan Phillippe. Sam Riley. Eva         2008   F    B
                                                                                   Green. Information required to understand
                                                                                   the story is revealed too late. Otherwise
Frantic                                       Frantic                              Harrison Ford. Director: Roman Polanski.        1988 T      C
                                                                                   Good, but slow movie. Showing age.
Frau mit Hund sucht Mann mit Herz             Must Love Dogs                       Romantic Comedy. Diane Lane. Elizabeth          2005 F      B
                                                                                   Perkins. John Cusack. Christopher
                                                                                   Plummer. Light entertainment.
Frau ohne Gewissen                            Double Indemnity                     Billy Wilder.                                   1944   T    B
Frau Rettich, die Czerni und ich              Frau Rettich, Die Czerni Und Ich                                                     1998   F
Fräulein Smillas Gespür für Schnee            Smilla's Sense Of Snow               Sweden. Slow.                                   1996   T    C
Freaky Friday - Ein voll verrückter Freitag   Freaky Friday                        Jamie Lee Curtis. Lindsay Lohan. Too            2003   F    D
                                                                                   childish. Stopped watching.
Freejack                                      Freejack                                                                             1992 SF     C
Freeway                                       Freeway                              Reese Witherspoon..                             1996 T      C
Fremde Wesen                                  FairyTale: A True Story              Nice, but boring story about two girls who      1997 R      C
                                                                                   took photos of fairies.
French Connection                             The French Connection                Too slow. Stopped watching.                     1971 T      D
French Kiss                                   French Kiss                          Comedy. Meg Ryan. German DVD has poor           1995 F      B
                                                                                   Quality and only German sound.
Frequency                                     Frequency                            Dennis Quaid. Good sci-fi thriller.             2000 SF     B
Freundinnen                                   Beaches                              Bette Midler. Barbara Hershey. Slow, boring,    1988 F      C
                                                                                   artificially sentimental story.
Frida                                         Frida                                                                                2002 R      B
From Hell                                     From Hell                            Slow. Very ugly, bloody, disgusting.            2001 HF     C
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 28

Titel                                      Title                                   Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Frozen River                               Frozen River                            A white and a Mohawk woman become                 2008 F    C
                                                                                   smugglers and friends. Somewhere between
                                                                                   depressive and boring.
Frühling im Herbst                         Babí Léto                               Czech.                                            2001 F      D
Frühling, Sommer, Herbst, Winter ... und   Bom, yeoreum, gaeul, gyeoul geurigo,    South Korea. Too slow and strange. Stopped        2003 F      D
Frühling                                   bom                                     watching.
Frühstück bei Tiffany                      Breakfast at Tiffany's                                                                    1962   F    C
Full Metal Jacket                          Full Metal Jacket                       Stanley Kubrick.                                  1987   T    B
Für das Leben eines Freundes               Return To Paradise                      Overstretched story. Sentimental.                 1998   T    C
Für immer 30                               Für immer 30                            Romantic Comedy. D. TV. Light                     2011   F    C
                                                                                   entertainment. Somewhat limping story.
Futurama - Season 1 Collection             Futurama - Season 1 Collection          Science-Fiction.                                  2001 AF     B
Futurama - Season 2 Collection             Futurama - Season 2 Collection          Science-Fiction.                                  2001 AF
Futurama: Die Ära des Tentakels            Futurama: The Beast With A Billion      Science-Fiction. Funny, but Futurama has          2008 AF     C
                                           Backs                                   had better stories.
G.I. Joe - Geheimakte Cobra                G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra             Good effects. Poor, unlikely, simplistic story.   2009 SF     D
                                                                                   Very poor script. Stopped watching.
G8 auf Wolke Sieben                        The Girl In The Café                    UK. Comedy and drama. Nice movie.                 2005 F      B
Galaxy Quest - Planlos durchs Weltall      Galaxy Quest                            Comedy.                                           1999 SF     A
Game of Thrones                            Game Of Thrones                         Medieval fantasy. Gorgeous imagery,               2011 HF     A
                                                                                   thrilling action, fine fantasy. Having to have
                                                                                   some major turn in each episode makes it
                                                                                   like a hurdle race. The very best men tend to
                                                                                   die sudden, unexpected deaths. Still
                                                                                   excellent for a TV series.
Gamer                                      Gamer                                   Prison inmates are used as remote-                2009 SF     C
                                                                                   controlled actors in an online game.
Gandhi                                     Gandhi                                                                                    1982   D    A
Gangs of New York                          Gangs Of New York                       Martin Scorsese.                                  2002   HF   B
Gangster in Key Largo                      Key Largo                               Humphrey Bogart.                                  1948   T    C
Ganz oder gar nicht                        The Full Monty                          Comedy.                                           1997   F    C
Garam Masala                               Garam Masala                            Comedy. India. Very flat.                         2005   F    C
GATTACA                                    GATTACA                                 Gene modification..                               1997   SF   C
Gefahr und Begierde                        Se, jie (Lust, Caution)                 USA. China. Taiwan. HK. Director: Ang Lee.        2007   T    C
                                                                                   Thoroughly depressing.
Gefährliche Begegnung                      The Woman In The Window                 Fritz Lang.                                 1944         F    B
Gefährliche Brandung                       Point Break                             Cathryn Bigelow.                            1991         T    C
Gefährliche Freundin                       Something Wild                          Partly a Comedy.                            1986         T    C
Gefährliche Liebschaften                   Dangerous Liaisons                                                                  1988         HF   C
Gefangen im Dunkel                         Marian, Again                           UK. TV. Nearly a horror movie, but based on 2005         R    B
                                                                                   a true story.
Gefangen in der Hölle                      To End All Wars                         Kiefer Sutherland. The true story of "The   2001         R    B
                                                                                   Bridge On The River Kwai", based on an
                                                                                   autographic book of one of the prisoners.
Gegen die Wand                             Duvara karsi (Head-On)                  Fatih Akin.                                 2004         F    C
Gegen die Zeit                             Nick Of Time                            Johnny Depp. Real-time. Entertaining.       1995         T    B
Geh und lebe                               Va, vis et deviens                      Israel. Partly interesting story about      2005         F    C
                                                                                   Falashas, somewhat poorly told and too
Geheime Staatsaffären                      L'ivresse du pouvoir (A Comedy Of       F. Typical French movie, consisting only of 2006         F    D
                                           Power)                                  talking. Poor, slow story without ending.

Geiz                                       Greed                                   Erich von Stroheim. Black & white.             1924 F         B
                                                                                   Colorized. Silent.
Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited      Gekijouban Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited   J. Alternative ending to the series. Excellent 2010 AF        D
Blade Works                                Blade Works                             image quality, very poor story.
Geliebte Jane Austen                       Becoming Jane                           USA. UK. Biographic story of Jane Austen's 2007 HR            A
                                                                                   first big love, reconstructed from her novels.

George und das Ei des Drachen              George And The Dragon                   Very bad fantasy comedy.                          2004 F      D
Georgias Gesetz                            Georgia Rule                            Jane Fonda. Lindsay Lohan. Starts out             2007 F      C
                                                                                   poorly, but does get better in the second
                                                                                   half. Still a weak story about an abused girl.

Gerry                                      Gerry                                   Matt Damon. Casey Affleck. Extremely slow 2002 F              D
                                                                                   and boring. Stopped watching.
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 29

Titel                                       Title                                 Comment                                             Year Type Grade
Geschäft mit dem Tod                        Return To Sender                      US. CDN. DK. Connie Nielsen. Aidan Quinn.           2004 F    B
                                                                                  Sleazy lawyer saves woman on death row.
                                                                                  Somewhat unrealistic, but still a good story
                                                                                  and good acting.
Geschenkt ist noch zu teuer                 Money Pit                             Comedy. Steven Spielberg. Tom Hanks.                1985 F
Geseltzlos - Die Geschichte des Ned Kelly   Ned Kelly                             AUS. UK. F. Heath Ledger. Orlando Bloom.            2003 HR     C
                                                                                  Naomi Watts. The Australian Robin Hood.

Gesprengte Ketten                           The Great Escape                      Realistically shows a famous escape from a 1963 R               A
                                                                                  German prisoners of war camp.
Geständnisse - Confessions of a dangerous Confessions of a dangerous Mind         Stopped watching.                          2002 R               D
Get Low                                   Am Ende des Weges                       Robert Duvall. Bill Murray. Sissy Spacek.           2009 R      B
                                                                                  Excellent acting, directing, and camera. The
                                                                                  story is true and moving, but still a little thin
                                                                                  and strange.
Get Smart                                   Get Smart                             Comedy thriller. Anne Hathaway. Somewhat            2008 T      C
                                                                                  too funny.
Getrennt von Tisch und Bett                 Separate Tables                       Black & white. Rita Hayworth. Burt                  1958 F      B
Ghost Dog - Der Weg des Samurai             Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai     Forest Whitaker.                                    1999   T    D
Ghost In The Shell - Anime                  Ghost In The Shell                    Science-Fiction..                                   1996   AF   A
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence             Inosensu: Kôkaku kidôtai              Science-Fiction.                                    2004   AF
Ghost World                                 Ghost World                           Thora Birch. Scarlett Johansson.                    2000   F    C
Ghostbusters                                Ghostbusters                          Comedy.                                             1984   F    D
Gilbert Grape - Irgendwo in Iowa            What's Eating Gilbert Grape?          Johnny Depp. Leonardo di Caprio. Stopped            1993   F    D
Girls Club - Vorsicht bissig                Mean Girls                            Lindsay Lohan. Fairly well made for a teen          2004 F      B
Gladiator                                   Gladiator                             Russell Crowe. Music: Hans Zimmer..                 2000 HF     A
Glengarry Glen Ross                         Glengarry Glen Ross                   Al Pacino. Alec Baldwin. Kevin Spacey. Poor         1991 F      D
                                                                                  story. No action. Nonsenical, very unrealistic
Glück auf brasilianisch                     Glück auf brasilianisch               D. TV. Very light entertainment, but OK for a       2011 F      B
                                                                                  German TV movie.
Goldenes Gift                               Out Of The Past                       Black & white. Clint Eastwood.                      1947 T      C
Gone Baby Gone                              Gone Baby Gone                        Casey Affleck. Gut gemacht. Spannende,              2007 F      B
                                                                                  realistische Story, die eine Frage stellt und
                                                                                  offen lässt.
Good Advice - Guter Rat ist teuer           Good Advice                           Very light entertainment.                           2001 F      D
Good Vibrations - Sex vom anderen Stern     What Planet Are You From?             Comedy. Annette Bening. Barely watchable.           2000 SF     D
                                                                                  Occasionally somewhat funny.
Good Will Hunting                           Good Will Hunting                     Oscars.                                             1997 F      B
Good Woman - Ein Sommer in Amalfi           A Good Woman                          Helen Hunt. Scarlett Johansson. Feels like a        2004 F      C
                                                                                  much older movie. Much dialogue, little
Goodbye Lenin                               Goodbye Lenin                         German reunification.                         2002         F    A
GoodFellas - Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia   Goodfellas                                                                          1990         R    B
Gorillas in the Mist                        Gorillas in the Mist                  Region Code 1..                               1988         R    A
Gorky Park                                  Gorky Park                                                                          1983         T    C
Gosford Park                                Gosford Park                          Slow. Character study.                        2002         T    B
Gothika                                     Gothika                               Halle Berry. Penelope Cruz. Mystery thriller. 2003         T    D
                                                                                  A bit too far on the crazy side.
Gottes Werk und Teufels Beitrag             The Cider House Rules                                                               1999         F
Goyas Geister                               Goya's Ghosts                         Drama. Natalie Portman in an incredible       2006         R    C
                                                                                  double role. Director: Milos Forman. In 1792
                                                                                  Goya's model, the daugher of a wealthy
                                                                                  trader, is incarcerated by the Spanish
                                                                                  Inquisition. Frustrating ending.
Grabgeflüster - Liebe versetzt Särge        Plots With A View                     UK. Black humor. Childish. Stopped            2002         F    D
Gran Torino                                 Gran Torino                           Director: Clint Eastwood. Nice story, well    2008         F    B
Grandma's Boy                               Grandma's Boy                         Comedy. Childish nonsense. Stopped            2006         F    D
Grasgeflüster                               Saving Grace                          UK. Woman tries to save her estate by         2000         F    D
                                                                                  growing Marijuana. Meager story with a poor
                                                                                  and far-fetched ending.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 30

Titel                                       Title                                   Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Grave of the Fireflies                      Grave Of The Fireflies (Hotaru no haka) Very sad movie..                                  1988 AF   B

Green Card - Scheinehe mit Hindernissen     Green Card                             Comedy.                                         1990 F       B
Greenfingers - Harte Jungs und zarte Triebe Greenfingers                           Clive Owen. Nice movie about three inmates 2000 R            B
                                                                                   with gardening ambitions.
Gremlins - Kleine Monster                   Gremlins                                                                               1984 SF      B
Greta                                       Greta                                  Hillary Duff. Evan Ross. 17-year-old girl       2009 F       B
                                                                                   needs to come to terms with the world.
                                                                                   Good, entertaining story.
Gripsholm                                   Gripsholm                                                                              1999 F       C
Große Erwartungen                           Great Expectations                     Gwyneth Paltrow. Ethan Hawke. Robert de 1998 F               C
Grosse Point Blank                          Grosse Pointe Blank                    Comedy.                                         1997 T       B
Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück        Single by Contract                     Comedy. D. Good story, excellent script and 2010 F           B
                                                                                   directing with many irresistibly funny details.
                                                                                   In spite of the lay actors, such as the real
                                                                                   pop band, and a few weak spots in the story,
                                                                                   this is excellent entertainment.

Grüne Tomaten                               Fried Green Tomatoes                   Not DVD German. Moving, but somewhat               1991 F    B
                                                                                   strange, artificial story.
Guardian of the Spirit                      Seirei no moribito (Guardian Of The    Animé. TV series. Somewhat long-winded,            2007 AF   B
                                            Sacred Spirit)                         otherwise good.
Gundam Wing                                 Gundam Wing                            Science-Fiction. Not DVD German.                   2000 AF   C
Gwyn - Prinzessin der Diebe                 Princess Of Thieves                    UK. Children's movie. Teens. Keira                 2001 HF   B
                                                                                   Knightley. Robin Hood's daughter.
Haben und nicht Haben                       To Have And Have Not                   Humphrey Bogart. Black & white. Similar to         1944 F    A
Hackers                                     Hackers                                Angelina Jolie. Clueless movie makers              1995 F    D
                                                                                   made a hacker movie.
Hair                                        Hair                                   Forman.                                            1979 F    B
Halbe Treppe                                Halbe Treppe                                                                              2002 F    C
Hallam Foe - Aus dem Leben eines            Hallam Foe                             UK. Jamie Bell. Very strange story,                2007 F    C
Außenseiters                                                                       somewhat vulgar, slow, boring, but not
                                                                                   entirely bad. Young man loses his mother,
                                                                                   finds girl who looks like her.
Hallo, Mr. President                        The American President                 Michael Douglas. Annette Bening. Very              1995 F    B
                                                                                   naive feel-good love story of the president.
                                                                                   Good acting.
Hamam - Das türkische Bad                   Steam: The Turkish Bath                                                                   1997 F    B
Hancock                                     Hancock                                Comedy. Fantasy. Will Smith. Charlize              2008 F    C
                                                                                   Theron. Depressive superman gets help
                                                                                   from a PR manager.
Hangover                                    The Hangover                           Comedy. Good story idea, very poorly               2009 F    C
                                                                                   executed. Childish.
Hannibal                                    Hannibal                               Anthony Hopkins. Julianne Moore. Very              2001 T    D
                                                                                   brutal. Music: Hans Zimmer.
Hannibal - der Albtraum Roms                Hannibal                               UK.                                                2006 D    A
Happy Accidents                             Happy Accidents                        Romantic sci-fi story. Nice idea, poor story.      2000 SF   C
                                                                                   Unrealistic, confusing, difficult to understand.

Happy Gilmore - Ein Champ zum Verlieben Happy Gilmore                              Comedy. Adam Sandler. Unsuccessful ice             1995 F    C
                                                                                   hockey player becomes far-hitting golfer.

Happy Go Lucky - Gute Laune ist             Happy-Go-Lucky                         Comedy. UK. Boring. Nothing happens.               2008 F    D
ansteckend                                                                         Stopped watching.
Harald - Der Chaot aus dem Weltall          Harald                                 Comedy. Good story idea, poor script.              1997 SF   C
Harold und Maude                            Harold and Maude                       Comedy.                                            1971 F    B
Harry Brown                                 Harry Brown                            Michael Caine. Partly too slow, but otherwise      2009 T    B
                                                                                   very good. Elderly ex-marine takes
                                                                                   neighborhood matters in his own hands.

Harry Potter (1) und der Stein der Weisen   Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert               2001 F    A
Harry Potter (2) und die Kammer des         Harry Potter And The Chamber Of       Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert               2002 F    B
Schreckens                                  Secrets                               Grint..
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 31

Titel                                        Title                                Comment                                            Year Type Grade
Harry Potter (3) und der Gefangene von       Harry Potter And The Prisoner of     Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert              2004 F    B
Azkaban                                      Azkaban                              Grint..
Harry Potter (4) und der Feuerkelch          Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire  Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert              2005 F      B
Harry Potter (5) und der Orden des Phoenix Harry Potter And The Order Of The      Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert              2007 F      C
                                           Phoenix                                Grint..
Harry Potter (6) und der Halbblutprinz     Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert              2009 F
Harry Potter (7.1) und die Heiligtümer des Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert               2010 F      C
Todes: Teil 1                              Part 1                                 Grint. Confused, haphazard story..
Harry Potter (7.2) und die Heiligtümer des Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Daniel Radcliffe. Emma Watson. Rupert               2011 F      B
Todes: Teil 2                              Part 2                                 Grint. A little more of a story than the first
Harry und Sally                            When Harry Met Sally                   Comedy. Meg Ryan. Director: Rob Reiner.            1989 F      B
                                                                                  Writer: Nora Ephron.
Harus Reise                                Haru tono tabi                         J. Story of a family, realistic, but slow and      2010 F      C
                                                                                  not overly interesting.
Hatari!                                    Hatari!                                John Wayne. Interesting footage of catching        1962 F      B
                                                                                  wild animals in Tanganyika..
Hauptsache verliebt                        I Could Never Be Your Woman            Comedy. Michelle Pfeiffer. Paul Rudd.              2007 F      D
                                                                                  Saoirse Ronan. Some funny dialogues. They
                                                                                  play it very well, but cannot help the poor,
                                                                                  childish story and script.
Hautnah                                    Closer                                 Julia Roberts. Natalie Portman. Jude Law.          2004 F      D
                                                                                  Unrealistic nonsense. Stopped watching.
Hautnah - Die Methode Hill                 Wire in the Blood                      Strange. Highly unrealistic.                       2002   T    C
Havana                                     Havana                                 Not DVD German. Robert Redford.                    1990   F    B
Hawaii                                     Hawaii                                 Missionaries.                                      1965   HF   B
Hawking - Die Suche nach dem Anfang der Hawking                                   TV. A bit slow, but still good..                   2004   R    B
Heartbreakers - Achtung: scharfe Kurven    Heartbreakers                          Comedy. Sigourney Weaver. Excellent                2001 F      B
Heat                                       Heat                                   Al Pacino. Robert de Niro. Very well made,         1995 T      B
                                                                                  but exaggerated, unrealistic story.
Heaven                                     Heaven                                 Woman tries to kill Italian drug boss, but kills   2002 F      D
                                                                                  4 innocent people instead. Far too slow.
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
Heaven And Earth                           Heaven And Earth                       Not DVD German. Oliver Stone.                      1993 HF
Heavenly Creatures                         Heavenly Creatures                     Harrowing.                                         1994 R      B
Heimweg - The Road Home                    Wo de fu qin mu qin (The Road Home) China. Touching and unusual movie.                    1999 F      B

Heiraten will gelernt sein                   I Do (But I Don't)                      TV. Romantic comedy. Denise Richards.           2004 F      C
                                                                                     Light entertainment.
Heißer Trip nach Texas                       Road Trip                               Comedy.                                         2000 F      C
Heißes Eisen                                 The Big Heat                            Fritz Lang.                                     1953 T      D
Heißes Spiel in Las Vegas                    Shade                                   Thandy Newton. Sylvester Stallone.              2003 F      C
                                                                                     Somewhat entertaining, but very contrived
                                                                                     and slow story.
Henry V.                                     Henry V                                 Kenneth Branagh. Nach Shakespeare.           1989 HF
Hero                                         Hero (Ying xiong)                                                                    2002 HF        B
Hero Wanted - Helden brauchen kein           Hero Wanted                             Complex story. Very bloody. Happy End. Still 2008 T         C
Gesetz                                                                               uninteresting.
Herr der Fliegen                             Lord Of The Flies                                                                    1963 T         B
Hexen hexen                                  The Witches                             Children's movie. Stopped watching.          1989 F         D
Hexenjagd                                    The Crucible                            Winona Ryder.                                1996 HR        B
Hidalgo - 3000 Meilen zum Ruhm               Hidalgo                                 Fair entertainment. Overstretched story.     2004 HR        B
Hide And Seek                                Cord                                    Daryl Hannah.                                2000 T         C
High Crimes - Im Netz der Lügen              High Crimes                             Ashley Judd. Morgan Freeman. Amanda          2001 T         B
                                                                                     Peet. Fairly good movie. Good story. Good
High Fidelity                                High Fidelity                           Comedy. John Cusack. Iben Hjejle.            2000 F         C
                                                                                     Catherine Zeta-Jones. Bruce Springsteen.
                                                                                     Nice, but slow and a bit boring.
High Plains Drifter                          High Plains Drifter                     Western. Clint Eastwood.                     1973 HF        C
Highwaymen                                   Highwaymen                              James Caviezel. Idiotic horror movie about a 2004 T         D
                                                                                     handicapped man who kills women with his
                                                                                     car. Stopped watching.
Hikarus Go                                   Hikaru's Go (Hikaru no Go)              TV series, 75 episodes..                     1998 AF        A
                                                         Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 32

Titel                                     Title                                  Comment                                    Year Type Grade
Hilary und Jackie                         Hilary And Jackie                      UK. Very little meaning in the story.      1998 F    C
Hilfe, ich habe ein Date                  The Third Wheel                        Luke Wilson. Denise Richards. Ben Affleck. 2002 F    D
                                                                                 Matt Damon. Primitive. Stopped watching.

Himmel über Australien                    Rapture Of The Deep                    D. TV. Fairly good for a German TV movie.      2006 T      B
                                                                                 Entertaining. 2 parts, total 3 h.
Hindenburg                                Hindenburg                             D. TV. Not bad for a TV movie. 2 parts.        2011   R    B
Hiroshima, Mon Amour                      Hiroshima, Mon Amour                                                                  1959   F    D
Hitch - Der Date Doktor                   Hitch                                  Comedy. Will Smith. Light entertainment.       2004   F    B
Hitler - Eine Karriere                    Hitler - Eine Karriere                                                                1977   D    B
Hitman - Jeder stirbt alleine             Hitman                                 Based on the EIDOS game "Hitman".              2007   SF   C
                                                                                 Somewhat monotonous, weak story.
Hollow Man - Unsichtbare Gefahr           Hollow Man                                                                            2000 SF     C
Hook                                      Hook                                 Steven Spielberg. Dustin Hoffmann. Robin         1991 F      D
                                                                               Williams. Julia Roberts. Unbearably stupid
Hostage - Entführt                        Hostage                              Bruce Willis. Well made, entertaining.           2004   T    B
Hot Fuzz                                  Hot Fuzz                             UK. Comedy. Parody.                              2007   T    C
Hotel Ruanda                              Hotel Rwanda                         The Rwandan genocide..                           2004   R    A
House Bunny                               The House Bunny                      Comedy. Somewhat entertaining, but utterly       2008   F    D
Howl's Moving Castle                      Howl's Moving Castle (Hauru no Ugoku Hayao Miyazaki.                                  2004 AF     B
Hudsucker - Der große Sprung              The Hudsucker Proxy                  Not DVD German. Stopped watching after           1994 F      D
                                                                               15 minutes of nonsense.
Hugo                                      Hugo                                 Asa Butterfield. Chloë Grace Moretz. Ben         2011 F      B
                                                                               Kingsley. Christopher Lee. Director:
                                                                               Martin Scorsese. Beautiful movie, contains
                                                                               the true story of the early movie maker
                                                                               Georges Mélièz.
Hunting Party - Wenn der Jäger zum        The Hunting Party                    Richard Gere. Terence Howard. Journalisten       2007 R      B
Gejagten wird                                                                  jagen einen serbischen Kriegsverbrecher.
                                                                               Sehr gut gemacht.
Hwal - Der Bogen                          Hwal                                 South Korea. Weird. Impressionistic. Elderly     2005 F      C
                                                                               fisherman keeps a girl on his off-shore boat
                                                                               with the intention of marrying her on her 17th
I Am Legend                               I Am Legend                          Will Smith. Extremely slow. Yet another          2007 SF     C
                                                                               Dawn For The Dead remake.
I, Robot - Fehler im System               I, Robot                             It is a pity that the interesting ideas are      2004 SF     A
                                                                               swamped by a thick layer of action thriller
Ice Age                                   Ice Age                              Children's movie. Comedy.                        2002 AF     B
Ice Age 3                                 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs       Comedy. Children's movie. Meager story.          2009 AF     C
                                                                               Primitive humor.
Ich Beide & Sie                           Me, Myself & Irene                   Comedy. Inane. Stopped watching.                 2000   F    D
Ich glaub, mich knutscht ein Elch         Stripes                              Comedy. Stopped watching.                        1981   F    D
Ich träumte von Afrika                    I Dreamed Of Africa                  Kuki Gallmann.                                   2000   R    B
Ich und du und alle, die wir lieben       Me And You And Everyone We Know      Very slow nonsense.                              2005   F    D
Idiocracy                                 Idiocracy                            Comedy. Flat humor.                              2006   SF   D
If only - Rendezvous mit dem Schicksal    If Only                              Fantasy. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Paul Nicholls.    2004   F    C
                                                                               Tom Wilkinson. Very beautifully made. Very
                                                                               good acting. Aimless time-loop story, leading
Illuminati                                Angels & Demons                      Tom Hanks. A first class movie after the         2009 T      A
                                                                               book. A scientist has to help the Vatican.
I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK               Saibogujiman kwenchana               South Korea. Nonsense. Stopped watching.         2006 F      D

Im Dienste ihrer Majestät - Licensed by   Licensed By Royalty                    J. Slow, boring story. Poor animation.       2003 AF       D
Royalty                                                                          Stopped watching.
Im Fadenkreuz - Allein gegen alle         Behind Enemy Lines                     Loosely based on real story. Region Code 1.. 2001 R        B

Im Feuer                                  Ladder 49                              Joaquin Phoenix. John Travolta. Impressive     2004 T      C
                                                                                 fires. Naive story.
Im Juli                                   Im Juli                                Comedy. Fatih Akin. Moritz Bleibtreu..         2000 F      B
Im Körper des Feindes                     Face/Off                               John Travolta. Nicolas Cage. Unrealistic.      1997 T      C
Im Netz der Spinne                        Along Came A Spider                    Morgan Freeman. Rather contrived detective     2001 T      C
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 33

Titel                                        Title                                 Comment                                            Year Type Grade
Im Schatten des Terrors                      Hearts & Minds                        SA. Good story, but too slow and                   1995 T    C
                                                                                   depressing. Stopped watching.
Im Schatten von Lissabon                     Lisboa                                Relatively realistic, but an ugly and deeply       1999 F    D
                                                                                   frustrating story.
Im Tal der Löwen                             The Place of Lions                    Children's movie..                                 1997 F    B
Im Tal von Elah                              In The Valley Of Elah                 Tommy Lee Jones. Charlize Theron. Susan            2007 T    B
Im Vorhof der Hölle                          State Of Grace                        Sean Penn. Poor, synthetic, unnecessarily          1990 T    C
                                                                                   bloody story, otherwise well made.

Im Westen nichts Neues                       All Quiet On The Western Front        Black & white. Austria. Germany. Poor TV           1930 F    A
                                                                                   remake 1979.
Im Zeichen der Libelle                       Dragonfly                             Kevin Costner. Pseudo-religious nonsense           2002 F    C
                                                                                   story, but beautifully made.
Im Zwielicht                                 Twilight                              Paul Newman. Susan Sarandon. Gene                  1998
                                                                                   Hackman. Reese Witherspoon. Poor,
                                                                                   contrived detective story.
Imelda                                       Imelda                                Imelda Marcos.                                     2003 D    C
Immortal - Die Rückkehr der Götter           Immortal (ad vitam)                   Synthetic actors. Science-fiction. Very weak       2004 AF   D
                                                                                   story. Too much nonsense.
In America                                   In America                                                                            2002 F       AX
In America                                   In America                            Irish Immigrants to New York, overcoming        2003 F       C
                                                                                   their difficulties. Meager story, designed only
                                                                                   for sentimentality.
In den Straßen der Bronx                     A Bronx Tale                          Robert de Niro. Slow. Boring. Stopped           1993 T       D
In der Glut des Südens (Tage des Himmels) Days Of Heaven                           Malick.                                         1978 F       B

In der Hitze der Nacht                       In The Heat Of The Night              Sidney Poitier. Rod Steiger.                       1966 T    B
In die Wildnis - Allein nach Alaska          Into The Wild                         Strange story. Not very interesting. Kristen       2007 R    C
In einem fernen Land                         Far And Away                          Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman. Very good               1992 HF   B
                                                                                   entertainment. Almost grade A, but the
                                                                                   comedy is a bit overdone and the story is not
                                                                                   always realistic..
In guten wie in schweren Tagen               Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham              India.                                             2001 F    C
In ihren Augen                               El secreto de sus ojos                Argentina. Spain. Unusual crime story. Slow.       2009 T    C

In meinem Himmel                             The Lovely Bones                      Saoirse Ronan. Mark Wahlberg. Rachel               2009 F    C
                                                                                   Weisz. Susan Sarandon. Director: Peter
                                                                                   Jackson. Well made, but weird, depressing
In Sachen Henry                              Regarding Henry                       Harrison Ford. Music: Hans Zimmer.                 1991 F    C
In Sachen Liebe                              Addicted To Love                      Comedy. Meg Ryan. Matthew Broderick.               1997 F    C
                                                                                   Funny, but only very light entertainment.
                                                                                   Weak ending.
In the Line of Fire - Die zweite Chance      In The Line Of Fire                   Clint Eastwood. John Malkovich. Rene               1993 T    C
In the Mood for Love - Der Klang der Liebe   Fa yeung nin wa                       HK. F. Slow and boring. Stopped watching.          2000 F    C

In This World - Aufbruch ins Ungewisse       In This World                         Refugees try to get from Peshawar to               2002 F    B
                                                                                   London. Good and interesting in spite of low
In Time                                      In Time                               Justin Timberlake. Amanda Seyfried. Cillian        2011 SF   A
                                                                                   Murphy. Fascinating, thrilling, entertaining,
                                                                                   thought-provoking. Very good directing,
                                                                                   acting, camera. However, the hero, like
                                                                                   everybody else, is implausibly fatalistic in the
                                                                                   face of impending death.
Inception                                    Inception                             Leonardo DiCaprio. Ellen Page. Marion              2010 SF   C
                                                                                   Cotillard. Gorgeous images, but poor,
                                                                                   arbitrary story.
Independence Day                             Independence Day                      Roland Emmerich..                                  1996 SF   A
Indiana Jones (1) - Jäger des verlorenen     Raiders Of The Lost Ark               George Lucas. Stephen Spielberg. Music:            1981 T    A
Schatzes                                                                           John Williams. Harrison Ford..
Indiana Jones (2) und der Tempel des         Indiana Jones And The Temple Of       George Lucas. Stephen Spielberg. Music:            1984 T    B
Todes                                        Doom                                  John Williams. Harrison Ford..
                                                                 Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 34

Titel                                         Title                                   Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Indiana Jones (3) und der letzte Kreuzzug     Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade      George Lucas. Stephen Spielberg. Music:          1989 T    B
                                                                                      John Williams. Harrison Ford. Sean
Indiana Jones (4) und das Königreich des      Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of        George Lucas. Stephen Spielberg. Music:          2008 SF   B
Kristallschädels                              The Crystal Skull                       John Williams. Harrison Ford. Cate
Indochine                                     Indochine                               F. Grotesquely designed story.                   1992 F    C
Infernal Affairs - Die achte Hölle            Mou gaan dou (Wu jian dao; Infernal     Hong Kong                                        2002 T    B
Infernal Affairs (2) - Abstieg in die achte   Mou gaan dou II (Wu jian dao 2;         Prequel. Poor, unintelligible story.             2003 T    D
Hölle                                         Infernal Affairs II)
Inglourious Basterds                          Inglorious Basterds                     Brad Pitt. Diane Kruger. Eli Roth. Director:   2009 T      D
                                                                                      Quentin Tarantino. A thoroughly disgusting
                                                                                      movie, senselessly bloody, with a false story.

Inside Man                                    Inside Man                              Denzel Washington. Jodie Foster.                 2006 T    B
Insomnia                                      Insomnia                                Al Pacino. Martin Donovan. Robin Williams.       2002 T    B
                                                                                      Hilary Swank. Maura Tierney. Heavy,
                                                                                      depressing, but still very good detective
Instinkt                                      Instinct                                Anthony Hopkins. Cuba Gooding jr. Maura          1999 F    B
                                                                                      Tierney. Gorillas.
Intermission - Chaos in Dublin                Intermission                            Unrealistic, boring nonsense. Too much talk,     2003 F    D
                                                                                      too little action. Stopped watching.
Internal Affairs - Trau ihm, er ist ein Cop   Internal Affairs                        Richard Gere. Bloody, unpleasant story.          1990 T    C
Interstate 60                                 Interstate 60                           James Marsden. Gary Oldman. Amy Smart.           2002 F    B
                                                                                      Philosophical fairy tale.
Intimacy                                      Intimité                                F. Unrealistic, depressing, slow, boring. A      2001 F    D
                                                                                      movie in which nobody ever laughs.
Ip Man                                        Yip Man                                 Hong Kong. Biographical martial arts film,       2008 R    B
                                                                                      loosely based on the Wing Chun
Ip Man 2                                      Yip Man 2                               Hong Kong. Sequel to "Ip Man".                   2010 R    B
Ip Man Zero                                   Yip Man chinchyun                       Hong Kong. Prequel to "Ip Man".                  2010 R    B
Irgendwann in Mexico                          Once Upon A Time In Mexico              Antonio Banderas. Salma Hayek. Johnny            2003 F    D
                                                                                      Depp. Mickey Rourke. Eva Mendez. Sequel
                                                                                      to "Desperado". Parody. Stopped watching.

Iron Man                                      Iron Man                                Gwyneth Paltrow. After a comic strip.            2006 SF   B
Iron Man 2                                    Iron Man 2                              Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson.            2010 SF   C
                                                                                      Gwyneth Paltrow. Nice actors. Poor,
                                                                                      nonsensical story.
It's a Boy Girl Thing                         It's a Boy Girl Thing                   Comedy. Samaire Armstrong. Kevin Zegers.         2006 F    B
                                                                                      A body swap story with excellent directing
                                                                                      and pretty good acting. Warning: some
                                                                                      primitive, vulgar humor is interspersed,
                                                                                      presumably to placate the adolescent target
It's A Free World - Ausgebeutet               It's A Free World …                     Highly realistic and convincing. Unfortunately   2007 F    C
                                                                                      the story is unfinished.
Ivanhoe                                       Ivanhoe                                 UK. Childish. Showing age. Stopped               1982 HF   C
J.S.A. - Joint Security Area                  Gong Dong Kyung bi gu yuk JSA           South Korea. Good, semi-real story, poorly       2000 R    C
Jackie Brown                                  Jackie Brown                            Quentin Tarantino.                               1997 T    C
Jagd auf einen Unsichtbaren                   Memoirs Of An Invisible Man             Chevy Chase. Daryl Hannah. Sam Neill.            1992 SF   B
                                                                                      Showing age, but still watchable.
Jagd auf Roter Oktober                        Hunt for Red October                                                                     1990 T    B
Jagd im Eis                                   Köld slóð                               Iceland. Some beautiful landscapes. Story        2006 T    C
                                                                                      not particularly interesting.
James Bond 007 - Der Morgen stirbt nie        Tomorrow Never Dies                                                                      1997 T    B
James Bond 007 - Der Spion, der mich          The Spy Who Loved Me                    One of the best James Bond movies.               1977 T    B
James Bond 007 - Goldeneye                    Goldeneye                               ..                                               1995 T    C
James Bond 007 - Im Geheimdienst ihrer        On Her Majesty's Secret Service                                                          1969 T    C
James Bond 007 - Leben und sterben            Live and let die                                                                         1973 T    C
James Bond 007 - Moonraker                    Moonraker                                                                                1979 T    C
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 35

Titel                                        Title                                 Comment                                             Year Type Grade
Jane Austens Emma                            Emma                                  UK. After a novel by Jane Austen. Gwyneth           1996 HF   B
Jane Austens Verführung                  Persuasion                                UK. After a novel by Jane Austen.                   1995 HF   B
Jason und der Kampf um das goldene Vlies Jason And The Argonauts                   Greek saga, plainly filmed.                         2000 HF   C

JCVD - Jetzt erst recht                      JCVD                                  Jean-Claude Van Damme playing himself.        2008 T          D
                                                                                   Odd, meaningless movie, online minimally
                                                                                   entertaining, persiflage, some, usually weak,
Jede Sekunde zählt - The Guardian            The Guardian                          Kevin Costner. Coast Guard. Partly pathetic, 2006 F           C
                                                                                   partly good with some spectacular scenes.

Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle           The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser           Not DVD German. Kaspar Hauser.                      1974 HR
Jenseits aller Grenzen                       Beyond Borders                        Angelina Jolie. Strong, but somewhat                2003 F    B
                                                                                   artificial story.
Jenseits der Stille                          Beyond Silence                        Deaf and mute.                              1996 F            B
Jenseits von Afrika                          Out Of Africa                                                                     1985 HR           A
Jerry Maguire - Spiel des Lebens             Jerry Maguire                         Tom Cruise. Renée Zellweger. Good acting. 1996 F              C
                                                                                   Somewhat entertaining.
Jersey Girl                                  Jersey Girl                           Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez. Very childish, 2004 F            D
                                                                                   hokey story.
JFK - Tatort Dallas                          JFK                                   John F. Kennedy, assassination..            1991 R            C
Jim Carrol - In den Straßen von New York     The Basketball Diaries                Drug addiction.                             1995 R            A
Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia                    Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia             D. F. Strange. Slow. Ethnologically         1989 F            C
Johanna von Orléans                          The Messenger: The Story of Joan of   Luc Besson.                                 1999 HR           BX
John Q. - Verzweifelte Wut                   John Q.                               Denzel Washington. Anne Heche. Artificial,          2001 T    C
                                                                                   sentimental story, otherwise well made.

John Rambo                                   Rambo                                 Sylvester Stallone. Director: Sylvester             2008 T    C
                                                                                   Stallone. Very bloody, well made, but very
                                                                                   little story.
Johnny Got His Gun                           Johnny Got His Gun                    Not DVD German. War.                                1971 F
Jorinde und Joringel                         Jorinde und Joringel                  Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.          2011 HF   C
                                                                                   German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                                   The original fairy tale is still fascinating, but
                                                                                   directing and acting are not good enough.

Joyride - Spritztour                         Joyride                               Leelee Sobieski. Highly unrealistic horror   2001 T           C
                                                                                   story, but well made. Somewhat entertaining.

Judge Dredd                                  Judge Dredd                                                                               1995 SF   C
Jules und Jim                                Jules et Jim                          Truffaut.                                           1962 F    D
Julie & Julia                                Julie & Julia                         Biographies. Amy Adams. Meryl Streep.               2009 R    B
                                                                                   Director: Nora Ephron. Two nice and true,
                                                                                   interwoven stories, nicely told, about two
                                                                                   aspiring female cooks.
Jumanji                                      Jumanji                                                                                   1995 F    C
Jumper                                       Jumper                                Nice idea. Poorly done.                             2008 SF   C
Junge Rebellen                               Rang De Basanti (Paint It Saffron)    India. Good idea, but confusing and                 2006 F    C
                                                                                   exaggerated story.
Jungfrau (40), männlich, sucht ...           The 40-Year-Old Virgin                Comedy. Extremely flat and vulgar. Stopped          2005 F    D
Juno                                         Juno                                  Very nice comedy with a dramatic touch.             2007 F    A
                                                                                   Ellen Page. Michael Cera. Jennifer Garner.
                                                                                   Jason Bateman.
Junta                                        Garage Olimpo                         I. Argentina. F. Questionable story.                1999 F    D
Jurassic Park                                Jurassic Park                         Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.             1993 SF   A
Jurassic Park III                            Jurassic Park III                                                                         2001 SF   A
Just Friends - No Sex                        Just Friends                          Amy Smart. Good acting, but irredeemably            2005 F    D
                                                                                   bad story.
Just Visiting - Mit Vollgas in die Zukunft   Just Visiting                         Fantasy. Time travel. Jean Reno. Poor story.        2001 F    C
                                                                                   Flat humor.
K-19 - Showdown in der Tiefe                 K-19: The Widowmaker                  Harrison Ford. Liam Neeson. Kathryn                 2002 R    A
K-20 - Die Legende der schwarzen Maske       K-20: Kaijin nijû mensô den           J. Fantasy. Well made and entertaining.             2008 SF   B
Kagemusha                                    Kagemusha                             Akira Kurosawa.                                     1980 HF   B
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 36

Titel                                    Title                                   Comment                                          Year   Type   Grade
Kalina Krassnaja                         Kalina Krassnaja                        Showing age. Stopped watching.                   1974   F      D
Kaltblütig                               In Cold Blood                           About Truman Capote.                             1967   R      AX
Kaltes Land                              North Country                           Charlize Theron. The first lawsuit about         2005   R      A
                                                                                 sexual harrassment and discrimination, in a
                                                                                 mining company. Excellent acting and
                                                                                 directing. Good, true story.
Kammerflimmern                           Off Beat                                Depressive. A turn-off. Stopped watching.        2004 F        D
Kandahar                                 Кандагар                                Russia. Truthfully and realistically tells the   2010 R        B
                                                                                 1996 story of a freighter plane crew getting
                                                                                 abducted in Afghanistan.
Kanonenboot am Yangtse-Kiang             The Sand Pebbles                                                                      1966 F
Kansas Nights                            The Locusts                             Ashley Judd. Depressing. Slow. Idiotic story. 1997 F           D

Kap der Angst                            Cape Fear                               Robert de Niro. Jessica Lange.                   1991 T        B
Karakter                                 Karakter                                Good acting. Good directing. Good camera         1997 F        C
                                                                                 work. Grotesque and depressing story.

Karate Kid                               Karate Kid                              Showing age. Somewhat childish and slow.         1983 F        B
                                                                                 But still good as a family movie.
Kaspar Hauser                            Kaspar Hauser                           Not DVD English.                                 1993 HR
Kaspar Hauser                            Kaspar Hauser                           2 × 1:26 h. Interesting story, poorly and        1993 HR       C
                                                                                 slowly presented.
Katastrophenflug 232                     A Thousand Heroes                       Charlton Heston. Weak script.                    1991   R      B
Kate und Leopold                         Kate & Leopold                          Meg Ryan                                         2001   SF     B
Kein Sterbenswort                        Ne le dis à personne                    F. Fairly good, complex detective story.         2006   T      B
Keine halben Sachen                      The Whole Nine Yards                    Comedy. Bruce Willis. Poor story.                2000   F      C
Keine Sorge, mir geht's gut              Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas          F. Good acting, but totally depressive story.    2006   F      C

Kick it like Beckham                     Bend It Like Beckham                    UK. Childish. Stopped watching.                  2002 F        D
Kids - In den Straßen New Yorks          A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints      Vulgar. Depressive. Ugly. Unbearable.            2006 F        D
Kikis kleiner Lieferservice              Kiki's Delivery Service (The Witch's    Children's movie. Hayao Miyazaki..               1989 AF       A
                                         Express Mail; Majo no takkyûbin)
Kikujiros Sommer                         Kikujirô no natsu                       J. Too slow and boring.                          1999 F        C
Kill Bill Vol. 1                         Kill Bill Vol. 1                        Quentin Tarantino. Very bloody. Uma              2003 T        B
                                                                                 Thurman. Daryl Hannah.
Kill Bill Vol. 2                         Kill Bill Vol. 2                        Quentin Tarantino. Very bloody. Uma              2004 T        C
                                                                                 Thurman. Daryl Hannah.
Kinder des Himmels                       Bacheha-Ye aseman                       Iran.                                            1997   F      B
Kinder des Olymp                         Children Of Paradise                    Not DVD German.                                  1945   F      B
Kindergarten Cop                         Kindergarten Cop                        Comedy. Arnold Schwarzenegger.                   1990   T      C
King Arthur                              King Arthur                             Clive Owen. Keira Knightley. Music: Hans         2004   HR     A
                                                                                 Zimmer. Historically well researched.
King Kong                                King Kong                               A milestone of movie making.                     1933 F        B
King Kong                                King Kong                               Jessica Lange.                                   1976 F        B
King Kong                                King Kong                               Very impressive computer animation, but far      2005 F        C
                                                                                 too much nonsense.
King Naresuan - Der Herrscher von Siam   Naresuan                                Thailand. Historic epos. Suffers from typical    2006 HR       C
                                                                                 third-world movie weaknesses like simple
                                                                                 story and simple speech. (The German dub
                                                                                 is very poor.)
Kinsey - Die Wahrheit über Sex           Kinsey                                  Historically interesting.                        2004 R        B
Kiriku und die Zauberin                  Kirikou et la sorcière                  Very unusual movie after an African legend.      2003 AF       B
                                                                                 Worth seeing.
Kirschblüten - Hanami                    Cherry Blossoms - Hanami                D. Very slow, odd, but somehow nice story.       2008 F        C

Kiss and Run                             Kiss And Run                            D. TV. Vulgar and extremely stupid               2002 F        D
Kiss or Kill                             Kiss Or Kill                                                                         1997 T            C
Klang der Stille                         Copying Beethoven                       Diane Kruger. Ed Harris. Director: Agnieszka 2006 HR           B
                                                                                 Holland. Good movie with excellent directing
                                                                                 and camera work.
Kleine Fische - großes Geld              Shooting Fish                           Comedy. Fraudsters. Very light               1997 F            C
                                                                                 entertainment. Showing age. Hard to believe
                                                                                 that Kate Beckinsale looked like this when
                                                                                 she was younger.
Klick                                    Click                                   Comedy. Adam Sandler. Kate Beckinsale.       2006 F            C
                                                                                 Christopher Walken. Basically good story,
                                                                                 but thinned out with flat humor.
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 37

Titel                                     Title                                   Comment                                         Year   Type   Grade
Klute                                     Klute                                   Not DVD German. Jane Fonda.                     1971   T      C
Knockin' on Heaven's Door                 Knockin' on Heaven's Door               Hilarious at times.                             1996   F      B
Know1ng - Die Zukunft endet jetzt         Knowing                                 Nicolas Cage. Somewhat weird story about        2009   SF     B
                                                                                  clairvoyant children.
Kongo                                     Kongo                                   D. TV. Weak story, otherwise good.              2010   T      C
König der Fischer                         The Fisher King                         Robin Williams. Jeff Bridges.                   1991   F      B
Königin der Verdammten                    Queen Of The Damned                     Vampires. Aaliyah.                              2002   F      D
Königreich der Elefanten (IMAX)           Kingdom of Elephants (IMAX)             Old elephant bull tells his story..             1999   D      A
Königreich der Himmel                     Kingdom Of Heaven                       Liam Neeson. A most unusual movie where         2005   HR     B
                                                                                  every scene is grand, artfully designed and
                                                                                  pregnant with significance and symbolism.
                                                                                  There is no casual chat and no small thing in
                                                                                  this movie. It becomes tedious over time.

Königspatience - Intrige im Parlament     Kongekabale (King's Game)                 DK. Very slow and boring. Stopped watching    2004 T        D
                                                                                    after 8 min.
Kontroll                                  Kontroll                                  Hungary. Nothing significant happens during   2003 F        D
                                                                                    the first 10 minutes. Too slow. Stopped
Kopfgeld - Einer wird bezahlen            Ransom                                    Mel Gibson. Good entertainment.               1996 T        B
Kops                                      Kopps                                     Sweden. Comedy. Very boring. Stopped          2003 F        D
Koyaanisqatsi                             Koyaanisqatsi                             No actors, no story, no dialogs.              1983   F      B
K-PAX                                     K-PAX                                     Not DVD German..                              2001   SF     C
Kramer gegen Kramer                       Kramer vs. Kramer                         Dustin Hoffman. Meryl Streep. Divorce.        1979   F      B
Krieg der Dämonen - The Great Yokai War   Yôkai daisensô (The Great Yokai War) Children's movie. Fantasy. Incoherent story.       2005   F      D
                                                                                    Poorly made. Stopped watching.
Krieg der Welten                          War Of The Worlds                         Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.       2005 SF       B
                                                                                    Poor story, otherwise good.
Kroko                                     Kroko                                     D. Artificial, unlikely, boring story.        2003 F        D
Kundun                                    Kundun                                    Dalai Lama.                                   1997 R        B
Kung Fu Hustle                            Gungfu                                    Comedy. Stephen Chow. Too much                2004 F        D
                                                                                    nonsense. Stopped watching.
Küss mich bitte                           Un baiser s'il vous plaît (The Last Kiss) F. Frustratingly aborted story.               2007 F        D

L.A. Confidential                         L.A. Confidential                       Kevin Spacey. Russell Crowe. Kim Basinger.      1997 T        B
                                                                                  Danny DeVito.
L.A. Crash                                Crash                                   Sandra Bullock.                                 2004 F        B
L.A. Story                                L.A. Story                              Comedy. Steve Martin. Childish and boring.      1991 F        D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
L.A. Without a Map                        L.A. Without A Map                      UK. FI. F. Comedy. Vulgar nonsense movie.       1998 F        D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
L.I.S.A.-Der helle Wahnsinn               Weird Science                           Teen comedy. Good story idea, poorly            1985 SF       D
                                                                                  executed. Too childish. Showing age.
L: Change The World                       L: Change The World                     J. Death Note (3). Fantasy.                     2008 F        C
La Boum - die Fete                        La Boum                                 Not DVD. DDR.                                   1980 F
La dolce Rita                             La dolce Rita                           D. Romantic comedy. Story with weak             2005 F        C
                                                                                  points. Questionable choice of actors.
La Linea                                  La Linea                                                                                1977 F
La misma Luna - Wenn der Mond scheint,    La misma luna (Under The Same           Mexico. USA. Wonderful story, very well         2006 F        A
denke an mich                             Moon)                                   told.
La Règle du jeu                           The Rules Of The Game                   Not DVD.                                        1939   F
La Strada                                 La Strada                               Extreme psychic cruelty.                        1954   F      C
La vie en rose                            La môme                                 The life of Edith Piaf.                         2007   R      B
Laconia                                   The Sinking of the Laconia              TV. 2 parts. Very good for a TV production      2010   R      B
                                                                                  and definitely worth seeing, apart from some
                                                                                  exaggerations and the occasional weakness
                                                                                  over the course of three hours.
Lady Chatterley                           Lady Chatterley                         Marina Hands. Erotic love story. Nice movie,    2006 F        C
                                                                                  but somewhat slow and uninteresting.

Lady Snowblood                            Shurayukihime                           J.                                              1973 HF       C
Lady Vengeance                            Chinjeolhan geumjassi                   South Korea. Strange and ugly. Stopped          2005 T        D
Ladykillers                               The Ladykillers                         Alec Guinness.                                  1955 T        A
Lagardère - Der maskierte Rächer          Lagardère                               F. TV. Bruno Wolkowitch. Clio Baran. Nice       2003 F        B
                                                                                  story. Light entertainment.
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 38

Titel                                      Title                                 Comment                                         Year Type Grade
Land der schwarzen Sonne                   Mountains Of The Moon                 The story of Captain Richard Francis            1989 HR   B
                                                                                 Burton's and Lt. John Hanning Speke's
                                                                                 expedition to find the source of the Nile
Land of the Dead                           Land Of The Dead                      Zombies.                                        2005 SF    D
Lang lebe Ned Devine!                      Waking Ned Devine                     Subtle comedy.                                  1998 F     B
Laputa: Castle In The Sky                  Laputa: Castle In The Sky (Tenkû no   Hayao Miyazaki..                                1986 AF    A
                                           shiro Rapyuta)
Lara Croft (1): Tomb Raider                Lara Croft: Tomb Raider               Angelina Jolie.                                 2001 T     C
Lara Croft (2) Tomb Raider - Die Wiege des Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle   Angelina Jolie. Light entertainment.            2003 T     B
Lebens                                     Of Life
Larry Flynt - Die nackte Wahrheit          The People vs. Larry Flynt            Courtney Love. Edward Norton. Director:         1996 R     B
                                                                                 Milos Forman. Biography of the Hustler
                                                                                 Magazine publisher. Historically interesting.

Last Action Hero                           Last Action Hero                      Schwarzenegger.                                 1993 T     C
Last Boy Scout - Das Ziel ist Überleben    The Last Boy Scout                    Bruce Willis. Halle Berry. Chelsea Field.       1991 T     C
                                                                                 Danielle Harris.
Last Exit Reno                             Hard Eight / Sydney                   Gwyneth Paltrow. Slow, strange, boring,         1996 T     D
                                                                                 stupid story.
Last Impact - Der Einschlag                Impact.                               TV mini-series, 2 parts, 3 h total. Overly      2008 SF    C
                                                                                 sentimental. Slow. Funny as a test for fifth-
                                                                                 graders to spot where and how most laws of
                                                                                 physics are ignored.
Last Supper - Die Henkersmahlzeit          The Last Supper                       Comedy. Weird story, somewhat                   1995 F     B
L'Auberge Espagnole - Barcelona für ein    L'Auberge Espagnole                   Audrey Tautou. Extremely slow and chatty.       2004 F     D
Jahr                                                                             Stopped watching.
Launen eines Flusses                       Les caprices d'un fleuve              Africa 1792. Good, but meager story. Very       1996 F     D
                                                                                 slow and cheaply made.
Lautlos im Weltraum                        Silent Running                                                                   1972 SF         C
Lawrence Of Arabia                         Lawrence Of Arabia                                                               1962 R          A
Leaving Las Vegas - Liebe bis in den Tod   Leaving Las Vegas                     Nicolas Cage. Elizabeth Shue. A man drinks 1995 F          C
                                                                                 himself to death in spite of having a love
                                                                                 affair. Deeply melancholic and depressive.

Leben oder so ähnlich                      Life Or Something Like It             Comedy. Angelina Jolie. The life of a female    2001 F     B
                                                                                 TV reporter changes radically through a
                                                                                 prophesy. Good entertainment.
Leben und Sterben in L.A.                  To Live And Die in L.A.               Stopped watching.                               1985 T     D
Lebenslang in Alcatraz                     Murder In The First                   Christian Slater. Kevin Bacon. Excellent        1995 R     A
Lebenszeichen - Proof of Life              Proof Of Life                         Russell Crowe. Meg Ryan. Fairly realistic.      2000 T     A
Lehrstunden der Liebe                      Lust och fägring stor                 S. Ugly, unpleasant, unrealistic story.         1995 F     D
                                                                                 Stopped watching in the end.
Lena                                       Lena                                  E. Criminal idiots doing idiotic things. A      2001 F     C
                                                                                 waste of acting talent.
Léon - der Profi                           Léon                                  Luc Besson. Jean Reno.                          1996 T     A
Leroy & Stitch                             Leroy & Stitch                        TV. Walt Disney. Children's movie. Science-     2006 AF    C
                                                                                 Fiction. Part 4.
Lethal Weapon 1 - Zwei stahlharte Profis   Lethal Weapon 1                       More action than story.                         1986   T   B
Lethal Weapon 2 - Brennpunkt L.A.          Lethal Weapon 2                                                                       1989   T   C
Lethal Weapon 3 - Die Profis sind zurück   Lethal Weapon 3                       Light entertainment.                            1992   T   B
Lethal Weapon 4 - Zwei Profis räumen auf   Lethal Weapon 4                                                                       1998   T   C
Lichter                                    Lichter                               Unpleasant. Stopped watching.                   2003   F   D
Liebe auf Neuseeländisch                   Eagle vs Shark                        New Zealand. Stupid nonsense, moderately 2007          F   C
Liebe geht durch den Magen                 Mai storie d'amore in cucina          E. I. TV. 2 parts. Bianca Guaccero. Feel-       2004   F   B
                                                                                 good movie where everybody is always nice.
                                                                                 Pleasant. Very light entertainment.
Liebe in Blechdosen                        Den bästa sommaren                    S. Children's movie (6-12).                     2000   F   B
Liebe lieber italienisch                   The Shadow Dancer                     Harvey Keitel. Claire Forlani. Beautiful Italy, 2005   F   D
                                                                                 but slow, simple, poor, sentimental, boring,
                                                                                 predictable story.
Liebe mich!                                Lie With Me                           Canada. Little action. Very little dialogue.    2005   F   D
                                                                                 Pretends to be an erotic movie, but is
                                                                                 actually pretty boring.
Liebe mich, wenn du dich traust            Jeux d'enfants                        F. Guillaume Canet. Marion Cotillard.           2003   F   D
                                                                                 Frustrating story. A feel-bad movie.
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 39

Titel                                     Title                                  Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Liebe süßsauer                            Kinamand                               Slow. Barely nice enough to watch.                2005 F    C
                                                                                 Unnecessarily depressive ending.
Liebe um jeden Preis                      Hors de prix (Priceless)               F. Comedy. Audrey Tautou. Starts out well,        2006 F     C
                                                                                 with a wonderful Audrey Tautou, but remains
                                                                                 weak and unconvincing.
Liebe zum Dessert                         Just Desserts                          TV. Romatic comedy. Weak script on the            2004 F     C
                                                                                 level of a children's movie. Predictable story.
                                                                                 Very light entertainment.
Liebeswahn                                Anna M.                                F. Delusional love.                               2007 F     C
Life Show - die Farben des Lebens         Sheng huo xiu; Life Show               A look at modern China. Not a very good           2003 F     C
                                                                                 movie, but still interesting as an insight.
Lilo & Stitch                             Lilo & Stitch                          Walt Disney. Children's movie. Science-           2002 AF    A
                                                                                 Fiction. Very cute, funny, and nice.
Limbo - Wenn der Nebel sich lichtet       Limbo                                  No proper ending - bad story.                     1999 F     D
Limitless                                 Limitless                              Bradley Cooper. Anna Friel. Abbie Cornish.        2011 SF    B
                                                                                 Robert De Niro. Fascinating, topical,
                                                                                 entertaining story about a mind-enhancing
Little Big Man                            Little Big Man                         Comedy.                                           1970 F     C
Little Buddha                             Little Buddha                                                                            1993 R     C
Little Children                           Little Children                        Kate Winslet. She plays the only character        2006 F     D
                                                                                 who is not insane. Depressing story.

Little Miss Sunshine                      Little Miss Sunshine                   Comedy. Unusual, but good.                        2006 F     B
Little Princess - Die Traumprinzessin     A Little Princess                      Children's movie. Sentimental, but beautiful.     1995 F     B
                                                                                 Very well directed and acted.
Live aus Bagdad                           Live From Baghdad                      TV..                                              2002 R     B
Living It Up - Nur eine Woche Millionär   La gran vida (Living It Up)            E. Romantic comedy. Salma Hayek. Good             2000 F     C
                                                                                 ideas, poorly executed.
Local Hero                                Local Hero                             Comedy.                                           1982 F     C
Logan's Run                               Logan's Run                            Not DVD German.                                   1976 SF    B
Lohn der Angst                            Le salaire de la peur                  Black & white. Mario Yves Montand.                1953 T     D
                                                                                 Senseless feel-bad story. Showing age.
                                                                                 Stopped watching.
Lola rennt                                Run Lola Run                                                                        1998 T          B
London Nights                             Unmade Beds                            Slow, boring story. Amateurish. Stopped      2009 F          D
Lone Star                                 Lone Star                              Not bad, but showing age. It is difficult to 1996 T          C
                                                                                 remember all the names and references.
Lonely Hearts Killers                     Lonely Hearts                          John Travolta. Salma Hayek. Does not         2006 R          B
                                                                                 exaggerate like many other movies, but then
                                                                                 the story could hardly be exaggerated.
                                                                                 Contains gruesome, bloody scenes.

Long Walk Home                            Rabbit-Proof Fence                     Australia.                                        2002   R   A
Lord Of War                               Lord Of War                            Nicolas Cage. Flat, boring story.                 2005   T   C
Lorenzos Öl                               Lorenzo's Oil                                                                            1992   R   A
Lost Children                             Lost Children                          Freed child soldiers in northern Uganda.          2005   D   A
Lost Heaven                               The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys      Jodie Foster. Unrealistic story.                  2001   F   C
Lost In Translation                       Lost In Translation                    Story: Sofia Coppola. Director: Sofia             2003   F   B
                                                                                 Coppola. Slow, somewhat funny and
                                                                                 entertaining movie.
Love Potion No. 9                         Love Potion No. 9                      Sandra Bullock. Very light entertainment.       1992 F       C
Love Song für Bobby Long                  A Love Song For Bobby Long             Scarlett Johansson. John Travolta. One of       1998 F       B
                                                                                 those small, but beautiful movies.
Löwenkäfig                                Leonera (Lion's Den)                   Argentina. South Korea. Brazil. If you want to 2008 F        A
                                                                                 see Argentinian prison life, this is as good as
                                                                                 it gets. For the most part a highly realistic
                                                                                 story about a woman trying to raise her child
                                                                                 in prison. Excellent directing and acting.

Lucky Number Slevin                       Lucky Number Slevin                    Bruce Willis. Flat nonsense story. Silly.         2006 F     D
Luftschlacht um England                   The Battle Of Britain                  No story.                                         1968 R     C
Lüge und Wahrheit                         Shattered Glass                        True and interesting story about a lying          2003 R     B
Lügen der Liebe                           L'Appartement                          Monica Bellucci. Romane Bohringer. Vincent        1996 F     C
                                                                                 Cassel. Almost a good movie, but too
                                                                                 chaotic, not believable, and without a good
                                                         Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                             Seite 40

Titel                                    Title                                    Comment                                 Year Type Grade
Lügen haben lange Beine                  The Truth About Cats And Dogs            Comedy. Uma Thurman. Somewhat childish. 1996 F    C
                                                                                  Very light entertainment.
Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro          Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro (Rupan   Hayao Miyazaki.                         1979 AF   BX
                                         sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro)
Lust auf Seitensprünge                   Seeing Other People                      Flat humor. Boring. Vulgar.                     2003 F        D
Lustige Welt der Melodien                Silly Smphonies 1929 - 1939              Intesting pieces of the history of animated     1929 AF       B
Luther                                   Luther                                                                                     2003   HR   A
M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder        M                                                                                          1931   T    A
M.A.R.K. 13 - Hardware                   Hardware                                 Stacey Travis. Very poor story. Very slow.        1990   SF   D
Macbeth                                  Macbeth                                                                                    1971   F
Machtlos                                 Rendition                                Reese Witherspoon. Jake Gyllenhaal. Meryl 2007           T    A
                                                                                  Streep. Excellent and topical political thriller.

Mad City                                 Mad City                          Dustin Hoffmann. John Travolta. Satire on              1997 F        C
                                                                           the media industry.
Madagascar                              Madagascar                         Total nonsense. Music: Hans Zimmer.                    2005 AF       D
Madame Jeannette                        Madame Jeannette                   FR. NL. Utterly dilettantish. Stopped                  2004 F        D
Mademoiselle Chambon                    Mademoiselle Chambon               Incredibly slow and boring. Stopped                    2009 F        D
Magnolia                                Magnolia                           All viewers decided to stop before the first           2000 F        D
                                                                           half; worst movie we can remember.
Malice - Eine Intrige                   Malice                             Nicole Kidman. Alec Baldwin. Bill Pullman.             1993 T        C
                                                                           Thrilling, surprising story, but beginning to
                                                                           show age.
Mama und der Millionär                  Mama und der Millionär             D. Very light comedy. In spite of some                 2005 F        C
                                                                           weaknesses still entertaining.
Mamma Mia!                              Mamma Mia!                         Meryl Streep. Pierce Brosnan. Musical with             2008 F        C
                                                                           ABBA music. Light entertainment.
Man muss mich nicht lieben              Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé   F. Very boring. Stopped watching.                      2005     F    D
Manche mögen's heiß                     Some Like It Hot                   Comedy. Black & white. Marilyn Monroe.                 1959     F    A
Mann unter Feuer                        Man On Fire                        Denzel Washington.                                     2004     T    B
Männer al dente                         Mine vaganti                       Comedy. I. Homosexuals coming out.                     2010     F    C
                                                                           Obsolete story, 20 to 30 years late.
Mansfield Park                          Mansfield Park                     Jane Austen. Very good camera handling                 1999 HF       B
                                                                           and design. Somewhat uninspired story.
Maria Stuart, Königin von Schottland    Mary, Queen Of Scots               Historically interesting.                              1971 HR       C
Marie Antoinette                        Marie Antoinette                   Director: Sophia Coppola. Kirsten Dunst.               2006 HR       C
                                                                           Slow, boring, very superficial.
Mars Attacks!                           Mars Attacks!                      Comedy. Annette Bening.                                1996     SF   C
Mary Poppins                            Mary Poppins                       Musical.                                               1964     F    B
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein             Mary Shelley's Frankenstein        Somewhat childish. Stopped watching.                   1994     SF   D
Mary und Max                            Mary and Max                       Australia. Clay animation. Strange, mostly             2009     AF   C
                                                                           depressing story.
MASH                                    MASH                               Tasteless.                                             1970 F        C
Master and Commander - Bis ans Ende der Master And Commander: The Far Side Russell Crowe. Historically interesting.               2003 HF       B
Welt                                    Of The World
Match Point                             Match Point                        Director: Woody Allen. Scarlett Johansson.             2006 F        B
                                                                           Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Emily Mortimer. A
                                                                           bit strange. Unusual, somewhat interesting
Mathilde - Eine große Liebe             Un long dimanche de fiançailles    World War 1. Audrey Toutou. Jodie Foster.              2004 F        C
                                                                           Weird story, but still watchable.
Matilda                                 Matilda                            Children's movie..                                     1996 F        A
Matrix                                  The Matrix                         Simulation. Andy & Larry Wachowski..                   1998 SF       A
Maverick                                Maverick                           Comedy. Western. Mel Gibson. Jodie                     1994 F        B
                                                                           Foster. Very light entertainment.
Mein Freund, der Wasserdrache           The Water Horse                    USA. UK. Fantasy. Children's movie. Family             2007 F        B
                                                                           movie about a water dragon and a little boy.
Mein großer Freund Joe                  Mighty Joe Young                   Children's movie. Walt Disney. Charlize                1998 F        C
                                                                           Theron. A modern cross between "Gorillas In
                                                                           The Mist" and "King Kong".
Mein Kind vom Mars                      Martian Child                      John Cusack. Amanda Peet. Sophie                       2007 F        B
                                                                           Okonedo. Joan Cusack. Science-fiction
                                                                           author adopts an unusual child. Nice story,
                                                                           nice movie.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 41

Titel                                    Title                                  Comment                                     Year Type Grade
Mein Leben als Hund                      Mitt liv som hund (My Life As A Dog)   Director: Lasse Halström. Stopped watching. 1985 F    D

Mein Leben ohne mich                     My Life Without Me                     E. Director: Isabel Coixet. Young woman          2003 F      A
                                                                                makes plans beyond her death..
Mein Name ist Nobody                     My Name Is Nobody                      Not DVD German. Western.                         1973   F
Mein Onkel                               Mon oncle                                                                               1958   F    D
Meine Braut, ihr Vater und ich           Meet The Parents                       Comedy.                                          2000   F    C
Meine erfundene Frau                     Just Go With It                        Romantic comedy. Jennifer Aniston. Adam          2011   F    C
                                                                                Sandler. Brooklyn Decker. Nicole Kidman.
                                                                                Very good actors. Gorgeous pictures. Partly
                                                                                good, but often too flat and primitive humor.
Melancholia                              Melancholia                            Kirsten Dunst. Kiefer Sutherland. Director       2011 SF     D
                                                                                and writer: Lars von Trier. A 5-minute movie
                                                                                stretched to almost 2 hours. Very poor story.
                                                                                Amateurish, tiresome camera handling. A
                                                                                few impressive images that will reappear in
                                                                                your nightmares.
Memento                                  Memento                                Amnesia story line, very difficult to follow.    2000 F      C
Memories                                 Memorîsu (Memories)                    Science-Fiction.                                 1995 AF     C
Menschenfeind                            Seul contre tous                       Depressing. Very unpleasant. Stopped             1998 F      D
Merlin                                   Merlin                                 UK. TV. Mini-series, 2 episodes. Sam Neill.      1998 HF     D
                                                                                Helena Bonham Carter. Lena Hedey. Poor,
                                                                                insincere playing. Stopped watching.

Message in a Bottle                      Message In A Bottle                    Nice movie, poor story.                          1997 F      C
Messias - Stadt in Schmerzen             Messiah: The Harrowing                 Part of TV mini-series. Serial killer tortures   2005 T      D
                                                                                his victims. Extreme, senseless brutality.

Metropolis                               Metropolis                             Silent. Black & white. Director: Fritz Lang.     1927 SF     A
                                                                                Story: Thea von Harbou. A milestone in
                                                                                movie history. Far ahead of its time.
Michael Clayton                          Michael Clayton                        George Clooney.                                  2007   T    B
Michael Collins                          Michael Collins                        History of Irish Resistance and civil war.       1996   R    A
Micky Maus - Im Glanz der Farbe          Mickey Mouse 1935 - 1938                                                                1935   AF   B
Midnight Express                         Midnight Express                                                                        1978   R    A
Midnight Run - 5 Tage bis Mitternacht    Midnight Run                           Comedy. Robert de Niro. Entertaining and         1988   T    B
Mikrokosmos                              Mikrokosmos                                                                             1996 D      A
Milch und Schokolade                     Romuald et Juliette                    F. Nice, but overly naive story.                 1989 F      C
Million Dollar Baby                      Million Dollar Baby                    Very good acting, directing, camera. Very        2004 F      C
                                                                                unrealistic, highly exaggerated, very
                                                                                depressing story.
Mimzy - Meine Freundin aus der Zukunft   The Last Mimzy                         Children's movie. Boring, fuzzy story.           2007 SF     D
Min Dit - Die Kinder von Diyarbakir      Min Dit: The Children of Diyarbakir    Good, but sad story. Good child actors.          2009 F      B
Minority Report                          Minority Report                        Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams. In       2002 SF     B
                                                                                several ways a remarkable movie, almost
                                                                                grade A.
Misery                                   Misery                                 James Caan. Cathy Bates. Initially promising     1990 T      C
                                                                                story, but unimaginative towards the end.

Miss Daisy und ihr Chauffeur             Driving Miss Daisy                     Music: Hans Zimmer.                              1989   F    B
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day           Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day                                                          2008   F    BX
Miss Undercover                          Miss Congeniality                      Comedy. Sandra Bullock.                          2000   T    B
Miss Undercover 2                        Miss Congeniality 2                    Comedy. Sandra Bullock.                          2005   T    C
Missing Allen - Wo ist Allen Ross?       Missing Allen: The Man Who Became a    Slow and thin.                                   2001   D    C
Mission                                  The Mission                            Robert de Niro. Excellent movie, except for      1986 HF     B
                                                                                some rather unrealistic exaggerations and
                                                                                the totally negative end.
Mission To Mars                          Mission To Mars                                                                         2000 SF     C
Mission: Impossible                      Mission Impossible                     Tom Cruise.                                      1996 T      A
Mission: Impossible II                   Mission: Impossible 2                  Tom Cruise. Thandie Newton. Anthony              1999 T      B
                                                                                Hopkins. Music: Hans Zimmer. Typically
                                                                                overdone, but still nice, light entertainment.
                                                         Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 42

Titel                                   Title                                 Comment                                   Year Type Grade
Mission: Impossible III                 Mission: Impossible 3                 Tom Cruise. Typically overdone, but still 1999 T    B
                                                                              nice, light entertainment.
Mit dem Wind nach Westen                Night Crossing                        Beau Bridges. Escape from East Germany in 1982 R    B
                                                                              a hot air balloon. Interesting story.

Mit Herz und Hand                       The World's Fastest Indian            Anthony Hopkins. Motorcycle speed record          2005 R      B
                                                                              by a New Zealander with a personality.

Mitten ins Herz - Ein Song für Dich     Music And Lyrics                      Comedy. Romance. Hugh Grant. Light                2007 F      B
Mona Lisas Lächeln                      Mona Lisa Smile                       Julia Roberts. Kirsten Dunst. Julia Stiles.       2003 F      B
                                                                              Maggie Gyllenhaal. A new female teacher
                                                                              breaks up the conservative crust of the
                                                                              renowned Wellesley Girls College.
Monday                                  Monday                                J. Slow nonsense. Stopped watching.               2000   F    D
Mondsüchtig                             Moonstruck                            Cher. Nicolas Cage.                               1987   F    B
Monsoon Wedding                         Monsoon Wedding                       Comedy.                                           2001   F    C
Monster                                 Monster                               Very good script, directing, acting. But do       2003   R    B
                                                                              you want to watch this true, but abhorrent
                                                                              story of a female serial killer?
Monster's Ball                          Monster's Ball                        Halle Berry. You have to endure the dreadful      2001 F      B
                                                                              first half of the movie to enjoy the second.

Monte Cristo                            The Count Of Monte Cristo             Director: Kevin Reynolds.                         2001 F      B
Mord nach Plan                          Murder by Numbers                     Sandra Bullock. Artificial, unlikely story.       2002 T      C
                                                                              Good acting.
Mord und Margeritas                     The Matador                           Pierce Brosnan. The unimaginable                  2005 F      C
                                                                              friendship between a businessman and a
                                                                              killer. Slow. Strange, weak story.
Morning Glory                           Morning Glory                         Excellent comedy. Rachel McAdams.                 2010 F      A
                                                                              Harrison Ford. Diane Keaton. Outstanding
                                                                              acting, particularly by Rachel McAdams.
Mosquito Coast - Reise in die Wildnis   The Mosquito Coast                    Harrison Ford. Poor story that keeps getting      1986 F      D
Mother                                  Madeo                                 South Korea. Stupid story. Stopped                2009 F      D
Moulin Rouge                            Moulin Rouge                                                                            2001 HF     C
Mr. & Mrs. Smith                        Mr. & Mrs. Smith                      Comedy. Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt. Funny          2005 T      B
                                                                              and entertaining.
Mr. and Mrs. Iyer                       Mr. And Mrs. Iyer                     India.                                            2002 F      A
Mr. Baseball                            Mr. Baseball                          Comedy. American baseball player goes to          1992 F      C
Mr. Brooks - Der Mörder in dir          Mr. Brooks                            Kevin Costner. Demi Moore. All very good,         2007 T      C
                                                                              including a complex and thrilling story, but it
                                                                              is still absurd and bloody, even though we
                                                                              are, thankfully, spared watching the axe
Mr. Deeds                               Mr. Deeds                             Winona Ryder. Adam Sandler. Nice idea,            2002 F      C
                                                                              poorly executed. Flat humor.
Mr. Fix It                              Mr. Fix It                            Romantic comedy. Alana De La Garza.               2006 F      D
                                                                              Primitive story.
Mr. Holland's Opus                      Mr. Holland's Opus                                                                      1995 F      B
Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige         Mrs Doubtfire                         Comedy.                                           1993 F      C
Mulan                                   Mulan                                 Walt Disney. Children's movie..                   1998   AF   B
Mulholland Drive                        Mulholland Drive                      David Lynch.                                      2001   F    D
München                                 Munich                                Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.           2005   R    B
Musa - Der Krieger                      Musa (Wu shi)                         South Korea. China. Drama. Ziyi Zhang.            2001   HF   C
Music Box - Die ganze Wahrheit          Music Box                             Jessica Lange. Armin Mueller-Stahl. Not           1989   F    C
                                                                              very bad, but stretches a rather predictable,
                                                                              simple 5 minute story to 117 minutes.
                                                                              Skipped through.
Mut zur Entscheidung - Lakshya          Lakshya                               India. War. Still a slow and simple story, but    2004 F      B
                                                                              better than most earlier Bollywood movies.

Mut zur Wahrheit                        Courage Under Fire                    Denzel Washington. Meg Ryan. Matt                 1996 F      B
                                                                              Damon. War drama. Initially somewhat flat
                                                                              and slow, but gets better after the first 30
                                                        Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 43

Titel                                Title                                   Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Muxmäuschenstill                     Muxmäuschenstill                        Unrealistic, idiotic story. Stopped watching.    2004 F    D

My Big Fat Greek Wedding             My Big Fat Greek Wedding                Comedy. Nice, refreshing, light                  2002 F    B
My Blue Heaven                       My Blue Heaven                          Not DVD German. Martin.                          1990 F
My Blueberry Nights                  My Blueberry Nights                     Love story. Norah Jones. Jude Law. Natalie       2007 F    B
                                                                             Portman. Unusual kind of road movie. Little
                                                                             stories along the way, nicely told.

My Home is my Castle                 My Home Is My Castle                  Australia. Comedy.                                 1997 F    C
My Life As McDull                    My Life As McDull                     Comedy. Hong Kong. Not Verleihshop.                2002 AF   BX
My Neighbor Totoro                   My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro) Hayao Miyazaki..                                   1988 AF   A

My Sassy Girl                        Yeopgijeogin geunyeo                    South Korea. Partly overdone, but still funny,   2001 R    B
                                                                             entertaining, and interesting.
Mysterious Skin                      Mysterious Skin - Unter die Haut        Drugs. Perverse sex. Disgusting. Stopped         2004 F    D
Mystic River                         Mystic River                            Clint Eastwood. Dark, depressing detective       2003 F    B
Nach der Hochzeit                    Efter brylluppet                        DK. S. UK. N. Heavy-handed, massively            2006 F    C
                                                                             synthesized story. Mostly depressing.
Nach fünf im Urwald                  After Five in the Forest Primeval       Franka Potente. Boring, tasteless movie          1995 F    D
                                                                             about tasteless people.
Nachts im Museum                     Night At The Museum                     Fantasy. Comedy. Robin Williams. Well            2006 F    C
                                                                             made, but too nonsensical for my taste.
                                                                             Stopped watching.
Nana                                 Nana                                    J. 2005//2.                                      2005 F    B
                                                                             subtitles only. Slow, but quite intense story-
Napola - Elite für den Führer        Napola - Elite für den Führer                                                            2004 F    BX
Natural City                         Natural City                            South Korea. Tragic love story in times of a     2003 SF   C
                                                                             revolt of cyborgs against humans.
Natürlich blond!                     Legally Blonde                          Comedy. For adolescents.                         2001 F    B
Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind   Nausicaä aus dem Tal des Windes         Science-Fiction. Hayao Miyazaki..                1984 AF   A
                                     (Kaze no tani no Naushika)
Nell                                 Nell                                  Jodie Foster. Liam Neeson. Fascinating             1994 F    A
Netto                                Netto                                 D. Stupid. Slow. Very poor, partly unrealistic     2005 F    D
                                                                           story without ending.
Network                              Network                               Faye Dunaway.                                      1976 F    B
Neulich in Belgien                   Aanrijding in Moscou                  Romantic comedy. Pleasant, funny,                  2008 F    B
                                                                           entertaining. Excellent directing and acting.
                                                                           Feels very real for the most part.
New Police Story                     San Ging Chaat Goo Si                 HK. Jackie Chan. Somewhat amusing and              2004 T    C
                                                                           entertaining, but unrealistic.
New York für Anfänger                How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Comedy. Silly. Stopped watching.                   2008 F    D

Next                                 Next                                    Nicolas Cage. Julianne Moore. Jessica Biel.      2007 SF   B
                                                                             Entertaining and somewhat thought-
Nicht ohne meine Tochter             Not Without My Daughter                 Wife and daughter are lured to and kept in       1991 R    A
                                                                             Iran. Very interesting true story, well told.
Nichts zu verzollen                  Rien à déclarer                         F. Comedy. Funny, if you understand the          2010 F    C
                                                                             relation between the Belgians and the
Night on Earth                       Night On Earth                          Comedy. Winona Ryder. Good directing.            1991 F    C
                                                                             Poor story.
Night Watch                          Ronda nocturna                          DK.                                              2005 F
Nikita                               La Femme Nikita                         Luc Besson.                                      1990 T    B
Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise    Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise       Children's movie. D. S. ARD-Märchenfilm.         2011 F    D
                                                                             TV. 2 parts, each 1:54 h. Poor acting. Thin,
                                                                             not very credibly presented story.
Nirgendwo in Afrika                  Nowhere in Africa                                                                        2001 R    C
Nix zu verlieren                     Nothing To Lose                         Comedy. Simple. Poor story, partly boring.       1997 F    C

No Country for Old Men               No Country For Old Men                  Tommy Lee Jones. Depressing. Nobody              2007 T    C
                                                                             laughs. Very bloody. Poor, violent story.
No Man's Land                        No Man's Land                           Comedy. Tragedy.                                 2001 F    B
                                                          Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 44

Titel                                     Title                                Comment                                        Year Type Grade
No way out - Es gibt kein Zurück          No Way Out                           Kevin Costner. Sean Young. Gene                1987 T    B
Nobody Knows                              Dare mo shiranai                     Japan. A gripping story, believably, albeit    2004 R    B
                                                                               slowly, shown. However, the movie is lying. It
                                                                               shows a modified story that is much nicer
                                                                               and less gruesome than the real one.

Nobody's Fool - Ein charmanter Dickkopf   Nobody's Fool                        Paul Newman. Bruce Willis. Nothing        1994 F            D
                                                                               happened in 30 minutes. Stopped watching.

Nokan – Die Kunst des Ausklangs           Okuribito                            Japan. Good movie about destiny and             2008 F      B
Nomad - Fürst der Steppe                  Kochevnik                            Childishly simple, predictable, pathetic fairy- 2005 F      D
                                                                               tale-like story. Boring. Stopped watching.

Nomaden der Lüfte                         Le peuple migrateur                  Too slow and repetitive, but otherwise very     2001 D      B
Nosferatu                                 Nosferatu                            Vampires.                                       1979   F    C
Nosferatu                                 Nosferatu The Vampyre                Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Verleihshop.          1922   F
Notting Hill                              Notting Hill                         Julia Roberts. Hugh Grant.                      1999   F    B
Nummer 5 lebt                             Short Circuit                        Comedy. Nice story, but keeps sliding into      1985   SF   C
Nur mit dir                               A Walk To Remember                   American youth drama. Excellent acting.         2002 F      C
                                                                               Extremely sentimental, childish, religious
Nur noch 60 Sekunden                      Gone In 60 Seconds                   Nicolas Cage. Angelina Jolie. Car theft         2000 T      C
                                                                               thriller comedy.
Nurse Betty - Gefährliche Träume          Nurse Betty                          Comedy. Very amusing. Reneé Zellweger.          1999 F      B
                                                                               Morgan Freeman.
O Brother, Where Art Thou?                O Brother, Where Art Thou?           Comedy.                                         2000 F      C
Ocean's Eleven                            Ocean's Eleven                       George Clooney. Brad Pitt.                      2001 T      B
Ocean's Twelve                            Ocean's Twelve                       Brad Pitt. Catherine Zeta-Jones. George         2004 T      C
                                                                               Clooney. Julia Roberts. And every other
                                                                               famous actor.
October Sky                               October Sky                          Fascinating true story about school boys        1999 R      B
                                                                               building Rockets..
Öffne die Augen                           Abre los ojos                        Penélope Cruz. Original des Remake              1997 SF     B
                                                                               "Vanilla Sky" (auch mit Penélope Cruz).
Offside - Frauen im Abseits               Offside                              Iran. Geschichte über junge Frauen, die         2006 F      C
                                                                               verbotenerweise ein Fußballspiel sehen
Ohne Schuld                               Pour elle                            F. Vincent Lindon. Diane Kruger. Excellent.     2008 T      B
                                                                               Interesting, unusual story. Hollywood is
                                                                               doing a very similar remake.
Oldboy                                    Oldboy                               South Korea. Absurd incest story,               2003 T      D
                                                                               senselessly bloody.
Oliver Twist                              Oliver Twist                         Black & white.                                  1948 HF     B
On Your Mark                              On Your Mark                         Science-Fiction. Hayao Miyazaki. 7 minutes      1995 AF     AX
Once                                      Once                                 Slow, minimal story, but very strong if you     2006 F      C
                                                                               are a musician. Low budget. Oscar.
Open Water                                Open Water                           Low budget. Not too bad, but has a very         2003 R      D
                                                                               frustrating and untrue non-happy end.
Operation: Broken Arrow                   Broken Arrow                         Unrealistic story. Music: Hans Zimmer.          1996 T      B
Operation: Kingdom                        The Kingdom                          Majie Foxx. Jennifer Garner. Jason              2007 T      C
                                                                               Bateman. Saudi Arabia. Based on true
                                                                               events. Unrealistic.
Original Sin                              Original Sin                         Angelina Jolie. Antonio Banderas.               2001 F      B
                                                                               Exaggerated story, but still entertaining.
Osama                                     Osama                                Afghanistan. No relation to Osama bin           2003 R      B
                                                                               Laden. 83 minutes. Rated PG-13 for
                                                                               violence and overall intensity..
Oscar Wilde                               Wilde                                Biography..                                     1997   HR   A
Out of Rosenheim                          Bagdad Cafe                                                                          1987   F    B
Out Of Sight                              Out Of Sight                         George Clooney. Jennifer Lopez.                 1998   T    B
Out of Time - Sein Gegner ist die Zeit    Out Of Time                          Denzel Washington. Eva Mendez. Unlikely,        2003   T    B
                                                                               artificial, witty story. Light entertainment.
                                                               Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 45

Titel                                        Title                                  Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Outbreak - Lautlose Killer                   Outbreak                               Dustin Hoffman. Rene Russo. Morgan                1995 SF   C
                                                                                    Freeman. Kevin Spacey. Cuba Gooding Jr.
                                                                                    Somewhat weak story.
Outland - Planet der Verdammten              Outland                                UK. Sean Connery. Not bad, but showing            1980 SF   C
Outsourced - Auf Umwegen zum Glück           Outsourced                             Light comedy. Cute and somewhat                   2006 F    C
                                                                                    entertaining. Exaggerated, but mostly correct
                                                                                    depiction of India. Abrupt, unintelligible
Overboard - Ein Goldfisch fällt ins Wasser   Overboard                              Comedy. Goldie Hawn. Light entertainment..        1987 F    B

Owning Mahowny                               Owning Mahowny                         CDN. UK. Too slow and boring. Stopped             2002 R    D
Oxygen - Lebendig begraben, eiskalt          Oxygen                                 Maura Tierney. Psycho-Thriller, not only          1999 T    C
erpresst (Oxygen - Jede Sekunde zählt)                                              about the psyche of a criminal, but also
                                                                                    about the psyche of a policewoman.
P.S. - Liebe auf Anfang                      P.S.                                   Laura Linney. Gabriel Byrne. Good acting.         2004 F    C
                                                                                    Slow. Meager story.
Painkiller Jane                              Painkiller Jane                        TV. Somewhat slow and unclear story.              2005 SF   C
Pakt der Wölfe                               Brotherhood of the Wolf                                                                  2001 HF   C
Pale Rider - Der namenlose Reiter            Pale Rider                             Clint Eastwood. Director: Clint Eastwood.         1985 T    B
                                                                                    Nice neo-western.
Palermo Shooting                             Palermo Shooting                       D. Director: Wim Wenders. Too slow and     2008 F           D
                                                                                    boring. Stopped watching.
Panic Room                                   Panic Room                             Director: David Fincher. Jodie Foster.     2001 T           B
                                                                                    Kristen Stewart.
Pans Labyrinth                               El Laberinto del Fauno                 Mexico. Fantasy. Well made, but depressive 2006 F           C
                                                                                    story and unnecessary brutality.

Panzerkreuzer Potemkin                       Battleship Potemkin                    Movie-historically interesting.                   1925 F    C
Paper Moon                                   Paper Moon                             Comedy. Tatum O'Neal. (10 - youngest              1973 F    B
                                                                                    Oscar winner of all times.) Ryan O'Neal.
                                                                                    Pleasantly funny movie.
Papillon                                     Papillon                                                                                 1973 HF   B
Paranoid Park                                Paranoid Park                          Slow, dilettantish. Stopped watching.             2007 F    D
Paranormal Activity                          Paranormal Activity                    Horror. Very primitive, very slow, home           2007 T    D
                                                                                    video. Pure nonsense. Stopped watching.
Paris, Texas                                 Paris, Texas                           This movie is a fraud---stopped watching          1984 F    D
                                                                                    after nothing of interest happened in the first
                                                                                    20 minutes.
Party Animals - Wilder geht's nicht!         Van Wilder                             Flat humor. Stopped watching after 3              2002 F    D
Passagier 57                                 Passenger 57                           Wesley Snipes. Aeroplane hijacking. Weak          1992 T    C
Passwort: Swordfish                          Swordfish                              Computer networks..                               2001 T    B
Patch Adams                                  Patch Adams                                                                              1998 F    A
Paul                                         Paul                                   Comedy. Sigourney Weaver. Simon Pegg.             2011 SF   B
                                                                                    Nick Frost. Very entertaining and funny.
Payback - Zahltag                            Payback                                Mel Gibson.                                       1999 T    C
Paycheck - Die Abrechnung                    Paycheck                               Ben Affleck. Uma Thurman. Excellent acting,       2003 SF   B
                                                                                    good entertainment.
Pearl Harbor                                 Pearl Harbor                           Music: Hans Zimmer..                              2001 R    B
Peggy Sue hat geheiratet                     Peggy Sue Got Married                  Comedy. Time travel. Kathleen Turner.             1986 SF   C
                                                                                    Nicolas Cage. Weak story that gets weaker
                                                                                    towards the end, but otherwise well made.

Peking Opera Blues                           Peking Opera Blues                     Not DVD German. Hark Tsui.                        1986 F
Perfect Sense                                Perfect Sense                          UK. Sweden. Denmark. Ireland. Ewan                2011 SF   C
                                                                                    McGregor. Eva Green. Connie Nielsen.
                                                                                    Unrealistic, mostly meaningless, depressing
Perfect World                                A Perfect World                        Kevin Costner. Clint Eastwood.                    1993 T    A
Perlen zum Glück                             Desire                                 Marlene Dietrich.                                 1936 F    B
Persepolis                                   Persepolis                             Iran. Very informative, interesting, and          2007 AF   B
                                                                                    honest. Apparently autobiographic.
                                                                                    Technically minimalistic (crude black & white
Phantom-Kommando                             Commando                               Arnold Schwarzenegger. Entertaining thriller,     1985 T    C
                                                                                    quite good for its age.
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 46

Titel                                       Title                                 Comment                                        Year   Type   Grade
Phenomenon                                  Phenomenon                            Beautiful, but very poor story.                1996   SF     D
Philadelphia                                Philadelphia                          AIDS.                                          1993   F      A
Phone Booth - Nicht auflegen!               Phone Booth                           One of the best low budget movies.             2002   T      B
Pi                                          Pi                                    Extremely poor garbage with matching           1998   F      D
                                                                                  extremely poor black & white image and
                                                                                  sound quality. Stopped watching.
Picnic at Hanging Rock                      Picnic at Hanging Rock                Not DVD German. Peter Weir.                    1975 F        C
Pieces of April - Ein Tag mit April Burns   Pieces Of April                       Comedy. Katie Holmes. Incredibly good for a    2003 F        B
                                                                                  low budget movie.
Piraten der Karibik                         Caraibi (Carribbean)                  TV. 4 parts. 6 h total. Light entertainmen.    1998 HF       C
                                                                                  Passable story for the most part, but not
                                                                                  really well made.
Pitch Black - Planet der Finsternis         Pitch Black                           Australia. USA. Partly a horror movie.         2000 SF       C
                                                                                  Frustrating, senseless end.
Planet der Affen                            Planet of the Apes                                                                   1967 SF       B
Planet der Affen                            Planet of the Apes                                                                   2001 SF       B
Planet der Affen: Prevolution               Rise of the Planet of the Apes        Prequel to the older mini-series. A rather     2011 SF       B
                                                                                  improbable story, but very well made.
Planet Erde                                 Planet Earth                          TV. BBC. UK. Documentary series, 11 × 50       2006 D        B
                                                                                  min. Very impressive images. Somewhat
Platoon                                     Platoon                               Vietnam war.                                   1986 T        C
Playing God                                 Playing God                           Angelina Jolie. Somewhat entertaining.         1996 T        C
Pleasantville - Zu schön, um wahr zu sein   Pleasantville                         Begins as black & white nonsense movie,        1998 F        A
                                                                                  ends as one of the best I've ever watched..
Plötzlich Prinzessin                        The Princess Diaries                  Walt Disney. For adolescents.                  2001   F      B
Plötzlich Prinzessin 2                      The Princess Diaries 2                Walt Disney. Childish. Stopped watching.       2004   F      D
Pom Poko                                    Pom Poko                              J. Anime. Children's movie.                    1991   AF     C
Ponyo                                       Ponyo                                 Director: Hayao Miyazaki.                      2008   AF     BX
Porco Rosso                                 Kurenai no buta (Crimson Pig)         Hayao Miyazaki. Bush pilot.                    1992   AF     B
Postman                                     Postman                               Kevin Costner. Post-apocalyptic..              1997   SF     A
Predator                                    Predator                              Arnold Schwarzenegger..                        1987   SF     B
Predator 2                                  Predator 2                                                                           1999   SF     C
Presidio                                    The Presidio                          Meg Ryan.                                      1988   T      B
Prestige - Die Meister der Magie            The Prestige                          Fantasy. Scarlett Johansson. Based on          2006   T      B
                                                                                  nonsense story.
Pretty Woman                                Pretty Woman                          The classic..                                  1990 F        A
Primer                                      Primer                                Time machine. Not Verleihshop.                 2004 SF
Prince of Persia: Der Sand der Zeit         Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time   Fantasy. Jake Gyllenhaal. Gemma Arterton.      2010 F        B
                                                                                  Ben Kingsley. Quite good for a fantasy fairy
                                                                                  tale and highly entertaining, though begging
                                                                                  belief a little bit too much.
Prinzessin Caraboo                          Princess Caraboo                      UK. Phoebe Cates. Kevin Kline. Fascinating     1994 HR       B
                                                                                  true story, nicely presented.
Prinzessin Mononoke                         Princess Mononoke (Mononoke hime)     Hayao Miyazaki..                               1997 AF       A

Prinzessinnen der Straße - Princesas        Princesas                             E. Good, serious, realistic movie. A bit slow. 2005 F        B

Prinzessinnen Schutzprogramm                Princess Protection Program           Children's movie. Walt Disney. TV. Doubles     2009 F        B
                                                                                  as a cult fantasy comedy. Entertaining and
Projekt: Peacemaker                         The Peacemaker                        George Clooney. Nicole Kidman. Armin           1997 T        C
                                                                                  Müller-Stahl. Music: Hans Zimmer. Quite
                                                                                  well made, but weak story.
Psycho                                      Psycho                                Alfred Hitchcock.                              1960 T        A
Public Enemies                              Public Enemies                        Johnny Depp. Marion Cotillard. The true        2009 R        B
                                                                                  story of the most famous American bank
                                                                                  robber, John Dillinger.
Pulp Fiction                                Pulp Fiction                                                                         1994 F        D
Punch-Drunk Love                            Punch-Drunk Love                      Apparently nonsense. Stopped watching          2002 F        D
                                                                                  after 6 min.
Quo Vadis                                   Quo Vadis?                            Peter Ustinov. Too old and simplistic.         1951   HF     C
Rabbit Hole                                 Rabbit Hole                           Nicole Kidman.                                 2010   F      BX
Rache für Jesse James                       The Return Of Frank James             Fritz Lang. Light entertainment.               1940   F      C
Rache ist süß                               The Revengers' Comedies               Comedy. Sam Neill. Helena Bonham Carter.       1998   F      D
                                                                                  The excellent acting could not save the
                                                                                  stupid story.
Rain Man                                    Rain Man                              Music: Hans Zimmer.                            1988 F        B
Raincoat                                    Raincoat                              India. Aishwarya Rai.                          2004 F        B
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 47

Titel                                       Title                                 Comment                                        Year Type Grade
Rambo                                       First Blood                           Sylvester Stallone.                            1982 T    B
Rambo II - Der Auftrag                      Rambo: First Blood Part II            Sylvester Stallone. Even less realistic than   1985 T    C
                                                                                  part 1. Still somewhat entertaining.
Rambo III                                   Rambo 3                               Sylvester Stallone. Good acting and camera.    1988 T      C
                                                                                  Somewhat entertaining story.
Ran                                         Ran                                   Akira Kurosawa.                                1985 HF     B
Rangoon - Im Herzen des Sturms              Beyond Rangoon                        Patricia Arquette. Music: Hans Zimmer & ...    1995 R      A

Rapa Nui                                    Rapa Nui                              Easter Islands.                                1994 HF     B
Rapunzel                                    Rapunzel                              Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.     2009 HF     B
                                                                                  German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".

Rapunzel - Neu verföhnt                     Tangled                               Children's movie. Walt Disney. 3D. Story has 2010 AF       A
                                                                                  a few weaknesses towards the end, but
                                                                                  otherwise very good and technically perfect.

Rashomon                                    In The Woods (Rashômon)               Director: Akira Kurosawa. Black & white.       1950 T      C
                                                                                  May once have been a good movie, but is
                                                                                  showing its age today and seems strange.

Rat Race - Der nackte Wahnsinn              Rat Race                              Comedy. Director: Jerry Zucker. Very stupid. 2001 F        D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
Ratatouille                                 Ratatouille                           Walt Disney. Very funny and amusing. One 2007 AF           B
                                                                                  of Disney's best..
Rattennest                                  Kiss Me Deadly                                                                     1955 T        C
Ray                                         Ray                                   Biography of Ray Charles. Good movie, if     2004 R        B
                                                                                  you are interested in the history of Blues.
Rebecca                                     Rebecca                               Alfred Hitchcock.                            1940 T        C
Reconstruction                              Reconstruction                        DK. Stopped watching.                        2003 F        D
Record Of Lodoss War (movie)                Lodoss to senki (movie)               Epic..                                       1990 AF       C
Record Of Lodoss War (TV, 13 episodes)      Lodoss to senki (TV, 13 episodes)                                                  1990 AF       C
Red Corner                                  Red Corner                            Richard Gere. Bai Ling. Somewhat unlikely 1997 F           B
                                                                                  story. Good acting.
Red Dust - Die Wahrheit führt in die Freiheit Red Dust                            Excellent and thrilling history lesson.      2004 R        A

Red Eye - Nachtflug in den Tod              Red Eye                               Well made, thrilling, entertaining, but weak   2005 T      B
Red River                                   Red River                             Western. John Wayne.                           1948 HF     B
Red Rock West                               Red Rock West                         Witty story.                                   1992 T      B
Reine Chefsache                             In Good Company                       Dennis Quaid. Scarlett Johansson. Too slow     2004 F      D
                                                                                  and boring. Stopped watching.
Reise nach Indien                           A Passage To India                    Alec Guinness. Artificial. Unrealistic.        1984 F      D
                                                                                  Stopped watching.
Reise nach Kandahar                         Kandahar (Safar e Ghandehar)          Mohsen Makhmalbaf.                             2001   F    B
Reise nach Kandahar                         Return To Kandahar                    Nelofer Pazira.                                2003   F    B
Renaissance                                 Renaissance                                                                          2006   AF
Renaissance                                 Renaissance                           Science-Fiction. Black & white. The high-      2006   AF   D
                                                                                  contrast rendering is tiresome and hard to
                                                                                  watch. The story is also cartoon-like.
Rendez-vous                                 Rendez-vous                           France. Unbearably boring story.            1985 F         D
Requiem for a Dream                         Requiem For A Dream                   Interesting use of quick motion, but boring 2000 F         C
                                                                                  story - a bunch of drug addicts goes from
                                                                                  bad to worse.
Rescue Dawn                                 Rescue Dawn                           Werner Herzog. True story of a figher pilot 2006 R         B
                                                                                  shot down and captured in the Vietnam War.

Resident Evil                               Resident Evil                         Tasteless.                                     2002 T      D
Restoration - Zeit der Sinnlichkeit         Restoration                           Robert downley jr. Sam Neill. Hugh Grant.      1995 HF     C
                                                                                  Meg Ryan. A few strong scenes and ideas,
                                                                                  but too thinly spread among childish
Retroactive - Gefangene der Zeit            Retroactive                           Time travel..                                  1997   SF   B
Revanche                                    Revanche                              Stupid story. Slow. Stopped watching.          2008   T    D
Revenge - Eine gefährliche Affäre           Revenge                               Kevin Costner.                                 1990   T    B
Rezept zum Verlieben                        No Reservations                       Catherine Zeta-Jones. Aaron Eckhart. Very      2007   F    B
                                                                                  similar remake of "Bella Martha". Nice
Rhythm Is It                                Rhythm Is It                          Very nice, but slow..                          2003 D      B
Richard III                                 Richard III                           Ridiculous script.                             1995 R      D
                                                       Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                     Seite 48

Titel                                Title                                  Comment                                       Year Type Grade
Riddick - Chroniken eines Kriegers   The Chronicles Of Riddick              Vin Diesel. Weak, fuzzy story. Lots of        2004 SF   D
                                                                            nonsensical fighting.
Right at Your Door                   Right At Your Door                     Trash catastrophe movie, extremely cheaply    2006 T      D
Rio Bravo                            Rio Bravo                              Western. John Wayne. Dean Martin. Slow,       1959 F      B
                                                                            but quite good.
Ritter aus Leidenschaft              A Knight's Tale                        Comedy. Heath Ledger. Rufus Sewell.           2001 HF     C
                                                                            Shannyn Sossamon. Laura Fraser.
                                                                            Entertaining, but does not even attempt to
                                                                            appear authentical.
Road To Perdition                    Road To Perdition                      Tom Hanks. Paul Newman.                       2002 T      B
Rob Roy                              Rob Roy                                Fight for freedom in ancient Scotland..       1995 HR     B
Robert Altman's Last Radio Show      A Prairie Home Companion               A continuous stream of nonsense. Stopped      2006 F      D
                                                                            watching after 20 min.
Robin Hood                           Robin Hood                             Russell Crowe. Cate Blanchett. Director:      2010 HF     B
                                                                            Ridley Scott. DVD. Very good scenery,
                                                                            acting, directing, camera. Somewhat
                                                                            overstretched story. Often exaggerating too
Robin Hood - König der Diebe         Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves          Kevin Costner. Well made, but partly          1991 HF     C
Robin Hoods tollkühne Erben          Restless Natives                       UK.                                           1985 F      D
Robocop                              Robocop                                Semi-mechanic policeman. Showing age.         1987 SF     C
Rollerball                           Rollerball                             Showing age. Boring. Unrealistic. Stopped     1974 SF     D
Romeo & Julia                        Romeo & Juliet                                                                       1968 F
Romeo Must Die                       Romeo Must Die                         Jet Li. Aaliyah.                              2000 T      C
Romy und Michelle                    Romy and Michele's High School         Comedy. Very funny characters, but the        1997 F      C
                                     Reunion                                story has flaws.
Ronin                                Ronin                                  Robert de Niro. Jean Reno. Natascha           1997 T      B
Ronja Räubertochter                  Ronja Rövardotter                                                                    1984   F    A
Rosemary's Baby                      Rosemary's Baby                        Roman Polanski.                               1968   T    C
Rosenstraße                          Rosenstraße                            Margarethe von Trotta.                        2003   R    C
Roter Satin                          Satin rouge                            F. Tunisia. Very thin story. Very slow.       2002   F    C
Rückkehr aus einer anderen Welt      Iceman                                 Good idea. Very poor, boring, unrealistic     1984   SF   D
Rückkehr der Störche                 Návrat bocianov                        D. Slovakia. Slow, unclear story.             2007 F      C
Run, Fatboy, Run                     Run Fatboy Run                         UK. Thandie Newton. Silly.                    2007 F      D
Running Man                          Running Man                            Arnold Schwarzenegger. Showing age, but       1987 SF     B
                                                                            still watchable.
Rush Hour                            Rush Hour                              Comedy.                                       1998   T    B
Rush Hour 2                          Rush Hour 2                            Comedy.                                       2001   T    C
Sabrina                              Sabrina                                Comedy. Julia Ormond. Harrison Ford.          1995   F    B
Sahara - Abenteuer in der Wüste      Sahara                                 Adventure. Penelope Cruz. Minimally           2005   F    C
                                                                            entertaining nonsense movie.
Saigon Stories                       Three Seasons                          Modern Vietnam. Slow, but beautiful. 4        1999 F      B
                                                                            happy ends.
Sakrileg                             The Da Vinci Code                      Tom Hanks. Music: Hans Zimmer.                2006 F      B
Salvador                             Salvador                               Flat nonsense comedy. Stopped watching.       1986 R      D

Samurai Champloo                     Samurai Champloo                                                                     2004 AF     C
San Fernando Cowboy                  Down In The Valley                     Edward Norton. Evan Rachel Wood. Weird        2005 F      C
                                                                            story that begins very nicely and then
Save the Last Dance                  Save The Last Dance                    Julia Stiles. Sean Patrick Thomas. Kerry      2000 F      B
                                                                            Washington. Bianca Lawson. Dancing, hip-
                                                                            hop, ballet. Teens in an American city.
Scarface                             Scarface                               Al Pacino.                                    1983 T      B
Schabowskis Zettel                   Schabowskis Zettel                     Documentation about the fall of the Berlin    2009 D      A
Schatten der Vergangenheit           Dead Again                                                                           1991 F      C
Schatten der Wahrheit                What Lies Beneath                                                                    2000 T      C
Schatten der Zeit                    Shadows Of Time                        Florian Gallenberger. Child employment in     2005 F      B
                                                                            India. Frustrating, artificial story where
                                                                            everything goes wrong.
Schiffsmeldungen                     The Shipping News                      Kevin Spacey. Julianne Moore. Director:       2001 F      C
                                                                            Lasse Halström. Thin story.
Schiller                             Schiller                               TV.                                           2005 HR     C
                                                    Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 49

Titel                              Title                                 Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Schindlers Liste                   Schindler's List                      Steven Spielberg.                                1993 R    A
Schlafes Bruder                    Brother Of Sleep                      Story of a gifted boy in a remote village in     1994 F    A
                                                                         the Austrian Alps..
Schlaflos in Seattle               Sleepless In Seattle                  Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks. Writer and director:        1993 F     A
                                                                         Nora Ephron. Love story..
Schnappt Shorty                    Get Shorty                            John Travolta. Boring nonsense. Stopped          1995 F     D
Schnee, der auf Zedern fällt       Snow Falling On Cedars                Ethan Hawke. Good movie, but too slow and        1999 F     C
                                                                         too little content.
Schneewittchen                     Schneewittchen                        Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.       2009 F     B
                                                                         German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".
                                                                         Reasonably good acting for a small German
                                                                         TV movie.
Schöne Bescherung                  National Lampoon's Christmas          Comedy. Bad. Stopped watching.                   1989 F     D
School of Rock                     The Shool Of Rock                     Musical comedy around a class of 10-year-        2003 F     B
                                                                         old school kids. Exaggerated and crazy, but
                                                                         still funny and entertaining.
Schtonk!                           Schtonk!                                                                               1991   F
Schultze Gets the Blues            Schultze Gets The Blues               Very slow and mostly boring.                     2003   F   C
Schwabenkinder                     Schwabenkinder                        Historically interesting. Very slow..            2003   R   B
Schwarze Diamanten                 Ezra                                  Very realistic. Sierra Leone. Child soldiers.    2007   F   A

Schwarze Katze, weißer Kater       Crna Macka, beli macor                Comedy.                                          1997 F     D
Schweigen ist Gold                 Schweigen ist Gold                    Comedy. Germany. TV. Excellent story idea,       2000 T     C
                                                                         but not so well executed. Somewhat
Schwer verliebt                    Shallow Hal                           Comedy. Good idea, but rather poorly done,       2001 F     C
                                                                         except for the good acting of Gwyneth
Scoop - Der Knüller                Scoop                                 Comedy. Scarlett Johansson. Director and         2006 F     B
                                                                         writer: Woody Allen. Gives you some good
Screamers - Tödliche Schreie       Screamers                             Jennifer Rubin. Interesting story, but also      1995 SF    C
                                                                         slow and weird.
Sea of Love - Melodie des Todes    Sea Of Love                           Al Pacino. Ellen Barkin. Nice psycho-thriller.   1989 T     B

Seabiscuit                         Seabiscuit                            Good entertainment.                              2003 R     B
Sechs Tage, sieben Nächte          Six Days Seven Nights                 Adventure comedy. Harrison Ford. Anne            1998 F     B
                                                                         Heche. Light entertainment.
Secretary                          Secretary                             Comedy. At least partly. Strange story.          2002 F     B
                                                                         Sexually explicit.
Sehnsüchtig                        Wicker Park                           Josh Hartnett. Diane Kruger. Rose Byrne.         2004 F     A
                                                                         Remake of "L'appartement" (1996). Complex
                                                                         romantic story, told excellently with
                                                                         flashbacks, "Pulp Fiction" style, only better.

Sein Mädchen für besondere Fälle   His Girl Friday                                                                        1939 F
Sein Name ist Mad Dog              Mad Dog And Glory                     Robert de Niro. Uma Thurman. Slow and            1993 F     C
                                                                         somewhat ugly story of a police
                                                                         photographer who gets a girl as a gift from a
                                                                         crime boss.
Seit Otar fort ist                 Depuis qu'Otar est parti ...          Incredibly slow and boring. Stopped              2003 F     D
Seite an Seite                     Stepmom                               Susan Sarandon. Julia Roberts. Pathetic,         1998 F     C
                                                                         sentimental talk, no action.
Selbst ist die Braut               The Proposal                          Romantic comedy. Sandra Bullock. Ryan            2009 F     B
                                                                         Reynolds. Pushy boss forces her young
                                                                         assistant to marry her in order to keep her
September Tapes                    September Tapes                       Afghanistan. Not Verleihshop.                    2004 F     AX
Seraphim Falls                     Seraphim Falls                        Liam Neeson. Pierce Brosnan. Beautifully         2006 HF    C
                                                                         filmed, but weak story.
Séraphine                          Séraphine                             F. Story about a cleaning woman who              2008 R     C
                                                                         became a famous painter. Good, but slow.

Serengeti darf nicht sterben       Serengeti Shall Not Die               Bernhard Grzimek..                               1959 D     B
Serenity                           Serenity                              See also "Firefly"..                             2005 SF    B
                                                       Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 50

Titel                                 Title                                 Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Set it Off                            Set It Off                            Vivica A. Fox. Jada Pinkett. Queen Latifah.      1996 T    C
                                                                            Four black women in Los Angeles take to
                                                                            robbing banks. Good acting. Partly long-
Sex für Anfänger                      Roger Dodger                          Tiresome, semi-intelligent dialogs.              2002 F     D
                                                                            Unpleasant story. Stopped watching.
Sexy Beast - Bankraub wider Willen    Sexy Beast                            UK. Extremely slow nonsense.                     2000 T     D
Sexy, clever und über 40              Write & Wrong                         Comedy. TV. Kirstie Alley. Good idea, but        2007 F     D
                                                                            too primitive. Stopped watching.
SGU Stargate Universe                 SGU Stargate Universe                 TV series. Simplified copy of the second         2009 SF    C
                                                                            "Battlestar Galactica" series.
Shandurai und der Klavierspieler      Besieged                              I. UK. Director: Bernardo Bertolucci. Very       1998 F     C
                                                                            good camera. Good story. Unusual movie.
Sherlock Holmes                       Sherlock Holmes                       Robert Downey Jr. Jude Law. Rachel               2009 T     C
                                                                            McAdams. Music: Hans Zimmer. Well made,
                                                                            but with a dull story.
Sherlock Holmes und die Stimme des    Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of      Interesting piece of movie history.              1942 T     C
Terrors                               Terror
She's The One                         She's The One                         Boring. Stopped watching.                        1996   F   D
Shine - der Weg ins Licht             Shine                                                                                  1995   R   B
Shining                               The Shining                           Stanley Kubrick.                                 1980   T   C
Shinobi - Kampf auf Liebe und Tod     Shinobi                               J. Fantasy. Ninja. Too unrealistic and           2005   F   D
                                                                            simplistic story.
Shiri                                 Swiri                                 South Korea. Slow and fuzzy story. Stopped       1999 T     D
Shooter                               Shooter                               Mark Wahlberg. Entertaining, but rather          2007 T     C
                                                                            unlikely story.
Shooting Dogs                         Shooting Dogs                         Very realistic. Very true to details. Perhaps    2004 R     A
                                                                            the best movie about the genocide in
                                                                            Rwanda 1994. Certainly better than "Hotel
Shopgirl                              Shopgirl                              Claire Danes. Steve Martin. Good acting by       2005 F     C
                                                                            Claire Danes, but slow, boring, uninteresting
Shrek                                 Shrek                                                                                  2001 AF    B
Shrek 2                               Shrek 2                               Crude humor.                                     2004 AF    C
Shutter Island                        Shutter Island                        Leonardo DiCaprio. Complex, surprising           2010 T     B
Siam Sunset - Unverhofft kommt oft    Siam Sunset                           AUS. Comedy. Somewhat amusing and                1999 F     C
Sideways                              Sideways                              Amateurish. Very boring. Stopped watching.       2004 F     D

Sideways                              Sideways                              Comedy. Virginia Madsen. Wine drinking.          2004 F     D
                                                                            Poor, unpleasant story. Stopped watching.

Sie leben!                            They Live                             Somewhat entertaining, but rather unrealistic    1988 SF    C
Sie liebt ihn - sie liebt ihn nicht   Sliding Doors                         Gwyneth Paltrow. Excellent story idea, well      1998 F     B
                                                                            carried out. Entertaining..
Sie sind ein schöner Mann             Je vous trouve très beau              F. French farmer tries to obtain a Romanian      2005 F     C
                                                                            wife. Overstretched story, neither serious nor
Sieben                                Se7en                                 David Fincher. Extreme physical and              1995 T     A
                                                                            emotional brutality.
Sieben Jahre in Tibet                 Seven Years In Tibet                  Brad Pitt. Music: John Williams.                 1997 R     B
Sieben Leben                          Seven Pounds                          Man donates his organs, falls in love,           2008 F     C
                                                                            donates his heart. Darkish, somewhat slow
                                                                            and impressionistic. Strange story.
Signs - Zeichen                       Signs                                 Mel Gibson. Joaquin Phoenix. Bad nonsense        2002 SF    C
Silberhochzeit                        Silberhochzeit                        Germany..                                        2005 F     C
Silkwood                              Silkwood                              Plutonium processing plant.                      1982 R     B
Simone                                S1m0ne                                Comedy. Al Pacino. Rachel Roberts.               2002 SF    B
                                                                            Winona Ryder. Somewhat slow, otherwise
                                                                            very good.
Sinbad - Der Herr der 7 Meere         Sindbad - Legend of the Seven Seas    Very beautiful.                                  2003 AF    B
Singin' in the Rain                   Singin' In The Rain                                                                    1952 F     A
Sinn und Sinnlichkeit                 Sense and Sensibility                 Jane Austen. Novel. Kate Winslet. Emma           1995 HF    C
                                                                            Thompson. Hugh Grant.
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 51

Titel                                       Title                                   Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Sinuhe der Ägypter                          Sinuhe The Egyptian                     Not DVD.                                         1954 HF
Skin - Schrei nach Gerechtigkeit            Skin                                    Black girl is born to white Afrikaner parents.   2008 F    D
                                                                                    Questionable, strange, uninteresting story.

Sky Busters                                 The Flyboys                             Children's movie. Two boys save an         2007 T           B
                                                                                    aeroplane from crashing.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow       Sky Captain and the World of            Gwyneth Paltrow. Jude Law. Angelina Jolie. 2004 SF          C
Sky high - Diese Highschool hebt ab!        Sky High                                Comedy. Fantasy. Funny teen story about a 2005 SF           B
                                                                                    school for Superman and Superwoman kids.

Sleepers                                    Sleepers                                Revenge after 10 years detention camp.           1996 F     B
Sleepy Hollow                               Sleepy Hollow                           Johnny Depp. Impressive pictures, but            1999 HF    C
                                                                                    nonsensical story.
Slumdog Millionaire                         Slumdog Millionaire                     India. This is a breathless, exciting story,     2008 F     A
                                                                                    heartbreaking and exhilarating at the same
                                                                                    time, about a Mumbai orphan who rises from
                                                                                    rags to riches on the strength of his lively
Small Soldiers                              Small Soldiers                          Children's movie.                                1998 SF    C
Smart People                                Smart People                            Comedy. Dennis Quaid. Sarah Jessica              2008 F     B
                                                                                    Parker. Ellen Page. Excellent acting,
                                                                                    directing, and camera, meager story.
Smoke                                       Smoke                                   Comedy. Stories from a Brooklyn tobacco          1995 F     B
Smoke Signals                               Smoke Signals                           American Indians. Very slow and boring           1998 F     D
                                                                                    story. Stopped watching.
Snatch - Schweine und Diamanten             Snatch.                                 UK. US. Extreme brutality, meant to be           2000 T     D
                                                                                    funny. Nonsense story.
Sneakers - Die Lautlosen                    Sneakers                                Robert Redford.                                  1992 SF    B
Sniper - Der Scharfschütze                  Sniper                                  Childish, highly unrealistic story. Poor         1992 T     C
                                                                                    directing. Still somewhat entertaining.
So finster die Nacht                        Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right   Sweden. Very slow and strange vampire            2008 F     C
                                            One In)                                 story.
So glücklich war ich noch nie               So glücklich war ich noch nie           Comedy. D. Nadja Uhl. Jörg Schüttauf.            2009 F     C
                                                                                    Elisabeth Trissenaar. Moderately
                                                                                    entertaining story about a con man.
So viele Jahre liebe ich dich               Il y a longtemps que je t'aime (I've                                                     2008 F     BX
                                            Loved You So Long)
So was wie Liebe                            A Lot Like Love                         Amanda Peet. Nice love story.                    2004   F   B
So weit die Füße tragen                     As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me                                                          2001   F   B
Sofies Welt                                 Sofies verden (Sophie's World)                                                           1999   F   C
Solange du da bist                          Just Like Heaven                        Comedy. Reese Witherspoon. Cute                  2005   F   B
                                                                                    nonsense story. Light entertainment. Funny.

Solaris                                     Solaris                                 George Clooney. Natascha McElhone.               2002 SF    C
Somersault - Wie Parfum in der Luft         Somersault                              Australia. Abbie Cornish. Nice, but the story    2004 F     C
                                                                                    is a bit thin and fuzzy.
Sommer                                      Conte d'été                             F. Typical French movie, only talking, no        1996 F     D
                                                                                    action whatsoever. Stopped watching.
Sommer vorm Balkon                          Summer In Berlin                        Very slow and uninteresting. Stopped             2005 F     D
Son of the Dragon                           Son Of The Dragon Part 1 & 2            TV. Fantasy. Good acting. Good directing.        2007 F     C
                                                                                    Poor story. Almost a children's movie. John
                                                                                    Reardon. Desiree Ann Siahaan. Rupert
                                                                                    Graves. Theresa Lee.
Sonnenallee                                 Sun Alley                               Comedy.                                          1999 F     C
Sophie Scholl - Die letzten Tage            Sophie Scholl - The Final Days                                                           2005 R     B
Sophies Entscheidung                        Sophie's Choice                         Drama. Meryl Streep. Kevin Kline. Artificial     1982 F     C
Source Code                                 Source Code                             Jake Gyllenhaal. Michelle Monaghan. The          2011 SF    B
                                                                                    story, particularly the end, requires some
                                                                                    explanation. Otherwise good.
Soylent Green - 2022 - Die überleben wollen Soylent Green                                                                            1973 SF    B

Space Cowboys                               Space Cowboys                           Clint Eastwood. Space shuttle adventure.         2000 F     B
Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Der erste Schritt   Babylon 5 - In The Beginning                                                             1998 SF    B
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 52

Titel                                        Title                                   Comment                                         Year Type Grade
Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Die                  Babylon 5 - The Gathering (Pilot)                                                       1993 SF   B
Zusammenkunft (Pilot)
Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Staffel 1            Babylon 5 - The Complete First Season                                                   2002 SF     B

Spacecenter Babylon 5 - Vergessene           Babylon 5: The Lost Tales - Voices in   TV. Two poor stories.                           2007 SF     C
Legenden                                     the Dark
Spacecop L. A.                               Alien Nation                            Detective story with aliens.                 1988 SF        C
Spanglish                                    Spanglish                               Comedy. Paz Vega. Téa Leoni. Music: Hans 2004 F             B
                                                                                     Zimmer. Interesting and moving social study.

Spartacus                                    Spartacus                                                                               1960   HR   A
Spartan                                      Spartan                                 Val Kilmer. Confusing story.                    2004   T    C
Species                                      Species                                 Somewhat entertaining nonsense story.           1995   SF   C
Species II                                   Species II                              Minimally entertaining.                         1998   SF   C
Species III                                  Species III                             A little entertaining.                          2004   SF   C
Speed                                        Speed                                   Keanu Reeves. Sandra Bullock. Unlikely          1994   T    B
Sphere - Die Macht aus dem All               Sphere                                  Dustin Hoffman. Sharon Stone. Idiotic story     1998 SF     D
                                                                                     about an extraterrestrial alien that doesn't
                                                                                     even show up. Extremely cheap scenery,
                                                                                     almost entirely inside a submarine.

Spider-Man                                   Spider-Man                              Comic-Verfilmung.                               2002   SF   C
Spider-Man 2                                 Spider-Man 2                            Comic-Verfilmung.                               2004   SF   C
Spider-Man 3                                 Spider-Man 3                            Comic-Verfilmung.                               2004   SF   C
Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod                   One Upon A Time In The West (There      Western.                                        1968   HF   B
                                             Was Once The West)
Spiel mit der Angst                          Butterfly On A Wheel                    Pierce Brosnan. Well made, but depressing       2007 T      C
                                                                                     and not really fun to watch.
Sprachlos                                    Speechless                              Comedy. Geena Davis. Michael Keaton.            1994 F      C
                                                                                     Christopher Reeve. Beginning to show age,
                                                                                     but still witty and entertaining.
Spur der Steine                              Spur der Steine                         DDR. Manfred Krug..                             1966 F      B
Spurwechsel                                  Changing Lanes                          Ben Affleck. Samuel L Jackson. Toni             2002 T      B
                                                                                     Collette. Accidental enemies have to come
                                                                                     to terms.
Spy Game - Der finale Countdown              Spy Game                                Robert Redford. Brad Pitt.                      2001 T      B
Spy Kids                                     Spy Kids                                Comedy.                                         2001 F      C
St. Ives - Alles aus Liebe                   St. Ives                                Comedy. F. D. Ireland. UK. Too much             1998 HF     D
                                                                                     nonsense. Stopped watching.
Staatsanwälte küsst man nicht                Legal Eagles                            Robert Redford. Debra Winger. Daryl             1985 T      B
                                                                                     Hannah. Excellent acting, good to watch,
                                                                                     entertaining, but only a minimal story.
Stadt der Engel                              City Of Angels                          Meg Ryan. Nicolas Cage.                         1998 F      C
Stage Beauty - Wechselspiel der Liebe        Stage Beauty                            Excellent acting by Claire Danes. Very          2004 HR     B
                                                                                     entertaining. Occasionally drifting into flat
Stakeout                                     Stakeout                                                                                1987 F
Stalag 17                                    Stalag 17                                                                               1952 F
Stalker                                      Stalker                                 Tarkovski. Extremely unusual, slow,             1979 F      B
                                                                                     impressionist movie.
Stand By Me - Das Geheimnis eines            Stand By Me                             Stopped watching after 10 minutes. Slow         1986 F      D
Sommers                                                                              and boring.
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown            Standing In The Shadows Of Motown       Funk Brothers. Only of music-historic           2002 D      C
                                                                                     interest, otherwise poor.
Stanley und Livingstone                      Stanley and Livingstone                 Not Verleihshop.                                1939   HR
Star Force Soldier                           Soldier                                 Meager story. Brutality.                        1996   SF   C
Star Trek                                    Star Trek                               Winona Ryder. How everything began.             2009   SF   B
Star Trek 1 - Der Film                       The Motion Picture                                                                      1979   SF   B
Star Trek 2 - Der Zorn des Khan              The Wrath Of Khan                                                                       1982   SF   B
Star Trek 3 - Auf der Suche nach Mr. Spock   The Search For Spock                                                                    1984   SF   B

Star Trek 4 - Zurück in die Gegenwart        The Voyage Home                         Best of series..                                1986   SF   B
Star Trek 5 - Am Rande des Universums        The Final Frontier                                                                      1989   SF   C
Star Trek 6 - Das unentdeckte Land           The Undiscovered Country                                                                1991   SF   B
Star Trek 7 - Treffen der Generationen       Generations                                                                             1994   SF   C
Star Trek 8 - Der erste Kontakt              First Contact                                                                           1996   SF   B
Star Trek 9 - Der Aufstand                   Insurrection                                                                            1998   SF   C
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 53

Titel                                       Title                                  Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Star Wars: Episode 1 - Die dunkle           Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom     George Lucas. Music: John Williams..              1999 SF   A
Bedrohung                                   Menace
Star Wars: Episode 2 - Angriff der          Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack Of The   George Lucas. Music: John Williams.               2002 SF     B
Klonkrieger                                 Clones
Star Wars: Episode 3 - Die Rache der Sith   Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge Of      George Lucas. Music: John Williams.               2005 SF     B
                                            The Sith
Star Wars: Episode 4 - Krieg der Sterne     Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope      George Lucas. Music: John Williams.               1977 SF     A
Star Wars: Episode 5 - Das Imperium         Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Imperium    George Lucas. Music: John Williams.               1980 SF     A
schlägt zurück                              Strikes Back
Star Wars: Episode 6 - Die Rückkehr des     Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return Of The   George Lucas. Music: John Williams.               1983 SF     A
Jedi                                        Jedi
Stargate - seasons 1 to 10                  Stargate - seasons 1 to 10             Director: Roland Emmerich.                        1994 SF     B
Stargate Atlantis - seasons 1 to 2          Stargate Atlantis - seasons 1 to 2     TV series.                                        2004 SF     B
Stargate SG-1                               Stargate SG-1                          TV series. One of the best among the Sci-Fi       1997 SF     B
                                                                                   TV series.
Starman                                     Starman                                Jeff Bridges. Entertaining. Reasonably            1984 SF     B
                                                                                   credible for a 1984 SF movie.
Starship Troopers                           Starship Troopers                      Verhoeven. Looks like a comic strip and like      1997 SF     C
                                                                                   a comedy and a parody at the same time.

Startup                                     Anti Trust                             Ryan Philippe. Claire Forlani. Rachael Leigh      2000 T      C
                                                                                   Cook. Idea OK, but childish and poor in the
State and Main                              State And Main                         Comedy. Philip Seymour Hoffman. William           2000 F      D
                                                                                   H. Macy. Rebecca Pidgeon. Julia Stiles.
                                                                                   Idiots doing idiotic things.
State of Play                               State Of Play                          Russell Crowe. Ben Affleck. Rachel                2009 T      B
                                                                                   McAdams. Investigative reporters in a
                                                                                   political affair.
Stealing Rembrandt - Klauen für Anfänger    Rembrandt                              UK. DK. Hilarious comedy. True story.             2003 R      B
Stella                                      Stella                                 11-year-old girl explains her life while rising   2008 F      D
                                                                                   up from her poor background. Nicely,
                                                                                   straightforwardly told, but not really
Step Up                                     Step Up                                Dance and love story. Good classical and          2006 F      C
                                                                                   modern dancing scenes. Entertaining.
Step Up to the Streets                      Step Up 2: The Streets                 Briana Evigan. Not the greatest story, but        2008 F      B
                                                                                   lots of inspired modern dancing.
Sternenkind                                 Koi... Mil Gaya                        India.                                            2003 SF     C
Still Walking                               Aruitemo aruitemo                      J. Story of a rather ordinary family meeting.     2008 F      D
                                                                                   Very boring. Nothing happens.
Stille Erde                                 The Quiet Earth                        Not DVD.                                          1985   SF   C
Stirb langsam                               Die Hard                               Bruce Willis..                                    1988   T    A
Stirb langsam 3 - Jetzt erst recht          Die Hard With A Vengeance              Bruce Willis.                                     1995   T    B
Stirb langsam 4                             Live Free Or Die Hard                  Bruce Willis. Entertaining, but exaggerated,      2007   T    B
                                                                                   highly unrealistic story.
Stolz & Vorurteil                           Pride & Prejudice                      Jane Austen. Novel. Keira Knightley. Donald       2005 HF     B
                                                                                   Sutherland. Historically interesting glimpse
                                                                                   into the high society of 1800 Britain.
                                                                                   Excellent directing, acting, and dressing.

Stop Loss                                   Stop-Loss                              Ryan Phillippe. Abbie Cornish. Joseph             2008 F      B
                                                                                   Gordon-Levitt. Good depiction of the stop-
                                                                                   loss orders issued to many returning soldiers
                                                                                   in the US.
Stoppt die Todesfahrt der U-Bahn 123        The Taking of Pelham One Two Three     Showing age. Slow. Otherwise good.                1974   T    C
Störtebeker                                 Störtebeker                            TV. 2 parts..                                     2006   HR   B
Strange Days                                Strange Days                           Extreme brutality, confused story.                1995   SF   C
Strike! - Mädchen an die Macht!             Strike!                                CDN. Teen movie. Kirsten Dunst. Too               1998   F    D
                                                                                   childish. Stopped watching.
Stuart Little                               Stuart Little                          Story of a talking mouse.                         1999   AF   C
Suche impotenten Mann für's Leben           In Search Of An Impotent Man           Comedy.                                           2003   F    C
Summer Palace                               Summer Palace                          China.                                            2007   F
Sumuru - Planet der Frauen                  Sumuru                                                                                   2003   SF   C
Sunrise - A Song Of Two Humans              Sunrise - A Song Of Two Humans         Silent. Slow. Outdated.                           1926   F    C
Sunshine                                    Sunshine                               Unrealistic, depressing story. Poor camera        2007   SF   C
                                                                                   style, fuzzy scenes.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 54

Titel                                    Title                                  Comment                                       Year Type Grade
Sunshine Cleaning                        Sunshine Cleaning                      Emily Blunt. Meaningless story. Partly in the 2008 F    C
                                                                                "stupid people doing stupid things" category.
                                                                                It never becomes clear whether the movie is
                                                                                meant to be serious or a comedy. Good
                                                                                directing and acting could not save it.

Super 8                                  Super 8                                Director: Steven Spielberg. An old-style          2011 SF     C
                                                                                Spielberg movie. Entertaining, but weak
                                                                                story that focuses on the uninteresting side.

Super Size Me                            Super Size Me                          Anti-McDonalds propaganda.                        2004   D    D
Superbad                                 Superbad                               Vulgar teen nonsense.                             2007   F    D
Superman                                 Superman                               Christopher Reeve. Music: John Williams.          1978   SF   C
Superman Returns                         Superman Returns                       Kevin Spacey. Film adaptation of comic.           2006   SF   C
                                                                                Well made, but questionable story.
Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich            Surrogates                             Bruce Willis. Excellent directing, acting, and    2010 SF     A
Swades - Heimat                        Swades                                   India. Shah Rukh Khan.                            2004 F      B
Sweet Home Alabama - Liebe auf Umwegen Sweet Home Alabama                       Romantic comedy. Reese Witherspoon.               2002 F      B
                                                                                Good acting. Quite entertaining and funny.
Sweet November - Eine Liebe im Herbst    Sweet November                         Charlize Theron. Keanu Reeves. Script             2001 F      B
                                                                                partially weak, but still good to watch.
                                                                                Remake of "Autumn in New York" ("Es
                                                                                begann im September") with Winona Ryder
                                                                                and Richard Gere; the original is somewhat
                                                                                different and better.
Swimming Pool                            Swimming Pool                          Nice psychological crime story.                   2003 T      B
Syriana                                  Syriana                                George Clooney.                                   2005 T      BX
Syriana                                  Syriana                                George Clooney. Matt Damon. Amanda                2005 T      C
                                                                                Peet. No clear storyline. Partly unintelligible
Tag der Rache                            Dies Irae                              Bad, obsolete story.                              1943 F      C
Tage wie dieser                          One Fine Day                           Michelle Pfeiffer. George Clooney. Very poor      1996 F      D
                                                                                script with a predictable, boring story.
                                                                                Stopped watching.
Taking Lives - Für dein Leben würde er   Taking Lives                           Angelina Jolie. Ethan Hawke. Kiefer               2004 T      C
töten                                                                           Sutherland. Serial killer steals identities.
                                                                                Partly bloody and brutal, but well made.
Tangerine                                Tangerine                              D. TV. German tourists in Morocco meet            2008 F      B
                                                                                local girl. Slow, but good story. Realistic.
Tanguy - Der Nesthocker                  Tanguy                                 F. Comedy. Somewhat entertaining and              2001 F      C
Tanz der Vampire                         The Fearless Vampire Killers           Comedy. Roman Polanski..                          1967 F      C
Tarzan                                   Tarzan                                 Walt Disney. Tab Murphy.                          1999 AF     B
Tatsächlich ... Liebe                    Love Actually                          Comedy. Hugh Grant. Liam Neeson. Emma             2003 F      B
                                                                                Thompson. Keira Knightley. Christmas feel-
                                                                                good movie.
Taxi                                     Taxi                                   Comedy. Luc Besson.                               1998 F      B
Taxi Driver                              Taxi Driver                                                                              1976 T      C
Taxi für eine Leiche                     Taxi für eine Leiche                   Austria. No coherent story. Stopped               2002 F      D
                                                                                watching after 15 min.
Taxi Taxi                                Taxi Taxi                              Comedy. Luc Besson.                               2000 F      C
Teen Lover                               Teen Lover                             John Cusack. Embarrassingly naive teen            1989 F      D
                                                                                movie. Stopped watching.
Tequila Sunrise                          Tequila Sunrise                        Mel Gibson. Michelle Pfeiffer. Kurt Russell.      1987 T      C
                                                                                Showing age. Uninteresting, confused story
                                                                                about an ex-drug-dealer.
Terminal                                 The Terminal                           Comedy. Stephen Spielberg. Tom Hanks.             2004 F      B
                                                                                Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Terminator                               The Terminator                         Arnold Schwarzenegger.                            1984   SF   B
Terminator - Die Erlösung                Terminator Salvation                   Great CGI. Very meager story.                     2009   SF   C
Terminator 2: Tag der Abrechnung         Terminator 2: Judgment Day             Arnold Schwarzenegger..                           1991   SF   B
Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines       Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines     Arnold Schwarzenegger.                            2003   SF   B
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                         Seite 55

Titel                                      Title                                Comment                                           Year Type Grade
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles    Terminator: The Sarah Connor         TV series. Lena Headey. Thomas Dekker.            2008 SF   C
                                           Chronicles                           Summer Glau. 31 episodes. The very good
                                                                                acting and directing could not save the
                                                                                meager, repetitive, and occasionally
                                                                                unintelligible story. Too much filler material
                                                                                that does not contribute to the story.

Terrys Versprechen                         A Son's Promise                      Poor, naive story.                                1990 F      C
Tess                                       Tess                                 Roman Polanski. Nastassja Kinski.                 1979 F      B
Tess und ihr Bodyguard                     Guarding Tess                        Shirley MacLaine. Nicolas Cage. No                1994 F      D
                                                                                discernible story. Stopped watching.
Testflug QE 97                             Q Planes                             4 : 3. Sound: 2.0. Black & white. Pretty          1939 SF     C
                                                                                modern, not too bad sci-fi comedy in its time,
                                                                                but today …
Teufel in Blau                             Devil In A Blue Dress                Denzel Washington. Don Cheadle. Jennifer          1995 T      C
Thank You For Smoking                      Thank You For Smoking                Comedy. Aaron Eckhardt. Amusing.                  2005   F    B
The 6th Day                                The 6th Day                          Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cloning.                   2000   SF   B
The Abyss                                  The Abyss                            Director: James Cameron.                          1989   SF   B
The Adjustment Bureau                      The Adjustment Bureau                Fantasy or perhaps science-fiction. Matt          2011   SF   A
                                                                                Damon. Emily Blunt. Highly entertaining, in
                                                                                spite of the far-fetched story.
The African Queen                          The African Queen                    Katharine Hepburn.                                1951 F      A
The Andromeda Strain                       The Andromeda Strain                 Not DVD German.                                   1971 SF
The Arrival - Die Ankunft                  The Arrival                          Not bad, but too unrealistic. The first half is   1996 SF     C
The Astronaut's Wife                       The Astronaut's Wife                 Charlize Theron. Johnny Depp. Very meager         1998 SF     D
                                                                                story. Very slow.
The Aviator                                The Aviator                          About Howard Hughes. Historically                 2004 R      C
The Bank Job                               The Bank Job                         UK. Jason Statham. True stories are often         2008 R      A
                                                                                better than designer stories. Historically
                                                                                interesting too.
The Baxter - Geheiratet wird später        The Baxter                           Comedy. Very strange, highly unrealistic          2005 F      D
                                                                                story and acting. Stopped watching.
The Best Man - Hochzeit mit Hindernissen   The Best Man                         All-black movie without any real story. Can't     1999 F      D
                                                                                make any sense of it.
The Big Lebowsky                           The Big Lebowsky                                                                    1997 F         D
The Book of Eli                            The Book Of Eli                      Denzel Washington. Post-apocalyptic movie 2010 SF             C
                                                                                where a man tries to save a part of the bible.
                                                                                Well made, but strange, questionable story.

The Boss of It All                         Direktøren for det hele              Denmark. S. Iceland. I. F. Norway. Finland.       2006 F      D
                                                                                D. E. Director: Lars von Trier. Complete
                                                                                nonsense. Stopped watching.
The Break-Up - Trennung mit Hindernissen The Break-Up                           Romantic comedy. Jennifer Aniston.                2006 F      D
                                                                                Unpleasant, unrealistic story.
The Burning Wall                           The Burning Wall                                                                       2002 D
The Cat Returns                            Neko no ongaeshi                     Hiroyuki Morita.                                  2002 AF     B
The Cooler - Alles auf Liebe               The Cooler                           Alec Baldwin. Maria Bello. Good story idea,       2003 F      C
                                                                                but poor story. Unnecessary brutality.

The Cove                                   The Cove                             A group of activists infiltrates a cove near      2009 D      A
                                                                                Taijii, Japan, to expose a shocking instance
                                                                                of animal abuse.
The Crying Game                            The Crying Game                      UK. An interesting movie with surprises.          1992 T      B
The Dark Knight                            The Dark Knight                      Batman Begins 2. Well made, but                   2008 SF     B
                                                                                questionable, overstretched story.
The Day after Tomorrow                     The Day After Tomorrow               Roland Emmerich. Very bad, impossible             2004 SF     B
                                                                                story. Good directing. Good acting. Good
                                                                                camera. Mostly good computer generated
The Dish                                   The Dish                             Good true story, well told.                       2001 R      B
The Elephant King                          The Elephant King                    Tate Ellington. Florence Faivre. Two              2006 F      C
                                                                                brothers go to Thailand. Senseless,
                                                                                depressing story. Stupid people doing stupid
The Faculty                                The Faculty                          Alien invasion in a school. Nonsense movie.       1998 SF     D
                                                                                Stopped watching.
                                                             Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                          Seite 56

Titel                                        Title                                  Comment                                          Year Type Grade
The Fall - Im Reich der Fantasie             The Fall                               Fantasy. Absurd nonsense.                        2006 F    D
The Final Cut - Dein Tod ist erst der Anfang The Final Cut                          Robin Williams. Excessively slow. Half-          2003 SF   D
                                                                                    empty story. No meaningful end.
The Finishing Touch, et. al.                The Finishing Touch, et. al.            Black & white. Comedy. Laurel & Hardy.           1928 F      B
The Flying Scotsman                         The Flying Scotsman                     Interesting story. Good movie about a highly     2006 R      B
                                                                                    successful bicycle racer.
The Fog                                     The Fog                                 Remake "The Fog" (1980).                         2005 F      D
The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the     The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from                                                      2003 D      AX
Life of Robert S. McNamara                  the Life of Robert S. McNamara
The Game                                    The Game                              David Fincher..                                    1997 SF     C
The General                                 The General                           Silent. Black & white. Comedy.                     1926 HF     A
The Gingerbread Man                         Gingerbread Man                       Kenneth Branagh. Daryl Hannah. Poor,               1998 T      D
                                                                                  unrealistic story. Stopped watching.
The Girl Next Door                          The Girl Next Door                    Light teen entertainment. Partly good acting,      2004 F      C
                                                                                  but mediocre story.
The Glass House                             The Glass House                       Leelee Sobieski.                                   2001 T      C
The Go Masters                              The Go Masters (Mikan no taikyoku; Yu Inspired by Go Seigen. First Japanese-             1982 F      A
                                            pan mei you xia wan de qi)            Chinese coproduction.
The God Who Wasn't There                    The God Who Wasn't There              Richard Dawkins.                                   2005   D    A
The Golden Door                             The Golden Door                       F. I. Strange, boring.                             2006   F    D
The Good Girl                               The Good Girl                         Jennifer Aniston. Depressing and boring.           2001   F    D
The Good Shepherd                           The Good Shepherd                     Director: Robert de Niro. Matt Damon.              2006   R
                                                                                  Angelina Jolie.
The Great Raid - Tag der Befreiung          The Great Raid                        1945 US soldiers liberated prisoners of war        2005 R      B
                                                                                  in the Philippines. Thrilling story, well told.

The Green Mile                              The Green Mile                                                                           1999 T      C
The Grifters                                The Grifters                            Excellent actors. Poor story with stupid         1990 T      D
                                                                                    ending. Showing age.
The Holiday                                 The Holiday                             Comedy. Light entertainment. Kate Winslet.       2006 F      B
                                                                                    Cameron Diaz. Jude Law. Hans Zimmer.
                                                                                    Music: Hans Zimmer.
The Host                                    Gwoemul                                 South Korea. Seoul's polluted Han river          2006 SF     C
                                                                                    breeds man-eating monster.
The Hours - Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit        The Hours                                                                                2003 F      C
The Hunted - Der Gejagte                    The Hunted                              Far-fetched, poor story.                         1995 T      D
The Ides of March                           The Ides of March                       Ryan Gosling. George Clooney. Evan               2011 F      B
                                                                                    Rachel Wood. Dirty politics. Unclear story,
                                                                                    otherwise very good.
The Insider                                 The Insider                             Al Pacino. Russell Crowe.                        1999 F
The International                           The International                       Clive Owen. Naomi Watts. Armin Müller-           2009 T      B
                                                                                    Stahl. Interesting and unusually honest.
The Italian Job - Jagd auf Millionen        The Italian Job                         Charlize Theron. Light entertainment.            2003 T      B
The Kid                                     The Kid                                 Walt Disney. Bruce Willis. Childish story..      2000 F      C
The Killing Fields - Schreiendes Land       The Killing Fields                      UK. Cambodia, 1975, true story of two            1984 R      B
The King's Speech                           The King's Speech                       Biography. Colin Firth. Geoffrey Rush.           2010 R      A
                                                                                    Helena Bonham Carter. Excellent story
                                                                                    about King George VI.
The last Samurai                            The Last Samurai                        Music: Hans Zimmer. Historically interesting.    2003 HR     A
                                                                                    Very bloody.
The Last Sword                              Mibu gishi den                          J. The end of the Samurai era. Partly very       2003 HF     C
                                                                                    slow and sentimental.
The Lighthorsemen                           The Lighthorsemen                       Poor directing. Poor dialogs.                    1987   R    C
The Lookout                                 The Lookout                                                                              2006   T    BX
The Lost Boys                               The Lost Boys                           Vampires.                                        1987   T    D
The Lost World: Jurassic Park               The Lost World: Jurassic Park           Steven Spielberg. Julianne Moore. Music:         1997   SF   A
                                                                                    John Williams.
The Majestic                                The Majestic                            Dilettantish directing and acting. Stopped       2001 F      D
The Man from Earth                          Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth       Very good, fascinating story. Excellent acting   2007 SF     B
                                                                                    and directing. Only talking people though, no
                                                                                    grand images.
The Marriage Certificate                    The Marriage Certificate                Huang Jianxin.                                   2002   F
The Match Factory Girl                      Match Factory Girl                      Not DVD German. Kaurismaki.                      1990   F
The Matrix Reloaded                         The Matrix Reloaded                     Simulation. Andy & Larry Wachowski.              2003   SF   B
The Medusa Touch                            The Medusa Touch                        Not DVD German.                                  1978   T    C
                                                            Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                     Seite 57

Titel                                        Title                                Comment                                        Year Type Grade
The Men Who Stare At Goats                   Männer, die auf Ziegen starren       George Clooney. Ewan McGregor. Jeff            2009 R    C
                                                                                  Bridges. Kevin Spacey. Interesting true
                                                                                  story. Poor movie.
The Missing                                  The Missing                          Western. Cate Blanchett. Tommy Lee Jones.      2003 T    C
                                                                                  Mother fights for her kidnapped daughter in
                                                                                  1885. Brutality.
The Music Box                                The Musix Box                        Black & white. Comedy. Laurel & Hardy.         1932 F    B
The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of    The Mysterious Geographic            Stopped watching.                              2005 AF   D
Jasper Morello                               Explorations Of Jasper Morello
The New World                                The New World                        The story of the North American Indian         2005 HR   C
                                                                                  princess Pocahontas 1607-1615. Historically
                                                                                  interesting. Slow. Watch if you are interested
                                                                                  in the topic.
The Night Listener                           The Night Listener                   Michael Douglas. Poor, overly simple story. 2006 F       C

The Nightmare Before Christmas               The Nightmare Before Christmas       Burton.                                        1993 AF   C
The Place Promised in Our Early Days         Kumo no mukô, yakusoku no basho      J. Animé. Very beautifully made, but with a    2004 AF   C
                                                                                  weird story.
The Punisher                                 The Punisher                         After a comic. Not too badly made, but         2004 T    D
                                                                                  revolves exclusively around violence and
The Purple Rose Of Cairo                     The Purple Rose Of Cairo             Woody Allen. Comedy.                           1985 F    C
The Quest - Das Geheimnis der                The Librarian: Return to King        TV. Adventure. Somewhat entertaining, but      2006 SF   C
Königskammer                                 Solomon's Mines                      too childish.
The Quest - Jagd nach dem Speer des          The Librarian: Quest For The Spear   Comedy. Adventure. Entertaining, but rather    2004 T    C
Schicksals                                                                        unserious.
The Ring                                     The Ring                             Naomi Watts. Very good directing and           2002 F    D
                                                                                  acting, but the story is pure nonsense.
The Road                                     The Road                             Post-apocalyptic road movie about father       2009 SF   C
                                                                                  and son. Some good elements, but overall
                                                                                  poor story.
The Rock                                     The Rock                             Sean Connery. Nicolas Cage. Well made.         1996 T    B
The Rocky Horror Picture Show                The Rocky Horror Picture Show                                                       1975 F    A
The Saint - Der Mann ohne Namen              The Saint                            Val Kilmer. Elizabeth Shue ("Back To The       1998 T    B
                                                                                  Future"). Very light, but pleasant
The Score                                    The Score                            Robert De Niro. Marlon Brando.                 2001 T    C
The Scorpion King                            The Scorpion King                    Fantasy. Beautiful scenery. Poor, very         2002 F    C
                                                                                  unrealistic story.
The Second Arrival - Die Wiederkehr          The Second Arrival                                                              1998 SF       C
The Sixth Sense                              The Sixth Sense                                                                 1999 F        B
The Sky Crawlers                             Sukai kurora                         J. Animé. Unclear, meaningless story. Good 2008 SF       C
                                                                                  fantasy aeroplane computer graphics.

The Social Network                           The Social Network                   Jesse Eisenberg. Andrew Garfield. Justin       2010 R    B
                                                                                  Timberlake. Director: David Fincher.
                                                                                  Definitely worth seeing, if you are at all
                                                                                  interested in the story.
The Station Agent                            The Station Agent                                                                   2003 F    B
The Straight Story - eine wahre Geschichte   The Straight Story                   David Lynch.                                   1999 R    B

The Time Machine - Die Zeitmaschine          The Time Machine                     After a novel by H G Wells. Beautifully        2002 SF   C
                                                                                  filmed, good camera and effects, but poor or
                                                                                  poorly adapted story.
The Town - Stadt ohne Gnade                  The Town                             Ben Affleck. Good bank robber thriller.        2010 T    B
The Transporter                              The Transporter                      F. Script: Luc Besson. Jason Statham. Qi       2002 T    B
                                                                                  Shu. Action comedy. Thrilling, funny,
The Untouchables - die Unbestechlichen       The Untouchables                     Al Capone. Historically interesting.           1987 R    B
The Village - Das Dorf                       The Village                          Joaquin Phoenix. Sigourney Weaver.             2004 F    C
                                                                                  Strange, faulty story. Very slow.
The Virgin Suicides                          The Virgin Suicides                  Sofia Coppola.                                 1999 T    B
The Weather Man                              The Weather Man                      Nicolas Cage. Michael Caine. Hope Davis.       2005 F    D
                                                                                  Nicholas Hoult. Stupid, boring, depressing
The White Dragon                             Fei hap siu baak lung                China. Fantasy. Comedy. Very light, in parts   2004 F    C
                                                                                  childish, entertainment.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 58

Titel                                    Title                                  Comment                                            Year Type Grade
The Yards - Im Hinterhof der Macht       The Yards                              Mark Wahlberg. Charlize Theron. Joaquin            1999 F    C
                                                                                Phoenix. Faye Dunaway. Crime syndicate.
                                                                                Depressing movie in which people don't
Thelma & Louise                          Thelma & Louise                        Music: Hans Zimmer.                                1991 T    A
There Will Be Blood                      There Will Be Blood                    Psychologically sick man finds oil, hates          2007 HF   D
                                                                                everybody, kills some. Disgusting, unrealistic
Thirteen Days                            Thirteen Days                          Cuba crisis..                                      2000 R    A
This is England - Ende einer Kindheit    This Is England                        UK. Boy becomes skinhead. Slow, but                2006 F    C
                                                                                otherwise good.
Thomas Crown ist nicht zu fassen         The Thomas Crown Affair                McQueen.                                           1968 T    A
Three Kings                              Three Kings                            George Clooney. Stopped watching after first       1999 F    D
Thunderbirds                              Thunderbirds                          Science-Fiction. Puppets on strings.               1965 AF   C
THX 1138                                  THX 1138                              George Lucas.                                      1971 SF   D
Tiger & Dragon - Der Beginn einer Legende Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon        Flying fighters..                                  2000 HF   B

Tigerland                                Tigerland                              Director: Joel Schumacher. Typical military        2000 F    D
                                                                                training camp movie. Uninteresting.

Time Bandits                             Time Bandits                           Nonsense.                                          1981 F    D
Timecop                                  Timecop                                Jean-Claude Van Damme. Childish,                   1994 SF   D
                                                                                inconsistent story. Stopped watching.
Timeline                                 Timeline                               Fuzzy story. What a pity that this movie           2003 SF   B
                                                                                doesn't make much more of the good story
Tin Cup                                  Tin Cup                                Comedy. Kevin Costner. Golf.                       1996 F    B
Tina - What's Love Got To Do With It     What's Love Got To Do With It          The life of Tina Turner.                           1993 R    C
Tischlein deck dich                      Tischlein deck dich                    Children's movie. TV. Grimm's Fairy Tales.         2008 HF   B
                                                                                German ARD series "6 auf einen Streich".

Titan A.E.                               Titan A.E.                             Science-Fiction. Beautiful pictures, poor          2000 AF   C
Titanic                                  Titanic                                The classic..                                      1997 R    A
Titus                                    Titus                                  Anthony Hopkins. Filmed theater play "Titus        1999 F    D
                                                                                Andronicus" by William Shakespeare. Not
                                                                                suitable for a movie.
To Die For                               To Die For                             Nicole Kidman. Matt Dillon. Strange style.         1995 F    D
                                                                                Boring. Stopped watching.
Tod im Spiegel                           Shattered                              Tom Berenger. Greta Scacchi. Classic,              1991 T    C
                                                                                sursprising detective story, albeit unrealistic.

Tödliche Entscheidung                    Before the Devil Knows You're Dead     Ethan Hawke. Too bloody. Too much             2007 T         D
                                                                                murder. Stopped watching.
Tödliche Versprechen                     Eastern Promises                       Director: David Cronenberg. Naomi Watts. 2007 T              C
                                                                                Viggo Mortensen. Armin Müller-Stahl.
                                                                                Extreme brutality. Strange, depressing story.

Tödliche Weihnachten                     The Long Kiss Goodnight                Good story, good entertainment, second half        1996 T    B
                                                                                somewhat overdone. MPAA: Rated R for a
                                                                                substantial amount of strong bloody
                                                                                violence, and for strong language.
Tödliches Kommando - The Hurt Locker     The Hurt Locker                        War. Ralph Fiennes. Director: Kathryn              2008 T    AX
Tokyo Sonata                             Tôkyô sonata                           J. Good acting, poor story, too slow, but still    2008 F    C
                                                                                an insight in some aspects of Japanese
                                                                                everyday life.
Tokyo Story                              Tokyo Story                            Not DVD.                                           1953 F
Tootsie                                  Tootsie                                                                                   1982 F    B
Top Gun - Sie fürchten weder Tod noch    Top Gun                                Tom Cruise. Great pictures, but childish           1986 T    B
Teufel                                                                          story.
Topkapi                                  Topkapi                                                                                   1964 T    C
Tora! Tora! Tora!                        Tora! Tora! Tora!                      Pearl Harbor.                                      1970 R    A
Total Recall                             Total Recall                           Not DVD German. Schwarzenegger. Sharon             1990 SF   B
Total verknallt in Tad Hamilton          Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!          Romantic comedy. Exaggerated story, but            2004 F    B
                                                                                good acting.
Tote Schlafen fest                       The Big Sleep                          Humphrey Bogart. Black & white.                    1946 T    B
                                                        Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                        Seite 59

Titel                                 Title                                  Comment                                            Year Type Grade
Toter Mann                            Something to Remind Me                 D. TV. Boring. Depressing. Too slow. Poor,         2001 T    D
                                                                             unrealistic acting. Stopped watching.

Touxi - Der Richter                   Touxi                                  China. Thief on death row shall donate his         2009 F    C
                                                                             kidney. Very slow.
Toy Story 2                           Toy Story 2                                                                               1999 AF   B
Toy Story 3                           Toy Story 3                            Fantasy. Somewhat funny, somewhat                  2010 AF   C
                                                                             sentimental, somewhat too childish.
Trade - Willkommen in Amerika         Trade                                  Kevin Klein. Trade in humans, particularly         2007 T    A
                                                                             girls, across the Mexico-US border.
Traffic                               Traffic                                Drug trafficking USA - Mexiko.                     2000 T    A
Training Day                          Training Day                           Thrilling, but way overdone, unbelievable          2001 T    C
                                                                             story about a corrupt police officer.
Trainspotting                         Trainspotting                                                                             1996 F    D
Tränen der Sonne                      Tears Of The Sun                       Bruce Willis. Monica Bellucci. Music: Hans         2003 T    A
                                                                             Zimmer. Exaggerated heroism, otherwise
                                                                             very good.
Transformers                          Transformers                           Shia LaBeuf. Megan Fox. Interesting                2007 SF   C
                                                                             computer-generated graphics, weak story.
Transformers - Die Rache              Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen    Shia LaBeuf. Megan Fox. Lots of computer-          2009 SF   C
                                                                             generated graphics, poor story.
Transit                               Transit                                D. Very realistic, interesting story, which,       2010 F    C
                                                                             however, ends abruptly and hopelessly.
Transporter - The Mission             Transporter 2                          Jason Statham. Amber Valletta. Not bad, but        2005 T    C
                                                                             way overdone, almost to being boring.
Transporter 3                         Transporter 3                          Jason Statham. Overdone, but entertaining.         2008 T    B

Tremors - Im Land der Raketenwürmer   Tremors                                Comedy.                                            1989 T    C
Tricks                                Matchstick Men                         Nicolas Cage. Alison Lohman. Very good             2003 F    B
                                                                             acting. Witty, but far-fetched and somewhat
                                                                             frustrating story.
Triumph des Willens                   Triumph des Willens                    Leni Riefenstahl. Nazi propaganda, of              1934 R    A
                                                                             historic interest..
Troja                                 Troy                                                                                 2004 HR        A
Tron                                  Tron                                                                                 1982 SF        B
Tropic Thunder                        Tropic Thunder                         Comedy. Ben Stiller. Silly. Stopped watching. 2008 F         D

Trouble In Mind                       Trouble In Mind                                                                           1985 F    C
True Lies - Wahre Lügen               True Lies                              Comedy. Cameron. Schwarzenegger.                   1994 T    A
True Romance                          True Romance                           Quentin Tarantino. Brutality. Very bloody.         1993 T    B
                                                                             Music: Hans Zimmer.
Tucker                                Tucker: The Man And His Dream          Filmography. Jeff Bridges. Joan Allen.             1988 R    B
                                                                             Director: Francis Ford Coppola. Interesting
Tulpan                                Тюльпан                                Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Poland,               2008 F    D
                                                                             Switzerland, Italy. Utterly stupid story.
                                                                             People with thoroughly unpleasant behavior.

Twelve Monkeys                        Twelve Monkeys                         Good base story. Poor directing. Confusing         1995 SF   C
                                                                             detail stories.
Twilight - Biss zum Morgengrauen      Twilight                               Kristen Stewart. Fantasy. Better than most         2008 F    B
                                                                             other vampire movies.
Twins - Zwillinge                     Twins                                  Comedy. Danny DeVito. Arnold                       1988 F    C
                                                                             Schwarzenegger. Kelly Preston. Chloe
                                                                             Webb. Somewhat childish and overdone,
                                                                             showing age, but still entertaining.
Twister                               Twister                                Helen Hunt. Music: Hans Zimmer. A                  1996 T    C
                                                                             moderately entertaining nonsense movie.
Two Lovers                            Two Lovers                             Joaquin Phoenix. Gwyneth Paltrow. Vinessa          2008 F    B
                                                                             Shaw. Somewhat moving, but weak story.
                                                                             Good actors.
U-571 - Mission im Atlantik           U-571                                  Artificial, unrealistic story. Stopped watching.   1999 T    D

Über den Dächern von Nizza            To Catch A Thief                       Alfred Hitchcock.                                  1954 T    C
Überall, nur nicht hier               Anywhere But Here                      Susan Sarandon. Natalie Portman. Weak              1999 F    C
                                                                             story, only moderately entertaining.
Überleben!                            Alive                                  Air crash survivors struggle to survive.           1993 R    A
Uhrwerk Orange                        Clockwork Orange                       Stanley Kubrick.                                   1971 SF   B
Unbreakable - Unzerbrechlich          Unbreakable                            Bruce Willis.                                      2000 T    C
                                                          Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                     Seite 60

Titel                                   Title                                  Comment                                        Year Type Grade
und dann kam Polly                      Along Came Polly                       Romantic comedy. Adam Sandler. Jennifer 2003 F           C
                                                                               Aniston. Light entertainment.
Und dann kommt die Angst                Irresistible                           AUS. Susan Sarandon. Naomi Watts.              2003 T    D
                                                                               Orlando Bloom. Highly artificial story about a
                                                                               mother who gave her daughter away, and
                                                                               the daughter comes back to haunt her.

Und die Braut wusste von nichts         Und die Braut wusste von nichts        Comedy..                                        2002 F    B
Und ganz plötzlich ist es Liebe         Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Something Is       India. Shah Rukh Khan. Partly Children's        1998 F    C
                                        Happening)                             movie, partly very sentimental and
                                                                               melodramatic, partly good.
Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier        Groundhog Day                                                                          1993 F    C
Under Suspicion - Mörderisches Spiel    Under Suspicion                        F. Gene Hackman. Morgan Freeman.                2000 T    C
                                                                               Monica Bellucci. Somewhat boring psycho
Undercover Lover - Liebe auf Umwegen    Undercover Christmas                   Romantic comedy. Jami Gertz. Shawn              2003 F    B
                                                                               Christian. Good story idea, moderately well
                                                                               played out. Entertaining.
Underworld                              Underworld                             Fantasy. Kate Beckinsale. Nonsensical           2003 F    B
                                                                               vampires and werewolves story, but very
                                                                               good acting, camera, scenery.
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans          Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans         Fantasy. Impressive scenes. Depressing          2009 F    C
                                                                               story. Prequel to Underworld.
Ungeküsst                               Never Been Kissed                      Comedy. Drew Barrymore. 25-year-old copy        1998 F    C
                                                                               editor plays high school girl for an article.
                                                                               Childish, but cute and entertaining.
Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art   Close Encounters Of The Third Kind     Steven Spielberg. Music: John Williams.         1977 SF   C
                                                                               Movie-historically interesting.
Universal Soldier                       Universal Soldier                      Roland Emmerich. Jean-Claude Van                1992 SF   B
                                                                               Damme. Ally Walker. Somewhat weak story.

Universal Soldier: Die Rückkehr         Universal Soldier: The Return          Jean-Claude Van Damme.                          1999 SF   D
Unleashed - Entfesselt                  Unleashed                              Story: Luc Besson. Jet Li. Morgan Freeman.      2005 T    C
                                                                               Story has its strengths, but is too much
                                                                               based on extreme brutality.
Unschuldig verfolgt                     A Map Of The World                     Sigourney Weaver. Julianne Moore.               1999 F    B
                                                                               Interesting story, realistic and instructive.
Unsere Erde                             Earth                                  Beautiful views. Stupid narration.              2007 D    C
Unter der Sonne Australiens             Romulus, My Father                     Franka Potente. Eric Bana. Unpleasant,          2007 R    D
                                                                               meaningless, but still true story.
Unter der Sonne der Toscana             Under The Tuscan Sun                   Italy. Autobiographic story by Frances          2003 R    B
Unter falschem Namen                    Auggie Rose                            Good idea, only moderately well                 2000 F    C
                                                                               materialized. Slow.
Unter Umständen verliebt                Unter Umständen verliebt               D. Romantic comedy. Simple story, some          2012 F    C
                                                                               good, some poor dialogs, somewhat
                                                                               entertaining and funny.
Unter Verdacht                          Under Suspicion                        Liam Neeson. Good detective story, but          1991 T    C
                                                                               wrong ending.
Unterwegs mit Evie                      Driving Lessons                        UK. Rupert Grint. Witty nonsense.               2005 F    C
Unterwegs nach Cold Mountain            Cold Mountain                          Jude Law. Nicole Kidman. Renée Zellweger.       2003 HF   B
                                                                               Typically overstretched Hollywood story;
                                                                               otherwise a great movie.
Untreu                                  Unfaithful                             Richard Gere. Diane Lane. Olivier Martinez.     2002 T    C
                                                                               Great acting, directing, camera, but highly
                                                                               questionable story with far too much
                                                                               moralizing and bloodletting.
Up                                      Oben                                   Technically well made. Pure nonsense story.     2009 AF   C
                                                                               Mostly slow and boring.
Up in the Air                           Up In The Air                          Comey. George Clooney.                          2009 F    BX
Urga                                    Urga                                   Mongolia.                                       1991 F    B
U-Turn - Kein Weg zurück                U Turn                                 Jennifer Lopez. Very unpleasant. Stopped        1997 T    D
V wie Vendetta                          V for Vendetta                         Andy & Larry Wachowski. Weak, unrealistic       2005 SF   B
Valerie                                 Valerie                                D. A model's luck runs out. Realistic and       2006 F    C
                                                                               intense, but has almost no story.
Valmont                                 Valmont                                Annette Bening. Director: Milos Forman.         1989 F    D
                                                                               Wonderful costumes, poor story.
                                                               Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                           Seite 61

Titel                                         Title                                   Comment                                         Year   Type   Grade
Van Helsing                                   Van Helsing                             Way over the top, minimally funny.              2004   F      D
Vanilla Sky                                   Vanilla Sky                             Simulation. Tom Cruise..                        2001   SF     A
Vater der Braut                               Father Of The Bride                     Steve Martin. Childish and silly. Stopped       1991   F      D
Vaterland                                     Vaterland                               Not DVD.                                        1994 F
Verblendung                                   Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl With    Sweden. Part 1 of 3. More realistic than a      2009 T        A
                                              The Dragon Tattoo)                      typical Hollywood thriller. Gripping.
Verborgene Welten - Das geheime Leben         Life In The Undergrowth                 BBC. 5 parts: "Invasion of the Land", "Taking   2005 D        B
der Insekten                                                                          to the Air", "The Silk Spinners", "Intimate
                                                                                      Relations", "Supersocieties"
Verborgenes Feuer                             Firelight                               Sophie Marceau. Wonderful, very beautiful       1997 HF       B
                                                                                      movie. Won awards for camera and
                                                                                      directing. Somewhat artificial story..
Verdammnis                                    Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl   Sweden. Part 2 of 3. This part is overdone in   2009 T        B
                                              Who Played With Fire)                   terms of brutality, but the recommendation is
                                                                                      still to watch all three. Gripping.

Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit                     From Here To Eternity                   Black & white.                                  1953   F      C
Verfluchtes Amsterdam                         Amsterdamned                                                                            1987   T      C
Verführerischer Mond                          Feng yue (Temptress Moon)               China.                                          1996   F      D
Verführerisches Spiel                         Zomerhitte                              NL. Strange story. Somewhat entertaining.       2008   T      C

Vergebung                                     Luftslottet som sprängdes (The Girl     Sweden. Part 3 of 3. More realistic than a      2009 T        A
                                              Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest)           typical Hollywood thriller. Gripping.
Vergiss mein nicht                            Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind     Kate Winslet. Kirsten Dunst. Elijah Wood.       2004 SF       B
                                                                                      Jim Carrey. Interesting story idea. Very good
Verhandlungssache                             The Negotiator                          Psycho thriller.                                1998 T        B
Verlockende Falle                             Entrapment                              Catherine Zeta-Jones. Sean Connery.             1999 T        C
                                                                                      Slightly confused thriller.
Vermisst                                      Missing                                 Very slow and depressing. Stopped               1981 T        D
Verrat in Venedig                             Secret Passage                          Story unbelievable. Poor dialogs. Some          2004 HF       C
                                                                                      interesting historic insights.
Verrückt nach Mary                            There's Something About Mary            Comedy. Some good laughs, but mostly            1998 F        C
                                                                                      childish antics.
Verrückte Rettung                             Сумасшедшая помощь                      Russia. Prohibitively slow. Stopped watching    2009 F        D
                                                                                      after 3 minutes.
Verschwende deine Jugend                      Verschwende deine Jugend                D. Boring. Stopped watching.                    2003   F      D
Vertigo - aus dem Reich der Toten             Vertigo                                 Cannot be rented. Alfred Hitchcock.             1958   T
Vertrag mit meinem Killer                     I Hired A Contract Killer               Not DVD German. Kaurismaki.                     1990   F
Verwünscht                                    Enchanted                               Children's movie. Amy Adams. Susan              2007   F      B
                                                                                      Sarandon. James Marsden. Witty story. Not
                                                                                      bad for a movie by Walt Disney.
Victor/Victoria                               Victor/Victoria                         Inane story. Stopped watching.                  1982   F      D
Victoria & Albert                             Victoria & Albert                       Honest. Historically interesting.               2001   HR     B
Vielleicht, vielleicht auch nicht             Definitely Maybe                        Romantic comedy. Nice story.                    2008   F      B
Vier Brüder                                   Four Brothers                           Vulgar, brutal, low social environment,         2005   T      D
Vier Hochzeiten und ein Todesfall             Four Weddings And A Funeral             Comedy.                                         1993 F        C
Vier Minuten                                  Four Minutes (4 Minutes)                D. Hannah Herzsprung. Monica Bleibtreu.         2006 F        A
                                                                                      Prison and a piano teacher.
Vier Tage im September                        O Que É Isso, Companheiro? (Four        Brazil..                                        1997 R        A
                                              Days In September)
Vier Töchter                                  Vier Töchter                            D. Good idea, very poorly executed.             2006 F        D
Vino santo - Es lebe die Liebe, es lebe der   Vino santo                              D. Austria. Italy. TV. Comedy. Light            1999 F        B
Wein                                                                                  entertainment.
Virtuosity                                    Virtuosity                              Simulation. Denzel Washington. Russell          1995 SF       B
Volver                                        Volver                                                                                  2006 F        BX
Vom Winde verweht                             Gone With The Wind                                                                      1939 HF       A
Wächter der Nacht                             Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch)             Russia. Uneasy truce between Vampires           2004 F        D
                                                                                      and their daytime opponents. Sequel: "Day
                                                                                      Watch". Depressing and poor in every
Wächter des Tages                             Dnevnoy dozor (Day Watch)               Russia. Uneasy truce between Vampires       2006 F            D
                                                                                      and their daytime opponents. Sequel to
                                                                                      "Night Watch". Depressing and poor in every
                                                              Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                      Seite 62

Titel                                      Title                                   Comment                                          Year Type Grade
Wächter über Himmel und Erde               Tian di ying xiong                      VRC. Beautiful landscapes. Simple story.         2003 HF   D
Wag the Dog - Wenn der Schwanz mit dem     Wag The Dog                             Dustin Hoffman. Robert de Niro. Anne             1997 T    B
Hund wedelt                                                                        Heche. Kirsten Dunst.
Wahnsinnig verliebt                        A la folie... pas du tout!              F. Audrey Tautou. Unrealistic, peculiar, but     2002 F    C
                                                                                   also witty, unusual story. Faulty directing.
                                                                                   Good acting. Not for everybody.
Wahre Lügen                                Where The Truth Lies                    Alison Lohman. Erotic thriller. Strange,         2005 T    C
                                                                                   complex story.
Während du schliefst                       While You Were Sleeping                 Sandra Bullock. Very light entertainment.        1995 F    B
Walk the Line                              Walk The Line                           Joaquin Phoenix. Reese Witherspoon.              2005 R    B
                                                                                   Childhood and youth of the country singer
                                                                                   Johnny Cash. A bit boring, otherwise good.

Walküre                                    Valkyrie                             Tom Cruise. Historically interesting and very 2008 R          A
                                                                                well made.
WALL·E                                     WALL·E                               ASF. Good animation. Stupid, unimaginative 2008 AF            C
                                                                                nonsense story.
Wallace & Gromit - Curse Of The            Wallace & Gromit In The Curse Of The Music: Hans Zimmer.                           2005 AF         A
Wererabbit                                 Were-Rabbit
Wallace & Gromit - Die unglaublichen       Wallace & Gromit                     Comedy. Plasticine figures.                   1995 AF         A
Wanted                                     Wanted                                  James McAvoy. Angelina Jolie. Morgan             2008 T    D
                                                                                   Freeman. Secret assassin society. Filmed
                                                                                   after a comic strip. Well made, but very poor,
                                                                                   excessively bloody, and extremely
                                                                                   exaggerated story.
Was das Herz begehrt                       Something's Gotta Give                  Comedy. Jack Nicholson. Diane Keaton.            2003 F    C
                                                                                   Keanu Reeves.
Was Frauen wollen                          What Women Want                         Comedy. Mel Gibson. Helen Hunt.                  2000 F    B
Was ist mit Bob?                           What About Bob?                         Comedy. Bill Murray. Richard Dreyfuss.           1991 F    B
                                                                                   Patient drives psychiatrist mad.
Was Mädchen wollen                         What A Girl Wants                       Children's movie. Naive, childish teens.         2003 F    C
                                                                                   Somewhat entertaining.
Was vom Tage übrig blieb                   The Remains Of A Day                    Emma Thompson. Christopher Reeve. Good           1993 F    C
                                                                                   directing. Good acting. Boring, unrealistic
Watchmen                                   Watchmen                                Fantasy. Technically well made, but no           2009 F    D
                                                                                   discernible story. Extreme brutality.
Water - Der Fluss des Lebens               Water                                   CDN. IND. Story and director: Deepa Mehta.       2005 F    A
                                                                                   Very interesting movie about India in 1938.

Waterworld                                 Waterworld                              Kevin Costner. Post-apocalyptic..                1995 SF   A
Wedding Date                               The Wedding Date                        Good idea, poorly executed. Light                2005 F    C
Wedding Planner - Verliebt, verlobt, verplant The Wedding Planner                  Comedy.                                          2000 F    B

Wege zum Ruhm                              Paths Of Glory                          Black & white.                                   1957 F    A
Weihnachtsmann gesucht                     Weihnachtsmann gesucht                  D. TV. Kind of absurd theater. Too slow.         2002 F    D
Weil es dich gibt                          Serendipity                             John Cusack. Kate Beckinsale. An esoteric        2000 F    B
                                                                                   variation of "Sleepless in Seattle".

Weißer Oleander                            White Oleander                          Alison Lohman. Renée Zellweger. Michelle 2002 F            C
                                                                                   Pfeiffer. Strong movie, but depressing story.

Weiter als der Mond                        Sea Of Silence                          NL. B. D. Slow, artificial story.                2003 F    D
Weites Land                                Open Range                              Western. Kevin Costner.                          2003 F    A
Weites Land                                The Big Country                         Western. Gregory Peck. Charlton Heston.          1958 F    B
                                                                                   Jean Simmons.
Welcome to the Jungle                      The Rundown                             Artificial, overdone story. Stopped watching.    2003 T    D

Welt am Draht                              Welt am Draht                           Simulation. Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Not        1973 SF   AX
Wenn die Wölfe heulen                      Never Cry Wolf                          Walt Disney.                                     1983 F    C
Wenn Liebe so einfach wäre                 It's Complicated                        TV. Romantic comedy. Meryl Streep. Steve         2009 F    C
                                                                                   Martin. Alec Baldwin. Weak, occasionally
                                                                                   unnerving story.
Wenn Träume fliegen lernen                 Finding Neverland                       Johnny Depp. Kate Winslet. Radha Mitchell.       2004 R    B
                                                                                   Somewhat depressive. Somewhat slow.
                                                           Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                            Seite 63

Titel                                     Title                                  Comment                                           Year   Type   Grade
Wenn Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen           Wish Upon A Star                       Body switch teen comedy.                          1997   F      B
Wer den Wind sät                          Inherit The Wind                       Spencer Tracy..                                   1960   R      A
Wer die Nachtigall stört                  To Kill A Mockingbird                  Black & white.                                    1962   T      B
Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot         Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot      Bavarian comedy.                                  2006   F      B
Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf          Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf         Stopped watching. Very unpleasant and             1966   F      D
Wer hat Angst vorm weißen Mann?           Qui a tué Bambi? (Who killed Bambi?)   F. Slow, weird, sick.                             2003 T        D

Wer ist Hanna?                            Hanna                                  Saoirse Ronan. Cate Blanchett. Eric Bana. A 2011 SF             B
                                                                                 girls with guns movie. Some impressive
                                                                                 images. Somewhat entertaining.

Wesleys Feuerprobe                        Walking Across Egypt                   Childish. Naive. Stopped watching.                2000   F      D
Whale Rider                               Whale Rider                            New Zealand.                                      2002   F      A
When A Man Loves A Woman                  When A Man Loves A Woman               Meg Ryan. Alcoholism.                             1994   F      B
When We Were Kings                        When We Were Kings                     Muhammed Ali.                                     1996   D      C
Whisky Romeo Zulu                         Whisky Romeo Zulu                      Argentina. Airline safety. A pilot whistle        2004   R      A
                                                                                 blower made this movie.
White Squall - Reißende Strömung          White Squall                           Ridley Scott. Sailboat adventure, accident.       1996 R        C
                                                                                 Historically interesting.
Wholetrain                                Wholetrain                             D. Sprayers. Recommended, if the topic            2006 F        C
                                                                                 interests you.
Wie angelt man sich einen Millionär?      How To Marry A Millionaire                                                               1953 F
Wie ein einziger Tag                      The Notebook                           Sentimental. Unrealistic. Boring. Stopped         2004 F        C
Wie im Himmel                             Så som i himmelen (As In Heaven)       Sweden. Choir..                                   2004 F        B
Wie werde ich ihn los - in 10 Tagen?      How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days           Comedy. Good acting, but poor story.              2003 F        B
Wiedersehen in Howards End                Howards End                            Helena Bonham Carter. Anthony Hopkins.            1991 F        C
                                                                                 Emma Thompson. Vanessa Redgrave. Keira
                                                                                 Knightley. Poor, depressing story.
Wild America                              Wild America                           True story of three acclaimed wildlife            1997 R        C
                                                                                 documentarists. Poor directing. Wildly
                                                                                 exaggerated story. Otherwise nice and
                                                                                 moderately entertaining.
Wild Things                               Wild Things                            Matt Dillon. Neve Campbell. Denise                1998 T        B
                                                                                 Richards. Tagged as an erotic thriller, but in
                                                                                 fact rather a detective story with multiple
                                                                                 surprises. Entertaining.
Wilde Kreaturen                           Fierce Creatures                       Besetzung wie: Ein Fisch namens Wanda.            1996 T        C

Willkommen, Mr. Chance                    Being There                            Very amusing. Good story.                         1979 F        B
Willow                                    Willow                                 Fantasy. Poor fairy tale story.                   1988 F        D
Willy Messerschmidt                       Willy Messerschmidt                    Series "Lebensträume". Biography. Well            2006 D        B
Wind                                      Wind                                   Americas Cup.                                     1992 F        A
Wintermärchen                             Conte d'hiver                          Nice romantic movie, but extremely slow.          1992 F        C
                                                                                 Watch the first 30 to 60 minutes, then skip to
                                                                                 the last 16 minutes.
Winter's Bone                             Winter's Bone                          Jennifer Lawrence. Slow, some brutality,          2010 T        B
                                                                                 extremely poor and drug-crime-ridden social
                                                                                 environment, but still impressive.
Wir hatten uns so geliebt                 C'eravamo tanto amati                                                                    1974 F        C
Wir können auch anders                    Wir können auch anders                 Comedy.                                           1993 F        C
Wir sehen uns bei Vollmond                Christmas in Boston                    Romantic comedy. 4 : 3. Love with do-it-          2005 F        B
                                                                                 yourself obstacles. The technical quality is
                                                                                 poor, the acting is OK, but the story is witty.

Wir waren Helden                          We Were Soldiers                       Mel Gibson. Vietnam-Krieg. Sehr realistisch       2002 R        B
                                                                                 und erschreckend.
Wo dein Herz schlägt                      Where The Heart Is                     Natalie Portman.                                  2000 F        C
Wo die Liebe hinfällt ...                 Rumor Has It ...                       Comedy. Jennifer Aniston. Kevin Costner.          2005 F        C
                                                                                 Shirley MacLaine. Childish and silly. Poor,
                                                                                 anticlimactic ending.
Wofür führt Amerika Krieg?                Why We Fight                           The movie has something important to say,         2005 D        C
                                                                                 but it says it rather poorly.
Wolfzeit                                  Le temps du loup                       Depressing. Very slow. Idiotic ending.            2003 SF       D
Wolkig mit Aussicht auf Fleischbällchen   Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs      Idiotic story.                                    2009 AF       C
Wonderboys - Lauter Wunderknaben          Wonder Boys                            Michael Douglas.                                  2000 F        D
                                                          Movies - Hans-Georg Michna                                                       Seite 64

Titel                                 Title                                    Comment                                         Year Type   Grade
Wonderful Days                        Wonderful Days                           Science-Fiction. South Korea. Beautiful         2003 AF     C
                                                                               pictures, but poor story-telling, even worse in
                                                                               the German dub.
Woodstock                             Woodstock                                                                                1970 R
World Trade Center                    World Trade Center                       Thin, sanitized story, very sentimental. An     2006 R      C
                                                                               attempt to turn September 11 into a family
Wüstenblume                           Desert Flower                            The life of the Somali Waris Dirie.             2009 R
Xiaos Weg                             He ni zai yi qi                          China..                                         2002 F      B
X-Men                                 X-Men                                    Mighty mutants..                                2000 SF     C
X-Men 2                               X2                                       Fuzzy story.                                    2003 SF     C
X-Men: Der letzte Widerstand          X-Men: The Last Stand                    Uninteresting. Stopped watching.                2006 SF     D
Y Tu Mamá También                     And Your Mother Too                      Road movie. Tasteless.                          2001 F      C
Yasmin                                Yasmin                                   UK. D. Slow. Weak and strange story.            2004 F      C
Yella                                 Yella                                    D. Slow, depressing story. Typical German 2007 F            D
                                                                               TV movie. Stopped watching.
Zahnfee auf Bewährung                 Tooth Fairy                              Comedy. Fantasy. Derek Thompson.                2010 F      D
Zathura - Ein Abenteuer im Weltraum   Zathura: A Space Adventure               Fantasy. Kristen Stewart. Cheaply made          2005 F      D
                                                                               nonsense. Stopped watching.
Zeit der Unschuld                     The Age Of Innocence                     Daniel Day-Lewis. Michelle Pfeiffer. Winona 1993 HF         C
                                                                               Ryder. Novel. Depressing love story about a
                                                                               man who always makes the wrong decision.
                                                                               Oscar for best costumes.
Zeit des Zorns                        Il lungo silenzio                        The movie has a serious concern, but is         1993 F      C
                                                                               poorly done. Too slow.
Zeiten des Aufruhrs                   Revolutionary Road                       Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio at their 2008 F         C
                                                                               best. Exceptionally good artwork. However,
                                                                               the story is designed to be thoroughly
Zeitreise in die Katastrophe          The Time Shifters                        One of the better time travel movies.           1999 SF     B
Zeugin der Anklage                    Witness For The Prosecution              Black & white.                                  1958 T      A
Ziemlich beste Freunde                Intouchables                             F. Two men, who could not be more               2011 F      A
                                                                               different, benefit greatly from each other and
                                                                               learn something about the good things in life.

Zimmer mit Aussicht                   A Room With A View                                                                     1985 F        C
Zimt und Koriander                    Politiki Kouzina. (A Touch Of Spice)     Greece. Turkey. Very slow, frustrating story. 2003 F        C

Zivilprozess                          A Civil Action                           John Travolta. He plays someone a bit less      1989 R      B
                                                                               successful than Erin Brockovich.
                                                                               Recommended as an honest documentary.

Zodiac - Die Spur des Killers         Zodiac                                   Jake Gyllenhaal. Robert Downey Jr. Mark         2007 T      B
                                                                               Ruffalo. Director: David Fincher. True story.
                                                                               Thrilling. Fast-paced.
Zufällig verheiratet                  The Accidental Husband                   Romantic comedy. Uma Thurman. Very              2008 F      B
                                                                               good acting. Somewhat weak story. Still
                                                                               good, light entertainment.
Zum Ausziehen verführt                Failure To Launch                        Romantic comedy. Matthew McConaughey.           2006 F      C
                                                                               Sarah Jessica Parker. Kathy Bates.
                                                                               Somewhat entertaining.
Zurück in die Zukunft                 Back To The Future                       Robert Zemeckis. Comedy.                        1985 SF     C
Zurück in die Zukunft Teil II         Back To The Future Part II               Robert Zemeckis. Comedy. Ugly, boring           1989 SF     D
Zurück in die Zukunft Teil III        Back To The Future Part III              Robert Zemeckis. Comedy. Ugly, boring           1990 SF     D
Zurück nach Hause                     Homeward Bound - The Incredible          Walt Disney. Children's movie.                  1993 F      C
Zusammen ist man weniger allein       Ensemble, c'est tout                     F. Audrey Tautou. Somewhat entertaining.        2007   F    C
Zwei Brüder                           Two Brothers                             Tiger..                                         2004   F    B
Zwei glorreiche Halunken              The Good, The Bad And The Ugly           Western.                                        1966   T    B
Zwei ritten nach Texas                Way Out West                             Black & white. Comedy. Laurel & Hardy.          1937   F    B
Zwei Tage in L.A.                     2 Days In The Valley                     Comedy. Charlize Theron. Strange, artificial    1996   T    D
Zwielicht                             Primal Fear                              Richard Gere.                                   1996 F      C
Zwölf Winter                          Zwölf Winter                             D. Very truthfully reported history of a bank   2009 T      C
                                                                               robber gang.
Anzahl von Titel Grade
Type             A         B         C         D         Gesamt
AF                    15        29        30        14         88
D                     10        12        10         2         34
F                     60       304       330       279        973
HF                    13        45        45        16        119
HR                    15        29        12         2         58
R                     44        95        28        11        178
SF                    27        89       111        41        268
T                     41       157       171        60        429
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