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Source activity:                                             Doctor - Patient Interview
Provided or found through:                                   Mishler, Elliot G. (1984). The Discourse of Medicine:
                                                             Dialectics of Medical Interviews. Norwood, NJ:
                                                             Ablex. p. 84
Original electronic form:                                    (none)

Annotation notes for this dialogue:                          $$$ in turn of one indicates location of an otherwise not noted Hmm-hmp or similar by the other.
                                                             Source document in CA style shows some timing, omitted here.
                                                             ### indicates onset point of opposite party next turn, overlapping.

                                                                      Medical Interview MDP33
Turn Speaker ID                 Text by Doctor: D                             Text by patient: P
 #                                                                                                                       DMT         Game being
                                                                                                                                                             depth 4   depth 3   depth 2   depth 1
                                                                                                                         Acts         Initiated

                               (text is an excerpt)                           (text is an excerpt)
1      D            Hmm Hmm Now what do you mean by                                                                                  Info Seek
                                                                                                                              bg                     IS1 o      -         -         -         -
                    sour stomach?
2      P                                                     What's a sour stomach? A heartburn, like a
                                                                                                                           ag; bt                       o       -         -         -         -
                                                             heartburn or something?
3      D            Does it burn over here?                                                                                   bg Info Seek           IS2 o      -         -         -         -
4      P                                                     Yeah. It li- I think it like- If you take a needle and
                                                             stick $$$ ya right, there's a pain right here, $$$
                                                                                                                                                        o       -         -         -         -
                                                             and and then it goes from here on this side to
                                                             this side.
5      D            Does it ### go into the back?                                                                             bg; Info Seek          IS3 o      -         -         -         -
6      P                                                     It's all up here. No. It's all right ### up here in the
                                                                                                                           ag; bt                       o       -         -         -         -
7      D            Yeah. And when do you get that?                                                                        at; bg    Info Seek       IS4 o      -         -         -         -
8      P                                                     Well, when I eat something wrong.                             ag; bt                        o      -         -         -         -
9      D            How- How soon after you eat it?                                                                        rt; bg;   Info Seek       IS5 o      -         -         -         -
10     P                                                     Well probably an hour, maybe ### less                         bt IS5                        o      -         -         -         -
11     D            About an hour?                                                                                         rt; IS5   Clarify Seek
                                                                                                                                                    CL1 o       -         -         -         -
12     P                                                     Maybe less. I've cheated and I've been drinking           bt CL1bt      Info Offer
                                                             which I shouldn't have done.                                 IS5; bt                   IO1 o       -         -         -         -
                                                                                                                         IS4; bg
13     D            Does drinking make it worse?                                                                         at CL1;     Info Seek
                                                                                                                       at IS5; at
                                                                                                                                                     IS6 o      -         -         -         -
                                                                                                                        IS4; ag;
14     P                                                     Ho Ho uh ooh Yes. Especially the carbonation
                                                                                                                           ag; bt                       o       -         -         -         -
                                                             and the alcohol.
15     D            Hmm Hmm How much do you drink?                                                                            bg Info Seek           IS7 o      -         -         -         -
16     P                                                     I don't know. Enough to make me go to sleep at
                                                                                                                           ag; bt                       o       -         -         -         -
                                                             night, and that's quite a bit.
17     D            One or two drinks a day?                                                                               rt; bg Clarify Seek      CL2 o       -         -         -         -
18     P                                                     Oh no no humph it's more like ten. ### At night.
                                                                                                                           ag; bt                       o       -         -         -         -
19     D            How many drinks a night.                                                                               rt; bg Info Seek          IS8 o      -         -         -         -
20     P                                                     At night.                                                          bt                       o      -         -         -         -
21     D            Whaddya ta- What type of drinks? ### I                                                                         Info Seek
                                                                                                                           rt; bg                    IS9 o      -         -         -         -
22     P                                                     Oh vodka, yeah vodka and ginger ale.                                                       o       -         -         -         -
23     D            How long have you been drinking that                                                                             Info Seek
                                                                                                                              bg                    IS10 o      -         -         -         -
24     P                                                     Since I've been married.                                                                   o       -         -         -         -
25     D            How long is that?                                                                                         bg Clarify Seek       CL3 o       -         -         -         -
26     P                                                     (giggle) Four years. (giggle) huh Well I started
                                                             out with before then I was drinkin beer but um I
                                                             had a job and I was, ya know, had more things
                                                             on my mind and ya know I like- but since I got
                                                             married I been in and out of jobs and everything
                                                             so, I - I have to have something to go to sleep.
                                                             $$$ I mean I'm not gonna- It's either gonna be
                                                             pills or it's gonna be alcohol, and uh alcohol               ag; bt;
                                                                                                                                                        o       -         -         -         -
                                                             seems to satisfy me moren than pills do, They                 Tell 1
                                                             don't seem to get strong enough, pills that I
                                                             have got I had- I do have valium, but they're two
                                                             milligrams, and that 's supposed to quiet me
                                                             down during the day but it doesn't.

27     D            How often do you take them?                                                                               bg Info Seek          IS11 o      -         -         -         -
                    END OF EXCERPT                           END OF EXCERPT

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