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					                                      FRAUD ALERT

                                          Friday March 9, 2012

 Please share this Fraud Alert        Dear SMP readers,
 with colleagues, consumers,
 or other professionals in your       This week’s Fraud Alert includes information about a new Spanish
 area. If you have any                SMP tip sheet, an announcement about 11 new Medicare fraud
 questions about the Illinois         indictments in the Chicago area, two scam warnings, and an article
 SMP program, or to receive           about the new Medicare Summary Notice in “Fraud in the News.”
 these Fraud Alerts directly,
 please contact Erin Weir,            Have a great weekend!
 Healthcare Consumer
 Protection Coordinator at
 AgeOptions.                          What you will find in this week’s Fraud Alert
                                         DME Tip Sheet Available in Spanish!
 This project was supported in part      USDOJ Announces Health Care Fraud Indictments in Chicago
 by grant numbers 90MP0026 and
 90MP0127 from the U.S.                  Sweepstakes Scam in Springfield
 Administration on Aging,                Consulting Scam in Bloomington
 Department of Health and Human
 Services, Washington, D.C.           DM E Tip Sheet Available in Spanish!
 20201. Grantees undertaking
                                      Our Illinois SMP tip sheet on durable medical equipment and fraud is
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                                      USDOJ Announces Health Care Fraud Indictments in Chicago
 Fraud In The News
                                      The U.S. Department of Justice announced 11 more indictments this
 The following are current
 news articles about health           week in a home health fraud case involving Perpetual Home Health of
                                      Oak Forest and Legacy Home Health of Chicago. The allegations in this
 care and fraud issues.
                                      case involve more than $20 million in charges of fraud, conspiracy,
                                      medical kickbacks, money laundering, and income tax evasion. The full
 Health Care Fraud:
                                      press release is available here:
1. “Medicare Combats Fraud
   With Billing Statements
   that Beneficiaries Can
   Understand” (Kaiser
   Health News):                      Sweepstakes Scam in Springfield
                                      Our SMP partners in Springfield notified us this week of a fake
                                      Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes scam. An older Springfield
                                      woman received a phone call from someone telling her that she won the
                                      Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes, but that she needs to pay taxes
   bills.aspx?utm_source=kh           on her winnings before she receives them. The caller instructed the
   n&utm_medium=internal&             woman to go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Green Dot card worth $500,
                                      then call the scammer back to give them the number on the card.
                                    Our tip here is simple – you should never have to pay any money up
2. “Feds Approve Illinois           front to claim any kind of ‘winnings.’ Offers of a prize after a payment are
   Medicaid Fraud Check”            always scams – the scammer in this case will be long gone once they
   (Daily Chronicle):               obtain the number from the Green Dot card and spend the money.
   http://www.daily-        Consulting Scam in Bloomington
   feds-approve-illinois-           Our SMP partners in Bloomington received a letter this week offering
   medicaid-fraud-                  “consulting” services in which a company will help “save money” on
   check/aw69dlk/                   services like phone, internet, and television services. The letter uses
                                    religious rhetoric and does not give a clear description of what the
3. “Tax Scam Warning:               company does, it gives personal contact information (emails and cell
   Beware of Phony Refund           phones) instead of company information, and the company is not listed
   Scheme Abusing Popular           on the Better Business Bureau’s website at all. This is clearly a scam.
   College Tax Credit; Senior       We recommend that consumers take the following steps before doing
   Citizens, Working                business with someone:
   Families, and Church
   Members are Targets”                1) Do not accept business from people who ‘cold call’ or visit door-to-
   (IRS press release):                   door. Unfortunately, so many scammers use these methods that              our advice must be to ‘just say no’ to anyone who makes
   om/article/0,,id=255122,00             unsolicited phone calls or door-to-door visits.
                                       2) For businesses that require specific licensure, check with the
                                          licensing board or entity to obtain a list of licensed providers in
                                          your area.

                                       3) Check with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the Better
                                          Business Bureau to verify that a company is registered and/or
                                          properly licensed before doing business with them, and to see if
                                          there are any pending complaints against the business.

                                    Erin Weir, MSW, LSW, Healthcare Consumer Protection Coordinator
                                    1048 Lake Street, Suite 300
                                    Oak Park, IL 60301
                                    phone (708)383-0258 fax (708)524-0870

                                    AgeOptions, the Area Agency on Aging of Suburban Cook County, is
                                    committed to improving the quality of life and maintaining the dignity of
                                    older adults and those who care about them – through leadership and
                                    support, community partnerships, comprehensive services, accurate
                                    information and powerful advocacy.

Fraud Alerts contain information about current scams taking place in Illinois, announcements and updates
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