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					Nottinghamshire Strategic     Local Action 2006-       Achievements        Local Action           Progress to date
                                                                                                                          Lead Partner
Actions                       07                       2006-7              2007-08                2007/8

Promote and encourage         To raise awareness of    On-going            To introduce an        No progress to
breastfeeding                 breastfeeding.           through local       award scheme for       date.
                                                       work, supported     public places which    Nottinghamshire
                                                       by national         actively support       County tPCT
                                                       awareness           breastfeeding.         establishing a
                                                       campaign                                   Breastfeeding
                                                                                                  Policy, from which
                              To implement a           Completed.                                 workstreams will
                              breastfeeding            Community                                  be developed, it is
                              education and training   Midwives and                               anticipated that this
                              programme for public     Health Visitors                            will be part of the
                                                                                                                          Newark & Sherwood
                              health nurses and        completed                                  work. SM to
                              midwives                 Unicef 2 day                               feedback.
                                                       training package.
                                                       Paediatric          To introduce a         As above, however
                                                       Assistants and      breastfeeding          GP Practices in
                                                       Midwifery           education programme    N&S have received
                                                       Support Workers     for primary care and   an update on the
                                                       completed           secondary schools      N&S Breastfeeding
                                                       Unicef 1 day                               policy and session
                                                       course.                                    at protected
                                                                                                  learning time event.

Nottinghamshire Strategic     Local Action 2006-     Achievements          Local Action             Progress to date
                                                                                                                          Lead Partner
Actions                       07                     2006-7                2007-08                  2007/8

Provide support for parents                          Attended drop-in      All children’s centres   Set up a weekly
on good weaning practice                             sessions in north     to have an effective     Baby Café at
                                                     of the district for   weaning programme        Ollerton Family
                                                     new/expectant                                  Centre in
                                                     mums. Weaning                                  conjunction with
                                                     promoted                                       Health Visitors.
                                                     through various                                Attendance
                                                     groups around                                  increasing week on
                              To work with mother
                                                     the district.                                  week. Providing an    Newark and
                              and baby groups to
                                                                                                    opportunity for       Sherwood District
                              promote good
                                                                                                    children to try new   Council
                              weaning practice.
                                                                                                    foods in a relaxed
                                                                                                    social atmosphere-
                                                                                                    from first foods to
                                                                                                    family foods.
                                                                                                    Plans are now in
                                                                                                    place to open
                                                                                                    second Baby Cafe
                                                                                                    in Newark 2008

Nottinghamshire Strategic     Local Action 2006-        Achievements      Local Action            Progress to date
                                                                                                                        Lead Partner
Actions                       07                        2006-7            2007-08                 2007/8

Promote the intake of fruit                             Healthy Schools   Design and develop      Further Healthy
and vegetables to children    Work in partnership       day in Farndon,   information, recipes    Schools Days
and adolescents               with Healthy Schools.     Bowbridge,        and guidance on the     planned for this
                              Working towards           Hawtonville,      5-a-day promotion       year, both at
                              Healthy Eating            Play days and     for the NSDC            Secondary and
                              accreditation by          Homestart         website.                Primary level.
                              providing                 sessions all
                                                                                                                        Newark & Sherwood
                              information, activities   promoted the 5
                                                                                                                        District Council
                              and tasting sessions.     A DAY
                                                        campaign.                                 Two groups have
                              Provide Cook and Eat      Activities        Involve a number of     expressed an
                              sessions highlighting     included fruit    groups within the       interest in
                              the use of fruit and      kebabs and Stir   district to compile a   compiling a healthy
                              vegetables.               frying sessions   healthy eating          eating calendar for
                                                                          calendar.               the year 2009.

Nottinghamshire Strategic      Local Action 2006-        Achievements       Local Action              Progress to date
                                                                                                                              Lead Partner
Actions                        07                        2006-7             2007-08                   2007/8

Promote a healthy diet for     Development and           After school                                 Specific Cultural
children in school, home and   implementation of         clubs, Supported                             cooking courses
community settings             evidence-based            Housing cooking                              have been run and
                               interventions utilising   courses, Parent                              Cultural cooking
                               a number of settings      cooking sessions   Provide practical         days held in school.
                               eg schools, youth         within schools     skills using culturally   Parent and child
                               clubs and community       have been          appropriate messages      cooking sessions
                               locations.                delivered.         to promote a diet that    running weekly
                                                                            is consistent with        within Oliver
                               Design and develop        Further work       “The Balance of           Quibell Infant
                               information recipes       required on        Good Health”.             school
                                                                                                                              Newark and
                               and guidance on           website.
                                                                                                                              Sherwood District
                               healthy balanced diet                        Design an easy-to-        We are currently
                               for children on the                          read booklet on a         working towards
                               NSDC website.                                healthy, balanced diet    designing Posters,
                                                                            for children and          fact sheets and
                                                                            distribute to various     leaflets to be
                                                                            community settings.       displayed across
                                                                                                      the 4 Leisure
                                                                                                      Centres in the
                                                                                                      district in Jan 2008,
                                                                                                      information will
                                                                                                      also be placed on
                                                                                                      the website
Protect all children and
young people from exposure
to the heavy marketing of                                                                                                     Newark & Sherwood
energy dense micronutrient                                                                                                    PCT
poor foods (high fat, high
sugar, processed foods)

Nottinghamshire Strategic      Local Action 2006-      Achievements         Local Action          Progress to date
                                                                                                                         Lead Partner
Actions                        07                      2006-7               2007-08               2007/8

Ensure training in practical   With extended           Audit of food
food skills for all children   services for schools,   skills training on
                               input into extended     offering
                                                                                                  All schools to offer
                               services planning       extended             Now integrated into                          Nottinghamshire
                                                                                                  extended services
                               group to include the    services for         Wave 1.                                      County Council
                                                                                                  by 2009 – on target
                               inclusion of food       schools.

Nottinghamshire Strategic        Local Action 2006-        Achievements       Local Action             Progress to date
                                                                                                                             Lead Partner
Actions                          07                        2006-7             2007-08                  2007/8

Promote from an early age a      Develop programmes        Worked with a      To implement “The        Plans are in place
knowledge of food and            and work with             number of          Balance of Good          to tackle the issue
nutrition, food preparation      primary schools to        primary schools    Health” training         of lunchboxes at
and healthy diets and            deliver cross-            that include       programme for            Bowbridge School
lifestyles through curricula     curricular links with     curricular links   schoolteachers and       following concern
for school children, teachers,   Food and Nutrition.       with Food &        health professionals.    from an inspection.
health professionals and                                   Nutrition.                                  Parent workshop
agricultural extension           Engage with schools       Supported 3                                 held, lessons based
personnel                        that are learning these   schools who                                 on healthy
                                 skills to plant, grow,    have their own                              lunchboxes
                                 harvest and eat their     school                                      delivered to whole
                                                                                                                             Newark and
                                 own organically           allotments.                                 school.
                                                                                                                             Sherwood District
                                 grown fruit and
                                                                              Map changes that
                                                                              have taken place         No progress to date
                                                                              since the introduction
                                                                              of the “School Food
                                                                              Pack” whose aim it is
                                                                              to promote and
                                                                              facilitate a whole
                                                                              school approach to
                                                                              healthy eating within

Nottinghamshire Strategic        Local Action 2006-       Achievements   Local Action             Progress to date
                                                                                                                        Lead Partner
Actions                          07                       2006-7         2007-08                  2007/8

Promote an active lifestyle to                            2 x Newark                              2 Courses
children and adolescents                                  1 x Ollerton                            delivered- one in
                                                                         Work in partnership      Newark, one in
                                 Work in partnership
                                                                         with School Sports       Rainworth during
                                 with School Sports
                                                                         Coordinators to          Summer term. Two
                                 Coordinators to
                                                                         coordinate and           courses in the        Newark and
                                 coordinate and deliver
                                                                         deliver a number of      process of being      Sherwood District
                                 Healthy Lifestyle
                                                                         Healthy Lifestyle        delivered this term   Council
                                 Days in a number of
                                                                         Days in a number of      in the same
                                 Secondary schools.
                                                                         Primary and              locations. Further
                                                                         Secondary schools.       courses to be
                                                                                                  arranged for Spring
Increase opportunities for       Coordinate and                          Organise training for                          Newark and
young people to participate in   deliver a number of                     additional staff,                              Sherwood District
physical activity in schools     Carnegie Clubs                          coordinate and                                 Council
and communities                  within the District.                    deliver Carnegie
                                                                         Clubs North and
                                 Introduce a Junior GP                   South of the District.
                                 Referral Scheme for
                                 youngsters                              Develop the
                                 completing Carnegie                     established Junior GP
                                 Clubs.                                  Referral Scheme to
                                                                         include more

Nottinghamshire Strategic     Local Action 2006-        Achievements       Local Action            Progress to date
                                                                                                                      Lead Partner
Actions                       07                        2006-7             2007-08                 2007/8

Limit television viewing in   Youth assembly event      Incorporate diet    Diet and nutritional   Appointment of     Nottinghamshire
children and adolescents      held to obtain ideas      and physical       information and ideas   Physical           County Council
through education and the     on how to promote         activity within    for activities made     Activity/Health    Youth Service
provision of acceptable       healthy diet and          the Youth          available through       Coordinator
alternatives                  physical activity in      Service            posters, leaflets and
                              youths                    Curriculum         other resources
                                                        under the theme    within the Youth
                                                        ‘Be Healthy”       Service
Provide adequate,             To develop and                               Identify and map                           Newark and
appropriate and safe play     deliver a play strategy                      gaps in play                               Sherwood District
areas for children            for the district.                            provision across the                       Council
                              To submit funding
                              bids to the Big                              Improve existing play
                              Lottery fund to                              equipment within the
                              support the actions of                       district with an
                              the Play Strategy                            emphasis on
                                                                           providing play
                                                                           equipment designed
                                                                           for a more active

                                                                           Provide play
                                                                           equipment in areas
                                                                           where there is under

Nottinghamshire Strategic     Local Action 2006-      Achievements      Local Action         Progress to date
                                                                                                                  Lead Partner
Actions                       07                      2006-7            2007-08              2007/8

Introduce safe                .Ensure all schools     Countywide        58 plans completed   Target of 80% of     Nottinghamshire
walking/cycling routes to     develop a travel plan   baseline of 36%   bringing total in    schools to have      County Council
schools                       to encourage active     of schools with   Notts to 134 (34%    Travel Plan by
                              transport               school Travel     primary,2%           2010 (with 100%
                                                      Plan met          Comprehensives)      of schools working
                                                                                             towards a plan)

General Population

Increase consumption of fruit                             Balderton DCSS       Design and develop       Promotion of 5 A
and vegetables to meet at least                           5 aday achieved      information, recipes     Day and Stir Fry
the recommendation of 5                                   2 day events and     and guidance on the      cooking Food
portions a day                                            with several         5-a-Day programme        Festival in
                                  Raise awareness of
                                                          support groups.      for the Newark &         Newark Market.
                                  the Key 5-a-Day
                                                                               Sherwood District        An information
                                  messages, including
                                                          All community        Council website.         and recipe
                                  fruit and vegetable
                                                          events held within                            booklet was
                                  tasting activities at
                                                          the district have    Identify funding to      produced.
                                  community event and
                                                          included the         support local
                                  venues across
                                                          promotion of the     initiatives in raising
                                  Newark & Sherwood
                                                          5-a-day message.     awareness of the 5-a-
                                                                               Day programme.
                                                                                                                           Newark and
                                                                                                                           Sherwood District

                                                          Balderton DCSS
                                                          Achieved with 3
                                                          support groups
                                  Promoting the 5-a-
                                                          and 2 groups
                                  Day message through
                                                          service users.
                                  “Cook and Eat”
                                  sessions within
                                                          Over 50 sessions
                                  groups in the
                                                          promoting 5-a-
                                                          day through Cook
                                                          & Eat sessions

Increase intake of dietary     Provide Cook and Eat        Achieved           Design and develop        This will form
fibre                          sessions using              BDCSSS.            information, recipes      part of the work
                               culturally appropriate                         and guidance on the       towards the
                               messages to promote         Dietary fibre is   intake of dietary fibre   Leisure centres in   Newark and
                               fibre in the diet that is   discussed as part  for the Newark &          the district         Sherwood District
                               consistent with the         of BOGH training Sherwood District                                Council
                               “Balance of Good            within the         Council website.
                               Health” as a healthy        Community
                               eating model.               settings
Reduce the intake of added     To raise awareness of       Balance of Good Design and develop           Fact sheets will
sugars (non-milk extrinsic     non-milk extrinsic          Health training    information on            be uploaded to
sugars)                        sugars                      sessions delivered reducing the intake of    internet in
                                                           to a number of     added sugars through      conjunction with
                               Deliver the “Balance        different          the Newark &              the Leisure
                               of Good Health” as a        community          Sherwood District         Centre promotion
                                                                                                                             Newark and
                               healthy eating model        groups- schools,   Council website.          work.
                                                                                                                             Sherwood District
                               to include non-milk         social inclusion
                               extrinsic sugar             teams, disability  Provide advice and        No progress to
                                                           teams, and charity information on food       date.
                                                           organisations.     labelling to the
                                                                              general public at
                                                                              suitable locations
                                                                              within the district.

Increase the availability of   Promote the Farmers      These are            Investigate the         Link into Food
healthier food                 Markets within the       signposted where     feasibility of a        Mapping
                               District.                appropriate          Buying Club.            Exercise before
                                                                             Undertake a ‘Healthy    takes place.
                                                                             Food Mapping
                                                                                                                          Newark and
                                                                             Exercise’ to identify   The low income
                                                                                                                          Sherwood District
                                                                             areas of poor           ward of
                                                                             provision.              Hawtonville will
                                                                                                     be mapped out
                                                                                                     during the
                                                                                                     coming year to
                                                                                                     identify the level
                                                                                                     of provision
To provide public education    Highlight the role of    Portion control      Use Cook and Eat        Portion control
about portion control for      portion control during   highlighted          sessions to educate     discussed with
adults and children            weight management        during One2One       young people and        Service Users
                               classes                  referrals,           adults on what          during Cook and
                                                        corporate Weight     constitutes a           Eat sessions
                               Promote portion          Management and       “portion”.              within the
                               control through the      alongside Balance                            community.           Newark and
                               Lifestyles element of    of Good Health       Using the “Balance                           Sherwood District
                               the Carnegie Weight      deliveries and the   of Good Health” as a    This will form       Council
                               Management               Carnegie Course.     model, provide          part of the
                               Programme for                                 information on the      Leisure Centre
                               children                                      Newark and              work.
                                                                             Sherwood District
                                                                             Council website on
                                                                             portion control.

Encourage the use of land in     Work with Town and                          Develop and             Currently
towns and cities for growing     Parish Councils to                          implement a             working
fruit and vegetables             identify under used                         campaign to             alongside Feel
                                 allotments.                                 encourage               Good Foods
                                                                             individuals, schools    Community
                                                                             and community           group with their
                                                                             groups to take on       allotment to hold    Newark and
                                                                             allotments for fruit    an open “Harvest     Sherwood District
                                                                             and vegetable           Evening”. A cook     Council
                                                                             growing.                and eat session
                                                                                                     for all families
                                                                                                     involved with the
                                                                                                     project using the
                                                                                                     produce from the
Provide opportunities for        Identify and provide    Work has been       Fork links with the     No progress to
adults in the community to       opportunities for       done with the       Travelling              date.
develop practical food skills    Adults in the           Supported           Community
                                 community to            Housing Sector in                                                Newark and
                                 develop practical       promoting           Use primary school                           Sherwood District
                                 food skills.            independence of     settings to provide     Parent cooking       Council
                                                         Service Users       opportunities for       sessions have
                                                                             Adults in the           been run a several
                                                                             community               Primary schools.
Identify ways for people to be   Provide information                         Provide information
more active in every day life    via NSDC website on                         via NSDC website on
                                 ‘easy steps to become                       ‘easy steps to become                        Newark and
                                 more active’,                               more active’                                 Sherwood District
                                 including current                           including virtual                            Council
                                 physical activity                           displays of ways to
                                 guidelines.                                 exercise safely.

Provide incentives to           Work in partnership                          Building partnerships
employers and employees to      with the local                               with local businesses,
be more active at work and to   Business Club to                             promote physical
encourage the use of active     promote physical                             activity and offer
transport                       activity and offer                           incentives including
                                incentives including                         corporate
                                corporate                                    memberships for                            Newark and
                                memberships for                              leisure facilities.                        Sherwood District
                                leisure facilities.                                                                     Council
                                                                             Work in partnership
                                Research National                            with the Local
                                Campaigns that are                           Business Club to
                                relevant to encourage                        promote active forms
                                active forms of                              of transport through
                                transport.                                   National Campaigns.
Promote active forms of         Review (and if           Publication of a    Network assessment       Cycle map for
transport                       necessary, amend)        range of guide      of cycle routes in       Newark and
                                local transport plans.   books               Newark and               Sherwood
                                Use of workplace         Engaging with       Sherwood. Carrying       complete. To be
                                Travel Plans             wider range of      out of appropriate       published late
                                (Transact) budget to     local businesses    maintenance work         September 2007
                                support local            (Workplace
                                businesses.              Travel Plans)                                                  Nottinghamshire
                                Encouraging people       Commissioning a                                                County Council
                                to use Rights of way.    set of cycle maps
                                                         for Newark and
                                                         Expansion of
                                                         guided walks on

Provide affordable facilities   Provision of cycle         Provision of 4     Provision of             Lockable cycle
for securing bicycles in        parking locations in       extra cycle        additional parking       parking at castle
towns/cities and public areas   Newark                     parking location   reflecting demand        railway Station –   Nottinghamshire
                                                           near Newark                                 map of all          County Council
                                                           Market Place                                locations
Ensure the provision of         Working in                 Balderton DCSS     Undertake Walk
opportunities and incentives    partnership with local     4 boccia teams     Leader Tutor
for people to participate in    agencies to                established        Training and deliver
physical activity (e.g.         coordinate a number        Partake in local   training to volunteers
walking, cycling, swimming,     of health walks            competitions       to increase the
initiatives)                    around the District.       4 groups seated    number of Walk
                                                           exercise           Leaders
                                                                                                                           Newark and
                                Working in                                    Work in partnership                          Sherwood District
                                partnership with local                        with local agencies to                       Council
                                agencies to support        Number of          launch the Green
                                the Green Exercise         service users      Exercise and British
                                and the British            weekly use the     Conservation
                                Conservation               IFI accredited     Training Centre
                                Training Centre            Gym at the grove   Initiatives within
                                Initiatives for the East                      Newark and
                                Midlands Region.                              Sherwood.
Address ways of tackling        Provide information                           Coordinate and
sedentary lifestyles in         via NSDC website of                           deliver Healthy
workplaces                      ‘easy steps to become                         Lifestyle Talks to
                                more active in the                            Newark and                                   Newark and
                                workplace’.                                   Sherwood Business                            Sherwood District
                                                                              Club, raising                                Council
                                                                              awareness of
                                                                              established Exercise

Encourage the creation of
more opportunities for family                                                              Newark & Sherwood
interaction e.g. eating family                                                             PCT
Ensure that health impact
assessments are undertaken
                                                                                           Newark & Sherwood
on new policies, planning
                                                                                           Local Strategic
proposals and transport
projects to ensure they are not
Support the proposed national                         Resolutions      On going, a
obesity awareness campaign                            12 week course   newly established
                                                                       sub-group of the
                                                                       Obesity Action      Newark & Sherwood
                                                                       Plan group is       PCT
                                                                       focusing on


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