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									       Happy Times at Happy Valley
       Visiting Fraser Island? Aside from the various tour and activity options, you should also decide where to stay and dine
       in while you’re in the island. First, you need to consider the number of people staying with you when selecting a beach
       hotel; choose a suite or a villa when you have many family members. And depending on the length of the stay, either
       rent villas or apartments on a short-term or long-term basis. Visit Green builders.

       There are resorts for sporty/outdoor type which provide various kinds of activities (e.g. paragliding, parasailing,
       kayaking, and water skiing). On the other hand, be conscious of weather conditions to experiencing the best summer
       vacation for the whole family and gang.

       Located in the most central town of Fraser Island, Happy Valley has a restaurant, bar, shop and fuel. The hotel has an
       ocean surf beach perfect for fishing and regular sightings of pods of the gentle giant humpback whales. It is also
       populated with banksia pandanus trees, which adds to the cozy feel of the place.

       Nowadays, it’s quite impossible going to places without spending much. To keep the expenses from ballooning there
       are a couple things to consider. First, the more convenient the location, the more money you will be paying. On the
       other part, less accessible areas will mean lesser rates. With this, you will have to weigh if the ‘inconvenience’ is worth
       the price. Come and visit Green Builders Sunshine Coast.

       Looking for hotels online is also an easier and faster way to get discounts. Be very particular with your search words
       detailing the location and promos. Also, reading some of the user reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from
       the hotel of choice.

       On peak seasons, expect the hotel rates to shoot up to 3x (yes, even on cheap hotels). To stray away from the seasonal
       onslaught, make a reservation for off-peak seasons. Also, hotel amenities are one of the reasons why there are hotels
       pricier than others. So, it is advisable to go search for hotels which lack some of the amenities you can live without
       (another smart move to cut back on your expenses).

       One of the best ways to get hotel discounts is through travel agents. Aside from the thorough knowledge of the
       hospitality industry, these travel agents have good contacts among hotel chains. Also, you need to check if the travel
       agent’s service will be more expensive than the hotel reservation.

       When negotiating for accommodations, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the front desk officer on how to get the
       best deals rate-wise. Also, try for a little negotiation to see if it works on landing you a discount. Inquire whether they
       have promos. If you’re going to stay for a week or so, check if they can offer lower rates.

       Happy Valley, as part of Fraser Island - one of the most amazingly pristine places in Australia, is surrounded
       abundantly with native flora and fauna. Happy Valley is a great place to see Indian head, Champagne Rock Pools, Eli
       Creek, Lake McKenzie, Colored Sands, Maheno, Lake Wabby, Rainbow Gorge, and Central Station.

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