Chants to victory by handongqp


									Chants to victory!!

Good ol’ Ultimate game:
(Good ol’ hockey game by: Stomping Tom Connors)

: Hello out there were on the air its ultimate night tonight.
Tensions roll the horn goes, and the Frisbee fly’s down the field.
The disc is caught, and the players run, and the fans all go insane.
Some one roars the WEST has scored oh the good ol’ Frisbee game.
Oh the good ol’ Frisbee game it’s the best game you can name,
and the best game you can name is the good ol Frisbee game!

(Cha-Ching by: Hedley)

: So everybody throw, and everybody catch,
If you wanna be an ultimate player we have to rock it! CHA CHING
Then working on flicks, and plays we gotta stay focused,
If you want to be an ultimate player then you gotta bring it! CHA CHING!

(Dynamite by: Tiao Cruz)

: I came to play, play, play, play,
I came to win cuz that’s my plan, plan, plan, plan,
I’m wearing all my frisbee gear, gear, gear, gear,
Give me some space for both my hands, hands, hands
I throw the disc down the field saying AO, come on team lets go!
I wanna celebrate and win this game saying AO baby lets go!
Cuz we gonna rock this team, we gonna kick some butt, we gotta score some points lets
plat Frisbee tonight! WOOOOOH!!

TiK Tok
(Tik Tok by: Ke$ha)

: Wake up in the morning feeling ready to play.
Grab my super flyer disc and I’m out the door.
Before I leave I brush my teeth with a Gatorade and snack
Cuz when I leave for the game I am ready to attack!
I’m talking spinning discs on our fingers, fingers,
Bodies flying threw the air, air,
Amazing catches being made, made
Drop down, making those catches,
Diving too the ground,
Trying to win the game!
These discs are made for throwing!
(These boots are made for walking by: Jessica Simpson)

: Are you ready West?? (Everyone starts cheering!)

These discs are made for throwing,
And that’s just what you did
Threw these discs all over the field
And we didn’t have a bid.
Your pirate D was fearsome
And your O was really hot too
It may have been hot today
But we had fun playing you! (Point to other team, and cheer!)

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