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                    Prom Dress Drives Needed
 Help Send a Young Girl to Prom
 Prom Project is an outreach ministry that provides formal attire & accessories to girls
 wishing to attend prom, but who lack the necessary financial resources.

 Since 2005, over 1300 local girls have been “dressed” by Prom Project.
 We rely solely on donations to make these dreams come true and
 thank you for thoughtfully considering helping to grant these wishes.
 Our goal is to empower teen girls…one dress at a time.

 Sponsor a Prom Dress Drive
 Prom Project will:
       Provide flyer to help promote your Prom Dress Drive
       Offer tips and promotion ideas to make your event more successful
       Coordinate pick up of dresses and accessories you collect

 You will:
       Pick a Time, Date, and Location to collect dresses and accessories
       (Dress Drives need to be completed BEFORE February 2011)
       Promote your Prom Dress Drive
       (flyers, email, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc…)
       Earn Service Hours needed for your school or organization
       Feel awesome that you will help a girl go to her prom!

   REMINDER: All donations are tax-deductible

 To get started promoting a Prom Dress Drive
 Contact Stephanie Wilson or 502-541-7075

7th Annual Prom Project Event -- March 4th & 5th, 2011

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