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December 20th_ 2005


									You have just entered room "mugglecastfan."
kyrane7: hi
kyrane7: r u the person who does the freewebs site? 512?
kyrane7: ok they aint here
speXedy has entered the room.
speXedy: hey
kyrane7: hi
kyrane7: dead in here
kyrane7: every1 else idle
speXedy: i see yhat
kyrane7: yep
kyrane7: it was busy last night tho
speXedy: I know
speXedy: i came on at about 1am
speXedy: and there was like 24 people in here.
kyrane7: 1am where
speXedy: New York
kyrane7: k
speXedy: its 7am now
kyrane7: i left at 3 my time
kyrane7: im in eng
speXedy: that's cool
speXedy: Yea Jamie was in here last night.
speXedy: They were asking him if he wore boxers or breifs
kyrane7: yep
kyrane7: LOL
kyrane7: did he say
speXedy: I belive he said both, it depended on the occasion
speXedy: and then I think a fangirl cried out HE ALSO WEARS THEM ON HIS HEAD or something.
kyrane7: lol o dear
speXedy: but I kinda was preoccupided with studing for a final that I have at noon today.
kyrane7: aww
kyrane7: good luck!
speXedy: hehe its only for mass media shouldn
speXedy: shouldn't be that hard
speXedy: so u a big MC fan?
kyrane7: i have no idea what finals are but every1 keeps talking bout them
kyrane7: yeah
speXedy: how old are you
kyrane7: well im in here ain i
kyrane7: 17
speXedy: High school?
kyrane7: it my bday saturday tho
kyrane7: yeah its college here tho
speXedy: Well you live in Eurpope don't they have tests at the end of the semestor?
kyrane7: not till june
speXedy: Oh well we have 2 semestors a year, fall and spring.
speXedy: and the end of each .. we have finals (in college)
kyrane7: i have a few exams in january but thats at the start of the semestor
speXedy: in high school they usually are on marking periods.
speXedy: and they run 4 in a year. (every 10 weeks)
kyrane7: oh ok
speXedy: and there's mid-terms and then finals.
kyrane7: so finals r improtant or notreally?
speXedy: Very
kyrane7: ok
speXedy: their like 15-3% of your oerall grade.
speXedy: sometimes the final is the only grade you get.
speXedy: 30*
kyrane7: oh ok
speXedy: They used one of my voicemails on MC in Episode 18!
kyrane7: really
speXedy: Yea
kyrane7: yay cool!
kyrane7: which 1
kyrane7: what u ask
speXedy: the Cho/Cedric question, but they inda butchured it and made it the harry/cho question lol.
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: ahh i cant find it
speXedy: tis ok
kyrane7: i remeber it tho
speXedy: yea
kyrane7: i not been on MC
kyrane7: i got mentioned once
speXedy: that's cool
kyrane7: but by melisa in mc7
speXedy: i was the 1 who said lay off Andrew for the YEAH YEAH!'s
kyrane7: LOL
speXedy: u on myspace
kyrane7: no
speXedy: oic
speXedy: i am lol
kyrane7: cool
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
speXedy: Hey Laura
MuggleNetLaura: holy crap... there are actually people in here this early?! wild!
speXedy: just 2
MuggleNetLaura: I figured I'd come in to meet an empty chat
speXedy: so did i
speXedy: i woke up earily i got a final today
kyrane7: hi laura
speXedy: and i can't fal back asleep
MuggleNetLaura: my thing shows five people
speXedy: yea but their idol
MuggleNetLaura: *waves*
kyrane7: theres only me and spexedy awake
kyrane7: and now u of course
MuggleNetLaura: I woke up and my friends are still passed out, so I decided to get some internet time in
speXedy: lol
kyrane7: i prefer it a bit quieter i think..last night was too crazy
MuggleNetLaura: really?
speXedy: yea
kyrane7: yeah
speXedy: Jamie and Boxers don't mix
speXedy: lol
MuggleNetLaura: hahahahaaa
speXedy: thats the main topic of the night
kyrane7: that was after i went
speXedy: Boxers of Breifs for the mugglecasters
MuggleNetLaura: hmmm...
kyrane7: i cant remeber what we were tlking bout... i was sleepy
kyrane7: oh
kyrane7: naming ur iPod
speXedy: and they Jamie said ...
kyrane7: John and Emersons date today
MuggleNetLaura: I think I'll avoid specifying my underwear preferences...
kyrane7: lol
MuggleNetLaura: ooh, nice
speXedy: I bet i get tons of fangirls sending me boxers in the PO Box and he said ... "yea i got your
boxers but man do I have a rash"
MuggleNetLaura: the shipping never ends, does it? lol
kyrane7: no
kyrane7: Noerson
kyrane7: i think we decided on
kyrane7: Noemerson*
kyrane7: i forgot how to spell it actualy
kyrane7: melissa decided on it tho
MuggleNetLaura: remind me never to get in the line of fire when shipping is happening in this chat room
kyrane7: lol
speXedy: lol
kyrane7: i got shipped
MuggleNetLaura: I'm sorry
kyrane7: kyric
kyrane7: :S
MuggleNetLaura: LOL
kyrane7: cuz i skyped eric last night
MuggleNetLaura: god, they ship eric with frickin' everyone
MuggleNetLaura: he's going to have diseases soon
kyrane7: so that ment i got shipped w/ him
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: internet transmitted diesease
MuggleNetLaura: damn straight
kyrane7: aka virus
speXedy: ugh i shoudln't have returend my book before the final lol.
kyrane7: aww
MuggleNetLaura: eeek
MuggleNetLaura: finals suck
speXedy: b/c i can't read my notes!
MuggleNetLaura: I'm glad mine are over
kyrane7: i glad i dont have to do the,
speXedy: My last one is today.
kyrane7: thats good
MuggleNetLaura: what class?
speXedy: Mass Media
speXedy: shoudln't be to hard
speXedy: just 20 multiple choice questions
speXedy: I got so much on my mind though, it's like I can't focus on what im doing at the moment it
seams. I think I bomed my Photography final.
speXedy: I so am going to have to retake that class. lol
MuggleNetLaura: ugh, I hated my photography class
speXedy: and that's my degree!
speXedy: Well I love Photography.
speXedy: It's my passion.
MuggleNetLaura: I love photography itself
MuggleNetLaura: but my teacher sucked
speXedy: I'm taking Stuido Photography next semestor!
speXedy: I can't wait
speXedy: yea .. mine did too.
speXedy: He was so old, and so monotoned.
speXedy: and it turned it was the wrong class for my degree!
speXedy: But oh well.
MuggleNetLaura: my teacher attempted to fail me on a photo analysis simply because she didn't like my
writing style
speXedy: So Laura your a girl ...
MuggleNetLaura: she was insane
MuggleNetLaura: Yes, I do believe my birth certificate says 'F'. :-)
speXedy: How old are you?
MuggleNetLaura: 17
speXedy: How do I buy a Christmas gift for someone, true someone i like a lot, and well we sorta did
have a thing, but we just meet like 2 weeks ago ... and not make it look weird.?
speXedy: Any ideas?
MuggleNetLaura: ooh, that's a toughie... hmmmm....
speXedy: I asked her randomly if it would be ok ....
speXedy: and she was like .. well i guess i can't stop you, but i'd feel bad b/c im broke and i coudln't
return the favor.
MuggleNetLaura: don't get anything terribly expensive... if it were me, I'd feel awkward
speXedy: Yea .. I think im just gunna get her a hot topic shirt she was saying she wanted.
speXedy: Their only like 17.99
speXedy: that's not TOO bad
MuggleNetLaura: if she can't buy you anything, and you've just met, something small will do
MuggleNetLaura: yea, that's not, plus they have HP :-)
speXedy: Well ... she doesn't like harry potter :-\
MuggleNetLaura: :-O
speXedy: She used to be into a lot of Pagan stuff, and it brings back bad memroies.
speXedy: She knows its not promoting it or anything ...
MuggleNetLaura: ah well, one of my best friends hates it with a passion
speXedy: but it's her personal preference.
speXedy: I got a $100 check in the mail yesterday.
speXedy: hehe
MuggleNetLaura: yea, I'd say go for the shirt. it's something she's been wanting, and it's not so expensive
she'd feel awkward
speXedy: My mommy thinks she can buy her way back into my life.
MuggleNetLaura: oh dear
speXedy: Yea lol
speXedy: Wow I haven't done anything photography wise in like over a week!
MuggleNetLaura: I have about 39047043 rolls of film I need to get developed
kyrane7: wow
speXedy: I love film photpgrahy, but digitals just so easy.
MuggleNetLaura: yea, same
speXedy: I'm getting a Digital SLR next month.
speXedy: Spending about 2 grand.
MuggleNetLaura: I've just gotten into being artsy with it
speXedy: w/extra lens and stuff.
MuggleNetLaura: sweet
kyrane7: nice!
speXedy: there's somethig i did
speXedy: like 2 weeks afo
kyrane7: my new csamera just got deliverd
speXedy: ago*
kyrane7: that wehere i went
MuggleNetLaura: ooh
MuggleNetLaura: I like that!
speXedy: thx
kyrane7: thas cool
speXedy: :-)
MuggleNetLaura: *points to chucks* he has my shoes! hee
speXedy: their mine!
speXedy: lol
speXedy: i have like 3 pairs
MuggleNetLaura: awesome!
speXedy: i wanna get like 5 more
speXedy: I want every color possible
MuggleNetLaura: I have... four pairs... I think
MuggleNetLaura: including bright neon orange
speXedy: I need to color my hair again :-(
MuggleNetLaura: no chance of me ever getting hit by a car at night in those things...
speXedy: someone was telling my ruts are showing!
MuggleNetLaura: bleh, so are mine
speXedy: Yea but im a guy
MuggleNetLaura: I haven't colored my hair since June :-O
speXedy: girls look ok when that happens
speXedy: it's an effect
speXedy: but guys just look weird
MuggleNetLaura: hmm, probably because you tend to have shorter hair
speXedy: i have to do it before the 24th lol
speXedy: b/c i got family events
MuggleNetLaura: I have to do mine... before lumos
speXedy: I'll have my sister do it sometime this week
MuggleNetLaura: so I guess I have plenty of time. lol
kyrane7: ok
kyrane7: do u think i male or female
kyrane7: from my name
speXedy: i dunno ....
speXedy: im gunna guess female
speXedy: cuz 90% of mugglecasters are
speXedy: plus
speXedy: u shipped eric
MuggleNetLaura: hmm, well, I tend to assume female, just because 74% of listeners are female
kyrane7: yes
speXedy: lol
speXedy: :-)
kyrane7: most ppl assume kyrane is a guys name
speXedy: hmm
MuggleNetLaura: well, I only got a couple hours of sleep, so I'm going to hit the sack again before my
parents wake up and try to force me to clean or something :-)
kyrane7: ok BYE!!!
MuggleNetLaura: adios!
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
speXedy: i think im gunna do the same before my final
speXedy: add me if u wish maybe well ttyl@
speXedy: ttyl!
speXedy has left the room.
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: hey guys
kyrane7: hi
kyrane7: theres been nothig said for 3hrs
Ponyjockey123: did you get some sleep
Ponyjockey123: ?
Ponyjockey123: if nothing has been said for 3hrs I'll come back later I suppose
Ponyjockey123: ok there is noone even here to say goodbye so I say goodbye to myself
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: im here
kyrane7: i did sleep
Ponyjockey123: Ben are you there
kyrane7: no hes dead
Ponyjockey123: he entered the room after me though
kyrane7: no
Ponyjockey123: that is what my comp said
kyrane7: acording to mine hes been here since yday
Ponyjockey123: lol
Ponyjockey123: ttyl
kyrane7: k
kyrane7: bye
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
gingernut17 has entered the room.
gingernut17 has left the room.
gingernut17 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
MuggleNetLaura has entered the room.
MuggleNetLaura: I am continually amazed by the ability to enter this chat room at various times of the day
and still find people in it. LOL
MuggleNetLaura has left the room.
kyrane7: lol
Ironic affection has entered the room.
Ironic affection: hey
gingernut17: lol
kyrane7: hi
Ironic affection: how is everyone?
gingernut17: good
kyrane7: im ok
Ironic affection: thats good to hear
Ironic affection: how come no ones here?
kyrane7: every1s dead
Ironic affection: :cry:
Ironic affection: :sigh: people with lives
Ironic affection: ne one wanna tell me about episode 20?
Ironic affection: i cant get it till i go home
kyrane7: its about pedohpiles
kyrane7: philes*
Ironic affection: seriously?
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: well
kyrane7: jamie says hes a pedo
Ironic affection: lol
Ironic affection: wow
kyrane7: yep
kyrane7: well no
Ironic affection: aww! i want to ge tit now! jamies back!
kyrane7: the est of the podcast it about hermione
Ironic affection: get it**
Ironic affection: oh yay! hermione is awesome!
kyrane7: yep
kyrane7: it was great
Ironic affection: urhg! i have to wait till next tuesday to get it! T_T
kyrane7: damn
Ironic affection: and :cry: im gonna miss the xmas one too.... urgh.... oh well
Ironic affection: so ill just come in here
Ironic affection: and ask what its about
kyrane7: do u say pedo wuth an eh sound or with an eee sound
kyrane7: as in pedophile
Ironic affection: eh sound
kyrane7: really
kyrane7: oh
kyrane7: ok
kyrane7: id say eee
kyrane7: now the convo makes a little moresnese
Ironic affection: yup yup
kyrane7: im glad we speak the same language
kyrane7: with ur now kias
Ironic affection: kias?
kyrane7: nokia
kyrane7: u say an ow sound
kyrane7: right?
Ironic affection: nope
Ironic affection: o
kyrane7: well
kyrane7: i have heard it
kyrane7: u say 'oh'
kyrane7: ?
Ironic affection: yup
kyrane7: weirdness
Ironic affection: yup
Ironic affection: but i guess its like theres two ways to say tamatoe
kyrane7: yep
kyrane7: and route
Ironic affection: yup yup
kyrane7: im a root person
Ironic affection: and im a route peson
Ironic affection: person**
kyrane7: rawt
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: i love how theres always multiple ways to say stuff
Ironic affection: HI!
JenAl8914: hi!
kyrane7: hi
Ironic affection: how r u?
JenAl8914: not too bad
JenAl8914: you?
Ironic affection: good
Ironic affection: btw im toast
JenAl8914: what's everybody talking about?
Ironic affection: different ways to say words
JenAl8914: lol
kyrane7: route = root or rawt
kyrane7: how do you say nokia
Ironic affection: n 'oh' kia
JenAl8914: no-key-uu
JenAl8914: uh*
kyrane7: no with an ow sound
Ironic affection: naw.... with an 'oh'
kyrane7: i kon u say that
kyrane7: was wondering bout jen
gingernut17 has left the room.
JenAl8914: I don't know, must be a midwest thing
Ironic affection: do u say to no with an 'oh' or and 'ow'
Ironic affection: an**
JenAl8914: oh
Ironic affection: maybe its an american thing?
JenAl8914: yeah, probably
Ironic affection: wait, i cant remember krayne ur in the UK right?
kyrane7: yes
Ironic affection: kyrane**
Ironic affection: ok awesome! i did remember!
kyrane7: yay
Ironic affection has left the room.
JenAl8914 has left the room.
jaynecobbhat has entered the room.
jaynecobbhat: Hello!
jaynecobbhat: *silence*
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
JenAl8914 has left the room.
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
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HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
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HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
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Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: hey
jaynecobbhat: hi
Cannonsgirl2008: oh man!
Cannonsgirl2008: someone answered!
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry bout that
jaynecobbhat: that's okay. I've been sitting here forever waiting for somebody to some
Ironic affection has entered the room.
Ironic affection: hey again
Ironic affection: ....
jaynecobbhat: hello
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: wats the topic now?
Ironic affection: hey
Ponyjockey123: hi
jaynecobbhat: nothing, really. no-one's talking much
Cannonsgirl2008: chaya
Cannonsgirl2008: hey!
Ponyjockey123: yay
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up?
Ponyjockey123: nuthin much
Cannonsgirl2008: thats cool.. thats cool
Ironic affection: nm
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa
Ponyjockey123: you should have been on yesterday cannon, eric was here for a while. I am sry I forgot
your name what is it again?
Ponyjockey123: u there?
Ironic affection: erics heres all the time though...
Ponyjockey123: yeah i know where did cannonsgirl go
Ironic affection: idno
Ponyjockey123: o well, so what are you doing
Ponyjockey123: nuthin right
Ponyjockey123: this conversation is going nowhere
Ironic affection: not really updating my live journal
Ironic affection: yeah i know
Cannonsgirl2008: its ok
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry about being so late on that response
Cannonsgirl2008: and I was here
Cannonsgirl2008: my name is Colleen
Ponyjockey123: oh yeah
Ironic affection: mine too!
Cannonsgirl2008: he didn't IM me though :-(
Cannonsgirl2008: its ok! ahahhahaha
Ironic affection: thats odd... ive never known anyone with my name
Ponyjockey123: i have so many people on my list now it is hard to keep track
Cannonsgirl2008: I didn't really expect him too
Cannonsgirl2008: to*
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Ponyjockey123: ok which coleen do i have on skype then
Cannonsgirl2008: it is difficult
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmmmmmmmmm
Cannonsgirl2008: whats your skype name?
Ironic affection: i gave my name out last week
Cannonsgirl2008: my skype name is cannonsgirl2008
Cannonsgirl2008: not colleen
Ironic affection: tantumveritas
Ponyjockey123: theweirdsisters
Ironic affection: u have me i think
Ponyjockey123: yeah but your name comes up as coleen
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't think I have you
Ironic affection: cuz i have u on mine
Cannonsgirl2008: but I shall definately add you
Ponyjockey123: ok i will add other coleen
Ironic affection: i probably made a typo
Ponyjockey123: this is confusing
Ironic affection: ill look wen i get home
Ponyjockey123: where are you
Ironic affection: just call me toast
Ironic affection: texas
Ironic affection: visiting my grandpa for xmas
Cannonsgirl2008: woot
Ponyjockey123: oh you're toast
Cannonsgirl2008: I added you
Ponyjockey123: who is tea
Ironic affection: yeah ^=^
Ironic affection: cassi
Ponyjockey123: kk
Ironic affection: i feel all happy people no me as toast rather then my actual name! its spreading! YAY!
Ironic affection: ^-^
Ponyjockey123: well i didn't actually know it was you, i was very confused
Ironic affection: LOL
Ironic affection: still....
Ponyjockey123: no not anymore
Ponyjockey123: well i have some work, i will be back later
Ponyjockey123: bye
Ironic affection: byebye
Cannonsgirl2008: byeeee
Ironic affection: we need a topic....
Ironic affection: or something to talk about
jaynecobbhat: this question has been done to death...but what do you think is the last horcrux?
Ironic affection: harrys scar
Ironic affection: but then idno either
Ironic affection: cuz y the hell would voldemort try to kill him i fit was
Ironic affection: how bout u?
jaynecobbhat: i think it might be tom riddles services to the school trophy or his dad's tombstone..
Ironic affection: those are good ideas
Ironic affection: ... :thinks about them:
jaynecobbhat: thanks =)
Ironic affection: ^-^
Ironic affection: do u think rons gonna die?
jaynecobbhat: i dunno, but I think at least a third of the weasleys will die
Ironic affection: oh
Ironic affection: i dont want any of them besides percy and ron too
mel120191 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: to**
mel120191: hi
Ironic affection: cuz i dont like either
Ironic affection: hey
jaynecobbhat: hi
jaynecobbhat: i don't want any of them to die, but i have a feeling that some of them will
mel120191: benschoen2... as in THE Ben? coz i heard there are many ben sn's about
Ironic affection: yeah
Ironic affection: thats the ben
Ironic affection: not one of the many many bens
Ironic affection: hes not talking though
mel120191: oh i see, lol... so real ben has a 2 at the end of his name
Cannonsgirl2008: he's been on since midday yesterday
mel120191: my friend TF was telling me about the many bens
mel120191: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: and he hasn't talked since
Cannonsgirl2008: really?
jaynecobbhat: wow, ben's been on for a long time...
Cannonsgirl2008: I havn't seen any imposters
Ironic affection: yeah...
mel120191: yeah...
Ironic affection: really?
Ironic affection: lucky?
Ironic affection: lucky**
Ironic affection: i went to eat and i came back and there were 7 or 8 bens
Ironic affection: and i couldnt figure out who any of them were
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
Cannonsgirl2008: thats pretty funny
jaynecobbhat: 8 bens? it's like the Ben Army
mel120191: lol. yeah i heard about them from her... apparently because of his unoriginal sn
mel120191: lol
Ironic affection: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: in the chat we all joke about being mugglecasters
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: but I don't really know
Cannonsgirl2008: about any real imposters
Cannonsgirl2008: I think I have to kick their asses
Ironic affection: theres an imposter andrew
Ironic affection: im pretty sure
mel120191: lol
mel120191: it would be pretty easy to impost really
jaynecobbhat: it's pretty easy to imposter someone on the internet, i guess
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: but who would imposter Ben????
mel120191: the imposters?
Cannonsgirl2008: he has such a charming personality! coming on the chat every hour just to say
mel120191: lol, he does that?
Cannonsgirl2008: no one can do an accurate impression of such a complex guy
Cannonsgirl2008: haha yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: thats all he does basically
Ironic affection: lol
jaynecobbhat: haha
mel120191: Lol, I'd like to see that.
Ironic affection: i havent seen him do that yet
Cannonsgirl2008: well, not every hour
Cannonsgirl2008: but if there are a LOT of people on he does it every hour
Cannonsgirl2008: but not when there are like three
mel120191: it was wierd, i fell asleep like before and i wake up and a million convos are up
Cannonsgirl2008: or four
mel120191: and i need to do science :-(
mel120191: im trying to skive the rest of school actually
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't! I'm on winter break!
Ironic affection: im out of school :dance:
mel120191: i break up on 23rd... how much does that suck
Cannonsgirl2008: *dances with ironic affection
Cannonsgirl2008: *
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
Ironic affection: u can call me toast
mel120191: and no one will be in tomorrow because they all have a half day... my half day is thursday
Ironic affection: its shorter ^_^
mel120191: :-(
Ironic affection: thats sucks
Ironic affection: my last week was all short days
jaynecobbhat: i'm on winter break, too, but I have homework over break..
Ironic affection: cuz of finals and such
Ironic affection: i did
mel120191: it does. hence my skiving idea
Ironic affection: but i finished it all in the car
Ironic affection: on the drive here
Ironic affection: cuz 22 hours in a car is hell especially wen the scenary doesnt change
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
jaynecobbhat: that does sound like hell...
Ironic affection: yay for mugglecast/pottercast/rent soundtrack!
jaynecobbhat: you have the rent soundtrack?!? *worships*
jaynecobbhat: i need to buy it soon
mel120191: i havent seen rent
benschoen84 has entered the room.
benschoen84: guys i made a ben imposter name
Ironic affection: my friend gave it to me for xmas
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
benschoen84: it's ponyjockey
Ironic affection: yay...
Ironic affection: O!
Ironic affection: hi!
Ironic affection: hen!
HannahBanana5689: hey
benschoen84: just proving to you how easy it is to "be ben"
Ironic affection: how r u?
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Cannonsgirl2008: thats really funny
HannahBanana5689: brilliant
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Ironic affection: thats great
benschoen84: alright i am going to delete
benschoen84: it
HannahBanana5689: i'm on vacation from school, how can i NOT be happy?
HannahBanana5689: haha
Ironic affection: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: now all you have ot do is say
Cannonsgirl2008: and you're good
Ironic affection: im on break
Cannonsgirl2008: !
HannahBanana5689: haha
Ironic affection: and im not really happy
HannahBanana5689: how come?
benschoen84: i love emma
Cannonsgirl2008: YAY!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahha
Ironic affection: cuz im in texas with nothing to do
HannahBanana5689: yesss
jaynecobbhat: YAY! now you're really ben
Cannonsgirl2008: you ARE ben!
benschoen84: ok bye guys
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
HannahBanana5689: yeah, i'm pritty bored
jaynecobbhat: bye
Ironic affection: bye
benschoen84 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: pritty?
Cannonsgirl2008: really?
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
HannahBanana5689: um
Cannonsgirl2008: thats a lot of borededness
mel120191: lol
HannahBanana5689: yeah
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: ok
HannahBanana5689: oh dang
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry *is a grammar/spelling nerd*
Ironic affection: but its is better then being n school
HannahBanana5689: i have to go
HannahBanana5689: bye guys
Ironic affection: in**
jaynecobbhat: bye
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
Ironic affection: aww
Ironic affection: byebye hen
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ironic affection: hey
Ponyjockey123: tada i'm normal
Cannonsgirl2008: guys, I need a name of a love triangle ship
Ponyjockey123: the screen name bemma was already taken isn't that weird
Ironic affection: R.H.Hr
Cannonsgirl2008: that is a little weird
Cannonsgirl2008: no, a MC one
Ironic affection: o
Ponyjockey123: love triangle?
Ironic affection: idno
Ponyjockey123: hmm
Ironic affection: i dont do MC ships
Cannonsgirl2008: like Bemerseric or something
jaynecobbhat: John/burrito/MuggleNet - Jorritnet
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Ponyjockey123: Melissa + Emerson + John = Jemerssa
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
jaynecobbhat: hahhaha
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmm how to pick
mel120191 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: see, I need one with eric in it...
Ponyjockey123: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: this is for the CC
Cannonsgirl2008: *idea*
Cannonsgirl2008: *or lack thereof*
jaynecobbhat: ericmerson? eric+melissa+emerson
Ponyjockey123: Eric + Liane + Daniel Radcliffe = scullianerad
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahahha
Cannonsgirl2008: I like that one
jaynecobbhat: hahaha! the good ship scullianerad
Ponyjockey123: except don't put that in the caption contest he hates when people refer to the nice abs
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmmm
Cannonsgirl2008: Lauricevin
Cannonsgirl2008: Laura + Eric + Kevin
Ponyjockey123: well how about Eric + Colleen + Ben = bericeen
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: yay! thats actually my first ship
redneckgurl 3399 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: *is excited*
Ponyjockey123: congrats
Cannonsgirl2008: that would be funny to put in if I wasn't the one sending it
mArIcHaBaLdIs has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: well i really have to finish the essay I have been trying to work on for days so i'll ttyl
Ponyjockey123: bye
jaynecobbhat: bye!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey everyone
jaynecobbhat: hello
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
redneckgurl 3399: Bye/Hello!
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh I know there are love triangles already made!
Cannonsgirl2008: does anyone know any?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what love triangles??
Cannonsgirl2008: I need a love triangle with Eric in
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: it
Cannonsgirl2008: for my CC entry
jaynecobbhat: ben+emma watson+eric=bemric
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol wtfff
redneckgurl 3399: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: did you just make that up?
jaynecobbhat: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
redneckgurl 3399: haha, that's awesome
Cannonsgirl2008: I actually think I'm gonna use that
jaynecobbhat: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: if anyone can't think of anything better
Cannonsgirl2008: you knwo
Cannonsgirl2008: one that is already made
Cannonsgirl2008: that people know about
Ironic affection: bye everyone
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I have no idea
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
jaynecobbhat: i don't know any that are already made...
jaynecobbhat: bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: aw bye
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: bemric it is
Ironic affection has left the room.
jaynecobbhat: yay for bemric
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
redneckgurl 3399: bye
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Lara has to approve it =P
jaynecobbhat: bemric is so very canon
mArIcHaBaLdIs: uh... I don't think so XD but the name is cool :P
jaynecobbhat: lol
redneckgurl 3399: lol, nice
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay pottercast! *w00t*
jaynecobbhat: <--my report from the premiere
and live podcast. scroll down and theres a bunch of photos
mArIcHaBaLdIs: urgh i have to go for one sec... i have to restart my pc
mArIcHaBaLdIs: brb
mArIcHaBaLdIs has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: ok I've sent in two
Cannonsgirl2008: that are very similar
Cannonsgirl2008: and one thats different
Cannonsgirl2008: I decided I didn't like the way I wrote mine the first one
Cannonsgirl2008: the first time*
Cannonsgirl2008: so I redid it
jaynecobbhat: i can never think of anything funny enough for the caption contest. i hope you get in to the
Cannonsgirl2008: he's gonna slap me
Cannonsgirl2008: thanks!
Cannonsgirl2008: I never have :-(
jaynecobbhat: aww...maybe you will this time
Ironic affection has entered the room.
Ironic affection: hey agian
jaynecobbhat: hello and welcome back =)
Ironic affection: still talking bout ships?
jaynecobbhat: talking about the caption contest. Have you ever entered anything?
Ironic affection: naw
jaynecobbhat: i can never think of anything funny enough
Ironic affection: i wanted to enter the one with draco and krum
Ironic affection: but i got to it late
mArIcHaBaLdIs has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: i won that one
jaynecobbhat: oh, congrats!
Ponyjockey123: i know i said bye but I can't concentrate
Ironic affection: awesome! wat did u say?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey again *waves*
Ponyjockey123: Malfoy: *eagerly* So what do you think?
Ironic affection: hi mint
Cannonsgirl2008: lala lal ala laaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ponyjockey123: Krum/Ben Schoen : this pollyjuice potion works wonders, now I will finally be able to take
emma to the ball *evil cackle*
Cannonsgirl2008: chaya = SO lucky!
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahaha
Ironic affection: lol
jaynecobbhat: hahahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: that was halarious
Ponyjockey123: that is not exact, but something along those lines
Ponyjockey123: thanx
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol! that is great
Cannonsgirl2008: I remember reading that one and thinking that it was the funniest of them all
Ponyjockey123: I was so happy when I saw I had won
Ponyjockey123: oh thanx colleen
Cannonsgirl2008: :-)
Ponyjockey123: : )
Cannonsgirl2008: true story
Ponyjockey123: i am in the process of thinking of one for this week
Cannonsgirl2008: I've already submitted three
mArIcHaBaLdIs: same here
Cannonsgirl2008: he's gonna kill me
Ponyjockey123: no he likes recieving alot
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
HanSoloIsAHottie: 1
HanSoloIsAHottie: 2
HanSoloIsAHottie: 3
HanSoloIsAHottie: MAMATHA
HanSoloIsAHottie: I mean
Ironic affection: ive never read ne of them
Cannonsgirl2008: he mamatha
Ponyjockey123: i submitted 2 last week my other was about a water beatle
Ironic affection: hi
Ponyjockey123: howdy
Cannonsgirl2008: I thought there was one about a water beatle
Cannonsgirl2008: maybe someone else did it
Cannonsgirl2008: too
Ponyjockey123: there was, he recieved a lot like that I think
Cannonsgirl2008: I see
HanSoloIsAHottie: damn room said i flooded
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::cries::
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Anyone on skype?
Cannonsgirl2008: me!
Ironic affection: naw im not at home
Ironic affection: so i dont have skpe
HanSoloIsAHottie: what's your skype namie?
Cannonsgirl2008: do you have my name
Ponyjockey123: mine was Malfoy and Goyle: cheers Krum: I think I svallowed a vater beatle
Cannonsgirl2008: its Cannonsgirl2008
jaynecobbhat: i have skype, but my microphones not working
Ponyjockey123: i am on skype
Cannonsgirl2008: you should add me mamatha
Ponyjockey123: theweirdsisters lets have a conference
Cannonsgirl2008: please *puppy eyes*
Cannonsgirl2008: sure
HanSoloIsAHottie: one sec lemme add
redneckgurl 3399 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: chaya you're away
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay brb gotta be on other comp to skype
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: not that you didn't already know that....
Cannonsgirl2008: not anymore!
Ponyjockey123: call me
Cannonsgirl2008: we should wait until mamatha's back
Cannonsgirl2008: and conference
Ponyjockey123: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: *doesn't know how to innitiate a conference*
Ponyjockey123: i do
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Ponyjockey123: i'll wait for her
Cannonsgirl2008: its so sad... the only time I've talked to some people on skype the convo was horrible
Cannonsgirl2008: it died so many times
Cannonsgirl2008: it was... awkward to say the least
jaynecobbhat: *just updated her iTunes* the pottercast Filkcast is out!
Ponyjockey123: wait what is mamanthas skype
Ponyjockey123: ?
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: mamatha_challa
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay m'name is Mamatha_Challa on Skype
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: are we gonna have a confrence?
Cannonsgirl2008: si
HanSoloIsAHottie: si si si
Cannonsgirl2008: si senorita
HanSoloIsAHottie: cool
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Ironic affection: i cant get ne pottercast of MC till next week T_T
HanSoloIsAHottie: whos going to start it off?
Ironic affection: g2g bye
Ponyjockey123: i just did
Ponyjockey123: start it
Ironic affection has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey sorry i wasn't talking lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
Cannonsgirl2008: chatednesss
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ahh i'm so bored
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i just finished school today yayy!
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
jaynecobbhat: you got off school? nice
Cannonsgirl2008: that was unexpected
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea, so he blocked me and I was scarred
HanSoloIsAHottie: and that's my story
HanSoloIsAHottie: xD
Cannonsgirl2008: awwwwwwwwwwww
Cannonsgirl2008: thats sad
Cannonsgirl2008: *huggles*
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen=self consious about voice
HanSoloIsAHottie: you're voice is FINE
HanSoloIsAHottie: Mine is all funky and what not
Cannonsgirl2008: I think I'd hike it up about 20 notches if I was ever chatting with one of the mugglecaster
Cannonsgirl2008: s
HanSoloIsAHottie: me too, lmfao
Cannonsgirl2008: I'd sound like ms piggy
HanSoloIsAHottie: LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: it would be tres unnatractive
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm gonna take a shower
HanSoloIsAHottie: anyone else on skype?
Cannonsgirl2008: its noon
Cannonsgirl2008: about time
HanSoloIsAHottie: Dancinggirl!Jackie is
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll be back in like 15 minutes, then we can chat
Cannonsgirl2008: okey?
HanSoloIsAHottie: okiedokie
ECD22887 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I can skype right now cause my brother is studying for exams >.>
mArIcHaBaLdIs: cant**
mArIcHaBaLdIs: sorry
HanSoloIsAHottie: EDDDDAY
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :P
ECD22887: hi
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: heya!
ECD22887: i can't skype right now either.
x sweet harmony: Hi hi everyone. =]]
ECD22887: actually, i don't know even how long i'll be able to be on
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey!
ECD22887: hi!
x sweet harmony: ^_^
mArIcHaBaLdIs: blooper of webpage of mc20
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i just uploaded
ECD22887: oh!!!
ECD22887: cool
mArIcHaBaLdIs: for everyone who downloaded the show late
ECD22887: that's me!
x sweet harmony: blooper of webpage?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yes
mArIcHaBaLdIs: the thing at the end of mugglecast 20... ahh is hilarious
mArIcHaBaLdIs: XD
x sweet harmony: ohh
ECD22887: i wonder what it is?
ECD22887: the site, that is
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha i'm not sure if i want to know
jaynecobbhat: the site is like the new harry potter mystery. everyone's stopped wondering about
horcruxes and started speculating about that site.
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
ECD22887: hi K'lyssa
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hahah yeah
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hey.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey K'lyssa
HanSoloIsAHottie: k'lyssa m'love
x0xbeautifulsoul: Haha, hey guys. =)
HanSoloIsAHottie: spill it K'lyssa, we know you know/
HanSoloIsAHottie: .
ECD22887: do you know what the site is?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol yeah
x0xbeautifulsoul: I assume we're talking about the site from MuggleCast?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *shifty eyes*
HanSoloIsAHottie: Of course
ECD22887: yeah
HanSoloIsAHottie: Link us link us
x0xbeautifulsoul: Nooo.
x0xbeautifulsoul: I can't. =P
HanSoloIsAHottie: At least tell us if it was porn.
ECD22887: please!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Then we won't be interested
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha yeah
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lmao.
x0xbeautifulsoul: Who says I even know?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Well, at least IIII won't, Idk about Ed over there.
HanSoloIsAHottie: ECD22887: please!
HanSoloIsAHottie: :P
mArIcHaBaLdIs: because u said u couldnt
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i mean
ECD22887: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that didnt make sense
HanSoloIsAHottie: Because YOU ARE GOD
x0xbeautifulsoul: Wouldn't it be Goddess? =P
HanSoloIsAHottie: <333333333333333333
HanSoloIsAHottie: Yea
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..kidding!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Sure
HanSoloIsAHottie: whatever
Cannonsgirl2008: back
HanSoloIsAHottie: you're some high ssuper being
Cannonsgirl2008: woot
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wb
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lmao,I am not.
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::worships::
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Lol
Cannonsgirl2008: exactly 10 minutes
HanSoloIsAHottie: lmao
Cannonsgirl2008: *short showeeeeeerrrrrrrs!*
HanSoloIsAHottie: fun
camel4792 has entered the room.
camel4792: um hi?
HanSoloIsAHottie: god dammit
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha I wish I could
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my brother is being a jerk ¬¬
ECD22887: can't talk right now, sorry
Cannonsgirl2008: call me mamahta
Cannonsgirl2008: if you have more people
Cannonsgirl2008: conferenccccccccccccccccce
x sweet harmony has left the room.
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
Alikona0000 has left the room.
camel4792: any mugglecasters in here?
camel4792: or mugglenetters?
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'm a MuggleNetter.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: uhh is on... but i don't think he is here
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..if you meant staff members, by that.
camel4792: ya i did
Cannonsgirl2008: he isn't
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and yes k'lyssa is here =)
Cannonsgirl2008: at all
camel4792: who?
Cannonsgirl2008: benschoen
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh kk
x0xbeautifulsoul: Me.
x0xbeautifulsoul: <--K'lyssa
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: he's been on since yesterday
Cannonsgirl2008: yay for k'lyssa
GymMidget415: im listening to the filkcast, guys
GymMidget415: oh, god...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm downloading them
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I want to listen
camel4792: oh i didnt know u had several K'lyssa
GymMidget415: it'
x0xbeautifulsoul: Jackie, I KNOW I haven't put up the List yet. *dies*
GymMidget415: lol, i havent even checked today
ECD22887: i loved the filk cast
camel4792: i talked to u yesterday
jaynecobbhat: the filkcast is fun. Guru of Sloth is now my hero
x0xbeautifulsoul: My English short story got deleted last night and I had to rewrite it.
gingernut17 has entered the room.
camel4792: oh
GymMidget415: *gasp*
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: which you?
camel4792: that ...sux alot
GymMidget415: that's terriblw
x0xbeautifulsoul: But I will put it up today, since I can stay up all night and not have to worry about work
x0xbeautifulsoul: I promise!
Cannonsgirl2008: camel, you said I talked to you yestedayu
Cannonsgirl2008: you talked to a lot of us
GymMidget415: lol, ok
camel4792: oh fine
Cannonsgirl2008: and yes, that is sad that your english story got deleted
Cannonsgirl2008: *cries for you*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah it sucks
x0xbeautifulsoul: I liked the rewritten version better anyway.
x0xbeautifulsoul: ..although my teacher will probably think I'm twisted.
GymMidget415: well then thats good
GymMidget415: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol good
GymMidget415: i still have to finish my journalism story...
camel4792: any other mugglenet staff ? other than ben
camel4792: lol
GymMidget415: i'm half done with the first draft
x0xbeautifulsoul: Jamie loved the story, so that must mean it was good! =P
camel4792: casue hes been on since yesterday\
camel4792: and hasnt said a word]
x0xbeautifulsoul: He's at school, I believe.
GymMidget415: guys, i have to go pick my brother up
camel4792: bens at school?
GymMidget415: i'm keeping this opened, though
camel4792: shouldnt ha be on break?
GymMidget415: ben's away messags ie up...
GymMidget415: i'll brb
camel4792: it is?
ECD22887: ok
camel4792: isnt he benschoen2?
x0xbeautifulsoul: Not everyone is on break yet.
camel4792: that sux
camel4792: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa
camel4792: so no other mugglenetters?
Cannonsgirl2008: nope
Cannonsgirl2008: don't think so
x0xbeautifulsoul: Nope, I'm the only one.
Cannonsgirl2008: by the way, mamatha
camel4792: coolio
Cannonsgirl2008: I am SO Hans Solo girl
Cannonsgirl2008: all the way
camel4792: how come no one has buddy profiles?
Cannonsgirl2008: Harrison Ford = love
Cannonsgirl2008: i9 do
Cannonsgirl2008: I do*
Cannonsgirl2008: I think
camel4792: it says ot avalable
Cannonsgirl2008: hmmm
Cannonsgirl2008: weird
camel4792: wat bout me ?
camel4792: check
jaynecobbhat: i have a buddy profile up
camel4792: nope
jaynecobbhat: it says your profile is unavalable
camel4792: wierd
camel4792: maybe cause ur not on my buddy list
jaynecobbhat: probably
jaynecobbhat: can you see my profile?
HanSoloIsAHottie: laded.a
mArIcHaBaLdIs: . . . lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: anyone on Skype?
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::cries::
Cannonsgirl2008: meeee
HanSoloIsAHottie: Who else
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
HanSoloIsAHottie: Cmon, you know you wanna
x sweet harmony: I've only used it once.
x sweet harmony: And that was with j-net.
HanSoloIsAHottie: mmhmmmmhmm.
jaynecobbhat: i have skype, but i've never used it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ahh my brother is sleep right now, so i guess i can :p
camel4792 has left the room.
camel4792 has entered the room.
camel4792: hola?
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey, haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kinda dead
Alikona0000: I'm so bored.
camel4792: kinda?
camel4792: lol
Alikona0000: Dead will not do.
camel4792: khujhihoih
camel4792: :-D
GymMidget415: im baaack
camel4792: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
GymMidget415: *jackie confetti
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wb
HanSoloIsAHottie: jackie imma gonna skype you
camel4792: zxcvbnm,......///////////
HanSoloIsAHottie: w00t
Alikona0000 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *wb confetti*
GymMidget415: well you cant call me...
camel4792: whop here has skype
camel4792: jamie signed on
camel4792: YAY
GymMidget415: bc i dont have a headset yet
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i don't have him on skype haha
GymMidget415: mamath, i said you cant call me
GymMidget415: i dont have my headset yet
kyrane7: sorry guys i busy
GymMidget415: sorries!
camel4792: no i mean on aim
GymMidget415: *huggles*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh ok
GymMidget415: i'l get it over the holidays...hopefully it'll be one of my first presents
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay hopefully
HanSoloIsAHottie: oh, sorry!
GymMidget415: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah I caaare!
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: oi.
GymMidget415: ?
heyitsme3871: HEY!
GymMidget415: *confetti*
heyitsme3871: our colours match Jackie. me likey.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey!
heyitsme3871: HI!
GymMidget415: w00t!
heyitsme3871: don't ever eat reduced fat mayo okay?
GymMidget415: ...ok
GymMidget415: im listening to the filkcast
heyitsme3871: i have to listen to pottercast from the first ep.
GymMidget415:'ve never listened to it before?
GymMidget415: *gasp*
heyitsme3871: i suscribed this weekend
GymMidget415: omg go listen!!!
heyitsme3871: i know. i am ashamed.
heyitsme3871: i will. i jsut have to finish up something before..
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaaah
GymMidget415: hurry up, what are you doing here, you're wasting time!
Cannonsgirl2008: can you guys hear me?
heyitsme3871: hear?
ECD22887: ooops, i g2g
ECD22887: bye
heyitsme3871: bye.
GymMidget415: bye
ECD22887 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm talking to mamatha and kathleen
heyitsme3871: oh. well. fine.
gingernut17: Jamie: One more though, one more, right. I made this joke up myself when I was really
bored so it could be a bit rubbish, but anyway listen to it. There is this piece of butter, okay.
gingernut17: And he thinks ‘I’m not doing very well in life so I really want to start making ends meet and
progressing.’ So he jumps unto half a slice of bread and he thinks ‘Oh yeah, this is quite good this half a
slice of bread.
heyitsme3871: ahahahahaha
GymMidget415: oh, thats a good one
gingernut17: But I still think I could do better in life.’ So he jumps unto a full slice of bread. This is amazing
he thinks ‘I’m really living the high life’ but he thinks ‘I could still go further.’
heyitsme3871: i laughed SO HARD.
gingernut17: So he jumps unto a slice of toast and thinks ‘This is a very, very comfortable slice of toast.’
It’s just like absolute luxury. But he thinks ‘I could still go further in life’ so he jumps unto the next thing.
gingernut17: And by now he’s thinking, ok ‘I’ve lived a very good life, it’s about time I wrapped everything
up’ and he starts to walk away, but his friend calls out, "Oh no, don’t stop now. You’re on a roll."
GymMidget415: i love that one
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: I love it so much
heyitsme3871: :-D
GymMidget415: *giggles*
gingernut17: =)
heyitsme3871: ew i need 253 words moreeeee
heyitsme3871: and then i can listen to my marathon of POTTERCAST
GymMidget415: lol it'll take you like all day
heyitsme3871: haha i hope so.
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaah
Cannonsgirl2008: mamatha! kathleen!
Cannonsgirl2008: where did yougoooooo?
Cannonsgirl2008: my computer is freaking out!
Cannonsgirl2008: well, not so much anymore
Cannonsgirl2008: does anyone want to answer me?
GymMidget415: here sorry
heyitsme3871: hi.
heyitsme3871: sorry. trying to get this thing done...
Cannonsgirl2008: eets cool
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: oy
GymMidget415: *pounces*
Cannonsgirl2008: *is pounced*
heyitsme3871: [ watches the pouncing in fascination ]
GymMidget415: w00t
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
heyitsme3871: quite enlightening i must say.
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: I like pounces
Cannonsgirl2008: they make me feel loved
GymMidget415: w00t!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hey guys... sorry. Survey =P
GymMidget415: survey...?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I was answering a survey on the forum lol
GymMidget415: lol
heyitsme3871: oh. cool.
GymMidget415: w00t!
heyitsme3871: Jamie's online.
GymMidget415: w00t!
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen update: I'm number 30!
GymMidget415: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: on the post count
Cannonsgirl2008: list
GymMidget415: lol, ok
heyitsme3871: ...?
heyitsme3871: alrighty then
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness
GymMidget415: hawt!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm in the top ten, lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i think
heyitsme3871: what post count is this?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i really don't care
heyitsme3871: OH how many posts you've psoted?
GymMidget415: lol, im not that high
mArIcHaBaLdIs: 300 and something
heyitsme3871: i'm probably last.
heyitsme3871: ii've got like 50. go me.
GymMidget415: yea, me too
GymMidget415: i have 58
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
SkiRat1107 has entered the room.
SkiRat1107: I have a question
GymMidget415: ?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: What?
SkiRat1107: Weren't there supposed to be Book Reviews in Episode 20?
Sejo Apex has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: I've only had 128 posts
GymMidget415: idk
Cannonsgirl2008: but I'm still 30
Cannonsgirl2008: or something
Sejo Apex has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: oh! 27
Cannonsgirl2008: hey sejo
Sejo Apex: hey
GymMidget415: w00t 27!
Cannonsgirl2008: I never actually said how much your site rocks
Cannonsgirl2008: so yay
GymMidget415: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: who the hell is skirat?
GymMidget415: idk...
SkiRat1107: me
SkiRat1107: Does anybody here have Mario Kart DS?
SkiRat1107: I only get one response
SkiRat1107: .....out of how many people here!?
jaynecobbhat: i don't even have a DS, so no
Cannonsgirl2008: nope
Cannonsgirl2008: don't have it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i don't
jaynecobbhat: i wish i had Mario Kart, though
SkiRat1107: Please, tell me somebody got it, I really want to face someone online right now!
Cannonsgirl2008: hey anyone here on skype and want to chat?
SkiRat1107: I got Skype
SkiRat1107: But I'm busy
GymMidget415: i would if i had a headset
Cannonsgirl2008: whats your name?
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
SkiRat1107: same as it is here
Cannonsgirl2008: hey jen
JenAl8914: hey!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh i'm gunna listen pottercast right know
mArIcHaBaLdIs: sowry
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i can't talk
GymMidget415: *jen confetti*
SkiRat1107: PotterCast sucks
GymMidget415: *gasp*
JenAl8914: I like Pottercast
Cannonsgirl2008: ....
GymMidget415: get out
SkiRat1107: MuggleCast PWNs
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I doesn't suck
Cannonsgirl2008: no mas skirat para me
mArIcHaBaLdIs: you can like both
jaynecobbhat: pottercast and mugglecast both pwn
Cannonsgirl2008: I like both
Cannonsgirl2008: I agree
JenAl8914: I do to
GymMidget415: dude, they're both good
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah same
GymMidget415: shut the fuck up
jaynecobbhat: they're very different shows and they're both good
SkiRat1107: MuggleCast > PotterCast
JenAl8914: I do like Mugglecast better, but that doesn't mean I hate pottercast
JenAl8914: they're both good in different ways
mArIcHaBaLdIs: well, let people have their own opinions... though i don't agree... but it's ok
SkiRat1107: MuggleCast > PotterCast > Every other podcast > My podcast
GymMidget415: saying that pottercast sucks is uncalled for
SkiRat1107: hmmm.....
SkiRat1107: But
SkiRat1107: I'm only tellin' it as it is
GymMidget415: no you're not
GymMidget415: just be glad john or melissa arent in here...
SkiRat1107: Just for curiosities sake, how many males are here
SkiRat1107: ?
KelAzMA has entered the room.
SkiRat1107: Does anybody here besides me have a podcast?
JenAl8914: what's your podcast?
SkiRat1107: GamersCast
GymMidget415: im making one, but since your being rude i wont tell you about ti
SkiRat1107: No offense, but that's kinda stupid
SkiRat1107: who wouldn't want more people to listen to their podcast
GymMidget415: psh i dont need to plug myself to stupid people
JenAl8914: did you post about yours on the forums? cause I might have seen it.
KelAzMA: heh
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohhh how's the podcast going jackie?
GymMidget415: besides, we're not doing it for listeners, we're doing it for fun
Cannonsgirl2008: la la laaaaaaa
SkiRat1107: I did at the NSider Forums, but I'm not sure if I did on MuggleCast Forums
GymMidget415: ehh we're still working out the technical details, but i think we're gonna try and record the
first epidode at least over break
SkiRat1107: NSider Forums =
JenAl8914: oh ok
SkiRat1107: Technical Details?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: coolness. I'd like to hear it =)
GymMidget415: like how to edit it and stuff
GymMidget415: and make it into a podcast
SkiRat1107: RSS is way too easy to learn for anything to be technical
SkiRat1107: o
SkiRat1107: u have a mac?
GymMidget415: shut up, not everyone knows how to do that!
SkiRat1107: Then, use GarageBand
GymMidget415: and no, i dont
SkiRat1107: o
SkiRat1107: only trying to help
SkiRat1107: But maybe....
camel4792 has left the room.
SkiRat1107: This is why I don't have a girlfriend.
SkiRat1107: *cries and leaves*
SkiRat1107 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol what was that? *confused*
JenAl8914: I'm confused too.
GymMidget415: i dont know
GymMidget415: i dont like him
Meg1107 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: he was rude
JenAl8914: yeah, he was
Charikuk has entered the room.
Meg1107: *pants* Was there a kid named SKIRAT1107 in here?
GymMidget415: well, i'll let YOU all know when i get my podcast up
GymMidget415: yes there was
GymMidget415: why?
GymMidget415: oh wait, jamie's here....
Meg1107: let me guess he ended off crying about he didn't have a girlfriend, right?
JenAl8914: yeah..
jaynecobbhat: yeah, he did
GymMidget415: yea...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ...yes
GymMidget415: *jamie confetti*
GymMidget415: why?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: why i ask?
JenAl8914: Hi Jamie!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *u
Meg1107: He is goin' chat room to chat room, spamming and crying
GymMidget415: he said pottercast sucks
JenAl8914: lol, sounds like a good way to spend a day
GymMidget415: which, it doesnt
Cannonsgirl2008: hey jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry
GymMidget415: jamie's ignoring us, i guess...
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm doing a quizzy thing on MCF
Cannonsgirl2008: pshhhht
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
Cannonsgirl2008: too good for us, eh?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Jamie, where?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Charikuk: sorry.. hey :-)
kyrane7: hi
GymMidget415: *jamie confetti*
kyrane7: howre things
GymMidget415: i loved you british joke of the day
Meg1107: Maybe skirat will stop spamming if gets a girlfriend, hey does anybody - WHAT THE HELL AM
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Oh, hi! *waves*
kyrane7: he was on a roll
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
JenAl8914: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Yes, the jokes were great
KelAzMA: wow it was quiet in here...I wandered off and I still understand the conversation
KelAzMA: heh
gingernut17: Haha
GymMidget415: lol
kyrane7: hi kel
JenAl8914: lol
gingernut17: Nice
Meg1107: lol
GymMidget415: *huggles*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha yes kinda dead
gingernut17: Hey Kel!
Sejo Apex: wow, i fell asleep on the subway... missed my stop twice
KelAzMA: heya Kyrane
GymMidget415: aww!
KelAzMA: Hiya JinJah
Meg1107: g2g
gingernut17: Jinjah...I'm so cool now
Meg1107: gotta do HW
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: w00t!
KelAzMA: You listen to the Filkcast yet?
GymMidget415: im listening to the end of it...
GymMidget415: the closing
KelAzMA: are they all nuts? or what?
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: eya, they are
Meg1107: As annoying as SkiRat is, you gotta admit he does have a pretty good podcast, but anyway....
Meg1107: cya
Meg1107 has left the room.
JenAl8914: I didn't realize the filkcast was out!
jaynecobbhat: i'm listening to the beginning song by GuruofSloth again
GymMidget415: i dont listen to it
gingernut17: I want to listen...
gingernut17: But I can't
GymMidget415: hes podcast
GymMidget415: *his
KelAzMA: why not?
GymMidget415: and i wont
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la laaaaaaaaa
GymMidget415: skitrat
GymMidget415: i wont listen to his podcast, he's rude!
gingernut17: I gotta finish transcribing Ep 20 of MC
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm listening the filkcast right now
GymMidget415: good idea
KelAzMA: awe :-(
GymMidget415: the filkcast is cool
gingernut17: I know...stupid thing
Cannonsgirl2008: *huggles Ally*
gingernut17: Aww, thanks
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss, filkcast was good
gingernut17: I'm almost done...just the bloopers to do
SkiRat1107 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: w00t!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wow lool
GymMidget415: the bloppers rocked my socks
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: they were awesome
gingernut17: I only do half, so it's not that bad
SkiRat1107: *pants* Was there a chick named Meg1107 in here?
JenAl8914: yes, lol, she asked about you.
SkiRat1107: She's goin' around spamming about how annoying I am!
GymMidget415: well you are
gingernut17: lol
JenAl8914: yep
KelAzMA: uh huh...split personality
gingernut17: That's a problem
KelAzMA: you're as bad as John and "greg"
JenAl8914: I am loving these filks, lol
SkiRat1107: You know what, I think she's a guy!
GymMidget415: but it's cool with greg
gingernut17: I hate Greg
SkiRat1107: MEG could be initials
KelAzMA: could be YOUR impressed
KelAzMA: *click*
gingernut17: haha
SkiRat1107: huh?
SkiRat1107: What do you mean?
Sejo Apex: worse than me?
KelAzMA: you're a right git Sejo...but you don't pretend to be other people that I know of....
SkiRat1107: He's a homosexual stalker
gingernut17: wow
gingernut17: ooodddd
Charikuk: what's mamatha's msn ?
GymMidget415: omg guys, they just mentioned greg on the filkcast...
gingernut17: Dunno
GymMidget415: john did...
gingernut17: I know her IM
gingernut17: that's it
Charikuk: can I have that ?
gingernut17: Sure
Charikuk: thanks]
GymMidget415: jamie, are you gonna be on mc...more?
Charikuk: for the next 3/4 weeks
GymMidget415: w00t!
SkiRat1107 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay!
GymMidget415: guys, skirat and meg are soo the same person
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I know
KelAzMA: Hey Kyrane?
GymMidget415: just wanted to point it out in case you didnt notice
GymMidget415: and you all have to listen to my podcast when we get it published
GymMidget415: i'll let you know when we get on that...
Cannonsgirl2008: yay for more Jamie!
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry for being all delayed
Cannonsgirl2008: I still love you, don't worry!
GymMidget415: *jamie confetti*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
LanceIan1021 has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay *Jamie confetti*
GymMidget415: ?
Charikuk: I still don't understand the whole confetti thing :-P
Cannonsgirl2008: who is your cousin?
gingernut17: HanSoloIsAHottie, Jamie...that's the one she uses most
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Me either
mArIcHaBaLdIs: but it's fun
Charikuk: thanks a lot
Cannonsgirl2008: its just something from the forums
GymMidget415: lol...i dont get it either
gingernut17: No problem
GymMidget415: it's a fun word though...
GymMidget415: huh?
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah, she and I were talking on skype
Cannonsgirl2008: it was fun
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Just remember... when in doubt, confettify
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *confetti*
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen <3's mamatha
GymMidget415: wtf are you talking about, dude?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
gingernut17: I'm booooooored
KelAzMA: I'ma just ignore the lot of you dude...
GymMidget415: jackie <3's jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: wow, you really need to take off the caps lock
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: Lancelan
GymMidget415: aww, kel you're ignoring me?
KelAzMA: LOL not you
JenAl8914: I'm boooooored too
KelAzMA: the kid with the split personality
GymMidget415: yippee!
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha
GymMidget415: psh i hate people who think that they have a split personallity...
GymMidget415: *cough*
gingernut17: Least I'm happier today =)
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't! =
Cannonsgirl2008: Yes you do!
Cannonsgirl2008: no!
GymMidget415: aww why you happier today?
Cannonsgirl2008: just kidding :-)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
gingernut17: Not thinking about the boy problems
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
GymMidget415: w00t!
Cannonsgirl2008: Ally me and you
gingernut17: Being in love is a b***h
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: aww lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Aww
gingernut17: lol
gingernut17: I'm good though...if I don't think...I'm happy
Cannonsgirl2008: it seems that we are both always thinking about guys troubles
gingernut17: =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *Huggles*
gingernut17: *huggles* Thanks
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
gingernut17: It does, doen't it? I cried all last night
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
gingernut17: It was bad
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: awwww
Cannonsgirl2008: I love you! guys are stupid...
Cannonsgirl2008: (no offense)
GymMidget415: guys ARE stupid
gingernut17: Thanks!! guys are stupid
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: indeed
gingernut17: Cept you Jamie =)
JenAl8914: I agree, guys are stupid
GymMidget415: no the muggle boys are cool
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Yeah, Jamie is kwel
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah
GymMidget415: and john...
GymMidget415: they're all cool
Sejo Apex: XY PWNS XX
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and emerson
GymMidget415: the only cool boys
mArIcHaBaLdIs: and dylan
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: those are the muggle boys
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yes
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i know
GymMidget415: they're included
Sejo Apex: XY power!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :P
GymMidget415: muggle boys pwn!
Cannonsgirl2008: see
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *agrees*
Cannonsgirl2008: I love muggleboys
Cannonsgirl2008: :-)
gingernut17: me as well
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =D yay me too
GymMidget415: *muggle boys confetti*
Cannonsgirl2008: and this brings us back to the unrequited love...
LanceIan1021: NOBODY TOLD ME
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *confetti*
Cannonsgirl2008: not sure that they love me back :-(
GymMidget415: who?
Sejo Apex: they dont
Sejo Apex: hah
Cannonsgirl2008: *cries*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Aww
mArIcHaBaLdIs: not nice
gingernut17: I'm sure...but I think it's more friendly love
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
GymMidget415: i love you...
JenAl8914: they love you back, but probably not in quite the same way
mArIcHaBaLdIs: We love you <33
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: I love you but not in a lesbianic way...
gingernut17: Hahaha
GymMidget415: lol same
Cannonsgirl2008: and NO!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: he did no!
Cannonsgirl2008: not*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: same ;-)
Cannonsgirl2008: geez!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: :P
gingernut17: Same
GymMidget415: dude, you're annoying right now
Cannonsgirl2008: your cousin didn't come in her
Cannonsgirl2008: here*
Cannonsgirl2008: get over it
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: so evern if he did come in here, i'd still hate you
mArIcHaBaLdIs: just click on ignore lol
Sejo Apex: Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahah
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i'm not getting his messages
gingernut17: Done...he or she is ignored
GymMidget415: *ignores*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol wth?
Cannonsgirl2008: you really like caps lock, don't you
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: UGH
Sejo Apex: song
LanceIan1021: SO WAS HE IN HERE?
x sweet harmony: It's just an AIM screenname... Change your freakin password... unless you're really that
Cannonsgirl2008: thats who it is
JenAl8914: get a life Lance/meg/Skirat
Cannonsgirl2008: ahhahahaha
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: guys, just put him on ignore
LanceIan1021: I'm gonna change my password now that he knows it
GymMidget415: its soo relaxing
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm getting a kick out of making fun of he/she
gingernut17: It
JenAl8914: lol
gingernut17: Not he or
GymMidget415: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: ahaahahhaha
GymMidget415: lol it!
LanceIan1021: WAIT, I FOUND HIM!
x sweet harmony: Frankly, we don't care.
LanceIan1021: Come here you little - !!
Cannonsgirl2008: AAAH! he was off caps lock
x sweet harmony: Get revenge on your own.
Cannonsgirl2008: for like two seconds
Cannonsgirl2008: but then he went back on
Cannonsgirl2008: which sucks
GymMidget415: lol
LanceIan1021 has left the room.
Sejo Apex: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
Cannonsgirl2008: but it was cool while he was off it!
GymMidget415: thatnks for the commentary
Cannonsgirl2008: your welcom
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: welcome*
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
GymMidget415: w00t!
GymMidget415: ?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: why am I forgetting the last letter of every message I type???
Cannonsgirl2008: ha! I got that one!
SkiRat1107 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
GymMidget415: lol, ok
Cannonsgirl2008: its back
gingernut17: noooooooooooo
GymMidget415: psh!
GymMidget415: *ignore*
SkiRat1107: I GOT HIM OFF!
SkiRat1107: YAY!
KelAzMA has left the room.
JenAl8914: you're an idiot.
SkiRat1107: Confettify!
x sweet harmony: ... You just killed it.
SkiRat1107: how so
Cannonsgirl2008: a bit
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
Charikuk: lol
GymMidget415: guys, im hungry
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: ima go eat something
gingernut17: Eat then
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: i'm keeping this opened
gingernut17: k
SkiRat1107: So, what did I miss while I was tracking down my cuz?
KelAzMA has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk
GymMidget415: *jackie confetti out the door*
Cannonsgirl2008: oye why is my computer crazy?
Cannonsgirl2008: hhahahah
gingernut17: dunno
Cannonsgirl2008: I hate it
gingernut17: Anyone wanna finish my work?
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: why doesn't my ignore work sucks
gingernut17: jooking
SkiRat1107: Try deleting the cookies, history, temporary internet files, cache, spyware, and adware on it
gingernut17: *koking
Sejo Apex: I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth
gingernut17: Ok...God can't spell
gingernut17: lol
gingernut17: *joking
JenAl8914: how long does it actually take you to transcribe a show?
gingernut17: Hmm...I do half...
JenAl8914: oh ok
gingernut17: And ususally about 5 hours with a break
gingernut17: I'm slow...
Cannonsgirl2008: la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa
gingernut17: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: thats a lot!
gingernut17: Yeah, but breaks are included
Cannonsgirl2008: I love you ally! *huggles for taking so long for us!*
JenAl8914: that's not too bad
gingernut17: And sometimes who have NO clue what they're saying
Sejo Apex: its cause of all that spiel
gingernut17: *you
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha
Sky4123 has entered the room.
gingernut17: People mumble
Sky4123: hello!
Sky4123: i am back...
gingernut17: And I can't understand so I listen about 10 times until I get it
gingernut17: Darn mumblers
Sky4123: what are we chatting about?
gingernut17: I'm talking about transcribing
Sky4123: ahhh...not as easy as it it?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Omg those pottercast filks are awesome
gingernut17: Nope
gingernut17: But I did French transcribing into English so it's easier then that
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: oh that must be hard
magical maladies has entered the room.
Sky4123: wow
gingernut17: I did it for school
Cannonsgirl2008: that suuuuuuuuuucks
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Cannonsgirl2008: craziness
gingernut17: Pain in the arse
Sky4123: i bet
Cannonsgirl2008: so where did Jamie go?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Alice heya =)
gingernut17: He's there
magical maladies: hey =)
gingernut17: Somewehere
Sky4123: what is Jamie's sn?
Cannonsgirl2008: hey alice!
gingernut17: *somewhere
gingernut17: rustling
Cannonsgirl2008: charikuk
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
gingernut17: lol
Sky4123: is that it?
gingernut17: yep
magical maladies: yep
Cannonsgirl2008: I like how he's rustling
gingernut17: hahhaa
Sejo Apex: im getting a farking mic fro xmas yay!
Sky4123: that's hilarious
Cannonsgirl2008: what exactly is Charikuk?
gingernut17: dunno
magical maladies: I'm curious about that too
magical maladies: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: yay! sejo!
Cannonsgirl2008: woot for mics for sejo!
Cannonsgirl2008: *mic confetti*
Charikuk: *rustles*
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
magical maladies: lol
gingernut17: Told you
Cannonsgirl2008: what does your sn mean?
KelAzMA: I think it's a kinda duck
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
gingernut17: hahaha
Charikuk: no idea.. i made it ages ago
Charikuk: and cant remember
Charikuk: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm sure thats it
gingernut17: lol
gingernut17: Nice
Sejo Apex: Kinney
Sejo Apex: on
Sejo Apex: wtf?
Cannonsgirl2008: ???
mArIcHaBaLdIs: what?
Sejo Apex: jamie explain
Charikuk: my friend owns it
Charikuk: i help him out
Charikuk: *shrug*
Sejo Apex: lol
gingernut17: ahhh
gingernut17: gotcha
Cannonsgirl2008: ooh
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
gingernut17: Mine is my nickname...easy enough to remember...
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Sky4123: how very nice of you
Charikuk: you're ridiculously aggressive sejo :-P
KelAzMA: 'causa her hair, eh?
magical maladies: gingernut? ahah, cool
x sweet harmony: Jamie, I was wondering what your screenname meant.. then I pronounced it outloud...
and it reminded me of cheery coke. XD
magical maladies: I didn't know that
gingernut17: Haha
gingernut17: My grandmum call me that
gingernut17: And yeah, my hair in the summer is red
Cannonsgirl2008: lucky!
magical maladies: is anyone else addicted to "hang up" by madonna?
magical maladies: ;__;
Sky4123: i love it
KelAzMA: uh no
Cannonsgirl2008: I've been wanting to dye my hair red
Sejo Apex: hah aggresive
gingernut17: Gingernut is Irish slang for redhead
Sky4123: but i wouldn't say addicted
magical maladies: LOL I have red hair
magical maladies: my hair is like the worst mix of colours ever
magical maladies: let me find a picture
magical maladies: lol
gingernut17: redheaded girl actually I think
Charikuk: why are you looking for me on forums? :-P
Cannonsgirl2008: I've never heard 'hang up'
gingernut17: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: he's a stalker
Sejo Apex: i searched
Sejo Apex: charikuk
gingernut17: haha
Sejo Apex: i googled your im sn
KelAzMA: wow you can google....
Cannonsgirl2008: he's stalking you, jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: be afraid
KelAzMA: great
Charikuk: ok.......*runs*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: KelAzMa, is that ur filk on pottercast??
Sejo Apex: i wondered what it meant
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
Charikuk: well to save you the trouble
gingernut17: lol
Charikuk: i also am on
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
Sejo Apex: i thoguht it would hav an intelligent meaning
KelAzMA: I'd guess the UK on the end could indicate location, eh? LMAO
gingernut17: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: British accents make everything sound intellegent
gingernut17: Yeps
Cannonsgirl2008: so naturally, his sn should be intellegent
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha true true
Cannonsgirl2008: because he's British
Sky4123: true
Cannonsgirl2008: and British = intellegent
Sejo Apex: but i forgot that jamie and intelligence are like oil and water
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahha
gingernut17: British accents make everything sexy..but that's just me
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Ohh
Cannonsgirl2008: they are so hot
gingernut17: I know
Sejo Apex: even tranny pr0n?
Cannonsgirl2008: tranny pron?
gingernut17: oook
Sejo Apex: can accents mak that sexy?
gingernut17: Dunno
Sejo Apex: thought so
Cannonsgirl2008: what is tranny pron?
Sejo Apex: hah
gingernut17: what's pr0n?
Sejo Apex: u dont know
KelAzMA: Eh...Brits can make the statement "I live in my mom's basement" sexy
gingernut17: I know
Sejo Apex: google it
Sky4123: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: is that the pic you sent us yesterday?
gingernut17: But it would be mum's basement
gingernut17: heehee
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: oh!
Cannonsgirl2008: got it
Cannonsgirl2008: ha
KelAzMA: either way I'd hit it *laughs*
Cannonsgirl2008: didn't even have to google it
KelAzMA: not really
KelAzMA: but the satement fit
Sky4123: no don't google it
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
gingernut17: I say mum though so it's not that exciting to me
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm so smart
gingernut17: Damn my Irishness
KelAzMA: I'm stuck with just Ma
Cannonsgirl2008: and no, accents cannot make tranny pron hott
Charikuk: wooo irishness!
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: god
KelAzMA: Ma and Joe...hehe
Cannonsgirl2008: Irish accents
Cannonsgirl2008: don't even get me started
x0xbeautifulsoul: Southern accents rock pretty hard, if I do say so myself. =P
gingernut17: I have a wee one
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah, they do
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
gingernut17: Ah...and I say wee instead of little sorry
Cannonsgirl2008: its ok
magical maladies: okay that's an awful photo but you can kind of see my
retarded hair color
Cannonsgirl2008: I figured
Charikuk: my friend at university has the thickest accent ever... irish.. and he says "marrrrs" instead of
"maths" its so cute
magical maladies: heeeeeee
KelAzMA: wow John has 532 people on his skype *laughs*
gingernut17: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaah
magical maladies: dude, 532? sheeesh
KelAzMA: 'cause he gave out his skype on pottercast
KelAzMA: heheh
magical maladies: no shit, lol
gingernut17: hahaha
Sejo Apex: wtf
gingernut17: that's his fault
Cannonsgirl2008: Jamie, you need to send me a sound clip of him
gingernut17: Me too
gingernut17: Heehee
Charikuk: i will record one next time im there :-P
gingernut17: Saying marrrrs
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
gingernut17: lol
Charikuk: he can say a bit more too
Charikuk: !
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
gingernut17: Yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: yes1
Cannonsgirl2008: !*
gingernut17: That'll get rid of our boy troubles a little
gingernut17: lol
magical maladies: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: yes! Ally
magical maladies: it willlllll
Cannonsgirl2008: you are so right
gingernut17: Screw being in love...Irish!!!
magical maladies: LOL
gingernut17: hahaha
magical maladies: scottish accents <3
x0xbeautifulsoul: The best accents..
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hm.
magical maladies: billy boyd!
Cannonsgirl2008: is anyone on skype?
Sejo Apex: Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash
gingernut17: Sean Biggerstafffffff
magical maladies: heeeee
gingernut17: that's all I have to say
gingernut17: lol
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'm a bit biased towards Southern accents, but I also <3 British, Scottish and Irish.
Cannonsgirl2008: how is it that we ALWAYS get on the topic of accents
Sky4123: i love scottish accents..
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Sejo Apex: what a gay name, biggerstaff
magical maladies: I used to have the most massive crush on billy boyd
Cannonsgirl2008: it is
Cannonsgirl2008: but its awesome
gingernut17: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: that makes me so happy
magical maladies: even though he's like 20 years older than me lol
gingernut17: Aww
gingernut17: I did too
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I didn't but I thought he was awesome
magical maladies: his accent kills me ded though
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
gingernut17: He says Billeh
gingernut17: It's cute
Cannonsgirl2008: awwwwwwwwwww
gingernut17: hahaha
magical maladies: billeeeeeeeh
magical maladies: heeeeee
gingernut17: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: anyone? skypedness?
magical maladies: I watched LotR this morning
Cannonsgirl2008: no?
gingernut17: yay
magical maladies: it makes me cryyyyyy
gingernut17: I can get on
Cannonsgirl2008: no one is on?
Cannonsgirl2008: we should have a chat
gingernut17: k
Cannonsgirl2008: I mean a conference
gingernut17: just a tic
Cannonsgirl2008: like a bunch of us
Sky4123: i will get on
Cannonsgirl2008: anyone else on
gingernut17: k
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
gingernut17: Alice?
gingernut17: Wanna Skype?
Sky4123: skype name: lizzieangel90
magical maladies: I guess I can
Sejo Apex: today in assembly they were announcing scores from last night sports, a teacher walks
forward and says, "Yesterday the Del Quidditch team beat Hogwarts, please give them a hand"
gingernut17: yay!
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
gingernut17: Any hot Irish people on by chance?
gingernut17: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know how to start one
Cannonsgirl2008: so ... add me
gingernut17: k
Cannonsgirl2008: so I'm not kicked off like last time
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
magical maladies: lol yeah anyone with hot accents of any kind?
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie....
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Sejo Apex: eh?
magical maladies: LOL
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I definately think he should just because he has a hott accent
magical maladies: with two t's
gingernut17: yeah
magical maladies: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
Sky4123: what is your skype name?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my skype is: marichabalis , anyone can add me
Cannonsgirl2008: Cannonsgirl2008
magical maladies: <--- aprilsunrise
x0xbeautifulsoul: I like my accent.
x0xbeautifulsoul: Although the rest of the staffers just make fun of it. =P
magical maladies: we should skype out people. haha
Cannonsgirl2008: I think southern accents are hot
Sejo Apex: thay suunded like snipe out
Cannonsgirl2008: ahh brb
Cannonsgirl2008: don't start without me
Sejo Apex: noscoped biatch!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I guess I have an accent... dunno lol
magical maladies: I have an accent. lol
Sky4123: mArIcHaBaLdIs: it can't find your skype name...did you type is correctly?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ohh yes i did
jaynecobbhat has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: sorry
mArIcHaBaLdIs: is the same one as this sn
Sejo Apex: funny thing is, that americans are the one with the accents they changed the english language
nt the brits, so technically jamie and friends have no accent we do
Charikuk: yeah
Charikuk: in england i have no accent at all
gingernut17: lol
Charikuk: its all regional here
magical maladies: same with here
Sky4123: i live in the south...but thankfully i don't have a southern accent
Sky4123: just an american accent...although when i went to scotland last year...they all thought i was
Sejo Apex: Saturday -FOB
Sky4123: FOB? what does that mean
x0xbeautifulsoul: *random* I'm thinking..
magical maladies: fall out boy
x0xbeautifulsoul: It's time to cut my hair.
magical maladies: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm back!
x0xbeautifulsoul: *hasn't cut it in 7 years*
Sky4123: ok
Sky4123: wow
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey wb
Sky4123: that's a looong time
mArIcHaBaLdIs: wow!
Cannonsgirl2008: please tell me that you havn't started it
Sky4123: nope
Cannonsgirl2008: chatedness
Cannonsgirl2008: woot
x0xbeautifulsoul: What are we starting?
x0xbeautifulsoul: Lol.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: If I don0t cut my hair in like 3 months, is just a disaster
Sejo Apex: im getting a haircut tomorrow, my hair is pissing me the hell off
Sky4123: who wants to join in? i will start one
Sky4123: let me know your skypename
Cannonsgirl2008: me!
magical maladies: we got one going
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yeah me too
x0xbeautifulsoul: Ah, I can't..I'm about to have to leave for work. =/
Cannonsgirl2008: Cannonsgirl2008
Cannonsgirl2008: oh add me
magical maladies: add me and i'll add you to mine
magical maladies: aprilsunrise
Sejo Apex: SejoApex
Cannonsgirl2008: I thought I did add you
Cannonsgirl2008: it says that you aren't on
Sky4123: my skype is lizzieangel90
Sejo Apex: yup i just authorized it
Cannonsgirl2008: or it has a ? next to it
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I already have you on alice
Cannonsgirl2008: am I gonna be in the chat?
Cannonsgirl2008: please?
Cannonsgirl2008: cus I'm bored
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm bored too lol :P
x0xbeautifulsoul: Well I'm off, it's time for me to go to work.
Sejo Apex: Saturday, the most fucking amazing song ever (virgin eyes!)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: kk bye
Cannonsgirl2008: I'anyone else on skype?
Cannonsgirl2008: minus the I'
magical maladies: anyone wanna join us?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i was but i dunno what happened *confused confetti*
gingernut17: Jamie...wanna skype???
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahah
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
Sky4123: haha
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
Cannonsgirl2008: ally = happiness
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
gingernut17: I do...giggle giggle giggle
magical maladies: maybe we scared jamie away
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha probably
Sejo Apex: the problem with arguing on chats is that dumb people get time to think before thwey answer
Sejo Apex: my spiel of the day
GymMidget415: hey guys im back
GymMidget415: *jackie confetti*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: heya wb
GymMidget415: w00t!
Cannonsgirl2008: I think we did scare him away
magical maladies: *rejection confetti*
Sejo Apex: Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (Acoustic)
magical maladies: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: jamieeeeeeeeeeee
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
gingernut17: I know...come bacccccccck
Sky4123 has left the room.
Sejo Apex: best xmas song evar
magical maladies: lol
GymMidget415: what is?
Sejo Apex: watch hell answer immediately
gingernut17: YOU ARE
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: . . .
Sejo Apex: read the post above
GymMidget415: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: sejo, your weird
GymMidget415: im so confused
Sky4123 has entered the room.
Sky4123: hello i am back
Sejo Apex: Merry Christmas I could care less
GymMidget415: omg lizzie!
GymMidget415: *lizzie confetti*
Sejo Apex: *bruns confetti*
Sejo Apex: burns*
GymMidget415: ouch
Cannonsgirl2008: bruns?
Sejo Apex: i fixed it
Cannonsgirl2008: I hate it when I'm brun-ed
GymMidget415: that hurst
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lollz
Sky4123: hello!
Sejo Apex: i think that MC and PC should do a radio play of A Christmas Carol on xmas eve
gingernut17: Where'd you go?
Sejo Apex: who would play who?
Sejo Apex: who would be scrooge?
Sky4123: hey Jackie
GymMidget415: lol, hey
Cannonsgirl2008: can I be tiny tim?
Sejo Apex: no tiny tim is john
Cannonsgirl2008: damn!
Sejo Apex: jamies the ghost of christmas MAN
Sejo Apex: melissa is fan
Sejo Apex: umm
Sejo Apex: ben is scrooge
GymMidget415: ben?
Sejo Apex: yeah
GymMidget415: no, john is the ghost...
Sejo Apex: the whole revelation at the end works for his character
Sejo Apex: andrews the ghot of xmas present
Sejo Apex: there are 3 ghosts!
Sejo Apex: come on
Sejo Apex: share
Cannonsgirl2008: what the hell are you doing?
Sejo Apex: i dunno
gingernut17: lol
Sky4123: lol
magical maladies: lol sounds about right
GymMidget415: *giggles*
Sejo Apex: making some uninteligent conversation i guess
Sejo Apex: Whoah want to hate you half as much as I hate my----self
Sejo Apex: The Pros And Cons Of Breathing
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Sky4123: what???
Cannonsgirl2008: for you, I dont think there are any pros to breathing
Sejo Apex: limewire fall out boy and download all the songs
KelAzMA: *snort*hehe
Cannonsgirl2008: just kidding :-)
magical maladies: LMFAO
magical maladies: ahahahaa
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: omg lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I love how your obsessed with FOB
Sejo Apex: Whoah want to hate you half as much as I hate my----self! You know that I could crush you
with my voice!
Cannonsgirl2008: I only know girls who are obsessed
Sejo Apex: Ben likes them too
magical maladies: no shit
magical maladies: lol
KelAzMA: that says alot
magical maladies: definitely does
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, sejo, is it seHO or seJO
Sky4123: i like them but i am obsessed
Cannonsgirl2008: we can't figure it out
Sejo Apex: its Sebastian
magical maladies: ...k.
KelAzMA: some someone who does everything they can to insult Ben....counting on him for support
Sejo Apex: its seJo
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
KelAzMA: it's like Karma
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: leazma ur just bitter and cant let anything go
KelAzMA: see I always saw it as Say-Ho
KelAzMA: "HO"
KelAzMA: heheh
magical maladies: lol what
Cannonsgirl2008: me too
gingernut17: hahahaha
Sky4123: haha
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
gingernut17: I love you Kel
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: Say Jo
Cannonsgirl2008: woot to kel
Sky4123: JO
KelAzMA: Hey...I readily admit that I can't let anything go
Sky4123: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha me too
Cannonsgirl2008: hello hey jo
Cannonsgirl2008: are you ready to go
Cannonsgirl2008: goooo
Cannonsgirl2008: ... alright
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: Whoah want to hate you half as much as I hate my----self
Cannonsgirl2008: done with references
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
gingernut17: ???????
Cannonsgirl2008: stop!
gingernut17: stop!
Cannonsgirl2008: no mas!
magical maladies: lol yeah word up y'all
KelAzMA: I'm still mad at my sister for leaving my "Cabbage Patch Doll" (Christina...the doll with the
orange pony tails) out in the back yard for the dogs to tear up....
Sejo Apex: no mas?
GymMidget415 has left the room.
KelAzMA: and that was when I was 10
KelAzMA: so really....
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: yeah
gingernut17: =)
KelAzMA: heh
Sejo Apex: I Slept With Someone in Fallout Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
Sejo Apex: good song
mArIcHaBaLdIs: are you guys skyping?
Sejo Apex: no wahh!
Sky4123: i am,
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah
Sejo Apex: 4 more days
gingernut17: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: till what?
Sejo Apex: xmas
Cannonsgirl2008: right
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: can anyone recommend a good mic?
Cannonsgirl2008: no
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: my mic sucks
gingernut17: go away and find one..that'll work
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Sejo Apex: tomorrow i go to mass at school and my break starts!
gingernut17: ooooooooooooooooo k
gingernut17: ?
Charikuk has left the room.
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: ok, guys, ima multi task now
Cannonsgirl2008: sadness!
Charikuk has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Aw Jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
GymMidget415: be in here AND do my hw
gingernut17: he's bacccck
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie
Cannonsgirl2008: !
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Haha
GymMidget415: *jamie confetti*
Cannonsgirl2008: who here votes that jamie should be on our skype chat?
Cannonsgirl2008: AYE!
gingernut17: ME!!!
KelAzMA: Can't get enough, eh?
Sky4123: ME!!
magical maladies: :D
GymMidget415: aww i wish i had my headset...
GymMidget415: *cries*
KelAzMA: I don't have my voice back yet...I still sound like a man....
GymMidget415: aww!
GymMidget415: *huggles kel*
GymMidget415: i know how that feels
KelAzMA: Didn't I tell ya guys yesterday that my ma called and thought she had the wrong number?
gingernut17: Are you rustling again Jamie???
GymMidget415: aww!
Cannonsgirl2008: thats depressing
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhaha
KelAzMA: It's sad, depressing and hillarius all at the same time
GymMidget415: not snape's mum!!!
GymMidget415: lol sorry, im listening to the filkcast again
GymMidget415: *huggles kel*
kyrane7: im mentioned on flikcast
kyrane7: ysy
kyrane7: yay*
GymMidget415: which song was yours...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: yay coolness
kyrane7: no
GymMidget415: ?
kyrane7: my song wasnt on
GymMidget415: ...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i still haven't finished
mArIcHaBaLdIs: listening
kyrane7: u have to listen closely
KelAzMA: Kyrane...I got 3 outta 4....that's nuts...I'd given up 2 of mine to hear yours on there
GymMidget415: which one...
JenAl8914 has left the room.
GymMidget415: wait kel, which is yours?
kyrane7: im not too botherd it wasnt on
gingernut17: are you there mr. brit??
GymMidget415: ...apparently he isn
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i listened to kelazma's. it was awesome
magical maladies: i say we summon jamie
magical maladies: on the count of three
GymMidget415: kel, which is yours?
magical maladies: accio jamie
magical maladies: 1
KelAzMA: Uh I sang one with Guru and Trozam
magical maladies: 2
magical maladies: 3
magical maladies: ACCIO JAMIE
Cannonsgirl2008: ACCIO JAMIE!
GymMidget415: *accio jamie*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: accio jamie!
gingernut17: accio jamie!
KelAzMA: and I did the one about Won Won
Sky4123: ACCIO
KelAzMA: and the Lounge of Leaky one
GymMidget415: omg that was yours!
magical maladies: aw come on y'all
mArIcHaBaLdIs: the won won one
mArIcHaBaLdIs: it was great
mArIcHaBaLdIs: that was u singing?
GymMidget415: i loved that one
KelAzMA: so that's 3...and the 4th one...well...I really did it just to annoy John....
gingernut17: Accio CHARIKUK
Cannonsgirl2008: hhahahaha
Sky4123: haha
KelAzMA: and I think I even put in the email that it was simply to annoy him....
kyrane7: lol
GymMidget415: aww!
KelAzMA: it was a 12 days of christmas thing...
KelAzMA: 'cause he said not to
kyrane7: it prb worked
magical maladies: jamie died
magical maladies: :-(
GymMidget415: there was a 12 days of xmas on there...
GymMidget415: oh, i heard kelazma's name...
kyrane7: yes that was adiff one
GymMidget415: the guru one...
KelAzMA: Jamie didn't die...he's probably talking to someone 'bout politics or Canadians or PeeDophile
gingernut17: hahaha
magical maladies: PeeDophile salad LOLOLOLOL
Sky4123: hahaha
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: the 12 days they put on there...was not mine
magical maladies: AHAhaahahahahAHAHAHAH BEST EVER
GymMidget415: lol
KelAzMA: mine was about Hagrid
GymMidget415: he's idle...
KelAzMA: and the lovely things HE would give for christmas...heh
kyrane7: im still finding it weird that you say pedo and not peedo..
doublebubble512: haha
KelAzMA: well do you guys spell it the same way?
kyrane7: yeah
KelAzMA: I guess it's kinda like process too then...LOL
KelAzMA: hehe poor jamie gets the crap stick on anything he doesn't pronounce the way underschooled
american children do *laughs*
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
Sky4123: underschooled???
Cannonsgirl2008: thats so sad!
KelAzMA: Pr"ah""o"cess
gingernut17: hahah
magical maladies: LOL what
GymMidget415: i like british accents
KelAzMA: oh come on....Chinese kids can do trig in like the third grade....
kyrane7: i dont have an accent im British this is how words are suposed to be pronounced!!!!
KelAzMA: hehe
kyrane7: I lvoe that saying
GymMidget415: aww!
KelAzMA: "you had language first"
kyrane7: i dunno if i agree with it but still
KelAzMA: that's what my friend Nolan used to say
KelAzMA: "I had language first, so I'm right" -Nolan Marsella
magical maladies: LOL
Sejo Apex: neighbour not neighbor stupid yanks and theie english
Sejo Apex: their*
Sky4123: yanks!
Sky4123: hump
KelAzMA: eh...I'm notta yank
KelAzMA: I'm from the south
Sky4123: i am from the south thank you very much
KelAzMA: and I may spell like crap, but y'know...I've got a fairly good grasp of the english language at this
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm not a yank, because my state wasn't around during the civil war
Sejo Apex: your still all yanks to the rest of thw world
KelAzMA: HA!
kyrane7: well in my vocab yank=american but i know thats not really ture and ppl can take offence
KelAzMA: not really
Cannonsgirl2008: ture, ture
KelAzMA: I'm super offended Kyrane!
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Sky4123: cannonsgirls what is your first name?
kyrane7: sorry kel
Cannonsgirl2008: Colleen
KelAzMA: You might as well say I'm from the colonies
KelAzMA: *dies laughing*
KelAzMA: Reminds me of...ta da Craig Ferguson
KelAzMA: wondering what Prince Charles says when he comes to the USA.....
gingernut17: JAMIE!!!
gingernut17: WHERE ARE YOU?
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: "I used to OWN your country...ha ha ha"
kyrane7: prince charles
kyrane7: weirdo
GymMidget415: guys, he's idle!
KelAzMA: he's definitly an idol...hehe
kyrane7: hes an Idol?
kyrane7: I know that
KelAzMA: Pop Idol!
kyrane7: john should be on pop idol
KelAzMA: Wonder if he could sing a song about bread and butter
macaRoni090 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: I know...John sounds like a lounge singer
kyrane7: he'd be on a roll
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol!
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: WooT!
kyrane7: good jokes die hard
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I'm lost haha.. i left for only a minute
KelAzMA: *found*
KelAzMA: better?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Lol! Better, thank u! =D
KelAzMA: We're talking about John's impending musical career
macaRoni090: he has such a nice voice!!
kyrane7: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I like his voice :P
kyrane7: if he were here his head would get bigger than it already is
macaRoni090: lol
kyrane7: i think his neck would collapse
macaRoni090: well yesterday i told him he had a pretty voice
macaRoni090: well not pretty
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
macaRoni090: but nice
GymMidget415: aww!
macaRoni090: and i believe there was silence...
KelAzMA: hehe
kyrane7: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: He has a unique voice =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: Someone need to hit john with a blowdart to deflate his head?
KelAzMA: and today he's having a picnic with Emerson *snarky*
kyrane7: whos voice do you all like the best out of any mcer or pcer
gingernut17: Jamie?
macaRoni090: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie?
Sky4123: jamie?
KelAzMA: *faints* Micah
Charikuk: ?
macaRoni090: what? why are we saying jamie?
KelAzMA: hehe...but that's no joke
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
gingernut17: YAY!
Sky4123: yay!
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: is that your version of emerson's
KelAzMA: .
Cannonsgirl2008: *definately thinks that jamie should join skype chat*
kyrane7: lol
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Aw, can I join?
Cannonsgirl2008: you missed the vote, jamie
macaRoni090: *agrees especialy since she just got her headset today! woohoo!*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
kyrane7: is anyone else gona answer my question
GymMidget415: *still needs her headset*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: me
KelAzMA: *still sounds like a man*
gingernut17: ?
Charikuk: i will def soon
mArIcHaBaLdIs: micah
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!!!!!!!!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: =)
gingernut17: YAYAY!
macaRoni090: micah has a very...unique voice
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Yeah
macaRoni090: can i say jamie? i think its the british thing
kyrane7: lol
GymMidget415: i tried to friend jamie, but he didnt add me back...
macaRoni090: i...couldnt find jamie
kyrane7: *shakes head* birtish accent love i don get it
KelAzMA: Micah's voice makes me act *fangirly*
macaRoni090: british accents are amazing
gingernut17: hahah
GymMidget415: mmm yes they are
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I love the brit accent
GymMidget415: all accents are amazing
mArIcHaBaLdIs: <3
macaRoni090: we should have a skype conference call
KelAzMA: I have an accent...I just don't hear it
KelAzMA: heh
kyrane7: every1 has an accent
GymMidget415: meh ima be left out...
macaRoni090: i want a british accent
gingernut17: Micah saying my name on Skype and on MC was weeerid
jaynecobbhat has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hi
GymMidget415: ...?
DratonMN has entered the room.
kyrane7: HI
DratonMN: hey guys
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Heya!
KelAzMA: here comes the cavalry
gingernut17: hey!
Sejo Apex: kevin!
GymMidget415: kevin!
Sky4123: kevin
kyrane7: whats up kevin
macaRoni090: hey kevin
GymMidget415: *kevin confetti*
KelAzMA: wow...Sejo is faster at fangirling than Jackie
macaRoni090: ah confetti
KelAzMA: that's amazing
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Sejo Apex: i pwned
GymMidget415: i dont really fangirl
GymMidget415: i just like people
GymMidget415: *shrugs*
KelAzMA: I'm just teasing Jackie, really :-)
Cannonsgirl2008: hi kevin
GymMidget415: i know you are...
macaRoni090: holy crap
KelAzMA: but I do remember your name that's a plus
KelAzMA: :-)
macaRoni090: my headset just electrocuted my ear
GymMidget415: w00t!
GymMidget415: ouch!
gingernut17: What's my name?
KelAzMA: zzzzzzt
macaRoni090: yeah it was...scary
mArIcHaBaLdIs: ouch
KelAzMA: Ginger
kyrane7: hw awesome does the site look
Sky4123: ouch
KelAzMA: hehe
Cannonsgirl2008: say my name, say my name.....
gingernut17: Hahaha
gingernut17: Nice Kel
Cannonsgirl2008: if no one is around you
Cannonsgirl2008: say baby I love you
KelAzMA: uh...lemme guess....
GymMidget415: oh wow
Cannonsgirl2008: if you aint runnin games
KelAzMA: all the names I hear in here....
KelAzMA: Allie?
gingernut17: Ally
gingernut17: Allie is someone else
gingernut17: hahah
KelAzMA: sounds the same in my head
gingernut17: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Guys I have to go
kyrane7: aww
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
kyrane7: bye!
Cannonsgirl2008: byeeee
macaRoni090: guys...where do i plug in my headset?
macaRoni090: in the back of my comp?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: next time i would like to join ur skype chat, kk? =P =)
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Ttyl!
gingernut17: k
Cannonsgirl2008: okey
Sky4123: ok
macaRoni090: i am sooo confuseddd
KelAzMA: mine goes into the little speaker control thing on my desk...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *Leaves chat open**Disapparates*
kyrane7: right im off again peeeps
kyrane7: back later
KelAzMA: seeya Kyrane :-)
KelAzMA: *room dies*
doublebubble512: haha this is great
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
magical maladies: yoooooooo
KelAzMA: hoooooooooooooo
gingernut17: moooooooooooooooooooooooo
gingernut17: not moo but mo
KelAzMA: baaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
KelAzMA: interupting sheep
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
KelAzMA: Um...hi
KelAzMA: ta da
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: xxx
SkiRat1107: THE RAT IS BACK!
SkiRat1107: ackward silence........
Sejo Apex: organized chaos
SkiRat1107: lol
magical maladies: haha
macaRoni090: aoergijaeroiaejrg i hate my computerrrrr
jaynecobbhat: what's wrong with your computer?
Sky4123: jamie where the hell are you???
Sejo Apex: sharon had a stroke?
magical maladies: yeah I second that lol
Charikuk: i'm here
Cannonsgirl2008: who the hell is sharon?
Sky4123: hello
KelAzMA: osbourne?
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: ariel sharon
KelAzMA: hehe
gingernut17: yay, he's there
KelAzMA: wow
GymMidget415: im here soo, guys, my head just hurts
Sky4123: some join us on skype please, Jamie
jaynecobbhat has left the room.
magical maladies: didn't he die?
Sejo Apex: i just found out he had a minor stroke
magical maladies: lol
magical maladies: oh okay
Sejo Apex: wiki
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
redneckgurl 3399 has entered the room.
Charikuk: I can't now, i will later tho def
gingernut17: how later is later?
Sky4123: how later is later?
GymMidget415: i tried to add jamie to my skype...
magical maladies: lol snap
GymMidget415: but he didnt add me back...
Sejo Apex: jamies an ass
magical maladies: ummm
Sejo Apex: thats y
magical maladies: not even!
GymMidget415: ouch
gingernut17: Say Ho shut UP!
Charikuk: i dunno.. like.. 30 minutes
gingernut17: kk
gingernut17: thanks
magical maladies: i have to leave!
Sejo Apex: bye
magical maladies: noooooooo
GymMidget415: bye
magical maladies: not now
magical maladies: like
magical maladies: i won't be here in 30 minutes
magical maladies: lol
GymMidget415: ohok
Sejo Apex: not ok leave now lol
Cannonsgirl2008: I think that you should ditch the work just to talk to alice
GymMidget415 has left the room.
magical maladies: ahahahahahaha
gingernut17: dooo it
Cannonsgirl2008: because she's gonna leave
macaRoni090: help meee pluggg in my headset ppl
gingernut17: SHUT UP SAY HO!
KelAzMA: *click*
KelAzMA: wow Say Ho
KelAzMA: HO!
gingernut17: HO!
Sky4123: HO!
KelAzMA: you lasted over an hour today
magical maladies: ho ho ho
KelAzMA: before getting ignored
KelAzMA: is that a record?
magical maladies: saaaaanta claus is comiiiiiiing
gingernut17: hahaha
KelAzMA: *what*
magical maladies: to tooooooooown
Cannonsgirl2008: hahhahhaha
KelAzMA: what?
gingernut17: TO toooooooown
gingernut17: lol
Sky4123: hahahaha
Sejo Apex: kel i don't really care have fun
magical maladies: LOL oh god
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
magical maladies: jdlska;jdlkasd s djskaldjakl HAAHAHHAAH omfg
magical maladies: lame
Cannonsgirl2008: you really needed a comma in there
Sejo Apex: i kno
gingernut17: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
Sejo Apex: 2 at least
gingernut17: Mamatha!
magical maladies: heeyyy mamatha
Cannonsgirl2008: mamatha!
Sejo Apex: but punctuation in here is a myth
HanSoloIsAHottie: omg mamatha where?!
gingernut17: right there
HanSoloIsAHottie: oh, there she is
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: would you ather.....
Sejo Apex: be burned alive or frozen alive?
Sejo Apex: rather*
HanSoloIsAHottie: good good.
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
magical maladies: lol bye?
Cannonsgirl2008: aww
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: sorry guys
Sejo Apex: ill finally be able to start eldest during the break yay!
Sejo Apex: haven't found time to read it yet
magical maladies: i wish i didn't have to go out :-(
Sejo Apex: too bad
magical maladies: get screwed
Sejo Apex: i didnt mean it in that way
magical maladies: right
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahhahah
Sejo Apex: i seriously didn't think wat u want
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: alice = love
magical maladies: lol cool man
magical maladies: whatever
HanSoloIsAHottie: arrrrgh AIM is being an arse and won't let me im people.
Cannonsgirl2008: man
magical maladies: :-(
Cannonsgirl2008: man man
Cannonsgirl2008: man
gingernut17: =(
magical maladies: maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
Cannonsgirl2008: :-)
gingernut17: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
Cannonsgirl2008: its a man contest!
Sejo Apex: msn owns
magical maladies: man lol
Cannonsgirl2008: who has the biggest man!
magical maladies: man man man man
magical maladies: oh maaaaaaaaaaan
Sky4123: YEAH!!!!
kyrane7: yeah!
kyrane7: alright!
magical maladies:
HanSoloIsAHottie: I win/
Cannonsgirl2008: MAAAAAAAAAAN
magical maladies: :D
magical maladies: YEAH!
Cannonsgirl2008: mine's big
GymMidget415 has left the room.
gingernut17: HAHAHAHAHA!
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
magical maladies: we pwned her
magical maladies: eric would be proud :D
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: I WIN!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
Cannonsgirl2008: I win
Cannonsgirl2008: at life
magical maladies: he's lame sometimes, sigh
Cannonsgirl2008: all the time
Sky4123: eric... iPWN
Sky4123: lol
gingernut17: lol
Sejo Apex: im gonna make a fansite for jamie with that domain one when im
magical maladies: good for you
Sejo Apex: when im bored extremely intensely bored
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: sky- it should have a picture of Eric on the front
Sky4123: your right
macaRoni090: does anyone know how to make it so my skype microphone thing isnt always breaking
jaynecobbhat has entered the room.
Sky4123: lol
Sejo Apex:
Sejo Apex:
Sejo Apex: oops double post
macaRoni090: anyone? please?
Sky4123: hahaha
KelAzMA: I donno Mac
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie
jaynecobbhat: hahaha! i love the voldemort iPod
Cannonsgirl2008: get your ass in here
macaRoni090: o ok
Cannonsgirl2008: skype
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
Sky4123: jamie please get on skype
magical maladies: even if just for FIVE MINUTES
JenAl8914 has left the room.
macaRoni090: hey colleen can u test skype with me? to see if you can hear me?
Sky4123: FIVE MINUTES please
Charikuk: 15 mins! i have to finish this thren i will
gingernut17: Jsut say hello
Charikuk: seriousssly
doublebubble512: hi
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know
Cannonsgirl2008: im in the chat
macaRoni090: oh ok
magical maladies: macaroni090 what's your skype name
magical maladies: i'll add you to the convo
Alikona0000 has left the room.
macaRoni090: maca-roni
macaRoni090: thank you
magical maladies: okay i've added you
magical maladies: you need to add me back :-)
macaRoni090: kk
Cannonsgirl2008: I can put it on hold!
magical maladies: whee!
Cannonsgirl2008: but ronie, your thing is annoying
Cannonsgirl2008: you cut out a lot
Cannonsgirl2008: roni*
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: its..i dont know why
macaRoni090: i'll probably return the headset tomorrow and get a normal one
macaRoni090: it was 5 bucks so i wasnt expecting much
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah, it was kinda crappy
macaRoni090: lol just a tad bit
macaRoni090: it sounded gross on the skype test call thing...its something with me and buying things that
dont work well
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
macaRoni090: liane!
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hey dudes
wishiwasaHIPSTER: guess what
macaRoni090: whats up?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: im stoned
KelAzMA: sounding like this? "test *crackle*"
macaRoni090: yeah
KelAzMA: That's something to be proud of....
KelAzMA: *click*
wishiwasaHIPSTER: pride's a seven deadly sin isnt it/
macaRoni090: yeah congrats on that liane
Cannonsgirl2008: oooooooooh!
Cannonsgirl2008: I forgot
Cannonsgirl2008: she was hosting
Cannonsgirl2008: so yeah, we don't have a chat anymore
Sky4123: yeah me 2
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: we need to keep it up
GymMidget415: hey guys
Sky4123: do you want me 2 host
wishiwasaHIPSTER: heyy
Cannonsgirl2008: sure
macaRoni090: hey
GymMidget415: liane!
magical maladies has left the room.
wishiwasaHIPSTER: jackie
GymMidget415: w00t
GymMidget415: wow, when i looked over my bl i skipped ur name
wishiwasaHIPSTER: dudes i gotta jet time for food ttyl
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
GymMidget415: aww, later!
Sky4123: byebye
Cannonsgirl2008: byeeee
gingernut17: I need lizzie's skype name again!
Sky4123: lizzieangel90
GymMidget415: i feel soo left out of your skype thinger...
gingernut17: ty
macaRoni090: me too
Cannonsgirl2008: ally are you starting one?
Sky4123: ahhh...poor need to get a mic or a headset
gingernut17: yeah in a sec
redneckgurl 3399 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: lizzy are you on the chat?
macaRoni090: my stupid mic is the most disgustingly created thing on the planet
Sky4123: no
Cannonsgirl2008: I mean on the forums
Sky4123: huh?
Cannonsgirl2008: :-)
Sky4123: sorry what
Sky4123: i am on the forums
Cannonsgirl2008: the MCforums
Sky4123: as lizzieangel90
Cannonsgirl2008: ooh
Cannonsgirl2008: cool
gingernut17: brb
Sky4123: i am on there right now
gingernut17 has left the room.
Sky4123: MCforums i mea
Sky4123: mean*
jaynecobbhat has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet
jaynecobbhat has entered the room.
macaRoni090: oh my god! my mic is being good
macaRoni090: i closed other programs and stuff and now its being happier
GymMidget415: guys, i appologize for my lack of enthusiasm right now
GymMidget415: i dont feel well
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
Cannonsgirl2008: jackie
macaRoni090: and journalism project
Sky4123: jackie what's wrong
GymMidget415: meh
macaRoni090: :-(
GymMidget415: and that too
GymMidget415: a mixture of stress, a headache, and a stomache ache
macaRoni090: you should live in NY...relaxation because of the strike
GymMidget415: bad combination
Sky4123: ahhh
GymMidget415: i wish tehre was a strike
GymMidget415: at my school
macaRoni090: yess i have that too but like..theres a somtach flu going around
Sky4123: oooh
Cannonsgirl2008: what?
GymMidget415: aww
Cannonsgirl2008: strike?
Sky4123: i don't want stomach flue
macaRoni090: transit strike in ny
Sky4123: flu
macaRoni090: i dotn either but i have it
Cannonsgirl2008: ooooh
Cannonsgirl2008: I see
macaRoni090: its supposed to go away by tomorrow so hopefully...
jaynecobbhat has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: fifteen minutes?
Cannonsgirl2008: I think not!
Cannonsgirl2008: you lied jamie?
Sky4123: Jamie...where are you?
Cannonsgirl2008: thats so sad
Sky4123: please...
Charikuk: 5.. if i dont finish this now i never will.. i promise it'll be 5
GymMidget415: aww!
GymMidget415: *huggles jamie*
macaRoni090: lol good luck with whatever it is jamie
GymMidget415: i wish i could be part of the chat
GymMidget415: curse it for not being hanukka yet!
macaRoni090: aww
macaRoni090: only a few more days!
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
x sweet harmony: Is everyone done with their holiday shopping?
KelAzMA: woot what? 5 days?
GymMidget415: i know...but then i dont know when i'll get it
GymMidget415: meh im not even close...
x sweet harmony: I haven't even started...
macaRoni090: ask to get it first
GymMidget415: wow
macaRoni090: because you need it soonest
GymMidget415: i cant do that
KelAzMA: I didn't shop yet
GymMidget415: bc then my mom wont give it to me first
GymMidget415: she'll give it to me last...
macaRoni090: then ask for it last
GymMidget415: then she'll do it last...
macaRoni090: :-(
x sweet harmony: I don't have a way of getting around this week.. =[[
GymMidget415: my mom's a tricky woman...
macaRoni090: lol
GymMidget415: i think she'll give it to me first
x sweet harmony: There'll be other chats.. lol.
GymMidget415: i begged her for it, so...
macaRoni090: shed better. i'll be crossing my fingers for u
KelAzMA: you should make a headset out of pipe-cleaners and wear it around as a hint
KelAzMA: heheh
gingernut17 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: lol
x sweet harmony: Hahaha.
GymMidget415: i wish i could call into the chat on may phone...
GymMidget415: but...
GymMidget415: meh
gingernut17: you one is in the muggelfan
GymMidget415: ?
macaRoni090: if someone whos doing it has skpe-in...
x sweet harmony: Golly. Everyone has Skype now. It's insane.
Sky4123: i heart skype
GymMidget415: i know right
macaRoni090: well jackie apparently i have 30 minutes of free skype-out
x sweet harmony: I'm always too shy to use it.
GymMidget415: ?
macaRoni090: meaning i could call your phone
GymMidget415: w00t!
macaRoni090: with my skype
GymMidget415: double w00t!
macaRoni090: but i have to see how it works first hold on
GymMidget415: okies
macaRoni090: okay apparently in 15 minutes i can call
GymMidget415: ...okay...
macaRoni090: but just to mic sucks
GymMidget415: lol
macaRoni090: okay see but this means someone has to invite me into the skype conf. with jamie ;-)
macaRoni090: so then i can bring you in jackie
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know if we can
Cannonsgirl2008: 5 max
Cannonsgirl2008: do we have enough?
macaRoni090: oo yeah right
GymMidget415: 5 max?
GymMidget415: that sux
macaRoni090: thats such a bad limit
GymMidget415: thats so stupid
macaRoni090: yeah
x sweet harmony: If there were more than 5, you all would be stumbling over eachother... =P
macaRoni090: true
Cannonsgirl2008: it would suck to have like 15 people on skype though
GymMidget415: psh who cares
Cannonsgirl2008: no one would understand each otehr
Cannonsgirl2008: other*
macaRoni090: yeah but i mean, it could at least be 7
x sweet harmony: I want an iPod.. o.O
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Yay AIM is normal again
GymMidget415: you dont have one?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Woooot.
x sweet harmony: pssh no.. =[
lunibug4 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: that sux
lunibug4: yo.
gingernut17: Lizzie, 473550 right?
HanSoloIsAHottie: hi everyone
GymMidget415: *waves*
x sweet harmony: This Christmas, my mom said I can get a new digi cam or an iPod Nano.. I don't know
which to pick. =[
Sky4123: no! 4753550
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: I'm dumb
macaRoni090: lol
GymMidget415: well, if you already have a digi came id go with the ipod
HanSoloIsAHottie: Ally, Jamie, Jackie, Kevin, Coleen, Kayley,
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahahah
KelAzMA: haven't they merged the 2 yet?
GymMidget415: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: Colleen?
KelAzMA: camera-phone-ipod
Sky4123: lizzie is still here
gingernut17: call me
Cannonsgirl2008: colleen is meeeee
Sky4123: me! lol
x sweet harmony: My camera broke a few weeks ago.
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea sorry spelling
Cannonsgirl2008: mamatha, what are you talking about?
GymMidget415: oh, ouch
HanSoloIsAHottie: I said hi
gingernut17: Callll me
Cannonsgirl2008: oh hey!
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: what up mamatha!
HanSoloIsAHottie: nm nm
HanSoloIsAHottie: just chilling
HanSoloIsAHottie: yaaaaaaay.
camel4792 has entered the room.
Sky4123: Jamie...are you ever going to come?
Charikuk: 2 secs!
Cannonsgirl2008: no. aparently not
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
Charikuk: sertiously, i will be on in a sec :-P
Cannonsgirl2008: yay!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Wait, what's going on?
macaRoni090: lol
GymMidget415: aww, guys he's trying so hard!
Sky4123: ok thanks jamie
macaRoni090: its sweet
HanSoloIsAHottie: MCast fan skyping again or something?
x sweet harmony: Poor Jamie... he's busy.
Cannonsgirl2008: aww
GymMidget415: something like that...
Cannonsgirl2008: I feel bad for amie
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie*
x sweet harmony: Ditto.
Cannonsgirl2008: because we keep bugging him
macaRoni090: yep me too
HanSoloIsAHottie: ah everyone always skypes when I can't
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::cries::
HanSoloIsAHottie: and no one skypes when I can
HanSoloIsAHottie: lmao
GymMidget415: aww!
macaRoni090: aww whats your skype name?
camel4792: so who from the staff is on now?
x sweet harmony: Mamatha, can I add you to Skype?
HanSoloIsAHottie: sureee
HanSoloIsAHottie: mamatha_challa
HanSoloIsAHottie: but no one is ever on it when I am
camel4792: ?
HanSoloIsAHottie: lmao
GymMidget415: aww!
x sweet harmony: Mine sits there collecting dust.
camel4792: ?
camel4792: ?
camel4792: ?
GymMidget415: mine sits there too
HanSoloIsAHottie: chill Camel, no one yet
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
camel4792: lol
camel4792: sry im bored
Sky4123: Jamie...we skyped-out Alice...please for like 2 secs
Cannonsgirl2008: we seriously can't hear her though
HanSoloIsAHottie: he will, he will
HanSoloIsAHottie: patience youngling
HanSoloIsAHottie: [/yoda]
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
GymMidget415: patience, my young padawan learner
GymMidget415: (totally spelt that wrong)
HanSoloIsAHottie: I PWN you all in Star Wars.
GymMidget415: yea, you do
macaRoni090: well yes
GymMidget415: w00kie!
x sweet harmony: I pwn you like a mushroom.
GymMidget415: i pwn you all in gymnastics...
GymMidget415: so w00t!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Is that a challenge?
HanSoloIsAHottie: xD
macaRoni090: iPwn you in...ooh i need something
x sweet harmony: I can't even do a hand-stand. XD
camel4792: what about jamie?
GymMidget415: psh no
Sky4123: jamie add me back.. lizzieangel90
GymMidget415: haha i can
Sky4123: please
x sweet harmony: iPwn! The newest version of iPod!
GymMidget415: jamie wont add me back...
HanSoloIsAHottie: Sky, who are you?
Sky4123: Lizzie
GymMidget415: hey iPWN is my ipod
macaRoni090: lol iPwn=jackies ipod
GymMidget415: dont steal
x sweet harmony: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: Are you Lizzie on the forums?
Sky4123: yeah
macaRoni090: iStick or iScully=mine
Sky4123: lizzieangel90
HanSoloIsAHottie: hmm.
HanSoloIsAHottie: oh
x sweet harmony: I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of the one of many inside jokes.
GymMidget415: iScully?
HanSoloIsAHottie: I haven't been on them in a while
macaRoni090: i liked it when eric said it
macaRoni090: so i chose both
GymMidget415: lol ok
macaRoni090: yeah me and my skiilllzz
GymMidget415: w00t
camel4792: wait kevins in here
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: yes he is
DratonMN: ::cough::
camel4792: and micah just signed off
Sky4123: yes but he isn't talking
DratonMN: where?
GymMidget415: yea duh
HanSoloIsAHottie: Kevin is always here
DratonMN: he is here?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
gingernut17: lol
Sky4123: hey kevin
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't think so
HanSoloIsAHottie: Yea, in the corner
HanSoloIsAHottie: Hiding
HanSoloIsAHottie: See him?
camel4792: hi
DratonMN: hows it going?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Hiding from the police
camel4792: i see him
Sky4123: kevin...join us on skype
macaRoni090: the WB
Cannonsgirl2008: good
GymMidget415: kevin enjoys hiding
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Allllllie.
camel4792: on his tramp
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::worships::
HanSoloIsAHottie: ...
Alikona0000: hello dahling.
HanSoloIsAHottie: O.o
Alikona0000: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: keviiiin
camel4792: and ben hasnt said anything
camel4792: since last year
GymMidget415: ben's away
Alikona0000: he's watching...a movie.
camel4792: lol
macaRoni090: but when does ben speak ever?
camel4792: how do u kno?
GymMidget415: his away message has been up
Alikona0000: I have my ways.
GymMidget415: all day
macaRoni090: a movie with...say...emma watson?
camel4792: isnt habenschoen2?
Alikona0000: no, not ben.
GymMidget415: ?
camel4792: wats his sn?
Cannonsgirl2008: benschoen2
Cannonsgirl2008: thats ben
camel4792: so how come
camel4792: it doesnt show up
camel4792: trhat hes away
Alikona0000: cause hes
Cannonsgirl2008: la la laaaaaa
GymMidget415: huh?
Alikona0000: blocked everyone
Sky4123: he is invisible
Cannonsgirl2008: waiting for Jamie
macaRoni090: hes invisible
GymMidget415: i didnt block me...
GymMidget415: wow i feel special
Cannonsgirl2008: we should make a movie
Cannonsgirl2008: Waiting for Jamie has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: He has it on buddylist only
macaRoni090: iQ! hii
Alikona0000: I've never tried IMing him anyway lol
GymMidget415: wow, i feel special
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Ben doesn't want crazy peeps like us iming him.
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
GymMidget415: im on bens bl
macaRoni090: whoa both hannahs at once *iQ confetti!*
GymMidget415: bc of that one time i told laura to tell ben to im liane w00t hannahs rock!
macaRoni090: lol *iQ confettiiiii*
GymMidget415: im cool
HannahBanana5689: heck yes we do! *hannahS confetti*
GymMidget415: w00t
macaRoni090: lol yes hannah confetti
HannahBanana5689: haha
Sky4123: Thursday nighters unite!! lol im listening to the filk cast
Sky4123: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: what? YAY thursdaynighters!!
macaRoni090: whoa the filkcast is up the potter cast filks
macaRoni090: ?
GymMidget415: yes yupper dupper
GymMidget415: it is
Cannonsgirl2008: right its HILARIOUS
macaRoni090: oh wow awesome thank u
macaRoni090: i just heard the john noe preview special last night
Cannonsgirl2008: like Week and a half -ers!
Xmissrachiex has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: woot im on the 12 days of chrstmas
macaRoni090: that was...hilarious lol john noe style
GymMidget415: w00t
macaRoni090: "john, put down that burrito!" hahah yeah that was hilarious omg i want the words to this song!!!!
Xmissrachiex: haha you guys are talking about the filkcast right yesh
macaRoni090: yep
Xmissrachiex: did you hear the melissa/john harry/ginny one yet no not yet
camel4792: i thought this was MUGGLE CAST fan
GymMidget415: i loved that im on the 4th song
GymMidget415: w00t
Xmissrachiex: it was really good
Xmissrachiex: john is surprisingly good singer lol it is but we're all mugglecast AND pottercast fans
Alikona0000: so what, we love john and melissa anyway i know!!
SkiRat1107: I highly dislike PotterCast
macaRoni090: it's the podcastsaboutharrypotter fan chat
HanSoloIsAHottie: ... yes
HanSoloIsAHottie: Ski...
Cannonsgirl2008: since when has skirat been on here?
SkiRat1107: yes
GymMidget415: well ski, you suck
HanSoloIsAHottie: That's rude.
Xmissrachiex: well i highly dislike you then plus melissa and john come on here all the time
Cannonsgirl2008: I thought we drove him away a crazy long time ago
camel4792: who here visits mugglenet over 8 times a day?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Who is skirat?
GymMidget415: and sue did last night
Sky4123: Jamie...PLEASE!!!
macaRoni090: probably me
Alikona0000: a self-proclaimed idiot.
SkiRat1107: It's polite way to that something sucks. I was being polite!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Dude, Camel, my homepage IS Mugglenet.
GymMidget415: i do!
camel4792: same
HanSoloIsAHottie: ...
HannahBanana5689: same here
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::sighs::
Alikona0000: not I.
Alikona0000: lol lol me to!
camel4792: go us
macaRoni090: me too lol
SkiRat1107: to say* w00t harry potter geeks!
HannahBanana5689: no no my homepage is
Cannonsgirl2008: lalalalalallalalalalallalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Xmissrachiex: ditto
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie!
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: haha lol jamie?
Cannonsgirl2008: summon jamie
macaRoni090: jaaamiiiee oh
SkiRat1107: I am a Rat on Skies 1
Cannonsgirl2008: ACCIO JAMIE
Charikuk: im jsut logging on! 2 3
Charikuk: 2 secs
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah JAMIE oh lol too late
GymMidget415: guys, calm down...
HanSoloIsAHottie: Cmonn guys
HanSoloIsAHottie: ywa
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea*
HannahBanana5689: siriusly....
HanSoloIsAHottie: let the man be pffft XD
GymMidget415: when he's doing something else...
GymMidget415: siriusly
macaRoni090: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: And THIS is why Andrew never comes in here.
Sky4123: JAMIE...add me...lizzieangel90
HanSoloIsAHottie: xD
GymMidget415: breath in....breath out
camel4792: im talkin to jamie
KelAzMA: hehe lol
GymMidget415: jamie didnt add me...
camel4792: now\
KelAzMA: I'd be a bit scared too, eh? deeep breathing
GymMidget415: huh? i'm breathing deeply
GymMidget415: ok, good
GymMidget415: are you calm now?
HannahBanana5689: haha yes i think so :-)
GymMidget415: ok, goood
macaRoni090: tis coooldd outside haha
GymMidget415: yea, i know
gingernut17: calll lol
camel4792: kevin
x sweet harmony has left the room.
macaRoni090: accept me...maybe
Xmissrachiex: hehe
DratonMN: whatsup?
HanSoloIsAHottie: I WOULD Ally if I was onnn.
macaRoni090: lol haha
camel4792: wake up kevin
camel4792: lol
macaRoni090: ah mc 20
Alikona0000: no, let him to his movie!
camel4792: who?
Alikona0000: kevin
GymMidget415: who was gonna call my outside phone?
Xmissrachiex: kevin should be kevinsteck.html i loved, loved LOVED mc 20
HanSoloIsAHottie: Kevin Steck is the tech of the best of Mugglenet hahaha
HanSoloIsAHottie: woot that almost rhymed.
macaRoni090: he's steck tech
Charikuk: he's backwards compatible, that's why .html HAHAHA
camel4792: kevin ur watchin a movie?
camel4792: sry
HanSoloIsAHottie: And this is when you know I'm procrastinating. lol
camel4792: didnt kno
HanSoloIsAHottie: He is backwards compatible, definitely
HanSoloIsAHottie: Steck tech
Charikuk: schoen
macaRoni090: schoen
pla30303 has entered the room. HAHAHA WON-WON BABY
Xmissrachiex: schoen
SkiRat1107: k. thanks
pla30303: Aloha
HannahBanana5689: S-C-H-O-E-N
GymMidget415: schoen
GymMidget415: its not that hard...
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay okay we got it
HanSoloIsAHottie: xD
Xmissrachiex: werd.
SkiRat1107: sorry i'm like cracking up over this filk
SkiRat1107: u beat me to it hahahahahaahahaaa
Xmissrachiex: which one
SkiRat1107: won-won baby
HannahBanana5689: haha
Xmissrachiex: ohhh lmao
GymMidget415: i love that one
kyrane7: hiiiii im bk lol
HannahBanana5689: i'm only on the first one...
macaRoni090: www.micahtannenbaum not dot com hiiii
pla30303: ????
HanSoloIsAHottie: .org
gingernut17: lol
pla30303: .lol lol
gingernut17: you guys are dorks
GymMidget415: hey, are they skyping yet?
macaRoni090: we really are
pla30303: Yup
Alikona0000: ally!!!
HannahBanana5689: hence the love for HP XD thats us
gingernut17: what?!?!
macaRoni090: do you have 5 people already?
Alikona0000: hi? hi
gingernut17: haha
gingernut17: hi!
HanSoloIsAHottie: can I listen it guys?
HanSoloIsAHottie: to the skype?
HannahBanana5689: alrighty guys, talk to you later
Xmissrachiex: whos skyping
HannahBanana5689: byeeeeeeeeeee
GymMidget415: ...later?
pla30303: Bye
macaRoni090: tata hannahh byeeeeeeee
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
Xmissrachiex: byee hannah
Sky4123: jackie
gingernut17: lol lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: skype rockz.
pla30303: Yuhhuh
GymMidget415: ?
macaRoni090: i <3 skype
macaRoni090: my mom thinks its skypie lol
GymMidget415: skypie?
pla30303: ?
macaRoni090: yeah
HanSoloIsAHottie: lollol
pla30303: Lol
pla30303: Pie in the sky haha
macaRoni090: lol no no pronounced sky-pee
HanSoloIsAHottie: Ally dear, is there ever actually going to be a fancast? skypeeeeeeeee
HanSoloIsAHottie: X)
KelAzMA: run run reindeer
KelAzMA: run run reindeer lol
KelAzMA: sorry
gingernut17: You'll have to wait to see
KelAzMA: was transcribing my radio
HanSoloIsAHottie: oooo
Cannonsgirl2008: :-(
Cannonsgirl2008: aliiiice whooooaa there
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha nargles?
SkiRat1107: seriously, what are they?
SkiRat1107: In book 5 they were mentioned
pla30303 has left the room.
GymMidget415: the damn books
kyrane7: yeah the black house was riddled with em
macaRoni090: were they mentioned by luna lovegood?
SkiRat1107: it doesn't say in the book
SkiRat1107: ya
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
macaRoni090: because then you dont have to know
macaRoni090: what they are
KelAzMA: yes
KelAzMA: she said they live in mistletoe
KelAzMA: but she's nuts, eh?
gingernut17: =) if it doesn't say, we don't know either
SkiRat1107: For all we know, the Nargles might kill Voldemort
macaRoni090: yes thus why it doesnt matter
Cannonsgirl2008: I live under the mistletoe
SkiRat1107: That would be cool
Cannonsgirl2008: heehee hahaha
macaRoni090: yes...nargles-ridding the world of mistletoe and dark wizards of the world
Alikona0000 has left the room. where can i get one?
KelAzMA: My ma used to have a headband with mistletoe suspended with wire from the top
KelAzMA: it was funny
SkiRat1107: Or maybe if the brains that attacked Ron killed Voldemort haha
kyrane7: no supassing it lol
KelAzMA: *buahaha*
Xmissrachiex has left the room.
KelAzMA: hehe thx gonna be singing that for the next week now?
KelAzMA: again
SkiRat1107: You know, if only I thought of these back during that "101 ways to kill Voldemort" contest.
Cannonsgirl2008: kevin
kyrane7: i been singing it for ages
Sky4123: me.. lizzieangel90 lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: ACCIOBRAIN fanart is AMAZING
Cannonsgirl2008: skype lizzie kevin's not here
HanSoloIsAHottie: Sky, chill chill CHILL
lunibug4: kelazma, is that you on pottercast?
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah he is
KelAzMA: uh...every answer is no
KelAzMA: Guru said he's gonna out me for it
kyrane7: kel's allll over the filk cast lol
GymMidget415: shill out, guys...
KelAzMA: I'm the filkcast hussy
GymMidget415: *chill
lunibug4: cool
kyrane7: i ship guru and kel I LOVE THE FILK CAST has left the room.
SkiRat1107: shill?
SkiRat1107: o
GymMidget415: breath in...breath out...
KelAzMA: noooo
kyrane7: noooo
KelAzMA: you can't ship me and guru...
HanSoloIsAHottie: come on everyone, do you remember that announcement I made that one time there
wasn't a single caster in here?
GymMidget415: deep breaths...
lunibug4: i head one, it was cute... but i'm still listening
KelAzMA: that's just odd LOL
kyrane7: i uh just did
lunibug4: heard*
KelAzMA: nooooooo
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: no no
SkiRat1107: Hagrid will kill Voldemort
KelAzMA: I am on a ship all my own
HanSoloIsAHottie: Come on, ya gotta remember
kyrane7: aww
GymMidget415: yay kel!
KelAzMA: no no...I like it
KelAzMA: actually...
KelAzMA: I'm the cruise director on the good ship Bemma
KelAzMA: *laughs*
GymMidget415: are you really?
kyrane7: come on if u can ship me with eric i can at least ship u w/ some1
KelAzMA: you asked for a ship
HanSoloIsAHottie: Jamie ships Memerson, if I remember correctly, don't you Jamie?
kyrane7: i know
kyrane7: i like ships
KelAzMA: I get sea sick
KelAzMA: hehe
GymMidget415: i ride the rms grape juice
HanSoloIsAHottie: Or was that Ben...
HanSoloIsAHottie: hm.
kyrane7: i want my kyrane/nick rhein 1 to sail
HanSoloIsAHottie: Now I forgot.
HanSoloIsAHottie: oh dear
HanSoloIsAHottie: Well, I ship Meverybody
KelAzMA: hehe it's the Kyrhein
HanSoloIsAHottie: Melissa/Everybody
KelAzMA: hee hee
kyrane7: LOL
kyrane7: yes
GymMidget415: aww
kyrane7: Kyrhein
KelAzMA: Meleveryone?
KelAzMA: hehe
HanSoloIsAHottie: yesyesyes
HanSoloIsAHottie: She's seriously shipped with everyone
HanSoloIsAHottie: so funny
kyrane7: i like kyrhein but i can hardly put in my LL signature can I
x sweet harmony: Memerson was the original and I'll forever stick with it. <3
GymMidget415: im a sculliane shipper
x sweet harmony: <3
Sky4123: bye everyone i have to go
Sky4123: byebye
Charikuk: memerson = nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
GymMidget415: aww!
kyrane7: lol
kyrane7: bye
Sky4123 has left the room.
kyrane7: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
GymMidget415: i like sculliane
x sweet harmony:
x sweet harmony: Memerson = <3
KelAzMA: can i put it in my sig Kyrane?
Cannonsgirl2008: kevin
Charikuk: noooooooooooooooooo
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: can you add me?
KelAzMA: okay okay
kyrane7: maybe that will be better
Cannonsgirl2008: Cannonsgirl2008
GymMidget415: jamie is very against this ship...
x sweet harmony: Yesss. Memerson pwnz x 10.
kyrane7: (he already knows i like him i think)
KelAzMA: who don't you tell, eh?
kyrane7: well
KelAzMA: *giggles* it's okay
kyrane7: i do try not to make it obvious
kyrane7: but its too hard lmao
KelAzMA: I'm still dying that John liked my filk
kyrane7: awww
GymMidget415: aww!
KelAzMA: He usually has something smartass to say about everything
GymMidget415: i love john
KelAzMA: all the time
KelAzMA: every minute
KelAzMA: of every day
KelAzMA: Like Ron and his picture in the paper
kyrane7: every1 see the new title layout on
KelAzMA: I did
KelAzMA: it's good :-)
KelAzMA: you're such a fangirl *smirk* I'm joking of course
GymMidget415: ooo yay!
GymMidget415: i love it
kyrane7: my excuse to stare at john for a while
kyrane7: *cough*several hours
KelAzMA: LOL...why do you think I make icons, eh?
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: I empathise with all of your hard work
kyrane7: its a good time
GymMidget415: lol
KelAzMA: I heard Mariah Carey on the radio today
kyrane7: yeah?
kyrane7: me too
KelAzMA: and I was's singing the WRONG WORDS
kyrane7: she was on the xmass channel
kyrane7: I KNOW!
kyrane7: ho w dare she
KelAzMA: she's such a ho
kyrane7: LOL
KelAzMA: say ho!
kyrane7: ho
kyrane7: im not a ho
KelAzMA: you're so notta ho
GymMidget415: whose a ho?
kyrane7: i dont want yooooou i wnaa brooooom
kyrane7: mariah carey
KelAzMA: yah...brooooooooooooooooooooom
anir107 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: oh, ok
GymMidget415: yea, she so is
KelAzMA: 'tis THE rina
GymMidget415: rina!
anir107: Hi
kyrane7: rina!
GymMidget415: the rina confetti*
anir107: lol
kyrane7: were tlkaing bout ho's
anir107: jenna?
KelAzMA: I mean...not that I'm look obsessive or anything....but y'know....her boobs were fine in the early
90's....she didn't need to go and get bad plastic surgery to make them look bad
HanSoloIsAHottie: RINA
kyrane7: lol
GymMidget415: jenna isnt a ho!
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
anir107: ...
Cannonsgirl2008: chloe
Cannonsgirl2008: add me
Cannonsgirl2008: to you skype
KelAzMA: sorry...I'm on about Mariah Carey again....
anir107: i said, maybe jenna would like some porrige...?
Cannonsgirl2008: I'll put you in
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay, guys, lay off people staffers are friends with
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
kyrane7: yeah i knew ke;
kyrane7: l*
HanSoloIsAHottie: staffers that are onnnn here
HanSoloIsAHottie: O_O
GymMidget415: ...yea
gingernut17: lol
GymMidget415: she's not a ho
anir107: she's a word that starts with 's' and ends in 'lut'... three guesses.
HanSoloIsAHottie: that's like me being in a chat where everyone's like, "OMG ALLY AND RINA ARE
KelAzMA: woot
HanSoloIsAHottie: It'd make me feel bad.
anir107: I'm evil?
gingernut17: I'm evil?
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: oh yay.
HanSoloIsAHottie: everyone but ME
KelAzMA: jinx
HanSoloIsAHottie: it was an analogy
HanSoloIsAHottie: ahhh
anir107: Huh?
GymMidget415: why do you hate jenna so much?
KelAzMA: sorry....I have a third-grade sister
anir107: *evil laugh*
heyitsme3871: JACKIE i finally finished that thing.
GymMidget415: what thing?
HanSoloIsAHottie: *cries at misunderstandedment*
Cannonsgirl2008: cannonsgirl2008
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
heyitsme3871: so i can have my PotterCast Marathon
anir107: Sorrrrrry
GymMidget415: w00t!
anir107: *hugs Mam*
heyitsme3871: w0000t!!
anir107: mam, i have a question
kyrane7: skip pc#3
kyrane7: there was a rondon brit on the fan interview
kyrane7: random*
heyitsme3871: rondon.
kyrane7: tlked crap
anir107: is the 'a' in mamatha, pronunced as the 'a' in apple or the 'a' in bar?
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: that's teh same 'a'
anir107: Mam. answer.
anir107: no
KelAzMA: PC 3's fan interview, eh?
HanSoloIsAHottie: wait
HanSoloIsAHottie: brb
heyitsme3871: wait
heyitsme3871: no it's not
KelAzMA: I remember that......
kyrane7: hmm
KelAzMA: slightly
kyrane7: me too
KelAzMA: hmmmm
HanSoloIsAHottie: back
heyitsme3871: wb
anir107: ok, now answer
kyrane7: yes
kyrane7: a lot od crap
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay, here's how my friends pronounce my name
KelAzMA: you're so fulla crype
heyitsme3871: ...
KelAzMA: ...
kyrane7: me?
KelAzMA: yah
anir107: ok...
kyrane7: gasp*
KelAzMA: it was a good interview
KelAzMA: with that random Brit
kyrane7: thank you
xo0Sk8rChik0ox has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Maaaa as in apple , then muh like uh then tha
kyrane7: dunno who it was tho
HanSoloIsAHottie: thuh
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: hey everyone
HanSoloIsAHottie: mahmuhthuh.
heyitsme3871: hi sarah
anir107: thats weird
HanSoloIsAHottie: its so hard to explain
heyitsme3871: lol mamatha that's funny i was saying it the opposite - muh math uh
HanSoloIsAHottie: you just have to hear it
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: hey um... sorry, i dont know your name...what is it heyitsme?
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea, it is odd
HanSoloIsAHottie: no duh rina
HanSoloIsAHottie: xD
heyitsme3871: noor or oreo
anir107: ok, i'm either going to say "mamatha" as in apple... both of them, or "mamatha" with both 'a's like
the 'a' in car
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: got it
heyitsme3871: that's a lot of or's lol.
KelAzMA: huh...i was thinking the prehistoric hairy elephant (no offense, eh?)
anir107: i like the second oen but i think im wrong
anir107: *one
heyitsme3871: lol!!
HanSoloIsAHottie: the second one is the all indianish way to say it
anir107: YEAH
anir107: dude
anir107: you're indian
HanSoloIsAHottie: muhmuhthuh
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea, I am
anir107: right
anir107: so can i say the second one
heyitsme3871: don't worry Mamatha, no one says my name right either.
anir107: or i can just call you Mam, and it's all good
HanSoloIsAHottie: but the other way got all like popular
anir107: like in madam
HanSoloIsAHottie: so now I have two names
KelAzMA: no one even knows my well it's okay lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: you can call me Mam, everyone does
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
heyitsme3871: lol!
anir107: with the apple a, right?
kyrane7: i duno if yall no my name
anir107: not 'mom' lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: yea
anir107: whats your name, dude?
HanSoloIsAHottie: mom. hahahhahaha
heyitsme3871: kyrane ?!
HanSoloIsAHottie: jajaja
kyrane7: i think kel knows
HanSoloIsAHottie: heyitsme, whats your name?
anir107: cuz i say mom-aah-tha .... ok, end of dicussion on Mam's name...
kyrane7: she knows everything
heyitsme3871: noor ... aka oreo
KelAzMA: I do I do
kyrane7: 1st name only plz
anir107: you with the 'WOOT'... whats ur name?
KelAzMA: I mean...I know your name
anir107: ok, you know what
anir107: ROLL CALL
KelAzMA: not Everything
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: sarah
HanSoloIsAHottie: emerson
heyitsme3871: noor/oreo
anir107: point to yourself and say your name
KelAzMA: <--Old Lady
anir107: that doesn't help
HanSoloIsAHottie: <---Emerson.
anir107: <---Ben Schoen
heyitsme3871: lmao
Charikuk: <--- Micah Tannebaum
x sweet harmony: Hehe a girl in my science class is named Noor.. -random-
HanSoloIsAHottie: <--Emma Watson.
HanSoloIsAHottie: ;-)
heyitsme3871: <-- Laura Thompson
macaRoni090: <----Rupert grint
HanSoloIsAHottie: *jumps Rina*
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: <----- andrew
gingernut17: lol
KelAzMA: <---Bemma
kyrane7: <---- Kyrane (unless people work out what my name is)
heyitsme3871: no way!
anir107: lame rall call
anir107: *coll
anir107: *roll
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: lol
macaRoni090: coll?
heyitsme3871: lol
anir107: stupid typos
heyitsme3871: rall cool.
KelAzMA: <--Sturniolo
heyitsme3871: coll*
heyitsme3871: agh i typoed the type
gingernut17: Nice Kel
macaRoni090: roll call
kyrane7: Sturniolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HanSoloIsAHottie: Rina, if you're Ben, I get to be Emma.
anir107: Lol
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: sarah
HanSoloIsAHottie: Bemma.
anir107: Ew
heyitsme3871: o
macaRoni090: jooohnn noe
anir107: Than taht i means i love you
kyrane7: *I know where you live!!!!!*
anir107: guh-ross
KelAzMA: me too!
KelAzMA: I know where I live
kyrane7: lol
x sweet harmony: Lame pick up line! "Hey, I'm Ben. Can you be my Emma?" XD
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: Haha
heyitsme3871: LOL!
kyrane7: lol
anir107 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: now we're making HO Nerd pick up lines .. nice
kyrane7: ill be emma for you
KelAzMA: "wanna be the "b" in my bemma?" the other way around...
kyrane7: pick me
heyitsme3871: hp*
KelAzMA: <---Ho nerd LMAO sorry
GymMidget415 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: lmao shut up
kyrane7: hoooo
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: thats gonna be on all my valentines this year
KelAzMA: hooooooooooooooooo
x sweet harmony: HP pick up lines. You just don't get any cooler than that.
kyrane7: peeeeeeeeeedoo
KelAzMA: Peeedo Phile salad
heyitsme3871: lol!
KelAzMA: peeeeeeeedo
heyitsme3871: peedophile.
DratonMN: what in God's name.... oh my
kyrane7: i think i gonna start saying pedo
macaRoni090: lol bestttt
lunibug4: o.O
heyitsme3871: it was so funyn because after Jamie said it i was like " peeee dophile?!"
macaRoni090: you not listen to mugglecast?!
heyitsme3871: and hten they all went off on him
macaRoni090: gosh
KelAzMA: you say pedo the way we said pedo...then...people are going to think you're talking about
someone who has some sort of sexual misfortunate obession with feet
x sweet harmony: I laughed myself to tears when he said "process"
Cannonsgirl2008: I agree with kevin
heyitsme3871: prow cess.
Charikuk: it is prow-cess!
kyrane7: ok doke peeeeeeople I have to go early night for me
macaRoni090: i dont laugh, i swoon at british accents
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: bye
KelAzMA: have a good night Kyrhein
KelAzMA: did i spell that right?
kyrane7: thanks!
kyrane7: think so
heyitsme3871: me too macaroni
KelAzMA: i mix the ei/ie
kyrane7: me too
kyrane7: who cares
KelAzMA: not me
macaRoni090: prow-cess as opposed to prahhhhh-cess. (first is so much better)
kyrane7: i remeer his bday
kyrane7: 14-aug
KelAzMA: buy him presents
kyrane7: lol
KelAzMA: or preeeeesents
KelAzMA: heheh
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: sorry.
kyrane7: preeeeeeeeesents
kyrane7: peeeeeeeedo
heyitsme3871: yeah it's so sad. when Jamie says things and then say Andrew or Ben says it Jamie jsut
sounds so much better. but then. i say it like Andrew/Ben
KelAzMA: I want a peeedophile for christmas?
xo0Sk8rChik0ox: my computer cant handle the mag muggle mania. i gotta go too, sorry. cya guys
heyitsme3871: bye sarah
macaRoni090: all i want for a peeeeedophile
KelAzMA: *dies at her own revolting joke*
kyrane7: all i want for xmas is niiiiiick
x sweet harmony: Brits always make everything better.
xo0Sk8rChik0ox has left the room.
KelAzMA: woot!
KelAzMA: get him girl!
kyrane7: hahah
KelAzMA: rrrrraawr!
heyitsme3871: ...
heyitsme3871: lmao!
kyrane7: ok
kyrane7: i reeeealy am going
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: see you toomahrow
heyitsme3871: okbye.
kyrane7: byeeeeeeeee
macaRoni090: bye
KelAzMA: hehe
kyrane7 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: macaroni.. are you .. Roni?
heyitsme3871: yeah you are/
heyitsme3871: aren't you/
heyitsme3871: stupid /
KelAzMA: .../
macaRoni090: lol yeah
KelAzMA: okay
macaRoni090: and no not stupid
heyitsme3871: i called the / stupid.
macaRoni090: oo ok
KelAzMA: I call that "rogue punctuation"
heyitsme3871: oh dead. i would never call you stupid/
heyitsme3871: lol kel !!
KelAzMA: sometimes I have that problem with the' next to my enter key
heyitsme3871: OMG THERE IT IS AGAIN.
macaRoni090: no no i thought you were calling YOURSELF stupid
heyitsme3871: oh right on. lmao.
heyitsme3871: anyone wanna join in on a little pottercast marathon?
macaRoni090: yes
heyitsme3871: heckyes!
macaRoni090: but...what do you mean?
heyitsme3871: i suscribe this weekend so i'm a BIT behind. :-D
heyitsme3871: i'll be listening from ep 1 to 18!
macaRoni090: ive only listened to like, 3
x sweet harmony: I've only listened to 2 or 3...
macaRoni090: i have to listen to 2-14 and 18
heyitsme3871: i've got 9 hours? to go trhough
macaRoni090: i cant wait to hear the filkcast
macaRoni090: but if i download it now, skype wont work
macaRoni090: not that i need it to work...
x sweet harmony: lol As much as I love Harry Potter, I don't think I can hold that much HP discussion in a
macaRoni090: ooh i totally could
macaRoni090: thus why i want to be on an HP podcast sooo badly
x sweet harmony: It'd go in one ear and out the other.
macaRoni090: i always talk to my ipod
macaRoni090: when i listen to mcast or pcast
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: me too! 'cept to my computer. and my mirror.
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: yah my computer too
heyitsme3871: ya hear that Kevin and Jamie? i'm talking to myself because of you!
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: yeah i'll be speaking...and my mom will walk in...and be like WTFFFF
heyitsme3871: lmaooo i'll be laughing and my mom will be like. stop laughing. this isn;t good. you're
laughing by yourself.
heyitsme3871: and she'll be TOTALLY serious.
macaRoni090: yeah i know my mom does that too
x sweet harmony: Aww.
macaRoni090: except she'll be like "why are you laughing at music?!?!"
heyitsme3871: she's gonna send me to a metnal insitution..
macaRoni090: or she'll come in and be like "roni, you have a REALLY wierd look on your face...are you
heyitsme3871: mental*
heyitsme3871: lol!!
x sweet harmony: They should make a mental institution just for MC listeners because you know darn
well a lot of parents would send their kids there..
heyitsme3871: YEAH!
macaRoni090: lol yes! omg it would be so much fun!!
heyitsme3871: i'll start the fund.
heyitsme3871: it'll be like.. an HP theme park... but .. not.
macaRoni090: i'll donate like, my life savings
x sweet harmony: I listen to MC at, like, 2am because I always forget during the day so my brother is
asleep next door and he's always telling me to shut up.
heyitsme3871: hahahaa
heyitsme3871: when i have shcoool i usually have to wait till friday to listen.
macaRoni090: yeah
heyitsme3871: shcoool. yup. that thing.
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: i have such wonderful typing skittleZ.
macaRoni090: i didnt have school today! woohoooo
x sweet harmony: I'm on winter break! Thank goodness.
macaRoni090: transit strike of NYYYCCC
heyitsme3871: me too!
heyitsme3871: not the strike. winter break.
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: my winter break starts friday so if the strike continues, i'm already on break!
heyitsme3871: wow.
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: that's crazzy/
x sweet harmony: Why does the strike effect school? School buses?
macaRoni090: yeah us extremely dependent city people
heyitsme3871: AF KJHs ighai dfasdoiA JGAG /
heyitsme3871: no the metro
macaRoni090: public busses and trains arent going
x sweet harmony: Ohh.
heyitsme3871: there's a Benjamin Schoene in Austria.
x sweet harmony: People take those to school?
macaRoni090: and you cant drive in your car unless its completely filled up
heyitsme3871: and Ben Schoenmakers who speak dutch.
x sweet harmony: I feel like SUCH a small town girl...
macaRoni090: lol i so want to be a small town girl
heyitsme3871: lol i like small towns - namely Seaside, Oregon.
macaRoni090: the city scares me
x sweet harmony: lol I didn't know people take the subway and such to school!
doublebubble512: Don't worry, I'm a small town girl too
macaRoni090: pretty much everyone but me takes the subway to school
heyitsme3871: but i'm in a big city.
x sweet harmony: Jeez.
heyitsme3871: lol wow.
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: what city?
heyitsme3871: LA
heyitsme3871: w00t SoCal.
macaRoni090: ooh nice my dad lives in LA
heyitsme3871: oh awesome.
macaRoni090: da
heyitsme3871: ... da?
macaRoni090: my cousin lives in london and i want to kill her
x sweet harmony: I'm in a small town in S. Florida... And we walk or drive places...
macaRoni090: da=russian yes
heyitsme3871: gasp i want to kill her too.
heyitsme3871: well no.
heyitsme3871: i dont
macaRoni090: you should
heyitsme3871: lol
x sweet harmony: I went to Chicago once and I was so surprised! The roads are like... mushed together!
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: i love Chicago!
macaRoni090: i have never ever been on a plane
macaRoni090: ever
heyitsme3871: gasp i always fly on planes.
x sweet harmony: Like here, you have to drive everywhere or you're screwed. There, you could just...
heyitsme3871: well not always but a lot
macaRoni090: lol yeah my mom is plane-phobic
heyitsme3871: JAMIE i have a QUESTIONNNNNN
x sweet harmony: Aww.
macaRoni090: so ive never been on a plane
heyitsme3871: fine ignore me jamie. see if i care.
x sweet harmony: I might be going back to Chicago this summer.. that or I'm going to Cali.
macaRoni090: but come 2007 its a well deserved flight to england
Charikuk: sorry
heyitsme3871: [ come to cali ]
Charikuk: go on
x sweet harmony: Take me with you!
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: damn...I missed the "stupidassthingsIdodurringpodcasts" convo
macaRoni090: you know should go to lumos
heyitsme3871: okay! what US cities have you been to? and which was your favourite?
x sweet harmony: I'm too broke to go to Lumos.
macaRoni090: lol me too
macaRoni090: :-(
macaRoni090: its so sad
x sweet harmony: =[ It is.
macaRoni090: where do you live?
x sweet harmony: Florida..
KelAzMA: I'ma gamble away my savings in Vegas
macaRoni090: ooh right you def said that before
KelAzMA:'s like 15 bucks...but still....
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: i dont retain information well
heyitsme3871: Noe!
macaRoni090: hey john
Johnboy865: ITS GREG DAMMIT!
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
KelAzMA: brb kids
x sweet harmony: I drove from here to Chicago and it was horrible. 24 freakin hours.
KelAzMA: shaddup "greg"
Johnboy865: ..or wit
Johnboy865: wait
Johnboy865: it is me
macaRoni090: really?
heyitsme3871: no way?!
Johnboy865: and emerson
Johnboy865: *emerson waves*
heyitsme3871: AW oyu on oyur date?!
macaRoni090: hey emerson!
heyitsme3871: you* your*
macaRoni090: haha
Johnboy865: haha yeah man
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: how cute. how was the picnic?
Johnboy865: ',';
Johnboy865: emerson says
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: .
Johnboy865: ..
Johnboy865: .
macaRoni090: thats so nice of you emerson
heyitsme3871: how.. surprising.
Johnboy865: .
BenSchoen2: Emerson is an idiot
x sweet harmony: Touched.
heyitsme3871: BEn!
BenSchoen2: he really has no friends
macaRoni090: ben thats cruel
BenSchoen2: no it's not
BenSchoen2: he really doesn't
Johnboy865: ben has moobs
heyitsme3871: it's honesty
heyitsme3871: LMAO!
BenSchoen2: the only friend Emerson has is Dylan
macaRoni090: lol
x sweet harmony: I sent out a Christmas card to the MCers today. And I don't remember what I wrote on
it. =DD
heyitsme3871: niiiice
x sweet harmony: YAY Dylan!
macaRoni090: dylans a good friend to have
macaRoni090: whats wrong with that
BenSchoen2: no he's not
heyitsme3871: ouch Ben ouch.
heyitsme3871: let's hear this one.
Johnboy865: the dylan love is strong in here
BenSchoen2: I'm just messing around, sheeeeeesh
macaRoni090:'re burning everyone today ben
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: So Ben, do you like small towns or big cities better?
BenSchoen2: big tities
BenSchoen2: *cities
heyitsme3871: [ snort ]
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: that was smooooooth
macaRoni090: okay
x sweet harmony: That was my writing prompt for english earlier this year!
x sweet harmony: ...
macaRoni090: yeah real subtle
heyitsme3871: i'm still laughing. and i have no idea what about.
x sweet harmony: Awkward silence. XD
heyitsme3871: ah Ben you rule.
macaRoni090: yeahh
heyitsme3871: ow. im in pain from laughing.
macaRoni090: still?
macaRoni090: wow
x sweet harmony: My friend and I were talking about how we look up to MN and it's success. XD
heyitsme3871: i cant get over it.
heyitsme3871: i havent had a good laugh in a LONG TIME.
x sweet harmony: o.o;;
heyitsme3871: okay. im done.
macaRoni090: yeah i can officially say that mn and mc have made me senile to all of my friends
Johnboy865: you finally discovered PotterCast then heyitsme?
heyitsme3871: [ breathes ]
macaRoni090: and family
BenSchoen2: okay, stop allowing John in this chat
BenSchoen2: last time i checked
Johnboy865: john can invite himself
BenSchoen2: this is a MUGGLECAST FAN CHAT
Johnboy865: hes awesome like that
heyitsme3871: how did you know John?
BenSchoen2: not a pottercast fan
macaRoni090: sorry ben, we love john
BenSchoen2: John and I are good buds
macaRoni090: he's just too cool
heyitsme3871: John is my hero.
BenSchoen2: but he needs to get his own territory
Johnboy865: ben talks about me behindmy back
BenSchoen2: I do that, too
heyitsme3871: Ben you jsut need to handle your own territory better.
x sweet harmony: Ouch.
macaRoni090: i agree
x sweet harmony: Karma right there.
Johnboy865: there is a pottercastfanchat
KelAzMA: okay
KelAzMA: I'm back
Johnboy865: but its maxed out right now
heyitsme3871: and btw John my name's noor. or oreo. whichever.
BenSchoen2: no one goes to it though
KelAzMA: *laughs*
Johnboy865: that ones harder to get into
BenSchoen2: only 3 subscribers to that show
KelAzMA: it's maxed out...
KelAzMA: it's why I'm in here
macaRoni090: yeah probably because all the pottercast-ers are always in here...
Johnboy865: yes, hey nice singing this week Kel
KelAzMA: LOL thanks John
Johnboy865: yeah our fanchat is always so full even we cant get it
Johnboy865: in
KelAzMA: 3 outta 4's not a bad record
KelAzMA: especially when the 4th was only to annoy you
macaRoni090: nice, very nice john
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
wishiwasaHIPSTER: hey dudes
heyitsme3871: Liane.
heyitsme3871: yo.
macaRoni090: hey liane
heyitsme3871: i love how we all know liane.
macaRoni090: ha yeah
heyitsme3871: dl-ing PotterCast 8...
KelAzMA: *chokes while laughing*
heyitsme3871: you guys make too many damn episodes.
KelAzMA: sorry...I just uh...went back and saw ben's beautiful typo
heyitsme3871: i'll be up all night listening to them
heyitsme3871: LOL!
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: make sure to listen to Kyrane's interview in PC 3....
heyitsme3871: alrighty.
KelAzMA: heheh shh...don't tell her I said that
camel4792 has left the room.
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: i'm going thru them all.
heyitsme3871: every single last one of them.
macaRoni090: me too
x sweet harmony: I hate website drama. It couldn't be any more pointless. -random-
macaRoni090: i'm excited
KelAzMA: *drama*
heyitsme3871: my compute rjust made a cracking sound.. is that bad?
heyitsme3871: im scurred.
macaRoni090: actually website drama amusing
macaRoni090: usually only if its fake drama though
KelAzMA: depends on if you're plugged into the wall or a live wire heheh
heyitsme3871: website drama cracks me up
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: if you wired your home by yourself....
heyitsme3871: hey! let's start some right now!
macaRoni090: yes! the filkcast is downloading! woohoooo
x sweet harmony: I co-own and one of the admins is like a dictator. x_X
KelAzMA: or hired a 14 year old music major to do it...then...uh...I'd be worried....
KelAzMA: *crack*
heyitsme3871: well it hasn't exploded yet and im moving on. SO.
KelAzMA: mine makes cracking noises all the time...but ti's because some moron *cough* wired the
bathroom fan to the wrong wires
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: in social teacher is always talking about hitler vs harry potter....
heyitsme3871: Jackie!
KelAzMA: *confetti for JAX*
GymMidget415: w00t
heyitsme3871: lol!
GymMidget415: my head hurts
macaRoni090: and everyones like SHUT UP but for me itslike steroids
heyitsme3871: im sorry
GymMidget415: so sorry for lack of enthusiasm
heyitsme3871: * aspirin confetti *
Cannonsgirl2008: ally!
KelAzMA: eh....tell them that Hitler had a mustache....end of story
macaRoni090: *jackie confetti*
GymMidget415: thnx
Cannonsgirl2008: where did you go
x sweet harmony: lmao Hitler vs. HP? Can you please explain that?
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: its like, umbridge vs hitler
macaRoni090: totalitarianism
KelAzMA: oi
GymMidget415: i went to lie down,. but it didnt work
heyitsme3871: lollll
macaRoni090: she made me go down to the library and get HP5 one day
GymMidget415: so im back and tryign to finish my article
Cannonsgirl2008: ALLY
KelAzMA: okay...duh dun dun....wher does your head hurt?
x sweet harmony: Haha. I wish my teacher would use HP as a reference
GymMidget415: did she really?
KelAzMA: where*
heyitsme3871: i'd've skipped the way there
heyitsme3871: [ to the library ]
macaRoni090: yeah
macaRoni090: i did
GymMidget415: ...and i love how liane is here, but she isnt
x sweet harmony: Okay, just because Jo is so awesome as to be able to make political references in her
books does not mean anyone can bad-mouth it.
macaRoni090: my teacher is letting me write a paper on HP
macaRoni090: like, for my end of term paper
heyitsme3871: i wrote my entrance exam essay on Sirius
redneckgurl 3399 has entered the room.
x sweet harmony: Ah that's awesome.
heyitsme3871: got me into Adv English so i'm not complaining
macaRoni090: whoa thats pretty cool
heyitsme3871: bones are hard.
macaRoni090: i take french but my friends latin class gets to read HP1 in latin
macaRoni090: i hate herrrr
heyitsme3871: i take french too!
macaRoni090: lol just realize that?
macaRoni090: niice
heyitsme3871: and quinkydinkily french II!
macaRoni090: um...sorry...what?
x sweet harmony: I'm in French 1. And I suck at it.
heyitsme3871: second year of French
GymMidget415: french VA
lunibug4: BURN
heyitsme3871: va?
macaRoni090: this is my 4th year
lunibug4 has left the room.
GymMidget415: 5 a
KelAzMA: Eh...I only speak english...I'm a bit lame when it comes to languages
heyitsme3871: wow.
heyitsme3871: oh right on i knew that
KelAzMA: and I suck at speaking english too
KelAzMA: so oh well
heyitsme3871: i speak english, arabic, and learning french.
heyitsme3871: and i basically pick up spanish considering i live in LA.
x sweet harmony: I speak english, chinese, and learning French. ^_^
x sweet harmony: lol
camel4792 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: i speak english, french, japanese(dont ask why), and spanish
KelAzMA: I recognize most spanish swear words...but that's it
macaRoni090: but only english fluently
KelAzMA: only because when I was in Kindergarten I was the only uh..."white girl"
heyitsme3871: hahahaha
macaRoni090: lol
x sweet harmony: People yelled at me for taking French! They said I should've taken spanish since it's of
more use in Florida, but I was just liek... pssh.
KelAzMA: so I learned what those bastardly brats were calling me
heyitsme3871: ME TOO HARMONY!
x sweet harmony: All the spanish teachers in my high school suck ass.
camel4792 has left the room.
macaRoni090: yess everyone yells at me for taking french
Charikuk has left the room.
heyitsme3871: name harmony?
macaRoni090: aw jamie
x sweet harmony: Bonnie
heyitsme3871: bye Jamie who never answered my question
heyitsme3871: okay.
x sweet harmony: Aww.
KelAzMA: I'll make up an answer for ya....what was your question
heyitsme3871: anywho.
KelAzMA: hehe
macaRoni090: if he hadnt signed off i'd say to IM him
heyitsme3871: i asked himw hat US cities he's been to and which was his fave.
lunibug4 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: oh dang...I can't fake that one....
heyitsme3871: hey Cassi
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: haha kel.
KelAzMA: you'd need reasons or something....
lunibug4: yo
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: make up another one for me to lie about
KelAzMA: *laughs*
x sweet harmony: Hahah.
redneckgurl 3399: lol
heyitsme3871: ermmm . How many times a week do you ... erm ... curl your hair?
heyitsme3871: dont even ask where that came from.
KelAzMA: uh....never....
x sweet harmony: Could you imagine Jamie is curlers?
KelAzMA: we're all lucky if I even brush my hair
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: omg someone photoshop it
x sweet harmony: Haha Nice answer.
KelAzMA: was that good?
KelAzMA: could you hear me typing with a Brit accent?
heyitsme3871: hey, he said he had his hair in a ponytail a few daysa go
x sweet harmony: o.o;;
heyitsme3871: that was excellent Kel, accent and all
redneckgurl 3399: lmao, yeah, that was awesome
KelAzMA: he was trying....
heyitsme3871: oh tight. i could talk to John on mic if i wanted to too!
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: him n Kevin
macaRoni090: how?
GymMidget415 has left the room.
KelAzMA: I could too...but I sound like a man right now....'cause my voice is garbage right now
heyitsme3871: my iChat tells me i can
KelAzMA: lol
macaRoni090: ichat?
heyitsme3871: so i can.
heyitsme3871: iChat knows all
heyitsme3871: yeah it's AIM that comes with Macs
macaRoni090: why am i so out of it...
macaRoni090: oh whoa now i want a mac
macaRoni090: this is not cool at all
redneckgurl 3399: there's an i everything dude..
heyitsme3871: it looks cooler than AIM too.
KelAzMA: iCrash
macaRoni090: iStick/iScully!
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
heyitsme3871: iPhoto, iDVD, iCal
x sweet harmony: iCal?
heyitsme3871: Calendar
x sweet harmony: Ohh.
KelAzMA: I'll stick with my rightclick...I'm used to my PC
macaRoni090: iBook
KelAzMA: I'm too old and stuck in my ways
heyitsme3871: they have a motuh with rightclick now Kel
heyitsme3871: mouse*
heyitsme3871: mouth? wth. ANYWAY.
macaRoni090: i couldnt live my life without rightclick
KelAzMA: yeah...but it will never be as comfortable...LOL
x sweet harmony: I've had my computer for 6 years. <3
heyitsme3871: the new MIGHTY MOUSE!
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: i had macs in high middle finger got jealous of my index finger
heyitsme3871: i've got the iMac G5 from last year. not the new one..
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
KelAzMA: so I'd randomly have to flip people off
macaRoni090: my old computer was 10 years old when i got rid of it
KelAzMA: just to make up the difference
redneckgurl 3399: lol, that's we have at my school
Johnboy865 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: Hahahah
heyitsme3871: bye JOhn?
macaRoni090: yeah i know right
heyitsme3871: i've been dl-ing all the POtterCast ep for over an hour.
heyitsme3871: JEEZ PEOPLE.
KelAzMA: lol
macaRoni090: yeah it takes my comp 2 hours approx to download each podcast
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
heyitsme3871: oh damn
KelAzMA: really?
redneckgurl 3399: seriously? Wow..
heyitsme3871: it takes mine like. 10-15 minutes each
macaRoni090: yeah
x sweet harmony: What kind of connection do you have?
macaRoni090: its pretty bad
KelAzMA: I hate to sound like a butt or something, but I get them in like a minute
redneckgurl 3399: Mine takes like 3 minutes..and that's to a cd sometimes..
macaRoni090: ive got
heyitsme3871: lol yeah Kel.
x sweet harmony: Ouch.
x sweet harmony: I'd cry if I still had dial-up.
heyitsme3871: i;ve got Cable..
redneckgurl 3399: yeah..dsl rocks
x sweet harmony: I ave DSL..
macaRoni090: i cry every night
x sweet harmony: have*
heyitsme3871: i had to use Dial-Up this sumemr
macaRoni090: i cry myself to sleep
redneckgurl 3399: YES! I <3 DSL
x sweet harmony: Aww.
redneckgurl 3399: I sowie
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: like 24 kbs
macaRoni090: me too
x sweet harmony: I was so happy when I got DSL. I was singing songs all over the place.
macaRoni090: thank you though
heyitsme3871: we're your support team Roni
heyitsme3871: never fear.
macaRoni090: aww thank you
x sweet harmony: You'll make it through!
redneckgurl 3399: if it wasn't for the dsl I wouldn't be laying down in by bedright now...I would be sitting up
somewhere..but I'm too lazy to do that
macaRoni090: i'm at 50.6kbps
KelAzMA: i honestly have no idea
heyitsme3871: i.. dont knwo what im at.
KelAzMA: WOOT! for ignorance
x sweet harmony: I feel bad for my brother. He uses his laptop and his internet is so terribly slow.
so l cant live has entered the room.
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: ahhaah
heyitsme3871: oh. how sad.
redneckgurl 3399: lol, on the laptop over here the internet is actually faster..
macaRoni090: my grandpas laptop explodes whenever i use it
so l cant live: hey guys
heyitsme3871: wb Lian
heyitsme3871: e
HanSoloIsAHottie: back
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: hey sol
HanSoloIsAHottie: hiya everyone
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
KelAzMA: there's a little icon in the corner of my screen that has 2 little linked computers
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::dances::
KelAzMA: one says 100Mbps
KelAzMA: the other says 400Mbps
heyitsme3871: hey ! we need an HP nerd term for 'wb'
HanSoloIsAHottie: bbl loves
KelAzMA: so that's all i know
HanSoloIsAHottie: Finals week
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::sighs::
macaRoni090: yeah the little comp thing for me too
KelAzMA: Have no clue what it actually means........
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
macaRoni090: it says 50.6 kbps
redneckgurl 3399: I'm at 79.3 :-)
KelAzMA: but I DO know that I have more space on this computer than anyone would know what to do
heyitsme3871: um... duck?
macaRoni090: i feel like...a child
KelAzMA: I have gobs of crap on here....
KelAzMA: and it's still empty
KelAzMA: *dead*
x sweet harmony: I use to know nothing about my computer and I kept effing it up...
x sweet harmony: It was so sad.
heyitsme3871: ha. i still know nothing!
KelAzMA: LOL I think we all used to know nothing
heyitsme3871: i just dont do anything that i dont know about.
x sweet harmony: lol
redneckgurl 3399: yeah
macaRoni090: i experiment
macaRoni090: but it almost always turns out right
KelAzMA: I remember deleting some random....
x sweet harmony: Restoring it was like nursing my baby back to health. ^_^ I got that warm fuzzy feeling.
heyitsme3871: i just find my way around
KelAzMA: that made it so the computer didn't know how to start up every time
heyitsme3871: LOL KEL! smooooth
KelAzMA: it was so sick n sad
macaRoni090: yeah exactly same with me
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: my cousin rescued me
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: now i know that things that sound like system.ini
anir107 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: are important
KelAzMA: and not just there to piss me off
redneckgurl 3399 has left the room.
macaRoni090: my whole family is like "hmm lets see what this button does" me: NOOOOOOO
x sweet harmony: I crashed my computer once!! XD That was when I knew.. I had to learn something
about it. XD
x sweet harmony: lmao Ouch, Roni.
heyitsme3871: just watch.. you're gonna hear the headlines " HP Nerd blows computer up, Reasons still
unknown "
KelAzMA: you're like the karate master of computers....
anir107: <-- has a mac. doesn't fear crashing.
macaRoni090: oh bill gates
heyitsme3871: me too RINA!
KelAzMA: "lemme see what this does?" HIIEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYYA *chop*
anir107: Nice.
KelAzMA: don't TOUCH
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: I'm not as revoltingly stupid about it as I used to be....many moons ago
KelAzMA: but I do fairly well
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: can't tough this DANANNA
anir107: *touch
KelAzMA: WOOT! Hammer Pants
heyitsme3871: ahhahaa
KelAzMA: sweeeet
heyitsme3871: touch******
x sweet harmony: The only reason I haven't gotten a mac is because I'm too terrified that it could limit
some things... like my friend got a mac and he had to search high and low for a decent IRC program.
anir107: SAweet
KelAzMA: you definitly don't wear boxers with hammer-pants
anir107: wtf?
anir107: ok
heyitsme3871: [ went right over my head Bonnie ]
x sweet harmony: lol
anir107: you dont need to search high and low if you know me
macaRoni090: tighty whities
heyitsme3871: IRC, ABC, 123. yeah!
KelAzMA: yah
anir107: my dad knows every single effing program made for the macintosh
macaRoni090: baby you and me girl
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: ever?
KelAzMA: in history?
anir107: Lol
heyitsme3871: thats amazing.
anir107: MAYBE
x sweet harmony: Haha.
macaRoni090: rina thats crazy
anir107: haha. no idea.
anir107: but whenever i need anything...
KelAzMA: See....but I remember MicrosoftBob *laughs like mad cow*
KelAzMA: most people have no idea
anir107: "hey dad what program do i use for [insert thing here]?" "oh thats simple..."
heyitsme3871: ... cough. yeah.
x sweet harmony: Daddy Rina to the recue!
x sweet harmony: rescue*
heyitsme3871: hahaha!
anir107: anyways.
heyitsme3871: moving ON.
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: yes
anir107: precisely what i was about to say
x sweet harmony: I call all my friend's parents that... my friend's nickname is Otter, so I call her mom
Mommy Otter.
heyitsme3871: NEW SUBJECT!
macaRoni090: is her dad a weasel?
heyitsme3871: lmao mommy otter.
KelAzMA: it's like my cousin amber and computery stuffs
x sweet harmony: They're just like "=D"
x sweet harmony: Hahaha Roni
macaRoni090: or sorry i meant is her...something a weasel?
KelAzMA: I call and say...hey...There's this thing....with six prongs and a rectangle thing....
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: and she can tell me the entire history of this six pronged thingy and the reason for the
rectangle thing
heyitsme3871: ...
KelAzMA: and then send me a powerpoint on it
KelAzMA: that she created
anir107: yay for six pronged thingies
KelAzMA: while we were speaking
macaRoni090: lol
x sweet harmony: lmao
macaRoni090: wow
heyitsme3871: LOL!
KelAzMA: she's just crazy insane smart like that
macaRoni090: see, thats when i start to worry about people
heyitsme3871: my friends and i have the most ranodm stories
macaRoni090: when they know THAT much
KelAzMA: then her girlfriend theresa....
anir107: hehe
KelAzMA: can make me a duplicate cord
heyitsme3871: including mountain hippos and quarters.
KelAzMA: with the same six pronged thingy
KelAzMA: and bring it to me
x sweet harmony: Hahah.
KelAzMA: before I can hang up the phone
heyitsme3871: wow.
macaRoni090: thats ridic
heyitsme3871: ulous
heyitsme3871: !
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: She's like one of those people that I can say "Hey computer is doing weird
macaRoni090: oh hey guys we need a new word of the day...
KelAzMA: and she'll say....hold the phone up to the computer...
macaRoni090: loquatious is over now
KelAzMA: and it will TELL her what's wrong
heyitsme3871: yeah me do Roni JUST THINKING THE SAME THING
KelAzMA: she's that close with technology
heyitsme3871: lackacaisical !
heyitsme3871: wait
macaRoni090: haha
heyitsme3871: LACKADAISICAL
macaRoni090: what does that mean??
heyitsme3871: there we go
heyitsme3871: it means lazy!
KelAzMA: it means kinda lazyish
x sweet harmony: lol
macaRoni090: ooo right
anir107: loquacious is a good word
x sweet harmony: I never knew that!
KelAzMA: lazy...but in how you're doing something...LOL
macaRoni090: i only recognized it in caps lol
KelAzMA: you're lacking the TRUE effort in achieving the goal
heyitsme3871: it's such fun to say.
macaRoni090: yes you're right rina
heyitsme3871: lackadaisical.
KelAzMA: dang I'm a nerd
macaRoni090: but we used it up yesterday
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: loquacious was yesterday's word.
heyitsme3871: heylow Hannah
HannahBanana5689: hey
HannahBanana5689: whats up
heyitsme3871: word of the day!
HannahBanana5689: ah
KelAzMA: uh....
anir107: the eighth grade english teacher at my school has like this word report thing... and she assigns
an SAT word to each student and you write a report about it (hard to explain)... but my friend's brother's
word was loquacious
KelAzMA: hmmm....
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: juxtapose? that's a good word
HannahBanana5689: no way
KelAzMA: uh....
heyitsme3871: yeah it is kel!
HannahBanana5689: oooh, juxtapose is fun
HannahBanana5689: well
HannahBanana5689: to say
KelAzMA: it's almost like the first step before shipping...LMAO
x sweet harmony: The very first 'big' word I remember learning in 5th grade was draconian.
heyitsme3871: and since we made up rab yesterday we need another phrase of the day too!
KelAzMA: hmmm...
heyitsme3871: i say we make one up for ' lol '
anir107: one of my best's friends screen name has the word draconian in it, whooo
heyitsme3871: since it's used so much.
anir107: the first big word i REMEMBER (as in, there were probably words before it, and i dont
remember...) was pragmatic, lol
heyitsme3871: lol rina's jsut going on a rant about draconian
anir107: *in fifth grade
anir107: nooooooo
anir107: i go on rants about everything
heyitsme3871: spiel!
anir107: not just draconian : P
KelAzMA: [/rant]
KelAzMA: hehehe
KelAzMA: i do it all the time
KelAzMA: just not usually in here
heyitsme3871: me too Kel.
HannahBanana5689: oh my gosh guys, i saw a bumber sticker that said steelers and i thought it said
speilers for a second
anir107: oh, usually in here for me
HannahBanana5689: bumper
macaRoni090: lol
x sweet harmony: Haha
macaRoni090: spielers uniiite
x sweet harmony: I'm going to go shower, so I'll be back in 20.
KelAzMA: hehe....a "bum"ber sticker is one you stick on your butt
heyitsme3871: i know im making myself a t-shirt that says Spieler
HannahBanana5689: hahahahhaaha
macaRoni090: can someone explain to me...if theres an explaination....the "OMGWTFHORSYBIRD"
heyitsme3871: k Bonnie
KelAzMA: uh....
KelAzMA: buck beak?
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: yeah!!
KelAzMA: and POA in 15 minutes?
KelAzMA: maybe?
heyitsme3871: what was it? OH the HP PoA in 15 minutes
heyitsme3871: yeah that
Cannonsgirl2008: what up
KelAzMA: damn I'm good
KelAzMA: for an old lady
macaRoni090: wait...what??
heyitsme3871: w00t KEl.
macaRoni090: when did this happen?
heyitsme3871: have oyu read PoA in 15 minutes?
xmissrachiex has entered the room.
macaRoni090: nope
macaRoni090: where might i find it?
heyitsme3871: go to MuggleNet
heyitsme3871: wait ill jsut get the link
KelAzMA: woot!
macaRoni090: lol ok
anir107: aaaah
macaRoni090: thank youuu
heyitsme3871: there we go. arent you handy Kel?
KelAzMA: I'm like on internet crack today
xmissrachiex: haha i remember that
heyitsme3871: hahahahaah
anir107: heh, all i saw was 'poa in fifteen minutes'
macaRoni090: haha
KelAzMA: I feel so "not like shit" today
KelAzMA: it's amazing
anir107: i didn't even see someone said that
heyitsme3871: rachie.. hey! aer oyu the one with the Rupert icon?
KelAzMA: I don't feel GOOD...just not like shit anymore
anir107: there was also a caption in the cc a while back that had omgwtfhorsybird in it
macaRoni090: the most gorgeous picture of rupert in the WORLD
heyitsme3871: I LOVE THAT PIC.
xmissrachiex: yes, yes i am
heyitsme3871: i stared at it for 5 minutes straight.'
xmissrachiex: haha i love it too
macaRoni090: me too lol
KelAzMA: do you know how hard it was to find good pictures of rupert from POA when I did my
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: not real wallpaper...
KelAzMA: computer wallpaper
anir107 has left the room.
GymMidget415: guys, i give up
heyitsme3871: lol!
heyitsme3871: wb Jackieee
heyitsme3871: aw
GymMidget415: i keep trying to sleep so i'll feel better
xmissrachiex: lol
heyitsme3871: we'll help
KelAzMA: It was so hard....'cause i could find
GymMidget415: and it isnt working
KelAzMA: :scared rupert:
KelAzMA: :frightened rupert:
KelAzMA: :terrified rupert:
heyitsme3871: like i said. HP Nerd Support team
KelAzMA: and that was IT
GymMidget415: thnx, guys
xmissrachiex: i think my favorite line that poa in 15 min is "EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE
heyitsme3871: omg Kel! the coolest scary pic of Rupert i fond
heyitsme3871: is in someone's siggy
macaRoni090: ugh no matter what rupert is always goooorrgeous
macaRoni090: even in thunderpants
heyitsme3871: not scary. scared*
xmissrachiex: agreed
macaRoni090: well....
xmissrachiex: i love rupert
macaRoni090: yes me too
macaRoni090: i'd create a shrine
heyitsme3871: he's exactly liek Ron.. it's .. disturbing
xmissrachiex: do you guys like his hair?
macaRoni090: if my room werent so small
macaRoni090: i'll always love his hair..just because its a part of him
KelAzMA: when I did the wallpaper i finally found
some that weren't too bad
heyitsme3871: and out come the fangirls..
KelAzMA: [/shameless wallpaper plug]
macaRoni090: lol
xmissrachiex: lol
xmissrachiex: thats pretty cool
macaRoni090: hah theres also OMGWTFHEDWIG
GymMidget415: shamless plugs are allowed
KelAzMA: well I don't do them very often
xmissrachiex: yeah thats awesome
KelAzMA: and especially for a webpage I never finished
KelAzMA: <--non commital
GymMidget415: aww
KelAzMA: I started it....then hated it...
heyitsme3871: hahaa
KelAzMA: so i never finished it
heyitsme3871: how sadd. lol
KelAzMA: eh...sometimes bad ideas seem good
KelAzMA: and then they're not....
heyitsme3871: at the time
heyitsme3871: yeah.
heyitsme3871: did oyu know they make Barbies with real eyelashes now?
KelAzMA: y' the Berkenstock shoes....the ones called uh "athens" I think
KelAzMA: great...another something for my brother to cut off the barbies
heyitsme3871: random i know.
heyitsme3871: but there's four of them sleeping [ lamo listne to me.. ] next to me on my desk. my little
siter's colelction
heyitsme3871: oh wait.. only one of them has physical eyelashes.
macaRoni090: hey guys
macaRoni090: RAB
heyitsme3871: OKAY!
magical maladies has entered the room.
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: hello
heyitsme3871: ifrgtyourname !
heyitsme3871: :-D
magical maladies: alice =)
KelAzMA: lol that's MY line
heyitsme3871: hello there Alice!
KelAzMA: "good to see you....person" :-)
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: oh. site admin Alice huh.
magical maladies: yup
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: in the presence of authority. oooh.
HannahBanana5689: haha
magical maladies: lol not even
Alikona0000 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: haha hey are oyu ever gonan bring back that .. erm.. now i cant htink of it
heyitsme3871: you had a wallpaper i gues? and hte picutre was sideways..
magical maladies: ?
magical maladies: oh, the site layout?
magical maladies: yeah, hopefully, when I get around to working out site skins
heyitsme3871: and i cant type.
heyitsme3871: and it was a white background. and eric didnt like it or something?
KelAzMA: okay...I'ma restart AIM because it's a bish...brb
KelAzMA has left the room.
heyitsme3871: oh ok Alice.
heyitsme3871: lol i thought i might just leave oyu in the dust with that explanation of mine..
heyitsme3871: lag.
heyitsme3871: or not.
heyitsme3871: it;s funny. when no one's talking on this chat i think im lagging.
magical maladies: haha
HannahBanana5689: lol
KelAzMA has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: wb Kel
KelAzMA: thanks...
KelAzMA: :-)
magical maladies: and yeah, eric didn't like the layout that I'd made
heyitsme3871: GASP! we need an HP nerd term for wb!
magical maladies: so he made me change it to the one we have now. lol
KelAzMA: it wasn't letting me click on names...LOL
heyitsme3871: oh that sucks. i loved that one.
HannahBanana5689: i just discovered and i am having the time of my life
typing in MuggleCast ans reading the slogans
heyitsme3871: LOL
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: fun stuff
KelAzMA: I get hives if I can't ignore people
heyitsme3871: lol!
magical maladies: lol
heyitsme3871: when oyu ignore someone, does it show that they're tlaking and it's blank or what?
heyitsme3871: or does it not show up at all?
KelAzMA: it doesn't show up at all
KelAzMA: it's priceless
heyitsme3871: so like if someone was talking to them it would look like a onesided conversation?
magical maladies: yeah
KelAzMA: yeah
heyitsme3871: ahahah THAT is priceless.
KelAzMA: confuses the crap outta me sometimes
heyitsme3871: it would me too.
heyitsme3871: it would me too. i have such wonderful english.
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: "Go to heaven with MuggleCast" haha
heyitsme3871: lol
HannahBanana5689: "Heal the world with MuggleCast"
heyitsme3871: ooh my dad has a cool pen! i want.
HannahBanana5689: YES haha
lunibug4: HEN
HannahBanana5689: heeeeeey
HannahBanana5689: haha
heyitsme3871: cassi!
heyitsme3871: i think.
HannahBanana5689: "I wouldn't leave the house without MuggleCast.»"
lunibug4: hi
heyitsme3871: hahaha
HannahBanana5689: "MuggleCast - play it!"
heyitsme3871: gasp! ahahahaha
macaRoni090: ooh ooh go to
heyitsme3871: you're having WAY too much fun
macaRoni090: googlism is the bessstttt
heyitsme3871: i love that site ROni!
macaRoni090: yesss! its amazing
doublebubble512: haha
heyitsme3871: i've done my name
heyitsme3871: it's quite funny.
macaRoni090: lol
heyitsme3871: and my birthday,
macaRoni090: i do people all the time on googlism when im on the phone with them
macaRoni090: and i read it to them
heyitsme3871: apparently my bday is national alcohol screening day
macaRoni090: awesome
macaRoni090: lol
HannahBanana5689: haha
heyitsme3871: i was like. that's nice.
macaRoni090: haha
macaRoni090: ok i'll rab again
DratonMN: hah, in that case contribute to the positive group!
HannahBanana5689: "My MuggleCast and me"
HannahBanana5689: haha
heyitsme3871: lol Kevin.
macaRoni090: its so true!
GymMidget415: i hate being sick w/o actually being sick
heyitsme3871: [ pouts ] im sorry.
heyitsme3871: i'm going to googlism Jackie!
HannahBanana5689: "MuggleCast takes good care of you"
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: does it
heyitsme3871: heckyes htey do
GymMidget415: lol, have fun
Xmissrachiex: wait whats googlism
heyitsme3871: LMAO jackie! this rules!
KelAzMA: unless it makes you nasalate hot coffee....
heyitsme3871: go googlism your name!
KelAzMA: then THAT sucks
heyitsme3871: .. is.. interesting
heyitsme3871: just go to it rachie
Xmissrachiex: k
GymMidget415: ??
Xmissrachiex: LMAO
Xmissrachiex: rachel is a dork
heyitsme3871: jackie go to and search Jackie
Xmissrachiex: haha i could've told you that
heyitsme3871: jackie - do you support the yankees?
GymMidget415: yes
heyitsme3871: cuz that's what it's saying..
anir107 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: hey Rina
KelAzMA: Can I talk about my slightly fangirlish moment today?
anir107: ha, did anyone see ben's latest blog post?
GymMidget415: jackie is so awesome
heyitsme3871: jackie is a yankee fan
lunibug4: o.O
heyitsme3871: lol yeah JAckie!
anir107: every single paragraph beings with an 'i'
GymMidget415: guys...stop distracting me with this pointless website!
Xmissrachiex: jackie is not really blue
heyitsme3871: jackie is a digidesdintined with a purple
Xmissrachiex: damn and i thought you were really blue
GymMidget415: nope, sorry
heyitsme3871: jackie is a genius
anir107: your mom's a genius
Xmissrachiex: jackie is the son of poppy and hootie
anir107: oh snap
Xmissrachiex: say hi to hootie for me!
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: lol, ok
magical maladies has left the room.
heyitsme3871: jackie is unflappable as ever
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Hey guys, I'm baaack *waves*
HannahBanana5689: wb
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: jackie is lost in a storm
anir107 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: jackie is here
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i have to say this... i'm in love with john noe's voice <3333
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: i'm having wayyyyy too much fun with this
heyitsme3871: me too!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i mean...
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i was listening to filkcast
KelAzMA: John gave me a momentary fangirl moment today....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *dies*
KelAzMA: he said he liked my filk...and I started to smile all over myself
KelAzMA: it was so sad
KelAzMA: and fangirly
heyitsme3871: lol.
HannahBanana5689: awww
heyitsme3871: i still have to start my marathon
KelAzMA: but he's usually so critical...
Xmissrachiex: did you guys know that im a great fan of robot wars
Xmissrachiex: rachel is a great fan of robot wars
KelAzMA: I was expecting a meanie something from least....
mArIcHaBaLdIs: i have listened to "Voldemort is outside!" like a million times
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
KelAzMA: lol
HannahBanana5689: haha that was great
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I love love love his voice <3 :P
Xmissrachiex: yeah he's a surprisinly good singer
HannahBanana5689: yeah!
Xmissrachiex: surprisingly*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: And i'm very critical when it comes to that to be honest =p
KelAzMA: reminds me of Harry Connick Jr. (if that's how you spell his name)
heyitsme3871: that looks right
heyitsme3871: i ahve no idea who that is
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: me either
GymMidget415: liane!
heyitsme3871: liane.
GymMidget415: *liane confetti*
KelAzMA: well he's an actor
KelAzMA: and he does some singing...
KelAzMA: kinda lounge-singing type stuff
heyitsme3871: erm k
GymMidget415: im trying really hard to be enthusiastic...
KelAzMA: and he does a version of "it's cold outside"
heyitsme3871: lol
mArIcHaBaLdIs: *listens again*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
wishiwasaHIPSTER: whos an actor?
mArIcHaBaLdIs: im obsessed
mArIcHaBaLdIs: haha
HannahBanana5689: lol
KelAzMA: Harry Connick Jr
GymMidget415: wait...what?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: ooh
KelAzMA: and that's who John sounds ilke to me
KelAzMA: like* too
HannahBanana5689: i g2g
HannahBanana5689: bye
wishiwasaHIPSTER: haha
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i can see that
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
KelAzMA: *silence*
mArIcHaBaLdIs: . . .
GymMidget415: ...
heyitsme3871: my eye itches.
so l cant live: ..
KelAzMA: poke it
GymMidget415: journalism article sucks
wishiwasaHIPSTER: ...
heyitsme3871: i am!
GymMidget415: and i feel like shit
heyitsme3871: hey solcantlive - name?
KelAzMA: I can't believe I'm on the filkcast...that's so nuts
heyitsme3871: aw jackie.
KelAzMA: and like all you people can here me...
GymMidget415: laine, i wish i didnt have school tomorrow...
KelAzMA: tis wierd
GymMidget415: *liane
GymMidget415: then i wouldnt have to finish this stupid article
mArIcHaBaLdIs: I think yoru filk was awesome KelAzMa
heyitsme3871: lol yeah Kel i'd feel the same way
GymMidget415: *glares at liane*
wishiwasaHIPSTER: why is this my fault?
heyitsme3871: lol
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i dont have schoo;l tomorrow
mArIcHaBaLdIs: great great voice
GymMidget415: i know
KelAzMA: It's just weird that they credited me with that one....but not the other one....weird to me...
GymMidget415: i so want to be at your school right now
KelAzMA: but John prolly forgot
wishiwasaHIPSTER: no you dont
wishiwasaHIPSTER: trust me
GymMidget415: bc then i wouldnt have to finish my article tonight
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lol
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
GymMidget415: ...ok, bye?
heyitsme3871: lol..
Xmissrachiex: she doesnt have school because of the strike probably
heyitsme3871: mm.
GymMidget415: yea, she doesnt
Xmissrachiex: i just have to come in 2 hours later
macaRoni090: wait wait liane!!
heyitsme3871: she's gone.
heyitsme3871: GONE.
heyitsme3871: gtg. bye!
KelAzMA: *dramatic* Gone so gone
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: sorry
heyitsme3871: lol!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: bye!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: lollll!
mArIcHaBaLdIs: hehe
macaRoni090: nooo i need liane!
KelAzMA: sorry my acting doesn't come close to my singing...LOL
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
mArIcHaBaLdIs: Guys I have to go, brb later, I have this Christmas thing at my aunt's house
mArIcHaBaLdIs: One hour without listening to johhnnn =( XD lmao anywayss Ttyl ! *leaves*
GymMidget415 has left the room.
redneckgurl 3399 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hannah!
macaRoni090: *hannah confetti*
lunibug4 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: yes!
KelAzMA: *confetti*
HannahBanana5689: hannah confetti is the best
HannahBanana5689: lol
macaRoni090: lol yes yes
macaRoni090: fooo shoooo
macaRoni090: except i'm not ghetto at all
KelAzMA: *non-ghetto confetti*
HannahBanana5689: lol
macaRoni090: yes! kel thats awesome
Xmissrachiex: *nutella confetti*
macaRoni090: LOVE nutella
macaRoni090: you have nutella?
Xmissrachiex: oh yes
macaRoni090: i'm jealous
Xmissrachiex: well go buy some then
Xmissrachiex: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: chloe?
Cannonsgirl2008: can you still hear me?
macaRoni090: ugh its too late and i'm too lazy
x sweet harmony has left the room.
redneckgurl 3399 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: wow
HannahBanana5689: this is one exciting chat
macaRoni090: lol oh yeah
macaRoni090: go to
macaRoni090: it's much more exciting
macaRoni090: MUCH
HannahBanana5689: haha ok
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
GymMidget415: quick, who knows what pottercast episode the "in the ratings" thing started?
HannahBanana5689: um
GymMidget415: like when they replayed andrew saying ti
HannahBanana5689: oh
MajestiCRadiO3 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: i don't remeber
HannahBanana5689: CAAAAAAAAITLIN
GymMidget415: damn
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
GymMidget415: thnx anyway
GymMidget415 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: sorry!
MajestiCRadiO3: HANNAH!
HannahBanana5689: haha, hi
MajestiCRadiO3: whats up??
HannahBanana5689: oh nothing...
HannahBanana5689: siriusly
HannahBanana5689: it's slow tonight
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, for sirius!
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
HannahBanana5689: haha
doublebubble512: I'm sooooooooooo bored
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: its still a little bit early
HannahBanana5689: yeah it is
MajestiCRadiO3: allie!
HannahBanana5689: i was talking to one of my friends online today and i types siriusly instead of
Alikona0000: hey cait!
HannahBanana5689: and she was like what the flippin heck
HannahBanana5689: haha
doublebubble512: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: lmao! thats so funny!
so l cant live: haha
HannahBanana5689: it made me laugh
HannahBanana5689: she has no idea...
MajestiCRadiO3: aww, everyone should know!
HannahBanana5689: haha, do they WANT to know?
MajestiCRadiO3: hmm, actually, maybe not
MajestiCRadiO3: lol!
doublebubble512: doesn't matter, it's a need to know thing
MajestiCRadiO3: heehee kathleen
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: true
MajestiCRadiO3: c'mon, sirius black!
Alikona0000: ...weirdest commercial ever...
MajestiCRadiO3: which?
Alikona0000: this girl was all short and squished cause of "peer pressure"
HannahBanana5689: what? hahaha
Alikona0000: like I was weird.
doublebubble512: That sounds weird
MajestiCRadiO3: uh, yeah, sounds it
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
Alikona0000: yeah, you'll know it when you see it.
HannahBanana5689: i can hardly wait
HannahBanana5689: haha
Alikona0000: it was disturbing...haha.
HannahBanana5689: i'm sure
x sweet harmony: I decided I want an iPod opposed to a digi cam for Christmas... mainly because I want
to bring MC around with me.
Alikona0000: oooooh, does anyone watch House?
KelAzMA: lol
KelAzMA: that would be the ONLY way to go to the DMV
macaRoni090: thats was a really good descision
Alikona0000 has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: aw allie...
HannahBanana5689: um bye
gingernut17: I watch House
gingernut17: My fav tv show
gingernut17: and it's on now
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh, hugh laurie?
gingernut17: gah
HannahBanana5689: i dont watch much tv
lunibug4 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: cassiiiii
lunibug4: caitliiiin
HannahBanana5689: hey
lunibug4: hannahhh
lunibug4: :-)
HannahBanana5689: cassiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Chlojo3 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: oooh caitlin
lunibug4: yesss
HannahBanana5689: i beat you
lunibug4: CHLOE
MajestiCRadiO3: ahh, hannah, i know!
HannahBanana5689: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: i was just gonna say that!
MajestiCRadiO3: you beat me to that tooo
HannahBanana5689: yessssss
HannahBanana5689: man i have a lot of energy
MajestiCRadiO3: hyper!!
HannahBanana5689: just a bit!!!!
HannahBanana5689: i did a TON of christmas shopping today... so i'm all excited and stuff
lunibug4: hey me too
MajestiCRadiO3: oh! thats so fun!
MajestiCRadiO3: i love x-mas shopping!
HannahBanana5689: yeah
HannahBanana5689: its fun
HannahBanana5689: for the first hour
KelAzMA: do the wrapping...
KelAzMA: your butt will fall asleep
KelAzMA: your back will hurt
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: and then you'll be un-hypered
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, i love wrapping too!
HannahBanana5689: i enjoy that more than the shopping
KelAzMA: omg...i suck so bad wrapping
HannahBanana5689: because you can do it at home... and there aren't a bizillllllllion people around
MajestiCRadiO3: true dat
MajestiCRadiO3: i hate people!
KelAzMA: a one armed guy with one eye and a hook for his other hand could wrap better than me
HannahBanana5689: lol
HannahBanana5689: aww!
MajestiCRadiO3: captain hook!
KelAzMA: I mean...Captain hoook had another arm...LOL
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: omgz
MajestiCRadiO3: omg!
HannahBanana5689: what
KelAzMA: wha?
KelAzMA: I didn't do it
MajestiCRadiO3: *plankton*
doublebubble512: what?
KelAzMA: whatever it was
KelAzMA: .
HannahBanana5689: .
MajestiCRadiO3: .
HannahBanana5689: haha
ECD22887 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Edward!
HannahBanana5689: hey!
KelAzMA: Hola Eduardo!
ECD22887: Hi!
HannahBanana5689: lara, we neeeeeed you
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: so
ECD22887: paging lara
HannahBanana5689: how is everyone on this 'lovely' night
ECD22887: great!
HannahBanana5689: its pouring right now
doublebubble512: sleepy
HannahBanana5689: and i mean pouring
KelAzMA: I'm good
HannahBanana5689: good good
KelAzMA: we need rain here.
MajestiCRadiO3: raining cats and dogs?
ECD22887: brb
doublebubble512: kk
KelAzMA: we've got like a ten foot layer of smog over the valley right now
HannahBanana5689: siriusly
lunibug4: EDWARD
Chlojo3: EDWARD
KelAzMA: we need some wind or rain
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: we've got PLENTY
doublebubble512: delayed reaction
Chlojo3: u missed jamie
MajestiCRadiO3: edward! i didn't see you!
HannahBanana5689: haha
lunibug4: omg edward
KelAzMA: he just came it :-) don't feel TOOO bad
doublebubble512: yeah but he already managed to go away
KelAzMA: like 3 minutes ago
KelAzMA: LOL short attention span
doublebubble512: haha
doublebubble512: yeah
HannahBanana5689: have you guys listend to the holiday filkcast
MajestiCRadiO3: yes!
lunibug4: yesss
MajestiCRadiO3: i loved it!
doublebubble512: yes!!!!!!!
lunibug4: chloe
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: so funny
doublebubble512: It rocked
KelAzMA: I did listen to it.
lunibug4: has the best filk
MajestiCRadiO3: john can sin really well1
lunibug4: ever. kthx.
HannahBanana5689: sirisuly!
lunibug4: yeah
doublebubble512: yeah who knew
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah chloeeeee
lunibug4: edward
HannahBanana5689: the whole mugglenet greg thing at the end
HannahBanana5689: hahahahah
MajestiCRadiO3: yes! i loved it!
doublebubble512: yeah
HannahBanana5689: i almost died i was laughing so hard
doublebubble512: it was great!
MajestiCRadiO3: i know! i loved greg
HannahBanana5689: man, good times
Chlojo3: mugglenet greg is my hero
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: totally
lunibug4: GREGO
HannahBanana5689: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: leggo my greggo!
doublebubble512: leggo my greggo
lunibug4: leggo my grego kthx
HannahBanana5689: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: lol!!
xmissrachiex has left the room.
lunibug4: 1
lunibug4: 2
lunibug4: 3
lunibug4: SNOW PATROL
MajestiCRadiO3: snow patrol
HannahBanana5689: *gasp*
doublebubble512: SNOW PATROL
HannahBanana5689: light up, light up
KelAzMA: Snow Patrollers in Phoenix would be SO out of work
KelAzMA: for eternity
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: as if you have a choice
Chlojo3: YESH! HANNAH!
HannahBanana5689: even if you cannot hear my voice
doublebubble512: It's a great job in MI
HannahBanana5689: i'll be right beside you dear
lunibug4: <3
HannahBanana5689: that song..
HannahBanana5689: i love it
MajestiCRadiO3: awww
lunibug4: :-D
doublebubble512: RAB
kayleYr0x has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: mmmmmk
lunibug4: las vegas
MajestiCRadiO3: laaaas vegas
HannahBanana5689: viva las vegas
HannahBanana5689: i always hear john and andrew singing that
lunibug4: vivaaaa las vegasss
HannahBanana5689: when i think of vegas
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
MajestiCRadiO3: oh god! ben singing!
MajestiCRadiO3: yes
HannahBanana5689: OH LA LA
HannahBanana5689: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: oh la la!
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: yes
HannahBanana5689: oh la la
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: la france
GymMidget415: guys i officially have 3 pages done
HannahBanana5689: ouu oui
HannahBanana5689: holla
GymMidget415: and i'm not even close to being finished
HannahBanana5689: aw
HannahBanana5689: keep going!
MajestiCRadiO3: holla back frenchies!
HannahBanana5689: i belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve
macaRoni090: wow thats 1 more page than like, 5 hours ago
macaRoni090: woot jackie!
GymMidget415: meh im tryng
HannahBanana5689: haha, holla back frenchies? LOL
HannahBanana5689: hahahahaha
GymMidget415: its soo frustrating
macaRoni090: lol i know i know
lunibug4: lame
HannahBanana5689: hahahhahaaahaahahhahhahahahhahhahahahhahahhhaaa
MajestiCRadiO3: yess, frenchies
lunibug4: invalid
MajestiCRadiO3: invalid
Chlojo3: INVALID
HannahBanana5689: ok i gotta go
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
macaRoni090: bye hannahh!!!
HannahBanana5689: i'll be back later tonight
HannahBanana5689: bye
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, ok!
MajestiCRadiO3: bye hannah!
GymMidget415: bbl
HannahBanana5689: i swear i'll return! i always do
HannahBanana5689: lol
GymMidget415 has left the room.
lunibug4: awwww
lunibug4: later
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
ECD22887: hi i'm back
ECD22887: sorry had to take out the trash
lunibug4: edward
MajestiCRadiO3: hi edward!
lunibug4: you are back
ECD22887: yes i am
lunibug4: skype?!
ECD22887: well, i'm i kinda wanted to listen to the end of the filk cast first
lunibug4: okay
lunibug4: FINE
ECD22887: who else is on
lunibug4: um
macaRoni090: YES the filkcast just finished downloading!
lunibug4: chloe, caitlin
lunibug4: your mom
lunibug4: i mean, kevin, and colleen
lemon cake528 has entered the room.
lunibug4: LARAAA
KelAzMA: you get to hear me sing...LMAO
lemon cake528: FILKCAST <3
KelAzMA: *dies*
lunibug4: yes
lemon cake528: WON WON BABY
macaRoni090: lol yesss
MajestiCRadiO3: filkcast rockss
ECD22887: i did
lemon cake528: goooooo kelazma!
ECD22887: i really liked won won!
KelAzMA: I actually sing on 3....actually
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
macaRoni090: schweeet
lemon cake528: i loved melissa and johns duet =D
KelAzMA: but I didn't wanna sound like an ass braggart or anything...
doublebubble512: back
lunibug4: ME TOO
macaRoni090: haha squeeeeeeeee
MajestiCRadiO3: melissa and john were the funniest1!!
MajestiCRadiO3: hi kathleen!
doublebubble512: hi!
ECD22887: show where's the next azkaban trio gig?
KelAzMA: if you guys get iTunes you need to hope that Kyrane's filk goes in it....hers...well...I loved it!
ECD22887: hi kathleen
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh, i loved sue's lucius baby!
KelAzMA: You'd have to ask the's his work
doublebubble512: I love Sue! she's so funny
ECD22887: oh, he's the tour manager i guess
KelAzMA: He wrote the song
KelAzMA: I just sang to it n did the music editing and all that crap
KelAzMA: but his brilliant mind did all the lyrics
ECD22887: there were a lot of really great songs this time
MajestiCRadiO3: aw, guru is the best!
MajestiCRadiO3: i know! every one was soo good
ECD22887: did anyone else have trouble hearing the Neville song?
ECD22887: ... guess not.
ECD22887: oh well
doublebubble512: Which one was that?
doublebubble512: I don't remember
ECD22887: like the 3rd or 4th one
ECD22887: it's called I'll Be Home for Christmas (for Neville)
MajestiCRadiO3: um, i didn't have any trouble...
macaRoni090: i love john noe's much
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: haha
GymMidget415: 3 1/2 pages!
macaRoni090: woohoo!
GymMidget415: w00t!
x sweet harmony: I'm listening to the filkcast... and these people are brilliant.
macaRoni090: aww i love the pottercasters
GymMidget415: w00t
doublebubble512: oh yeah, it's kind of hard to hear
ECD22887: yeah, mostly during the ending
doublebubble512: yeah
macaRoni090: wait in the 12 days of xmas, what's number 2?
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
macaRoni090: ooo sirius black bahblahalhbal
doublebubble512: I don't know, it was too fast for me
ECD22887: 12 days of John noe was num 3
macaRoni090: its 2 sirius black bedsheets
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
macaRoni090: hey
lemon cake528: hey k'lyssa.
ECD22887: K'Lyssa!
doublebubble512: hey k'lyssa
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hey guys. =)
MajestiCRadiO3: hi k'lyssa!
GymMidget415: k'lyssa confetti
lunibug4: K'lyssa
lunibug4: confetti is dead
doublebubble512: My favorite one has to be the Won Won one
KelAzMA: oh daughter's having a mental break down...
KelAzMA: the VCR isn't plugged in
x0xbeautifulsoul: I promise, promise, promise I'm going to go get started on those lists now.
x0xbeautifulsoul: PROMISE.
KelAzMA: the world will stop revolving
GymMidget415: lol, ok
lunibug4: :D*
x0xbeautifulsoul: Especially because I just had the best night in awhile, and I actually feel like it. =P
ECD22887: lol
GymMidget415: aww yay!
doublebubble512: which one's chloes?
lunibug4: yeah
MajestiCRadiO3: oooh, go k'lyssa!
lunibug4: the best one ever
lemon cake528: =D
doublebubble512: haha
GymMidget415: i'm working on my journalism article, it's nearing the end of its first draft
macaRoni090: kel which filks are yours?
x0xbeautifulsoul: I don't remember if it was any of you..but I had to write a short story for English and I
posted the summary here, and a few people said they wanted to read it.
x0xbeautifulsoul: It's all finished, if anyone wants to see.
ECD22887: yeah, i remember that
GymMidget415: i'd like to see it
GymMidget415: thought i didnt see the summary
macaRoni090: me too
macaRoni090: yeah
GymMidget415: i love that kind of stuff
ECD22887: yeah, show us!
redneckgurl 3399 has entered the room.
x0xbeautifulsoul: It's long, so I'll have to send it indivdually. *IMs*
doublebubble512: I want to see
GymMidget415: lol, ok
x0xbeautifulsoul: individually*
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: i'm baaaaaaack for a bit
MajestiCRadiO3: hannah!!
ECD22887: hannah!
lemon cake528: hannahh=D
HannahBanana5689: hi
doublebubble512: hannah!
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: woo hannahs back!
HannahBanana5689: i feel so loved
lunibug4: hannah <3
HannahBanana5689: so
macaRoni090: thats funny your sn is yellow and i was like "haha banana!" and...yeh
HannahBanana5689: haha really?
lunibug4: bye
macaRoni090: then i realized that your sn has banana
HannahBanana5689: lol
lunibug4: oops
HannahBanana5689: haha
HannahBanana5689: so
HannahBanana5689: whats up
HannahBanana5689: its been like... 10 minutes
KelAzMA: sorry sorry.
KelAzMA: okay...
doublebubble512: still nothin
KelAzMA: the world may continue
HannahBanana5689: lol ok
macaRoni090: kel which filks are yours?
KelAzMA: the VCR is now plugged in...
KelAzMA: Um Won Won is mine
HannahBanana5689: that was so great
doublebubble512: That one rocks!
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh is it? i loved that one!
KelAzMA: the one called "Lounge of Leaky" is mine
ECD22887: won won was one of my favorites
KelAzMA: and I was part of the azkaban trio...Guru wrote it and let me sing with it
HannahBanana5689: awesome
lemon cake528: wonwon<3
macaRoni090: awesomee
KelAzMA: speaking voice really...really...really...isn't all Lavender-y
doublebubble512: wow
HannahBanana5689: haha
alysonmarie says has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: i thought it was great
MajestiCRadiO3: alyson!
KelAzMA: thanks for liking my songs :-)
macaRoni090: aww you have such a nice voice
KelAzMA: I appreciate it :-)
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
alysonmarie says: heeeeeey
KelAzMA: thank you
HannahBanana5689: hey!
alysonmarie says: KEL!
KelAzMA: yes?
redneckgurl 3399 has left the room.
KelAzMA: LMAO thanks :-)
alysonmarie says: :-D
KelAzMA: I donno what else to say
KelAzMA: it's fun for me
alysonmarie says: ohmygod and john can sing!
MajestiCRadiO3: that pottercast was the best!
alysonmarie says: who knew!
HannahBanana5689: i know
MajestiCRadiO3: i know! how god is john?!
ECD22887: yeah, john has a great voice
HannahBanana5689: i was like john... <3
alysonmarie says: he sounds gorgeous!
MajestiCRadiO3: *good
alysonmarie says: yeah totally <3
lemon cake528: =D
alysonmarie says: and that was only from the first song
KelAzMA: I'm still saying his voice reminds me of Harry Connick
macaRoni090: i know thats what i was saying before johns voice is amazing!
alysonmarie says: i'm listening to it right now
lemon cake528: that was HILARIOUS
lemon cake528: oohh i love john.
KelAzMA: jr
KelAzMA: even
HannahBanana5689: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too
alysonmarie says: man i'm done gushing i think
lemon cake528: stirniolo!
alysonmarie says: but kel you're awesome
MajestiCRadiO3: *dies*
KelAzMA: I about died when John said he liked my WonWon filk...
MajestiCRadiO3: stirkneeohlow
lemon cake528: hahah
KelAzMA: I really thought he'd say something snarky...
doublebubble512: haha
alysonmarie says: and so was guru "emerson spartz ... not on leaky"
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: I had a fangirl moment...
ECD22887: haha
lemon cake528: hhaha
alysonmarie says: lol
HannahBanana5689: that was great
KelAzMA: heheh Guru's so funny
HannahBanana5689: mugglenet gref
HannahBanana5689: g
MajestiCRadiO3: gregory!
HannahBanana5689: i'm still laughing about that
lemon cake528: greggo!
HannahBanana5689: still
KelAzMA: so is everyone getting random pornish IM's...or is it me only?
macaRoni090: ahhhh kel you're awesome!
alysonmarie says: im's?
HannahBanana5689: um, you
doublebubble512: what?
alysonmarie says: i've been getting weird requests on skype
KelAzMA: hmmm...must be something in my settings...
HannahBanana5689: yeah
alysonmarie says: from creepy 32 year olds from turkey
KelAzMA: i'ma have to do some lookin'
HannahBanana5689: ewwww
MajestiCRadiO3: uh, ew!
KelAzMA: heheh....
doublebubble512: eww
macaRoni090: yeah jackie said she got a skype call from this really creepy guy
alysonmarie says: yeah it's like "hi, no"
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: I looke for an america pin pal
alysonmarie says: yeah, i wish you could eliminate that search feature
MajestiCRadiO3: i mean, can they even speak english??
KelAzMA: uh huh
alysonmarie says: lol
GymMidget415: yea, i did
HannahBanana5689: haha
alysonmarie says: 'you nice girl be my friend"
GymMidget415: he went away though
KelAzMA: uh...nope
doublebubble512: haha
ECD22887: eww
MajestiCRadiO3: omg, so creepy!
so l cant live: I get a lot of foreigners adding me on skype
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
MajestiCRadiO3: weirdness
alysonmarie says: man if someone had enough bandwith to support it, it'd be great to have a website
devoted to all the pottercast filks
HannahBanana5689: YES
alysonmarie says: in like individual track downloads
HannahBanana5689: YES
so l cant live: It's like do you expect me talk to you if you don't speak my language??
alysonmarie says: lol
HannahBanana5689: brilliant
KelAzMA: I'm so hoping that Kyrane's filk goes in the bonus
KelAzMA: it was really good
alysonmarie says: really?
macaRoni090: ahh i love sue squuueeeeeeee ing
alysonmarie says: who sung voldie baby?
KelAzMA: yeah...I actually listened to it with my other christmas stuff
HannahBanana5689: when we open presents on christmas, we play christmas music... what if i put in the
filkcast instead
HannahBanana5689: hahaha
KelAzMA: I donno
alysonmarie says: that was very good
doublebubble512: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: voldy baby was so good!
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
alysonmarie says: okay i'm only on draco's christmas
HannahBanana5689: man, i'll have to listen to that again
HannahBanana5689: and again
HannahBanana5689: and again
HannahBanana5689: and again
macaRoni090: i'm on listenin to the leaky pottercast
alysonmarie says: crucio crucio crucio
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: now i saw susan kissing sirius
HannahBanana5689: lol
alysonmarie says: man is it sad that this makes me so excited?
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: nope
doublebubble512: no
KelAzMA: on the site they didn't actually credit me for one I did...but I'm thinking John didn't know it was
mine (although I named the file kelazmafilkV2.mp3) he may just not have paid attention...
x sweet harmony has left the room.
macaRoni090: lol i love this song
HannahBanana5689: it makes me excited too
alysonmarie says: which one was it?
KelAzMA: I honestly didn't think it was totally fair that they put in 2 of mine..>AND< the one with Guru and
KelAzMA: but that's just me
alysonmarie says: lol
alysonmarie says: BUT YOU AND GURU ARE AWESOME
alysonmarie says: okay guys, i'm going to take this liberty
alysonmarie says: i'm considering naming kel and guru king & queen
lunibug4 has left the room.
KelAzMA: I know...but they could have taken one of the others out and let someone elses get played
alysonmarie says: of you know...the filks or something.
HannahBanana5689: lol ok
doublebubble512: ok
macaRoni090: lol
alysonmarie says: <3
GymMidget415: bbl
KelAzMA: I donno 'bout that....
GymMidget415 has left the room.
alysonmarie says: oh you're so modest
lunibug4 has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: i feel like we talk about more pottercast that mugglecast in here sometimes
HannahBanana5689: lol
alysonmarie says: lol
KelAzMA: not modest...I just don't look good in crowns
macaRoni090: haha the draco song
alysonmarie says: well, i have an opinion as to WHY that is, but i'll keep it to myself
doublebubble512: well, pottercast did take over yesterday
HannahBanana5689: yes
alysonmarie says: you don't have to wear a crown
HannahBanana5689: it sis
HannahBanana5689: *did
alysonmarie says: i'll make youa royal scarf
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, pottercast totally took over!
MajestiCRadiO3: it sis!
ECD22887: well, when melissa and john come in here they actually keep up with the convosation
HannahBanana5689: haha
alysonmarie says: pottercast took over?
doublebubble512: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: lol typos rule
alysonmarie says: lol
HannahBanana5689: yeah
KelAzMA: but my neck is too fat for scarves...heh
macaRoni090: thats like "oh dead"
HannahBanana5689: flipping fosh
alysonmarie says: no way!
doublebubble512: sue was in here too!
MajestiCRadiO3: flipping fosh!
alysonmarie says: really!
alysonmarie says: i love sue, she's so darn cute
ECD22887: she didn't say anything though
HannahBanana5689: mhmm
HannahBanana5689: squeeee
macaRoni090: well....sue said hi
KelAzMA: she did say Hi....I think
ECD22887: sue us really funny
alysonmarie says: lol
ECD22887: squeeeeeeee
doublebubble512: she said hi
doublebubble512: haha
macaRoni090: RAB
alysonmarie says: i like how when people bite it, they refer to it as being "ak'd"
HannahBanana5689: haha me too
KelAzMA: LOL my sister and I have said that for a long time
alysonmarie says: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: ak'd!
KelAzMA: I thought we were just retarded
MajestiCRadiO3: yesss
KelAzMA: then John said it...and it's canon
lemon cake528 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: lol
alysonmarie says: lol
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: john talked about ben a lot
KelAzMA: I tell her better get your room clean or ma's gonna ak us BOTH when she gets home
KelAzMA: Johns a Jo-bemma shipper
alysonmarie says: lol
KelAzMA: little triangle thing...
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: he doesn't like to talk about it
KelAzMA: okay
KelAzMA: that's a lie
KelAzMA: i'm spreading rumors
KelAzMA: but still
HannahBanana5689: lol
doublebubble512: your typing like eric!
MajestiCRadiO3: lol kathleen
KelAzMA: and I pulled an Eric
HannahBanana5689: pulling an eric
mArIcHaBaLdIs has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: lol
KelAzMA: all in the same minute
KelAzMA: you can tell I'm feeling better
doublebubble512: haha
KelAzMA: my fingers are responding to brain waves
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: hey all
KelAzMA: hola!
alysonmarie says: hollaaaa
doublebubble512: hello
HannahBanana5689: hey hey hey
KelAzMA: okay how far are you in now?
KelAzMA: what song?
Ponyjockey123: kathleen I like your new layout
alysonmarie says: harry harry harry
KelAzMA: okay
alysonmarie says: its really cute
doublebubble512: thanks
alysonmarie says: layout?
KelAzMA: on the website with the link to this chat?
KelAzMA: eh?
doublebubble512: yeah
alysonmarie says: ohhhh
KelAzMA: k...thought so...LOL
KelAzMA: just making sure I'm not a total fool
doublebubble512: kyrane7 made it
alysonmarie says: what other song did you sing kel?
Ponyjockey123: so what is happening guys
KelAzMA: you're not to it yet
KelAzMA: that's why I was askin'
alysonmarie says: darn it
alysonmarie says: tell me
KelAzMA: I will
KelAzMA: when you get to it
alysonmarie says: i'm gonna try to guess
KelAzMA: you may recognize the voice...or not
KelAzMA: I"m not sure
alysonmarie says: when it comes.
Ponyjockey123: what r u talking about
KelAzMA: I could tell by the quality of music...LMAO...but that's just because I'm really anal when it
comes to musical quality
alysonmarie says: the new pottercast
doublebubble512: pottercast
alysonmarie says: it's a filkcast
alysonmarie says: a holiday filkcast
KelAzMA: of course we're talking about pottercast
Ponyjockey123: oh is it up?
alysonmarie says: yep!
KelAzMA: this is MuggleCast chat
doublebubble512: yep
KelAzMA: what else would be talk about
HannahBanana5689: lol
Ponyjockey123: i shall go download it
doublebubble512: haha
alysonmarie says: sneaks put it up when i was out all day
KelAzMA: or as John would say....we're talking about it in here because the PotterCast chat room is
maxed out
alysonmarie says: lol
doublebubble512: haha
alysonmarie says: lounge of leakyyyyyy
Ponyjockey123: ok it's downloading
KelAzMA: yeah....that would be probably could tell by all the words
alysonmarie says: <3
alysonmarie says: i knew from your voice
alysonmarie says: it sounds great for being recorded on the comp, you've got a great voice
KelAzMA: well it's kinda whiney in the first one....LOL
alysonmarie says: and don't say otherwise, i'll knife you.
alysonmarie says: but it's still good
alysonmarie says: you did the part great
KelAzMA: it's supposed to be lavender-y
KelAzMA: hehehe
alysonmarie says: haha, yeah i saw that in the lounge
Ponyjockey123: oh i can't wait for it to download
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
HannahBanana5689: 5 horcriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
alysonmarie says: oh its love
MajestiCRadiO3: horcriiiii
KelAzMA: it's funny because right voice so sounds like a man...I told Guru I should sing the
other 2 parts to the dark mark song
macaRoni090: guru!!!!!
KelAzMA: and we can save it for later
x sweet harmony: I want to give The Guru of Sloth the biggest hug. He's brilliant.
alysonmarie says: lol, no way!
ECD22887: 5 horicriiiiiiii
Ponyjockey123: i luv the guru sloth
alysonmarie says: lol
ECD22887: i loved that one
Ponyjockey123: i wish i knew who it was
HannahBanana5689: he is
KelAzMA: I've been sick for so long joke...I finished recording the dark mark song and editing
and stuff....
KelAzMA: and had my Christmas thing at church
KelAzMA: and within 2 days my voice was gone
alysonmarie says: did you guys decide to do that on your own?
KelAzMA: straight to the shitter
alysonmarie says: or did someone suggest it?
KelAzMA: He wrote it...
KelAzMA: and sent it to me
x sweet harmony: Kelazma, you have such a great voice. ^_^
KelAzMA: and I got some music and put a few parts of it together and sang it and sent it to him...and he
said "we totally have to do this now"
KelAzMA: Thank you :-)
alysonmarie says: :-D
KelAzMA: I'm a compliment hussy :-)
KelAzMA: btw
alysonmarie says: OH it's john and melissa's now
alysonmarie says: shhhh
alysonmarie says: i'm listening
KelAzMA: oh they're fab
KelAzMA: reallly
macaRoni090: wait wait wait who finished reading k'lyssas story?
KelAzMA: get ready to get all giggly
alysonmarie says: oh man i already am
doublebubble512: me
doublebubble512: it was awesome
macaRoni090: it really was
macaRoni090: oh my god
lemon cake528 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: laraaaa
HannahBanana5689: we missed you
doublebubble512: hello lara!!
MajestiCRadiO3: we did
alysonmarie says: "we'll come to your house and kick you in the forehead"
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: I love that
lemon cake528: yoyoyo.
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: "you're such a baby!"
HannahBanana5689: i want them to come to my house
alysonmarie says: yeah word
MajestiCRadiO3: yo mama!
HannahBanana5689: even if is to kick me
alysonmarie says: lol
doublebubble512: be right back, I have to make sure my clothes are being washed
alysonmarie says: OH MY GOD
KelAzMA: hehehe
alysonmarie says: i'm not a fangirl, but i totally am right now
alysonmarie says: ohmygosh
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: John's like a vocal sex kitten now, eh?
ECD22887: lol
macaRoni090: i'm a freakin pottercast fangirl
alysonmarie says: yeah word
macaRoni090: YES HE IS
KelAzMA: it's okay...when he talks about his fave filk...I almost peed
alysonmarie says: i love you mugglenerds, but i'm a pottercast person at heart
macaRoni090: his voice just made me love him more
KelAzMA: I'm sure that's attractive
so l cant live: seriously
MajestiCRadiO3: yeah, alyson!
MajestiCRadiO3: PC!!
alysonmarie says: <3333
GymMidget415 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: back
GymMidget415: 4 pages
alysonmarie says: i think melissa is trying to sing way to high
GymMidget415: w00t!
macaRoni090: *jackie confetti and project confetti*
so l cant live: that one song mentioned mugglecast
alysonmarie says: swooooooooooon
KelAzMA: Alyson...she mentioned before that she's got some sort of...singing phobia
alysonmarie says: yeah i read that
alysonmarie says: i give her so much credit
GymMidget415: i never thought it would be so annoying to write a journalism article on the live podcast
alysonmarie says: i could never ever do something like this
KelAzMA: so yeah...she gets my love
Ponyjockey123: jackie!
GymMidget415: *grumbles*
GymMidget415: hey, chaya
alysonmarie says: i used to do musicals but then something happened and i lost all confidence in my
HannahBanana5689: aw
alysonmarie says: and its all been downhill
GymMidget415: aww
alysonmarie says: oh well! life's tough! moving on <3
HannahBanana5689: i'm sure its not that bad
x sweet harmony: It's Sleigh Ride!! I've heard this song WAYYY too much this year!
alysonmarie says: llol
KelAzMA: well singing is the only thing I do well so I try
KelAzMA: eh
HannahBanana5689: aww, thats my favorite christmas song
GymMidget415: i havent even started talking about the actual podcast yet..
KelAzMA: Sleigh Ride...well...y'know...anyone who'd filk that sux
KelAzMA: *smirk*
GymMidget415: so im not even half way done
x sweet harmony: I heard it played at three concerts(orchestra/band) and... ah.
HannahBanana5689: ooh
HannahBanana5689: i understand
KelAzMA: *looks around guiltily*
Ponyjockey123: good luck jackie
alysonmarie says: oh man my brother just put on jackson 5, abc, i've got to pause
GymMidget415: lol, thanks
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: im currently describing how sue stopped to take pictures with jason isaaces, and
emerson couldnt get a cab
alysonmarie says: abc it's easy as 1 2 3
GymMidget415: which will bring rina into the picture, bc she heard melissa cursing...
KelAzMA: and Emerson talked to fans instead of getting to the live podcast....
KelAzMA: hehehe
GymMidget415: yea, i got that
lemon cake528 has left the room.
x sweet harmony: I think TLC should make a CD out of this and sell it as a 'christmas present' I'd so buy it
and wrap it and give it to my HP friends.
KelAzMA: *timetravelkick* GET TO THE BOOKSTORE!
HannahBanana5689: sirisuly!
alysonmarie says: yeah word
KelAzMA: well ya got wait for the 2nd one...LOL
alysonmarie says: haha siriusly
HannahBanana5689: i'd give it to my friends. period.
GymMidget415: where's a portkey when you need one...
Ponyjockey123: i would buy it
doublebubble512: I would totally buy it
GymMidget415: actually, i need a time turner right about now
Ponyjockey123: lol
x sweet harmony: It'd be an amazing Christmas present!
GymMidget415: so i can sit here and work on this for an extra hour
alysonmarie says: i think it would be best just to take a seperate piece of paper and ramble about it
alysonmarie says: and then go back and edit
alysonmarie says: that's what i do when i'm stuck
GymMidget415: im not gonna finish it by tomottow
alysonmarie says: i just go oon and on about it and at least get main ideas out
GymMidget415: thats what im doing, its just i have to work around quotes
HannahBanana5689: "the only problem i have with MC is that i can never tell who is who" LAME
macaRoni090: jackie when is it due?
x sweet harmony: John and Melissa one. -squees-
GymMidget415: so i have to find the quotes before i write it
lemon cake528 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: some people can't tell
KelAzMA: no joke
doublebubble512: yeah, I get the main ideas down first when I'm writing a paper and I go back and put in
oodles of details
HannahBanana5689: i know
HannahBanana5689: i know
Ponyjockey123: i can tell
GymMidget415: rough draft is due tomorrow, and we have 2 days of peer editing
HannahBanana5689: i couldn't at first
x sweet harmony: I just took a swig of water and choked.
lemon cake528 has left the room.
KelAzMA: my sister had to ask me...."how many guys are there"
MajestiCRadiO3: lara is struggling!
HannahBanana5689: i know she is!
macaRoni090: thats good...its only the rough draft
GymMidget415: so im just gonna print off what i have and not give it to my friends to edit
HannahBanana5689: poor kid
KelAzMA: and that one day there was 4...
macaRoni090: doesnt have to be perfect or complete or anything
GymMidget415: so i can have an extra day to edit
KelAzMA: she was so lost
lemon cake528 has entered the room.
lemon cake528: stupid aim
HannahBanana5689: awww lara
GymMidget415: k'lyssa actually offered to read it over,,,
HannahBanana5689: we still love you
macaRoni090: aww thats so nice
doublebubble512: Jaime just signed on
HannahBanana5689: really? i love k'lyssa
MajestiCRadiO3: i'm sorry lara!
GymMidget415: i know
doublebubble512: *Jamie
macaRoni090: woot jamie
alysonmarie says: wow..stalkerish
alysonmarie says: :-)
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: so im gonna give it to her to read over
doublebubble512: he's on my buddy list
HannahBanana5689: aren't we all
KelAzMA: *laughs like she's got mad cow*
alysonmarie says: haha, speak for yourself woman!
doublebubble512: haha
KelAzMA: you guys are funny has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: jackie, when you are done can i read it
GymMidget415: surely hiiiiiii
GymMidget415: cuz you will be in it...
HannahBanana5689: hey
macaRoni090: yeah me too?
HannahBanana5689: hannah
HannahBanana5689: haha
Ponyjockey123: yay
GymMidget415: surly...
macaRoni090: i wont be in it lol hi hannah
macaRoni090: but i still want to read it
doublebubble512: brb
GymMidget415: i'll let you all read it
Ponyjockey123: k
macaRoni090: yay what are we reading?
doublebubble512: in about 10 minutesish
HannahBanana5689: mmmmmmm dinner
HannahBanana5689: be back later okkk
MajestiCRadiO3: bye hannah!
GymMidget415: i had to print off a thousand and one transcripts so i can get quotes from everyone...
GymMidget415: it sucked
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
Ponyjockey123: i had pizza yay wait-what are we reading?
GymMidget415: i didnt eat dinner
macaRoni090: me neither!!
Ponyjockey123: jackies report oh cool
Ponyjockey123: about the podcast XD ok
macaRoni090: i had 3:45 lunch and no dinner
GymMidget415: it's an in-depth story
Ponyjockey123: role call, what did you eat for dinner
GymMidget415: which i now officially hate
macaRoni090: <----no dinner
GymMidget415: <~~~nothing
Ponyjockey123: < --- pizza persianess---->
Ponyjockey123: what is persianess?
macaRoni090: lol yeah.... persian food
Ponyjockey123: huh lol i meant persian-ness ummm persian food... like food from iran?
Ponyjockey123: what sort of food is persian food
GymMidget415: *sigh*
GymMidget415: i hate in-depth stories... lol persian food = rice
Ponyjockey123: and
macaRoni090: can i point out to you guys that i must love u all alot because ive stopped talking to my
school friends online since i found this chat.....
macaRoni090: just felt like i had to say that
GymMidget415: aww! well basically you can put anything with rice and it could be called persian
GymMidget415: *huggles* lol awww i love you too roni!
macaRoni090: *huggllessss!*
Ponyjockey123: i have done that to roni like tonight i had fish and rice
Ponyjockey123: i mean i see them at school what's the point
macaRoni090: :-P lol
Ponyjockey123: rina is online!
GymMidget415: who wants to write my article for me? hahaha
Ponyjockey123: lol
macaRoni090: yeah except ive been sick and out of school since last week
macaRoni090: so i havent seen them...really... lol
Ponyjockey123: oh feel better
macaRoni090: but i ignore them when they im me all of my friends are out of t town
macaRoni090: thank you
GymMidget415: aww!
GymMidget415: im still in school right now, so...
macaRoni090: :-( holidays?
GymMidget415: it sux awwww i feel so special yesh
macaRoni090: yeah i know...i always feel like i'm the only person who doesnt go away
Ponyjockey123: my school friends bore me compared to you guys
macaRoni090: for the holidays lol
GymMidget415: guys, i think my brain is going to explode
macaRoni090: yes i know same with me chayta
Ponyjockey123: no
alysonmarie says: NOOOOO
macaRoni090: *chaya
alysonmarie says: don't make a mess!
macaRoni090: lol
Ponyjockey123: it's a funny typo because one of my nicknames is chata no jackie mind confetti!!!
GymMidget415: i really just want to stay home from school tomorrow and work on this...
macaRoni090: haha really? thats pretty cool
macaRoni090: if you lived in nyc you probably could haha well i can!! WINTER BREAK
Ponyjockey123: one of the teachers has such awful handwriting that you can't tell the difference between
a y and a t
GymMidget415: lol i probably could
macaRoni090: so come to nyc and u can stay home from school
anir107 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: "home" haha
GymMidget415: i wish i could
magical maladies has entered the room.
Ponyjockey123: *rina confetti8
Ponyjockey123: *
GymMidget415: or that i can skip first period and stay in the library
macaRoni090: be like hey there was a strike how can i get into nj?! jackie when do you go on break?
anir107: Hi
ECD22887: hi rina, hi alice
magical maladies: hiii hiiiiii
GymMidget415: end of the week
anir107: Ha, yeah, the hockey team at my school is like "hockey game this thursday in long island... we
WILL make it there...." :-(
GymMidget415: we have this whole week of school...
Ponyjockey123: roni, you are in NYC
macaRoni090: yep i am
motherninja has entered the room.
motherninja: This is my United States of Whatever
MajestiCRadiO3: kelly!
Ponyjockey123: coolness i am in Staten Island ???
macaRoni090: oo awesome
anir107: <-- Jerzey
GymMidget415: i want a caster to come in here to ease my brain
anir107: *Joyzee
GymMidget415: like eric
GymMidget415: or john
anir107: i need melissa in here
Ponyjockey123: aw
macaRoni090: jamie?
macaRoni090: we could get jamie...
GymMidget415: camie would work
GymMidget415: as long as he talks he was hear earler
motherninja: Jamie JUST got on
GymMidget415: i need a brain rlaxer
macaRoni090: he's back online now
doublebubble512: back
macaRoni090: he's been on for 10 minutes
Charikuk has entered the room. lol hear i meant here
Ponyjockey123: yay Jamie
macaRoni090: hey
doublebubble512: hi Jamie
GymMidget415: jamie, i need a brain relaxer
macaRoni090: hear?
Charikuk: hey whoo yay for jamie
MajestiCRadiO3: jamie!
GymMidget415: tell me a british joke
Ponyjockey123: you answered my invite!
KelAzMA: heheh Jamie's prolly listening secretly to the filkcast haha roni im tiered ok?
macaRoni090: lol ok ok
KelAzMA: shhhh
anir107: im listening to the end of the filkcast
anir107: yay for melissa's beautiful macintosh
alysonmarie says: okay who isn't listening to the cast?
alysonmarie says: really has left the room.
so l cant live: haha
anir107: ... i didn't listen to the actual cast
macaRoni090: aww no iQ left!
Ponyjockey123: Jamie, do you listen to pottercast?
GymMidget415: i already listened to it
KelAzMA: Ben's prolly not
doublebubble512: I already listened to it
GymMidget415: twice
anir107: i dont do christmas carols
KelAzMA: he's mentioned
anir107: its a jewish thing
KelAzMA: heh
gingernut17 has left the room.
GymMidget415: yea but rina, its good
alysonmarie says: no, there were some jewish jams too
anir107: jewish jams
alysonmarie says: it's more funny than christmas-y
macaRoni090: there was dreidel dreidel dreidel aka harry harry harry
GymMidget415: it mostly has nothing to do with xmas
Ponyjockey123: i love christmas carols and i am jewish
alysonmarie says: it's just set to the whole christmas carol thing
anir107: haha no way
alysonmarie says: yeah way
anir107: i like christmas carols, i just dont know them
macaRoni090: yup i'm jewish too and i loooooove xmas songs
anir107: harry harry harry
so l cant live: john noe singing = best
GymMidget415: aww, come on rina!
doublebubble512: I love Christmas Carols
doublebubble512: who doesn't
GymMidget415: jamie, tell a british joke
macaRoni090: someone stupid doesnt
ECD22887: i love em
anir107: i like 'all i want for christmas is you' by mariah carey, does that count?
GymMidget415: i need a brain relaxer
macaRoni090: yes of course it does rina
macaRoni090: i loooove that song too
GymMidget415: lol
anir107: awesome song
macaRoni090: pretty much because of love actually
GymMidget415: i LOVE that movie!
Ponyjockey123: i just started listening to the filk cast
macaRoni090: its the best movie in all the world
GymMidget415: i nkow!
doublebubble512: has anyone noticed that Edward hardly talks?
motherninja: No.
motherninja: >D
KelAzMA: it's because he's dancing to the filks
Ponyjockey123: i actually didn't like that movie so much
x sweet harmony: The filkcast is amazing! I just finished.
doublebubble512: oh okay
GymMidget415: *gasp*
so l cant live: I'm about half way through
alysonmarie says: BYE KIDS.
GymMidget415: meh, jamie isnt speaking
macaRoni090: wait chaya how many times have you seen it?
x sweet harmony: John Noe = the next Clay Aiken... or something.
ECD22887: i was writing an email
Ponyjockey123: 4 or 5
anir107: kids?
macaRoni090: jamie jackie needs you in her time of crisis
doublebubble512: haha
Charikuk: ?
so l cant live: ahaha clay aiken no fkddsg
KelAzMA: better than the next Ruben
GymMidget415: yes, my brain is melting!
alysonmarie says: hmmm
alysonmarie says: bye my friends?
x sweet harmony: lol
doublebubble512: I liked Ruben
so l cant live: better than clay aiken :p
lemon cake528: no.
lunibug4: no
anir107: Children.
MajestiCRadiO3: no
alysonmarie says: i call everyone kids, don't take it personally miss rina
so l cant live: & ruben
macaRoni090: oh seriously? wow
doublebubble512: I didn't like Clay
KelAzMA: brb
GymMidget415: it really is, though
so l cant live: clay looks like an elf
alysonmarie says: i don't like televiision
macaRoni090: grrr i hate clay aiken
GymMidget415: it's melting...
anir107: hey cool you know my name...
alysonmarie says: so ya know
doublebubble512: haha
x sweet harmony: I just picked some male singer out of the air
Ponyjockey123: jamie, jackie is having a mental breakdown
doublebubble512: why?
so l cant live: how about just the next american idol 8-)
doublebubble512: what's wrong with Jackie?
macaRoni090: yes jamie she needs like...a joke or something
ECD22887: clay akin does look like an elf, haha
alysonmarie says: alohaaaa
alysonmarie says has left the room.
GymMidget415: journalism article that im not even close to finishing
so l cant live: harry potter idol
lemon cake528: go edward!
macaRoni090: he looks like a really ugly elf
doublebubble512: haha
GymMidget415: thats due tomorrow
doublebubble512: he does
so l cant live: a very scary demented elf. yeah.
doublebubble512: oh
ECD22887: i'm skypeable now btw
macaRoni090: woohoo
MajestiCRadiO3: yey!
doublebubble512: Yay!
anir107: skypable, yay
Ponyjockey123: what's your name edward?
doublebubble512: I like that word
x sweet harmony: Sue is so cute!
ECD22887: should i cal cassi?
so l cant live: I just ordered a mic finally
macaRoni090: squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ECD22887: *call
Ponyjockey123: edward what is your skype
Ponyjockey123: ?
ECD22887: ecdfellytone
GymMidget415: *melts*
doublebubble512: fellytone hahaha
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
GymMidget415: liane!
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
wishiwasaHIPSTER: yo dogs
GymMidget415: help, my brain is melting!
so l cant live: hii
anir107: jackieeeee
Ponyjockey123: liane confetti
wishiwasaHIPSTER: im sorry
ECD22887: hi
wishiwasaHIPSTER: anything i can do?
GymMidget415: no, it really is
doublebubble512: hi
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i get confetti?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: score
GymMidget415: get jamie to tell me a british joke...
wishiwasaHIPSTER: mmmmm
HannahBanana5689: YES
wishiwasaHIPSTER: jamie
wishiwasaHIPSTER: tasty
GymMidget415: hes the only staffer online right now
GymMidget415: that i know of
wishiwasaHIPSTER: whats his sn?
doublebubble512: Kevins online
macaRoni090: charikuk
GymMidget415: he's in here
magical maladies: and ben
doublebubble512: and ben
anir107: ben doesn't count
GymMidget415: ben's away
HannahBanana5689: but ben is
magical maladies: snap lol
HannahBanana5689: just ben
GymMidget415: and kevins ignoring us
anir107: he's away from his computer right now
Ponyjockey123: ben has been here for about 3 days
anir107: kevin's scared of us
HannahBanana5689: lol
doublebubble512: yeah
anir107: and by 'us' i mean me
doublebubble512: haha
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: lol
wishiwasaHIPSTER: wait which ones jamie
wishiwasaHIPSTER: whats his sn
anir107: charikuk
wishiwasaHIPSTER: im too stupid
HannahBanana5689: mhmmm
GymMidget415: eric or john would be good distracters bc they're so W$^#$%^
Alikona0000 has entered the room.
macaRoni090: Charikuk
macaRoni090: liane
anir107: Alliiieeeeee
GymMidget415: but john's away
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
gingernut17 has entered the room.
doublebubble512: Hey Allie
doublebubble512: Chlnoe!
HannahBanana5689: haha
Alikona0000: hey hey
doublebubble512: I support that ship!
Alikona0000: ALLY
gingernut17: ALLIE!
GymMidget415: *melts*
anir107: lol
magical maladies: LOL
macaRoni090: noooo no melting allowed
GymMidget415: too late
GymMidget415: my brain is melting
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: how does your brain melt...?
Ponyjockey123: oh no Jackie NNNOOO
macaRoni090: *puts jackies brain in the freezer*
GymMidget415: i dont know
Chlojo3: JOHN NOE!!!!!!
anir107: is it like, seeping out of your ears in a fluid form?
HannahBanana5689: it just...does
so l cant live: haha
HannahBanana5689: haha
GymMidget415: but i dont want to go to school tomorrow
GymMidget415: besides i feel like shit
HannahBanana5689: awww
macaRoni090: :-(
anir107: so your brain is turning into shit?
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: guh-ross
Alikona0000: rina!
Alikona0000: language!
GymMidget415: yes, it is
Alikona0000: jaaaaykaaaaay
Ponyjockey123: rina!
anir107: I didn't say anything.
motherninja: Crap fro brains.
anir107: I said, her bran would like some porrige....
GymMidget415: wait, what?
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: Nuuuuuthing
HannahBanana5689: so
motherninja: Brian and Brian. I ALWAYS seem to type them wrong.
motherninja: *brain
motherninja: See!?!
Ponyjockey123: the squeeking voice song is rather annoying
GymMidget415: i cant follow this
motherninja: Screw you "I before E"
HannahBanana5689: lol
anir107: Brian and Brian
so l cant live: haha
anir107: hot
motherninja: ;D
HannahBanana5689: hott
anir107: *sings* all i want for christmasssss is youuuuuu
GymMidget415: i feel like john noe right now...
macaRoni090: but oh motherninja you mean A
Ponyjockey123: who is Brian and Brian
motherninja: I before A?
anir107: are you saying that John Noe is made up of brainless s**t?
Sejo Apex: im back
Ponyjockey123: hi
HannahBanana5689: i still can't get over john's singing
KelAzMA: hehhe
anir107: eh. anyways.
macaRoni090: you said E...but there is no E in Brain or Brian
anir107: ALLIE
GymMidget415: no, he just acts stupid and doesnt know anything
motherninja: Ooooo
Alikona0000: yeah what
GymMidget415: and thats me right about now
anir107: there's no 'f' in 'way'
motherninja: you're right.
GymMidget415: i cant think
MajestiCRadiO3: :u
motherninja: :U
doublebubble512: I want to skype, who should I call? hmm...
macaRoni090: lol nice
MajestiCRadiO3: rona!
macaRoni090: iTotallyPwn
motherninja: Call me!
Ponyjockey123: me!
HannahBanana5689: haha
motherninja: Um. iMuggleUallnight
motherninja: 9.9
anir107: oh come on, allie, please tell me you remember that...
macaRoni090: lol
doublebubble512: yay I'm calling
GymMidget415: guys, ima go to bed
Alikona0000: wait, what?
anir107: there's no 'f' in 'way'
Alikona0000: OH
GymMidget415: i dont feel well and im never finishing this artcle tonight
Alikona0000: yeah
KelAzMA: maybe a fresh brain will help ya Jackie
Alikona0000: totally
macaRoni090: fay
HannahBanana5689: awwwww
KelAzMA: get some sleep
anir107: lol
macaRoni090: no fay!
HannahBanana5689: feel better
GymMidget415: thnx
so l cant live: night
Alikona0000: how do you get an elephant into a subway
macaRoni090: yeah good luck jackie and feel better
KelAzMA: dream smart
anir107: Heee!
GymMidget415: ima talk to my mom and see if i can skip school tomorrow
macaRoni090: woot!
macaRoni090: *huggles!*
GymMidget415: i dont think she'll let me though, cuz i need to babysit...
anir107: hah. babysit.
GymMidget415: ok, g'night
anir107: i hate kids.
GymMidget415 has left the room.
KelAzMA: uh...throw up or something
KelAzMA: oops
KelAzMA: she left
macaRoni090: lol
macaRoni090: great timing
motherninja: Mmm Children.
anir107: i said, wouldn't the kids like some porrige?
macaRoni090: um...PEEEDOPHILE
HannahBanana5689: haha
doublebubble512: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: PRO-cess
Ponyjockey123: lol
anir107: Lol
motherninja: Um....NO.
HannahBanana5689: what you didn't know about your favorite MCer
x sweet harmony: moo-zerella!
anir107: what was that *beep*spin website at the end?
macaRoni090: :-( i didnt get the website thing
KelAzMA: no one knows
macaRoni090: one day too late
KelAzMA: no one did
HannahBanana5689: ME NEITHER
KelAzMA: they edited it special
HannahBanana5689: yeah
macaRoni090: its SO dissapoiting!
KelAzMA: to keep from getting ripped off the air
Sejo Apex: cuz jamie is a sick peedo child
HannahBanana5689: like an hour after they posted it
KelAzMA: and smooshed
macaRoni090: i wanted to hear andrew
KelAzMA: heheh
macaRoni090: and laura
lemon cake528 has left the room.
HannahBanana5689: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too
macaRoni090: freaking out
anir107: ah... wondering why i had a shorter version of episode 20... yeah, i kept the longer one
HannahBanana5689: curses
macaRoni090: hannah didnt someone send it to you?
HannahBanana5689: the ONLY time i don't sit and refresh mugglenet
HannahBanana5689: no, lara couldn't get it to work
MajestiCRadiO3: aw. lara!!
macaRoni090: aww im sorry
HannahBanana5689: but i still love her
macaRoni090: :-(
macaRoni090: lol thats good
HannahBanana5689: all is well....
HannahBanana5689: i guess
MajestiCRadiO3: flippin fosh
HannahBanana5689: heck of
KelAzMA: I think Kevin asked that we not refresh/refresh/refresh 'cause sometimes it interferes if they're
actually still uploading it...but well...yeah
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: just a piece of info
anir107: lol
x sweet harmony: John has 532 people on Skype... I have 5. Bitchface.
HannahBanana5689: haha
anir107: i have 14
anir107: oh snap
KelAzMA: you can kick me in the forehead if ya wanna
so l cant live: i have none yet because my mic has not arrived
HannahBanana5689: yeah, i still need a mic
HannahBanana5689: but i have two!
macaRoni090: i need a mic that doesnt suck!
HannahBanana5689: not mics.... but peeps
KelAzMA: I have a mic...but my speaking voice is rubbish
anir107: i might randomly delete people from my skype contacts even though there aren't that many...
macaRoni090: uuuughh has entered the room.
anir107: my speaking voice is, lets just say... ODD
HannahBanana5689: haha hiiiii
macaRoni090: i break up every 5 seconds on it!
HannahBanana5689: hey hannah
macaRoni090: ooh shoot i sound so bad over phones and mics and stuff
so l cant live: My voice sounds like a 12 year old. :/
macaRoni090: i sound like a constipated man
anir107: i sound weird
HannahBanana5689: hahaha!
HannahBanana5689: a constipated man? sorry i left w/o notice my computoer was being stupid
HannahBanana5689: lol
macaRoni090: yeah
Sejo Apex: i have been told i sound like frankie muniz
macaRoni090: which i'm TOTALLY not
macaRoni090: i swear
anir107: my friend says i sound smart, lol
HannahBanana5689: i have no idea what i sound like
HannahBanana5689: lol hahaha
HannahBanana5689: ok i gotta go
HannahBanana5689: bye guys
macaRoni090: bye hannah! \byeeee hannah
macaRoni090: *parting confetti*
HannahBanana5689: haha
macaRoni090: lol
MajestiCRadiO3: bye! lol
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
ECD22887: bye
ECD22887: aww missed her lol i ALWAYS do that
MajestiCRadiO3: we did! craap
macaRoni090: i was so one said bye to me yesterday
macaRoni090: i was like wth you guys
macaRoni090: not cool :-( thats so sad
motherninja: PARENTS! >.<
macaRoni090: i know! parents?
anir107: lol
motherninja: Seriously.
macaRoni090: parents.....?
motherninja: They drive me crazy.
macaRoni090: oh
macaRoni090: okay ught me too
motherninja: Like. *PSYCHOSHOWERSCENE* crazy
macaRoni090: lol
anir107: :/ umm ok
motherninja: Why is your SN an E-mail Address?
so l cant live: haha its a mac sn
anir107: yess
anir107: .mac
anir107: i have one of those too
motherninja: I'm aware of that. w00t
anir107: you can use aim on ichat, you know that, right?
motherninja: I'm just saying, why haven't you changed it yet? yah im on aim now
motherninja: Dude. I have a G5 sitting right next to me.
anir107: =-O
motherninja: I know both.
anir107: *is in awe* but my aim screen name was wacko so i made this one
motherninja: Like...*around*
anir107: im on a G3 Lol
motherninja: ahhhh
anir107: ancient!
motherninja: lol
anir107: *hugs computer* im on a G4 LOL g3, g4,g5
so l cant live: we have g4s at school
anir107: G3 - REPRESENT G444444
macaRoni090: um...i'm on a PC lol
macaRoni090: w00t
anir107: the public school near me has like 500 emacs
so l cant live: I prefer my pc go roni
macaRoni090: yeah go me
anir107: ew for pcs
motherninja: Hey.
KelAzMA: I'm onna pc
motherninja: The PC can haul.
KelAzMA: but well...yeah
macaRoni090: and go kel!
anir107: I said... maybe your PC would like some porrige? lol
macaRoni090: PCs PWN macs for life haha go rina *mac confetti*
KelAzMA: now you're starting to sound like "say ho"
macaRoni090: lol say ho?
motherninja: The Mac can graph, but the PC can put out. huh?
KelAzMA: hehhee
macaRoni090: 15 mins 15 minnnnsss
anir107: the only people against macs are those who have pcs
KelAzMA: they always pick the ones that put out ack
motherninja: NOT TRUE! I hate and love both equally!
so l cant live: john got it right. What is with the lack of right click?
KelAzMA: eh...I used macs for year at school
motherninja: I swear.
anir107: HEY
macaRoni090: yeah seriously i'm dead without right click
anir107: you click on cntrl
KelAzMA: they have 2 button mouses control click!!!!
anir107: and then click
so l cant live: I know you press control or whatev
anir107: yeah
motherninja: Both have their strong traits, both suck.
KelAzMA: lol
motherninja: Hahaha
anir107: or you can get a two button mouse
motherninja: "Apple" button
so l cant live: but it's so much easierto :|
motherninja: Oh, I lolz at it.
macaRoni090: lol the apple button
KelAzMA: Apple CTL
anir107: command
KelAzMA: cmd
motherninja: Macs make right click mouses you know you can buy a right click mouse
anir107: yep
motherninja: 9.9
KelAzMA: delete
KelAzMA: the it's all gone lol
motherninja: yeah
motherninja: :D
anir107: i said they did
macaRoni090: yeah but with PCs theres no extra money needed
so l cant live: Also I always mess up the keyboard shortcuts
motherninja: AND
macaRoni090: you just get one with the computer
so l cant live: in photoshop
anir107: i <3 photoshop keyboard shortcuts
motherninja: You can do the same (sort of) keyboard tricks on an PC like mac
KelAzMA: so how long until a hybrid...LMAO
motherninja: like CTRL. Z, V, C, S, haha hybrid
so l cant live: I'm used to the pc ones so on my mac at school I get confused
anir107: cmd-opt-z
anir107: cmd-l
macaRoni090: i am sooo lost
macaRoni090: me and my PC
anir107: oh god, everyone knows cmd-s apple z has saved my life sooo many times
macaRoni090: we're like dude whats going on
so l cant live: likw what is that weird right arrow thing. I don't get it jdskgd
anir107: right arrow thing?
motherninja: I once tried to explain what the apple button was to my mother. "MOM HIT THE APPLE
BUTTON." "What?!" "Apple!" "Whaaat?" and like apple q, shift apple q, apple w, apple m lol
BenSchoen2: I have been in this chat for literally 2 days
motherninja: I like Apple+S
macaRoni090: yes you have haha
macaRoni090: and you've talked twice
motherninja: Saving is....Gooood
so l cant live: Yeah Ben what's with you lurking.
KelAzMA: and we've been waiting with bated breath for you to come in
macaRoni090: congrats
KelAzMA: siriusly yes exactly you've talked twice in two days
BenSchoen2: just forget to close the window
BenSchoen2: yeah
KelAzMA: I can now live again
BenSchoen2: sorry aout that lol thats ok
BenSchoen2: so, what's going on? we called you alot
macaRoni090: we did?
BenSchoen2: on my skype number?
anir107: Ok? we're talked mac vs. pc
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i love you ben
motherninja: Mac vs. PC round 2 no we were like BEEEEENNN here
wishiwasaHIPSTER: can i have your babies?
BenSchoen2: ohh
KelAzMA: no just 1,2,3,
BenSchoen2: sure
macaRoni090: oh...
KelAzMA: like that
wishiwasaHIPSTER: score haha
KelAzMA: but you were gone
so l cant live: easy right click vs akward right click gooone forever
KelAzMA: poof like that
KelAzMA: *dramatic*
KelAzMA: and we missed you so....
macaRoni090: easy right click pwns
macaRoni090: end of story
motherninja: My Documents VS. the "desktop"
motherninja: Quicktime VS. WMP. dashboard VS. NOTHING
motherninja: The list goes on and on
macaRoni090: i could keep going but you all know PCs are better ohhhhhhh
KelAzMA: I lost my "my documents" once...damn was i pissed
motherninja: :O
motherninja: how? dashboard pwns
so l cant live: how do you do that..
lunibug4 has left the room.
KelAzMA: luckily my dumb old lady had simply hidden it...
KelAzMA: like a fool lol
Sejo Apex: I must say, Microsoft sucks, but I just don't like Apple
KelAzMA: had to call my cousin...hehe simply hidden it?
KelAzMA: yeah
anir107: PREJUDICE!
KelAzMA: I was fking around in stuff I should leave alone
so l cant live: Yeah sejo that pretty much sums it up
anir107: you dont have a mac, so you automatically hate it
Sejo Apex: like if you give Microsoft the time to screw up a few times they'lll eventually get it right
KelAzMA: because I'm a computer fool lol
magical maladies: any lotr fans in here? /random
so l cant live: I have both
KelAzMA: Woot!
motherninja: I enjoy hobbits. lol
magical maladies: hobbits rule
motherninja: :D
Sejo Apex: legolas PWNS
so l cant live: I'm a fan of the trees.
wishiwasaHIPSTER: mmmm lotr
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i love lotr
KelAzMA: I'm a fan of scottish hobbits *swoon*
magical maladies: legolas is ew
magical maladies: i hate orlando bloom
motherninja: agree.
magical maladies: dooooooooominic <3
anir107: if chaya is in here, i did that on purpose. <-- everyone else ignore this message
so l cant live: viggo
Sejo Apex: i actually have a canadian record in archery, i think its pretty cool
wishiwasaHIPSTER: i love orlando bloom lol
magical maladies: ....mkay
KelAzMA: uh great
KelAzMA: *smirk*
x sweet harmony: What should I engrave on my iPod?
magical maladies: LotR rules all
Sejo Apex: that is why legolas is so cool lol
magical maladies: haha hmmm iPod...
Chlojo3: engrave "mine"
Chlojo3: on your iPod lol
so l cant live: Aragorn, guys! Viggo!
Wlphotographer22 has entered the room. IPOD ROLL CALL!!!
motherninja: "100% Pirated"
x sweet harmony: lol
Sejo Apex: Samsung Yepp here
KelAzMA: <---old people don't iPod
anir107: iYeah
KelAzMA: heheh
Chlojo3: o! mine is named "Lukhi" iQ----->
magical maladies: ipod roll call?
motherninja: "Shaniqua"
motherninja: Oh. I miss her. name of your ipod
macaRoni090: <---iStick or iScully
magical maladies: 's <-- ipod is called "lawrence"
so l cant live: I don't have one haha.
anir107: <--- iYeah
Ponyjockey123: <--- ISpiel
wishiwasaHIPSTER: iMerlin
magical maladies: named after jamie a really long time ago
motherninja: hahaha
magical maladies: lawrence the first died
magical maladies: so it's lawrence the second haha
motherninja: I was just about to ask. :D
Sejo Apex: haha
magical maladies: ahahah :-(
anir107: aww
KelAzMA: like lukhi laughs alot? so sad!
motherninja: Shaniqua died.
magical maladies: aww :-( nooooooo
motherninja: I'm getting the video/photo/player
magical maladies: whee awesome!!!
motherninja: in......January?
motherninja: :D
so l cant live: Instead of an ipod I got a plane ticket to vegas :p yaysies!!
macaRoni090: yooo ive been cut out of the conf call edward
anir107: i got an ipod way back when
anir107: it's ancient thats good enough
anir107: i love it lol i got an ipod last christmas
anir107: doesn't have the click wheel... which im thankful for
Sejo Apex: does anyone know any GOOD free hosts, my host is starting to charge
motherninja: birthday las year.
anir107: my brithday's in ten days, yay yay rina!
motherninja: Aw a December Baby.
so l cant live: host for what? :]
magical maladies: website?
so l cant live: but..what kind
magical maladies: is pretty good
Sejo Apex: just a host, like a server
anir107: ... heh, my dad finds these crazy deals...
KelAzMA: hey baby lets go to vegas
KelAzMA: it's a magic carpet ride
KelAzMA: hmmm lol
KelAzMA: I should filk it
motherninja: 6.9
anir107: lol
KelAzMA: hehehe
anir107: O_o
motherninja: <.<
macaRoni090: i <3 magic carpet ride!!!!
Sejo Apex: 69 is my favourite number
so l cant live: I haven't used a freeserver in a long time, but I always used
macaRoni090: of course it is sejo
motherninja: hehe
anir107: lol ahaha
so l cant live: if it's even still around
Sejo Apex: i have always used Core-Fusion but policy ischanging there
KelAzMA: uh huh
KelAzMA: *nods and smiles* lol kel, im with you
anir107: alright. im out. gotta study.
anir107: bye byeeeee rina
anir107 has left the room.
KelAzMA: see ya THErina
KelAzMA: oh i see
so l cant live: I hate dealing with free hosts :/
KelAzMA: :-P
KelAzMA: beady eyed
KelAzMA: creepy kinda lol
KelAzMA: peeedophiliphic smiley
motherninja: Kinda.
KelAzMA: hehe
KelAzMA: has that michael jackson look aboot him haha
Sejo Apex: there was this crazy guy on the subway yesterday, it was -25 celcius and he was wearing a
jacket, no shirt no shoes jean shorts and a sanata hat and he started screaming and running up and
down the subway car it was hilarious michal jackson smiley wow
KelAzMA: so how many people/cultures did i just toally insult right now?
xmissrachiex has entered the room.
KelAzMA: heheh pffft
KelAzMA: totally* you sound like sejo
Sejo Apex: public transit is hilarious
KelAzMA: LOL thanks
so l cant live: where was this? lol
macaRoni090: TRANSIT STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
macaRoni090: AAAAAAAAAH
motherninja: I can't believe there's a transportation strike in New York right now.
Ponyjockey123: yay
macaRoni090: sorry i'm so exctied
motherninja: O.O
Sejo Apex: haha lol i know
KelAzMA: that eats it...
KelAzMA: totally
xmissrachiex: yes..yes there is
macaRoni090: i LOVE strikes!!!!!
macaRoni090: SQUEEEEE
motherninja: ...
xmissrachiex: you live in nycc?
Sejo Apex: Toronto is New Yprk run by the Swiss.
xmissrachiex: nyc*
so l cant live: There is. Which sucks a lot.
macaRoni090: yep!
motherninja: No. I watch the News. 6.o
KelAzMA: me? no lol
KelAzMA: I'm all in the west
KelAzMA: woot
xmissrachiex: roni
so l cant live: Especially when you were supposed to go to a concert but had no way of getting there. >:o
KelAzMA: south/west w00t west!
KelAzMA: hehe
Ponyjockey123: ready east coast role call calllllllliforneaaaaaaaa
Ponyjockey123: <---NYC
xmissrachiex: nyccccc
so l cant live: << NY...not C
KelAzMA: hehe cali------->
Sejo Apex: Canada biatch, eh. lol
JenAl8914: Wisconsin :-P
motherninja: California here we come.
KelAzMA: Say Ho- that would mean you're not east coast...and therefore not in the roll call, eh? LMAO
xmissrachiex: right back where we started from
xmissrachiex: haha
motherninja: YES!
motherninja: haha
KelAzMA: heh
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
so l cant live: haha
macaRoni090: <---nyc
Sejo Apex: Toronto is east coast jackass
macaRoni090: sorry i was late
xmissrachiex: where in nyc all the nyc people
magical maladies: <-- new zealand, y'all
Sejo Apex: just north east coast
macaRoni090: <---manhattan
Ponyjockey123: Staten Island
Sejo Apex: we have EST time
xmissrachiex: queens
so l cant live: I'm not in the city :p I'm in duchess county
KelAzMA: eh...newfies are east has left the room.
so l cant live: Except on the weekends
xmissrachiex: caitlin!
MNet Micah has entered the room.
so l cant live: That is, when there are no strikes. -_-
motherninja: Hammer time.
xmissrachiex: micah
Sejo Apex: Micah!
KelAzMA: can't touch this
xmissrachiex: hey
JenAl8914: Hi Micah!
KelAzMA: do do do do
so l cant live: Micah!
MNet Micah: hey
Ponyjockey123: hey micah
KelAzMA: :waves:
heyitsme3871 has entered the room.
Sejo Apex: hey dude congratulations on the 4 times
Sejo Apex: ah whatever
Sejo Apex: i wont say it
heyitsme3871: mmmmmm hello.
KelAzMA: I wish you'd say that about more, eh?
Sejo Apex: im too much of a dickhead already
MNet Micah: 4 times?
KelAzMA: *revelation*
motherninja: aaaand there goes the kettle.
Sejo Apex: as you can see from kels posts about me
KelAzMA: <--hater
Sejo Apex: you really are
KelAzMA: yeah I know
Sejo Apex: and that counts as abuse
KelAzMA: but it's selective
KelAzMA: *cries for you*
Sejo Apex: i will call the authorities, as soon as i find the right phone number
Sejo Apex: and a phone to call them with
heyitsme3871: i hate coming in the middle of chats in here. i get so lost.
KelAzMA: great
motherninja: Does anyone have a paid Skype account?
Sejo Apex: well its pure randomness to the highest degree so its not that hard to get back in
heyitsme3871: nope.
motherninja: and if so, Why?
KelAzMA: I pay for anything....
KelAzMA: I'm so cheap
heyitsme3871: lol!
KelAzMA: *random*
KelAzMA: <censor>
KelAzMA: <beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep>
macaRoni090: lol
KelAzMA: [/rant]
motherninja: :[
magical maladies: :-(
KelAzMA: I'ma have to bring some smack down...
KelAzMA: lol
heyitsme3871: haha.
motherninja: smackdown?
KelAzMA: uh huh
xmissrachiex: wow you people are nuts
motherninja: As in several roundhouse kicks to the face?
xmissrachiex: haha
KelAzMA: yep
KelAzMA: Ben taught me to do roundhouse kicks
KelAzMA: he teaches a class
motherninja: I'm sure he did.
heyitsme3871: lol..
KelAzMA: he DOES
lunibug4 has entered the room.
motherninja: was that before, or after under-water basket weaving?
so l cant live: paid skype?
lunibug4: YOU
so l cant live: what does that do?
lunibug4: ARE
motherninja: I don't know!
lunibug4: COOL
heyitsme3871: cassi?
motherninja: That's why I'm curious
heyitsme3871: well then hello.
KelAzMA: brb...
MajestiCRadiO3: ooh, paid skype?
lunibug4: hey
motherninja: yes.
so l cant live: I didn't even know they had that huh.
heyitsme3871: what's paid skype?
motherninja: I think, I THINK you get to call actual phones
heyitsme3871: is it premium or something?
motherninja: Not really.
heyitsme3871: no Kelly you can call actualy phones anyway
lunibug4: UM
so l cant live: Why would you want to do that. :|?
motherninja: Reallyyyy?
heyitsme3871: yeah it jsut charges oyu.
heyitsme3871: wait mabe that IS paid skype.
motherninja: Ahh
lunibug4: CHLOE
MajestiCRadiO3: oh that sounds kinda cool
xmissrachiex: hey cassi
lunibug4: HEY RACHIE
SkiRat1107: Helllloooo....!
so l cant live: Why wouldn't you just use a regular phone to call another phone..
lunibug4: let's sing
heyitsme3871: lol no idea.
Xmissrachiex: heyy!
lunibug4: RENT
SkiRat1107: Happy Festivus!
Xmissrachiex: i'd love to =)
lunibug4: yesss
Alikona0000: NO SINGING RENT.
Alikona0000: lol
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: aw :-(
Alikona0000: jaaaaykaaaay
gingernut17: I second that!
gingernut17: lol
lunibug4: okay
Alikona0000: haha
heyitsme3871: jkrowling.
lunibug4: YESS
lunibug4: no
so l cant live: to be high tech
Xmissrachiex: wait what
motherninja: No.
heyitsme3871: oh theperks of being a Nerd.
MajestiCRadiO3: allie's a funny one!
lunibug4: pick a song
Xmissrachiex: CAITLIN
Xmissrachiex: okie dokie
MajestiCRadiO3: hey rachel!!
Alikona0000: haha, thanks.
MajestiCRadiO3: i didn't see you!!!
SkiRat1107: I go to a school called, "High Tech High"
Xmissrachiex: TANGO MAUREEN
SkiRat1107: Hi, Tech High
lunibug4: okay
heyitsme3871: mmkay.
SkiRat1107: Hello Tech High
Xmissrachiex: ok
so l cant live: that's ok. My elementary school was called Gayhead.
heyitsme3871: lmao!
motherninja: No....Way...
SkiRat1107: lol
motherninja: Really?
heyitsme3871: what a nice name.
SkiRat1107: ROFL
SkiRat1107: ROFL
SkiRat1107: ROFL
SkiRat1107: ROFL
Xmissrachiex: start start start
motherninja: Orly?
SkiRat1107: FOLR
so l cant live: dead serious!
SkiRat1107: ROFL*
so l cant live:
motherninja: SML.
heyitsme3871: hahahaaha
SkiRat1107: lol
SkiRat1107: rofl
SkiRat1107: Wappingers Schools?
Xmissrachiex: the samples wont delay..but the cable
MajestiCRadiO3: there's another way
lunibug4: say something
MajestiCRadiO3: anything
Xmissrachiex: test 1,2,3
lunibug4: anything but that
so l cant live: yeah that's our district...wappingers
Xmissrachiex: this is weird
MajestiCRadiO3: this is weird!
Xmissrachiex: very weird
lunibug4: fucking werid
motherninja: verily.
Xmissrachiex: i'm so mad that i don't know what to do
SkiRat1107: n*
MajestiCRadiO3: fighting with microphones
lunibug4: freezing down to my bones
Xmissrachiex: and to top it all off
MajestiCRadiO3: im with you!
lunibug4: i'm with you
SkiRat1107: Microphone VS. MajesticCradi03WHO WILL WIN!?
Xmissrachiex: feel like going insane
lunibug4: feel like going insaine
Xmissrachiex: got a fire in your brain
heyitsme3871: lol stop eachoing.
heyitsme3871: echo*
SkiRat1107: feel like gong sane
motherninja: gong.
heyitsme3871: sane.
SkiRat1107: since I already am insane
lunibug4: and you're thinking about
motherninja: best typo of the night right there!!!
Xmissrachiex: and you're thinking of drinking gasoline
heyitsme3871: gong? lol.
lunibug4: as a matter of fact
Xmissrachiex: honey i know this act
lunibug4: honey i know this act
SkiRat1107: it's not a typo
Xmissrachiex: it's called
lunibug4: it's called
lunibug4: lmao rach
MajestiCRadiO3: the tango maureen!
Xmissrachiex: the tango maureen
Xmissrachiex: ahah
Xmissrachiex: haha*
MajestiCRadiO3: hee!
Xmissrachiex: the tangoooo maurreeeennn
lunibug4: it's a dark
lunibug4: dizy
heyitsme3871: oh jeez.
Xmissrachiex: merry-go-round
lunibug4: dizzy*
lunibug4: as she keeps you dangling
lunibug4: you're wrong
Xmissrachiex: (you're wrong)
lunibug4: your heart she is manglinggg
Xmissrachiex: your heart she is mangling
Xmissrachiex: (its different with me)
lunibug4: and you toss
lunibug4: and you turn
Xmissrachiex: and you turn
lunibug4: 'cause her
Xmissrachiex: cause her cold eyes can burn
MajestiCRadiO3: and you yearn
Xmissrachiex: and you churn
MajestiCRadiO3: whoops
lunibug4: and you churn
lunibug4: and REBOUND
Xmissrachiex: and rebound
lunibug4: i think i know what you mean
heyitsme3871: i knew that line was next...
so l cant live: I want to buy one of those domains.
Xmissrachiex: has she ever pouted her lips and called you pookie
lunibug4: never
heyitsme3871: no
Xmissrachiex: have you ever doubted a kiss or two
lunibug4: have you ever doubted a kiss or two?
heyitsme3871: nope.
lunibug4: thiss is spooky
Xmissrachiex: this is..spooky
motherninja: This is lame.
Xmissrachiex: did you swoon when she walked through the door
motherninja: -_-
lunibug4: every time --
heyitsme3871: ahhaha nice Kelly.
lunibug4: lameee
Xmissrachiex: so be cautious
heyitsme3871: i concur.
so l cant live: I don't know where to register ;/
motherninja: Humm
lunibug4: did she moon over other boys?
Xmissrachiex: did she moon over other boys
Xmissrachiex: more than moon
lunibug4: more then moon
lunibug4: lmao
Xmissrachiex: haha
MajestiCRadiO3: im getting nautious!
heyitsme3871: so ... how 'bout them yankees?
Xmissrachiex: i'm getting..nautious
Chlojo3: CHLNOE
Sejo Apex: its officialy winter in Britain, weel is was 4 hours ago oo but whatever
motherninja: 4 EVR.
motherninja: >D
macaRoni090: lol yesss chlnoe!
ECD22887: Cassward!
Ponyjockey123: clnoe
macaRoni090: someone say sorry for me in the skype!
macaRoni090: i hate my mic!
lunibug4: where'd you learn to tango?
heyitsme3871: sorry for you in the skype !
lunibug4: ..... blahhh blah
lunibug4: she cheated
lunibug4: maureen cheated
Xmissrachiex: with the french ambassador's daughter in her dorm room at miss porter's
Xmissrachiex: and you?
JenAl8914 has left the room.
lunibug4: fuckin' cheeted
motherninja: Miss Porters?!!
lunibug4: i skipped that part
Alikona0000: omg.
Xmissrachiex: oh whoops
Xmissrachiex: lol
lunibug4: :-D
lunibug4: GREGO
Alikona0000: Miss Porter's....
motherninja: My cousin went there
motherninja: 6.o
ECD22887: greggers
Alikona0000: I live right by it.
MajestiCRadiO3: really kelly?
Xmissrachiex: i'm defeated i should give up right now
motherninja: Yeah
lunibug4: LEGO MY GREGO
ECD22887: lol
macaRoni090: are we typing everything in here
macaRoni090: saying everything twice
Xmissrachiex: gotta look on the bright side with all of your might
heyitsme3871: they're singing
Xmissrachiex: i'd fall for her still anyhow
motherninja: The only rocking out in here is in your heads.
heyitsme3871: pretty much.
motherninja: *nod*
Xmissrachiex: when you're dancing her dance
KelAzMA: *blocking out super tantrum in the "it's time to go to bed" room*
Xmissrachiex: you dont stand a chance
Xmissrachiex: her grip of romance makes you fall
macaRoni090: tell john to BE LOUDER
Xmissrachiex: so you think might as well, dance a tango to hell
heyitsme3871: john now?
Xmissrachiex: at least i'll have tangoed at all
heyitsme3871: noe*
Xmissrachiex: the tango maureen
Xmissrachiex: gotta dance till your diva is through
Xmissrachiex: you pretend to believe her
lunibug4: go rachhh
Xmissrachiex: cause in the end you can't leave her
Xmissrachiex: but the end it will come
Xmissrachiex: still you'll have to play dumb
lunibug4: so you have to play dumb
heyitsme3871: has anyone ever seen Teen Witch/
heyitsme3871: ?
Xmissrachiex: till you're glum and your bum and turn blue
Xmissrachiex: why do we love when she's mean?
heyitsme3871: [cough] or not...
Xmissrachiex: and she can be so obscene
KelAzMA: um
Ponyjockey123: no
Xmissrachiex: my maureen
Xmissrachiex: (echo)
Xmissrachiex: the tango maureen
Xmissrachiex: .
motherninja: Got Muggle?
heyitsme3871: [ applause? ]
MajestiCRadiO3: good job rachel!
Xmissrachiex: woot
KelAzMA: I wish
KelAzMA: [clapping]
Xmissrachiex: haha thanks =)
heyitsme3871: rab - getting pizza...
Sejo Apex: The Pros And Cons Of Breathing
KelAzMA: uh
KelAzMA: there are pros?
motherninja: 1) takes away from cussing
KelAzMA: amazing
motherninja: 2) sucks
KelAzMA: 3) allows for the smelling of breath?
KelAzMA: heh
motherninja: 3) smells when exhaled.
Xmissrachiex: oh yes because this is MUCH more interesting than rent
motherninja: Dude.
motherninja: Everything is more interesting than Rent.
motherninja: OMG YES I WENT THERE
KelAzMA: *gasp*
KelAzMA: *coughs*
KelAzMA: *chokes*
Xmissrachiex: are you kidding
KelAzMA: *dies*
heyitsme3871: okay back
heyitsme3871: dont die KEl!
Xmissrachiex: thats ridiculous
Sky4123 has entered the room.
Sky4123: Hello! I am back
magical maladies: ahahaha pottercast rules
motherninja: I don't have the same preferences as you. I'm SORRY.
magical maladies: /random
motherninja: hehe
KelAzMA: *random*
KelAzMA: woot!
motherninja: :3
magical maladies: woot
magical maladies: mama anelli. lol
Sky4123: so what are we chatting about?
KelAzMA: I've listened to the filkcast all sorts of times today...LOL
magical maladies: dunno
motherninja: Pottercast.
Sky4123: i heart pottercast
magical maladies: me too lol
Sky4123: and mugglecast
Sky4123: i love them both
magical maladies: is melissa italian?
Sejo Apex: whoah i want to hate you half as much as I hast my----self
KelAzMA: yes
magical maladies: I'm so confused lol
heyitsme3871: mm yes?
magical maladies: oh okay ahaha
KelAzMA: and mafia
KelAzMA: so be careful....
KelAzMA: heheh
magical maladies: lol! nice
KelAzMA: John's a repressed italian
KelAzMA: heheh
so l cant live: haha
Sky4123: sadly i have to go it is 10:15 here and i have to go to sleep
Sky4123: byebye
magical maladies: he really is
Sky4123: have fun!
so l cant live: bye
KelAzMA: bye
magical maladies: but he's awesome
magical maladies: byeee
heyitsme3871: kel - the color of your font that my comp is showing reminds me of eth booger flavour of
Bertie Bott's Beans.
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
Sky4123 has left the room.
KelAzMA: my name? or my actual typing?
so l cant live: I'm italian but you'd never know.
heyitsme3871: typing.
magical maladies: bye all lol
KelAzMA: hmmm...too me it looks purple
heyitsme3871: bye!
heyitsme3871: lol for me it's a fuschia on light [ booger [ green !
Sejo Apex: Two more weeksMy foot is in the doorMe and PeteIn the wake of SaturdaySaturdayWhen
these open doors were open-endedSaturdayWhen these open doors were open-endedSaturday Saturday
heyitsme3871: ]*
KelAzMA: this one looks boogery
heyitsme3871: lol
KelAzMA: kinda like chicken poop actually
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: um. yeah. tmi.
KelAzMA: okay
magical maladies: lol yeah definitely
KelAzMA: this one is gray to me....
KelAzMA: anyone else getting something revolting?
magical maladies: john!squee
magical maladies: lol
magical maladies: no
x0xbeautifulsoul: So I really need to stop procrastinating and get on those Fun Lists..
motherninja: Eleanor Rigby.
heyitsme3871: hahha
heyitsme3871: sounds fun..
motherninja: Dup-doop-du
Sejo Apex: procrastination, how I loathe thee
heyitsme3871: i'm such a bad procrastinator.
KelAzMA: *laughs* cauldron's of shampoo
x sweet harmony: I ordered my iPod! Yaaay!
heyitsme3871: yay!
heyitsme3871: what are you gonna name it?
magical maladies: whee!
Sejo Apex: Samsung Yepp all the way!!!
KelAzMA: iSpoon
Sejo Apex: Japanese engineering PWNS
heyitsme3871: mmkay
x sweet harmony: Since my computer is Little Wally, I think I'm going to name it Little Wally Jr.
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods*
heyitsme3871: haha cute.
Sejo Apex: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
heyitsme3871: iWallyJr.
so l cant live: I'll probably never get one.
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: I'll get one when I get a rich boyfriend
heyitsme3871: lol. sounds like a plan/.
so l cant live: I don't know what I'd even use it for.
heyitsme3871: music?
KelAzMA: podcasts?
Sejo Apex: a plan more like a dream
heyitsme3871: now there's an idea!
KelAzMA: a weapon?
x sweet harmony: My brother just got a job, so he's kind of paying for half of it. XD
SkiRat1107: Who here is taking the SATs in January? I AM!
KelAzMA: woot~!
SkiRat1107: I'm only 1
SkiRat1107: 4
SkiRat1107: 14*
Sejo Apex: MOOCHERS!
so l cant live: I have no time to listen to music except when I'm at home where I can use my computer
Sejo Apex: iMooch
heyitsme3871: oh.
x sweet harmony: Hey, it's my brother's Christmas present to me.
SkiRat1107: g2g
speXedy has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: hha bye.
magical maladies: kay
heyitsme3871: hi/
so l cant live: except plane rides..2 days out of the year, maybe.
magical maladies: byeeeee
speXedy: Holy Cow
Sejo Apex: nice excuse
speXedy: 25 people
SkiRat1107 has left the room.
magical maladies: I listen to music all the time
magical maladies: I left my ipod on all night last night ;__;
KelAzMA: grrr
KelAzMA: :-(
x sweet harmony: He hasn't bought me a present since... ever...
Sejo Apex: So bury me in memory His smile's your ropeSo wrap it tight, around your throat
heyitsme3871: lol.
macaRoni090: alright dudes i'm leaving
speXedy: Hey everyone GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT TODAY!!!
magical maladies: whaaaaat
heyitsme3871: bye ROni!!
x sweet harmony: Bye Roni. =]
magical maladies: a headset?
macaRoni090: bye!!
magical maladies: byeeeeeee
speXedy: Naw I had a headset lol.
Ponyjockey123: bye
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods*
speXedy: I bought a pair of jeans.
heyitsme3871: wow.
magical maladies: whoot
motherninja: what kind?
so l cant live: I want my mic to come already
x sweet harmony: -claps-
magical maladies: I went shopping today too
macaRoni090 has left the room.
speXedy: Just reguar jeans.
motherninja: ah
Sejo Apex: Switchblades and Infidelity
speXedy: But the thig is I haven't owned a pair in about 5 years.
KelAzMA: *laughs out loud again* Stupid potter
so l cant live: I played dictator today.
magical maladies: I got two pairs of shorts. one which could actually barely be considered shorts because
they're THAT short
heyitsme3871: mmm.
magical maladies: and two singlet tops which are loff omg yay
heyitsme3871: wow Alice. nice to know..
magical maladies: ahahaa
magical maladies: yeah basically
heyitsme3871: lol!
speXedy: Any girls willing to give me their opniion? if i should wear jeans or not?
heyitsme3871: ... do we care?
motherninja: er...
KelAzMA: heheh...those "shorty shorts" sister calls them "A short"
heyitsme3871: just kidding. dont sue me.
motherninja: What's wrong with jeans?
magical maladies: why wouldn't you?
so l cant live: I always wear jeans.
KelAzMA: as opposed to shorts...
magical maladies: a short? LOL
Sejo Apex: tight jeans?
magical maladies: I wear jeans all the time
KelAzMA: and she says 'A" like ah
motherninja: Girls jeans?
heyitsme3871: i live in jeans.
speXedy: Well I don't wear jeans lol that's the thing.
magical maladies: ohhh
magical maladies: okay
so l cant live: I only wear jeans and skirts.
motherninja: Then what do you wear?
speXedy: I shop mostly at Hot Topic, and Zumies .. so its like weird.
so l cant live: What do you wear? o-o
speXedy: Kakies, and random this from hot Topic
motherninja: Khaki?
magical maladies: I wear everything and anything
motherninja: Ah.
KelAzMA: Um...I wear clothes
KelAzMA: :-)
heyitsme3871: me too Kel!
motherninja: I <3 Deisel.
magical maladies: wow, really?
Sejo Apex: i have to wear fucking dress pants and a fucking tie to school its teh ghey
speXedy: Jeans but there's jeans lol.
magical maladies: i didn't think we wore clothes
magical maladies: ;__;
KelAzMA: language kids
KelAzMA: sheesh
so l cant live: omg I wear clothes too twins!
magical maladies: yes
magical maladies: lol
magical maladies: ahahah
heyitsme3871: we should start a club. People Who Wear Clothes.
motherninja: We'll meet on Thursday
Sejo Apex: PWWC
magical maladies: hahaha
heyitsme3871: okay!
magical maladies: awesome
motherninja: :D
so l cant live: must wear clothes to meetings
KelAzMA: hehehe
heyitsme3871: that;s the number one rule.
KelAzMA: I should put that in my sig at Leaky
KelAzMA: "I wear clothes"
KelAzMA: like it's a HUGE revelation
heyitsme3871: lol no jsut put PWWC.
magical maladies: it could be like
magical maladies: a confession grou
magical maladies: p
heyitsme3871: ahahhaha!
magical maladies: "I'm alice and I wear too many clothes."
heyitsme3871: Clothes Wearers Anonymous
magical maladies: lol yes!
KelAzMA: heheh like House Elves don't....we so DO
motherninja: iClothemyself.
magical maladies: yes!
magical maladies: LOL
heyitsme3871: loL!!
Sejo Apex: I like people wearing nothing welcome to PWN
KelAzMA: We wear the clothes your house elf doesn't
magical maladies: uhh
magical maladies: LMFAO
motherninja: lol
heyitsme3871: ahhaahhaha
KelAzMA: Clothes: for the dignified HPNerd
magical maladies: has anyone here seen the village? RANDOM
heyitsme3871: i wanted to.
speXedy: I saw it opening day
speXedy: and it was icky
magical maladies: I loved it, actually
KelAzMA: Now does this mean at random in coversation we get to say
so l cant live: I liked it >:[
KelAzMA: OMG...I SO wore clothes today
magical maladies: I adore the soundtrack
heyitsme3871: yes Kel. lol yes it does.
Sejo Apex:
magical maladies: it's quite similar to the king kong soundtrack (same artist)
Sejo Apex: watch it
KelAzMA: again with the links
Sejo Apex: no seriously watch it
magical maladies: uhh
heyitsme3871: ...
heyitsme3871: or not!
so l cant live: M. Night Shyamalan
magical maladies: yeah or not
magical maladies: lol
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods*
so l cant live: good stuff
magical maladies: deffo
motherninja: wakey wakey, Mr. Alex.
heyitsme3871: what's that new movie of his? Lady in the Water?
motherninja: yes
speXedy: yea its not out yet thogh
speXedy: looks dumb
speXedy: like all is other dumb twist movies
heyitsme3871: i know it's not out..
KelAzMA: I wear clothes
so l cant live: I want to see that!
heyitsme3871: PWWC
heyitsme3871: moving on.
Wlphotographer22 has left the room.
KelAzMA: hehe
speXedy: brb Egg Nog run
motherninja: Oh how I love The Nogg.
heyitsme3871: ermkay.
xmissrachiex has left the room.
magical maladies: egg nog? lol
motherninja: Never attempt to make your own.
so l cant live: I haven't had any yet this season...
magical maladies: I still haven't seen king kno
magical maladies: g
motherninja: It's just..... No.
heyitsme3871: lol.
magical maladies: *kong damnit
magical maladies: maybe i'll go on friday
heyitsme3871: i want to see it.
so l cant live: I haven't either
magical maladies: it looks so gooooood
heyitsme3871: i know..
magical maladies: I already love the soundtrack
heyitsme3871: haha.
so l cant live: Been too busy with yearbook and xmas shopping
magical maladies: ;__;
KelAzMA: my CS has to come before I can shop
heyitsme3871: ha! i dont have to christmas shop.
magical maladies: I've only bought one present so far
magical maladies: I have NO Idea what I'm going to get my family
KelAzMA: {swearing massively}
magical maladies: blah
heyitsme3871: wow.
magical maladies: when was it supposed to come?
KelAzMA: last week
heyitsme3871: nobody likes a potty mouth..
so l cant live: I need to get my mom something. I have no idea what. ;/
KelAzMA: yeah
magical maladies: shit, lol
KelAzMA: I'm Scottish by herritage
heyitsme3871: cool.
KelAzMA: if I didn't one would know
heyitsme3871: i'm not.
KelAzMA: I mean...born and raised in Arizona....
heyitsme3871: i went to AZ!
heyitsme3871: very ... red.
KelAzMA: and lots of dirt
KelAzMA: and rocks
heyitsme3871: yup.
KelAzMA: and cacti
heyitsme3871: i liked it.
KelAzMA: and pollution
KelAzMA: and homeless folks
heyitsme3871: lol okay wow. going a bit too far.
so l cant live: I want cacti :[
speXedy has left the room.
KelAzMA: I have some in my front yard
KelAzMA: come get um
heyitsme3871: california has cacti.
so l cant live: We have um apple trees :/
magical maladies: we have um gorse
magical maladies: lol
so l cant live: and cherry blossoms :]
heyitsme3871: kelly - you're the only really good at graphics right? or at least i think so.
HannahBanana5689 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: hannah !
JenAl8914 has entered the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: hannaaaaaah
HannahBanana5689: hey
heyitsme3871: jennn!
JenAl8914: hi!
HannahBanana5689: just stopping in for a sec
HannahBanana5689: haha
heyitsme3871: lol alrighty.
MajestiCRadiO3: oh, we see how it is
KelAzMA: hi
HannahBanana5689: no! i love you!
JenAl8914: what's everyone talking about?
MajestiCRadiO3: heehee, heck of!
HannahBanana5689: i'm just only allowed 30 minutes a day
heyitsme3871: we were talking about cacti
JenAl8914: lol
HannahBanana5689: and i've gone over that
so l cant live: How do you survive? D:
HannahBanana5689: so until i make $30
HannahBanana5689: this is going to happen a lot
magical maladies: ;__;
so l cant live: :-(
HannahBanana5689: but all is well
MajestiCRadiO3: 30 min. a day?! not a lot!
HannahBanana5689: it was 15 minutes
heyitsme3871: random - any death cab lovers in here?
HannahBanana5689: and i almost died
magical maladies: yup
magical maladies: love death cab
JenAl8914: I looove Death cab!
so l cant live: I like death cab
heyitsme3871: yay.
magical maladies: favourite band ever
MajestiCRadiO3: reeeeediculous
KelAzMA: heh
heyitsme3871: their song I WIll Follow You Into The Drk is stuck in my head.
x0xbeautifulsoul: *is working on the Fun Lists now*
HannahBanana5689: yes!
heyitsme3871: ooh gj lol
HannahBanana5689: i heart fun lists
Eric l MuggleNet has entered the room.
magical maladies: I LOVE I will follow you into the dark
Ponyjockey123: eric
HannahBanana5689: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeric
x0xbeautifulsoul: Is it okay if I re-word some of them a bit?
magical maladies: that song stopped me from being scared of death
KelAzMA: *let the fangirling commence*
HannahBanana5689: haha
KelAzMA: heh
ECD22887: Hey Eric, I wasn't expecting that.
heyitsme3871: aw Alice!
HannahBanana5689: *fangirls*
Chlojo3: ERIC! *tackles*
heyitsme3871: hello Eric.
x0xbeautifulsoul: Ick, brb.
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
MajestiCRadiO3: lol, edward
Charikuk has left the room.
heyitsme3871: it always takes the mugglenetters 5 hours before they say hi.
HannahBanana5689: haha
magical maladies: this song actually reminds me of a friend of mine who died earlier this year. siiiiigh
HannahBanana5689: aw
heyitsme3871: aw sorry.
x0xbeautifulsoul has entered the room.
magical maladies: i need to stop talking about depressing topics
HannahBanana5689: haha
magical maladies: Sorry y'all
magical maladies: lol
gingernut17: you do
gingernut17: stop it
heyitsme3871: agh! i jsut killed my chocolate coin!
HannahBanana5689: its all good
HannahBanana5689: confetti coins
HannahBanana5689: lol
magical maladies: I'M SORRYYYYYYY
magical maladies: *happy confetti*
motherninja: :Y
HannahBanana5689: haha
heyitsme3871: ah i found the pieces.
heyitsme3871: [ happily eats her chocolate ]
magical maladies: chocolaaaaaate
HannahBanana5689: haha
so l cant live: Need to buy confetti
x0xbeautifulsoul: I'm going to pretend I didn't just completely close out of FTP without saving the Fun List
I had almost finished. >.>
so l cant live: lots of it
HannahBanana5689: i want some
HannahBanana5689: *gasp*
so l cant live: and shower people at lumos
motherninja: Oooo FTP
heyitsme3871: ouch
HannahBanana5689: k'lyssa
HannahBanana5689: aw
MajestiCRadiO3: oh, why'd we have to bring up the chocolate!
HannahBanana5689: siriusly
heyitsme3871: sorry!
Sejo Apex: WOW
heyitsme3871: want some?
HannahBanana5689: i want some
x0xbeautifulsoul: Hannah
x0xbeautifulsoul: Did you get my card? I can't remember if you told me you did or not.
magical maladies: I need to send out my christmas cards soon
magical maladies: I've got like, ten more to write
HannahBanana5689: I DID!
magical maladies: I don't even know who half of the people are
so l cant live: Me too. I'm a slacker. D:
magical maladies: KILLED THE CHAT
HannahBanana5689: i g2g
magical maladies: haha okay
MajestiCRadiO3: bye hannah!
HannahBanana5689 has left the room.
magical maladies: byeeeeeee
so l cant live: bye
magical maladies: lol in spirit
so l cant live: :[
Sejo Apex: Audi R9
heyitsme3871: my dad just got an Audi.
heyitsme3871: but i dont wanna talk about cars so NEW SUBJECT.
heyitsme3871: oh damn.
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods*
Sejo Apex: im done
heyitsme3871: okay good.
heyitsme3871: surprisingly - eric still hasnt said anything.
magical maladies: hahah
motherninja: I don't think he knows he is here.
heyitsme3871: hahaha
Sejo Apex: The Encyclopedia of Randomness
KelAzMA: *laughs* He's listening to FilkCast
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: i need to start my pottercast marathon.
so l cant live: actually this is the best :[
KelAzMA: *laughs*
heyitsme3871: hahahahahahahahha
KelAzMA: *coughs*
KelAzMA: *choke*
heyitsme3871: dont choke!
heyitsme3871: [ heimlich whatevers maneuvers kel ]
Sejo Apex:
Sejo Apex: nope that is
so l cant live: pft
heyitsme3871: pokémon > sports car.
so l cant live:
so l cant live: so true.
heyitsme3871: hahahaha
heyitsme3871: the things people do..
so l cant live: It's my dream car.
so l cant live: ;-)
KelAzMA: eh....heheheh
heyitsme3871: well i guess i shouldn't be talking considering i'm in this chattroom.
Sejo Apex: won won baby was pretty good kel
KelAzMA: Thanks.
so l cant live: That was you? :o
KelAzMA: yah
heyitsme3871: kel, i'm sure ill be complementing you in a few days when i'm up to date on my marathon.
so l cant live: awesome
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
heyitsme3871: so might as well do it now even thoguh i ahve no idea what for!
KelAzMA: you may not like it
KelAzMA: hey
KelAzMA: !!
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: hey what?
heyitsme3871: what did i say?
KelAzMA: what if you're tellin' me this...then ya hate it!
KelAzMA: you'll have to take it back
heyitsme3871: i wont
KelAzMA: and that's always awkward
KelAzMA: hehe
heyitsme3871: okay img onna start listening to pottercast ep 1!
heyitsme3871: rab.
Sejo Apex: uhn tiss
Sejo Apex: too much blue
KelAzMA: i'm blue
Sejo Apex: no you ainteth
KelAzMA: bada be be da do da da to de dah
KelAzMA: Yo listen up here's a story
KelAzMA: About a little guy that lives in a blue world
KelAzMA: And all day and all night and everything he sees
so l cant live: oh god -_- noo
KelAzMA: Is just blue like him inside and outside
Sejo Apex: if i were green i would die
KelAzMA: Blue his house with a blue little window
Sejo Apex: Eifell 65
KelAzMA: And a blue corvette
KelAzMA: And everything is blue for him and hisself
KelAzMA: And everybody around
KelAzMA: Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to
motherninja: my head as'plode
KelAzMA: I'm blue
motherninja: 6.9
KelAzMA: [/end]
KelAzMA: lol
motherninja: water, water everywhere. But not a drop to drink.
x sweet harmony: I had like 5 bottles of water on Sunday. x_X
KelAzMA: wow bet you peed all day
KelAzMA: *overshare*
KelAzMA: sorry
x sweet harmony: lol I did.
x sweet harmony: I was nervous so I drank a lot of water.
KelAzMA: when I get nervous I pick at my fingernails...
motherninja: I'm so hungry I could eat a Longbottom.
Sejo Apex: i bite my nails
motherninja: brb.
x sweet harmony: Then I hope you don't get nervous very often. =P
Sejo Apex: alot
KelAzMA: Well any time I have some kinda sore or red spot on my fingers/nails my ma says "what's
KelAzMA: I'm like "NOTHING" the dog got me with her claws
Sejo Apex: i also bit the skin from around the nails, i kno disgusting, but im not a girl so i dont give a crap
about my nails
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods*
x sweet harmony: lol
magical maladies: god so bored
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
KelAzMA: I wear clothes
magical maladies: me toooooo
Sejo Apex: i think they should auction off a place on mugglecast to make money for the proposed World
Tour 06, whaddayou guys think
heyitsme3871: PWWC
KelAzMA: sweet
heyitsme3871: i wonder if Eric wears clothes.
Eric l MuggleNet: of course I wear clothes
magical maladies: ummmmm
heyitsme3871: woah
KelAzMA: woot!
KelAzMA: he saw that
heyitsme3871: hahaha
Eric l MuggleNet has left the room.
heyitsme3871: okay then.
magical maladies: uhh
KelAzMA: he ran to put on clothes
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: LOL!
magical maladies: LOL
Sejo Apex: eric's imaptient with us today
heyitsme3871: mm yeah.
KelAzMA: :-(
KelAzMA: do we need to give him support?
Alikona0000: he had a hard day
KelAzMA: I didn't know
heyitsme3871: HPNS - hp nerd support
HanSoloIsAHottie has entered the room.
Sejo Apex:
HanSoloIsAHottie: hey
HanSoloIsAHottie: hey
heyitsme3871: mamatha!
heyitsme3871: hi hi.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Mamz in the house foo
Alikona0000: hey mam
HanSoloIsAHottie: What's up everyone?
KelAzMA: I wear clothes!
heyitsme3871: POtterCast Ep 1!
heyitsme3871: and we wear clothes
HanSoloIsAHottie: You shouldn't speak for everyone on that
heyitsme3871: oh sorry.
heyitsme3871: my bad
HanSoloIsAHottie: Well, I don't know about you, but I certainly don't wear clothes.
KelAzMA: sounds like "star wars...episode 1"
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: lmao wha?
heyitsme3871: WHERE in ep 1 do they walk around nude?!
HanSoloIsAHottie: I like a litte air around my privates thanks.
Sejo Apex: PWN - People Wearing Nothing
KelAzMA: oops
HanSoloIsAHottie: teehee.
Ponyjockey123 has entered the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: GoF Archie.
heyitsme3871: ahha score quote hp
heyitsme3871: we should have a point system - you quote hp in an appropriate situation.
heyitsme3871: you get points!
HanSoloIsAHottie: yaya
heyitsme3871: i'll keep score.
heyitsme3871: okay wait
heyitsme3871: PAUSE
KelAzMA: :-D
heyitsme3871: 1!
camel4792 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: okay now dont bother me. i'm listening to pottercast.
heyitsme3871: LMAOO!!!!
heyitsme3871: i love that.
KelAzMA: =-O
KelAzMA: me too
camel4792: is ben talking again?
heyitsme3871: nope
Sejo Apex: no stupid kid
KelAzMA: he might be
KelAzMA: just not to us
heyitsme3871: my friend and i went around going botherbotherbotherbother..
heyitsme3871: twas fun.
camel4792: lol
camel4792: sejo obviously has somethin against me
KelAzMA: it's okay don't take it siriusly
heyitsme3871: lol a tad bit
KelAzMA: he's canadian
camel4792: cnadians r coolio
camel4792: i just saw narnia
Sejo Apex: eh.
heyitsme3871: mm i saw that
Alikona0000: NAHHNIA!!!!
camel4792: it was.....
so l cant live: the witch looks like my english teacher
gingernut17: UAU!
heyitsme3871: lol!
camel4792: lol
gingernut17: *YAY
gingernut17: ?
HanSoloIsAHottie: uh oh Allie narnibitch attack.
heyitsme3871: uau lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: ::hides::
Alikona0000: hahaha
gingernut17: That's how Mr. Tumnus says it
KelAzMA: wow
camel4792: now now children
camel4792: lets keep this pg
camel4792: lol
gingernut17: UAU
KelAzMA: okay
heyitsme3871: uau. im so saying that from now on
Alikona0000: whats a narnibitch
camel4792: lol\
HanSoloIsAHottie: narnia's bitch= narnibitch
HanSoloIsAHottie: >.>
camel4792: micah and kevin r too quiet
camel4792: PG
camel4792: jkjk
heyitsme3871: and ben
Alikona0000: oh, I don't mind being narnia's bitch.
Ponyjockey123 has left the room.
camel4792: but ben hasnt talked forever
heyitsme3871: mm goodpoint
Sejo Apex: wow mugglenet about us, theres a place for greg
so l cant live: he said he's been in here 2 days or something.
camel4792: who ben?
so l cant live: yeah
camel4792: god
so l cant live: haha is there??
Sejo Apex: yeah
Sejo Apex: wow
heyitsme3871: i wouldn't be surprised.
Sejo Apex: under laura, above eric
HanSoloIsAHottie: Sejo <3s Laura
Sejo Apex: sure
heyitsme3871: aw!
heyitsme3871: a budidng roamnce
heyitsme3871: NEW SHIP!
x0xbeautifulsoul has left the room.
Sejo Apex: damn
heyitsme3871: budding* romance*
camel4792: who here has seen GoF more tha 3 times? just say: me
KelAzMA: don't tell "greg"
Sejo Apex: a ship about me
heyitsme3871: 3 tiems flat.
heyitsme3871: sejo and laura ...
Sejo Apex: oh greg is gonna get melissa to get me hit
magical maladies: me
heyitsme3871: hmm
HanSoloIsAHottie: me
camel4792: theres two
camel4792: i have btw
KelAzMA: I'm telling "greg"...hehe
HanSoloIsAHottie: sheeesh.
heyitsme3871: lol
HanSoloIsAHottie: there are forums there too
HanSoloIsAHottie: lol
heyitsme3871: way to plug.
alysonmarie says has entered the room.
Sejo Apex: UHN TISS
alysonmarie says: this place is like a sick addiction. i can't stay away for too long for some reason.
heyitsme3871: lol same..
MNet Micah has left the room.
alysonmarie says: oh micah :-(
alysonmarie says: well we're all very chatty tonight, aren't we?
HanSoloIsAHottie: Kevin is a stecknician.
HanSoloIsAHottie: *feels clever*
alysonmarie says: i knew that about him actually
Sejo Apex: steck, stick
alysonmarie says: it's in the dictionary
HanSoloIsAHottie: See, it's technician + steck
heyitsme3871: lol. smooth,
HanSoloIsAHottie: omgimlyksocool.
heyitsme3871: omgwtfhorseybird
heyitsme3871: love that line.
KelAzMA: okay
KelAzMA: I'm so damn slow
HanSoloIsAHottie: okay bbl lovelie
HanSoloIsAHottie: s
heyitsme3871: say RAB
HanSoloIsAHottie: lovelies*
HanSoloIsAHottie: RAB
heyitsme3871: thank you!@
heyitsme3871: lol.
HanSoloIsAHottie: I LOVE YOU ALL
KelAzMA: All the happy things people are saying to me are making me stupid in the head
HanSoloIsAHottie: SEJO ROX
KelAzMA: I'll be like Jessica Simpson in an hour at this rate
heyitsme3871: i love you kel.
heyitsme3871: lmao!
HanSoloIsAHottie: ROX.
alysonmarie says: i like jessica simpson
alysonmarie says: sort of
Sejo Apex: Im out i gotta get some HW done. Bye.
heyitsme3871: bye.
Sejo Apex has left the room.
HanSoloIsAHottie: Seriously, the layout is gorgeous
KelAzMA: *sigh of relief*
heyitsme3871: it is
heyitsme3871: i've seen it.
HanSoloIsAHottie: bbl loves!
HanSoloIsAHottie has left the room.
magical maladies: well we died
heyitsme3871: i was about to say that.
KelAzMA: *died*
heyitsme3871: but i have an excuse - PotterCast..
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: I keep listening
KelAzMA: 'cause I'm conceited
heyitsme3871: hahahahaha!
KelAzMA: *big head girl*
KelAzMA: I could sit next to Percy at this rate
heyitsme3871: oooh
KelAzMA: I might could even sit by JOHN!
KelAzMA: heheh
heyitsme3871: OUCH
heyitsme3871: lol
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh* John's a good kid...reminds me of my best friend from high school
heyitsme3871: aw. lol.
alysonmarie says has left the room.
KelAzMA: *wanders aboot*
heyitsme3871: aboot!
KelAzMA: heh
heyitsme3871: DONE WITH POTTERCAST 1 !
KelAzMA: hehehe
heyitsme3871: Oi. the nxt few are SO LONG.
heyitsme3871: quesiton - what's filk mean>
KelAzMA: yeah some are
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: pottercast 2 .. [ play ]
heyitsme3871: John!
Mugglenet Greg has entered the room.
Johnboy865 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: greg!
heyitsme3871: bye john
Mugglenet Greg: GREG IN THE HOUSE!
HarryPotter46198 has entered the room.
ECD22887: Greggers!
KelAzMA: Hello "greg"
MajestiCRadiO3: greg!
Chlojo3: hey greg!!!!!!!!!
KelAzMA: My head's so inflated after the pottercast today...I might even rival YOU
heyitsme3871: hahahahah
Mugglenet Greg: GREG IS HOTT
Chlojo3: lol
Mugglenet Greg: 2 T's
HarryPotter46198: oh boy
Chlojo3: o, did u get in kelazma?
lunibug4: hey
KelAzMA: a bit yeah :-)
Mugglenet Greg: tghgtjfjgjhjgjgh
magical maladies: potatoes! potatoes!
MajestiCRadiO3: don;t forget the two Ts!
ECD22887: i think that may call for 3 T's
magical maladies: :D
KelAzMA: what was that "greg"
Mugglenet Greg: .
Mugglenet Greg: /
Mugglenet Greg: /....
Mugglenet Greg: .
KelAzMA: plankton
Mugglenet Greg: .
MajestiCRadiO3: .
Mugglenet Greg: .
Mugglenet Greg: .
KelAzMA: random punctuation?
MajestiCRadiO3: .
Mugglenet Greg: .
ECD22887: .
MajestiCRadiO3: .
ECD22887: .
ECD22887: .
KelAzMA: fab
KelAzMA: well...this calls for:
KelAzMA: I wear clothes
heyitsme3871: I KNEW IT!
heyitsme3871: bwahahahahahah
KelAzMA: that's what happens when you're in a chat room for 10 hours or some shit
KelAzMA: omg
KelAzMA: I'm sorry
wishiwasaHIPSTER has entered the room.
KelAzMA: :-X
heyitsme3871: language people
heyitsme3871: lol!
missee3 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: liane
heyitsme3871: melissa!
KelAzMA: I so avoid swearing
heyitsme3871: guess what melissa?
ECD22887: Hi Melissa
HarryPotter46198: Hey, Melissa.
KelAzMA: I've just blown my cover as a nice girl
Chlojo3: Melissa! *tackles*
ECD22887: I'm am perfectly sane by the way
Chlojo3: it's john noe, it's john now, it's john noe
missee3: Hi guys :P
KelAzMA: Hiya Melissa
heyitsme3871: guess what melissa?
missee3: yes?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: you can all thank me for teaching miss meliss how to get into the chat
Mugglenet Greg: Its john noe
Mugglenet Greg: best song ever
heyitsme3871: im on my POtterCast Marathon. i just listened to ep 1 and now im on ep 2!
Chlojo3: lol
Mugglenet Greg: mugglenet greg is the bomb though
Chlojo3: he's hott, huh?
wishiwasaHIPSTER: alrighty, im out now
wishiwasaHIPSTER: but i love you all
KelAzMA: many Greg filks are there gonna be on MC?
KelAzMA: eh?
heyitsme3871: bye liane.
missee3: GREG FILKS!
missee3: I want some
wishiwasaHIPSTER: esp melissa and john <3
missee3: First one to send one in gets a prise
ECD22887: lol
missee3: *prize
wishiwasaHIPSTER has left the room.
Chlojo3: lol, i'm done with filks...
missee3: Me and John ain't never singing together again
missee3: :P
KelAzMA: omg
missee3: that was a one off, people
Chlojo3: aw, i thought it was ADORABLE melissa
KelAzMA: that's so not fair melissa!
missee3: i can't listen to it, I cringe like nothing else
missee3: LOL
ECD22887: yeah, i like it
KelAzMA: I sound like a man right now!
ECD22887: *liked
Chlojo3: i recorded it and have it saved on my computer...
Chlojo3: its so cute
missee3: KELAZMA, you were awesome
missee3: the Dark Mark We Have Heard on High or whatever is AMAZZING
Chlojo3: which one was kelazma's?
KelAzMA: yeah but my voice went to crapp last week
ECD22887: yeah, won won was one of my favorites
KelAzMA: when I got sick
KelAzMA: My voice is lower than guru's right now
heyitsme3871: haha.
heyitsme3871: it's gonna take me forever to get to those filkcasts..
LordMarvolo7 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: [ plods through pottercasts ]
LordMarvolo7: there
heyitsme3871: hi.
Chlojo3: HELLO! *tackles*
KelAzMA: It's so not fair....I could make a "greg" filkcast in 20 minutes if my brain was clear
ECD22887: Ohhh Melissa and Voldemort part two
missee3: That MuggleNet Greg
missee3: He's HOTT
KelAzMA: yeah
ECD22887: 3 T's
Chlojo3: lol
KelAzMA: lemme think
lunibug4: lol hotttt
KelAzMA: *think think think*
Alikona0000: oh man
KelAzMA: what genre?
KelAzMA: gotta help me narrow it down
KelAzMA: or pick a song
heyitsme3871: lmao
KelAzMA: sh'dang
heyitsme3871: i dont know christmas music..
heyitsme3871: wait thats a lie
heyitsme3871: i know that mariah carey song
KelAzMA: does it have to be xmas Melissa?
heyitsme3871: and that's it.
KelAzMA: LOL has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: lmao use that one@ hiiiiiii
heyitsme3871: HANNAH Q!
KelAzMA: Kyrane did one to that song... OREO!
KelAzMA: I can't listen to it the same anymore
KelAzMA: LOL what song?
heyitsme3871: Hannah Q, do you wear clothes?
KelAzMA: heheh ummmmm i think so
heyitsme3871: GASP does MELISSA wear clothes?!
HarryPotter46198 has left the room.
KelAzMA: I don't know hmmm i dunno did i miss something?
heyitsme3871: haha yeah! lol
KelAzMA: this is what happens when you're in here for ten hours and (censor)
heyitsme3871: loL! lol
KelAzMA: :-Dsee how that worked, eh? so what did i miss?
heyitsme3871: erm.. how did this one start?
heyitsme3871: oh jeans!
heyitsme3871: some guy spexedy came ina dn said he bought jeans
missee3: kelazma what, a greg song?
KelAzMA: yeah
missee3: doesn't have to be xmas
KelAzMA: pick a song...or a genre...or something... lol
heyitsme3871: and then everyone was tlakigna obut what we wear
heyitsme3871: and me n kel were like. um we wear clothes.
KelAzMA: my brain is trash from being sick...LOL...i need boundries
KelAzMA: LOL haha w00t. i wear clothes too!
KelAzMA: oh wait....
heyitsme3871: hm?
KelAzMA: I may have just got it
KelAzMA: brb ok....
heyitsme3871: rab* lol
Chlojo3: ok, melissa, i think we're writing a filk for greg
MajestiCRadiO3: and its going to be hottt you're writing a filk for greg? i want to hear this!
Alikona0000: hott and drunk
KelAzMA: too many sylables...but it gave me an idea for another one...LOL
KelAzMA: okay...mugglenet greg....
KelAzMA: greg....
MajestiCRadiO3: exactly allie
KelAzMA: greg....
KelAzMA: eh..... lol
KelAzMA: It's gotta be one I can sing like a man
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh* gggggggreeeeeggg lol
KelAzMA: which will make it even better
KelAzMA: hehehe lol
KelAzMA: where's my pen
KelAzMA: {censor} oh right here
heyitsme3871: lol
KelAzMA: it's got 4 colors
heyitsme3871: my dad got a pen! i want it.
KelAzMA: my edit pen COOL
KelAzMA: gotta make sure I can steal the song files first...hehe lol
magical maladies: there's an imposter in here...
heyitsme3871: gasp!
heyitsme3871: qui?! WHERE?????
magical maladies: there isssss
magical maladies: it's fairly easy to figure out, too
gingernut17: *points a finger at Mugglenet Greg*
heyitsme3871: haha woulda never guessed.
magical maladies: look at his profile y'all *fake gasp* NO
magical maladies: please tell me it's a joke
magical maladies: lol
KelAzMA: *snorts* this is gonna be hott
KelAzMA: 2T's yo!
gingernut17: With two t's
KelAzMA: lets see how fast my brain works
KelAzMA: *smells burning* lol
heyitsme3871: hahah how sad.
KelAzMA: hey...if you had:
KelAzMA: 2 ear infections
KelAzMA: a sinus infection
KelAzMA: a respiratory inflamation
KelAzMA: and strep
KelAzMA: you'd suck at thinking too awww poor kel
heyitsme3871: ouch.
KelAzMA: so I started getting sick in october.....
KelAzMA: and left it...
MajestiCRadiO3 has left the room.
KelAzMA: and left it.... awwwww
KelAzMA: come ON limewire......
KelAzMA: make my day.....
lunibug4 has left the room.
KelAzMA: heheh so what song are you writing?
KelAzMA: heheh can't tell now...
KelAzMA: 'cause i gotta find it now XD FINE THEN
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: :-P lol
KelAzMA: mj smiley, eh?
heyitsme3871: lmao. i wanna be on potterania. *sob* YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME lolllllllll
heyitsme3871: it's like who wants to be a millionaire!
Alikona0000 has left the room. potterania?
heyitsme3871: i love it!
heyitsme3871: haha yeah the gameshow thing on POtterCast lol my friend just said brb and i'm like you mean RAB and they're like
WTH????? ahahahahaha
heyitsme3871: LOL! w00t that rocks loquatious ha ha
heyitsme3871: no new word of the day is juxtapose
KelAzMA: WOOT! juxtapose?
KelAzMA: I wear clothes I DO TOO
heyitsme3871: yeah juxtapose. juxtapose=??????
KelAzMA: come on bastage
heyitsme3871: erm omg i knew this.. erm erm erm like an unlikely situation? something that contradics?
heyitsme3871: oh go look it up lol FINE I WILL
heyitsme3871: OKAY THEN
KelAzMA: okay...
KelAzMA: um
heyitsme3871: lol.
KelAzMA: another file-stea-....file-sharing program...quick? name one?
magical maladies: kazaa?
heyitsme3871: ... .. ... i dont steal music. it's illegal. DUH
magical maladies: azureus
KelAzMA: i borrow it
heyitsme3871: i love those commercials about stealing music place or deal w/ close together for contrasting effect lol
KelAzMA: here I go...virus central
KelAzMA: *turns up nortons* lol
KelAzMA: *activates mcaffes*
heyitsme3871: hhahaha
KelAzMA: *downloads panda* panda???? thats one i haven't heard of!
KelAzMA: the guy that does the vocal um...prompts
heyitsme3871: lol!! lol
KelAzMA: total Brit
KelAzMA: sexy LOL haha
heyitsme3871: my ears itch
heyitsme3871: all this pottercast cool POTTACASSSSSSST
heyitsme3871: lol!! wait whaddya mean all this pottercast????
heyitsme3871: im having a pottercast marathon
heyitsme3871: im on ep 2
missee3: Heyyy
KelAzMA: heheh lol
heyitsme3871: hi! cool
missee3: so are you all effectively sswitched to pottercast now? :P
missee3: John has done his work. LOL.
heyitsme3871: lol of course pottercast marathon
heyitsme3871: heckyes
JenAl8914: Melissa those Filks have had me laughing all night
missee3: I'm having fun watchin gthe reactions to the singing
KelAzMA: *impatient*
heyitsme3871: watching? :P
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: im only on ep 2 so dont expcet mine anytime soon...
KelAzMA: LOL filkcast= HEELARIOUS lol
heyitsme3871: high-larious.
JenAl8914: I listened to The PotterCast Song like 5 times
heyitsme3871: not that i know anything about it.
KelAzMA: stupid AOL spyware crap
BenSchoen2 has left the room.
missee3: I've listened to the PotterCast song 648432 times
KelAzMA: okay
missee3: How hard did you all laugh at the Emerson joke?
NibsDragon has entered the room.
JenAl8914: lol MEEE!!!
missee3: I seriously couldn't breathe pfft
heyitsme3871: dont spoil it for me!
LordMarvolo7: I laughed at how you can't tell the muggle boys apart i couldn't breathe for like, the whole hour omg i know!!!
heyitsme3871: stopstopstop [ slams ears ]
BenSchoen2 has entered the room.
Chlojo3: lol, that was nice
heyitsme3871: [ minimizes screen
heyitsme3871: ]
Chlojo3: i LOVED the pottercast song
Chlojo3: i thought you and john were really cute, melissa!
Chlojo3: you did really well!!!! you stressed for nothing:-) my mom was confused... harry potter, christmas carols, laughing my head off,
she didn't get the connection
missee3: oh stooooooop
heyitsme3871: hahahahaa
missee3: you're sweet
missee3: but i suck
missee3: LOL lol
JenAl8914: the guy's voice inflections make it so much funnier too, he sounds like adam sandler no melissa you rock
ECD22887: yeah, he did
LordMarvolo7: I didn't that was john in the beginning
Chlojo3: lol, you're awesome, melissa
Chlojo3: we love you
ECD22887: that was great
LordMarvolo7: he has some pipes yeaaaaaa
ECD22887: yes we do
Chlojo3: yeah, john shocked me...
JenAl8914: yeah I was impressed with John's singing
Chlojo3: i didn't know he could sing!
x sweet harmony: John is amazing!
missee3: John is actually a really excellent singer
missee3: John is...
missee3: ...
missee3: John is a find. haha
missee3: You don't find people like John.
gingernut17: lol
x sweet harmony: He should be on American Idol. He could give Kelly Clarkson a run for her money.
missee3: Not usually. AMERICAN IDOL!!!
missee3: And I don't know how we lucked into him.
ECD22887: yeah
Chlojo3: john is amazing
JenAl8914: lol, I'd vote for John on American Idol
KelAzMA: kelly clarkson
Chlojo3: lol CHLNOE John Noe VS. Simon Cowell
Chlojo3: lol
ECD22887: lol
Chlojo3: battle royale THAT i wanna see!!!
missee3: John could be on AI and also judge it just as funnily
missee3: that's the difference lol
JenAl8914: lol yea
gingernut17 has left the room. if john goes on AI, all he'll have to do is mention harry potter and he'll
automatically win
heyitsme3871: LMAO LOL Melissa! i love how you're explaining the lost tape on ep 2!!
Chlojo3: lol
missee3: episode two...
missee3: I don'[t even remember it...
x sweet harmony: He could sing Do the Hippogriff if he does AI!
heyitsme3871: yeah.. the potterania game
missee3: what am I explaining?
missee3: OHHH
missee3: LOLOLOL
Chlojo3: i like hearing you guys laugh, btw
missee3: yeah
Chlojo3: i think its hilarious when you all crack up lol
JenAl8914: I like hearing the laughs too mee too
heyitsme3871: me too!
so l cant live: same has left the room.
Chlojo3: *too lazy to actually email in feedback*
JenAl8914: cause I'm usually laughing too
Chlojo3: but i think its cute...
KelAzMA: do you tell a computer program that you're intentionally d/l spyware?
Chlojo3: yeah, i laugh like a maniac...and the entire bus glares at me
KelAzMA: it's not an option?
heyitsme3871: lol no idea..
NibsDragon: Why would you intentionally download spyware? lol
ECD22887: i love it when you laugh
so l cant live: why would you do that..
KelAzMA: kazaaaaaaaa
ECD22887: then i start and cant stop
NibsDragon: hahaha.
KelAzMA: spyware captial of america
NibsDragon: lol, Kazaa is horrible!
so l cant live: ahh noo not kazaa
so l cant live: bittorrent
heyitsme3871: um iTunes?
heyitsme3871: yeahhhh.
KelAzMA: i know it is...but I'll destroy the evidence when I'm done
heyitsme3871: mm slick.
NibsDragon: ouch. Good luck with that.
KelAzMA: I've done it before
KelAzMA: piece by piece
KelAzMA: by hidden file piece
heyitsme3871: eghh
heyitsme3871: i dont even wanna think about it and i have no idea what you're talking about
LordMarvolo7: Kazaa crashed my computer
KelAzMA: i record time and date of installs
LordMarvolo7: and stole my wife
JenAl8914: lol, I just noticed the line "even an underwater cast can't beat a pottercast"
magical maladies has left the room.
KelAzMA: actually...I stole your wife
KelAzMA: sorry 'bout that
LordMarvolo7: =-O
heyitsme3871: LMAO
so l cant live: kazaa is like the worst of all p2p programs :'[
NibsDragon: Me too LordMarvolo! (excluding the wife part)
KelAzMA: okay...gimme another one?
KelAzMA: then
lubbzcohen7 has entered the room.
missee3: "you f- my wife? you f- my wife? yo uf- my wfie? I AM your wife! Yes, I AM your wife and I f-d
your wife!"
LordMarvolo7: Grokster
so l cant live:
missee3: Sorry, eddie izzard temporarily took over my body
KelAzMA: got limewire
KelAzMA: it doesn't have what I want
so l cant live: or bittorent
missee3: what are you looking for k?
so l cant live: which has no spyware at all :]
LordMarvolo7: We watched Eddie Izzard in one of my classes
LordMarvolo7: Comic Spirt
missee3: oh what a great class
LordMarvolo7: funny man
heyitsme3871: lol.
LordMarvolo7: or woman
LordMarvolo7: that was corny
LordMarvolo7: srry
KelAzMA: with grokster I have to deal with people
KelAzMA: BZZZzzzz
KelAzMA: another one?
heyitsme3871: who what where when why?
LordMarvolo7: grokster also crashed my comp
KelAzMA: If I tell won't be a suprise, eh?
heyitsme3871: mmmmmkay
heyitsme3871: lol
so l cant live: what are you looking for?
ECD22887: melissa, do toasters lie to you?
heyitsme3871: you'll probably be done with it and i'll still be on my marathon..
Chlojo3: o! o! melissa!
missee3: errr?
Chlojo3: we've got like the first half of our greg filk
ECD22887: do toasters lie to you?
Chlojo3: wanna see?
so l cant live: best
ECD22887: nvm, listen to chloe
Chlojo3: its "Greg is Hott" to the tune of "Stacy's Mom"
LordMarvolo7: Cake
LordMarvolo7: or DEATH?
heyitsme3871: LOL!
heyitsme3871: stacy's mom! hhahahahahaha
ECD22887: death please
missee3: toasters...
missee3: oh yes toasters!
missee3: lolasd;fkjdas
Chlojo3: what?
heyitsme3871: . . .
ECD22887: lol
Chlojo3: *confused*
ECD22887: one posistion is thuis
Chlojo3: *wants to show off her and edward's genius*
ECD22887: and the other posistion is THIS
ECD22887: ahhhhhhhhhhh
heyitsme3871: back to the basement Melissa.. you;ve had too much sunlight today..
LordMarvolo7: now i need to go out and buy Eddie Izzard DVD's
Chlojo3: hey, edward...
Chlojo3: your genius is showing....
LordMarvolo7: thanks Melissa
KelAzMA: ugh
ECD22887: oh, crap
Chlojo3: lol
ECD22887: i have all the DVDS
x sweet harmony: Hey hey. Just putting this out there. Nibs and I run this site and it'd be freakin awesome
if you guys would join and be active. It's a fansite dedicated to Jeremy Sumpter. =]] -Random-
x sweet harmony: =D
heyitsme3871: mm Peter Pan!
x sweet harmony: Yes! Haha.
heyitsme3871: nice Bonnie.
x sweet harmony: ^)^
x sweet harmony: ^_^*
Chlojo3: 1
Chlojo3: 2
Chlojo3: 3
Chlojo3: MELISSA!
ECD22887: Melissa
NibsDragon: Yeah, he came to the site yesterday for an inteview! :-)
heyitsme3871: PW .. MElissa?
missee3: yes ed?
LordMarvolo7: He was on that flop of a show Clubhouse
x sweet harmony: Yesterday? Sunday.
ECD22887: heres our flik for greg
missee3: oooh
heyitsme3871: no way nibs! awesome/
NibsDragon: flop? I rather liked it.. but yeah, it was cancled.
Chlojo3: "Greggy will you come on after Pottercast? (Pottercast)You can get with Laura at last (at last)We
know she makes you wanna skip (wanna skip)Its Gruara, your very own ship (sail your ship)"
LordMarvolo7: crash
LordMarvolo7: and burn
heyitsme3871: love that song by savage garden
missee3: lol :-)
Chlojo3: "You know, I'm not the Mugglenetter that I used to be /With HTML, it's all about Leaky"
x sweet harmony: Hey, everyone has their own opinion.
KelAzMA: then I guess I don't have to
KelAzMA: *turns page on notebook*
ECD22887: there's more hold on...
Chlojo3: Greg is hott, he's got it goin' on/You know he's been waiting for Laura for so long/Oh, can you
see, one T isn't good enough for me/You cannot disagree, cause grammatically Greg is hott
heyitsme3871: lmao!
x sweet harmony: So if you guys would like to join, that'd be great. ^.^
LordMarvolo7: Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill - $12.99
LordMarvolo7: so tempting
KelAzMA: Chris up your font to 12 or something
NibsDragon: Niiice LordMarvolo. But he will be in a movie made by the creators of Napoleon Dynamite in
2006 (a group of sci-fi dorks find Bigfoot) .... so, that will brighten up the "burn".
KelAzMA: you're hurting my brain
NibsDragon: Oh well, off topic. How about that Harry Potter? lol
HarryPotter46198 has entered the room.
ECD22887: what do you think?
motherninja: Shawn.
Chlojo3: edward, our genius is so unappreciated
HarryPotter46198: Kelly.
ECD22887: that's just a teaser
Chlojo3: Chloe
ECD22887: yeah chloe
motherninja: You have my font
LordMarvolo7: i am at 12
LordMarvolo7: LOL
HarryPotter46198: No.
heyitsme3871: hahaah
KelAzMA: well my eyes are still bleeding
heyitsme3871: gasp why?
motherninja: Ohhh yeah
x sweet harmony: o.o
LordMarvolo7: :here is a tissue:
x sweet harmony: Are you going to be okay, Kelazma?
heyitsme3871: i could say soemthing really mean there kel, but i wont
KelAzMA: sorry I wasn't seriously
HarryPotter46198: >:U
KelAzMA: I'm just really having a hard time reading lordmarvolo's font
LordMarvolo7: Better or Worse
heyitsme3871: lol oh
x sweet harmony: A blood vessel popped in my eye once...
heyitsme3871: worse.
LordMarvolo7: How about this
motherninja: that happened to me
heyitsme3871: gah! Bonnie gah!
KelAzMA: it comes across very little
LordMarvolo7: Better or Worse
NibsDragon: Better. But the colors don't go well for reading. LordMarvolo.
heyitsme3871: it's huge to me Marbolo.
LordMarvolo7: god
x sweet harmony: There was this huge red streak.. it was kinda creepy.
heyitsme3871: i like the colors..
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: Better?
LordMarvolo7: ow
motherninja: Worse
heyitsme3871: ew no worse
LordMarvolo7: my eyes
KelAzMA: I did that sneezing once
NibsDragon: worse
NibsDragon: eww
lubbzcohen7: worse
motherninja: Go White.
x sweet harmony: You suck.
heyitsme3871: yeah white
x sweet harmony: I'm blind.
heyitsme3871: lmao!
LordMarvolo7: sigh
LordMarvolo7: ah i forgot to change it
heyitsme3871: egh
heyitsme3871: i had to get tlcose to read that
heyitsme3871: close*
motherninja: I hate background color in IM
motherninja: It's just so...distracting.
heyitsme3871: aim is sorry?
LordMarvolo7: Ok
NibsDragon: Better.
LordMarvolo7: still hurts my eyes
heyitsme3871: ooh good
x sweet harmony: I've used this font and background for years! I could never let it go.
ECD22887: melissa, where should we send it when we're done?
x sweet harmony: Why don't you pick some reasonable colors?
LordMarvolo7: ???
LordMarvolo7: So bright
KelAzMA: it wasn't the was the font/size/etc
lubbzcohen7: ive used this font forever too. =D
NibsDragon: Have a light background Marvolo, and then it works.
LordMarvolo7: Well i am trying to please everyone
NibsDragon: Your dark grey hurts the eyes...
heyitsme3871: dont ty to please everyone!
heyitsme3871: try*
x sweet harmony: You can't have your cake and eat it too.
heyitsme3871: heckyes i am
heyitsme3871: can
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: what's the point of having cake if you cant eat it?
NibsDragon: ouch.
heyitsme3871: psHT
KelAzMA: yeah...try Eating your cake and HAVING it too
KelAzMA: that's hard
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: it'll be with me in my tummy.
lubbzcohen7: lol
KelAzMA: sure it's easy at first
heyitsme3871: my happy full tummy.
KelAzMA: but 10 hours later...........
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: not so easy
KelAzMA: *shakes head*
lubbzcohen7: hmmm i wouldn't want to have it then. lol
heyitsme3871: Anonymous: I love Harry Potter! (pause) What's your favorite song? Harry, tell me what's
your favorite Magic Wand?
heyitsme3871: L.M.A.O.
LordMarvolo7: there
heyitsme3871: mm good.
ECD22887: alright, guys i have to go
heyitsme3871: me likey.
ECD22887: good night everybody
heyitsme3871: bye ed.
heyitsme3871: nightynight
lubbzcohen7: byez!
ECD22887: chiao meliisa
heyitsme3871: ciao*
LordMarvolo7: night
Chlojo3: bye eduardo!
Chlojo3: *tackles*
Chlojo3: *confettis out the door*
ECD22887: lol
heyitsme3871: just about done with pottercast 2!
motherninja: :U
ECD22887 has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: i am listening to mugglecast and i haven't been listening at all
heyitsme3871: lol
LordMarvolo7: i just realized that
lubbzcohen7: lol
heyitsme3871: just changing your font
LordMarvolo7: ...
LordMarvolo7: funyy
LordMarvolo7: which is like funny
heyitsme3871: Melissa - i love love LOVE all the little sound lcips in pottercast.
x sweet harmony: I suscribed to PC and MC today because I've been manually downloading them.
missee3: :-)
x sweet harmony: And I'm getting an iPod! ^_^
heyitsme3871: especially since i recognize the blue's clues mail ones.
heyitsme3871: ooh ya -- wait oyu told us already
heyitsme3871: naming it iWillJr
heyitsme3871: Willy*
missee3: Aewsome :
missee3: :-)
lubbzcohen7: =D
x sweet harmony: lol yeah. I've said it like 50 times.
heyitsme3871: ahhahaha
x sweet harmony: I'm so happy. ^_^
missee3: :D
missee3: Awesome
KelAzMA: Woot! i don't know what I would do w/o podcasts....oh yeah...I'd watch Star Trek
KelAzMA: Every minute
heyitsme3871: and it's your bro's christmas gift to you sorta
KelAzMA: of every day
lubbzcohen7: what kind of ipod r u gettin?
x sweet harmony: lol yup
LordMarvolo7: Star Trek
KelAzMA: this breaks it up
NibsDragon: Little Willy is cute.
LordMarvolo7: blah
x sweet harmony: White nano.
KelAzMA: eh
x sweet harmony: Wallyyy.
heyitsme3871: nano's scare me
LordMarvolo7: Star Wars all the way
heyitsme3871: i always think im going to break one...
x sweet harmony: I'm terrified I'll break it.
heyitsme3871: STAR WARS WooT
x sweet harmony: lol!
KelAzMA: I'm not having this conversation in here
heyitsme3871: yeah Bonnie!
KelAzMA: [/end]
NibsDragon: Star Wars (the old ones not the new) woot!
LordMarvolo7: lol
lubbzcohen7: nano's are so small! hehe. my bff has one, im scared to hold it....
heyitsme3871: lol i grew up on the old ones.
LordMarvolo7: episode 3 was amazing
KelAzMA: I don't want to scar you for eternity on your first day in the chat
heyitsme3871: we just found them in my uncle's video collection
heyitsme3871: and sat and watched
NibsDragon: Yeah, 3 was good. But 2 wasn't... it was just.. blech.
heyitsme3871: all 3 in a row
heyitsme3871: [ starts pottercast 3 ... ]
LordMarvolo7: see they funny thing with that was George Lucas made them for himself
heyitsme3871: look at how dedicated i am~!
LordMarvolo7: so the worlds reaction means nothing
heyitsme3871: LOL yeah i know
motherninja: >:<>
KelAzMA: *smiles and nods head*
NibsDragon: Yeah. I <3 them, I just like the older ones better.
heyitsme3871: he wasnt even expecting them to be big..
HarryPotter46198: >:U
motherninja: I die.
motherninja has left the room.
HarryPotter46198: OK good.
LordMarvolo7: He said that in an interview and i just started to laugh
HarryPotter46198: Annnnnd
HarryPotter46198: me to.
HarryPotter46198 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: too*
heyitsme3871: Oi. ep 3 is even longer..
x sweet harmony: Ah. I love Sue on PC! She's so awesome. -random-
LordMarvolo7: I wish i had that much money
lubbzcohen7: lol
heyitsme3871: money? wha?
LordMarvolo7: make a movie for myself and get people to pay money to see it even though they know it
will be bad
Chlojo3: hey...
heyitsme3871: ahahaha!
heyitsme3871: me too.
Chlojo3: i just realized pottercast is pc
missee3: no,
missee3: it's Mac
missee3: ;-)
Chlojo3: i thought u guys were talkin about ur computers...i was confused
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: i hate MAC!
heyitsme3871: lol ayy for new discoveries
LordMarvolo7: srry
heyitsme3871: i love mac!
Chlojo3: ACK MACS! NO
x sweet harmony: Mac.. with no right click..
missee3: You don't know what you're missing! :-)
LordMarvolo7: I had a spastic moment
missee3: Oh stop yer whining and get any mouse and plug it in and watch it work instantly
KelAzMA: you can have a 2 button mouse
missee3: :-)
KelAzMA: heheh
LordMarvolo7: My middle school gave everyone a mac
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: but I still don't want one
heyitsme3871: yeah lsiten to Melissa.
LordMarvolo7: and i have been scared since
KelAzMA: until this one blows up
KelAzMA: then maybe i'll try
x sweet harmony: I had to deal with Macs in Middle school and I hated them.
KelAzMA: I'd like a hybrid
x sweet harmony: Now we have dells, which I hat even more.
heyitsme3871: ive grown up on macs.
NibsDragon: That must have been scarring LordMarvolo.
x sweet harmony: hate*
LordMarvolo7: The only way i will ever have a MAc is to use their movie editing software
NibsDragon: Dells are just not my cup of tea. To put it lightly.
heyitsme3871: lol. fine.
Chlojo3: i'm too stupid to work a mac
DratonMN has left the room.
heyitsme3871: macs are so easy.
heyitsme3871: you're just not used to them.
LordMarvolo7: MAC movie editing software is the BEST
missee3: oh they are soo oeasy
LordMarvolo7: other than that i hate it
NibsDragon: *chokes on my cough drop* brb...
heyitsme3871: im working on a mugglecast remix on garageband..
x sweet harmony: I just don't like how everything is displayed on a Mac.
KelAzMA: okay...I'ma have to do this Filk anyways...even if it's not the first...'cause...well yeah
KelAzMA: it's me
x sweet harmony: I love my HP. <3
heyitsme3871: it'll be crap compared to the people who are good at that kind of stuff but whatever.
LordMarvolo7: crap
LordMarvolo7: Mugglecast is still on
heyitsme3871: LOL
LordMarvolo7: i forgot again
x sweet harmony: I had to do that once!
x sweet harmony: I kept having to rewind... then I gave up and saved it for a later time.
KelAzMA: *inflated head*
KelAzMA has left the room.
heyitsme3871: bye?
x sweet harmony: I talk too much. Seriously. I rarely ever talk on here, but once I start, I don't shut up.
LordMarvolo7: i am new to this
heyitsme3871: lol sameeee
LordMarvolo7: i feel like this is the popular table
heyitsme3871: same as in i talk a lot
lubbzcohen7: hehe. me too. i don't talk much on here. too busy on the forums. =D
lubbzcohen7: *on here though
heyitsme3871: who are you cohen?
lubbzcohen7: lisa, x_ravenclaw7
heyitsme3871: lmao
heyitsme3871: oaky cool
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: lol.
LordMarvolo7: Muggle or Leaky?
LordMarvolo7: boards
lubbzcohen7: muggle =D
LordMarvolo7: They have boards?
heyitsme3871: um DUH
Chlojo3: i love them both
heyitsme3871: that's where this chat came from.
heyitsme3871: lol
Chlojo3: like, you cant compare muggle and leaky
heyitsme3871: go sign p molvolo!
x sweet harmony: I usually come in here and just sit and watch. Everytime I try to say something when
the regular people talk, I get ignored, so I don't bother anymore... I just talk when there are few people
and I have a blast. =P
NibsDragon: I think he was being sarcastic.
NibsDragon: lol
LordMarvolo7: i was
heyitsme3871: aw Bonnie talknext time
lubbzcohen7: ooooh. ok
LordMarvolo7: :-[
heyitsme3871: i'll answer.
LordMarvolo7: :-D
NibsDragon: Well, Bonnie, thats cause you make the party.
lubbzcohen7: lol i was gonna say....
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: lol oh marvolo. i knew that. im jsut slow/
LordMarvolo7: i love sarcasim
Chlojo3: hm...
LordMarvolo7: only way to talk
NibsDragon: So cynical lol.
heyitsme3871: me too. i just dont recognize it online/
heyitsme3871: lol.
x sweet harmony: It's kind of hard lol
heyitsme3871: i need to HEAR it
lubbzcohen7: whenever im sarcastic on IM people think im being mean. so i dont do it. lol
heyitsme3871: hahaah
x sweet harmony: lol
NibsDragon: Its harder to recognize the emotions when your reading and now able to see any expression
other than smilys.
camel4792 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: mhmm
heyitsme3871: thats why i prefer being face to face with people
heyitsme3871: which is why i SO want to go to lumos.
LordMarvolo7: me 2
KelAzMA has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: wb Kel
NibsDragon: lumos?
LordMarvolo7: YA!
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
x sweet harmony: Bah. Lumos.
Chlojo3: its also why you use *sarcasm*
NibsDragon: What happens at lumos?
so l cant live: you should go :o
x sweet harmony: That's kill my college savings fun.
x sweet harmony: That'd*
LordMarvolo7: I posted on Leaky about that
KelAzMA: when I open AOL it eats AIM for some reason
so l cant live:
heyitsme3871: mmm
LordMarvolo7: I want to go but it is expensive
heyitsme3871: LOL KEL
heyitsme3871: lmao
x sweet harmony: Nibs, Lumos is a Harry Potter symposium.
heyitsme3871: wait NIBS are oyu being sarcastic?
x sweet harmony: lmao
heyitsme3871: lmao now i hafta ask.
KelAzMA: it's worse when I open compuserve because that's where my SN's registered
LordMarvolo7: All the people looking for roommates are woman
NibsDragon: AIM is being very grouchy at me today. I keep getting Gwen Stefani Music Videos popping
KelAzMA: it sends me all sorts of messages
x sweet harmony: heyitsme, sorry, what's your name?
NibsDragon: (No I wasn't being sarcastic)
so l cant live: the next live podcast is going to be there/
NibsDragon: (I'm just ignorant)
heyitsme3871: lol k nibs
KelAzMA: "your name is activated on another service"
heyitsme3871: aw no
KelAzMA: whack whack
heyitsme3871: live podcast at lumos 2006
KelAzMA: ugh
x sweet harmony: Log off then back on, Nibs. That got rid of that add for me when I got kicked off.
LordMarvolo7: ahhh
LordMarvolo7: everyone is posting so fast
heyitsme3871: in VEGAS
heyitsme3871: marvolo - this is NOT fast
so l cant live: Lumos = -$700 for jessica
NibsDragon: Thanks Bonnie. I will try that in a bit.
katiek815 has entered the room.
LordMarvolo7: i will only go to Lumos if i get roommates
heyitsme3871: katie.
x sweet harmony: Lumos is about 3 weeks after our thing, Nibs.
KelAzMA: psh...I'll sleep in my car
katiek815: hi
KelAzMA: screw that crap
lubbzcohen7: *sigh* i can't go. 13 year old over here! =P
x sweet harmony: lol!
heyitsme3871: LMAO
LordMarvolo7: can i sleep in the trunk?
KelAzMA: shower at the truck stop
lubbzcohen7: lol
KelAzMA: my car doesn't have a trunk
heyitsme3871: hahahahahaah
heyitsme3871: darn
LordMarvolo7: dang
x sweet harmony: Hahah eww.
heyitsme3871: ill sleep in the glove compartment
NibsDragon: As I still haven't listened to either PC or MC, I am a bit behind.. lol. *cringes and waits to get
tied down with velcro and tarred*
so l cant live: I'll be 17. You just need a chaperone to be on the grounds.
KelAzMA: it's a wagon, eh?
LordMarvolo7: i will be 21
LordMarvolo7: 21
LordMarvolo7: 21
katiek815 has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: so exciting
KelAzMA: i can pull down the back seats and have a bed, eh?
heyitsme3871: wow
heyitsme3871: woahhhh Kel.
x sweet harmony: I had to brush my teeth at a truck stop once on my way to camp.
x sweet harmony: Never again..
LordMarvolo7: 21
heyitsme3871: lolll!
LordMarvolo7: i had to say it again
heyitsme3871: hahaa
heyitsme3871: ill be 16.
so l cant live: Even if I was 21 I can still see my parents not letting me go alone. :p
heyitsme3871: egh. i dont want to be 16..
lubbzcohen7: ha, no one will chaperone me. i'll beg. =D
x sweet harmony: It was the nastiest thing ever. There were dead roaches in the sink.
heyitsme3871: same here Sol.
NibsDragon: I need to go.. Nice talking to you all! <3
heyitsme3871: omg Bonnie ew thanks ew
LordMarvolo7: When i turned 18 i bought a a pack of smokes and a lotto ticket
NibsDragon: *POOF*
lubbzcohen7: byez!
NibsDragon has left the room.
x sweet harmony: Kelazma, want to be my mother for a few days?
LordMarvolo7: the funny thing is i don't smoke
so l cant live: Vegas is quite a trip from New York.
x sweet harmony: For Lumos?
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: i wish i could go to lumos.
KelAzMA: you don't want me as your mother
KelAzMA: I'ma bishy ma
lubbzcohen7: lol
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: My 3 year old sat through a midnight showing of GOF
KelAzMA: and made only 1 sound
heyitsme3871: aw
LordMarvolo7: Wow
so l cant live: hahaha
x sweet harmony: Aww.
heyitsme3871: how cute..
KelAzMA: and it was strangely movie appropriate
lubbzcohen7: =D aww.
heyitsme3871: i love toddlers.
LordMarvolo7: When i saw Screm 2, some woman broght 3 kids all under 6
KelAzMA: I love quiet well behaved toddlers
LordMarvolo7: Scream
heyitsme3871: lmao!
KelAzMA: heh
x sweet harmony: When I went to see HP4, this lady's kids would not stop talking.
heyitsme3871: lol.
heyitsme3871: im always talking.
lubbzcohen7: lol
LordMarvolo7: When i saw HP 4 i was famous
x sweet harmony: We were infront of them, so my friend and I just got up and moved. I glared at them.
heyitsme3871: lol in the dark?
LordMarvolo7: I wore a costume and people kept takin pictures with me
lubbzcohen7: hehe
KelAzMA: Well Julliann only spoke when Amos started screaming and she said really loud "WHA
heyitsme3871: haha cool
lubbzcohen7: i went in pj
KelAzMA: it was sad
lubbzcohen7: s to the midnight showing
x sweet harmony: Hahah that's awesome, LordMarvolo!
LordMarvolo7: I was cool for a night
heyitsme3871: lol marvolo.
x sweet harmony: Dressed in Hogwarts robes?
LordMarvolo7: no
LordMarvolo7: It was a long cloak
LordMarvolo7: and the hood covered my face
x sweet harmony: Ohh.
heyitsme3871: did you guys notice hermy and ron and hagrid singing the school song from book 1 in hp4
LordMarvolo7: it was evil looking
x sweet harmony: Yes! In the forest!
lubbzcohen7: yeah.
so l cant live: I've gotta go. night guys
LordMarvolo7: kids ran from me
lubbzcohen7: byez!
heyitsme3871: night
x sweet harmony: Aww.
LordMarvolo7: NIGHT
x sweet harmony: Night!
so l cant live has left the room.
heyitsme3871: i was like GASP! I KNOW THAT SONG
x sweet harmony: I'm sorry, I don't know any of your names... Care to share?
x sweet harmony: I'm Bonnie.
lubbzcohen7: did u guys notice at the world cup amos was like, OK THIS IS THE PARTING OF THE
heyitsme3871: noor/oreo
lubbzcohen7: lisa, here! =D
heyitsme3871: YES LISA!
heyitsme3871: i did
heyitsme3871: lol.
LordMarvolo7: Everyone who listens to Potercast should know my name
heyitsme3871: erm.. im still on ep 3
LordMarvolo7: The last filk one
lubbzcohen7: i've only listened to epi. 17 pottercast
heyitsme3871: lol.
LordMarvolo7: my whole name was disclosed
heyitsme3871: im going thru them all
LordMarvolo7: Melissa
missee3: ?
missee3: oh yes
missee3: crap
LordMarvolo7: lol
missee3: sorry dude
KelAzMA: you loved it Chris
missee3: there are a lot of that name in the world though
KelAzMA: w/e
missee3: it's ok
LordMarvolo7: I did
missee3: LOL
KelAzMA: heheh
x sweet harmony: I just picked up on PC about 3 episodes ago.
LordMarvolo7: My heart skipped a beat
heyitsme3871: lol.
heyitsme3871: i want to be on a podcast.
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
missee3: :-))
heyitsme3871: omg that would MAKE MY LIFE
Wlphotographer22 has entered the room.
heyitsme3871: [ dreamy sigh ]
KelAzMA: I died when my 3rd filk came on *died* like that
LordMarvolo7: i felt like one of my heros like Mel Brooks or Carol Burnett said my name
heyitsme3871: lol
lubbzcohen7: lol
x sweet harmony: I just got lost.
LordMarvolo7: We are over here
heyitsme3871: JOHN NOE!! YES
LordMarvolo7: now your not lost
x sweet harmony: No.. I got lost back when you said anyone who listens to PC should know your name...
heyitsme3871: lol!
x sweet harmony: Yeah... I should never be allowed out in the woods alone...
LordMarvolo7: so are u still lost
lubbzcohen7: lol
x sweet harmony: I'd never find my way out..
LordMarvolo7: or are u found
x sweet harmony: yes...
KelAzMA: *laughs like she's got mad cow*
x sweet harmony: I'm lost.
KelAzMA: *FOUND* Melissa said his name on the filk cast
KelAzMA: and his SN
LordMarvolo7: and real name
KelAzMA: so if you made the know his name
heyitsme3871: lol!
KelAzMA: [/found]
LordMarvolo7: so blunt Kelazma
KelAzMA: hey
LordMarvolo7: gotta love it
KelAzMA: I find the lost sheep
x sweet harmony: ... I feel so stupid right now... you have no clue. XD
KelAzMA: and the interup--bahhhhhh
heyitsme3871: lamoo
heyitsme3871: lmaoo? lmao*
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh* sorry
heyitsme3871: lamoo.
KelAzMA: lamooooooooooo
heyitsme3871: lamOOOOO
x sweet harmony: lamoo. XD
LordMarvolo7: i am gonna use that from now on
heyitsme3871: lol heckyes
LordMarvolo7: lamoo
x sweet harmony: I'm normally not this stupid. I promise.
KelAzMA: I am
KelAzMA: so get
LordMarvolo7: You know what i heard
KelAzMA: used to it, even
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: hey look...I'm speaking in half sentences
KelAzMA: if i keep this up
KelAzMA: i can get an award
heyitsme3871: what marvolo?
LordMarvolo7: Lumos 2006 will be going on the same time as the World Sereis of Poker
LordMarvolo7: i can't spell
heyitsme3871: wooowoooooOOoOoooooOooooo
LordMarvolo7: Series
heyitsme3871: no you can spell
KelAzMA: world cereal of poker
heyitsme3871: you just cant type!
heyitsme3871: lamoo.
LordMarvolo7: lamoo
LordMarvolo7: Who is a gambler in here
heyitsme3871: no i.
LordMarvolo7: it's in my blood
heyitsme3871: not*
lubbzcohen7: hey what's the lumos 2006 URL?
LordMarvolo7: .org
heyitsme3871: ok
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: sorrrrry
LordMarvolo7: Where is everyone from
heyitsme3871: where we live you mean
heyitsme3871: ?
lubbzcohen7: california. =D
heyitsme3871: california.
LordMarvolo7: ya
JenAl8914: Wisconsin :-D
x sweet harmony has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: What part of Cali
LordMarvolo7: I go to CSULB
heyitsme3871: SoCal.
LordMarvolo7: GO BEACH!
heyitsme3871: erm k
heyitsme3871: lol
LordMarvolo7: everyone stopped talking
lubbzcohen7: northern. =D i used to be a socal girl though.
heyitsme3871: mm cool!
heyitsme3871: i love so cal.
heyitsme3871: where in so cal?
lubbzcohen7: sac town. =D
heyitsme3871: mm.
JenAl8914: I wish I was in california, it's 15 degrees here right now
heyitsme3871: how sad.
lubbzcohen7: its raining here.
heyitsme3871: it's just chilly.
LordMarvolo7: it's about 25 here
heyitsme3871: i've no idea what it is here.
LordMarvolo7: i am home in Boston right now
heyitsme3871: prolly like 40s
LordMarvolo7: 217 days, 21 hours, 13 minutes, and 56 seconds left until Lumos!
LordMarvolo7: thought i'd share
heyitsme3871: agh dont remind me
JenAl8914: I want to go to Lumos :-(
LordMarvolo7: Lumos should have poker
lubbzcohen7: *sigh* me too
heyitsme3871: me toooooo.
x sweet harmony has entered the room.
JenAl8914: they gotta come to Chicago, I could make it there
heyitsme3871: wb Bonnie
x sweet harmony: Thanks!
LordMarvolo7: Bonnie
LordMarvolo7: i like the name
LordMarvolo7: reminds me of Bonnie Hunt
heyitsme3871: awwwW
heyitsme3871: lol.
x sweet harmony: Thanks.
lubbzcohen7: r u sure it's
LordMarvolo7: are u Bonnie Hunt?
heyitsme3871: no idea
KelAzMA: 2006
x sweet harmony: No..
heyitsme3871: lamoo.
x sweet harmony: My last name is half the amount of hers.
LordMarvolo7: damn
heyitsme3871: hu?
lubbzcohen7: kk it works. -D
x sweet harmony: It's two letters. Ng.
heyitsme3871: lol wow cool.
LordMarvolo7: Woah
lubbzcohen7: wow. lol
lubbzcohen7: mine is...11 letters
x sweet harmony: I'm listening to the Filkcast again and ah. Sue is my idol.
heyitsme3871: how do you pronounce that?
x sweet harmony: 'ing'
LordMarvolo7: I said woah for a differnt reason
heyitsme3871: ing
heyitsme3871: lol cool
x sweet harmony: Why woah?
LordMarvolo7: I was listening to mugglecast and all i heard was
LordMarvolo7: "he likes little biys"
x sweet harmony: lmao
heyitsme3871: LMAO
lubbzcohen7: lol
heyitsme3871: LAMOO
lubbzcohen7: jamie....
x sweet harmony: lamoooo
LordMarvolo7: boys
heyitsme3871: peeee dophile.
LordMarvolo7: How old is everyone
heyitsme3871: 15
JenAl8914: 20
x sweet harmony: 14
lubbzcohen7: 13
LordMarvolo7: u youngins
heyitsme3871: you?
lubbzcohen7: lol
x sweet harmony: Damn straight.
LordMarvolo7: 20
JenAl8914: I feel old
JenAl8914: oh good
heyitsme3871: lol be comforted Jen/
heyitsme3871: lol
LordMarvolo7: Jen we can be old together
JenAl8914: lol
JenAl8914: the ripe old age of 20
JenAl8914: I'll be 21 in like 2 weeks
LordMarvolo7: i got 4 months
JenAl8914: I'm looking forward to it
x sweet harmony: Next thing you know, you'll be asking Santa for a vaporizer.
x sweet harmony: =P
lubbzcohen7: lol
LordMarvolo7: I think Melissa is the oldest one in here
heyitsme3871: whens your bday marvolo?
LordMarvolo7: Are you gonna get me a gift?
heyitsme3871: heckyes i am
KelAzMA: <--older
LordMarvolo7: April 19th
KelAzMA: suckers
heyitsme3871: gasp
lubbzcohen7: yuck. i just realized lumos is in the summer. =P have u guys ever been in vegas in the
LordMarvolo7: Same day as the Oklahoma City bombing
heyitsme3871: lol nope. never been to vegas
LordMarvolo7: WAKO
LordMarvolo7: Charles Darwin Died on my b-day
heyitsme3871: it's also anakin skywalkers bday
lubbzcohen7: it is scorching. =P
LordMarvolo7: yup
heyitsme3871: im april 11th!
lubbzcohen7: sept. 21!
KelAzMA: I live in AZ
LordMarvolo7: and Hitlers b-day os afte mine
LordMarvolo7: 20th
LordMarvolo7: thank god
x sweet harmony: Charles Darwin was one of my words when I was playing Taboo.
KelAzMA: Vegas in the summer is like winter to me...LOL
lubbzcohen7: hehe
Eric l MuggleNet has entered the room.
LordMarvolo7: My mom brought my book with her, Wicked
heyitsme3871: i LOVE TABOO
x sweet harmony: I don't know the meaning of winter.
LordMarvolo7: and when she came back it was destroyed
lubbzcohen7: well compared to sacramento it is HOT. lol
LordMarvolo7: she left it in the sun
heyitsme3871: okay im done.
x sweet harmony: I have that book.. I just haven't gotten a chance to finish it.
LordMarvolo7: and it like exploded
Eric l MuggleNet: winter is meant to be something very very depressing so that when summer comes you
can be very very happy about nothing
JenAl8914: I miss the warm weather, I can't wait for summer
Eric l MuggleNet: =D
heyitsme3871: i like winter..
Eric l MuggleNet: That's why summer's so great
LordMarvolo7: woah
x sweet harmony: Summer is horrible.
heyitsme3871: i lvoe both
Eric l MuggleNet: haha
Eric l MuggleNet: summer's hot
lubbzcohen7: i love the smell of winter. it smells like xmas. =D
Eric l MuggleNet: global warming
LordMarvolo7: Mugglecast is over and i didn't notice
x sweet harmony: Florida summers suck.
heyitsme3871: there are no seasons in california so i wouldnt really know...
Eric l MuggleNet: hee
Eric l MuggleNet: but there's snow!
heyitsme3871: in CALI?!
x sweet harmony: We have hot and really hot.
lubbzcohen7: theres only summer and winter here.
heyitsme3871: not where i live, Eric..
LordMarvolo7: Cali has:
LordMarvolo7: Hot
heyitsme3871: hot
LordMarvolo7: Cool
LordMarvolo7: Hotter
heyitsme3871: lol
x sweet harmony: lamo
heyitsme3871: lamoo!
LordMarvolo7: excpet
heyitsme3871: hey eric!
LordMarvolo7: exceot
LordMarvolo7: ^$$^%$^%*(
heyitsme3871: OMG ERIC will you start saying lamoo?
LordMarvolo7: take 3
LordMarvolo7: except
x sweet harmony: Haha
heyitsme3871: lol marvolo GOODJOB!
x sweet harmony: Third times a charm.
LordMarvolo7: Last year it rained for 2 weeks straight
lubbzcohen7: yuck.
lubbzcohen7: lol
heyitsme3871: YEAH
x sweet harmony: Jeez.
heyitsme3871: school was cancelled for 2 days
heyitsme3871: roads fell
heyitsme3871: no one could get up to school
x sweet harmony: It was the end of life as we knew it.
heyitsme3871: well, to my school.
LordMarvolo7: I remember because i was hanging out in Disneyland w/ friends and i was wearing a
winter jacket hat and gloves
heyitsme3871: lol it was flooding like CRRAZY
LordMarvolo7: I think it's funny when it rains in cali because the world ends
x sweet harmony: That's insane.
LordMarvolo7: Stores close
heyitsme3871: lol i know dude
lubbzcohen7: wow. whenever i went to disneyland i wore shorts and a tee. and ive been there alot. =D
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: they break out the sand bags
lubbzcohen7: lol
heyitsme3871: LAMOO
x sweet harmony: I hate Disney World.
LordMarvolo7: cars are flying everywhere
lubbzcohen7: *sigh* you're making me miss soCAL.
heyitsme3871: lamoo marvolo stop
LordMarvolo7: people don't go to work
x sweet harmony: I can draw a map of every darn theme park in there.
heyitsme3871: six flgas
heyitsme3871: flags
heyitsme3871: knotts
heyitsme3871: universal
heyitsme3871: disneyland
heyitsme3871: californias adventure
LordMarvolo7: When it rains in Boston people go to the movies
heyitsme3871: dude i love it here
Chlojo3 has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: When it rains in California it is the end of the World
heyitsme3871: omg
Eric l MuggleNet has left the room.
heyitsme3871: have oyu seen the video end of ze world?!
lubbzcohen7: i love universal studios. =D but gawsh. i go to six flags every darn weekend practically. but i
love medusa
LordMarvolo7: is it French?
x sweet harmony: The Disney World in Florida... gahh... I can draw a map of Animal Kingdom, Magic
Kingdom, Epcot, and all of those by memory.
heyitsme3871: lol no?
heyitsme3871: its a video clip
LordMarvolo7: end of "ze" world
heyitsme3871: go google End of Ze World
heyitsme3871: just watch. and listen .
x sweet harmony: I think I saw that once.
LordMarvolo7: not allowed
heyitsme3871: love that video.
heyitsme3871: darn!
heyitsme3871: lol
LordMarvolo7: i have to stay on sites that are "good"
heyitsme3871: right.
lubbzcohen7: =D
LordMarvolo7: they past two visits home i have crashed my moms comp
heyitsme3871: lol nice!
LordMarvolo7: it is because she had 56k
lubbzcohen7: surprisingly i've never crashed my comp. =D only my parents.
x sweet harmony: I crashed mine once. -tears-
heyitsme3871: ive never crashed anything.
x sweet harmony: Never again. My poor baby.
LordMarvolo7: i crashed my car once
KelAzMA: *snickers madly*
heyitsme3871: correction - i crashed a glass thermometer thing
x sweet harmony: I get to get my permit in a month.
heyitsme3871: i could ahve gotten my permit in october
heyitsme3871: but im not doing lessons till like summer.
x sweet harmony: I just have to take the online course, get my permit, then my mom or brother is going to
teach me.
heyitsme3871: lol oh.
heyitsme3871: well.
heyitsme3871: fine
heyitsme3871: im doing AAA style.
x sweet harmony: lol
lubbzcohen7: *sigh* im dead tired. i've only gotten like 5 hours of sleep in 3 days. vacations suck if u don't
get sleep. =D so im gonna go. bye ya'll!
heyitsme3871: bye!!
heyitsme3871: dream about MuggleCast
x sweet harmony: Aww Night!
heyitsme3871: i know i have.
lubbzcohen7: haha i will
LordMarvolo7: night
heyitsme3871: twice.
LordMarvolo7: it is 2 in the morning here
lubbzcohen7 has left the room.
heyitsme3871: its 23.00 here
LordMarvolo7: i am a night owl
heyitsme3871: me TOO
LordMarvolo7: who
LordMarvolo7: who
x sweet harmony: HAHA The ozone layer leaving 'FU'
heyitsme3871: LOL iSNT IT GREAT!
heyitsme3871: love. it.
LordMarvolo7: can anyone guess what song is in my Info
x sweet harmony: LMAO Australia is down there like "doubleyoo tee eff, mate?"
heyitsme3871: LOLLL
heyitsme3871: wtf ^^
KelAzMA: beauty mate!
LordMarvolo7: i will give 10 bucks to who ever guesses it
heyitsme3871: no idea marvolo but you quoted everyone of my fave quotes from those movies
LordMarvolo7: i made a filk
LordMarvolo7: ha
heyitsme3871: lol ok
LordMarvolo7: excpet it's for my highschool
heyitsme3871: cool..
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: I shocked myself
LordMarvolo7: I was reading it
LordMarvolo7: lol
heyitsme3871: hahah
LordMarvolo7: it's from Avenue Q
heyitsme3871: i do that sometimes. shock myself.
x sweet harmony: I gotta pee like a bee, so brb.
KelAzMA: *overshare*
heyitsme3871: say RAB
heyitsme3871: R.A.B.
heyitsme3871: three letters people.
heyitsme3871: OMG
heyitsme3871: alfonso cauron SOUNDS LIKE MY SOCCER COACH
LordMarvolo7: I want to know my GPA
LordMarvolo7: AHHHHHHHHHHh
heyitsme3871: i know mine.
heyitsme3871: well i think i do.
heyitsme3871: i calculated it myself so im not forsureforsure
LordMarvolo7: so far i have a 4.0 for Fall 2005 semester
heyitsme3871: gjgj!
heyitsme3871: almost done with pottercast 3 !!
x sweet harmony: Those darn smart people. Shucks.
LordMarvolo7: well i only have had one grade posted
LordMarvolo7: it was an A
heyitsme3871: 15 MORE TO GO!
LordMarvolo7: so i have a 4.0
heyitsme3871: lol NICE marvolo
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: i need to get 4 more other classes
heyitsme3871: omg 15 more pottercastssssss
LordMarvolo7: which means it will go down
heyitsme3871: you only have 5 classes?
heyitsme3871: urgh, hate you.
LordMarvolo7: thats College for ya
heyitsme3871: oh right!
heyitsme3871: lol NEVER MIND
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: u get to pick what u want to learn
heyitsme3871: yeah
x sweet harmony: I'm so happy! I only have to take 4 out of my 7 exams!!
heyitsme3871: what are you majoring in?
LordMarvolo7: Film
heyitsme3871: and minor>
heyitsme3871: ?
x sweet harmony: UGH. I have an 89.4% in Geography.
LordMarvolo7: HA!
LordMarvolo7: minor
LordMarvolo7: ur funny
heyitsme3871: .. hah?
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: I could never monor
heyitsme3871: so what 5 classes are you taking?
heyitsme3871: lol okay.
LordMarvolo7: Last semester i took:
LordMarvolo7: Marine Bio
heyitsme3871: ooh fun
LordMarvolo7: Comic Spirt
LordMarvolo7: Criminal Justic
LordMarvolo7: e
heyitsme3871: lol fun
LordMarvolo7: Geography
heyitsme3871: blegh
heyitsme3871: go on
LordMarvolo7: and a TRecreation class on Play in children
heyitsme3871: erm k
LordMarvolo7: Recreation
KelAzMA: *commencing recording*
LordMarvolo7: next semester i am taking:
heyitsme3871: recording?
KelAzMA: god I hope I can get this in as few tries as possible
heyitsme3871: lol oh filk..
heyitsme3871: you'll be fine
LordMarvolo7: A film class where i watch a movie every week
heyitsme3871: at the end say OREO SAYS HEY!
heyitsme3871: lol cool.
LordMarvolo7: it's from 5 to 10 at night
heyitsme3871: damn
heyitsme3871: lol cool.
KelAzMA: i could if my vocal cords were'nt *confetti* right now
KelAzMA: shredded baby! LOL
LordMarvolo7: Comedy in the U.S.
heyitsme3871: hahaha!
KelAzMA: okay okay
KelAzMA: brb
heyitsme3871: RAB
LordMarvolo7: Family Stress and Coping
heyitsme3871: fun?
heyitsme3871: lol
x sweet harmony: LordMarvolo, the end of your profile made me sad. I don't want to grow up now.
LordMarvolo7: Another film class
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: I miss high school
heyitsme3871: i dont want to grow up
x sweet harmony: You suck.
x sweet harmony: You killed my future.
LordMarvolo7: that TA bit is a complete lie
LordMarvolo7: ...
heyitsme3871: lol um thats good to know..
x sweet harmony: I'm going to grow up to be a completely moronic burger flipper just because I'm so
terrified to go to college now.
LordMarvolo7: i couldn't find something to replace it
heyitsme3871: i hate going back to my MIDDLE school. and im only a soph.
LordMarvolo7: College rocks
magical maladies has entered the room.
LordMarvolo7: i just really miss highschool
heyitsme3871: i want to go to college but im frkeaing scared too
magical maladies: hi all
heyitsme3871: hey Alice.
JenAl8914 has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: I was 1 of 425 in the school, 1 inn 80 in my class
x sweet harmony: I'm going to be flipping burgers because of you!
magical maladies: screw school
LordMarvolo7: now i am 1 in 39,000
magical maladies: only not
heyitsme3871: lol!
LordMarvolo7: big differnece for me
heyitsme3871: Alice how old are you?
magical maladies: umm 16
LordMarvolo7: ah youth
heyitsme3871: erm k
heyitsme3871: lol stop it marvolo STOP
magical maladies: lol, why?
heyitsme3871: i dont wanna turn 16.
magical maladies: still got a year left of school, sadly
magical maladies: fair enough
heyitsme3871: ive got 2 1/2
magical maladies: blah
LordMarvolo7: See if i was 16 it would be ok to like Emma Watson
heyitsme3871: im scurred.
x sweet harmony: I've got 3 and a half.
LordMarvolo7: but nooooooo
heyitsme3871: aw Marvolo.
heyitsme3871: lol!
x sweet harmony: Hahaha.
heyitsme3871: done with ep 3 of pottercast!
LordMarvolo7: they laws aganist that
LordMarvolo7: insert have
heyitsme3871: Oi i think 3 pottercasts. is .. enough for now.
heyitsme3871: ive got 15 left.
x sweet harmony: Hey, no one has to know.
heyitsme3871: lol marvolo.
heyitsme3871: im quoting that
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: how old is she
heyitsme3871: Melissaaaaaaa i have 15 more pottercasts to gooooo
LordMarvolo7: 15?
LordMarvolo7: or 14
heyitsme3871: she is 15
LordMarvolo7: so there is a 5 year gap
heyitsme3871: Melissa - dont make anymore pottercasts so i can catch up okay?
LordMarvolo7: when she is 20 i will be 25
x sweet harmony: Haha.
magical maladies: lol
LordMarvolo7: no differnece
heyitsme3871: it wont be bad marvolo
heyitsme3871: lol
x sweet harmony: Hey, when you get married, it won't matter.
heyitsme3871: YEAH!
heyitsme3871: wait
magical maladies: that's true actually
heyitsme3871: ben will ahve something to say there
LordMarvolo7: 30 to 35
LordMarvolo7: no biggie
x sweet harmony: lol
magical maladies: nah, exactly
heyitsme3871: 70 to 75
LordMarvolo7: but 15 to 20
x sweet harmony: 100 to 105
magical maladies: not really
LordMarvolo7: they have laws
heyitsme3871: loL!!
x sweet harmony: Hah.
magical maladies: I have a friend who's dating a 24 year old
x sweet harmony: Just be patient, LordMarvolo.
heyitsme3871: OMG marvolo
heyitsme3871: i ahve a friends who datinga 20 yr old
heyitsme3871: friend*
magical maladies: yeah, exactly
heyitsme3871: shes 15
heyitsme3871: crrazy i must say
LordMarvolo7: see i can't say thats bad
LordMarvolo7: well yes i can
LordMarvolo7: Thats Bad
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: lamoo
LordMarvolo7: anyone see Dukes of Hazzard
x sweet harmony: lamoooo
heyitsme3871: im going to make a page of marvolo quotes
magical maladies: nooooopoe
magical maladies: *nope
heyitsme3871: no i have not
LordMarvolo7: well i am in it
LordMarvolo7: so rent it
heyitsme3871: way
heyitsme3871: no
LordMarvolo7: was
heyitsme3871: no
LordMarvolo7: wow
heyitsme3871: way
heyitsme3871: lol
LordMarvolo7: that was a dyslexic moment
heyitsme3871: pSHT
x sweet harmony: WTF
x sweet harmony: COACH makes iPod cases?
x sweet harmony: That's so stupid.
heyitsme3871: i loved how Eric answered one of his qustions on that thread all backwards
heyitsme3871: i read it backwrds too
heyitsme3871: Oi.
LordMarvolo7: i am also gonna be in Mission Impossible III
LordMarvolo7: so go see that too
heyitsme3871: lol cool.
x sweet harmony: Bah. I gave up posting on those forums.
heyitsme3871: dont Bonnie dont.
LordMarvolo7: go post on Leaky
magical maladies: :O
magical maladies: I have given up too though
LordMarvolo7: thats where all the cool people are
heyitsme3871: lol Eric answered like 5 questions of mien tdoay
magical maladies: hee
heyitsme3871: i felt special
magical maladies: :D
heyitsme3871: im Oreo on the listing btw
magical maladies: oh, okay
magical maladies: cool
x sweet harmony: MCF, as much as I love it, is way too hectic... It's fun, but it takes effort to go through
and catch up all the time.
magical maladies: <-- Alice on the forums
heyitsme3871: yeah tru dat
magical maladies: it really is hectic
heyitsme3871: lol i know oyu alive
heyitsme3871: alice
magical maladies: I don't read much anymore
heyitsme3871: alive. wow.
magical maladies: haha!
LordMarvolo7: BL:AH
magical maladies: whaaaaaat?
x sweet harmony: Alice as in one of the admins?
magical maladies: yes
magical maladies: :D
heyitsme3871: lol
x sweet harmony: Ohh okay.
heyitsme3871: mmmmmmm sleep sounds good right now.
heyitsme3871: well no. reading does
heyitsme3871: im going to go read the Lords of Discipline
magical maladies: I promise I don't bite :D
magical maladies: aww, okay!
LordMarvolo7: I am reading...
Mugglenet Greg: GREG IS AWESOMEO!
LordMarvolo7: nothing at the moment
magical maladies: cool, greg
LordMarvolo7: i finished Son of a Witch
x sweet harmony: I need a new book to read.
heyitsme3871: bye guys! have fun now
heyitsme3871: OMG
heyitsme3871: BONNIE
x sweet harmony: Wicked didn't catch my interest.
x sweet harmony: Yup?
heyitsme3871: READ THIS LULLABY
x sweet harmony: By who?
LordMarvolo7: Wicked creeped me out
heyitsme3871: omg i knew you were gonn ask..
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: omg ermmmmmm SARAH DESSEN
magical maladies: I want to read wicked :-(
LordMarvolo7: there is this odd sex scene between a tiger and a munchkin
x sweet harmony: I read through a bit of it, then I got bored..
magical maladies: .....
Mugglenet Greg has left the room.
heyitsme3871: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
magical maladies: bye greg
x sweet harmony: So I just haven't read it.
magical maladies: lol
magical maladies: john cough
x sweet harmony: I'll check it out, Noor.
heyitsme3871: i swear it is necessary to your HEALTH to read it
x sweet harmony: Wait...did I get your name right?
heyitsme3871: yeah!
LordMarvolo7: i said a muchkin and a tiger
x sweet harmony: Okay lol I'm horrible at names.
LordMarvolo7: munchkin
LordMarvolo7: and
LordMarvolo7: tiger
x sweet harmony: That's not all THAT bad... I read a fanfic that has scarred me for life.
x sweet harmony: Not just a fanfic... those horribly nasty slash ones.
heyitsme3871: sorry to sound stupid but hwat's slash?
LordMarvolo7: i don't read fanfics anymore
heyitsme3871: yea me neither marvolo
LordMarvolo7: i refuse
LordMarvolo7: i read a gay one
LordMarvolo7: i need therapy
LordMarvolo7: needed
x sweet harmony: -Doesn't want to explain slash...-
heyitsme3871: lol
heyitsme3871: okay
heyitsme3871: i saw it on some pic on some girls t shirt that said slash is for .. something at the live
x sweet harmony: It's two characters that have a relationsship that go into way too much detail than
LordMarvolo7: i wanted to scratch my eyes out
heyitsme3871: okay
heyitsme3871: thankz
heyitsme3871: s
missee3: Hey guys
heyitsme3871: hey melissa
missee3: Say hi to John and Emerson
LordMarvolo7: hi
heyitsme3871: HEY NOEMERSON!
missee3: I'm on the phone with em
x sweet harmony: Hi John and Emerson.
LordMarvolo7: how can they hear us?
heyitsme3871: Hey John - just listened to ep 3. hysterical.
missee3: They can't :-)
x sweet harmony: I would stalk them since they're in Florida and all, but uh... I'm broke.
heyitsme3871: lol they cant!
LordMarvolo7: silly billy gum drops
heyitsme3871: tell them oreo says hey.
LordMarvolo7: i always wanted a reason to say that
x sweet harmony: lamo
heyitsme3871: Lamoo
LordMarvolo7: lamoo
x sweet harmony: XD
LordMarvolo7: john owes me a hand shake
heyitsme3871: ooh btw Melissa ive finished 3 ep of pottercast STRAIGHT
x sweet harmony: Some ffs are good.. I read one for The Vision of Escaflowne once and it was amazing.
heyitsme3871: see how dedicated i am already?
LordMarvolo7: your a teachers pet
LordMarvolo7: aren't you
heyitsme3871: even though im listening to stuff from.. spetmenber?
x sweet harmony: lol
heyitsme3871: i used ot be
heyitsme3871: not so much anymore lol
LordMarvolo7: Wow that lasted long
heyitsme3871: what did?
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: melissa
heyitsme3871: lamoo i know
LordMarvolo7: i feel like i was her ADD moment
missee3: yes?
x sweet harmony: Haha
heyitsme3871: LAMOO!
heyitsme3871: still on the phone?
LordMarvolo7: so used
missee3: yes
x sweet harmony: Sue is my idol.
missee3: thy're distracting
x sweet harmony: Seriously.
heyitsme3871: ask them how their picnic went ...
magical maladies: haha
magical maladies: picnic? O_O
heyitsme3871: yeah they went on a date.
heyitsme3871: had a picnic.
magical maladies: nice
LordMarvolo7: I thought they were having a greatest hits CD
magical maladies: LOL sounds like fun
heyitsme3871: that too?
missee3: they had a lovely time
missee3: they're doing each other's nails now
heyitsme3871: awesomeawesome
heyitsme3871: AW how cute!
LordMarvolo7: hey there is nothing wrong with guys getting their nails done
missee3: nothing at all
heyitsme3871: john would look good in a nice blue shade i must say
LordMarvolo7: metro
magical maladies: eachothers nails?
magical maladies: girls.
x sweet harmony: Oh! Funny story! I use to think my brother was metro!
x sweet harmony: Then I found out he was gay!
heyitsme3871: lamoo
magical maladies: lol!
missee3: (I'm kidding, guys :P)
LordMarvolo7: LOL
magical maladies: haha
LordMarvolo7: hhahaha
magical maladies: i figured
heyitsme3871: lol no really Melissa?
LordMarvolo7: hhahaha
LordMarvolo7: that is going in my quotes
LordMarvolo7: hahaha
heyitsme3871: what is? the gay thing?
LordMarvolo7: yes
heyitsme3871: lamoo.
heyitsme3871: gotta go gotta go gotta go right now!
x sweet harmony: My friend and I were talking about how metro guys are probably gay somewhere in
x sweet harmony: Byeee Noor!
heyitsme3871: BYe BOnnie!
heyitsme3871: Bye Marvolo [ chris? ]
heyitsme3871: BYe Alice
heyitsme3871: BYe Melissa
missee3: bye :-)
heyitsme3871: and JOHN AND EMERSON!
LordMarvolo7: bye
heyitsme3871: and kel and ben and kathleen who arent here.
heyitsme3871: ok im done.
LordMarvolo7: and it is now in my quotes
heyitsme3871: poof!
x sweet harmony: Haha I feel so cool.
magical maladies: byeeeeeeeeeeee
LordMarvolo7: i found that if i get my nails done i don't bit them
LordMarvolo7: bite
heyitsme3871 has left the room.
magical maladies: hahaha
x sweet harmony: Because they taste horrible?
LordMarvolo7: that
magical maladies: i've not had my nails done in aaaaaaages
LordMarvolo7: and i don't want to waste 10 bucks
x sweet harmony: Hahah.
magical maladies: and i haven't had my hair cut in nearly a year because the hairdresser fucked it up
magical maladies: subsequently, my hair is now a mess. lol
missee3: I'm out guy s:-)
missee3: See you later :0
x sweet harmony: lol
missee3 has left the room.
magical maladies: aww, bye melissa
magical maladies: lol
LordMarvolo7: Well now there is no reason to be in here
magical maladies: haha, fair enough
LordMarvolo7: i felt like royalty was in here
magical maladies: lol
x sweet harmony: Okay, I'm sorry, but I still have no clue who you are.
magical maladies: haha
LordMarvolo7: me?>
x sweet harmony: Because I'm just that dense tonight.
x sweet harmony: Yes.
LordMarvolo7: I am Chris
LordMarvolo7: hello
x sweet harmony: Hi.
x sweet harmony: And now, I can sleep at peace at night.
magical maladies: haha
LordMarvolo7: Anyone ever see Seussical the Musical
x sweet harmony: Why, were you in that too?
LordMarvolo7: no
LordMarvolo7: i stayed on for like 2 extra hous just to be in the same room as Melissa
LordMarvolo7: i am a sad person
x sweet harmony: o.o;;
LordMarvolo7: do i know how to silent a room or what
magical maladies: hah
magical maladies: no, i'm better at it than you
magical maladies: i've done it at least six times in the last week
LordMarvolo7: make that 7
magical maladies: haha there ya go then
magical maladies: gotta go y'all
magical maladies: love!
x sweet harmony: I hate iTunes.
magical maladies has left the room.
Wlphotographer22 has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: wow i forgot i was still in here
x sweet harmony: That's tragic.
KelAzMA: wow
KelAzMA: okay are ther really 5 people in here?
LordMarvolo7: only 3 are talking
KelAzMA: hehe
KelAzMA: i didn't realize what time it was either.
KelAzMA: how long was I gone?
LordMarvolo7: a while
KelAzMA: *scrolls up*
LordMarvolo7: well ur never really gone for me
LordMarvolo7: thats sounds creepy
KelAzMA: hehe
LordMarvolo7: i am havin a creepy night
KelAzMA: okay so that took longer than I thought
KelAzMA: the question is now...where to send
KelAzMA: and how to keep Melissa from posting it anywhere....ever
LordMarvolo7: Send it to John
KelAzMA: my voice is still trashed
KelAzMA: Melissa's the one who asked for it
x sweet harmony: What is it?
x sweet harmony: Filk?
LordMarvolo7: send it to Melissa
KelAzMA: yeah about MugglenetGreg
KelAzMA: I don't know where to send it to get it to only her...
KelAzMA: 'cause well...I don't pay attention
x sweet harmony: Wow. Major lag. How sucky for me...
LordMarvolo7: send it to Sue
KelAzMA: sorry 'bout you lag
KelAzMA: I don't want Sue to hear it...LOL
LordMarvolo7: Send it to Emerson
KelAzMA: psh
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: i am tired
LordMarvolo7: must sleep
KelAzMA: apparently
LordMarvolo7: sleep
LordMarvolo7: now
x sweet harmony: Go to sleep, then..
LordMarvolo7: go forth and sleep
LordMarvolo7: i am a night owl
LordMarvolo7: I live for the night
LordMarvolo7: s
KelAzMA: and for making cookies
LordMarvolo7: I want to go out tonight
x sweet harmony: You're not a night owl if you want sleep at night.
KelAzMA: apparently
LordMarvolo7: in the evenin i've go to roam can't sleep in the city of neon and crome
KelAzMA: uhhhh
x sweet harmony: Isn't it chrome?
KelAzMA: okay
LordMarvolo7: see
LordMarvolo7: i am having a :slapping hand against chest: kind of day
x sweet harmony: You're a sad excuse for a night owl, sir.
LordMarvolo7: woo
Charikuk has entered the room.
LordMarvolo7: someone new
x sweet harmony: I love how I always get 3 hours of sleep and I have never had bags under my eyes.
KelAzMA: heya Jamie
Charikuk: omg look how empty it is :-P
Charikuk: hey
x sweet harmony: Damn, I love being asian.
KelAzMA: yeah
x sweet harmony: Hi Jamie.
KelAzMA: I ran off to record stuff
KelAzMA: and everyone lost interest
KelAzMA: I'm that special..
KelAzMA: *NOT*
LordMarvolo7: Jamie who
KelAzMA: uh...
KelAzMA: Lawrence?
LordMarvolo7: "he likes little boys" Jamie?
x sweet harmony: Yes.
KelAzMA: oh sh....
Charikuk: yes, that one :-P
LordMarvolo7: sweet
x sweet harmony: lmao
LordMarvolo7: dude ur funny
Charikuk: why thank you
KelAzMA: LordMarvolo a little boy...*smirk*
KelAzMA: hehe
x sweet harmony: lamoo
Charikuk: i like big boys, not little ones :P
LordMarvolo7: ...
LordMarvolo7: wow
x sweet harmony: XD
LordMarvolo7: moving on
KelAzMA: you dirty Brit :-)
Charikuk: hey how is that dirty!
LordMarvolo7: it's like 8 there right
LordMarvolo7: rather 9
x sweet harmony: Wow. That made me laugh myself to tears. XD
Charikuk: 8
KelAzMA: maybe it's mind that's dirty
Charikuk: ok
Charikuk: someone's gonna have to explain to me
Charikuk: why that's dirty
Charikuk: :-P
KelAzMA: if I explain it i'll get arrested
Charikuk: then message me
Charikuk: :-P
LordMarvolo7: Well when a mommy and a daddy love each other a lot...
LordMarvolo7: amazing i killed it 3 times tonight
LordMarvolo7: i am on a role
x sweet harmony: God you guys suck! I took a mouthfull of water, then read this window and I choked.
Charikuk: you killed the conversation and shat on its corpse
KelAzMA: I was just bein' more pervy then you expected, Jamie...sorry...
LordMarvolo7: u said shat
KelAzMA: My brain is uh....messed up tonight
LordMarvolo7: ha
Charikuk: nah, i am very pervy and expect it.. but i just didnt understand it :-P
KelAzMA: shat in his hat, eh?
LordMarvolo7: When i am done with College i am movin to the UK
KelAzMA: why? so you can say peee dophile?
KelAzMA: and no one will think it's a salad?
Charikuk: lol
LordMarvolo7: i studied there in high school
LordMarvolo7: for 3 weeks
LordMarvolo7: loved it
LordMarvolo7: rained for 2 weeks
KelAzMA: I've never even been to the atlantic ocean
x sweet harmony: My school band went there for the new years parade last year...
KelAzMA: to find where to send this piece of crappo I just recorded...
LordMarvolo7: I was there for the 4th of July
KelAzMA: I"m still giggling about shat...
x sweet harmony: Why don't you send it over AIM to Melissa?
KelAzMA: I'm loopy or something
KelAzMA: 'cause she' got me blocked like every other person she doesn't know, eh?
LordMarvolo7: It sucked because we had to keep the happiness in
x sweet harmony: ohh
KelAzMA: I'm proud to be blocked, eh?
KelAzMA: I'm nobody...and proud...
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: but I can sing...<censor>
KelAzMA: woot!
LordMarvolo7: What happen to Jamie
KelAzMA: wow, i feel like i've been drinking
KelAzMA: and I can type like eric too
KelAzMA: it's amazing
x sweet harmony: Type like Eric?
LordMarvolo7: filks do that to you
KelAzMA: yea
KelAzMA: in short half sentences
x sweet harmony: Define?
KelAzMA: on many lines
x sweet harmony: Ohh.
KelAzMA: while no one else
KelAzMA: gets a chance
KelAzMA: because he's filling the whole page
LordMarvolo7: HA
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: that's what it is
LordMarvolo7: badda bing
KelAzMA: but he types way better than I do
KelAzMA: and faster
KelAzMA: and on more lines
KelAzMA: it's amazing
LordMarvolo7: i can type fast
KelAzMA: really
x sweet harmony: We call that flooding on this IRC channel i'm on..
LordMarvolo7: it jshdjhsfnflflf ffl mlkfjfkjdfjkdjfdhfdjfgjdifjdkjgfdijgf
x sweet harmony: I suck at typing.
LordMarvolo7: see
KelAzMA: then a message comes up from AIM that says "You are about to be rate limited"
KelAzMA: that's when you know you've hit the mark
x sweet harmony: lmao
KelAzMA: I just scared Jamie into a coma
LordMarvolo7: i think u did
KelAzMA: I scared me into a coma too
LordMarvolo7: it is now 3 in the morning
KelAzMA: eh it's 1 here
LordMarvolo7: my mom will be up in an hour
x sweet harmony: Oh fuck. I feel like a little kid in here.
x sweet harmony: It's 3am here..
KelAzMA: why? 'cause I'm old?
LordMarvolo7: well u are a little kid
KelAzMA: *sobs*
KelAzMA: I'ma old lady!
x sweet harmony: You guys are all so old. Freakin grandparents.
LordMarvolo7: how old is Jamie
KelAzMA: Okay Jamie...I'm really NOT a crackhead
KelAzMA: hehe really
LordMarvolo7: :she is:
LordMarvolo7: i mean...
KelAzMA: *kicks*
LordMarvolo7: no
KelAzMA: I will kill you with a roundhouse kick to the head
KelAzMA: Ben taught me how
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: he's like Chuck Norris...only way cooler
KelAzMA: and more in control of himself
LordMarvolo7: Here is a way to tell if ur old or not
LordMarvolo7: do u remember David the Gnomw
LordMarvolo7: Gnome
KelAzMA: uh no...
LordMarvolo7: then ur not old
Charikuk: 19
LordMarvolo7: wow
LordMarvolo7: delayed
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: hey he's got other friends, eh?
KelAzMA: heheh
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: he gets harassed every time....
KelAzMA: I'm sure
LordMarvolo7: Well kel we are the oldest
KelAzMA: eh
KelAzMA: I knew that
KelAzMA: I'm always the oldest
LordMarvolo7: What do we do now
Charikuk: how old are you?
LordMarvolo7: OMG
KelAzMA: I'm 467
LordMarvolo7: I can hear the birs chripping
LordMarvolo7: i am
LordMarvolo7: 20
x sweet harmony: Old people. Give you an oldsmobile and you're set for living in Florida.
KelAzMA: heheh my last car was an olds
KelAzMA: now I have a VW
LordMarvolo7: I went into a quater-year life crisis in April
x sweet harmony: I'm terrified to get a job because anywhere you work, you're bound to have to work with
old people.
KelAzMA: and we're creepy
KelAzMA: muahahah
x sweet harmony: XD
KelAzMA: and sometimes when we cough...we pee a little
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
x sweet harmony: lmao
x sweet harmony: I'm so quoting that.
KelAzMA: now Jamie KNOWS I'm a crackhead
KelAzMA: and now he thinks I'm incontinent too...
x sweet harmony: That was one of the funniest things I've seen on this chat.
LordMarvolo7: When i was 10 i watched a show called All That
KelAzMA: I was too old when that came out
LordMarvolo7: In April they had a 10 year reunion
x sweet harmony: All That was all that and a bag of chips.
x sweet harmony: lmao
LordMarvolo7: i felt like my life was gone
KelAzMA: It appears...that Jamie actually IS the only person who knows my real age...LOL...
LordMarvolo7: i could believe i was 20
KelAzMA: I need to stop lying to people about my age and just not tell...LMAO
x sweet harmony: lol
x sweet harmony: Are you over 30?
KelAzMA: over 30 yes
KelAzMA: over 30 MONTHS
KelAzMA: great
KelAzMA: next
KelAzMA: heheh
x sweet harmony: Are you over 360 months?
KelAzMA: I can't do the math
KelAzMA: next
x sweet harmony: Oh come on! You're old! You didn't have calculators in the stone age! You should know
mental math!
KelAzMA: eh
KelAzMA: I lost my abacus a long time ago
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: *slide* *click click*
LordMarvolo7: i just checked ur profile
KelAzMA: carry the 3
LordMarvolo7: amd ur b-day is gone
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: damn straight
KelAzMA: sucker
LordMarvolo7: tricky
KelAzMA: it used to be there
KelAzMA: I know
LordMarvolo7: but when i last looked i came up w/ 23
LordMarvolo7: or was 32
LordMarvolo7: HA!
KelAzMA: then you looked quite a few years ago
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: nope that's not it either...
KelAzMA: but I'm not playing the
KelAzMA: game
x sweet harmony: If people had to pay for Skype, that company would be rich right now...
x sweet harmony: Because of MC.
LordMarvolo7: y are there a lot of people on Skype right now
x sweet harmony: John was like "I have 500 somehting on skype now" or whatever and I was talking to
my computer and I was like fuck you. i have 3.
x sweet harmony: Yeah. Random.
x sweet harmony: AH. I feel like I'm under a microscope... of old people...
LordMarvolo7: u killed the conversation
KelAzMA: eh i'm uploading
x sweet harmony: I know. I suck.
KelAzMA: and I'm still using a "word processor"....heheh
LordMarvolo7: u know who really sucks
KelAzMA: *blank*
KelAzMA: hey that sucks
x sweet harmony: Hey, I do that..
KelAzMA: i did that just a hour ago
LordMarvolo7: it sucks to say that sucks
x sweet harmony: Today is one of the very rare days that I actually talk...
KelAzMA: for that I give you Jamie's creepy smiley face: :-P
LordMarvolo7: there is way to much suckin in this room
LordMarvolo7: YES
LordMarvolo7: i killed it
LordMarvolo7: 4 for me
LordMarvolo7: none for you
LordMarvolo7: I went to an Alumni party tonight
LordMarvolo7: and everyone shrank
x sweet harmony: HAHA ALUMNI. OLD.
LordMarvolo7: everyone literally sharnk
KelAzMA: hmph
LordMarvolo7: i'm 6'4
KelAzMA: uh huh
LordMarvolo7: i could see over everyone
LordMarvolo7: it was amazing
x sweet harmony: o.o 6'4?
LordMarvolo7: i could see people i was trying to avoid across the room,
LordMarvolo7: 5 for me
LordMarvolo7: wow i really killed this one
x sweet harmony: ...
LordMarvolo7: so
LordMarvolo7: did u see that sky?
LordMarvolo7: talk about blue
Johnboy865 has entered the room.
Johnboy865: I. LOVE. YOU
KelAzMA: huh?
Johnboy865: tell me your still awake
Johnboy865: YOU!
Johnboy865: LOLOLO
Johnboy865: OH. MY. GOD
KelAzMA: I cannot confirm or deny any rumors
LordMarvolo7: ...
KelAzMA: Yeah...pretty good for a hour or so, eh?
Johnboy865: no rumors nothing! your name is al over it!
LordMarvolo7: now i'm lost
Johnboy865: so fess up whose the guy you roped into it?
LordMarvolo7: sweet can i join you
KelAzMA: it's just me
KelAzMA: twice
Johnboy865: 2 T's!
Johnboy865: nuh oh
Johnboy865: really???
KelAzMA: really
Johnboy865: i dont buy that for a second
KelAzMA: *laughs like mad cow*
KelAzMA: I swear...
KelAzMA: It's just me...I promise
Johnboy865: did you change the pitch or somethgn?
KelAzMA: no
LordMarvolo7: sick
KelAzMA: i just have one of those voices
KelAzMA: that does stuff like that...
Johnboy865: <-- very impressed
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
KelAzMA: now compare it to Won Won...and it's nuts
Johnboy865: when do i get to sing one with you? ;-)
KelAzMA: When my voice is back all the way :-)
Johnboy865: lol just let me know
KelAzMA: I'm on my 3rd day of anti-biotics LOL
Johnboy865: im so yours now
KelAzMA: woot!
KelAzMA: did anyone get that recorded?
KelAzMA: heheh
KelAzMA: Thanks John :-)
KelAzMA: I'm glad someone appreciates it
KelAzMA: My families been tellin me to stfu for YEARS
Johnboy865: i cant WAIT to show mugglenet greg
Johnboy865: thugh, LOL i still NEVER talked to him
KelAzMA: Yeah...I"m sure "greg" will wet himself, eh?
KelAzMA: He loves to hear songs about himself
Johnboy865: no i mean the real greg
KelAzMA: oh crap...LOL
Johnboy865: the greg who will haveno idea what this is all about
Johnboy865: actually
KelAzMA: don't post it anywhere public...I'll die
Johnboy865: laura will laugh her ASS off
KelAzMA: you can pass it around...
KelAzMA: that's okay...just not ona podcast...or anything
KelAzMA: 'cause's not my best work
magical maladies has entered the room.
Johnboy865: do you even get how funny this is to me?
KelAzMA: I guess not
KelAzMA: because I wrote it....
magical maladies: hi y'all
KelAzMA: and sang it...
KelAzMA: and it was done in a few hours
LordMarvolo7: don't speak magical
Johnboy865: this was my stupid joke that ive kept up just to entertain myself
KelAzMA: sang it twice...edited...
Johnboy865: and you wrote a song about it
Johnboy865: and thats so awsom
LordMarvolo7: there is a soap opera going on in here
KelAzMA: and Melissa asked for it
KelAzMA: she asked...
LordMarvolo7: it is a confusigns tory
LordMarvolo7: confusing story
KelAzMA: and it's something that I think's funny...and that I do for sh...'s and giggles
LordMarvolo7: like watching Telemundo
magical maladies: ahahaahaha
KelAzMA: it's just not often appreciated
magical maladies: i love that
magical maladies: shits and giggles
Johnboy865: i tinks its awesome
x sweet harmony: You're killing it, Marvolo. You really are.
magical maladies: tinks?
KelAzMA: I know he's still trying to get me to tell him my age too
magical maladies: *does an andrew* in the ciiiiiiiity of blindiiiiiing liiiiiiights
KelAzMA: You make me blush John....LOL
Johnboy865: no way you sound any older then your tweenties
KelAzMA: oh not you....Marvolo...LOL
LordMarvolo7: What
LordMarvolo7: ...
LordMarvolo7: ?
KelAzMA: I'd prolly tell you John...LOL....'cause I'ma suckup
Johnboy865: :-)
LordMarvolo7: ur a cool ass mom
KelAzMA: and if anyone found out I'd know it was you or Jamie....
magical maladies: i wonder if ben ever actually checks this
LordMarvolo7: how ever old u are
Charikuk: jonathan are you drunk!
magical maladies: or if he just leaves it open 24/7
Johnboy865: well thanks for that, can go to bed with a smiley
magical maladies: ...and i'm talking to myself
KelAzMA: hehe
Johnboy865: no he laeves it up im sure
KelAzMA: I'm glad to make ya smile John...LOL
Johnboy865: but yeah, gtg
magical maladies: seriously, does everyone have me on ignore? lol
Johnboy865: btime :-)
Charikuk: i just attempted to make an omelette
magical maladies: aww, bye john! :D
magical maladies: nice jamie
x sweet harmony: No, Alice.
magical maladies: how did it turn out?
Charikuk: cya john
Johnboy865: :-*
Charikuk: like shit
Johnboy865 has left the room.
Charikuk: im not even gonna eat it
Charikuk: lol
magical maladies: LOL nice
x sweet harmony: lol
LordMarvolo7: HAHAHA
LordMarvolo7: HAHAH
magical maladies: it was that bad?
Charikuk: cereal it is
LordMarvolo7: HAHAH
LordMarvolo7: HAHAH
magical maladies: ahahaha
magical maladies: i can't cook to save myself
LordMarvolo7: i did that with frenxg toast
LordMarvolo7: french
x sweet harmony: Kelazma is a cool mom because she's my mom!
KelAzMA: Wow...did john just gush guts and potterlove all over me?
magical maladies: couldn't be bothered making dinner so i'm eating cookies
KelAzMA: that was weird
x sweet harmony: Though I don't even know her!
magical maladies: aaand the other night i had cheese for dinner
magical maladies: this is what happens when my mum goes out
x sweet harmony: Last year, my friend's mom went out of town for a week so I'd bring her two meals
during school - one for lunch and one for dinner.
magical maladies: i killed that chat
KelAzMA: I'm so saving this conversation
magical maladies: lol nice bonnie
x sweet harmony: I had to cook for her for a week. It was so sad.
magical maladies: hahahaah
magical maladies: looks like jamie wouldn't survive well without his parents either :P
x sweet harmony: lol
KelAzMA: I'd make ya dinner Jamie...heheh
magical maladies: tee hee
KelAzMA: but no duck or venison
magical maladies: venison sausages smell really good, lol
x sweet harmony: Liver is gross.
magical maladies: ew, tripe is pretty bad
magical maladies: this is what happens to you after you work in a butchery for a year
magical maladies: i'm surprised i'm not vegetarian yet
KelAzMA: I'm not a veg...
KelAzMA: but I have a problem with pork
KelAzMA: 'cause pigs eat their babies
KelAzMA: and that's just wrong LOL
x sweet harmony: Oh god.
x sweet harmony: Ew.
magical maladies: Owl discovered in Christmas tree found with marijuana in system
magical maladies: "and the owl was, in the vernacular, stoned."
Charikuk: *feels sooo sick*
magical maladies: what did you do lol
KelAzMA: oh god...he's gonna hurl
x sweet harmony: Jeez.
KelAzMA: *gets paper bag*
magical maladies: lol y'alright there jamie?
x sweet harmony: ... You ate your omlette, didn't you?
magical maladies: ahahah
Charikuk: nope
Charikuk: i left it
Charikuk: :-P
magical maladies: ehehehheeheheheehee
x sweet harmony: lol
magical maladies: so bored omfg
x sweet harmony: What time is it, Alice?
magical maladies: 9.41pm weds
magical maladies: i have to work tomorrow, too
KelAzMA: so what did you eat Jamie?
x sweet harmony: Oh fun.
magical maladies: oh, yes
x sweet harmony: It's 3:41am... I should go to sleep soon...
magical maladies: /sarcasm
magical maladies: haha, might be a good idea
LordMarvolo7: it is almost 4 and my back hurts
magical maladies: ;__;
LordMarvolo7: bad posture at the comp
magical maladies: hahah I'm pretty good at that too
x sweet harmony: And that's where marching band kicks in.
x sweet harmony: =P
magical maladies: :P
OnlineHost: magical maladies rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 1
magical maladies: see how bored I am?
LordMarvolo7: What is that
KelAzMA: :-P
magical maladies: random!
KelAzMA: woot!
magical maladies: haha
KelAzMA: *random*
magical maladies: *random confetti* god, I hate confetti. lol
KelAzMA: *swoons like a fan girl*
KelAzMA: what?
magical maladies: what what?
magical maladies: is that like a sin or something
magical maladies: lol
x sweet harmony: I've seriously developed a genuine hate for confetti after coming in this chat.
magical maladies: yeah, me too
KelAzMA: okay okay
magical maladies: it's getting kinda old
KelAzMA: sh...nap
KelAzMA: geeze
KelAzMA: I like it
x sweet harmony: Personally, I liked it better when we could never get more than 11 people in here.
magical maladies: to each her own
KelAzMA: 'cause in school I really used to throw confetti
magical maladies: yeah, me too
magical maladies: ah well
KelAzMA: and it was funny then....I come to this chat and they are all being like that
KelAzMA: and it was like uh...a blast from the past
magical maladies: LOL
KelAzMA: they did have confetti in those days
x sweet harmony: And we all eventually got eachother's names down... now it's like "who're you? WAIT. I
thought YOU were THEM!!"
magical maladies: LOL, it's really bad
magical maladies: I don't know who half the people in here are most of the time
x sweet harmony: Blast from the past! Back to the Future!
x sweet harmony: I know!
magical maladies: it's cause all the casters come in now
x sweet harmony: Yeah.
magical maladies: people leave when the casters do
magical maladies: it's actually kind of lame
LordMarvolo7: Here is a joke
x sweet harmony: It got bad after they came in here because all the crazy and wild fangirls followed.
LordMarvolo7: ready?
magical maladies: yeah
magical maladies: & okay lol
LordMarvolo7: Why did Sally fall off the swing?
magical maladies: dunno
LordMarvolo7: Because she had no arms
magical maladies: it annoys me how people suck up to the casters
x sweet harmony: o.o
magical maladies: ahahaaha?
x sweet harmony: I agree. Like... all the 'huggling'
magical maladies: and the "tackles!" make me want to shoot myself
LordMarvolo7: someone told me that in 8th grade and i laughed the loudest i have ever laughed
x sweet harmony: I cracked up at that joke like 2 minutes later. XD
x sweet harmony: So true.
magical maladies: I don't get it
magical maladies: lol
x sweet harmony: It's so pointless that it's funny.
magical maladies: oh, lol
LordMarvolo7: the class stopped and the teacher made me leaving the room
x sweet harmony: Haha.
magical maladies: that's happened to me so many times I can't even count now
magical maladies: I'm shocking like taht
magical maladies: *that
LordMarvolo7: I got sent to the office in high school for eating a cookie
magical maladies: lol, random
x sweet harmony: Shocking! Electrifying!
x sweet harmony: Hah.
magical maladies: haha
LordMarvolo7: I had to write about what i did and what iu will change in the future
LordMarvolo7: I said
magical maladies: god i'm bored
KelAzMA: I got sent to the office in high school for smoking a cigarette at marching band practice...
LordMarvolo7: i ate
KelAzMA: *random*
magical maladies: go figure
LordMarvolo7: i will never eat again
x sweet harmony: I have this weird habit of saving every conversation I have in here, even if I don't talk...
Now, I have 27 logs of this chat. Doubleyou tee eff.
magical maladies: me too
magical maladies: i also save other conversations
magical maladies: haha
x sweet harmony: lol
magical maladies: you feeling any better jamie?
LordMarvolo7: now i know not to talk to you guys in provate
LordMarvolo7: which is like private
magical maladies: haha! nah, i don't save shit like that
x sweet harmony: No seriously.. I saved a conversation once and got a guy thrown in jail for being a
magical maladies: provate? it sounds like a drug
magical maladies: really?
magical maladies: wow
magical maladies: creepy
x sweet harmony: Yeah.
x sweet harmony: Did you notice that hardly any of the original chatters from before the casters came
actually come here anymore?
magical maladies: no, I didn't
magical maladies: who do you mean?
KelAzMA: a pedo? or a peeeedo
magical maladies: is it wrong that I love hear'say? ;__;
magical maladies: lolololol
KelAzMA: *snortlaugh*
KelAzMA: there's a BIG difference
KelAzMA: heheh
magical maladies: there is. lol
x sweet harmony: Like Mamatha and Rina come... but like, when we had that joke about Megan's manly
arm and Jeanette and no1celloqueen or whatever...
magical maladies: ohh, yeah
magical maladies: I remember them
magical maladies: I've been here since the start...I think
magical maladies: I kind of started this so yes I have then ahah
x sweet harmony: lol!
magical maladies: however I do often want to throw stuff at the room
magical maladies: ally and I bitch about it all the time
magical maladies: lol
x sweet harmony: Gah I know.
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
x sweet harmony: lol!
Cannonsgirl2008: hey guys
magical maladies: hey colleen
x sweet harmony: Well that's nice to know.
Cannonsgirl2008: what up?
LordMarvolo7: NEW PERSON
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
magical maladies: haha
LordMarvolo7: i was getting bored in here
magical maladies: it still amuses me that ben just like..sits there
magical maladies: I wonder why he leaves the chat open
x sweet harmony: I swear... everytime I look at Jamie's screenname, I think 'cherry coke'
magical maladies: hahaha, me too now
magical maladies: thanks to you :P
x sweet harmony: XD
magical maladies: I wonder if jamie is off puking somewhere
magical maladies: lol
x sweet harmony: Drunk off his rocker?
x sweet harmony: At 9am?
magical maladies: either that or from eating his omelette
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
x sweet harmony: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie drunk?
Cannonsgirl2008: thats just depressing
magical maladies: yeah! :P
Cannonsgirl2008: why?
magical maladies: haha, dunno
magical maladies: jamie are you alive?
x sweet harmony: =X I didn't say anything.
x sweet harmony: -Hides-
magical maladies: ahahahaha
magical maladies: he's idle :-(
x sweet harmony: Aww.
magical maladies: maybe he is off being sick somewhere
magical maladies: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: well
Cannonsgirl2008: I now know that I can pass for a 21 year old!
x sweet harmony: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: its pretty cool
magical maladies: how come? lol
Cannonsgirl2008: my sister invited me to a screening of Fun with Dick and Jane
Cannonsgirl2008: but it was for 21 and over
Cannonsgirl2008: so I just put on nicerish clothes and went
Cannonsgirl2008: no one carded me
magical maladies: ahahaha, nice
magical maladies: sweeet
LordMarvolo7: I went to a screenin of Dick and Jane last night
Cannonsgirl2008: really?
LordMarvolo7: yup
Cannonsgirl2008: was it for a credit card company thing?
LordMarvolo7: nope
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: cus thats what mine was
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
magical maladies: i'm gonna go, y'all
magical maladies: really tired
LordMarvolo7: night
Cannonsgirl2008: and I took some ok pictures too
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
magical maladies: cyaaaa
magical maladies: x
x sweet harmony: Byeee Alice
x sweet harmony: CRAP. 4 days until Christmas and I still haven't gone Christmas shopping.
x sweet harmony: Screw it... I'll do it after Christmas..
KelAzMA: *sings a comforting song to Jamie*
KelAzMA: that used to make my sister feel better
x sweet harmony: I don't know if I'm sitll awake because I don't want to sleep or because I'm too lazy to
get off the computer.
KelAzMA: *sings more*
Cannonsgirl2008: I dunno
x sweet harmony: Dear MuggleNet, please school MySpace on how to run and code a proper site that
can hold more than 10 people at a time. Thanks. Sincerely, A Fan.
Cannonsgirl2008: being drunk isn't cool
KelAzMA: heheheh
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
KelAzMA: being drunk is uh...drunked
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah. right
Cannonsgirl2008: well, I've had to deal with a LOT of drunk people in my life
Cannonsgirl2008: and it isn't pretty
x sweet harmony: Aww.
x sweet harmony: I'm out. Tiired.
x sweet harmony: Night.
x sweet harmony: Feel better, Jamie. =]
x sweet harmony has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: Jamie hasn't talked in a while
Cannonsgirl2008: sweet!
Cannonsgirl2008: all my pics are saved
Cannonsgirl2008: so how did you guys find out that he was shitfaced?
LordMarvolo7: Who was shit faced
KelAzMA: Did he ever actually say that?
LordMarvolo7: Wait
LordMarvolo7: Who was drunk
LordMarvolo7: i am confused
LordMarvolo7: telmundo all over again
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: all I came into was Jamie drunk
KelAzMA: Hey at least I'm back in english
Cannonsgirl2008: haahahhaha
KelAzMA: oh...I didn't think he was drunk
LordMarvolo7: Jamie wasn't drunk
KelAzMA: he just feels like crap
Cannonsgirl2008: no, it wasn't him
KelAzMA: he asked John if he was drunk
Cannonsgirl2008: but everybody was saying...
Cannonsgirl2008: right
Cannonsgirl2008: okey
Cannonsgirl2008: ha!
Cannonsgirl2008: right
KelAzMA: 'cause John was...being a bit um...yeah
KelAzMA: *giggles like a fangirl*
LordMarvolo7: LOL
KelAzMA: sorry
KelAzMA: I'm just yeah
KelAzMA: well
KelAzMA: anyways
Cannonsgirl2008: I hate it when I walk in (or come in) in the middle of a conversation
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
Cannonsgirl2008: its cool
LordMarvolo7: Wanna be loved by u and you and noboby else but you
KelAzMA: he's just a baby
KelAzMA: a cute baby
KelAzMA: but a bit too young for this ol gramma
LordMarvolo7: i have been in here for 4 hours
LordMarvolo7: 4 hours!!!!
LordMarvolo7: YOU AR NOT OLD!
KelAzMA: daughter's 3 i'm not quite a gramma
KelAzMA: you don't know smoosh
LordMarvolo7: You are 23
LordMarvolo7: thats the end of it
KelAzMA: I'm not...ask Jamie
KelAzMA: oh wait...
KelAzMA: he's not talking
LordMarvolo7: 23!
KelAzMA: too bad
KelAzMA: nope
LordMarvolo7: Well thats how old u are to me
KelAzMA: Yeah...'cause you said if I'm over 30 I'm not cool
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm sad that jamie's not talking
LordMarvolo7: NO
Cannonsgirl2008: :-(
KelAzMA: but you know I'm older than Melissa
KelAzMA: so heh
LordMarvolo7: I said if you were over 30 that ur cool
Cannonsgirl2008: so LM, who exactly are you
Cannonsgirl2008: no offense
KelAzMA: Y'know....
LordMarvolo7: i said most people over 30 are boring
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry that I don't know
KelAzMA: he said earlier....that it was impolite to ask a gal's age
KelAzMA: and went on and on....
LordMarvolo7: LOL
KelAzMA: heheh
Cannonsgirl2008: alright.... its cool don't answer me
KelAzMA: and then he realized...the he doesn't KNOW how old I am...
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm ok with that...
KelAzMA: He's Chris
KelAzMA: from Leaky
KelAzMA: heheh
LordMarvolo7: ya
Cannonsgirl2008: oh!
Cannonsgirl2008: hey
KelAzMA: sent Melissa POOP
LordMarvolo7: I am laughing to much
LordMarvolo7: LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: I can tell
KelAzMA: anyways....
LordMarvolo7: ur gonna make me wake up my parents
KelAzMA: he didn't care when he THOUGHT he knew
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahha
KelAzMA: and now he's gonna flip out at me about it
LordMarvolo7: LOL
KelAzMA: and it's worse because I told Jamie...
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah?
KelAzMA: who I've talked to ONCE in a PM....
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
KelAzMA: and now he's like...grr....
KelAzMA: playing clue with me
Cannonsgirl2008: awwww
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie = love
KelAzMA: well the John comes in and gushes at me
KelAzMA: and Chris Dies...
KelAzMA: and I die
Cannonsgirl2008: aaaaaaaaaah
KelAzMA: and then he's back...
Cannonsgirl2008: thats insane
KelAzMA: and you're over 30?
KelAzMA: under 30?
Cannonsgirl2008: you guys had a party without me
KelAzMA: hehe
KelAzMA: It was weird
LordMarvolo7: Wow
KelAzMA: and now I'm typing like eric
Cannonsgirl2008: I feel so left out
KelAzMA: again
LordMarvolo7: u summed up 4 hours
Cannonsgirl2008: how does eric type?
KelAzMA: and totally fangirlingand it's not like me
KelAzMA: alot
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah, I do that too
Cannonsgirl2008: no worries
LordMarvolo7: u forgot me being on CSI
KelAzMA: i'm rate limited
KelAzMA: not fair
Cannonsgirl2008: ally, alice, lizzy, and jamie say I type too fast
Cannonsgirl2008: not too fast
Cannonsgirl2008: just really fast
Cannonsgirl2008: because we were skyping and they could hear me typing
KelAzMA: oh yea...and Chris thought he was on CSI
LordMarvolo7: KelAzMA: then why would it make you feel better?
LordMarvolo7: LordMarvolo7: it would make u a hell of a lot cooler
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Cannonsgirl2008: right
LordMarvolo7: so HA
KelAzMA: but he doesn't know about bug reproductive cycles like grissom
LordMarvolo7: i never said u weren't cool for being over 30 (if you are in fact over 30)
LordMarvolo7: i WIN
KelAzMA: okay
KelAzMA: but even when you win?
KelAzMA: you lose
KelAzMA: because you still don't know
LordMarvolo7: your 23
LordMarvolo7: done and done
KelAzMA: don't try to manufacture a win where no win exists
KelAzMA: and how is 23 older than Melis?
LordMarvolo7: SHUT UP
KelAzMA: it's not
LordMarvolo7: my world is crumbling
KelAzMA: apparently
LordMarvolo7: no logic
KelAzMA: you just don't pay attention
LordMarvolo7: how ever old u are ur still kick ass
KelAzMA: *fangirling* John wants to sing with me
KelAzMA: heheh
LordMarvolo7: unless ur 36
Charikuk has left the room.
LordMarvolo7: i don't like that number
KelAzMA: night Jamie
KelAzMA: hope you feel better
KelAzMA: psha
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: damnit
KelAzMA: omg
LordMarvolo7: phew
KelAzMA: *reverse time panic*
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
KelAzMA: okay
LordMarvolo7: wow
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
LordMarvolo7: we lasted
Cannonsgirl2008: oi
KelAzMA: I'm a total fangirl
LordMarvolo7: never mind
KelAzMA: what?
Cannonsgirl2008: sorry bout that
KelAzMA: huh?
KelAzMA: mnf not accepting messages, eh?
Cannonsgirl2008: I went off for a sec
KelAzMA: mcf even
LordMarvolo7: who is mcf
Cannonsgirl2008: whaaaa?
KelAzMA: it kept telling me that this user mugglecastfan wasn't accepting IM's
LordMarvolo7: ooo
KelAzMA: it was creepish
LordMarvolo7: u have been on for to long
KelAzMA: then I was rate limited
KelAzMA: then it sucked
KelAzMA: hey
KelAzMA: i was on long enough for john to profess his love
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
KelAzMA: so bite it whacker!
KelAzMA: *giggles madly*
LordMarvolo7: I wish Melissa would do they same
KelAzMA: yeah
KelAzMA: she loves me too
KelAzMA: you stepped into that one
LordMarvolo7: Then we could have a duel fan wedding
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
KelAzMA: welcome back
Cannonsgirl2008: my computer is officially a retard
KelAzMA: dude...I said nothing about marriage OMG
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: did I ever mention i'm highly non-commital
LordMarvolo7: it's a fan wedding
LordMarvolo7: so it doesn't count
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: and...well...I'm not over manhating from my daughter's dad yet
KelAzMA: you do know he married another woman when I was six months pregnant right?
Cannonsgirl2008: ok, you can't be a ship, sorry.... your names don't mesh well
LordMarvolo7: ur a single mom?
KelAzMA: yeah....didn't tell me until the DAY BEFORE!!!
Cannonsgirl2008: Kelis
LordMarvolo7: =-O
Cannonsgirl2008: Chrel
LordMarvolo7: Single moms rock
KelAzMA: dude...I'm not shippable...I'm outside the recomended age level for shipping
LordMarvolo7: my mom rasied me
KelAzMA: where are you from again?
LordMarvolo7: Boston
Cannonsgirl2008: I love boston!
KelAzMA: *please pause for station identification*
KelAzMA: okay nevermind
LordMarvolo7: i don't get it
KelAzMA: I have a friend sorta on another site that said that same thing to me like two days ago
KelAzMA: I almost panicked that I met the same person twice in to separate places on the internet
LordMarvolo7: said what
KelAzMA: and that would be creepy
KelAzMA: Single mom's rock
KelAzMA: my mom raised me
LordMarvolo7: oh
KelAzMA: had a momentary panic...
KelAzMA: but I'm okay now
KelAzMA: he's from Iowa
LordMarvolo7: The only thing that sucked was i never got into sports
LordMarvolo7: which is a downer
KelAzMA: WHERE is kyrane when I need to be fangirly at her?
Cannonsgirl2008: boston is my dream city
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: it's more than a normal hour for waking in England!!
LordMarvolo7: 10 right?
Cannonsgirl2008: its where I've wanted to go for a really long time
LordMarvolo7: it's a fun city
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahaha
LordMarvolo7: (OVER HERE)
Cannonsgirl2008: heh
KelAzMA: She would understand my pain....LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: you can be fangirly at me
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't mind
LordMarvolo7: well i am going to bed
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
KelAzMA: alright Chris...see ya laters :-)
KelAzMA: fanboy
LordMarvolo7: every time i try to leave someone cool comes on
Cannonsgirl2008: bye
Cannonsgirl2008: nice meeting you
LordMarvolo7: SHHHH
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
KelAzMA: don't bet your cookies
LordMarvolo7: You don't want the filk to be made public
Cannonsgirl2008: yeah, I wouldn't
KelAzMA: no
KelAzMA: I will hurt you
KelAzMA: find you
KelAzMA: hunt you down
LordMarvolo7: then we keep the f word to ourself
LordMarvolo7: got me?
Cannonsgirl2008: hahaha
KelAzMA: she would have thought I was kidding
KelAzMA: 'cept you got all hurt
LordMarvolo7: i love how we are threating each other
KelAzMA: my sister works for the government
KelAzMA: just remember that
LordMarvolo7: I'm Italian
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahahahhaha I love watching this
LordMarvolo7: remember that
KelAzMA:'s Melissa and John
KelAzMA: and they love me
Cannonsgirl2008: its like battle of the sexes... HARRY POTTER STYLE
LordMarvolo7: they joke
LordMarvolo7: about who they have
LordMarvolo7: well Melissa does
KelAzMA: oh no....
KelAzMA: you think she'd be able to say it straight away?
KelAzMA: she has to joke
KelAzMA: like she wants her whole famliy to get in trouble?
KelAzMA: psh
LordMarvolo7: Your dealing with the real thing baby
KelAzMA: many men say that
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: plus my mom works for the post office
KelAzMA: yeah?
LordMarvolo7: hate to see anything happen to your mail
KelAzMA: tell her that I keep getting my mail at 9pm on saturdays
KelAzMA: and I'm sick of it
KelAzMA: I pay my taxed
KelAzMA: s
KelAzMA: i hate when people say that
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: "i pay your salary"
LordMarvolo7: i think u need to sleep to
KelAzMA: it's like STFU....i'll pee on your doormat
LordMarvolo7: wow
LordMarvolo7: go to bed
Cannonsgirl2008: ... anger?
LordMarvolo7: lol
KelAzMA: psh
KelAzMA: I used to work for the government
LordMarvolo7: GO to BED
LordMarvolo7: AWAY WITH ME NOW
KelAzMA: eh
KelAzMA: it's funny how I know you're not talking to me
LordMarvolo7: I AM
KelAzMA: you're shouting
LordMarvolo7: NIGHT!
KelAzMA: I'm in shock
LordMarvolo7: say night
KelAzMA: you leaving?
LordMarvolo7: yes
LordMarvolo7: so say night
KelAzMA: oh...gnight
LordMarvolo7: lol
LordMarvolo7: night
LordMarvolo7 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: wow
Cannonsgirl2008: he was SHAMELESS
KelAzMA: wait
Cannonsgirl2008: that was really awkward for me...
KelAzMA: shhh
Cannonsgirl2008: just to let you know
Stitch 6 two six has entered the room.
KelAzMA: me too
KelAzMA: but just hold on a few minutes
Cannonsgirl2008: hahah
KelAzMA: heya Stitch
Cannonsgirl2008: whats up?
Cannonsgirl2008: I don't know you
Cannonsgirl2008: why don't I know these people
Cannonsgirl2008: ?
Stitch 6 two six: hey ho
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm on like 24/7 now
KelAzMA: I don't know either
KelAzMA: what's up?
Stitch 6 two six: nothing much
Stitch 6 two six: you?
Stitch 6 two six: ...
Cannonsgirl2008: not too much
Cannonsgirl2008: you weren't really talking to me
KelAzMA: Just winding down a bit
Cannonsgirl2008: but whatever :-)
Stitch 6 two six: I AM SO BORED
Stitch 6 two six: Opps
Stitch 6 two six: i am shouting again
Stitch 6 two six: O:-)
KelAzMA: why are you shouting?
Cannonsgirl2008: again? when were you shouting before?
Stitch 6 two six: Did u put two and two together
Stitch 6 two six: Almost there Cannon
Cannonsgirl2008: I got it
Cannonsgirl2008: I got it
Stitch 6 two six: LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: I'm colleen by the way
Cannonsgirl2008: not Cannon
Cannonsgirl2008: but you probably wouldn't care anyway
Stitch 6 two six: Kel
Stitch 6 two six: hello
Stitch 6 two six: Well now i am really going to bed
Stitch 6 two six: So good night you two
Cannonsgirl2008: night...
Stitch 6 two six: U know it;s Marvolo right?
Cannonsgirl2008: yes.
Cannonsgirl2008: we do.
Cannonsgirl2008: don't worry.
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
Stitch 6 two six: Jeez
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Stitch 6 two six: left in a hurry
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
Cannonsgirl2008: damn
Stitch 6 two six: oh ur back
Stitch 6 two six: lol
Cannonsgirl2008: yes
Cannonsgirl2008: I am
Stitch 6 two six: lol
Stitch 6 two six: Well i am out
Cannonsgirl2008: good eyesight you have
Cannonsgirl2008: you've already said that
Stitch 6 two six: talk to you soon Colleen
Cannonsgirl2008: sure
Stitch 6 two six: meow put the claws back in
Cannonsgirl2008: should I?
Stitch 6 two six has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: you there kel?
KelAzMA: yeah
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahhahaahhah
KelAzMA: it woudn't let me IM you
KelAzMA: he's IMing me now
Cannonsgirl2008: I know
KelAzMA: ugh
Cannonsgirl2008: he's a bitch and a half!
KelAzMA: heh
Cannonsgirl2008: wait, I'm gonna sign off then back on again
Cannonsgirl2008: brb
KelAzMA: okie
Cannonsgirl2008 has left the room.
Cannonsgirl2008 has entered the room.
Cannonsgirl2008: ok
Cannonsgirl2008: better
KelAzMA: damn...this kid's gonna make me pissed
Cannonsgirl2008: I only "spoke" to him for two minutes and he's got me pissed
KelAzMA: he doesn't see anything wrong with having another SN and coming in with it....even if he said
who it was in a few seconds
Cannonsgirl2008: ugh
Cannonsgirl2008: *facepalm*
Cannonsgirl2008: jamie isn't away anymore
Cannonsgirl2008: *squee* which is totally not right...
KelAzMA: why?
Cannonsgirl2008: I have become a jamie fangirl ... in a matter of like 2 days...not so much of a fangirl as
a girl who's interested
Cannonsgirl2008: but he's crazy older than me so *sigh*
KelAzMA: I know
Cannonsgirl2008: not for me
KelAzMA: I'm crazy older than they are...LOL
Cannonsgirl2008: awww
Cannonsgirl2008: but we still love you
KelAzMA: thanks :-)
Cannonsgirl2008: some more than others..... *coughchriscough*
KelAzMA: Hey he's not so bad when he's not feeling unloved I suppose
Cannonsgirl2008: of course
KelAzMA: and it was his first time in the chat
Cannonsgirl2008: oh
Cannonsgirl2008: I see
KelAzMA: he might not know that some people find second screen names offensive....and kind of sneaky
Cannonsgirl2008: why is it saying that you're not logged in....
KelAzMA: for the same reason you're not logged in
KelAzMA: Cannonsgirl2008 signed off at 2:52:53 AM.
Cannonsgirl2008: are you there?
KelAzMA: yeah I"m here
Cannonsgirl2008: what the hell?
KelAzMA: or maybe we're both somewhere else
KelAzMA: that's what it said to me
Cannonsgirl2008: hahahah
Cannonsgirl2008: maybe my computer is a retard
KelAzMA: mine's a bit stupid sometimes
KelAzMA: but I'd rather blame AIM
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