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					                      Sacred Heart Catholic Church
                                                                                                           May 23, 2010

                       12704 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739-9795
                                 (909) 899-1049 FAX (909) 899-3229

 SACRAMENTS/ SACRAMENTOS                                           CONFESSIONS/CONFESIONES
                                                               Saturday / Sábado 3:30 p.m. & Tuesday / Martes 5:00 p.m.
ANOINTING OF THE SICK - Please see the priest                   (English / Español) or call the parish for an appointment o
before any Mass and request the sacrament of anointing.                        llame para hacer una cita.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) - Holy Hour - Every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Come
Have you ever wondered about Catholicism - it’s               before the Blessed Sacrament, join us to pray for all families,
teachings and practices? Have you thought of exploring                     our parish family and for vocations.
the possibility of joining the Catholic Church? Open to all   Hora Santa - Todos los Jueves de 6:30 p.m. a las 7:30 p.m.
adults who would like to receive the Sacraments of              Venga ante el Santísimo Sacramento del Altar, únase a
Baptism, Eucharist, and or Confirmation. For English call      nosotros para pedir por todas las familias, nuestra familia
Mary Ann Andel ext. 266, or for Spanish call Teresa                         parroquial y por las vocaciones.
Rosales ext. 151.                                               The Reservation Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament is
                                                                  open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance is
BAPTISM - Classes are required for parents and                             on the West side of the building.
godparents before the Baptism is scheduled. For English
call ext. 286, for Spanish call ext. 145.                          La Capilla del Santísimo Sacramento esta abierta
                                                                   entre semana de 7 a.m. a 5 p.m. La entrada esta
MARRIAGES - A meeting with the priest or deacon is                                al oeste del edificio.
required at least one year in advance before a date can
be scheduled and confirmed. One of the parties must be                    MASS SCHEDULE
a committed member of Sacred Heart Parish. For
information call one of our priest ministers for an appt.
                                                                         HORARIO DE MISAS
                                                              Saturday      English: 5:00 PM
MINISTRY OF THE SICK - If you know anyone                     Sunday        English: 7:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:00 PM
experiencing illness or is homebound, please contact                     (The 10:30 am Mass is translated in
Lucy Castellana @ 899-1049 ext. 244.                                         American Sign Language)
QUINCEAÑERAS - Solo con reservación de un año                               Español: 8:30 AM y 7:00 PM
de antemano. Para mas información, favor de llamar de         Weekdays      English: 7:30 AM (M-F), Wed. 6:15 PM
Lunes a Miércoles de 2 p.m. a 6 p.m. y hable con el                         Español:            Martes: 6:15 PM
Diácono Roberto, ext. 145.
  Please pray for all unborn babies and their families:
                  Baby Boy Cisneros                Baby Braunstein
                  Baby Bernales Peñate
                  Baby Fernandez                                                            Saturday, May 22                                St. Rita of Cascia
                                                                                              5:00 PM        † Andrew Huizar                     r/b Linda Caniglia
   Please also pray for women who are considering abortion. That they come to               Sunday, May 23                              Pentecost Sunday
 understand the sanctity of human life. May God give them the grace and strength             7:00 AM            Pro Populo
           to accept the gift He has given them in the life of their baby.                   8: 30AM       † Gregorio y Victoria Garcia          r/b Josie Garcia
                                                                                            10:30 AM (Birthday) Lucas Dias                       r/b Seigworth Family
 Please pray for all our sick relatives and friends:                                        12:30 PM         Vanessa, the Graduate               r/b Mom & Dad
                                                                                             5:00 PM † Belen Lapira                              r/b Vilma Ladores
Andres Chavez              Thomas Fitzgerald            *Noel Aborda
Lydia Huerta               Justin Garcia                *Arlene Davalos                      7:00 PM † Lazaro Belanco                            r/b Familia Betqnco
Kathy Bowman               Lupe Ruiz                    *Baby Michael Oninwanne             Monday, May 24                                  St. Donatian
Noel Abriga                Kathy Bowman                 *Milagro Limus                       7:30 AM † Beatha Kim                                r/b Seigworth Family
Pauline George             Silvia Solis                                                     Tuesday, May 25                                St. Madeline Sophie Barat
Michelle Jones             Matthew Kropp                                                    7:30 AM (Birthday) Katherina Seigworth               r/b Seigworth Family
Petra Vasquez              Maria Tinoco                                                      6:15 PM              Pro Populo
Clarissa Ruiz              Paula Sanchez
                                                                                            Wednesday, May 26                              St. Phillip Neri
                                                                                             7:30 AM † Mary Hilleary.                            r/b Frances Morales
  Join us to pray for all who recently died:                                                6:15 PM † Josefina Inciong                           r/b Khristine
Wesley Terry                Jovita Ybarra               Evelia Delgadillo                   Thursday, May 27                               St. Augustine of Canterbury
Belia Amador                Natalia Garcia              *Sophie Rivera                      7:30 AM (Sp. Int.) Justin Garcia                     r/b Diane Macer
Marco Mirelez               Ofelia Galvis               *Clinton Ahyou                      Friday, May 28                                St. Germanus
Hope Sandoval               Frances Schnaus             *Cyril Anumba
                                                                                             7:30 AM † Angelo Castellana                         r/b Lucy Castellana

  “It is a good and wholesome thing to pray for the dead” (2 Maccabees 12:45-46)

                 Let us pray for our friends and family members serving in the Armed Forces
    Eric Espino          Justin Cook              Pamela Padilla          Philip Gillespie              Channing Coral           Jimmy Hernandez            David O. Diaz
    Michael Sanchez      Brock Flores             Paul Thompson           Andrei Larioza                Philip Estrada           Michael Gonzalez          Kyle J. Marquez
    Jose Renteria        Carlos Torres            Justin May              Robert Price                  Tajia Garcia             Abel Chavolla             Jerry Cortes
    Sean Norwood         Miguel A. Alarcon, Jr.   Krystle R. Gaytan       Andrew Jimenez                Leo Blassius             Marco Gonzalez            Thomas Garrison
    Justin Fonda

            READIN GS FOR THE WE EK                                                                       LECTURAS DE LA SEMANA
 Monday:       1 Pt 1:3-9; Mk 10:17-27                                                    Lunes:             1 Pe 1:3-9; Mc 10:17-27
 Tuesday:      1 Pt 1:10-16; Mk 10:28-31                                                  Martes:            1 Pe 1:10-16; Mc 10:28-31
 Wednesday:    1 Pt 1:18-25; Mk 10:32-45                                                  Miércoles:         1 Pe 1:18-25; Mc 10:32-45
 Thursday:     1 Pt 2:2-5, 9-12; Mk 10:46-52                                              Jueves:            1 Pe 2:2-5, 9-12; Mc 10:46-52
 Friday:       1 Pt 4:7-13; Mk 11:11-26                                                   Viernes:           1 Pe 4:7-13; Mc 11:11-26
 Saturday:     Jude 17:20b-25; Mk 11:27-33                                                Sábado:            Jds 17:20b-25; Mc 11:27-33
 Sunday:       Prv 8:22-31; Ps 8; Rom 5:1-5; Jn 16:12-15                                  Domingo:           Prov 8:22-31; Sal 8; Rom 5:1-5; Jn 16:12-15

            Sunday, May 23, 2010                                  Wednesday, May 26, 2010                                                 Friday, May 28, 2010
 10:30 AM    Little Lambs            Library               6:15 AM     AA Meeting                   Library                  6:15 AM AA Meeting                      Library
  5:00 PM    Emaus (Jóvenes Adultos) Salón Rojo            7:30 AM     Mass                         Chapel                   7:30 AM Mass                            Chapel
  6:00 PM    Flores de Mayo Novena Chapel                  5:45 PM     RCIA for Children            Ministry Center          9:00 AM Mass with School Children       Church
                                                           6:15 PM     Mass                         Chapel                   7:00 PM Flores de Mayo Novena           Chapel
            Monday, May 24, 2010                           7:00 PM     RCIA                         Library
                                                           7:00 PM     Flores de Mayo Novena        Chapel                              Saturday, May 29, 2010
 6:15 AM    AA Meeting               Dining Room
 7:30 AM    Mass                     Chapel                7:00 PM     Sacred Heart Choir           Horvath Hall             10:00 AM    Priest Ordination               Church
 7:00 PM    Flores de Mayo Novena    Chapel                7:00 PM     Grupo de Oración             Salón Azul                3:30 PM    Confessions                     Church
 7:00 PM    Eucharistic Ministers    Chapel                7:30 PM     Bible Study                  Library                   5:00 PM    Mass                            Church
 7:00 PM    RICA                     Biblioteca                                                                               6:00 PM    Flores de Mayo Novena           Chapel
 7:00 PM    Talleres de Oración      Salón Horvath                    Thursday, May 27, 2010

            Tuesday, May 25, 2010                          6:15 AM     AA Meeting                    Library
                                                           7:30 AM     Mass                          Chapel
  6:15 AM    AA Meeting              Dining Room           6:30 PM     Flores de Mayo Novena         Chapel
  7:30 AM    Mass                    Chapel                6:30 PM     Holy Hour                     Chapel
  6:15 PM    Misa                    Iglesia               7:30 PM     Life in the Spirit Seminar    Red Hall
  7:00 PM    Flores de Mayo Novena   Chapel
  8:00 PM    AA Meeting              Library
Page 3       Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic Church     May 23, 2010

Unity in our Diversity             Unidad en Nuestra Diversidad
Musings by Doctor Pete                                                 Pensamientos por Doctor Pete

Happy Birthday, Church!                                                ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Iglesia!
On this Feast of Pentecost, we celebrate our birthday.            We   En esta fiesta de Pentecostés, celebramos nuestro cumpleaños. Celebramos
celebrate our unity in the Holy Spirit.                                nuestra unidad en el Espíritu Santo.
     “There are different forms of service but the same Lord;              “Hay diferentes formas de servir, pero todas por encargo de un mismo
     all the parts of the body, thought many, are one body.                Señor. El cuerpo humano, aunque está formado por muchos
     For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body,                 miembros, es un solo cuerpo. Y de la misma manera, todos nosotros,
     whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free persons, and we                judíos o no judíos, esclavos o libres, fuimos bautizados para formar un
     were all given to drink of one Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12).            solo cuerpo por medio de un solo Espíritu y a todos se nos dio de
                                                                           beber de ese mismo espíritu” (1 Corintios 12).
I believe that unity is one of the
most important characteristics of a                                                                             Creo que esa unidad es una de las
Spirit-led parish. Sacred Heart is                                                                              características más importantes de
one of the most diverse parishes in                                                                             una parroquia guiada por el
the world, yet we are united as the                                                                             Espíritu. El Sagrado Corazón es una
body of Christ. Our experiences                                                                                 de las más diversas parroquias en el
on earth prepare us for heaven,                                                                                 mundo y, sin embargo, estamos
where there will be people “from                                                                                unidos como el cuerpo de
every nation, race, people, and                                                                                 Cristo. Nuestras experiencias en la
tongue” worshipping God                                                                                         tierra nos preparan para el cielo,
(Revelation 7:9).                                                                                               donde habrá personas “de cada
                                                                                                                nación, raza, pueblo y lengua”
Last Saturday, we had a wonderful                                                                               adorando a Dios (Apocalipsis 7:9).
parish event which demonstrated
our unity in diversity. The MoTown and Mo’ variety show was            El pasado sábado, tuvimos un evento maravilloso en la parroquia que
thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. There were various lip-sync    demuestra nuestra unidad en la diversidad. El MoTown and Mo' un show
performances involving individuals and groups from our parish          muy variado que fue disfrutado por todos los que asistieron. Hubo varias
community. It was so much fun! Yours truly performed a lip-sync        actuaciones dobladas con la participación de personas y grupos de nuestra
rendition of “Sweet Caroline,” dressed as Neil Diamond. At the end     comunidad parroquial. ¡Estuvo muy divertido! Yo mismo hice una
of the show, we watched a video of the remake of the song “We Are      representación mímica de “Sweet Caroline,” vestido como Neil Diamond. Al final
                                                                       del espectáculo, vimos un vídeo de la reproducción de la canción “We Are the
the World.” Hopefully the pictures included here will give you some
                                                                       World.” Espero que las fotografías que incluyo aquí les de una idea de la
idea of the diversity of people and the laughter and wholesome fun
                                                                       diversidad de personas y la risa y de toda la diversión que experimentamos. Un
experienced. Special thanks to our Multicultural Fellowship
                                                                       agradecimiento especial a nuestro Ministerio Multicultural por organizar este
Ministry for organizing this event!
Next weekend, I’ll be sharing at all the Masses about my recent        El próximo fin de semana, voy a estar compartiendo en todas las Misas acerca
experience in China, and will be talking about the importance of       de mi reciente experiencia en China y estaré hablando de la importancia de
being in solidarity with the Church all over the world through our     estar en solidaridad con la Iglesia de todo el mundo a través de nuestra
participation in the Diocesan Missions Appeal. Please come             participación por los Fondos Misioneros de la Diócesis. Por favor, vengan
prepared to give generously to the second collection on behalf of      dispuestos a dar generosamente una segunda colecta en nombre de las misiones
world-wide missions.                                                   en todo el mundo.
Let us pray for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as individuals,   Oremos por un nuevo derramamiento del Espíritu Santo, como individuos,
as a parish community, and as a global community. May we seek to       como una comunidad parroquial y como una comunidad global. ¡Que podamos
respect and appreciate one another, and to enjoy unity in our          buscar el respeto y apreciación el uno por el otro y de disfrutar de la unidad en
common faith!                                                          nuestra fe común!
-Dr. Pete                                                              -Dr. Pete
Page 4                                                   Pentecost Sunday                               May 23, 2010

                         2010 Spring
                      Combined Collection
                          Appreciation Weekend
                 Thank you to all who made a donation
                      to the 2010 Spring Combined
                  Collection! Your commitment to our
      less fortunate brothers and sisters is greatly
            appreciated! Again, many thanks!

 S AC R E D H E A RT PAR I S H S C H O O L                              YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!
                                                                        WE ARE HAVING A CELEBRATION!
As we approach the end of the school year, there are many
activities to get ready. Kindergarten and 8th grade will wear
shirts that show they are special gifts from God. During the            Starting at 6:30 p.m. with a Multi-lingual
year we have seen the children grow and change quickly. As                Mass followed by a reception in the
we go into summer and spend more time with our children
we need to take the time to thank God for these special gifts                Halls, we are honoring our past
and remember they are only young once.                                             and present priests.
Wednesday, May 26: Field trip to Azusa Pacific University 9:00 a.m.
          Our 5th-8th grades have the opportunity to see the Dead Sea
          Scrolls at Azusa Pacific University. This is a wonderful        Meat, tortillas and soft drinks will be
          opportunity for them to learn more about the scrolls, their    provided by the Knights of Columbus
          history, and our beliefs.
Thursday, May 27: Move up Day                                                        Council #13403
Friday, May 28: School Mass 9:00 a.m. Minimum day-
Monday, May 31: No School, Memorial Day
                                                                         We ask that you help by bringing side
Tuesday, June 1: Sports banquet 6-8 pm. Blue Hall                        dishes (Examples: rice, beans, pasta,
Friday, June 4: Kinder promotions 10:30 a.m. in Blue Hall, 8th grade    salads, fruit, casseroles, vegetable dish,
          Graduation Mass in the church 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                   deserts, salsa etc.)

       Memorial Day                                                     We have invited all the priests that have
                                                                         been previously been assigned to our
      Mass for Veterans
                                                                         parish. Join us to thank them for their
We will be having a special Mass on
Monday, May 31, at 9:00 am, to honor
                                                                          wonderful service to the community
all those who have died in service of                                               of Sacred Heart.
our country. All are invited. You may
bring pictures of deceased loved ones
to be placed near the altar at that

Budgeted Amount                                      $ 23,250.00
Collection Total for 5/15-16                         $ 21,177.75
 We are so grateful to all of you who give in support of our
parish community. We appreciate your ongoing generosity!
      Pagina 5                                                                                 Domingo de Pentecostes                         23 de Mayo del 2010

                                                                       2010 Colecta
                                                                       Combinada de
                                       Fin de Semana de Apreciación
                                     Gracias a todos los que hicieron su
                                     donación al la Colecta Combinada
                      de Primavera 2010! Su compromiso con nuestros
                      hermanos y hermanas menos afortunados es muy
                         agradecido! Nuevamente, muchas gracias!

                        Misa para Veteranos
                         Dí a de Memoria                                                                          NO VA QUERER PERDERSE ESTO!!!
                                                                                                                        VAMOS A TENER UNA
   Tendremos una Misa especial el
   Lunes, 31 de Mayo a las at 9:00 am,                                                                                    CELEBRACIÓN!
   para honrar a aquellos que han
   muerto sirviendo a nuestro                                                                                     Empezando a las 6:30 p.m. Con una
   país. Todos están invitados. Les invitamos a traer una                                                         Misa Multilingüe y después tendremos
   foto de su ser querido y ponerlo a un lado del altar
   durante la Misa.
                                                                                                                   una recepción en los salones para
                                                                                                                    honrar a nuestros sacerdotes del
                                                                                                                        pasado y del presente.
                                                                                                                 La carne, las tortillas y las bebidas serán
                      Todo por el                       Matrimonios del Sagrado Corazón                           donadas por los Knights of Columbus
                                                               De Jesús y Marí a                                             Concilio #13403
corazón de María...

                                     corazón de Jesús

                                                                  Matrimonios Fortalecidos                          Les pedimos que nos ayuden al traer
                                                        Construyendo los cimientos, definiendo un matrimonio
                                                             como Dios lo manda, y proporcionando las
                                                                                                                  platillos para compartir (Ejemplos: arroz,
                      A través del                      herramientas y recursos para fortalecer tu matrimonio.   frijoles, pasta, ensaladas, fruta, platillo de
                                                        Todos están bienvenidos, casados y no casados!                    verdura, postres, salsa etc.)
                             Todos los Jueves (6:30 a 9:00 PM)
                 Empezamos con la Hora Santa en la Capilla del lado del Santísimo                                Hemos invitado a todos los sacerdotes
                       Para mas información llame: Luis y Lita Ortiz (909) 887-0496                                 que han sido asignado a nuestra
                          Un hombre prudente que construyo su casa sobre la roca. Mt. 7,24                          parroquia en el pasado. Únase a
                                                                                                                 nosotros al agradecerles su maravilloso
                                                                                                                       servicio a la comunidad del
                                                                                                                           Sagrado Corazón.

Cantidad Propuesta                                                                           $ 23,250.00
Colecta Total para 5/15-16                                                                   $ 21,177.75

                         Estamos bien agradecidos con todos ustedes
                         que apoyan a nuestra comunidad parroquial.
                           Agradecemos su continua generosidad!
Page 6                           Youth ~ Jóvenes                                 May 23, 2010

        Cristian A. Acosta                Ryan P. Guinto              Kyara A. Pintos
           April K. Arcos             Christian C. Gutierrez          Andrew J. Ponce
          Isabel J. Arreola               Diana Gutierrez          Neil S. Prodigalidad
           Andrea Bahena                Denise D. Herrera           Adriana B. Ramirez
       Samantha T. Baluyot                 David Hurtado              Brenda Ramirez
         Janelle R. Bayona                Danissa Jaimes              Anna K. Ramos
        Nicholas J. Becker              Jonathan J. Jinesta          Chanel V. Raquel
           Erwin B. Borja                  Eric A. Limon            Michael M. Reimer
        Loydie S. Burmah                   Leslie Limon                 Ian C. Rodas
       Monica D. Camacho                Sabrina P. Linares           Ana L. Rodriquez
         Kevin E. Campos                 Berydiana Lopez            Frank V. Rodriquez
            Isisdro Carlin                Estefany Lopez         Maximillian A. Rodriquez
           Ramon Carlos                    Angel A. Luna               Angelica Ruiz
        Brittney M. Carollo                 Jon R. Luna             Regine V. Salcedo
          Brianda Carreon                 Alvino Martinez            Justin M. Saldana
         Albert J. Cisneros              Cecilia Migliacci             Mirna Sanchez
      Samantha R. Contreras              Jacob E. Miranda            Gilberto Sanabria
           Shon B. Cortes                  Alexis Moffett        Ashley Meneses-Tellechea
      Marlen G. Covarrubias              Jesus J. Moedano             Andrew S. Terry
     Adrienne L. Del Rosario           Clesan C. Montilla              Adrian Torres
             Brenda Diaz                 Melissa Morales             Tristan A. Trujillo
     Patricia Diaz-Hernandez           Christopher Moreno             Brianna Vargas
           Joseph Egbule                Diana C. Navarro              Edgar A. Vargas
            Iris M. Erroa                Yadher E. Nunez             Cindy Villalpando
        Jacqueline Estrada              Hannah M. Ochoa           Victoria I. Viramontes
          Karizz R. Fabros          Jacqueline S. Oliva-Sierra     Bradford T. Williams
          Marisa R. Flores               Nicole A. Olivar           Richard J. Williams
        Miguel Garibay Jr.               Juanmiguel Ortiz         Amanda D. Woodhouse
     Sofia E. Garfias-Becerril            Jorge A. Osorio             Rangel V. Zarate
         Viridiana Gomez                  Javier Pablo Jr.           Shannen R. Zarate
         Andrea Gonzalez                 Justin D. Peavler
       Destine D. Gonzalez            Krystina E. Pedersen
Pagina 7            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ~ EDUCACIÓN RELIGIOSA 23 de Mayo del 2010

                                 Congratulations to all the students who received
                                   their First Holy Communion this weekend!

                                 Felicidades a todos los niños/niñas que recibieron
                                     su Primera Comunión este fin de semana!
                             Celeste Arias                Serena Gonzalez          Matthew Phan
                             Carlos Arvizu                Brandon Hernández        Juan Renteria
                             Mark Ávila                   Andrew Kennard           Steve Renteria
                             Brianna Baker                Riley Leach              Andrea Reyes
                             Mikaela Bautista             Natalie Loza             Mariah Rhodes
                             Camille Berutto              Anthony Kier Mamaril     Desree Robles
                             Louis Borquez                Marc Medina              Alyssa Rubio
                             Guillermo Canjura            Samantha Munoz           Reina Rubio
                             Lawrence Cendejas            Loren Oaxaca             Jose Sevilla
                             Clarissa Do                  Jacob Olivas             Antionette Soliven
                             Aidan Edwards                Isabel Olmos             Kevin Valqui
                             Veanna Enciso                Aleah Perez              Brooke Vanassa
                             Nicholas Estrella            Christopher Perez        Jacob Villegas
                             Quirina Garcia               Andre Perez              Valerie Villafana
                             Ángel Gonzalez               Marc Anthony Perez       Reian Faith Zoleta

                                     Congratulations to all the adults who received the
                                        Sacrament of Confirmation this past week!

                                       Felicidades a todos los adultos que recibieron el
                                         Sacramento de Confirmación esta semana!
Francisco Aleman                     Javier Moedano                       Georgis Valladolid
Rafael Avila                         Jesus Moedano                        Carlos Vasquez
Noelia Barajas                       Luigi Vittoriano Monteleone          Mayra Alejandra Velasco
Brian Carreon                        Ángela Muñoz                         Adriana Villalobos
Andrew Martinez Castro               Sandra Murillo                       Jaime Villatoro
Malcolm Ike Chukuani                 Brenda Navarro                       Alfredo Zamora, Jr.
Ernest Allan Co                      Mónica Zamora Núñez
Deleena Dominguez                    Julius A. Obinwanne
Jennifer Nicole Falcon               Luis Palafox
Stephen Michael Ferretti             Alvin Aguilar Razón
Angélica Loera                       Evelyn Madrid Razón
Juan Alejandro López Garcia          Steven Adam Rubalcava
Omar Luis Madrid                     Linda Salazar
Jorge Leonardo Mejia-Galarraga       Diana G. Sanchez
Marisol Mendez                       Cynthia Moon Santapan
Wilmer Miralda                       Eddie Santapan
Carlos Patricio Mirelez              Angela Sonico
Guillermina Frances Mirelez          Daniela Tarango
Page 8                                                Penecost Sunday                                    May 23, 2010

                                                                        Domingo de Pentecostés
                                                                  “Empero a cada uno le es dada manifestación del Espíritu
                                                                          para provecho.” 1 Corintios 12:3b-7, 12-13
                                                                Han pasado siete semanas y un día desde el Domingo de
                                                                Pascua. Es Pentecostés (de la palabra griega para
                                                                quincuagésimo”), el día en que el Espíritu Santo alentó a
                                                                los Apóstoles para proclamar a Jesucristo a la gente de
                                                                todos los pueblos y todas las naciones, culturas, lenguas,
                                                                y creencias religiosas. Cada persona escuchó a los
                                                                apóstoles en su propia lengua. ¡Asombroso! Más
                                                                asombroso aún que gente de otras creencias religiosas
                                                                creyeran en Jesús. Más tarde Pablo escribió a los
                                                                Cristianos en Corintio, una muy diversa ciudad portuaria y
                                                                les dijo algo que nosotros olvidamos frecuentemente.
                                                                Cada uno de nosotros es una persona con talentos
                                                                únicos, habilidades y dones que Dios nos ha dado para
                                                                usar para nosotros mismos y para otros – bienes
                                                                materiales, inteligencia, talento artístico y musical,
                                                                habilidad atlética y muchas otras – Dios nos propone
                                                                disfrutarlos y compartirlos con otros. ¿Qué estamos
                                                                haciendo con ellos? Un día Dios nos preguntará.

                                                                  LITURGICAL ALERT!!!
                                                                            Lectors are needed for the
                                                                             5:00 PM Saturday Mass.
                                                                   Proclaiming the Word of God is
                                                                Sanctifying, a holy way to get to know
                                                                 the Lord better and make Him better
                                                                    known to fellow parishioners.
             Pentecost Sunday
      “To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is         To become a part of this great
         given for some benefit.” 1 Cor 12:3b-7, 12-13
It has been seven weeks and one day since Easter
                                                                    ministry, contact Bob Covington:
Sunday. It is Pentecost (from the Greek word for “fiftieth”),          909-350-3277 or by e-mail:
the day on which the Holy Spirit encouraged the Apostles   
to proclaim Jesus Christ to people from many nations,
cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Each person
heard the Apostles in his or her own tongue. Amazing!
Even more amazing is that people with a variety of
religious beliefs came to believe in Jesus. Later, Paul
writes to Christians in Corinth, a very diverse seaport city,
and he tells them something so obvious we often forget it:              WILLS AND BEQUESTS
Each of us is a person with a unique array of talents,
                                                                Have you considered including Sacred Heart Church
abilities and gifts that God has given to us to use for
ourselves and for others – material wealth, intelligence,
                                                                 as a beneficiary in your will and bequest? This will
musical and artistic talent, athletic ability, and many           give you a final and lasting opportunity to support
others. God intends for us to enjoy them ourselves and to       your church & make a difference in promoting God’s
share them with others. How are we doing with that? One          Kingdom. Thank you for supporting our ministries!
day God will ask.
                                                                    Parish Ministries                                        Telephone or extention
                     Parish Staff                                 Carlos & Andrea Avila                ext. # 261
          (909) 899-1049 FAX (909) 899-3229                                        Adoration
                                                                  Anne Salas                      (909) 466-3593
                     OFFICE HOURS:                                                Adult Prayer
                                                                  Claire Eddings                 (909) 987-3486
           Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM                             Arts & Environment
                Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM                          Barbara Matthews                (909) 646-7088

Dr. Pete Newburn, Pastoral Coordinator                ext. 131       Pablo Castro
                                                                                  Audio / Visual
                                                                                                     ext. # 294
                                                                                                                     CRISIS PREGNANCY?
e-mail:                                                  Altar Server                             For help call the
Norma Esproles, Administrative Assistant to PC        ext. 133    Rudy Del Rosario                (909) 427-8460
                                                                                                                        Pregnancy Counseling
e-mail:                                                 Altar Linens
Fr. Benedict Nwachukwu-Udaku, Parish Priest           ext. 132    Judy Oziminski                   (909) 484-7350       Center 24-hour hotline
                                                                          Baptismal Preparation
e-mail:                           Dcn. Ed Clark (Eng.)                 ext. # 286         at 909-985-0205,
Fr. Henry Sseriiso, Parish Priest                     ext. 141             Building Committee
e-mail:                              Paul Foley                     (909) 899-1049             or the office at
Fr. Edward Molumby, S.T., In Residence                                 Catholic Men’s Fellowship                            909-948-6702
                                                                  Dave Hutson                   (909) 823-0146
                                                                                Church Cleaning
Deacon Ed Clark, Parish Deacon                        ext. 286    Mary Dias                             ext.# 701
e-mail:                                       Coffee & Donut Ministry
Diácono Roberto Cardenas, Ministro Hispano
                                                      ext. 145    Al Arguello
                                                                      Communion to Homebound
                                                                                                 (213) 215-1815
Debbie Fanzo, Director of Community Life              ext. 111
                                                                  Lucy Castellana                      ext. # 244                 En Español
                                                                         Extraordinary Ministers                            # Teléfono o Extensión
e-mail:                                        of Holy Communion
Patty Ruiz, Office Assistant/ Bulletin Editor         ext. 115                     Ernie Depass
e-mail:                                          Festival Chairperson                       Ángeles de María               (Las Niñas)
                                                                  Joe Kuskie                            ext. # 291    Esther Velásquez             (909) 941-0739
Vivian Huizar, Office Assistant/ Sacramental Rec.     ext. 113
                                                                                Filipino Ministry                       Educación Religiosa y RCIA
e-mail:                                                                                     Teresa Rosales                   ext. # 151
                                                                  Merci Littaua                  (909) 684-0149
Esteban Jimenez, Bookkeeper/ Facility Scheduler       ext. 114                  Finance Council                            Encuentro Matrimonial
e-mail:                               Al Arguello                     (909) 899-1049      Jesús y Lupita Labrado       (909) 429-0186
Gabriel Reyes, Coordinator of Youth Ministry          ext. 122                    Fire Starters                                Jóvenes Adultos
e-mail:                               Rey Convento                  (909) 899-1761       Gabriel Reyes                   (909) 803-1422
Chika Anyanwu, Confirmation Coordinator               ext. 123                    Food Pantry                                 Lectores (Español)
                                                                    Maria Brown                (626) 274-9068        Luis Torres                     (909) 854-6670
e-mail:                                                 Grief Ministry
Mary Dias, Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries       ext. 701                                                       Matrimonios del Sagrado Corazón
                                                                   Rudy & Olga Rios            (909) 702-2951
e-mail:                                                  Jail Ministry                             de Jesús y María
                                                                                                                      Luis y Lita Ortiz            (909) 887-0496
                                                                                 Jeanne Thompson
                                                                                                                              Ministerio Hispano
                      Maintenance:                                 Robert Covington
                                                                                               (909) 350-3277           Dco. Roberto Cárdenas         ext. # 145
Carlos Sanchez, Facility Manager                      ext. 552             Marriage Enrichment                             Ministros de Eucaristía
e-mail:                                Shawn & Bern Judson            (909) 463-9689        Florencio y Amalia Muñoz (909) 899-2565
Salvador Marquez, Lawn Care                           ext. 118             Marriage Preparation                                    Monaguillos
Connie Erroa, Cook & Housekeeping                                   Greg & Ana Estrella              ext. # 262        Marisol López               (909) 645-9924
                                                                           Mary’s Hands Circle                               Movimiento Familiar
                                                                   Marie De Arcos              (909) 912-2252        Guillermo y Carmen Navarro (909) 463-6372
    Religious Education Office Hours:                                   Multi Cultural Fellowship                       Movimiento Familiar Juvenil
                                                                   Linda Ascio                 (909) 730-1524
                   (909) 899-1049                                                     Music
                                                                                                                       Gabriel Reyes                   ext. # 122
              Monday through Thursday                                                                                                     Música
                                                                         Gabriel Reyes, Raul Cancio,                      Joaquín Vázquez, Carlos Urrutia,
           2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. or by Appt.                              Ernie Gomez, Jay Plaza                          José Ramírez, y Carlos Ramírez
                                                                         Natural Family Planning
Miriam Padilla, Director of Catechetical Ministries    ext. 150     Shawn & Bern Judson (909) 463-9689
                                                                                                                       Florencio y Amalia Muñoz (909) 899-2565
e-mail:                                              Nigerian Ministry
                                                                        Obie Chukuani (714) 865-6628                       Preparación Bautismal
Teresa Rosales, RICA y Catequesis en Español           ext. 151                                                        Dco. Roberto Cárdenas           ext. # 145
                                                                           Parish School Board
e-mail:                                                 Macarius Elad                          Preparación Matrimonial
Mary Ann Andel, RCIA (English)                         ext. 266                 Pastoral Council                              y Quinceañeras
e-mail:                                     Gener Santiago                       Francisco & Vicki Bellota       ext. # 282
Ana Briceño, Religious Education Assistant             ext. 152                   Respect Life                                     Quinceañeras
e-mail:                                         Mirella Barclay (909) 989-9773                 Dcn. Roberto Cárdenas           ext. # 145
                                                                       RCIA for English Speaking
                                                                      Mary Ann Andel              ext. # 266
                       Emergencies:                                                Senior Citizens
(909) 899-1049 during weekday office hours: ext. 115 or 113                        Martha Duke
After hours/weekends Tues-Sun: (909) 207-0404                           Small Faith Communities
                                                                     Carol Witt                     ext. # 267
          Sacred Heart Parish School:                                Sunday School / Little Lambs
                                                                   Joy Newburn                  (909) 822-0228
Trenna Meins, Principal                          ext. 400                Tribunal Lay Advocates
Gerald Schnaus, Business/ Facility Manager       ext. 400                     Dcn. Ed Clark ext. 286
e-mail:                                               Ushers / Greeters
Mary Carr, Secretary                      (909) 803-1400                           Marcy Tropez
School Day Care                                  ext. 660                Young Adults - LUX DEI
                                                                        Chika Anyanwu (909) 803-1423

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