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Louis Vuitton Purses --
They Look Good on YOU

Louis Vuitton purses are more than wallet holders, more than a place to keep
your keys, and much, much more than just a handbag. Louis Vuitton purses
are stylish accessories that make any outfit into an "ensemble" and any woman
into a fashion winner.

Louis Vuitton purses are as diverse and wonderful as the women who wear
them. Pop singer Jessica Simpson who frequently chooses Louis Vuitton
purses has spawned an army of twenty-somethings who want to own Louis
Vuitton purses just like their idols. Hollywood's Reese Witherspoon who was a
Vuitton girl in the film "Legally Blonde 2" has also caused mobs of young women
to go out in search of Louis Vuitton purses of their own.

Louis Vuitton purses are a worldwide sensation. According to the Saison
Research Institute, 94.3% of Tokyo women in their 20s own something made by
Louis Vuitton…with Louis Vuitton purses a strong contender for top purchase.
In September 2003, more than a thousand people, many with Louis Vuitton
purses on their arm, waited in a kilometer-long line for the grand opening of the
world's largest Vuitton store in the swank Omotesando district of Tokyo.
Consumers bought Louis Vuitton purses and other LV items by the hundreds,
spending more than $1 million and setting the company's single-day sales

Question: When is a Louis Vuitton purse not a purse? Answer: When it's a
dog carrier…or used for other "everyday" activities. World renowned supermodel
Gisele Bundchen transports her dog in a Louis Vuitton purse -- the "Sac Chien," -
- a gift from Leonardo DiCaprio. And Sarah Jessica Parker uses her Louis
Vuitton purse as a diaper bag.

LV Designer Marc Jacobs is the creative genius responsible for the Louis
Vuitton purses of today. Jacobs brought in hot designer Taktashi Murakami
with electrifying results. The pair collaborated on several Louis Vuitton purses
in the wonderful Murakami collection. Louis Vuitton purses designed by the
duo feature fresh colors and flower shapes that enliven the classic brown and
gold LV leather.

Louis Vuitton purses and other Louis Vuitton items continue to be top-selling
luxury items, catapulting the company to new heights of success. Work is
currently underway to double the size of the LV's flagship Paris store by the end
of the coming year. This will give the Champs Elysees, the Paris elite, and
sophisticated visitors around the globe the world's biggest Louis Vuitton store
(one of 317 worldwide it fully owns and operates) and the "source major" for
Louis Vuitton purses. To perfectly mirror Louis Vuitton's spiraling good fortune,
Jacobs has just completed work a collection of Louis Vuitton purses all in gold
and glitter. "It's iconic of the company," he says. "Sumptuous, rich and

But don't expect a buying frenzy at the new store. Consumers wishing to buy
several Louis Vuitton purses will be out of luck. In fact, anyone trying to buy
more than two items at once from the mega-boutique on the Champs Elysees
these days faces disappointment. In an attempt to keep bulk buyers at bay,
Louis Vuitton restricts the number of Louis Vuitton purses and other items a
consumer may purchase.

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