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									    Dairy Industry
An Overview of the Dairy Industry in Georgia

                         Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office
                                     Dr. Frank Flanders and Scott Register
                                                               April 2006
Students will be able to:
 Explain the importance of the dairy industry in
 Name 4 dairy products.
 Name 3 or more of the 6 major dairy breeds.
 State key facts about each breed.
 Name the top three dairy producing counties.
 Rank the Dairy Industry compared to other Georgia
  agricultural commodities.
 Rank Georgia with other states in dairy production.
 Why is the dairy industry important?

Dairy products comprise a major part of our
The average American consumes about 66
gallons of milk per year. This includes not
only drinking milk but also products that use
Milk production in Georgia totaled 1.47
billion pounds from 660 dairy farms in
2002. Production is steadily increasing
each year.
Georgia currently has over 84,000
dairy cows.
              Dairy Products
         There are over 30 main types of dairy products.
However, dairy products are a part of almost all recipes and foods.

                  Most common categories are:

        Milk                                    Yogurt
        Cheese                                  Ice Creams
        Sour Cream                              Butter
 Dairy Cow Breeds
There are 5 major dairy breeds

          Brown Swiss
        Milking Shorthorn

Originated in Europe
Distinguished by their black and white markings
           (sometimes black and red, as a recessive gene)
On average 9 out of 10 dairy cows are Holstein
Produces the most milk per cow of all the breeds

This is the breed made more popular by Chick-fil-A® ads.
           They are not a beef breed, but the ads are clever and effective. However, a large portion of beef comes from
           Holstein steers and past production cows.
                       Brown Swiss

Originated in Switzerland
Colors can range from nearly white to very dark brown
Most resilient breed, can withstand harsh elements

Originated in the Isle of Jersey, off the French coast
Second most popular breed to the Holstein
Smallest of all the dairy breeds
Milk contains the highest butterfat content

Originated in Isle of Guernsey, in the English Channel
Their color is a shade of fawn with white markings
Consumes 20 to 30 percent less feed per pound of milk produced than larger dairy breeds
Total number of this breed is decreasing

Originated in Ayr in Scotland
Their color varies from light to deep cherry red, mahogany, brown, or a combination
of these colors with white. Some are all white.
Formerly used as dual-purpose breed for dairy and meat producers
                       Milking Shorthorn

Originated in Northeastern England in the Valley of the Tees River
Can range in colors from either red, red and white, white or roan
Most versatile of all breeds
Originally used for meat, later developed more for the milking industry
Dairy Producing Counties in Georgia
                             In 2004 the counties with the most:

      Head of dairy cattle                        Average milk production per head of
                                                          cattle – in pounds
 1 Macon            9,000
                                                 1 Randolph                  22,300
 2 Putnam           8,500
                                                 2 Laurens                   22,125
 3 Morgan           6,200
                                                 3 Sumter                    22,100
 4 Brooks           6,000
                                                 4 Ware                      22,049
 5 Appling          4,500
                                                 5 Cherokee                  22,000
 6 Mitchell         3,820
 7 Greene           3,000
 8 Burke            2,800
 9 Wilkes           2,800
 10 Jasper          2,500
           Georgia’s Commodity Value
                                       Rank by                   Percent of total
                   Item                 sale     Sales ($1000)       sales

Poultry and eggs                         1        2,780,214           56.6

Vegetables, melons, and potatoes         2         383,556             7.8

Cotton and cotton seed                   3         318,013             6.5

Nursery, greenhouse, floriculture        4         315,324             6.4

Other crops and hay                      5         246,936              5

Cattle and calves                        6         240,070             4.9
Milk and other dairy products from
cows                                     7         212,720             4.3

Fruits, tree nuts and berries            8         122,151             2.5
Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, and dry
peas                                     9         102,464             2.1

Tobacco                                  10         89,058             1.8
          US Milk Production
Top milk production states

1 California
2 Wisconsin
3 New York
4 Pennsylvania
5 Idaho

Georgia ranks 25 in this ranking
                 Interesting Facts
   It takes 2.5 gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream.
   It takes 10 gallons of milk to make one pound of cheese.
   It takes two gallons of water to create one gallon of milk.
   500 gallons of blood have to pass through the udder to produce
    one gallon of milk.
   The average cow produces 6-8 gallons of milk per day. That
    is 96 to 128 glasses of milk per day.
   You would have to eat 2.5 cups of broccoli or 1 cup of turnip
    greens to equal the calcium in two servings of dairy products.
1. Name 4 dairy products.
2. Which of the following is the most accurate about the number of dairy cattle
   in Georgia?
         A. 4,568                   B. Over 1,000
         C. Over 84,000             D. Over 1,000,000
3. Name 3 of the 6 major dairy breeds.
4. Which is the most versatile dairy breed?

5. Which breed of dairy cattle are typically black and white?

6. Which breed of dairy cattle produces the most butterfat in their milk?
     A. Brown Swiss                 B. Jersey
     C. Ayrshire                    D. Holstein
          Assessment Continued
7. Name one of the top dairy counties in Georgia.

8. Milk products rank _____ in Georgia’s total commodities
     A. 4                     B. 1
     C. 56                    C. 7
9. What is Georgia’s ranking in the US for milk production?
     A. 25                    B. 2
     C. 10                    C. 50
10. What state ranks number one in milk production?
     A. Ohio                  B. Kentucky
     C. Wisconsin             D. California
                 Quiz Key
1. Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Ice Cream, Sour Cream,
   Butter (and any other specifics)
2. C. Over 84,000
3. Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Guernsey,
   Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn
4. Milking Shorthorn
5. Holstein
6. Jersey
         Quiz Key Continued
7. Macon, Putnam, Morgan, Brooks, and Appling
    are the top five
8. C. 7
9. A. 25
10. D. California

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